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A Fantastic Christmas Eve and Where to Find It (Newt x Reader)

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A/N: Happy Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays to all of my incredible followers! I am so incredibly grateful to all of you. This is just a little drabble for the holiday season. I hope you enjoy! I’m hoping to post a Christmas day writing tomorrow, so hopefully I get that out!

You were completely and utterly exhausted. Your adrenaline had run out yesterday, and the full impact of the events in New York were finally catching up with you. You sighed, threw off your coat, and flopped face-first onto the bed of your cabin. You couldn’t wait to get home, but you were not thrilled about spending more time aboard a ship. It was your least favorite mode of transportation, but unfortunately you and Newt didn’t have much of a choice when it came to Trans-Atlantic travel.

You heard a low chuckle before the bed dipped next to you, “Someone seems a bit tired.”

You mumbled out a response, and Newt laughed again. He began stroking your hair gently, “What was that, love?”

You huffed and turned your face to look at the sparkling blue eyes of the man you loved, “I said I don’t know how you aren’t more tired. I am absolutely knackered.”

“Well, my dear, I am utterly exhausted, but there is always more work to be done. Besides, did you forget what today was?”

You puzzled a bit before realization dawned on you, “It’s Christmas Eve, isn’t it?”

Newt smiled at you sweetly, “Yes it is.”

You shot up, covering your face with your hands, “I can’t believe I forgot! I am so sorry, love! Tomorrow is my absolute favorite day of the year. How could I have forgotten! We need to do something special, Newt. I’m sure I can-”

You were cut off by a gentle kiss. You blushed, smiling. Newt took your hand, saying, “Of course we will celebrate love. Besides, we already had a mini-celebration with Jacob and the Goldsteins, remember? They knew we would be on a ship when the day came and wanted to do something special.”

You smiled, thinking back to that day. It was just a small get-together, but it was filled with so much love and magic and happiness that it was one of the best celebrations you could remember having. Everyone shared stories and small presents, Queenie cooked an incredible meal, and Jacob made the most wonderful pastries. Even the creatures celebrated with you all, and you felt so incredibly lucky, “That was quite the lovely evening, but this is our first Christmas as a couple, Newt. I want it to be perfect.”

Newt pulled your back into his chest and wrapped his arms around you, kissing your head, “And it will be as long as I’m with you.”

“I love you, Newt.”

“I love you too, darling.”

You both just enjoyed each other’s presence for a few moments. You had never felt safer and more loved than in the quiet moments in Newt’s arms, and he felt the same way. You two understood each other in ways neither of you ever thought you would experience, and every second since your fateful meeting had been filled with love and understanding, even in the years you each refused to admit your feelings.

You sighed before you pulled yourself away, getting to your feet. You turned back to Newt, and smiled at his adorable pouting face. You held our your hands, and he grabbed them gently. You pulled him up, reminding him, “Now it may be Christmas Eve, but there is still work to be done. The creatures need their mummy, dear.”

Newt broke out into a wide smile. “Yes! Let’s go into the case!” Suddenly you were the one being dragged behind him and he opened the case and descended quickly into it. You laughed, enjoying his excitement at seeing all of his creatures. But once the door to the small shed opened into this world, you stopped, gasping at the sight before you.

There was a gently snowfall surrounding you, but it didn’t touch the ground in the habitats that needed to stay warm and dry. There were lights stretched around every branch and rock and nest, and each creature had their own lovely Christmas sweater. In Frank’s old habitat sat a small table with an incredible smelling meal sitting on it along with a scraggly looking Christmas tree that was covered in homemade ornaments.

Tears slowly slid down your face, and Newt began to wipe them away and apologizing profusely, “I am so sorry, love. I know it’s not much. I don’t know what I was thinking. I wanted to try and make Christmas special for you. I’m sorry-”

“Newt, it’s incredible. I absolutely love it. I love all of it. I can’t believe you did this, all of this. No one has ever done something so amazing for me before. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you, but I love you so much.”

Newt smiled and pulled you in for a kiss, “You are worth much more than I could ever hope to give you, but I love you too, with all my heart. I did get a little help from Queenie just before we left. Now, why don’t we go enjoy a nice meal. Jacob and Tina helped feed the creatures earlier as well, so we have some time.”

“That sounds perfect, Mr. Scamander.”

You shared a lovely meal with the love of your life, and afterwards, the two of you went on a stroll through the habitats, wishing a very merry Christmas to the other loves in your lives. The night ended with a dance in the snow before falling asleep in each other’s arms, exhausted but so very happy, knowing that this was the Christmas you would remember for the rest of your lives.

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Have a wonderful, safe holiday season! Sending thoughts and love <3 

Christmas - Newt Scamander imagine (request)

a/n: ok umm.. i love this idea! totally, no sarcasm, i love it! i hope i wrote it as honouring as i wanted to and i hope you like it, too. the reader (newt’s girl) only buys needed ingredients (??) to make the presents. and my assumption about newt’s favourite colour is not necessarily true ;) i only did presents for three beasts - that’s because it’s the time newt only has them :) i like this idea and my improvisation for this :))) thanks :D i wish you lovely reading, babes. and i’m so sorry if my writing seems/sounds awfully american-english, not british-english :/ i don’t know how to fix it. and also, this imagine (is not the only one that…) sounds very, very 21st-centuryi-ish and i’m sorry about that too. i love the magic (pun not intented) the harry potter series has, and as much as i want to have that in my imagines, i don’t have the power to :/ sorrry

based on this request: this idea is such cheese (but I don’t really care…) but what if the reader who is Newts girlfriend though not wealthy goes out and buys all of Newts creatures presents on their first Christmas together???

characters: newt scamander, reader, niffler, occamies, bowtruckles

y/e/c - your eye colour

warnings: none! well, except for the extreme cosiness and cuteness that will make you feel like a fuzzy christmas sweater or a fuzzy christmas tree decoration :))))

“here are your yarns,” the cashier spoke with a soft smile, “are you sure you know how to use the golden yarn?”

“yes,” y/n said, chuckling a little, “i have searched many places for the golden yarn and you have it for a good enough price - thank you so much.” she said, giving the cashier precise amount of money for the yarns. 

“always welcome, dear.” the woman behind the desk said before y/n left the small store with a quiet ‘goodbye’. 

although the girl wasn’t born in the wealthiest of wizarding families nor was she a big money maker herself, y/n still wanted to buy presents for her loved one’s pets, for christmas. well, technically, beasts, if we want to be specific. she already had bought a gift for him, now she only needed presents for his beasts. there were only a few of them, only three species, yet.

y/n loved newt scamander very much and wanted to give him all she could, and she felt like it was the other way around for him towards her. newt appreciated everything y/n did for him, for his beasts and for herself. nothing about her seemed un-perfect or incorrect, she couldn’t do anything that could be considered wrong. but he never spoke that aloud. well, only maybe one time, but he’s too shy and awkward to do it on a daily basis.

so, as y/n was very good at knitting, she thought her presents would be made by herself, and knitted. a few warming accessories would be the perfect present for anyone, even beasts.

once y/n got to hers and newt’s home, she made sure he wasn’t home and discovered he’d left a letter for her in which he said that he’s at work, and probably will be there until it was late at night. that left the girl alone and with about five hours to make the presents. tomorrow was christmas morning so she would have to make all the presents until then.

y/n did well - while she was knitting a hat, she made her wand knit something else and by the afternoon everything was finished. she had wrapped newt’s and the beasts’ presents in some simple paper and topped them all off with ribbons. y/n put them all under the christmas tree and went to sleep immediately after. she fell asleep as if she had been hit with the heaviest tree chunk, and she slept like a baby.

next morning, y/n felt herself slowly waking up with a single thought in her head - “it’s christmas morning”. she smiled to herself while her eyelids peacefully tried to open themselves and her arms wanted to stretch out above her head. but couldn’t. her arms were trapped under something heavy. how exactly did she fall asleep? 

once her eyes were fully opened and she looked at where her arms were located and saw newt’s messy hair bunch instead. y/n smiled and sighed. he was still sleeping, silent, long breaths were coming from him. there was no blanket on either of them. just as y/n, newt had gone to sleep with his regular clothes on. he wore a quite thick, white button-up shirt with a yellowish tie that was now loosened around his neck, hanging loosely around it. and of course, his dark pants on. y/n looked at his feet - he still had his hufflepuff socks on. she giggled. such a goody two shoes, my love.

his head was situated on y/n’s upper stomach, just below her chest before y/n shifted a bit to the side for the comfort of herself. newt’s head fell on the soft bed and immediately shot up, bringing his upper body with him. he turned it all around, making y/n chuckle, and once he saw his girl, he relaxed. but then his eyes squinted in confusion as to why he was seeing her from such a distance. then, understanding the situation, newt groaned and collapsed back on the bed.

y/n chuckled again at her lover and then she sat up in their bed, leaning towards newt and reaching her hands out to him. she took the sleepy man by his shoulders and - with all the force she had in her - pulled him towards the headboard to be close to him. she groaned in the process, and so did newt for he didn’t want to wake up. once the man was next to y/n, she curled up to his warm chest, which made newt release a sigh or relief with a soft smile on his lips.

y/n knew he was not sleeping anymore, so she looked up at his peaceful face and caressed his cheek with her hand slowly. newt hummed and y/n smiled. “you’re a strong one, i give you that.” he said in a voice that sounded like he was still asleep. his lover chuckled. “but good morning, y/n.”

“merry christmas, mister scamander.” y/n said in response and moved her head back down so it was resting on newt’s chest again.

“oh? it’s christmas already?” newt said, shooting up in the bed. the girl looked at him with admiration in her eyes, although he seemed like a child who just got free ice cream and got told he’s going to disneyland in three minutes. newt looked like that every time he was excited and y/n loved seeing him in that state because it was a pretty rare occasion. 

newt looked sideways at y/n and smiled so widely the girl thought his cheeks would rip from the smile. “yes, it’s christmas.” she said, letting herself also smile. newt leaned into y/n and placed his hand over her cheek and just looked into her sparkling y/e/c eyes. 

“can i, uh…” newt said quietly, his lips almost touching y/n’s. she chuckled and bent her head down. the cute awkwardness of newt still amazed her to this day. 

y/n nodded and leaned upwards a little to give newt a sign and their lips were immediately connected. the kiss lasted for only a short while, y/n could feel the tingle of excitement on his lips that kept him from kissing y/n further. he jumped off the bed and scurried out of their bedroom, nearly tripping over his fast legs. y/n chuckled at newt and fell back on the bed on her back. as she was starting to fall asleep again, she heard monsterous noises coming from newt’s office’s place in the hallway of their home. newt had let out the beasts. the few beasts he had. well, the small ones. 

y/n sat up and saw the niffler looking at her from around the corner. she smiled at him and reached her hands out to him. the small creature quickly tapped across the room and jumped in the girl’s lap. she smiled and tickled the niffler, making a few coins fall out of his stomach. 

“niffy….” y/n said in a warning tone. the niffler diverted its eyes from y/n’s in embarrassment. “i hope those aren’t mine. or newt’s.” the niffler still avoided eye contact. “are those mine?” it shook its head slowly. “are those newt’s, then?” the niffler looked at the girl with pleading eyes and she wanted to say that he ought to give the coins back to newt, but the man himself came into the room with bowtruckles all over his shoulders and with occamies on his hands and arms. instead of the pants he wore just minutes ago, now he had pyjama pants on. white with blue stripes.

“oh, hello.” newt sheepishly said. the niffler and y/n both turned their heads in newt’s direction. y/n stood up with the niffler in her hands and walked over to newt. 

“good morning, dear creatures.” y/n said and the beasts all responded with cute sounds. “i just felt like a teacher at schools, when they greet the students in the mornings, you know?” she said and chuckled.

“you kind of are a teacher to my creatures, along with me. although, it feels like we’re students and they’re teachers.” newt stated.

“because we don’t know a lot about them?”

“yes, exactly.” newt smiled at his lover. “sh-shall we open the presents now?” he asked shyly. “i-i mean, if you want to do it now. we can do it later, a-after we-”

“newt, shh. let’s do it now.” y/n said. “it’s christmas, other things can wait.”

“and-and what can’t wait?”

“you, obviously.” y/n smiled at newt. “you’re just too excited to do anything else besides festive things, huh?”

newt blushed. “you could say so.”

“can you all go downstairs and wait while i change?” she asked, peacefully petting the niffler. “i’m not really comfortable in yesterday’s clothes.”

“yes, of course.” newt responded, nodding. y/n gave the niffler to him and he went down the stairs of their house with beasts all over him. she changed into her pyjama pants - pastel yellow with white stripes - and put on a dark blue knitted sweater. y/n went down the stairs and sensed the smell of lit candles  and fire (a/n: ayyyee we lit in here w newt and the beasts ok bye), which she very much enjoyed. 

she walked into the living room and saw newt sitting in front of the christmas tree with bowtruckles, occamies and the niffler sat around him. it was snowing outside which made the view for y/n even more festive and perfect. fire in the fireplace, snow, candles on the christmas tree, the beasts and newt. they were the most important ones out of all. 

apparently, newt sensed y/n’s presence and turned his head around to see her. “come on, let’s do… christmas.” he said. y/n nodded and skipped over the room to newt and the beasts. she sat down with her legs crossed and looked at newt. 

“so,” she said. out of her own excitement, the volume of y/n’s voice had decreased and she giggled at it, “who is to go first?”

“i don’t know,” newt said, “can i?” he had a shy, cute smile on his lips as he asked. y/n nodded and newt smiled wider. she could hear him making small, excitement sounds as he searched for the package with his name on. newt got it and than sat back down and looked at y/n. his expression changed. “s-sorry. i know gir-women get the privilege, but i’m j-”

“newt, it’s alright. you’re too excited for this, don’t worry. go ahead.” y/n reassured. newt smiled at her, though in his mind he still felt bad. he was the purest awkward gentleman so to disrespect a woman or anyone else was a thing that left him feeling bad for a long time.

starting to put the guilt aside, newt carefully unwrapped the paper around his present and gasped. “oh, you nice one.” (a/n: i honestly don’t know what i wrote here cos i can’t imagine how newt would act if surprised but here it is :D) he said, out of breath. he took the cloak in his hands and held it out in full form in front of him. it was in a warm blue tone, long and with a beautiful inside. the cloak had a high neck and, of course, button holes here and there.

“thank you so much.” newt said to y/n with such a wide smile. he gave a quick kiss on her cheek and pulled her closer to his side by her waist. the beasts released cute, ‘aww’ like noises, making both newt and y/n chuckle. “how did you know i actually needed a new one? i always forgot to inform you when i came home from work.”

“i notice everything, you know.” y/n said. “but, can the beasts can their presents now? please? i’m actually quite excited for them.” 

“yes, of course.” newt said and got all the beasts to swarm around y/n as he got their presents. the small packages somehow surprised him, somehow didn’t. “so, as i hold the package with 'niffler’ written on it, the little bugger will get his present first.” newt smirked a little and y/n chuckled at him. the niffler stiffed up a little with excitement in y/n’s lap. 

newt unwrapped the gift and laughed quietly. the creamy tone sweater with the gold yarn lay small in his hands and the niffler immediately rushed over to it. “it must be very shiny,” newt stated, “niffy sees only shiny things.” he put the sweater on the small beast and it went on, with its incredible stretching. newt looked at y/n. “it’s amazing. how did you-i-it’s so small.”

“wasn’t hard.” y/n squinted her eyes. “i just used some magic.” newt chuckled at her joke and pet the niffler a little.

“do you like your present?” newt asked the small creature. it nodded. “then go say thank you.” niffler rushed back to y/n and stumbled up to y/n’s shoulders and snuggled up to her neck. 

“aww,” she said, “you’re welcome, niffy.”

newt watched the two looking extremely adorable, but then recalled he still had presents to give. he put the wrapping paper down and read who was the next present for. “now, my bowtruckles. pickett and finn, come here.” newt said and the mentioned creatures linked their skinny legs over to their owner. “your packet is very small.” he said with raised eyebrows. 

“newt.” y/n chuckled. 

“it’s okay, it’s okay.” newt said and unpacked the presents. “oh, merlin’s beard.” newt huffed and then laughed in surprise. “you got scarves.” he said to the curious bowtruckles in front of him. they squealed happily and jumped up and down a few times. newt put the small yellow-brownish scarves around the creatures’ necks and smiled. 

“they look so lovely.” y/n said, her head turning to the side a little, her eyes showing hearts instead of them. 

“i agree.” newt said. the bowtruckles ran to y/n’s arms and hugged them with their small hands, saying 'thank you’ in their small voices. “now, occamies.” newt spoke, holding the last package in his hands. the three small snake-dragon-like creatures slid off y/n’s lap and gathered theirselves around newt. 

the young man took off the green ribbon and unwrapped the gift and smiled at the things in his hands. “winter hats for you, my darlings.” he said to his occamies and they released squeals of excitement. newt put the winter hats on the small creatures and they put on happy faces, closing their eyes. newt looked up at y/n. “thank you. these are not only beautifully knitted, but they will come in handy on my travels.”

y/n only sweetly smiled in response and shrugged her shoulders. “that’s what i do.” she said. 

“do you want to get your present?” newt asked quietly.

“yes.” y/n nodded and then giggled at the question. “let’s do it.” 

newt stood up and walked behind the christmas tree. what was he doing? y/n looked for any presents under the tree, but there were none. must be a huge surprise. she heard muffled talking coming from behind the christmas tree.

before y/n could try to eavesdrop, newt appeared before her, but a never-before-seen creature was holding his hand. it had a grey, long fur and huge, breath-taking amber orbs for eyes and they were looking around. newt had a small smile on his face as he was watching y/n’s face changing in reaction. her face lightened up with surprise and she forgot how to speak. 

“this is dougal.” newt said. “and he’s my gift to you.” 

y/n’s mind went blank. what?

“he’s a demiguise.” newt spoke. “and he can turn invisible when he feels the need to. and he also sees what is to be very predictable.”

“into the future?” y/n finally spoke.

“yes, you could say that.” newt nodded. y/n stood up and went over to newt and the demiguise and she looked down at it.

“c-can i-i mean, how do introduce myself?” she asked. 

“just say your name, i th-think.” he responded and y/n nodded. she looked down at dougal and said:

“hello, i’m y/n.” with a small smile. dougal’s eyes widened at her and he reached out with its hand to touch hers. y/n gladly allowed it and its soft hand touched hers, inspecting every inch of her skin. its hand was soft and silky and y/n loved the feeling of it against her skin. 

newt leaned closer to her and while still looking at the demiguise, he spoke to y/n.

“dougal’s not the only gift for you.”

“have you got other beasts you’ve found?”

newt chuckled. “well, we are going to find other beasts together.” he looked down at the young woman before him, a corner of his lips were curled up a bit.

what did he mean by that? did he actually… just? y/n was astounded. “wh-does that mean you’re… taking me… with you on your travels?” newt nodded.

“yes, i am, darling.” he said quietly.

“oh my god.” y/n put her hand over her mouth. “you’re serious.” she stated.

newt bit his lower lip. “yes. we’re both travelling to find new creatures to save.”

“that’s the best christmas present ever. oh, my, i love you so much.” y/n said and put her hand over newt’s cheek, putting her lips on his after. newt smiled and kissed her back.

“i love you, too.” he said. all the creatures had gathered around the two love birds and were wrapped all around both of their legs. newt chuckled, even dougal had sat down in front of them and was switching stares between y/n and newt. 

“we’re like a little family.”

“we are a family,” newt said.

“and soon to be a bigger one.” y/n said and rested her head on newt’s shoulder.