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Claws-Of-Vibranium Master List

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Steve Rogers

Still Gorgeous, Though

Rock Star

Aren’t You Christine?

If You Don’t Mind

I Suppose

Valentine’s Surprise

Good for You

Bruised and In Love



Losing // Part 2 // Part 3

Star and Stripes… And a Birthday

Tainted Memory

Bucky Barnes

Can’t Even Describe It

I’m In // Part 2

Fighting for Love (Series)

Just In Time

I Trust You


Eww // Gross

In Your Arms



King & Lionheart

Steve & Bucky


Missed You // Worth It

Pietro Maximoff

Don’t Pay Them Any Mind

The Joys of Parenthood

Home for the Holidays

Anything for You


Natasha Romanoff


Tony Stark

My Other Half

All I Want for Christmas is You



Be With Me

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Star Wars

Cassian Andor


weird shit i still don’t get

loki around me is extremely gleeful of christmas decorations and music and such. it fills him with so much joy. he wants all the glittery garbage and fake snow covered plastic plants. he loves this time all the way through november first to when january really starts rolling 


just me???? 

16 Days of Drabbles (6)

Request: Would it be possible for you to write a drabble where the reader tries to teach Loki about Christmas? Thanks!

It all began when a tree appeared in the middle of the living room. Loki thought it curious, but left it alone when nobody mentioned it.

Next, it was the lights being strung this way and that. He was beginning to get a little confused, but still, nobody said anything so he went along.

Finally, when the incessant music wouldn’t stop, he decided to voice his confusion.

“Why?” He deadpanned, eyes narrowed as he pinned you to the ground with his stare alone.

“Uh, why what?” You blinked, frozen mid-twirl while “All I Want for Christmas Is You” faded into the background.

“The music, the lights, the tree,” he stated, tapping wondrously on his bottom lip.

“Do you not celebrate Christmas?” You asked dumbly. Almost immediately, you groaned, face palming.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized, “That was stupid. Obviously you don’t celebrate Christmas.”

“Christmas,” Loki repeated, head cocked to the side as he let the word run smoothly from his lips. “What does Christmas entail?”

You smiled. Apparently, it was an infectious one, considering how Loki seemed to mirror your expression.

“Well, there’s lots of things, like Christmas trees and eggnog and presents and mistletoe.”

For a moment, Loki digested that bit of new information. He was thoroughly intrigued by your little holiday.

“Explain it to me,” he asked (demanded).

You chuckled softly.

“Where do you want me to start?”

Loki considered the question swiftly, choosing a random answer. “Mistletoe?”

Your grin grew.

“Oh, this will be fun.”

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party (Avengers x Reader)

Characters: The Avengers

Word Count: 

Warnings: Just two slightly offensive sweaters, nothing bad ^-^

A/N: So in celebration of Christmas, I decided to write this one shot. It isn’t my best but I wanted to do something for Christmas!

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Safe haven part 7 (final part)

This is the last one guys, I know I could continue the story of Loki and Scar for a lot longer if I really wanted to but I feel this is how it should end. Considering this was supposed to be a Christmas one shot, I think it’s about time I finished it!

No smut in this chapter, I didn’t feel it was necessary as it is not the base of their relationship, there’s enough fluff and feels to make up for it though.

Thank you again to all of you for reading and commenting on this story.

This one may be finished but I am sure I will write another Loki very soon, he is never far away from my thoughts.


Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6


Safe Haven part 7 (final part)

I had been walking the streets of Toronto for over a week now, I would love to say it was a beautiful city and I’m sure that in reality it was, but its beauty was lost on me, I only had eyes for what was not there…Loki.

It had been snowing since I got here and even my warm long coat, thick scarf and woolen gloves were not enough to keep me warm as I passed by the same building for the fourth time today, the building that was mentioned in the article I read online. He was supposed to be here…

As I sat down on a bench across the street I was beginning to think coming here was the worst idea ever, there was no sign of Loki and even if he had been here he probably moved on long time ago, if word was out that he had been spotted he wouldn’t take the risk and stay here.

My hands were freezing and I could feel the cold of the snow though my boots, I should just go back to my hotel room and warm up, this was useless, I was wasting my time, why on earth did I come here in the first place?

I should have known this was a ridiculous long shot to begin with.

I shouldn’t have allowed myself to hope, the disappointment now only hurt more.

It was all over, Loki and my life in America, it was time to go home, to my real home, and leave this all behind me.

Tears sprung to my eyes and I let out a deep sigh as I realized…this was it, I wasn’t going to find him, he was gone.
I would never see his pale sweet face and those gorgeous green eyes again.

I cursed myself for letting my tears fall so easily and I tried to shake it off.
Stop being a baby Scar, stand up, go to the hotel, pack your bags and get on that plane home, back to London.
I felt a little smile creep through my tears as I thought about London. Maybe things would be better once I was there…

I took a deep sigh and got up from the bench when I felt something brush against my leg.

My heart almost stopped when I heard the little purr and I looked down to see the black kitten looking up at me with those green eyes.

‘Oh my…,’ I gasped,’Loki!’

I covered my mouth in shock when I realized screaming his name probably wasn’t the best idea.

I bend down and took off my gloves to pet the kitten on the head, soon it was purring louder and licking my hand.
‘I’ve missed you too,’ I whispered in a teary smile and I took him in my arms and looked down into those big pleading eyes.

Little Loki meowed softly and pushed his head up against my hand before he jumped out of my arms and started walking away from me, his head turned around to look back at me as he waited for me to follow.

‘Alright’ I said as I followed him across the street and into the building.

The kitten ran through the doorway in front of me and up the stairs, the little thing was so fast I had trouble keeping up.
‘Wait for me’ my breath was stuck in my throat when suddenly the kitten was gone and there he was, standing at the top of the stairs right in front of me,’Loki…’

He was wearing all black again and his long black hair was pulled back into a pony tail, he had his arms crossed in front of his chest as he gave me an angry look.

‘Loki’ I whispered.

‘Step inside’ he spoke while he opened the door next to him.

I walked past him into the apartment, surprised to find an actual apartment with furniture and a kitchen.
But he didn’t leave me a lot of time to look around before he shut the door behind us with a loud bang.

‘What are you doing?’ he asked, his voice still sounded cold and a little angry and he made no attempt to come closer to me and tried his best not to look at me directly.

‘I was looking for you,’ I said as I shook my head,’ isn’t that obvious?’
‘Did you not hear what I told you last time?!’ he sighed, definitely angry now.

‘I know, okay, but things have changed,’ I sighed,’ I can’t stay in New York any longer…and I…I needed to know if you were okay’

When his eyes finally found mine I could see his expression soften.

‘You’re a stupid girl Scar,’ he then said as he shook his head, but while he spoke he took a few steps closer to me,’ such a stupid girl’

His arms were around me before I could react, pulling me against his chest in a tight hug as he buried his head against my hair and breathed me in.

I let out a relieved smile and held him close.

‘I’m sorry,’ I whispered,’ I know what you said but I had to see you, I thought I was too late, I thought you were gone forever’
My voice was starting to shake and he pulled back from our hug to look at me and took my face between his hands as he leaned his forehead against mine.

‘My beautiful Scar,’ he then whispered,’ you have no idea how happy I am to see you…but I care too much for you to keep you with me, it is not safe’

‘Safe?’ I shook my head,’ I am not safe anywhere Loki, I wasn’t even safe in my own house for God’s sake! Don’t you get it? It’s not about where I am, it’s about who I’m with’

He stayed quiet as his eyes locked with mine, his arms still around my waist.

‘I haven’t felt safe anywhere for a very long time until I met you,’ I continued,’ and when I’m in your arms…I know I am safe…it’s you Loki, you’re my safe haven’

I could see his eyes were watery as he stared back at me and pulled me closer.

‘And you are mine’ he then whispered before he put his lips on mine in a soft kiss.

My tears fell as I kissed him back and put my arms around his neck.

‘Then please let me stay with you’ I asked again.

He nodded his head and gave me that happy little smile I had missed so much.

‘I would like nothing more,’ he spoke but then the smile disappeared,’ but I can’t stay here now that I’ve used my powers again’

‘Then let’s leave, together’ I said without giving it a second thought.
‘Are you sure?’ he asked softly.

‘Loki,’ I sighed and I stared deep into his eyes,’ I just want to be where you are, it doesn’t matter where…unless you don’t want me to…’

‘I want you’ he said quickly, there was the smile again.

My heart made a little jump and I clung to his shoulders, his lips found mine in another kiss, not so soft this time but filled with intensity. 

When his tongue met mine his hands made their way under my coat and pulled it from me, together with my scarf and my sweater, he took the last bit of cold from me with his heated kisses. His hands made their way up my back to rest in my neck and he leaned his head against mine while we both tried to catch our breath.

‘When do we need to leave?’ I then asked.
‘Preferably two minutes ago’ he said as he bit his lip.
‘Where to?’ I asked.

‘I don’t know,’ he sighed,’ I hadn’t picked a new place yet’

I nodded my head and let go of him as I tried to think of where we could go, when suddenly it hit me, it was staring me in the face and suddenly everything about it felt right.

‘Maybe I shouldn’t go with you,’ I then spoke, seeing the disappointed shock on his face,’ maybe you should just come with me…to London’

‘London?’ he asked surprised.

‘If you want’ I added hesitantly.

‘If London is where you will be,’ he then said with a smile as he grabbed my hands and pulled me closer to him again,’ then that’s where I’ll go’

I couldn’t hide the big happy smile on my face.

‘One thing though’ I then said.
‘Anything you want’ he whispered as his hands squeezed mine softly.

‘You can’t use your powers anymore,’ I said and his face turned serious,’ we can’t risk them tracking you down, if you go with me then you need to stay off their radar completely’
He stayed quiet for a few moments but then nodded his head.

‘I believe you are right,’ he said softly,’ it would be like…a new start’
‘For both of us’ I smiled.

‘But I can not travel like this,’ he then sighed,’ how do I change my appearance if I can’t use my powers?’

I let out a little chuckle.
‘We humans are pretty good at disguising and reinventing ourselves too you know,’ I said,’ leave it to me, give me an hour. Wait, do we still have an hour?’
‘Do we have a choice?’ he asked.

‘Alright,’ I said in a sigh,’ I’ll hurry, but there’s one other problem…you need a passport’

‘Leave that to me’ he said with a little mischievous smile.

It took me about 40 minutes to get everything I needed, having lurked around the area for the past week I knew exactly where to find the shops I needed to find Loki new clothes and a new color for his hair and eyes.

Another 15 minutes later I was waiting in the apartment when the bathroom door opened.
I expected him to come out but there was no movement in the doorway.
‘Loki?’ I asked,’ can I come in?’


His voice sounded quiet and a little insecure, I had no idea what to expect when I walked in there but I wasn’t expecting the man that was looking back at me.

‘Holy…crap’ my voice was stuck in my throat.

The long black hair was gone and replaced by something short, blond and surprisingly very curly.
He was wearing a dark blue tight pants with a white shirt tucked into his pants, his sleeves rolled up and a few buttons popped showing off his long slender neck and a bit of his pale chest.
When my eyes reached his face again I was greeted by the bluest pair of eyes I had ever seen.

‘Oh my god Loki!’ I covered my mouth in shock, I couldn’t stop staring at him, he couldn’t possibly look more different than before but he was still just as gorgeous.

‘I know,’ he sighed as he looked at himself in the mirror and plucked at his curly hair,’ I look ridiculous’

‘You look hot,’ I smiled as I put my arms around his neck and carefully let my hands run through those short curls,’ it’s perfect’
I leaned in to put my lips on his and he wrapped his arms around me as he kissed me back.

‘It’s temporary, okay,’ I then said,’ if you really don’t like it you can go back to black once we’re settled in London’

I rested my forehead against his and kissed his soft lips again.
‘Maybe I should keep it,’ he smiled,’ since you seem to like it so much’

‘It doesn’t matter to me what color your hair is or what you wear,’ I said softly,’ you’re still my Loki’

‘Actually,’ he said as he grabbed something from his pocket and showed it to me,’ I’m your Tom now’

I looked at the passport in his hands showing a picture of him with his blond hair and blue eyes and a fake name.

‘Tom Hiddleston,’ I read,’ that does sound very British, good choice’

He smiled and pulled me into a hug, nudging his face into my hair.
‘We should leave,’ he then whispered into my ear,’ really soon’
His hands were running up my spine under my top, making me shiver as his lips placed soft kisses on my neck and he pushed his body against mine.
I closed my eyes and let out a deep sigh as I leaned into him.

‘We’ll have plenty of time for that in London,’ I said, trying to ignore the warm feeling his hands and mouth were giving me and the urges building inside with his every touch.
Oh how I wished we had more time right now!

But I knew time wasn’t on our side, we needed to move and we needed to do it fast.

‘You’re right,’ he sighed as he leaned his head against mine and stared into my eyes for a second,’ no regrets?’

‘Not one,’ I said with a smile as I broke the hug and grabbed his hand to pull him with me,’ come on, Tom’
He followed me with a smile as he shook his head

After stopping at my hotel to pick up my stuff we took a cab to the airport.
Loki carried my suitcase and held my hand the entire time, if he was nervous at all he didn’t show it, he walked the terminal with his usual calm confidence.

We passed through customs without a glitch, nobody suspected anything and the only people who even looked at him twice were some women eyeing him hungrily when they thought I wasn’t watching.
He never seemed to notice though, he just smiled at me and squeezed my hand a little harder every time he noticed the nerves on my face.

I let him have the window seat, mostly to keep him out of sight of the other passengers, and I let out a relieved heavy sigh as I leaned back into the chair next to him, glad one of the hardest parts was over.

‘Hey, we made it’ he assured me as he took my hand.

‘We’re not there yet’ I said as I looked at him, I still wasn’t used to the blue eyes and blond hair but the sweet expression on his face was still exactly the same as when he first looked at me on Christmas eve, it seemed like so long ago now.

‘It’s okay Scar’ he spoke softly, letting his fingers slip in between mine and bringing my hand to his mouth to kiss the palm of my hand.
I smiled at the feel of his cold lips on my skin.

‘It’s okay’ he repeated in a whisper and I laid my head on his shoulder.

‘There’s something I haven’t told you yet’ I then said.
‘What is it?’ he asked surprised,’ you can tell me anything, you know that’

I nodded my head.

‘I’m not very good with flying,’ I confessed,’ I’ve never made it through a flight sober before, being up in the air freaks me out every time…this is not an exception’

‘Oh but it is’ he then said softly, showing me that soft smile that always calmed me down as he took my hand onto his lap and put his other arm around my neck to pull me against his chest.

‘Loki…’ I sighed softly.

‘Shhht,’ he whispered,’ this time I’m here, and everything will be fine’

He lifted my chin slowly so he could look into my eyes.

‘I am not going to let anything happen to you Scar,’ he then spoke softly,’ not ever again’

He leaned down to kiss me, a kiss to calm me down and to convince me of what I already knew, that this time everything would be fine and I was finally safe.

‘I believe you,’ I whispered as I took his face between my hands and kissed him, slowly, allowing myself to fade into the soft intensity of his kiss.

I sank down in his arms a little bit later as he continued to stroke my hair and kiss my forehead, before the plane even took off I had fallen into a deep peaceful sleep.

I never saw the way his eyes stayed on me during the rest of the flight with that small happy smile curled on his lips, I didn’t feel his fingers as they kept caressing my hair and how his lips kissed my face repeatedly and I never heard him when he whispered the words into my ear,’ I love you Scar’


I’m just kidding :) Merry Christmas everyone who is celebrating and Happy Holidays to everyone who isn’t :) I hope that we all get this one day under our trees but… if I’m being honest I hope its just under mine… I’m wretched at sharing. But I promise to take pics when it happens :D

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Deleted lines from the Thor script #213
  • Loki: Do you think the Bifrost is the only way in and out of this realm? There are passages between worlds to which even *you*, with all your gifts, are blind. But I have need of them no longer, now that I am King!
  • Heimdall: *(puppy eyes)* You don't...You don't want the gifts I got you for Yule?
  • Loki: Er...
  • Heimdall: I wrapped it especially for you. I went all the way to Vanaheim to get your favourite wrapping paper. See? Look at the mint-coloured horses...
  • Loki: *(face softens)* Oh, thank you, my dear gatekeeper.
  • Heimdall: *(grins)*...Yes, see, they're galloping...
  • Loki: Yes, yes. I see.
  • Loki: *(smiles)*
  • Heimdall: *(laughs)* Well, open it!
  • Loki: Of course! *(unwraps it)* It's...a wolf-shaped woollen hat!
  • Heimdall: And scarf-mittens!
  • Loki: And...scarf-mittens.
  • Heimdall: You know, because, well...the winters have been getting harsher're so thin and slight, I'd imagine that you must feel the cold more than others...
  • Loki: Ah, you see, well, actually—
  • Heimdall: And I just wouldn't want you to fall ill, you know? Because I do worry about you.
  • Loki:
  • Loki: I see.
  • Loki:
  • Loki: *(smiles)* Thank you, my dear Heimdall.
  • *(Awkward hugging)*

Frostironfest, request #19

Pastry Chef AU: an AU where Loki is an artisan pastry chef and Tony comes by every day to buy a little cupcake from him even though it’s just a vanilla cupcake with butter cream frosting but only he and Loki share the understanding that the perfection of the cupcake is in its simplicity.

…probably not exactly what the requester had in mind, but eh. My mind goes in strange directions sometimes. Hopefully they’ll like it anyway! :D

This is so laaaaate, but I really wanted to do at least two of the prompts, dammit.

Well, happy Christmas New Year, my anonymous prompter! Try not to get blinded by the bling from all the stars… it’s the end of the year, excess is the key!

Egg Nog

Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 6

“Do you think we have enough food?” Wanda frets, flitting around the apartment fixing lights and hanging fallen tinsel.

“Stop worrying, it all looks amazing.” You grin, grabbing her hand as she paces past you.

“I just want everyone to have a good time.” She says, biting her lip anxiously.

“When has Scarlet Witch ever been worried about anything, come on now.” You chuckle, kissing her gently. She sighs and leans into the kiss, her body visibly relaxing.

“It’s just the first thing we’ve done here since…you know…us, getting a place together, all of this. Pietro is coming and all the guys and Nat and I just…I just want it to be perfect.”

“It will be. We are together, everyone we love will be here. What could go wrong?” You say. Oh, if only you knew.

Within the hour the apartment was bursting with gods, genetically engineered super soldiers and millionaires, amongst others. Wanda had calmed down considerably after dishing out the eggnog Pietro had brought, and was on the sofa with Nat laughing happily.

“So you two seem happy.” Pietro says, suddenly appearing at your side. The first few times he did it, it had scared the shit out of you. You had since learnt how to control your reflexes and deal with the speedy bastard.  

“We are.” You reply, a grin on your face, your eyes on Wanda.

“Who wants to play charades!” Tony calls over the crowd, a drunken cheer answering him. Slowly everyone made their way to the sofas, squishing on and dragging over other chairs to all crowd into the space. After a good ten minutes of confusing resulting in Thor summoning lightning to shut everyone up, everyone was split into two teams. You, Pietro, Natasha, Steve and Bucky on one team. Wanda, Thor, Tony, Clint and Bruce on the other. Loki had reluctantly agreed to write the slips and was sitting aside sipping his eggnog, one eye on the game.

Steve was up first, pulling a slip out of Tony’s sock, which had apparently been the only option for places to put the slips of paper. He read and laughed, moving to stand in front of everyone. Within a few seconds, Bucky called out the answer, him and Steve high fiving.

“How the fuck did you get that so quickly?!” Wanda cries, the rest of her team rallying around her.

“Come on, how long have they known each other.” You shoot back, Wanda glaring, you blowing her a kiss in response. “You’re up next sweetie.”

“Fine. You losers better get this.” She shoots at her team, who visibly cower under her red glare.

“I feel like I should warn you.” Pietro whispers in your ear as Wanda begins her turn. “Drunk Wanda isn’t a particularly gracious loser.”

“She isn’t that drunk.” You reply, your eyes fixed on her.

“Well there were two bottles of rum in that eggnog and she’s on her eighth glass.”

“Two bottles?!” You whisper angrily, your eyes still fixed on Wanda and her growing frustration at her team. “Why did you make it that strong?!”

“I’m Russian.” He replies with a shrug. A feeling of dread settles in your stomach as you watch Wanda. Her team still hadn’t guessed what she was acting out she did not look impressed. You watch in horror as her hands suddenly glow red and burning red balls shot towards your christmas tree, lighting it instantly on fire.

“Well shit.” Pietro muses in an amused tone, leaning aside so you can jump up and run to the tree.

“Wanda!” You shout, everyone else roaring with laughter. Wanda giggles and stumbles, her hand shooting out to steady herself. Unfortunately in her current state she wasn’t exactly in control of her powers, and a ball of red shot out of her hand towards Loki, hitting him in the chest. He was knocked back off his chair, only to instantly stand and shoot a ball of green at her in retaliation. Wanda, quite impressively considering how drunk she is, ducks and you all watch as the ball of light shoots over her and sets fire to the seat of the sofa you had just vacated.

Everyone jumps up and tries to fix the damage, either trying to put out the tree, trying to put out the sofa, or stopping Loki from attacking Wanda who had since passed out on the floor. Amidst the chaos you grab your glass of eggnog and sit down at an empty chair, sipping quietly, not entirely sure how you had thought this Christmas party would run smoothly.

Santa Baby - Loki x Reader

On The Second Day of Christmas My true love gave to me - Loki dressed up as Santa Claus.

The tree in the Avengers Tower was covered in red and gold decorations, red and gold tinsel with a solid gold star balanced on the top. Tony Stark really did spare no expense. You had been in a very festive mood all day, insisting that FRIDAY play Christmas carols through the speaker system all day, much to certain members of the teams chagrin (Bucky had disappeared after 20 seconds of Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You). 
Loki had been regarding you all day from his place on the couch as he read one of his favourite books. A green and white striped Santa hat was perched on your head, a gold bell jingling merrily at the tip. 
“Why do you care for Christmas so much?” he asked in his deep, velvety voice when he noticed you taking the mini Iron Man decorations off the tree and replacing them with candy canes. 
“How can you not?” you asked pointedly, rather at your wits end with the Asgardian God who had refused to participate at all over the last few days of festivities. “Everyone comes together, it’s freezing outside, warm inside. Everything is decorated to perfection and we all get to be together” you sighed happily, still placing more candy canes in the dark green branches of the 12 foot tree. Loki did not respond, although he watched you struggle to reach further up the tree where the higher density of tacky Iron man decorations were.
With a flick of his hand you slowly started to rise off the ground. A surprised squeak left your mouth and your heart stammered, but turning around you could see a wispy golden light flowing from the mischievous God’s hand to surround you and you relaxed before letting the magic lift you higher into the air.
Loki helped you remove all the tacky decorations and once the final mini-figure of Tony Stark had been swapped with a more festive treat you slowly began to descend.
Your slippered feet touched down on the white tiles but you stiffened as you felt hands wrap themselves gently around your waist. Turning in their delicate embrace you realised it was Loki, but not as you had seen him only a second earlier. He was dressed in a red velvet Santa suit complete with white trim, gold buttons and a matching floppy hat. Loki smiled warmly down at you, blue eyes twinkling brightly against the red.
“Merry Christmas, Loki” you said fondly as the magical illusion faded and he stood in front of you in his Miguardian clothes.
“Ho Ho Ho” he chucked before pressing a soft kiss to your lips.

So today I have some very sad news.
Yesterday I had to have Loki put to sleep. It was a decision I didn’t take lightly but in the end I think was for the best.

Since Christmas Loki had been losing interest in his wheel, I suspected it was just him getting older and not wanting to run as much. He has seemed in normal spirits and not unhappy at all, so I thought he was just fine. His ears were entirely healed and he was a happy hedgehog. I started to notice he was eating less for the past couple of weeks - but he was still eating a decent amount, and I put this down to him running less so not needing to eat as much. Then two days ago I saw he was barely eating, even leaving mealworms. I immediately picked him up to check on him, his spines were softer than usual and when I put him down he was falling to one side and wobbling as he walked. I called the vets and booked an appointment as soon as I could. Loki was no better the next day, and was resting his head on the floor as if he couldn’t keep it up, he barely walked and when he did he struggled. It was very sad and distressing to see Loki like this and his decline was very rapid and unexpected.
The vet confirmed what I had feared, it was WHS (wobbly hedgehog syndrome) a neurological and incurable disease or similar. He would never get better and considering how fast he had declined it could only be days before he couldn’t move at all and would have to be fed through a syringe. The vet then said euthanasia seemed like the best option - and would suggest it if Loki had been a cat or a dog - not just because he was a small pet. It would be unfair on Loki to struggle through his last days and it would be unfair on me to have to see him like that.
Although it was clear Loki was struggling, he never seemed to be in any pain - he still seemed a happy hedgehog although it was clear he was very sick and it was very painful to see him like that.
So I made the hard decision, but to me it feels like the best. (I know not everyone would agree with this but I don’t regret it). Today we buried Loki in the garden and planted a Rose plant on top, he just looked like he was sleeping with the same smile on his face. The area is surrounded in forget-me-nots and we buried him in his favourite bed. I will never forget Loki and the fun times I’ve had with him, he has been a wonderful pet and has brought genuine joy and happiness into my life - I couldn’t have asked for a better hedgehog and little friend.
I don’t think I will get another African Pygmy Hedgehog, at least not for a few years when I’m settled into my own home. I will of course leave this blog up and might upload some old photos soon. Thank you for your understanding.
Thank you Loki, for all the fun times.
- Grace