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Ok but….. is that supposed to be new footage? As in Stiles and Derek are in 6B..? (I am so out of the loop lately and I don’t know how I feel about this…)

a fan said they saw dylan and hoech on set for 6B and then followed it with a video of what looks like them playing catch (here) but it’s from so far away that no one is sure :/ then twwikia tweeted this «In response [to the video]-Jeff Davis tells TWN, “All I can say at the moment is that the resourcefulness of fans never ceases to amaze me :)"»

idk what to think but I’m both so fucking excited for hobrien and terrified for what the outcome of this could mean for sterek and derek

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Seeing the screen caps made my eyes hurt so much :( hope it plays out kinda good, otherwise this was not worth anything. Question is, did they get the scripts before deciding to come back? I mean, I would like to read first what I am about to sign up for, but not sure if thats how it works? If so, they thought it was ok, i can only hope! that there is more to it as we currently know, otherwise I'm losing a tiny bit faith in hobrien understanding how shit tw/sterek-baiting-stuff was :(

The thing is… I think we all have to remember that the actors have very different experiences with the show than we do. Whether or not they read the script, whether or not they liked the scene, they would have also had to take into consideration things like A) loyalty to the show that gave them a role (and in Dylan’s case, pretty much his first role) and a home for years B) the opportunity to work with each other and fellow castmates/crew members they loved again, and C) their last possible opportunity to play a character they put a lot into, which, depending on the actor, might give them enough nostalgia feels to take on a role even if it’s not great quality.

And remember, Hoech and Dylan didn’t really want to come back, but came back after Colton asked them to. I’m sure he talked about wanting to spend time with them, how fun it would be to act and hang out again… all the things listed above. And those are all totally valid reasons for the actors to want to come back, even to mediocre scripts. And I don’t blame them for that one bit.

But that also means that, just because they agreed to do the scenes, doesn’t in any way mean they’re quality.

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eyes-lips-eyes triangle thing gets a giggle out of me nowadays. bc back in the day, ppl discussed if perhaps sterek were their plans all along bc it made absolute no sense why they would do the eyes-lips-eyes triangle thing, which is a clear sign of attraction, in such sexually charged scenes, and i rmbr one particular post that went, "if it's not their plans all along, maybe hoechs&dylan should probably think over some Things". 😂

Yup!  Some say that was all hobrien, ha!

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1/2 I was there. And we all awwwwwwwed. LOL. what a good moment of an unbelievable weekend. /// Since you were there, I have a question for you, if it doesn't bother you of course. I know with the excitement of being with them you could lost a lot of details, but did you have the change to see from far the relationship Dylan and Hoechlin had in that moment? I mean, if they looked merely professional or friendly. I ask you this because I have a theory that MAYBE they got something for each other

2/2 but they cut it out, perhaps because Sterek or Hobrien was too obvious and Dylan wanted more privately their relation. And I always think that Tyler has/had the strongest feeling towards Dylan but Dylan kinda reject him. And all these “being around the same cities” are Tyler’s idea to try again. And that’s why his brother Tanner is constantly around him, because maybe he knows what Tyler could do would be insane. And then we has this beard thing… I don’t know!


Hi there.

I remember vividly that weekend, i remember what i felt when i saw for the first time Tyler, and then after some minutes Dylan walking in front of me to go backstage.

I remember the hot there was under that glass.

And i REMEMBER that the Apha Con was the place where I finally convinced myself that Hobrien was real.

When they were together it was like the sun shined more with their private smiles to each other, with the longing looks they gave each other.

With Tyler that went backstage to Dylan panel because he was terrified to talk to us alone, with Dylan telling that Derek was a big cuddly bear, with Tyler protecting Dylan the night of the party etc…

So no, I can vividly remember, ok these two are in love.

And also if the Sterek questions were forbidden they clearly told us that they wished to work together so much more, they invented a Sterek scene only for them…

And I can assure you that the feeling was very mutual.

I’ve made a lot of posts about this (one is going around tumblr in this days) but the Hobrien love is mutual. If only, what i think, is that they would like to meet more, and maybe not in secret as they are forced to do now.

The rest, the beards, the mess, is only business and not decided from them.

Their love is the only thing is real in whole this “fakeness”. 

Never doubt Hobrien.

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I was wondering if you (the owner of the blog) mind giving your opinion on Sterek and Hobrien? I ship Sterek on the show but not in real life (though I love their friendship) and I believe both of the guys are straight. What's your opinion on both ships and their sexuality? If you don't mind sharing :)

There’s three mods on the blog and we all have different opinions. I, Egor, am Sterek all the way. I think TH is bi with a heavy leaning to men. I think he’s always has those feelings but assumed it was just part of close team bonding with his baseball buddies and “no homo”’d it. I don’t think he’d ever acted on them before. I think meeting Dyl changed all that, or maybe not being surrounding by a sports team made him see it for what it was. You don’t look at someone like that if you’re just close friends, that’s the look of someone head over heals in love. I change my opinion on whether it’s been acted upon or not, but it’s obvious there is love there.

Having said that, we celebrate them being just good friends too and the whole range in between. Whatever has these two in each other’s worlds is enough for me. He could just as easily be any of the sexualities. We don’t know but when you see those gifs of their interaction, his affection shines through, for me at least, and I don’t think he realizes how much he’s giving away.

I know you see it differently, that’s okay with me. None of us know the truth and your opinion is as valid as mine. What we can say is we both support TH and DOB and that’s perfect for me.


So how does the Derek/Stiles relationship relate to your friendship with Tyler Hoechlin?

I love the Derek and Stiles dynamic, and as soon as I read that episode, we were so excited to shoot it! But the dynamic in real life… it’s totally different, but it’s funny! We always describe it like me and Tyler are Chandler and Joey from Friends, and Tyler Hoechlin is Richard- you know what I mean? So we’re just infatuated with the guy, and we have so much love for him, and he kinda just rolls his eyes all the time at our 19-year-old knuckleheaded-ness! But he loves us too, man. So we’re buddies. And we’re both big baseball guys, so I have all my big sports talks with Hoechlin. - Dylan (2011)

sterek fics and the lazy weekend...

So I was gonna queue up separate posts for all the fics I read this weekend….then I got lazy. It happens! So no judging on the laziness or the crazy amount of time I spend reading Sterek fics. Everybody needs a hobby! 

Big Block of Cheese Day | 14,446

Derek Hale is the Executive Secretary to the President of the United States, Melissa McCall. His life is complicated by his on-again-off-again relationship with her son Stiles.

** Why is nobody reading this?!? It’s actually a good read, check it out and give the author some love!

Break the Ice |11,847

Stiles gets hit by a spell that makes him extra super duper cold. He needs constant heat to survive until someone finds a cure.

In My Veins | 24,468

It is the beginning of his Senior Year and Derek is so ready for High School to just end already so he can get out of the stifling town. But his new fascination with one Stiles Stilinski makes him rethink everything about his perfect life. The Hale family are total meddlers in said fascination and Stiles flails quite a lot.

not french and probably a mistake | 7,763

A witch’s curse sends Derek into a parallel universe where his life is a TV show. At first, Derek thinks he’s lucky Stiles got sent into this universe with him. He’s a little confused when Stiles starts kissing him furiously.

Dylan isn’t sure why his boyfriend is acting so shy all of a sudden. It’s kinda cute. And he’s totally down to roleplay Sterek again, that’s always hot.

** I’m kinda fond of this sterek/hobrien with a spn twist. Ok, it sounds a little crazy but even if you don’t ship hobrien or have never seen supernatural(?!??!!) I still think you’ll like it! 

nothing is true but that which is simple | 4,717

Erica and Stiles pretend to be mates for ~reasons. This makes Derek jealous and he finally acts on what his instincts have been telling him: Stiles is HIS.




a thought i shared in the sterek discord earlier:

so i was looking at some pics of tyler at that asian convention today and was just all…‘look how scruffy his beard is!!’ and i had the thought….and maybe someone has already posted something similar in the channel somewhere….i think tyler saw all the stuff of dylan in american assassin including his hobo beard showing up everywhere in the promos and was all 'hell no - you are not out-bearding me buddy’ and has decided to go full mountain man!

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I just saw your posts about TH and DOB, and your theories about them. I have the similar impressions as well - I think they are both bi, but one leans towards women and the other leans towards men. I've often wondered if Sterek hadn't happened - that perhaps Hobrien would have? I've dabbled with idea that if there hadn't been a great big flashlight shone on their feelings for each other - whether or not they would have pursued it. Do you think there is a connection at all?

We don’t know if they pursued it or not or are still together. I think Sterek reflected their own feelings and it showed. The fandom was supportive of Sterek but perhaps HW and their management weren’t. If their people were against Sterek it will naturally have had an effect on them being public as they were both starting out on their careers (yes TH has been in the industry a while but this was the first time without the alternative of baseball) and wouldn’t want to kill their careers before they even got started.


Honestly, I wasn’t going to say anything about this but I’m really starting to get a little irritated.

I just read a Teen Wolf confession where someone said Sterek was just a joke and there was absolutely no kind of connection between the two guys, and in the comments people were like bashing on Sterek shippers like “they take it too seriously,” and “omg, they’re ridiculous.” Well you know what?

Fuck you. Fuck every single person who has an issue with Sterek and decides to come at the fandom for it.

I’m one of those Sterek shippers who tolerates every ship even if I may not actually ship it. And there are a lot of people like that, not only the Stereks, but people from other ships too.

No one understands how infuriating it is to me when someone decides to bash on the ship because it can’t be endgame and Sterek shippers “do too much.” LIKE OKAY OBVIOUSLY IT CANT BE ENDGAME because Stiles is one hundred percent straight apparently and Derek isn’t even on the show anymore, but if it can’t be endgame, why even talk shit? And we “try too hard,” but don’t defend and go hard for your own OTP? Right. Like, leave us alone.

Others might see them as completely platonic, but there was true potential in those two and if they were willing to have gay main characters (Danny doesn’t really count) Stiles and Derek would be the official OTP and would probably be endgame. And the potential was very clear since a whole bunch of Sterek fics are based off of actual events that happened in the show, but it was just expanded on and made a little more intimate. So boom, there’s that.

Honestly I just don’t think it’s fair that other ships attack this one. Sterek is by far one of the most well known pairs (I think they’re ranked greatest at #2 right after Destiel) and the most popular ship from Teen Wolf E-V-E-R. If they were ever nominated as a ship for any award show, there’s not one single doubt in my mind that they’d win. I don’t think anyone’s actually in any God damn position to say anything bad about them when they were like the show’s money makers. The two were literally used for the shows advertisement once because a majority of TW’s watchers loved them together.

It’s annoying that people think it’s okay to hate on any ship at all but Sterek tends to get the most shit.

But really, hate all you want, Sterek may be dead in Teen Wolf, but the ship has only gotten stronger since Derek left and we’ll just keep getting better.

Take that.

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Hi :) i just wanted to tell you that i love your blog so much <3 (and sterek! that ship will kill me one day) but im having trouble of finding some other good blogs (tumblrs) as yours is and i wanted to ask you if you dont have some good ones to recommend ? and also do you know about some new sterek/hobrien moments from like...2015 or even from this year ? just started watching teen wolf and im already a big fan :D i hope youre having a lovely day :)

Thank you, anon, that means a lot! <33 And yes, I know of some amazing blogs, can’t get enough of them! :D 

@warengrey, @officerstilinskihale, @allthemstilinskifeels, @thepsychicclam, @mad-madam-m, @hoechlindylan, @felicitysmock, @alecymagnus, @stilesandderek, @soldieronbarnes, @pale-silver-comb, @loserchildhotpants, @halekingsourwolf, @omgsterekplease, @zainclaw, @derekandstiles, @attoliancrown, @hoechlinteeth, @sinyhale, @hoechloin, @sterekgifs, @sterekballs

Ugh you guys are wonderful and amazing and are such a pleasure to follow everyday and anon, I feel like you would love following these guys because of Sterek, but they also bring a lot more to their blogs, not only the content, but who they are as people. I just love them all so much <333 And I know I probably forgot amazing people as well, and for that I’m sorry and I suck and you’re the best!!! 

As for Sterek/Hobrien…for Sterek, all we got were these two moments in 2015:




Because Hoechlin left the show (and like they would had much sterek on the show anyway even if he hadn’t) but they were some awesome moments that of course the Sterek fandom took in our lovely hands and ran with them.

And what’s amazing to me is that despite the lack of canon Sterek, and the fact that we haven’t had ANY sterek in almost a year, there is still SO MUCH sterek, the sterek fandom is still so big, and I still see at least one new post a day about sterek, whether it be a gifset, graphic, fics, drabble, or text post non-fic just talking about them together. Most days I see way more than one new post about sterek, too. 

Yeah, the Sterek fandom isn’t as active as it once was, but considering that we’ve had no Sterek for almost a year, no new source material to work with, and the fact that there’s still a ton of Sterek all over the place? Speaks to the power of the Sterek fandom. We aren’t going anyway anytime soon. Well, at least I’m not ;)

And as for Hobrien, we haven’t gotten much there either, considering the fact that Hoechlin and Dylan were separated or just not put together much in those last months/year before Hoechlin left the show (and MTV was obviously trying to get people to forget Sterek and let it die, and the fact that they’re both very private people and we never really got anything of them hanging out together before anyway except for a picture here and there) but we did get a few lovely gems like,

When they called Hoechlin at SDCC last summer (and Dylan lost his shit ;)):

Dylan about Hoechlin leaving:


Small moment from the Season 4 gag reel


Most recently with Dylan’s injury, a fan asked Hoechlin about it at a con (and why Hoechlin didn’t say anything publicly about it) and this is what they said he said:

and at (what I believe is) the same con, Hoechlin said this:


(and also reiterated how his fave eps are ep 4 of season 1 and 2, the sterek eps;) which led to him saying that

Oh! Hoech also said this last year at a con:


Also this tweet from when The Scorch Trials came out:

And then this story at another con:

Also I think I remember fans like…being outside Dylan’s hotel last year and then SURPRISE, a wild Hoechlin appeared! Suffice to say that everyone freaked out about that, too.

And well, maybe that actually is a good amount of hobrien even though we didn’t even get one pic of them together in 2015 and so far this year, like in the same room haha. 

Stil aweosme moments, all of them :D

Hope all this helped, anon! And enjoy the Sterek fandom ;) 


Like you have no idea how much I think about Hoechlin in a room with both Stiles and Dylan questioning the hell out of his sexuality. And omfg Derek being all confused whispering to himself ‘we could give each other stubble burns’ THAT SLAYED ME I NEED IT *cries*

and then OH GOD

SDCC 2013 

sdcc 2013 never ever fails to give me life. Like straight up if I’m down I just go and watch the hobrien interviews. Imagine sterek watching that, stiles making fun of derek like 'lOOK how embarrassing you are man. like keep it together’ and then proceeds to sing him 'why you’re so obsessed with me’ by mariah carey bUT THEN

they keep watching it and 

and derek just turns and looks at stiles with his signature arms crossed, shoulder shrug, eyebrows raised and shit eating grin look i dead

Hobrien fic recs

Rec list for hoechlinteeth. It took longer to make this than I wanted it to, but here it is! I found the ones I enjoyed most (and started re-reading now), I hope you enjoy them, too! :)

The World Away.

In other news, sources suggest Golden Globe winner Dylan O’Brien and his former Teen Wolf co-star Tyler Hoechlin will be once again joining forces for a new film by Johnathan Wall. Details of the production are sketchy, though we wonder whether the suspected fall out between O’Brien and Hoechlin some five years ago will be the main attraction for viewers …

Make Yours a Happy Home

Tyler turns his head slowly to see Charlotte’s dad watching them, lips rolled into his mouth and dimples in his cheeks.
“Daddy!” Charlotte throws herself off the bleachers and her dad grabs her just in time, making an “oomph” noise and propping her on his hip. “Mr. Hoechlin was showing me the dances I get to do in gym.”
“Oh was he.” Charlotte’s dad still looks like this is the best thing he’s seen all day, eyes sparkling in the sun. He’s wearing plaid shorts that are way too big and a white tee shirt that is almost too small, and it’s clinging to him. Tyler figures he’s probably sweaty from the heat of the day and the exertion of the game and he can see the cut of his abs through the damp fabric and he really needs to stop staring at the father of one of his students and also he needs to not be crouched like a bunny right now.

There is Just One Thing I Need

As a general rule, Tyler Hoechlin doesn’t believe in the concept of love at first sight. It’s not that he’s opposed to it in theory – it’s a sweet idea, and he’s kind of a self-professed romantic at the end of the day. But the whole basis for it is rooted in shallow logic that essentially ignores the very definition of “love,” or at the very least, diminishes its meaning.
So, he stands by that conviction, and continues to do so.
That is, until the day he meets Dylan O’Brien. And suddenly – like the idea he’s rejected for so long – Tyler finds his entire world being turned upside down.

OR, the one where Tyler and Dylan share a lot of things – beds, clothes, and possibly even love.

All of these things [and none of them you].

There’s having all the things you need, and there’s having the one thing you want.

The Start of a Simple Touch

To Paris, with love. And blowjobs.

Just A Kiss

When the blindfold finally relents and Dylan is able to pull it away from his face, the first thing he notices is that his kissing-buddy is a dude. The second thing he notices, is that said dude is well, and thoroughly built. Definitely has a few more corn on the cobs to go before he has to start worrying about losing teeth. Speaking of teeth, this guys happen to remind him of those of a bunny.

The Late Show with Mindy Kaling

Hobrien ficlet based on appolsaucy’s prompt “Hoech fails at acting while Dylan rockets to success.”

Route B

The one where Dylan auditions for Scott instead of Stiles and doesn’t get it and Hoechlin doesn’t get injured and continues with baseball.
And Dylan gets a job at the UC Irvine concession stand and kind of sort of falls in love with the infielder who has a history in acting and a smile like sunshine. In a friendship way. 100% platonic. No funny business here. All bro hugs and fist bumps.
Dylan is also in denial.

it’s everything (about you)

An AU involving baseball and mystery sandwiches. / “It’s different every time,” Posey answers. “The point is Dylan makes a gross combination of stuff that you have to like, force yourself to eat, but then when you do it’s fucking delicious. Like magic.”

a place to stand and love in for a day

Dylan got an email from his mom, At least there aren’t any photos of you wearing hot wheels tshirts on the internet.
Or the one where Dylan creeps Hoechlin on the internet, and things escalate.

not french and probably a mistake

A witch’s curse sends Derek into a parallel universe where his life is a TV show. At first, Derek thinks he’s lucky Stiles got sent into this universe with him. He’s a little confused when Stiles starts kissing him furiously.
Dylan isn’t sure why his boyfriend is acting so shy all of a sudden. It’s kinda cute. And he’s totally down to roleplay Sterek again, that’s always hot.

The Greatest Catch

Tyler brings Dylan to the Annual Hoechlin Clan Labor Day Barbecue. Dylan is nervous, but Tyler knows his family will love him. Tyler is right. (Inspired by this photo and the tag vomit I had about it.)

until we see the sun

Tyler pinpoints Dylan taking over his condo to somewhere around mid-March.

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Thank you for the, albeit disheartening, answer. Sometimes it feels plain awful that we cannot have nice things. Oh well, I won't give up hope. The show's not over yet and anything can happen. Let's just hug it out, shall we? The power of Sterek is bound to avail us, amirite?

As I’ve said at least 100 times, if you just look at the story on the screen, Sterek is the direction that the narrative is pointing towards.

After all, let’s talk about what happened in S4: Stiles goes into a different country and saves Derek- first thing out of the gate. And I don’t know if people in Europe get how big a deal that it, but it’s actually pretty huge. 

Then we get the tremendous chemistry between Wee!Derek and Stiles. Now, a lot of people credit Hobrien for the Sterek Magic, and certainly that’s a part of it, but here we had Ian manning Derek’s character, and the fire and sparks were still there. It’s not just the actors, it’s the characters, and I think that’s really important for the fans to grasp.

Then they separate (mostly) for awhile, and we get Stiles and his thing with Malia. During which he’s working on himself, he’s becoming a Better Stiles. He’s recovering from the Nogitsune, he’s coaching both Malia and Liam (the twins) on how to be a supernatural in a human world, he’s honing his detective skills and helping his Alpha and his friend Lydia with their powers. He’s very much on the ‘be a better Stiles’ program, but you’ll notice ANYTIME anything important happens involving Derek- he’s there and he knows- he’s one of the first to figure out Derek’s losing his powers, he’s there when Derek is named on the Deadpool and as a codeword- and each time, the show is being crystal clear that his reaction to these events are important. He might be working on himself, but he’s keeping close tabs on Derek. 

And Derek is going through fucking Bardo. Talk about self-improvement and self-discovery, Bardo is kind of the ultimate version of that. He’s discovering what being a Wolf actually means, by not being one. He’s discovering what a healthy relationship is, by not getting emotionally committed. Essentially, Derek finished his typical adolescent development, which he never did before because of the fire. 

In the same way, Stiles is getting everything he’d dreamed over in a girlfriend with Malia (pretty, sexy, listens to him, appreciates him) and by getting that, he’s discovering that maybe that’s not what he wants. I have a whole post on how Stiles should be madly in love with Malia, and he’s just not. Not even a little bit. And that’s also important. 

And then we get to the end, after that super-brief but Jesus-God-the-Symbolism scene in the loft, and Jeff rips the floor right out from under us. The Van scene, with them touching and finishing each other sentences and being the most absolutely perfect Alpha Pair Eveh! Followed immediately by the death scene that broke us all. 

All told, this was actually a surprisingly positive season for Sterek, even with Stalia and Draeden. I’ve said since before 3A that Sterek is following the Pride & Prejudice model, and yeah, we’re getting to the end of the seperation and Lizzy & Darcy are starting to get back together. They have both learned a great deal about themselves, and they’re starting to see that maybe the perception they have of the other person isn’t totally correct. 

So, yeah, if you’re looking to ‘Kill Sterek’ this is NOT the way of doing it. The narrative keeps pointing towards Sterek endgame, even if the PR noise is saying otherwise. Now, I don’t know what’s going to actually happen, but we have always, always said “Ignore the PR” and that’s what I’m doing.

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do you think dylan and tyler hoechlin would have agree in make sterek canon scenes if jeff davis and the writters of teen wolf wanted to? you know, the kisses or cuddles or any physical contact. i mean, i know they didn't have any problem in answer questions about derek/stiles in conventions, but sometimes i think they never liked sterek in a romantic way. (?

Obviously none of us can know what’s going on in other people’s heads, but I don’t see any reason to believe that Hoechlin or Dylan would have had a problem at all with Sterek, if that’s what had been scripted for them. When Hoechlin has spoken “against Sterek” (if you can even call it that) in the past, his reasoning has always been that he, as an actor, needs to stay true to the character as scripted. He doesn’t think about romantic Sterek simply because that’s not how Derek has been presented to him.

And Hoechlin and Dylan obviously aren’t uncomfortable with cuddles or physical contact…

If Sterek had gone canon, I have a feeling they would have been fine with it.

So. I want to clarify that post about Tyler and the “I ship us” paper. I’m so sorry that so many people think that that’s his fault or that he was pissed off. HE WAS SO SAD ABOUT THAT. Never never never think that Tyler and Dylan hate Sterek or Sterek fans. We all remember how the used to talk about it. I dunno who doesn’t allow them to sign sterek stuff anymore, but you can be sure as fuck that IT IS NOT THEIR CHOICE. If you hate them for it, you are making a big mistake. I was there and I saw Tyler’s face, and he was…afraid. He’s the kindest and the sweetest. Please Reblog this post guys. This is so important.

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Hey, mind sharing the links to those Hobrien fics you were recced? It's so hard to find any! <3

unashamed-fangirl is the source of all my hobrien fic recs (and a lot of my sterek fic recs tbh). these have been highly recced with lots of flailing.

Make Yours a Happy Home by popfly (single dad!dylan, little league coach/gym teacher!hoechlin)

The Start of a Simple Touch by ionsquare (they’re in paris)

until we see the sun by vlieger (dylan moves in with hoechlin before they start dating)

i got you on my lips by vlieger (dylan thinks they should make out for research and reasons)

Read Between The Lines by kriari (sterek becomes canon)

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hi! i know this was a really long time ago, but i've just found this /post/74370454950/not-french-and-probably-a-mistake and it's literally my favorite thing ever. would you ever consider writing a continuation (with a happy ending!)? if yes, please please please. thanks :)

Aw, hi anon! This fic was definitely completed since I posted that lil snippet, and thank you for asking! here it is (with happy ending, too! ^_^ ) 

  • not french and probably a mistake by bleep0bleep (E, 8k) A witch’s curse sends Derek into a parallel universe where his life is a TV show. At first, Derek thinks he’s lucky Stiles got sent into this universe with him. He’s a little confused when Stiles starts kissing him furiously. // Dylan isn’t sure why his boyfriend is acting so shy all of a sudden. It’s kinda cute. And he’s totally down to roleplay Sterek again, that’s always hot.