all i want for christmas is harry styles

here are a bunch of fucking fantastic fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of october. I recommend that you read these great fics in november, if you haven’t already!! also check out the Reverse Big Bang and 31 Days of Smut!

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. Damn the Dark, Damn the Light 20k

“Why is this face of beauty ringing so true?” The genuine confusion in Harry’s voice causes Louis’ chest to painfully twinge. “You’re a complete stranger in my eyes, William Shakespeare, but not in my heart. How is that possible?”

Louis wants to live out every romance plot he has ever written in his own life. He wants to be the protagonist of his own narrative, the hero who finds true love and gets his happy ending. Instead, Louis is stuck with only dreaming of such wild fantasies and writing them down. He can create entire romances in his dreams, yet he can never live one.

2. Threadbare 20k**

Harry Styles was eight years old when Louis Tomlinson kept him from falling into a machine in a Manchester textile mill. He was 18 years old when nothing, not even the threat of death, could keep Harry from falling in love with Louis.

3. Don’t Come Down 6k

Louis takes Harry home to meet the family.

4. I’ll Take Your Pain 2k*

Or, soulmates have the ability to feel each other’s pain, and Harry finds his after getting his arse waxed.

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One shots:

Are we friends or are we more?   

Part 2

In which Harry’s best friend admits her love for him

I hate you because I love you

 In which Harry acts like he hates (y/n) but soon admits he feels quite the opposite


 In which your friend doesn’t like Harry 


In which he’s distant and (y/n) thinks it’s because he doesn’t find her attractive anymore

The game [SMUT]

In which Harry and (y/n) test their self control around each other

Camping [SMUT]

In which Harry and (y/n) go camping with her family and Harry just can’t take the lack of intimacy

Is this the end?   

Part 2 

In which (y/n) just wants the Harry she fell in love with back

The choice

In which (y/n)’s his friend and his girlfriend makes him choose between them both

Let down

In which Harry has difficulty understanding the life of his girlfriend, who is black

Forbidden love

In which (y/n)’s parents forbid her from being with Harry and they meet again ten years later

Called off

In which (y/n) is getting married to a guy named Chris… the wedding is called off

Meet the parents

In which (y/n)’s dad is wary of Harry’s lifestyle ft a very nervous, adorable Harry


Part 2

In which management force Harry to break up with (y/n)

It’s a date

In which Harry has a slight crush on one of his cast mates

Novels, scripting and coffee

In which (y/n) is a famous novelist and Harry’s cast in the movie adaption of her book

Be okay

In which (y/n) is suffering from post natal depression, but doesn’t tell Harry about it

New Years Eve

In which (y/n) and Harry meet at a mutual friend’s party 

Birthday Boy [SMUT]

In which Harry gets exactly what he wants for his birthday 


In which Harry is so much of an overprotective dad, he doesn’t even know who he is anymore


In which Gemma and Anne aren’t fond of (y/n)

Mine [SMUT]

In which Harry gets protective of what is secretly his


In which (y/n) questions Harry’s commitment to her

When life gets in the way

In which (y/n) is so busy, she hardly has time for her relationship


Airplane shenanigans  [SMUT]

In which (y/n) and Harry get bored during a long flight

Halloween  [SMUT]

In which Harry tastes more than just (y/n)’s halloween cookies

Sour peach

In which Harry feels down after a bad performing experience 

One of those days

In which (y/n) is very pregnant and very cranky and Harry’s had enough

Need [SMUT]

Harry gets a little help from (y/n), even when they’re miles apart 

Writing prompts 

 MITAM song blurbs:


December 1st - Scrooge

It’s the first of December and Harry’s being a bit of a Scrooge because he’s a little bit poorly.

December 2nd - December birthday

Harry forgets a very important December birthday


December 3rd -  Santa’s grouchy little helper

(Y/n) is always happy and sometimes Harry can’t handle it.

December 4th -  All I want for Christmas is you

(y/n) is pregnant and all she wants for Christmas is Harry

December 5th - Christmas markets

(y/n) and Harry visit the Christmas markets together

December 6th -  Secret Santa

Harry makes sure he has (y/n) for secret Santa

December 7th - Daddy saves the day 

When seeing is believing for the Styles kids

December 8th - Christmas in the city of love

(y/n) and Harry spend Christmas in Paris and have very special gifts for each other.

December 9th -  Lonely at Christmas

Harry’s so caught up in work that he forgets the true meaning of Christmas

December 10th -  Home for Christmas 

In which Harry faces difficulties in being home for Christmas 

You Missed

In which you and Harry watch Elf, and your friendship turns into more. 

The notes fill the air around you as you sing along to Christmas music on your phone while hanging up a string of lights in your living room.

You’re interrupted by a knock on the door. Your friend, Harry, stares back at you through the peephole. “Hi,” you welcome him.

“Hello, love,” he hugs you. He pauses when he hears your music, trying to place the tune. “Is that Christmas music?” Harry asks.

“Yeah!” You grin.

“Y/N, it’s way to early to listen to Christmas music.”

“But Harry, it’s October 1st, which means it’s almost November, which means it’s almost December, which means it’s almost Christmas!” You reason. “And besides the Christmas season is only here for a short time so we better enjoy it while we can.”

“A ‘short time’? Says the person who watches Elf year round,” he scoffs.

“Elf is a great movie, and besides, you always watch it with me.”

“Yeah, because you throw a fit if I don’t.”

“That was only once,” you pout, “but you know you love me.”

“Yeah,” Harry agrees, and you don’t know just how much he really means it.

“Speaking of Elf, we should watch it tonight,” you suggest.

“Do we have to,” Harry whines.

“Pleaassseee?” You can see Harry’s face softening at your plea, and you know you’ve gotten through to him.

“Alright,” he grumbles, but you know he doesn’t really mind.

You put in the dvd and Harry makes some hot cocoa while the beginning part rings out through the house. You and Harry share a blanket and a cuddle while sipping on your cocoa. Throughout the movie you somehow move from sitting beside Harry to laying on top of him, his arms wrapped around you, and you’re so engrossed in the movie that you don’t catch Harry watching you instead.

When the movie finally ends, you continue to lay on top of him, talking about random ideas, “I think they should make an Elf 2, and I can be little Susie.”

“Or they can do a remake of Elf and I could be Buddy, and you could be Jovie.” Harry says softly, not knowing how you’ll react.

“But I would make a better Buddy, since I already do Christmas year round,” you argue.

“Never mind,” he mumbles, and you hear him say something about you “missing the point.”

You stop for a moment, not sure of what he’s implying. He couldn’t possibly have casted the hypothetical movie that way, so you could be together, could he? “What do you mean ‘I’m missing the point’?” You ask, pushing yourself up on your elbow to look down at him.

“It’s nothing,” his eyes look sad with a hint of something else that you can’t quite put your finger on, but he covers it quickly and moves the two of you back into a seated position. “I think you would make a great Buddy the Elf, or Susie, or whoever you wanna play,” he says, finishing with a kiss to your forehead.

You’ve always been to scared to pursue your feelings for Harry. Your friendship isn’t something you want to ruin, but tonight you find some tiny ounce of courage, and you decide you’ll go for it. “You missed,” you whisper, stealing a line from the movie.

Harry’s eyes widen, and you worry that you misread the situation, but his hand cups your cheek and his eyes flick from your lips back to your eyes to ask for permission. You answer by pressing your lips into his. The kiss doesn’t last long, but it says more than words could, and you know that things have changed.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” Harry admits.

“Me too,” you agree.

Harry kisses you again. This time more passionate than before, and you only stop when you need air.

“I love you Y/N,” Harry breathes, “and I’ve loved you for so long, and I said the Elf thing because I’ve pictured us together and I want to be with you, and I want to get married one day, and I want our own little Susie too, and I probably shouldn’t be telling you all of this so soon–”

You cut him off with another kiss, eventually pulling away, “I love you too Harry, and I’d like all of that a lot.”

“Yeah?” He smiles.


the lirry kid!fic rec that nobody asked for but i did it anyway

lately there has been a lot of lirry + kids on my dash and that stuff always makes me a bit (a lot) emotional so i decided to make a list of fics where at least one of them is a parental figure of some kind so you all can be emotional with me.

under the cut are 13 fics, sorted by word count, that are my absolute faves when it comes to lirry and kids. (and 4 bonus fics bc i can’t control myself.) with not only a summary but also my thoughts and feelings (that are mostly just incoherent screaming don’t judge me).

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I sat with my mouth slightly dropped. Maybe I licked my lips once or twice, I don’t know, but it’s very likely.
Harry and Zayn were both stood topless in the kitchen. I mean, I didn’t mean to ogle, but it was bloody hard not to. Even Ringo had made a surprise appearance, and she was exactly the same. Zayn was a little weedy, but I could see from the look in Ringo’s eyes that was exactly her type. Me personally, it was Harry who had my attention.

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Music Series: How Would You Feel (Paean) by Ed Sheeran

This one is for my Christmas lovers out there. You know who you are…those who can’t get enough Hallmark Christmas movies this time of year?

I’m sorry to say, I’ve not enjoyed the holidays the past few years, having lost my dad in 2012 and my mom in 2014, and not having a romantic partner in my life to enjoy the romance side of the holidays (will always be a hopeless romantic at heart). But I’m determined to try and enjoy it this year! I’ve always been the weirdo who listened to Christmas music all year long, until recently, and the past few years I’ve barely even decorated. So this year I am in Holiday Blues Recovery, and I’m going to enjoy something this holiday if it kills me.

This song has been on my imagines list since I started writing imagines, so when someone sent the suggestion, I decided to try it again, and this is what happened. I hope you all enjoy it, and thank you Anon for the request and sweet message. Sweet and cheesy this one is, and I wanted to post it before I leave for my songwriter’s night tonight, so I hope you like it!

PSA: Don’t forget to show love and kindness to those who maybe have nobody else at Christmas, and if you can afford it, share something with them, whether a meal, a gift, whatever you can manage. It may be the only nice gesture they receive this year.

This is “How Would You Feel (Paean)” by Ed Sheeran. You can listen HERE via Spotify, and on my Harry Styles Imagines playlist. xo



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Title: The Edge of the Stars
Author: casuallyhl
Pairing: Harry/Louis
Where: ao3
Word Count: 16k
Rating: N/A
Status: Complete
Summary: Louis laughed. “You think you can convince some random guy to want to go out with me?”

“Oh baby,” Jay chuckled. “I can convince all of the UK to want to go out with you.”

Meet the Parents AU where Harry is the man of Louis’ dreams, and it’s up to Jay to convince him to date her son.



Louis studying in the university and fell in love with a guy from the local library named Harry. They are friends, but Louis is too shy to invite him on a date. Maybe he needed a small Christmas miracle ?

// I don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is…

Santa’s grouchy little helper

Originally posted by ohstylesno


(Y/n) is always happy and sometimes Harry can’t handle it.

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Anonymous: Pregnancy fluff please! Love you. x



Harry doesn’t know if he’s ever seen anything cuter than his very grumbly, very pregnant wife, doesn’t think anything cuter exists. He knows it aggravating for her when he coos at her when she’s in the middle of another grouse about how she can’t see her toes anymore.

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Mood Boards Inspired by @becomeawendybird (QuickedWeen) Fics - 1 | 2 | 3

Wrapped In Red
Louis backs himself into a corner and has two days to find a date to bring to the Horan Family’s big annual Christmas party to both appease his mother, and show up an ex-boyfriend. In the midst of Christmas shopping and trying to work out his dilemma, he meets Harry Styles, the cute volunteer behind the charity gift wrapping booth. 

You should read all of Molly’s fics, because they’re incredible and will make you smile incessantly. This particular one (the FIRST that she published in this fandom!) makes me think of pretty wrapped presents, warm cookies, and the fuzzy feeling of being around people you love at the holidays. Go read it immediately!

70+ feel-good HL fics ✿

here’s a list of HL fics that are absolutely adorable, smutty cheerful and/or will (hopefully) make you smile ・◡・ 

(this will be updated continuously! now at 74 fics)


Want You More Than A by TheCellarDoor (77k)

Falling in love with your step-brother’s best friend is a disaster enough. When he happens to be the boy everyone loves and you’re a nerd who wears sweater vests and cries during rom-coms, it takes it to a whole new level.

Relief Next To Me by dolce_piccante (333k)

AU. What happens when a baker and a graphic designer meet via a very specific Craigslist post? Fate, friendship, food, and maybe more.

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Knock Down, Drag Out Fight

you and harry get in a fight and he’s really mean and then he kicks you out? and you come back in a bad state and lots of fluff and angst

Word count: ~900 words

Warning: angst, general very vague referral to family death.

A/N:It was very tough to write this. This was sort of how I imagined Christmas time will be THIS year with the missus and Harry. I in no way intend to make light of or fun of anything that’s happened to the Styles family. It felt like an important point to make that Harry is human and has feelings and that we as fans are entitled to nothing from him. Everything we get from him is a gift. I do not condone going through his trash, hacking his iCloud or any of the other myriad disgusting things that have happened to this family lately.

“Babe, I don’t know what else to tell you,” you yell frustratedly. “We went to my parents for New Year’s last year, it’s only fair to switch.” You watched him grind his jaw and stretch at his neck- he was very clearly angry.

“I don’t trust myself around you right now. You need to leave,” he stated loudly. He left the room and you could hear the door to the study slam shut.

You’d been bickering for the better part of an hour and full-out fighting for 10 mins. You’d never seen Harry angry let alone livid. His face and neck were flushed and the veins on his arms popped as he continuously clenched and released his fists. Harry’s words made you realize it was time to take a break. You stalked off to grab your backpack and threw in some things for a few nights. You’d crash at your friend’s place until Harry had cooled off.

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Toothpaste Kisses

Anonymous: pleas do a mummy and daddy one where you and your daughter are baking in the kitchen for christmas and harry comes in and starts singing toothpaste kisses by the maccabees togther!!!


It was about 9am on Christmas Eve and the house had never been so cheery and bright. Lights hung in almost every room and the huge tree in the living room was a dream.

This was your daughter’s fifth Christmas and she seemed to make every single one better. You and her were standing in the kitchen together, matching aprons around your bodies. She was stood on her kitchen stool (a stool brought by Anne so she could see the counter top) next to you.

“So, shall we make Nanny’s famous ‘Cinnamon Trees’ or my ‘Vanilla Snowmen’?” You asked her, tying her curly locks into a small bun.

She dramatically brought her finger up to her lips and hummed in thought. She looked up at you and smiled.

“Yours! Snowmen!”

“Snowmen it is then.” You kissed the tip of her nose and turned to pick out the ingredients for the recipe you knew so well. Your daughter went to collect the small index cards you had handwritten all your favourite recipes on.

Over the months of your daughter becoming a keen baker, the index cards had started to become stained with chocolate and flour. She jumped back onto the stool and happily waited for you to finish collecting ingredients.

“Okay baby, what’s the first step?” You asked her sliding over next to her, placing the ingredients on the counter top. She picked up the index card and read over it.

“Step one.” She lisped out. “Cream the marg-marg… what’s this word Mumma?” She looked up at you curiously. You peeked at the index card before chuckling.

“Margarine my dear.” She nodded.

“Cream the margarine, sugar and eggs.” She now said with confidence. You agreed and gathered together the right measurements of the ingredients and poured them into a large bowl together.

After mixing everything required together, you chose the snowmen cookie cutters.

“You go first.” You handed her a stencil and she placed it into the dough, pressing down firmly.

As she went to assemble the next snowman, Harry walked into the kitchen, yawning loudly.

“Good morning my princesses.” He hummed, wrapping his arms around your waist, kissing your shoulder.

“Morning Daddy!” You daughter cheered happily, pressing the cutter into the dough. “We’re making snowmen!” Harry peeked over to her small station.

“They look very yummy. Are they all for me?” He cheekily asked. She shook her head and pouted her lips.

“No! They are for me, Mumma and you!” She looked up at him and narrowed her eyes, Harry copying her. Giggles spilt out of both of their lips and you felt your heart warm.

“Daddy?” She hummed, placing a snowman on a baking tray.

“Yes?” He sung, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Can we sing the toothpaste song?” Harry and your daughter always sang Toothpaste Kisses when they baked. You had caught them many times singing along together in the kitchen with flour in their hair and butter on their cheeks.
Your two messy babies.

“Always.” He scurried over to the counter and sat on it, next to his daughter who was still cutting out snowmen. You lovingly watched them together.

Your daughter looked at Harry with such love and admiration is her eyes. She had the exact same big green eyes as her father and she had the same personality as him.

“Cradle me.” Harry lightly sung. 

“I’ll cradle you.” Your daughter sung back to him, smiling widely.

“I’ll win your heart.”

“With a woop-a-woo.” They both sung together, their voices going high pitch slightly. You released small giggles at their playfulness as they carried on singing. 

Your daughter had cut out all the snowmen she could fit on the cookie dough. You placed the baking tray into the oven, setting the timer. 

You brushed your hands on your apron and walked over to where your daughter was now sitting on Harry’s lap on the counter.

“So with toothpaste kisses and lines.” You sung to Harry and your daughter. 

“I’ll be yours and you’ll be.” Harry sung back, placing his hand on your waist. 

There was a moment of silence in the kitchen which had a scent of vanilla and butter. It was warm with love and cooking cookies. It was moments like these when you realised just how damn lucky you were. 

You’d never pictured yourself with your daughter and husband baking cookies together to take to your mother in law’s.

“Mine!” Your daughter squealed. You both looked down at her and laughed at her random remark. 

“That’s not in the song, silly goose!” Harry chuckled at his little girl. She blushed, hiding her face in her shoulder. He placed small kisses all over her face whilst your brushed small specks of flour out of her hair. 

“Daddy! Stop!” Your daughter squealed, trying to push his loving lips away from her cheeks. 

“No! Kissy monster just wants to kiss you! All day!” He grumbled, holding her hostage whilst kissing her still. She wriggled against his hold, trying to escape. 

“Mumma!” She started to laugh when you attacked her with tickles. 

“I love you so much my sweet girl. I hope this is the best Christmas yet.” He lovingly said to her whilst her bright green eyes scrunched up with laughter.


** Harry Styles Imagine** ☃❆(Holiday Edition)❆☃

Title: Holiday Memories


Because it was the holidays Harry always had holiday interviews. He loved sharing the memories from over the years with his fans. Harry was asked about his worst gift he ever had gotten. 

“ Batman pajamas.  I really wanted them. And I got Spiderman pajamas instead.” Harry said jokingly

You had gotten him the Spiderman pajamas just to make him mad. But ended up getting him the Batman ones afterwards.  You sat in the back during the interview and when you heard him say that you couldn’t help but laugh. 

Harry continued “ That wasn’t the worst gift. I love all the gifts I get even if it’s my least favorite super hero! “  Harry winked at you

anonymous asked:

Hi! I recently read 'Hold Onto Your Stars' and I loved it so do you have any other military fics?

Hello! Check out the military tag here! Here’s some more for you: 

All I Want For Christmas by katiemorag:

Summary: Louis Tomlinson, X Factor Finalist, gets a big surprise while singing his song of choice during Christmas week which just so happens to be the final.

Word count: 7,028

Tourjours en Avant by fervent, theamazingpeterparker:

Summary: From this day to the ending of the world we in it shall be remembered. We lucky few, we band of brothers. For he who today sheds his blood with me shall be my brother. 

Or, a World War II AU.

Word count: 36,076

call it magic, call it true by itiswhatitisbutterfly:

Summary: Harry Styles loves hockey, art history and speaks Italian. His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Wales is second in line to inherit the British Throne. Their relationship is sometimes a fairytale but occasionally a nightmare.

(Louis is the Prince William to Harry’s Kate Middleton.)

Word count: 17,102

Excuse Me While I Kiss This Guy by youbeyou:

Summary: A lot of the other guys in Harry’s company are returning with marks from their significant others, hickeys that they actually seem content to show off, despite the ribbing from the other men.

Harry can feel himself becoming a little more downhearted with each one he sees. He just wishes he had someone too, that he was coming back from being all loved up at home with his boyfriend or husband, that he didn’t have to pretend it was a girl he was fantasizing about when someone called him out on it.

He’s lying quietly in his bunk, writing out all the things he wants but can’t tell anyone else about and pretending it’s a letter home while the other boys play cards again. When Louis suddenly bounces down next to him and asks what he’s up to, Harry swiftly covers his journal with his pillow, an urgent panic shooting through his veins. He really hopes Louis didn’t see his name on those pages.

Word count: 2,168

Waiting For The Love Of A Travelin’ Soldier by noklouis (regansmith):

Summary: Harry had been feeling lost, he wanted to do something where he could find himself and help others. So, he joins the army.

He also happens to meet Louis a few weeks before he has to leave for Vietnam, and falling in love wasn’t part of Harry’s plan. But plan’s can change.

Word count: 12,203

Looking At The Moon by Winterpearls:

Summary: “You alright, Lou?”

Louis nods automatically, motioning for them to head down to Liam, before he stops in his tracks and takes a shaky breath, voice catching as he whispers, “Sometimes, I feel like Harry is in the house. But there’s only memories there. He hasn’t been home in a long time.”

Niall nods solemnly, steady gaze flickering back to search the vacant windows before telling Louis in a very soft voice, “I believe you. I thought I saw him on the way over here, but…..I don’t think it was him. I see him in my dreams sometimes, and I wake up thinking I’m still over there. Nasty thing, war is.”

OR the military AU where Harry comes home and Louis breaks a promise he was always too afraid to make, which leads to One Whole Year where Louis doesn’t see Harry, Niall doesn’t have any hair, Liam is Supportive and Gullible, and Louis must figure out how to get by on his own.

What happens when you spend a whole year writing letters to your ex-fiance in hopes of eventually working up the courage to go see him again after leaving him 3 days after he’d returned from war?

Louis finds out.

Word count: 16,218

To Give You a Hand to Hold by gettingaphdinlarry:

Summary: hen he spoke again, Harry’s voice was low. “Ever think of how many birthdays they don’t get?”

Louis avoided Harry’s eyes. “What do you mean?”

“Martinez was what, nineteen? Missed a good sixty of them.” Harry took the last of his cake and passed the plate to Louis. “Figure sixty missed birthdays each. Just on our side. How many is that?”

Louis used the edge of his fork to scrape frosting off the plate. “Never thought about it.”

“What would your shrink say?”

“‘Focus on the positive.’”

Harry ran a hand over his head and scratched the back of his neck. “How’s that working?”

Marine Louis Tomlinson is medically discharged when an IED explodes in Afghanistan. Months later, he’s reunited Stateside with his Navy medic Harry Styles. The two of them shelter each other even as they refuse to admit they’re in the throes of PTSD, until one night nearly destroys them.

Word count: 26,150

Here Between Earth and Sky by ohnoscarlett:

Summary: Louis is an RAF pilot, along with his best mate Liam. They’ve been bounced from station to station for years together, until they finally end up in Scotland. Louis is unimpressed with how his military career is progressing, so he suggests they go train at the American tactical fighter school, otherwise known as Top Gun.

They’re transferred one more time, even further up into the wilds of Scotland, and Louis is ready to call it quits. But then they meet the incredibly friendly Zayn and Perrie, who introduce them to everyone else they know, including their fun neighbors and co-workers.

There’s a baby, an unconventional proposal of marriage, lots of airplane!porn (because airplanes!), and then a little regular porn after Louis and Harry get it together.

Lots of picturing lads in uniform, looking very sharp indeed. Then, wait–what? An opportunity to join the European Space Agency to possibly go to the International Space Station? Or Mars! Ok then.

Word count: 19,928

Coming Back For You by littlepinkbow:

Summary: The first letter Harry gets from Louis when he goes off to war breaks his heart. The first letter Louis gets from Harry while he’s gone breaks his heart. Harry never gives up easy, though.

Word count: 5,361

this ain’t a scene by bloobeary:

Summary: Louis’ not American but he finds himself collecting stars and stripes much more than he ever thought he would. Harry’s miles away and he can’t seem to think of a time he didn’t feel like this.

Or, Harry goes on tour, and Louis’ an army wife, but not really.

Word count: 7,095

split interviews

So I decided to be a bit thorough here and essentially compiled a list of every split interview/appearance done by the boys since (and excluding) the X Factor tv show. I’ve divided it into pairings and ot3s and tallied them up at the end to get an idea of just how much Louis and Harry aren’t being grouped together. Ever. Fun times… let’s do this.

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