all i wanna do


idk wtf i’m doing majoring in english………should have gone into graphic design………

anyway !

i just want to say that i really truly love every single one of you, i really do. i love being able to come on here and see people who love the same things i do and be able to yell w/ them and you guys just really make my world a better place to exist in and i’m so, so glad that you guys are a part of my life (or at least my dash). thank u so much for 1k, i’m sending all of u love and kisses and good things bc u deserve them!

👑 - the rulers over my heart.. u give hobi a run for his money

💖 - ur one of my favs nd im probably most likely head over heels in love with you

✨ - ur great and i lov ur blog but we dont talk much dont worry i still love u

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I’ve been feeling so lonely lately and I just don’t know how to get over it cuz like its also so hard for me to interact with ppl without being nervous or crying or doing something embarassing

Soo this weekend, err, here in like a few minutes I think, me and my family or going outta toowwwn sooo no internet
I won’t be back on until sundayy
Like later sundaay I think
So yup

[wip] hi im still trying to draw every day with PROOF of that n I know its not going too well and I have some 2800 words left to write by TODAY but heres one of the monmas things im sketchin atm


i was tagged by @the-4narchist to post my 4 most recent listened to albums 

  • Bastille // Wild World
  • Hayley Kiyoko // Citrine
  • The Griswolds // Be Impressive
  • The Weeknd // Beauty Behind The Madness 

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I just want to see you.
Hear you,
Touch you,
Feel you.
I want to squeeze you.
Tease you,
Kiss you,
Please you.
I want to feel your fingers as they run through my hair.
I want to feel your kisses on my cheek,
My lips,
My neck,
I crave you,
My body longs for your touch.
And it kills me that I can’t reach over and touch you whenever I want,
Because I feel so close to you,
Even though we’re miles apart.
—  B.M., NeverOnLand