all i want for christmas is a boyfriend like him

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Do you know any just plain established relationship fluff? Thanks !

I sure found some!  Mix of pairings and ratings but all complete. Enjoy!  -Emmy

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Snowy Scales by TriscuitsandSoup 

(993 I General I Complete)  *steter, merman!stiles, arranged marriage

A merman and a snowstorm was a strange combination, but somehow they just seemed to work.

Snow Storm in August by TriDom 

(1,121 I General I Complete)  *stetopher, wolf!stiles

Chris comes home from a business trip and finds the living room covered in white.

Werewolves and WebMD by TriscuitsandSoup 

(1,553 I Not Rated I Complete)  *stetopher, sick!stiles and chris

During a battle with some changelings Stiles and Chris are pushed into a lake and wind up getting themselves sick, leaving Peter to take care of them. Too bad Peters never had a cold before.

Sticky Buns by DenaCeleste 

(1,603 I Explicit I Complete)  *stetopher

Chris hoisted Stiles over his shoulder. “I’m pulling rank. We need a snack.” He punctuated with a swift smack to Stiles’ bottom. “We’re going to eat you up, pretty boy. Then you can go back to cooking. Sound like a plan?”

Morning by azerblazer 

(1,624 I Mature I Complete)  *steter, domestic

Stiles is an early bird, rising before the dawn.
Peter is a zombie, stumbling and groaning out of bed after his favorite warm body.

Maybe It Was His Fault by brandileeder 

(2,182 I Not Rated I Complete)  *chris/stiles, magic!stiles

You could not blame Chris for this. Really. He was getting older, his senses still sharp but not what they were as a younger man. At 42 he couldn’t be expected to be constantly aware of his surroundings while in his own home. Also, it was before coffee, which should be excuse enough.

It also wasn’t his fault that his daughter decided to invite the werewolf pack she was apart of to their apartment, before dawn. It was Saturday and Chris wanted to sleep in before his date. But no, he was too nervous. God, he had a date. And he was nervous about it! His boyfriend made him feel like an awkward twenty something not a grown man with an established name in his career.

So, lack of proper sleep, increasing age, unyielding nerves, and his daughter were clearly to blame.

Our Best Made Plans All Laid To Waste (But We’re Still Standing Here) by SatanInACroptop

(2,483 I Teen I Complete)

Peter’s perfectly planned date for Christmas Eve with Stiles gets waylaid by long work hours and the hazards of mother nature.

He improvises.

AKA my Steter Secret Santa 2k14 fic for the amazing cocoslash.

You’re, Mine, And Ours by we_remain_together 

(2,673 I Explicit I Complete)  *petopher

“If you come near me with that,” Chris said in a very serious monotone, “I will stab you in the heart with a kitchen knife.”  

Or: The one where Chris finds Peter’s box of sex toys.

I Touched Your Lips and Held Your Hands When They Were Shaking by honeymoonmuke 

(2,950 I General I Complete)  *sterek

Derek knows just what to do when Stiles has a bad day.

Bees and Flowers by candyvan 

(3,377 I Mature I Complete)  *scott/stiles

In which Scott and Stiles are forced to go on a double date.

Surprise, I’m Engaged? by brandileeder 

(3,714 I General I Complete)   *steter, secret relationship

Stiles Stilinski has been dating Peter Hale for nearly 5 years. He proposed 8 months ago. Neither of their families know. Huh.

Lights, Camera, Action-Uhh? by DolorousDoll 

(3,906 I Explicit I Complete *derek/jackson

Jackson & Derek attempt to make a sex tape- it doesn’t go as planned. Halemore.  

Good, Giving, and Game by verity

 (5,385 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, knotting

They’ve been together long enough now that they don’t have arguments over the big stuff anymore: there’s a few things they’ve each accepted as fact. Derek hates Olive Garden. Stiles refuses to let Derek work on the Jeep. Derek doesn’t dance. They’re never going to get werewolf-married because Stiles is never going to do the thing where Derek locks his werewolf dick in Stiles’s ass and jizzes all up his colon while they lie on a bed of rose petals and listen to mood music.

Hell of a Life by runphoebe 

(7,131 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, stilinski family feels

Then, he gets the text. The text, okay. I’m pregnant, it reads. All unassuming, no punctuation or emoticons or, you know, actual emotion. Derek checks the date. It’s not April first. It’s the beginning of March, which Derek probably should have remembered. A moment later, another text comes in that says, Dad says I should have waited to tell you in person. Then, two seconds after that, He also says I shouldn’t have admitted that I told someone before you. Love you, boo. Call me.

Stiles and Derek have a baby. They are happy.

Some Losing Lucky Numbers by turnpikedarling 

(8,096 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek

DEREK HALE: PERFECT BOYFRIEND. That’s it. That’s the whole thing.

‘Cause Baby You’re a Firework by sterekruinedme

(8,686 I General I Complete)  *sterek

Just a happy little Fourth of July AU I wanted to write because it’s cute and my last fic was really sad.

Sunday by ofwordsandcoffee 

(9,088 I Mature I Complete)  *scott/stiles

Their usual lazy Sunday doesn’t go the way it usually does. Scott can’t complain though.

You’re On My Mind (More Than You Know) by veterization 

(11,810 I Explicit I Complete)   *steter, sick!stiles

Stiles is sick with a cold. Peter sticks around.

To Keep a Wave Upon the Sand by HandsAcrossTheSea

(11,985 I Explicit I Complete)  *scott/isaac

New town, new opportunities.  Which means a day long date just for two.  Fluff so sweet it’ll give you diabetes.

Glad Tidings by stilinskisparkles 

(24,116 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek

“Eight people are going to be descending on our home in a mere matter of days, Derek.” Stiles grabs the pizza box, uses it to gesture at the pile of books and papers under the table, away and towards Derek’s sneaker collection. “You want them to think we live like this all the time?”

“We do live like this all the time,” Derek huffs, stretching lazily.

take this burden - part 19

[ ends of the earth - lord huron ]


They woke to Rou flinging the door open and loudly informing them that there were pancakes downstairs.

‘Jesus, Rou, what if we’d been naked?’

‘Absolutely nothing.’


She walked off.

‘Should I be offended?’ He Tian asked.

‘That’s a safe bet.’

They’d shifted slightly as they slept.

Somehow, Felix had acquired the majority of the blanket.

When He Tian didn’t get out of the bed, Mo Guan Shan climbed over him.

He Tian followed him to the bathroom.

Mo Guan Shan said something unintelligible, his mouth full of toothpaste.


Mo Guan Shan spit.

‘Did you bring a toothbrush?’

‘No, I completely spaced. I’m fine until we get home.’

‘You can use mine if you want.’

‘Isn’t that kind of…gross?’

‘Compared to what? Spending the day with un-brushed teeth?’

He Tian had no response.

He took the toothbrush when Mo Guan Shan offered it to him.

Mo Guan Shan sat on the edge of the tub while he cleaned his teeth.

‘Sorry about last night.’

He Tian glanced at him out of the corner of his eye.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I try not to drink that much on a regular basis. I hope I wasn’t too bad.’

‘What’s the last thing you remember?’ He Tian asked warily.

‘Taking a shower.’

He Tian sighed in intense relief.

‘Shit, did I do something stupid?’ Mo Guan Shan asked.

‘Nope, you just went to sleep.’

‘Are you lying?’

‘Only a little.’

‘We didn't…’

‘No. I like to think that you’d remember that.’

‘I didn’t mean it like-’

‘I know, I’m kidding.’

He Tian spit out the toothpaste and rinsed his mouth out

‘So what’s the plan?’

‘I’m going to get some more of my stuff packed up and get Felix ready. We can head out after breakfast.’

‘Is there anything else you want to do while we’re here? Visit friends?’

Mo Guan Shan considered that for a moment before shaking his head.

‘I’d rather just go home and get settled in.’

He Tian followed him out of the bathroom to help him pack.

‘Home it is, then.’

They ate breakfast and said their goodbyes.

He Tian was surprised when each member of the family hugged him warmly.

‘Come back and visit soon.’ Mo Guan Shan’s mom told them firmly.

‘We will.’ Mo Guan promised.

He Tian tried not to smile.

We, huh?

Mo Guan Shan loaded Felix into the car in his carrier.

He was nothing but a fluffy, ginger, ball of anger and claws.

Mo Guan Shan didn’t ask for the keys this time either.

He relaxed with every mile He Tian put between their car and the city.

‘Sorry about telling my mom that we’re together. She just looked so happy…’

‘It’s ok, really. She wants to know that you’re safe and taken care of. It’s understandable.’

Mo Guan Shan nodded.

‘Yeah, i suppose so. You’re not mad though?’

‘Not at all. Why would I be?’

‘Well…you haven’t been in a relationship for thirteen years and I just barge in and tell my parents that you’re my boyfriend. I don’t imagine anyone would like that.’

‘It doesn’t bother me.’ He Tian assured him.

‘Well, thank you.’

‘Any time.’

The redhead rolled his eyes with a small smile.

‘Really? Even Christmas?’


‘I…can’t tell if you’re kidding.’

‘I’m not. They seem really nice. I liked them a lot.’

‘Just be careful. They might get attached and we’ll have to get married.’ He teased.

He Tian laughed.

‘I can think of worse fates.’

There was a long pause.

‘I’m going to tell Jian Yi you said that.’

‘Oh lord, please don’t.’

They both smiled.

‘You seem like you’re feeling better.’ He Tian observed.’

‘I am.’ Mo Guan Shan admitted.

‘I’m glad.’

They spent the next few hours in silence, listening to music, lost in thought.

Mo Guan Shan broke the silence.

‘So, what’s up with them? Jian Yi and Zhan Zhengxi.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Are they planning on getting married or anything? You said they’d been together for, like, a decade.’

‘Ok, I’m going to tell you something, but if you tell Jian Yi I will murder you.’

‘Jesus, I’m not sure if I even want to know now.’

‘Zhengxi has been planning to propose for over two years but hasn’t come up with the right way to do it.’

‘It’s not like he’s going to say no… right?’

‘Absolutely not. Zhengxi just feels like he has to make it special somehow, after all they’ve been through.’

‘Like what?’ Mo Guan Shan asked.

He Tian winced, realizing he’d said too much.

‘I’m…going to have to let Jian Yi tell you about that. I wouldn’t know about any of it if I hadn’t been around for it.’

‘Are you really going to build it up like that and not tell me?’

He Tian sighed.

He never really talked to anyone so he wasn’t used to censoring himself or keeping secrets.

‘You have to PROMISE me you won’t say anything. Ever.’

‘I promise.’

He Tian hesitated.

‘Zhengxi cheated on him a few years ago.’


‘It wasn’t a huge thing, he didn’t sleep with her or anything-’

‘Her?’ Mo Guan Shan interrupted.

‘Yeah, that was the issue. Jian Yi is a remarkably understanding, forgiving person. But after so many years of Zhengxi telling him he was straight, it was pretty brutal.’

‘I can imagine.’

‘What ended up happening?’

‘Zhengxi stayed with me for almost three months. The girl, she was a friend of theirs, went to Jian Yi taking full responsibility. She was going through her own shit with some guy and said it was entirely her fault and Zhengxi had turned her down.’

‘And Jian Yi forgave him?’

‘Eventually, yeah. He said they should start fresh and let it go.’

‘What happened with the girl?’

‘She quit her job at The Wolf and none of us have heard from her since.’

‘What’s The Wolf?’

He Tian chuckled.

‘That’s my club. The Black Wolf.’

‘Oh…I’m sorry. I feel like I should know that.’

‘I doubt anyone has said the name. Everyone typically just says He Tian’s place.

‘It’s weird, I just realized I’ve never heard you say your own name before.’

He Tian thought about that.

‘I guess I don’t really say my name often. Does anyone?’

‘Probably not.’

‘You do it.’

‘Say your name?’

‘No, yours.’

‘…Mo Guan Shan.’

‘Ok, now mine.’

‘You want me to say your name?’

He Tian flushed.

‘Well, not now that you’ve made it weird.’

Mo Guan Shan laughed softly.

‘He Tian.’

The man in question smiled, his face still bright red.

‘Your turn.’

He Tian tried to clear his head.

‘Mo Guan Shan.’

‘I like your voice.’


‘Really.’ Mo Guan Shan assured him.

‘No one’s ever told me that.’

‘Something tells me there’s a lot of nice things about you that no one’s ever told you about.’

‘Should I be offended by that?’

‘No. I can tell you what I like about you so far, if you want.’

‘You really don’t have to do that.’ He Tian said, tightening his hands on the steering wheel.’

‘But I really want to.’

‘Ok…’ He was expecting a few generic compliments.

‘I like the way your eyes sparkle when you smile.’

‘…thank you.’

‘And the way you squeeze my hand when you laugh.’

He Tian had no idea how to respond to these facts.

‘And the way you offer me a cigarette when you don’t want to smoke alone.’


‘And the way you look away when you’re embarrassed.’


‘And the way you try not to smile when you’re lying.’



‘And the way you turn someone away when they’re clearly drunk and being an idiot.’


‘The way you’ll sleep on the floor because someone selfishly asks you to stay the night.’


‘You. I like you. I really, really, do.’

‘You shouldn’t.’ He Tian whispered.

‘Why not?’ Mo Guan Shan asked, defiant.

‘I have… a lot of baggage.’

‘I don’t care.’

‘You don’t understand.’

‘You’ve handled everything I’ve thrown at you so far.’

‘I guess…’

‘Let me do that for you.’

‘It’s different.’

‘I. Don’t. Care.’


He Tian, you drove me home. I could have stayed there. But I didn’t.’

‘Why didn’t you?’ He Tian asked.

‘If I don’t stick around and, at least, try to figure all this out, I’d hate myself.

‘You’re going to hate me, Mo Guan Shan.’

‘Why don’t you let me figure that out for myself.’

‘I’m not going to-’

‘I’m not asking you to fuck me.’

‘What are you asking me for?’ He Tian asked, honestly confused.

‘Give me a chance. Baggage and all.’

‘Do you want me to be your…’

‘I just want you to be with me while I sleep. Even if it’s on the floor.’

Mo Guan Shan’s confident words didn’t match the way his voice shook.

‘I can do that.’



ok but lets just take a moment to appreciate the masterpiece that is the book to all the boys i loved before by jenny han

lara jean song covey:

  • half-korean
    • WOMAN OF COLOR!!!!!
  • she’s hopeless romantic af and honestly same
  • loves to bake
  • classy as hell
    • honestly she’s your goals
  • doesn’t judge her best friend chris AT ALL for the parties she goes to and the boys she hooks up with
  • loves her sisters more than anything
  • loves her dad more than anything and says she wouldn’t mind if he started dating again because she wants to see him happy
  • volunteers at a retirement home
  • literally jumped on a boy and kissed him so she could convince another boy she didn’t like him
    • all because it was her sister’s ex and she didn’t want to hurt her even though she was in scotland and broke up with him
  • FAKE
  • A++++++++++

peter kavinsky

  • everyone’s favorite sinamon roll
  • loves lara jean so fucking much
  • loves kitty so fucking much
  • stands up straighter when lara jean’s dad walks into the room
  • bought lara jean a necklace even though it was so expensive and worked for his mom so he could pay for it
  • baked fruitcake and said it was his mom
  • “kiss me like you missed me” MY HEART
  • sneaks into his girlfriend’s room just to talk and spoon oh my god
  • still comforts his ex girlfriend because she’s got serious shit going on
    • doesn’t tell lara jean the truth because he knows its not his secret to tell
    • respects THE FUCK out of genevieve and lara jean even though gen hurt and manipulated him and lara jean tried to make him choose when she didn’t know the full story
  • literally needs background music when he walks by because he’s so good looking
  • always takes the last piece of pizza
  • he kisses like its his job
  • literally drove kitty to school so she could show him off to all her friends and treated her so special on her 10th birthday
  • “If we’re so guarded, it’s not going to be anything. Let’s do it fucking for real, Lara Jean. Let’s go all in. No more contract. No more safety net. You can break my heart. Do whatever you want with it.”
    • wHAT THE F U C K
  • there’s so much more tbh just read about peter k okay hes beautiful

kitty song covey

  • “if I like a boy, fine, i’ll date him, but i’m not going to sit at home and cry over him. i cry over important things.”
  • independent af and she’s only like 10
    • but she still gets lonely when her friends do things without her
  • loves peter k as much as we all do
  • loves to watch hbo
  • named her dog jamie fox pickle like COME ON
  • keeps her priorities straight


  • y’all can say all the shit you want about how chris is insensitive and blunt and shit but….
  • she is so protective over lara jean but she tells her the truth no matter what
  • when gen started telling people lara jean had sex in the hot tub, she just let lara jean cry on her shoulder and basically told peter to go fuck himself because she didn’t want to talk to him
  • snuck alcohol on a school trip by pouring vodka in an empty shampoo bottle
  • did a strip tease at a party once
  • acts like she doesn’t care but cares so fucking much about her friends
  • doesn’t know how to sugar coat things and i love it so much


  • is a highkey feminist
  • broke up with her boyfriend because she didn’t want to be tied down in college and wHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT UM NOTHING AT ALL THANK YOU VERY MUCH
    • still regretted breaking up with him and shows that its also okay to miss the boy you loved
  • protects lara jean like no one’s business
  • protects kitty like no one’s business
  • still feels vulnerable and lonely after coming home for christmas and seeing her family is doing just fine without her
  • likes to feel needed like we all do
  • organized and clean god bless

You can’t believe Jeno forgot your birthday.

Anon said: Hello, Merry Christmas!! 🎄✨ hehe could I request some bf!jeno with soft hair and glasses and hoodies and all that cute bf shit rkmsjsk thank you, happy holidays!

…merry christmas… hahaha… i’m so sorry i’m the worst hopefully you still. like this even if it’s 12 years late and probably not what you wanted? enjoy?

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Friendzoned M.C - chapter 1

Originally posted by cliffxrdsloveaffair

Summary: Nyla thought a trip to Bali with her best friend was all she needed to escape her problems but she didn’t know that things are always complicated. Even in a tropical destination with your best friends, things can get pretty heated. In good ways and in bad.

A/N: I did say this in my previous post but this fanfic is really long and it’s kinda crappy buuut there’s some cute Michael fluff and smut in here so if you hate most of it I hope you like the fluff + smut. Also the way Crystal is written in this book is no way what I think of her in real life, I think her and Michael are really cute and I do ship them together as a couple.

- Find my Masterlist here -

- chapter 2 - chapter 3 - chapter 4 -


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John Murphy Christmas Imagine: Frozen


Summary: Reader is out of the camp with her boyfriend Murphy. They find some ice skates and Murphy wants to try it. Reader is firstly recultan about it, but then they end up having a good time.

Word count: 1071

Originally posted by richard-harmon-gifs

“Come on, John,” I tapped my leg impatiently, “I don’t like it here at all.”

“Oh, don’t be so scared, Y/N,” Murphy smirked from the top of something that resembled a car, maybe a truck.

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Jingle Bell Rock - Stuart Twombly

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Character: Stuart Twombly
Fandom: The Internship
Warnings: i think imma just take this warning thing out i never have any
day 12!! halfway there to christmas!!! enjoy!

Stuart - Jingle Bell Rock

One of the advantages to working at such a fun workplace like the Googleplex was the all the parties. The Christmas party, in (Y/N)’s opinion, was by far the most fun one. So much positive energy filled the building and everyone was happy. Christmas songs played over the speakers, and both punny and traditional decorations were hung randomly around.
(Y/N) dragged her boyfriend, Stuart, down the stairs excitedly. It was his very first Christmas party and Google, and all (Y/N) wanted was to make it memorable for him.
“So, just asking, where are we going?” He asked from behind his girlfriend.
“Just down to the snack bar. Their cookies are amazing,” She gushed.
“At nine in the morning?” He asked with a smirk.
“I don’t care. It’s Christmas!” She replied with grin, making Stuart laugh at her adorable-ness. She had never failed to amaze him ever since the day they met shortly after he had won the big internship. (Y/N) had started working there as an assistant and eventually moved up, meeting Stuart in the process.
“Whatever you say,” He said.
The previous song ended, and Jingle Bell Rock came on over the speakers. Stuart noticed how (Y/N) perked up even more at the song, as it was one of her favorite Christmas songs. As they made their way down to the snack bar, (Y/N) sang along softly and almost unnoticeably. Stuart couldn’t resist.
What a bright time, it’s the right time, to rock the night away..” He sang, a little off key, but it made (Y/N) smile anyways.
Jingle bell time is a swell time,” (Y/N) made air drum motions, “to go ridin’ in a one horse sleigh!
Stuart laughed, letting himself loose as (Y/N) continued singing.
Mix and a-mingle and a jinglin’ feet,” They sang together. Stuart grabbed (Y/N)’s hands and waved them around in some goofy dance. “That’s the jingle bell, that’s the jingle bell, that’s the jingle bell rock!”
Neha popped up beside them as the song ended. “Stew is smiling? What is this? Another dimension or something? Did we finally master portalling?” She joked with a straight face.
“Ha-ha. I’m having fun,” He defended himself, wrapping an arm around his girlfriend. Neha cooed.
“I don’t know how you do it, (Y/N), but you somehow make him smile. Congratulatons,” She smiled warmly, and walked away. (Y/N) blushed.
“She’s right, you know,” Stuart added truthfully, looking at (Y/N) directly, “you make me happy. So, so very happy.”
(Y/N) blushed even more. “Do I say thank you?”
“No, you say ‘you’re welcome’. I should be the one thanking you.”
(Y/N) giggled. “Well, thank you AND you’re welcome. How’s that?” She laughed. “Man, that song is stuck in my head now.” She breathed. “Jingle bell, jingle bell…
“Hey! Don’t get it stuck in mine!” Stuart exclaimed.

When Every Star Fall

Pairing: Frank Iero x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @tiny-flower-child-universe. “Okay, well how about Frank and the reader are putting up lights and the reader goes to get more lights/decorations and comes back to see Frank tangled in lights an he goes ‘Look babe, I’m a tree’ and the reader untangles him and they finish.”

A/N: Merry Christmas, everyone!!

“C’mon, Frankie, we have to finish decorating the tree before Christmas!” you encouraged your boyfriend.

“I can’t believe we’re doing it so last minute,” Frank laughed.

“Well, if you hadn’t been touring all December…” you reminded.

“I’m sorry, babe,” Frank smiled as he helped you string brightly colored lights across the tree branches. “You know I wanted to come home to you as soon as possible.”

“It’s ok,” you said, looping the lights around the highest bough. “I wouldn’t want you to disappoint your fans. And at least you’re home for the holiday.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Frank said fondly, pulling a shiny, gold star out of its box.

He stood on his tiptoes and stretched his arms, trying to reach the top of the tree. You tried to resist a chuckle as you watched his arms flail wildly in frustration.

“Need some help with that?” you offered.

“I…I got it,” Frank denied, embarrassed.

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry for ranting but I'm so sick of people who can't stfu about V being 'canonically dead' which would mean his route won't work. Honestly idgaf if cheritz said Sevens route is the 'true route' he isn't my fav, his route wasn't that good, I'm not accepting this. Pls I just want to be excited for my sweet summer child, my gentle blueberry, my beautiful future boyfriend, just leave him alone people

no apologies needed! the secret ends are only a part of seven’s route. it’s unlocked if you finish his route, not all the routes. everyone else’s routes are completely valid as canon! they /are/ canon. are these people not gonna mention how he’s very much alive in the christmas dlc? 

people seriously need to stop trying to bring others down lmao sorry some are excited that a character that they like might get a happy ending for once, ffs. just might! we’re not even sure wtf is really going on! if they wanna be negative about it for whatever reason then that’s their business, there’s just no need to make posts + tagging everything mm related under it. i’m sure they wouldn’t be happy about that if their favorite character got the same treatment.

Yoongi Scenario: Let it Snow.

The Christmas Series

Genre: Romance / Drama.

In which you are a christmas enthusiast and Yoongi is basically the grinch.

-I don’t get it- you said trying not to sound as angry as you were feeling. –I even bought couple christmas sweaters-

-Just don’t count on me for too much stuff- your boyfriend answered like it wasn’t a big deal.

Yoongi was being unreasonable, this wasn’t just a simple thing for you, this was christmas and being that he was your boyfriend whom you adored you wanted to spend all the possible time with him, you wanted to go on romantic dates where you could take strolls down the city to watch the snow fall, you wanted to make snowmen and then drink hot chocolate together, you wanted him to hold your hands to keep them warm, you wanted everything winter and christmas related with him because you loved him. So how was it that he was being a douche saying things like that?

-I told you this before didn’t I? I don’t like christmas-

You crossed your arms trying to remain calm, but with him being like that how could you? –Why? Christmas is fun and romantic, don’t you want for example to go with me ice-skating? -

Yoongi sipped a bit of his tea and then smirked. –You would fall on your ass in no time, I know you don’t know how to skate-

You groaned. –That’s not the point here! You knew I was looking forward to christmas time and now you tell me this-

Yoongi breathed in. –I’m being honest with you Y/N, it’s not my fault you had already made plans without notifying me-

-Well I’m sorry- you said sarcastically. –I made those plans thinking about you because you’re my boyfriend-

Yoongi ran a hand trough his hair. –Look, I’m not saying we won’t do anything, but I don’t want to do all that crazy Christmas stuff-

-Are you calling me crazy? -

Yoongi sat quiet not quite understanding where was this argument going. –I didn’t say that, It’s just that all those things are so complicated-

You tried not to roll your eyes, you knew this was because he was being lazy. –How is it complicated? -

Yoongi finished his cup of tea and looked at you with uncomfortable eyes, he knew there was going to be a discussion over this, but now he didn’t know how to handle it. –It’s just is- You huffed, finishing your cup of coffee. You grabbed your purse and started to put on your scarf, Yoongi at first didn’t realize what was happening until you were on your feet. –Are you leaving? -

-Yes- you answered taking your jacket. –Since you are being like this is better if we think about this separately, we aren’t going to win anything fighting-

Yoongi squinted his eyes, there was a trap in here. You would never say that, you liked to discuss things as it happened not leave them for later, even less think separately; he came into the conclusion you probably wanted him to beg and regret what he had said. But you weren’t going to succeed.

-Alright then, text me when you get home-

Your calm demeanor wavered for a second, your eyes burning him, Yoongi just knew you so well he wanted to chuckle. You breathed in dramatically. –Well then, I’m going, I would wish you a Merry Christmas but you hate it- you threw him one last look and walked towards the door of the coffee shop that was so tiny Yoongi could hear you when you muttered “Grinch” before going out.

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That’s All I Want-- Aaron Burr

Request!:  Modern AU w/ burr and its Christmas and reader is in college w/ burr and reader is really hot and confident and burr is just really blushy and they like each other and reader flirts with him and he just thinks shes teasing until one day where she just says something like “i like be bananas, do you have one?” and he just yells at her his feelings for her and shes just really calm and is just like ‘are you good at taking hints?“ and fluff

Paring: Aaron Burr X Reader

TW: cursing, make of… things, Charles Lee, lying, 

WC: 825

She so sassy

Symbols: y/f/c- Your Favorite Candy


“Knock.Knock.” You said as you entered your friend’s dorm room that he shared with Charles Lee. “Wait, Charles, are you decent?”

“It was one time, Y/n!” Charles whined and you rolled your eyes. You looked at him to see him sitting, putting his shoes on, with a suitcase next to him.

“Thank God, he’s leaving.” You thought to yourself.

“Yes, one time that will scar me forever.” You deadpanned, and looked across the room to see your friend, Aaron, laying on his bed, typing away at his computer.

“Psh, whatever, you know you liked it.” Charles winked at you and you shivered.


“Liked what? I’m sorry, everything was just too small to see.” You shot back. Charles opened and closed his mouth trying to find a come back for your statement.

You saw Aaron smile from out the corner of your eye.

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90 Days of Autumn (Part 10)

Title: I Love You (Almost)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,726

Warnings: Swearing, angst, non-descriptive mentions of child death, mentions of hospital equipment, non-descriptive mentions of surgery(cesarean section), fluff, 

Prompt: Sam and Y/N plan to go to a bonfire night together and decide to invite Dean and Josie, who immediately hit it off. Y/N has a rough day at work and Sam is there for her, even though it’s in the wee hours of the morning. Y/N makes a discovery right after their date to the bonfire.

A/N: This switches between the reader’s POV to Sam’s POV, but it should be clearly marked with a separation. 

Master List

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You had to work the very next day and once Sam was back to working the two of you were back to seeing each other at night for a quick dinner and hangout or on the weekends when your schedules matched up. Lucky for you, you were off this Saturday afternoon and you and Sam made plans to attend a bonfire that night.

You had never been to a bonfire before so when Sam suggested you go, you were more than happy. He mentioned that a few of his old college buddies would be attending, along with his brother and some of Dean’s old college friends. Sam even gave you the okay to invite some friends of your own, as it was meant to be a big party.

You were working all day Friday so you planned to sleep Saturday morning as much as possible and then meet Sam at his house to carpool with him and Dean to the bonfire. You decided you would drive, as there was going to be alcohol there and since neither Sam nor Dean had to work the next day, you figured they might like to engage in some drinking.

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A VERY Merry Christmas (Septiplier tickle fic)

Soooooo yeah this was supposed to be a 12 days of ticklemas thing but drama happened so i kinda bundled them all together haha

Hope you guys like! I loved writing it… I missed little fics like this! Please lmk what you guys think! ppl who wanted to be tagged: @x-x-owrooh-x-x

Warning: Cute fluff and tickles (Yes, its Septiplier)

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Prompt:  Imagine Kirk getting the reader a kitten for Christmas and they both treat the kitten like a small child so they both go around the enterprise “kitten proofing” everything so that the kitten would be safe if it got loose.
Word Count: 517
Author’s Note:

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Christmas Shopping

Just something short and sweet because Christmas is coming! Friends with Benefits to Lovers

“He… helped you buy a Christmas tree.”

“He knows a lot about them” Cas insisted. “He worked at a tree farm in college”.

“Cassie, you can’t be that blind.”

“I don’t know what you mean” he said, trying to pretend that he was focusing on his lunch.

His old friend wasn’t impressed.

“Friends with benefits don’t help you decorate your house for a family holiday”.

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Teddy Bears and Velociraptor Sounds

Title: Teddy Bears and Velociraptor Sounds

Drabbler: @insanityplaysfics

Doodler: @itsslester

Beta: @wiinterberries

Warnings: none

Summary: Prompt: my kinda boyfriend person took me to build a bear today for my birthday and he chose a sound to put in it and like he wouldn’t let me know what sound it was and he said I couldn’t listen until we got in the car so I was kinda worried bc I thought it was going to be super vulgar or sappy and gross or whatever but we leave build a bear and I press my bear’s hand and it just makes this super loud velociraptor sound.

Written for the @phandomlittlepop. Art (here)! Ao3 link (x)

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Anyways but can you imagine Alec’s first real Christmas/New Years? His parents probably never gave them time to celebrate it and as a kid he’d always look out of his window and look at all the decorations on people’s houses and mundanes being so excited and so happy about some dumb little holiday, and he’d never understand that, but deep down he knew he’d do anything to be able to have so much life inside of him and be excited about such pointless things.

And then, Magnus came along. Magnus who celebrated every single holiday ever, including holidays such as fucking Columbus Day (“why did you throw a random party again Magnus?” “*GASP* it is not random at all Alexander, it is for Columbus Day! The most important day of the year!!”)

And Magnus’s biggest goal was to get Alec as excited for Christmas as he was. So he dragged him into every single store in the city, made him look at every single tree, every single ornament, every single god damn Santa hat (on November 2nd, i might add).

So Alec was so done with shopping, he was sure that when Christmas came along, he’d just hate it. Except when he went to Magnus’s place on a windy day at the end of November, exhausted after an unfortunate demon hunt, just wanting to take a hot bath and cuddle with his boyfriend, and he opened the door to an actual wonderland.

There was a big silver tree in the middle of the living room with all the ornaments on it that Alec remembered Magnus forcing him to pick, the entire place was a big splash of gold and green and red, it smelled like gingerbread and like Magnus and like home and Alec felt like he was in a fairy tail. There was some dumb old Christmas song playing in the background and big “ALEC” and “MAGNUS” lights under the tree, and then there was Magnus cursing in the kitchen with a Santa hat on because the cookie tray burned his fingers.

Alec came up to Magnus and hugged him from behind, inhaling the even stronger smell of gingerbread that was coming from him. And maybe, just maybe, Magnus could make him feel just as excited as those mundanes are every year because Magnus had so much life inside of him, that he was oh so willing to share with Alec.

Nothing for Christmas

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes
Word Count: 604
Summary: Bucky asks Steve what he wants for Christmas. Based on New Found Glory’s “Nothing for Christmas.” 
Warnings: off-key singing
Author’s Note: This is dedicated to @rogersxbarnesx, the one who actually convinces me to post what I write, and the one who loves Christmas almost as much as my aunt, for @iamnotsebastianstan‘s SoftStuckyWeek2k16.

Originally posted by theverygaylarrie

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The Spiderman *Peter Parker x Reader*

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

title? The Spiderman

request?  May I request a holiday fic with Peter Parker where reader and Peter are best friends. She has a crush on Spidey, not knowing that Peter is Spiderman. So, he gets her a bunch of Spidey themed gifts, and she gives him cool stuff for suit as a way to tell him that she knows it’s him. I hope that makes sense. Thank you! 💞 

requester? an anonie !

word count? 985

A/N: happy early holidays everyone ! also (Y/F/I) stands for your first initial and then (F/C) stands for favorite color . anyway , i hope this is what you wanted and that you like it ! xxx

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Eating For Two

Originally posted by halewinchester

Request: Hello, sweetie, how are you ? Can I make a request for christmas, with peter ? where he celebrates Christmas with the reader, because he has not been able to do the last few years and it takes a happy turn ? I mean, to the bun in the oven at Peter disguised as a Christmas gift, if you know what I mean ? Just enjoy, take pleasure to write it, I feel that my mind went too far ! ;) Thanks!

Author’s Note: I tried to make this really cute, I hope it’s what you wanted! Enjoy c:

Warnings: Cute!Peter


“I am so ready for bed,” I yawned, stretching my arms out over my head. Peter chuckled and agreed, pulling back the covers and crawling in. I followed suit, curling up into his side as he flicked off the lamp next to the bed. “Tomorrow is Christmas, you know,” I whispered.

“I know,” he replied with a quiet laugh.

“You don’t sound very excited about it.” I propped up on my elbows to look at him the darkness, studying his blue eyes. Peter sighed and shifted, stroking a hand up and down my back.

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