all i wanna do movie

so I’m watching YouTube and the skippable ad starts playing and the ad is the entire 3D animated adaption of Horton Hears a Who??



like I don’t wanna watch this…… but I am so fascinated by how it got here


We only have one regret. It’s that we let Kakeru die. Even if it were an accident, we still wouldn’t be able to save Kakeru. I want him to let us carry his troubles with him. I don’t want him to choose death as his resolve. Please… I want you to save Kakeru’s heart.

I walked out of the theater wanting to go knock over a building or something and have been wide awake and slightly hyper ever since
It had its flaws like any movie, but I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it, and of the few DC films I’ve watched it was by far my favorite

P.S. She’s totally the Captain America of DC.

disney apparently has 19 planned live action adaptations of animated classics and also there are star wars films planned all the way into the 2030s so… in other news, i’m exhausted all i wanna do is watch scooby doo movies from the 90s and ignore all popular culture news for the rest of my life


jay baruchel interviewed by george stromboulopolous

important things from this video:

  • honestly just george & jay sitting & chatting w/each other? my two fave canadian dudes
  • punisher t shirt
  • “i was the only kid on the honour role who got suspended for fighting”
  • “all i wanna do is make horror movies in montreal”
  • “hold on a second - you’re making a cop film where a white racist cop chases black kids and you’re calling it pig?”
  • jay literally calling cops predators
  • “would a film like that make it so you can’t do the family stuff you’re doing now?”
    “it would be worth it.”
  • “i’d like [my demise] to be that i smoked weed to death”

I hate dating and the process of getting to know someone. Then you gotta see if they’re trustworthy, then you gotta slowly let your guard down and along the way there might be a couple of arguments and I’m just so over everyone because ALL I WANNA DO IS CUDDLE AND WATCH MOVIES! GOSH!

Ain’t no party like an AOMG party - Playlist
  • Jay Park & Ugly Duck - Ain’t No Party Like an AOMG Party' 
  • Jay Park & Ugly Duck ‘ㅎㄷㄷ Put ‘Em Up' 
  • Jay Park 'BO$$ (Feat Yultron, Loco & Ugly Duck)’
  • Jay Park 'WORLDWIDE X 원해 (WANT IT)’
  • Jay Park 'In This B*tch X MY’
  • Loco - Thinking about you (feat. JAY PARK)
  • Loco - RESPECT (Feat. GRAY & DJ Pumkin)
  • Simon Dominic - Simon Dominic 
  • Jay Park - All I Wanna Do 
  • Loco - MOVIE SHOOT (Feat. DPR LIVE)
  • Loco - High (Feat.Konsoul)
  • Jay Park - Solo (Feat. Hoody)
  • Ugly Duck - ASIA (Feat. Reddy, JJJ & DJ Scratch Nice)
  • Jay Park - Mommae (Feat.Ugly Duck)
  • Jay Park - Hulk Hogan
  • Jay Park - 'Raw Sh!t (Prod. by DJ Wegun)' 
  • Jay Park 'Level 1000 (feat. Dok2)
  • Jay Park (feat. Dok2) '1HUNNIT’
  • Jay Park (feat. Dok2) 'Trill’
  • Jay Parkz Ugly Duck - PLP (feat Far East Movement)
  • Jay Park & Ugly Duck - Who You (Remix) (feat. Loco, DayDay, Simon Dominic)
  • Jay Park - Fuckboy (feat. Sik-K, Ugly Duck, BewhY)
  • Jay Park - Appetizer
  • Jay Park - New Breed
  • Jay Park - My Last (Feat. Loco & GRAY)
  • Jay Park - 'Me Like Yuh’
  • Loco, Gray - Good (Feat. ELO) 
  • Jay Park - 'Aquaman' 

Link to the playlist 

Enjoy :)


Currently watching! After trying to track this movie down (Strike!) Nick discovered that they had changed the name to All I Wanna Do. I have no idea why….but after trying to find out, I found out that it’s original title was The Hairy Bird.

So hopefully, if you have been as confused as I have, this will clear the air for you! And you can purchase it on dvd like I have this week!

This is 1 good movie with 3 different names. I love this movie!!!!!!!!!!! 

a concept: super cheesy 90s high school movie except starring harry and draco and the super bad cheesy love story they deserved