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Hi! I'm just finding your blog today and I love your writing! I was wondering if I could request the RFA + V and Saeran reacting to an MC who has issues with acne and scarring? Thank you so much in advance! Hope you're having a lovely day! :)

thank you so much!! ❤︎ i also have a lot of problems with that and i literally don’t use makeup at all (when i do it’s just way too much eyeliner), so i guess you want this mc to not use any makeup either, so the acne/scars are visible? that’s what i wrote, at least ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • He didn’t really mind, he was happy you were comfortable enough with yourself to not cake on makeup
  • Had been through it himself a few years ago, but it wasn’t that bad and he didn’t really get any scars
  • Would try to make DIY masks with you


  • This guy had perfect skin, so it was kind of impossible to not get insecure around him
  • “Do you remember to wash your face every morning and night, princess?”
  • yes you idiot, it doesn’t help
  • Had a lot of skin treatment products for you to try though, if you wanted to see if it would help


  • Did a lot of research on it and tried to help you
  • When she read that coffee may trigger acne, she made sure to have lots of other options at the café! Tea, hot chocolate, things like that
  • I don’t think she’s the type to use a lot of makeup either, but she doesn’t really need it anyways
  • She loved seing you natural, blemishes or not!


  • He wasn’t used to seeing people without makeup so it was a suprise for him when he first saw you, but he didn’t think less of you because of something you couldn’t help
  • Actually prefered that you didn’t covered it up, as he could hug you without getting crap tons of foundation on his suit
  • Literally asked Jaehee to write a report on acne and scars
  • Suddenly the company had a skin care branch


  • With his “diet” and the fact that he never leaves his computer, i refuse to believe that he wouldn’t have acne as well
  • A bit scarring, not a lot but definitely noticable
  • He didn’t really care much, but would probably make sure both of you ate at least a little bit healthier to see if it helped
  • If it didn’t and you were bothered by it, he would order weird creams of the internet and try them all out with you


  • In the start he was kind of sad, but understanding, that you didn’t let him touch your face poor half blind bby
  • When you explained why, he assured you that it didn’t matter 
  • He just really wanted to get an idea of how you looked like as he really liked you, but he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable!
  • Couldn’t really do much to help your acne but hey, at least he gave you confidence and complimented you extra when he felt your skin clear up


  • Literally did not care
  • He was just grateful that you were his! Who cared if your skin had seen better days! Not him!
  • Probably didn’t even know that it’s not viewed as attractive, it was part of you and you were attractive so he didn’t complain


Things Baekhyun did at MAMA2016

looked hot af

held hands with Suzy

really held hands with Yeol

did not hold hands with Suzy and thus disappointed Junma

had a EunDeok reunion

had a dance solo and killed us all

touched the sebooty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

caressed Yixing’s knee

hugged his son Taehyung

danced along to other performers while being the cute little piece of shit that he is

failed to act cool

snatched everyone’s souls

won things and retained his title of eyeliner king

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Caretaker, can you help me settle minor debate? Does a writer/author/someone who creates written fictional works constitute as a minor god? A local god, if you will? I offer the all the faith the little ones have in me, all the things I left behind, the gift I have yet to use, the eyeliner I smudge on too thick, and the tattoo choker bracelets around our wrist.





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With the 'make me choose' post and all, you really like editing, don't you? I saw your Youtube channel and you make nice AMVs too!

:) I battle with anxiety and as weird as it sounds, editing keeps me distracted when I have nothing else to do.


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Thank you for being so nice about my shitty AMVs ♥

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How do you edit now? Sorry if I'm bothering!!

You’re not bothering me at all! ^^

I usually do a lot of things to edit my photos because my graphics suck really bad xD

I usually take a fully body shot and a head shot and then go in photoshop. I use the smudge tool and blur tool to take out any weird looking crispy parts of the photos. Especially noses, mouth corners, hairlines, outer hair and neck seams. Then i use the sharpen tool and smart sharpen effects until i’m pleased with the details on their skins. I delete any extra , like hair or clothes. I make sure to use the liquefy tool to take out sharp edges and weird looking things in photos. After everything’s fixed i use my tablet to draw in any details. eyelashes, Hair strands, Fixing eyes, Mouth details, even skin details if there’s any need, eyeliners etc.

After all the sharpening is done i use my topaz settings which i use two times.

First one is this, that i got from @juniellie

Delete anything that i don’t like. Sometimes the sharpen option creates weird looking eyes or mouths and takes out the skin details so i make sure to leave everything sharpened. 

And then i use my own setting which is this

And edit it according to what i feel that looks better on the photo because not all photos look good with a soft texture :)

I usually add Vibrance and edit the Curves and Lights if there’s any need. Usually my full body and head shots only use vibrance because my game is kinda washed out in photos. 

Hope i helped you. If you need any other help feel free to message me!


There are many important people here for me… Every note, wheter a reblog or a like it’s important to me.

But well I’d like to dedicate this to clinteastwoocl because her art and blog inspire me to draw more Wells xD

And for that I thank you


here is a compilation of drew using his L E F T hand!! is he left handed?? PERHAPS!!! we just conveniently left out all his right handedness ha - itstimetodrew

The skies on your heart are still mine

*drinks blood for breakfast*

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Could you maybe do the "Whatever mark you get on your skin your soulmate gets it too so one day, you just kind of just get a sharpie and start writing on your skin. You definitely didn’t expect to get a reply, but you did. Now it’s five in the morning and you’re just about covered in ink and this will be a pain to wash off later." soulmate AU with Jon if you have time? Thank you if you can!

Um…does this thing work? You scribble onto the back of your hand quickly, before you lose your nerve. You’d noticed an exchange of marks before, gaining strange bruises and odd paint splotches so you thought, why couldn’t you talk back and forth?

You’d gone just about crazy trying trying to find out who your soulmate was - but it was kind of hard when there wasn’t any obvious identifications following the marks you received. You glance down at your hand and gasp.

I hope so? Hello :) 

Hi! You reply, giddy and grinning. Oh god this works,hi!

Hello to you too! The words are now slowly ending up on your forearm. How did you think to do this?

Ah….alcohol? You laugh to yourself.

Beautiful. Let me go ahead and apologize for all the bruises lately, my coworkers are…crazy.

And you talk. And talk and talk.  The next thing you know its way too early in the morning and you’re struggling to find free skin space. You and Jon (he told you his name!) finally say goodnight and you thank whatever powers may be that you used an eyeliner pen instead of a sharpie. After about 4 makeup wipes and a quick shower, you fall asleep thinking about your conversation.


You getting in line at a local pizza place when you notice a guy in front of you with dark hair in a bun and intricate lines on his arm. Impulsively, you tap on his shoulder.

“Do you mind showing me your tattoos? I’m interested in getting some myself and those look cool!” You grin at him as he turns around, though he ducks his head and pulls absentmindedly at his bun. 

“Ah, they’re not tattoos, I was, uh, writing on myself?” He says it questioningly, as if he’s not sure himself. You stare at the man for a long moment before you tilt your head.

“Jon?” You ask.

“Y/N?” He asks back. When you nod excitedly, Jon breaks out into a grin then almost immediately frowns down at you.

“Where’s all your marker leftovers?” He asks, pouting. You laugh lightly.

“I used eyeliner.” 

“Eyeliner!” Jon laughs, smacking himself in the head a little. “That’s brilliant!”

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the thing that really pisses me off about makeup is that my skin has gotten SO MUCH BETTER now that I've almost entirely stopped using it. now i just wash and moisturize when I get up and before bed and it's so rare for me to get acne or anything? like my acne used to be PAINFUL and now the little I do get goes away almost overnight. idk I just wish we as a society could focus on things that actually protect your body instead of "eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man" or w/e.

Yeah, I wish too. It just doesn’t make any sense to plaster all those products onto your skin. It’s bound to irritate it, honestly. I never even started wearing foundation and all that crap which I’m very glad about. I did use eyeliner, mascara and lipstick now and again but I would never waste any time on that ever again. Makes so much more sense to focus on practical things and things that protect you/simply being comfortable than eyeliner, I agree.

/ Mod W

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How do you clean your makeup brushes? And do you clean all of them, including the eyeliner brush?

I clean my brushes using a soap and a brushegg Brush Cleaner, $4 that I got from Romwe. It’s a great makeup tool because it cleanses brushes thoroughly. 

I clean all of my makeup brushes. You have to clean them at least once in two weeks even if you don’t use them because otherwise they’ll collect bacteria.


Last week on SnapChat you will have seen a filter just like this makeup look I created.
I loved the filter so much I just had to recreate it as a tutorial so you guys can wear it for real if you ever frequent a masquerade ball, a fancy dress party, or you just want to wear it this Halloween to go with a more simple outfit.

I free-handed this using Black liquid eyeliner. All the products used will be shown & listed in the video.

I always remember being told in Art at school ‘Shonagh, you need to adopt quantity over quality’ and my response to that comment was always a swift two-finger ‘V’ sign behind the teachers back. In my eyes quality was always the way forward!
BUT…. In this instance, quantity is definitely the way forward over quality. When creating something so intricate it takes time.
A lot of time.
This is a look whereby you don’t need to be particularly neat, you just need to get as much done as possible and the end result will still be awesome.

The tutorial will be up on my channel this week!