all i want for christmas is harry styles


One shots:

Are we friends or are we more?   

Part 2

In which Harry’s best friend admits her love for him

I hate you because I love you

 In which Harry acts like he hates (y/n) but soon admits he feels quite the opposite


 In which your friend doesn’t like Harry 


In which he’s distant and (y/n) thinks it’s because he doesn’t find her attractive anymore

The game [SMUT]

In which Harry and (y/n) test their self control around each other

Camping [SMUT]

In which Harry and (y/n) go camping with her family and Harry just can’t take the lack of intimacy

Is this the end?   

Part 2 

In which (y/n) just wants the Harry she fell in love with back

The choice

In which (y/n)’s his friend and his girlfriend makes him choose between them both

Let down

In which Harry has difficulty understanding the life of his girlfriend, who is black

Forbidden love

In which (y/n)’s parents forbid her from being with Harry and they meet again ten years later

Called off

In which (y/n) is getting married to a guy named Chris… the wedding is called off

Meet the parents

In which (y/n)’s dad is wary of Harry’s lifestyle ft a very nervous, adorable Harry


Part 2

In which management force Harry to break up with (y/n)

It’s a date

In which Harry has a slight crush on one of his cast mates

Novels, scripting and coffee

In which (y/n) is a famous novelist and Harry’s cast in the movie adaption of her book

Be okay

In which (y/n) is suffering from post natal depression, but doesn’t tell Harry about it

New Years Eve

In which (y/n) and Harry meet at a mutual friend’s party 


Airplane shenanigans  [SMUT]

In which (y/n) and Harry get bored during a long flight

Halloween  [SMUT]

In which Harry tastes more than just (y/n)’s halloween cookies

Sour peach

In which Harry feels down after a bad performing experience 

One of those days

In which (y/n) is very pregnant and very cranky and Harry’s had enough

Need [SMUT]

Harry gets a little help from (y/n), even when they’re miles apart 

Writing prompts 

 MITAM song blurbs:


December 1st - Scrooge

It’s the first of December and Harry’s being a bit of a Scrooge because he’s a little bit poorly.

December 2nd - December birthday

Harry forgets a very important December birthday

December 3rd -  Santa’s grouchy little helper

(Y/n) is always happy and sometimes Harry can’t handle it.

December 4th -  All I want for Christmas is you

(y/n) is pregnant and all she wants for Christmas is Harry

December 5th - Christmas markets

(y/n) and Harry visit the Christmas markets together

December 6th -  Secret Santa

Harry makes sure he has (y/n) for secret Santa

December 7th - Daddy saves the day 

When seeing is believing for the Styles kids

December 8th - Christmas in the city of love

(y/n) and Harry spend Christmas in Paris and have very special gifts for each other.

December 9th -  Lonely at Christmas

Harry’s so caught up in work that he forgets the true meaning of Christmas

December 10th -  Home for Christmas 

In which Harry faces difficulties in being home for Christmas 

the lirry kid!fic rec that nobody asked for but i did it anyway

lately there has been a lot of lirry + kids on my dash and that stuff always makes me a bit (a lot) emotional so i decided to make a list of fics where at least one of them is a parental figure of some kind so you all can be emotional with me.

under the cut are 13 fics, sorted by word count, that are my absolute faves when it comes to lirry and kids. (and 4 bonus fics bc i can’t control myself.) with not only a summary but also my thoughts and feelings (that are mostly just incoherent screaming don’t judge me).

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Title: The Edge of the Stars
Author: casuallyhl
Pairing: Harry/Louis
Where: ao3
Word Count: 16k
Rating: N/A
Status: Complete
Summary: Louis laughed. “You think you can convince some random guy to want to go out with me?”

“Oh baby,” Jay chuckled. “I can convince all of the UK to want to go out with you.”

Meet the Parents AU where Harry is the man of Louis’ dreams, and it’s up to Jay to convince him to date her son.


Anonymous: Pregnancy fluff please! Love you. x



Harry doesn’t know if he’s ever seen anything cuter than his very grumbly, very pregnant wife, doesn’t think anything cuter exists. He knows it aggravating for her when he coos at her when she’s in the middle of another grouse about how she can’t see her toes anymore.

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Santa’s grouchy little helper

Originally posted by ohstylesno


(Y/n) is always happy and sometimes Harry can’t handle it.

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Louis studying in the university and fell in love with a guy from the local library named Harry. They are friends, but Louis is too shy to invite him on a date. Maybe he needed a small Christmas miracle ?

// I don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is…

70+ cute HL fics ✿

here’s a list of HL fics that are absolutely adorable, smutty cheerful and/or will (hopefully) make you smile ・◡・ 

(this will be updated continuously! now at 74 fics)


Want You More Than A by TheCellarDoor (77k)

Falling in love with your step-brother’s best friend is a disaster enough. When he happens to be the boy everyone loves and you’re a nerd who wears sweater vests and cries during rom-coms, it takes it to a whole new level.

Relief Next To Me by dolce_piccante (333k)

AU. What happens when a baker and a graphic designer meet via a very specific Craigslist post? Fate, friendship, food, and maybe more.

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Toothpaste Kisses

Anonymous: pleas do a mummy and daddy one where you and your daughter are baking in the kitchen for christmas and harry comes in and starts singing toothpaste kisses by the maccabees togther!!!


It was about 9am on Christmas Eve and the house had never been so cheery and bright. Lights hung in almost every room and the huge tree in the living room was a dream.

This was your daughter’s fifth Christmas and she seemed to make every single one better. You and her were standing in the kitchen together, matching aprons around your bodies. She was stood on her kitchen stool (a stool brought by Anne so she could see the counter top) next to you.

“So, shall we make Nanny’s famous ‘Cinnamon Trees’ or my ‘Vanilla Snowmen’?” You asked her, tying her curly locks into a small bun.

She dramatically brought her finger up to her lips and hummed in thought. She looked up at you and smiled.

“Yours! Snowmen!”

“Snowmen it is then.” You kissed the tip of her nose and turned to pick out the ingredients for the recipe you knew so well. Your daughter went to collect the small index cards you had handwritten all your favourite recipes on.

Over the months of your daughter becoming a keen baker, the index cards had started to become stained with chocolate and flour. She jumped back onto the stool and happily waited for you to finish collecting ingredients.

“Okay baby, what’s the first step?” You asked her sliding over next to her, placing the ingredients on the counter top. She picked up the index card and read over it.

“Step one.” She lisped out. “Cream the marg-marg… what’s this word Mumma?” She looked up at you curiously. You peeked at the index card before chuckling.

“Margarine my dear.” She nodded.

“Cream the margarine, sugar and eggs.” She now said with confidence. You agreed and gathered together the right measurements of the ingredients and poured them into a large bowl together.

After mixing everything required together, you chose the snowmen cookie cutters.

“You go first.” You handed her a stencil and she placed it into the dough, pressing down firmly.

As she went to assemble the next snowman, Harry walked into the kitchen, yawning loudly.

“Good morning my princesses.” He hummed, wrapping his arms around your waist, kissing your shoulder.

“Morning Daddy!” You daughter cheered happily, pressing the cutter into the dough. “We’re making snowmen!” Harry peeked over to her small station.

“They look very yummy. Are they all for me?” He cheekily asked. She shook her head and pouted her lips.

“No! They are for me, Mumma and you!” She looked up at him and narrowed her eyes, Harry copying her. Giggles spilt out of both of their lips and you felt your heart warm.

“Daddy?” She hummed, placing a snowman on a baking tray.

“Yes?” He sung, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Can we sing the toothpaste song?” Harry and your daughter always sang Toothpaste Kisses when they baked. You had caught them many times singing along together in the kitchen with flour in their hair and butter on their cheeks.
Your two messy babies.

“Always.” He scurried over to the counter and sat on it, next to his daughter who was still cutting out snowmen. You lovingly watched them together.

Your daughter looked at Harry with such love and admiration is her eyes. She had the exact same big green eyes as her father and she had the same personality as him.

“Cradle me.” Harry lightly sung. 

“I’ll cradle you.” Your daughter sung back to him, smiling widely.

“I’ll win your heart.”

“With a woop-a-woo.” They both sung together, their voices going high pitch slightly. You released small giggles at their playfulness as they carried on singing. 

Your daughter had cut out all the snowmen she could fit on the cookie dough. You placed the baking tray into the oven, setting the timer. 

You brushed your hands on your apron and walked over to where your daughter was now sitting on Harry’s lap on the counter.

“So with toothpaste kisses and lines.” You sung to Harry and your daughter. 

“I’ll be yours and you’ll be.” Harry sung back, placing his hand on your waist. 

There was a moment of silence in the kitchen which had a scent of vanilla and butter. It was warm with love and cooking cookies. It was moments like these when you realised just how damn lucky you were. 

You’d never pictured yourself with your daughter and husband baking cookies together to take to your mother in law’s.

“Mine!” Your daughter squealed. You both looked down at her and laughed at her random remark. 

“That’s not in the song, silly goose!” Harry chuckled at his little girl. She blushed, hiding her face in her shoulder. He placed small kisses all over her face whilst your brushed small specks of flour out of her hair. 

“Daddy! Stop!” Your daughter squealed, trying to push his loving lips away from her cheeks. 

“No! Kissy monster just wants to kiss you! All day!” He grumbled, holding her hostage whilst kissing her still. She wriggled against his hold, trying to escape. 

“Mumma!” She started to laugh when you attacked her with tickles. 

“I love you so much my sweet girl. I hope this is the best Christmas yet.” He lovingly said to her whilst her bright green eyes scrunched up with laughter.

for sophistication - @solouisalbum

like candy in my veins by @littlelouishiccups

“Um…” Harry said slowly after a moment. “Okay. That’s… this is… Let me get this straight.” He lifted up a hand and swallowed. “You told your family that you have a boyfriend… and my name was the first one you thought of?”

“Harry Potter was on TV, alright? It wasn’t that much of a stretch.” Louis pinched the bridge of his nose. He couldn’t believe he was explaining himself to Harry fucking Styles. He couldn’t believe he was stooping this low. “Forget it. I’m sorry I even thought about bringing you into this.”

Harry snorted. “What? Did you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend or something?”

(Basically the A/B/O, enemies to lovers, fake relationship, Christmas AU that nobody asked for) (26k 4/5)

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** Harry Styles Imagine** ☃❆(Holiday Edition)❆☃

Title: Holiday Memories


Because it was the holidays Harry always had holiday interviews. He loved sharing the memories from over the years with his fans. Harry was asked about his worst gift he ever had gotten. 

“ Batman pajamas.  I really wanted them. And I got Spiderman pajamas instead.” Harry said jokingly

You had gotten him the Spiderman pajamas just to make him mad. But ended up getting him the Batman ones afterwards.  You sat in the back during the interview and when you heard him say that you couldn’t help but laugh. 

Harry continued “ That wasn’t the worst gift. I love all the gifts I get even if it’s my least favorite super hero! “  Harry winked at you

anonymous asked:

Can you write a Harry imagine where he wakes up sick on Christmas morning with an upset belly and you guys have to go to your parents for Christmas lunch & for a party & Harrys really not feeling it but doesn't want to stay home by himself so he goes & not long after being there he just tells you he needs to go lay down for the day? Thanks love!! I really enjoy your writing

Sick on Christmas Day (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: Harry wakes up sick on Christmas morning with an upset belly and you guys have to go to your parents for Christmas lunch and a friend’s party. But Harry decides not to go because he is really not feeling it but doesn’t want to stay home by himself so he goes and not long after being there he just tells you he needs to go lay down for the day.

Requested: yes :)

Warnings: nope

A/N: I know this is a little late and after Christmas, but here it is! I hope you all had an amazing New Year’s!!

Originally posted by softharrysquad

Sick on Christmas (Harry Styles Imagine)

“Merry Christmas babe.” You say turning over in bed to kiss Harry on the forehead. When you kiss his forehead, you feel sweat and that his head is hot.

“Babe, you’re burning hot.  Are you feeling okay?” You say feeling his forehead, and feeling his temperature.

“I didn’t sleep at all last night.  My stomach just kept turning and I took tums, but nothing worked.  And I had practically sweated out all my bodyweight.”  Harry groans out.

“If you’re not feeling well, I can always tell my parents that you’re under the weather, and that we will stay home.  We can always see them on New Year’s Eve before we go out for the night.”  You say brushing some of the hair off of Harry’s hair off his forehead.

“No, no, no. It’s Christmas, we get to be with your family.  I’ll take a shower, eat some breakfast, and we will go to your parents, then the Christmas party, and we just won’t stay out too late.”  Harry says beginning to get out of bed and walk into the bathroom.

You walk over to the bathroom door, and tell Harry, “I’ll prepare breakfast, and if at all during the day that you don’t feel well, we can always come home.”

After getting ready and preparing breakfast, Harry comes down in nice pants and a shirt, with a gift in his hand.

“I know that I’m sick, but I still want to give you your Christmas present.”  Harry says kissing you on the forehead.

You open the long box, and find a necklace.  The necklace is like a locket, but it’s round and there are several charms in it that represent you.  There is a charm of your birthstone, and a few charms that represent your favorite hobbies and likes.

“Harry, it’s beautiful.”  You say taking it out of the box and examining it.
“Put it on me?”  You ask Harry, turning your back to him and holding the necklace around your neck so he can clasp it.

“Of course my love.”  Harry says kissing you on the forehead, going behind you then clasping the necklace.

“Thank you.”  You say turning around and about to kiss Harry on the lips,

“Wait,”  Harry says putting his finger on your lips when you puckered up, “I’m sick, and I don’t need you coming down with something.”

“It’s Christmas, and I’m allowed to give you some love.  And besides, nothing bad happens on Christmas.” You say sneaking a kiss before Harry rejects.

“Now let’s eat breakfast so we can head to your parents on time, okay?” Harry asks.

“Yes! While you were getting ready, I made pancakes.  But not just any ordinary pancakes, eggnog pancakes.  Ever since you celebrated Christmas in the U.S., I know that you’ve been obsessed with eggnog.”  You say excitingly and proud of your creation.

“Ah, you know me so well.”  Harry says grabbing the plate of pancakes and grabs some syrup and starts to eat.  “These are absolutely delicious.”  Harry says with a mouthful of pancakes.

“Good! I’m glad.”  You say taking a bite of pancakes yourself.  “Ooh, these are good, if I should say so myself.” You say patting your back jokingly.

After both of you finish your breakfast, you grab your coats and presents and head to your parents. When you get to your parents’ house you’re showered you with hugs and kisses from your parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

“My darling, are feeling okay?  You don’t look like yourself.”  Your grandmother says to Harry feeling his head.

“Yes, just a little bit under the weather, but I’m doing okay.”  Harry smiles at your grandmother.

“What are you doing after this? Hopefully you guys can just go home so you can rest.” You mother asks.

“Well, after this, we are going to our friend’s Christmas party.  It’s like “friendsgiving”, what I was telling you about, but it’s Christmas.”  You explain to your mom.

“Don’t stay out too late.  You don’t want to be sick for the rest of the holidays.”  Your mom advises you both.  

“We should be leaving soon, so we can get to the party early, so we can leave the party not too late.”  You say linking your arm with Harry’s.

“It was so nice seeing you two again.”  Your grandmother says being the first one to say goodbye to both of you.

After leaving your parents house, you both arrive at your friend’s Christmas party.  But, not long after you both are there, Harry starts to really not feel well.  You knew it was time to leave when Harry’s face began to become really pale and tells you that he needs to lay down.

~At your apartment~

“Okay now, you change and get into bed.  I will get you some tea to relax, some plain toast to calm your stomach, and a heated blanket because you’re a baby.”  You say pinching his cheek, in which he sticks his tongue out at you.

While you get the tea and toast prepared and grab the heated blanket, Harry changes into his comfiest pajamas and snuggles up into the bed you both share.  When you walk in, you give Harry the tea and toast, in which he drinks and eats slowly.  While he eats, you wrap him up in the heated blanket and snuggle in next to him.

“I’m sorry I got sick on Christmas.”  Harry says resting his head on your shoulder.

“No worries baby.  Christmas this year was great, I got to be with the man I love.”  You say kissing the top of his head.

After you and Harry watch your fair share of Christmas movies and snuggle, as you start drifting off, Harry says to you, “Merry Christmas, love.”

You smile and answer him sleepily,  “Merry Christmas, babe.”

A/N: I know this is after Christmas, but I hope you guys enjoyed it!  Also, I hope you guys have an amazing 2017!!!

@looselucy tagged me to list the “songs I’d die for”.   This is a wildly incomplete and random list of songs I’d lay down my life for.  

Warning Sign - Coldplay
Meet Me In the Hallway  - Harry Styles
All I Want is You - U2
Apologies - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
High and Dry - Radiohead
Volcano - Damien Rice
Silver Springs - Fleetwood Mac
Crazy Love - Van Morrison
Comeback Story - Kings of Leon
Better Man - Pearl Jam
Human Touch - Bruce Springsteen
Start a Riot - Banners
Save Yourself - Kaleo
Wasted Time - Eagles
Learning to Fly - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
ATLiens - Outkast
Da Rockwilder - Method Man, Redman
Its Beginning to Look A lot like Christmas - Johnny Mathis
Please Forgive Me - David Gray
I Feel Home - O.A.R.
Grey Street - Dave Matthews Band
Sitting of the Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding
Shadowboxer - Fiona Apple
Landslide - Fleetwood Mac

I tag @aggresivelyfriendly @johnlennon-harrystyles @escapeto-newyork @harrythekingof2017 @heart-attack-harry

split interviews

So I decided to be a bit thorough here and essentially compiled a list of every split interview/appearance done by the boys since (and excluding) the X Factor tv show. I’ve divided it into pairings and ot3s and tallied them up at the end to get an idea of just how much Louis and Harry aren’t being grouped together. Ever. Fun times… let’s do this.

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Anonymous: Could you do one where H says I love you for the first time? Thanks! xo

Sure thing sweetpea, I hope you like it. xx

Harry isn’t good with feelings, he never really has been but with her, it’s different.

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After your very intimate session with Harry backstage, you knew he was going to be cheeky and cocky about it, so you weren’t surprised when he threw a couple winks in your direction during the concert. 

“Holy shit! Harry Styles just winked at me, he wants me so bad..” The girl next to you squealed to her friend as she sent a not so subtle wink back to Harry. You couldn’t help but let out a snort as the excited stranger fanned herself. You looked up at Harry and pointed at her, mouthing ‘can you believe this?’

Of course, Harry had seen the slightly creepy wink from her, and he gave her a wide grin before bringing his attention back to you, walking off to the other side of the stage. 


merry christmas!! i hope you got all the presents that you wanted and i hope you’re having a fantabulous time with your family/friends! 

credits to the owners of the gifs! 

caitlin x