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excuse my french but antiLams shit is fucking ridiculous. like….

LGBT+ person: realizes an influential founder of the United States was not straight and, enthusiastic to find representation in a powerful figure, throws their focus on the most loving relationship Hamilton had with another man rather than his heteronormative relationships that dominate academia…

but see, if you really like Lams- or any m/m ship, it’s not that you crave representation that validates your existence and ambition or that you prefer relationships with equal agency and characters that are not only fleshed out by their canon but also easily able to engage with the major conflicts therein, you just hate women. you just want smut with schlongs. you’re horrible. sexist. perverted.

there’s a difference between using fandom as a vehicle for your validation or creativity and using it for jacking off. let’s not assume the worst of people.

// Can anyone clarify how Xemnas’ plan in KH2 worked into the Nort goal?

Firefly Miraculous Theory

A recent post made by Thomas led me to a new theory. Thomas may have been joking or referring to something else, so this shouldn’t be taken as fact or close to accurate by any means, but I wanted to put this idea down.

In a conversation about fireflies, Thomas posted this:

It seems like an odd thing to say fireflies have nunchuks (unless referring to G.I. Joe characters Nunchuk and Firefly). However, theoretically, Thomas could also be meaning it as a reference to an upcoming character for Miraculous. It could be an akumatized villain, but I’m going to look at it as a Miraculous holder. What could be cooler than a Firefly Miraculous holder who has nunchuks as their weapon! Fireflies are also symbols for illumination, hope, energy, creativity, guidance, and inspiration. There is a lot of different theme options for the Firefly Miraculous, and I’m sure a firefly’s glowing ability would also be implemented.

Additionally, though, I wanted to link this up with the past news of the future unknown Miraculous holder. This is the reveal from Lindalee Rose:

The post makes it clear that the character is someone we already know getting a Miraculous that isn’t one of the seven on the top level of the Miraculous box. While it easily could’ve just been said out of excitement, “cowabunga” could also be referring something. Because the most common quote association with that word is to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle character Michelangelo, it’s possible to take it meaning as the holder will have the Turtle Miraculous. This can’t be true, though, because it contradicts the fact we know that the unknown Miraculous holder isn’t getting any of the presently known Miraculouses. Instead, what if “cowabunga” is related to Michelangelo’s weapon, nunchuks?

After all, nunchuks are often associated with Michelangelo among his other most notable details and traits. If Lindalee had exclaimed “Cowabunga!” in relation to anything she thought was similar to another thing, nunchuks would be a possible link.

If a nunchuk-wielding Firefly Miraculous holder who is someone we already know does appear, who could it be? I’ve already theorized before on this, but if I went off of the color appearance theory that characters like Chloé and Alya follow, Nathaniel, Lila, and Alix. It could easily be any character, though, with adults even being possible candidates. Additionally, fireflies may have nothing to do with this unknown Miraculous holder, while it doesn’t prevent a Firefly Miraculous from being in existence.

I have absolutely no idea if a Firefly Miraculous exists in the show and will appear, especially as a Miraculous that a known, loved-by-many-fans character will come to possess and use. At the least, though, a Firefly Miraculous holder whose weapon is nunchuks is such an excellent and brilliant idea that I hope it ends up being legitimate and showing up in Miraculous in some way.



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I hate my face and I hate Jaehwan and his face so I decided to choose him even though he’s not my bias (or fave, seriously I hate him). also I’m not worthy of being next to a picture of Jonghyun tbh

I’m tagging (if you want and are comfortable with this): @brandnew-ldh, @donghans, @produced101, @swoojin and anyone else who wants to do it and hasn’t done it yet~~

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this comes as rude my inner gay is just very curious *wink wonk* what's your sexuality?

((OOC: No worries friendo - ur cute, that wasn’t rude!

Allow me to answer you in the form of an anecdote:

I just went into my kitchen, singing I Feel Pretty from West Side Story, and upon being asked by my dad why I was in such a good mood my reply was: “Because I’m wearing plaid.”

I then proceeded to dance into the room my mum was in, striking a dramatic pose as I sung/screamed “and GAYYYY!”, ran out of the room, grabbed a cap, ran back into the room shoving said cap on my head and shouted “JUST GOT GAYER”, before leaving again. 

Not that I’m extra about it or anything ;)

I realise I have not actually answered the question so: I like people based on their personality, not their gender *shrugs*))

I redrew the first drawing I ever did on tablet! can’t believe it’s been one year already
(original version under the cut)

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grandpa: my facebook screen is small, what do i do?

me: oh, here. you just click this fullscreen button like so, and there we are.


grandpa: i knew how to do it, though, i was making sure you were still sharp.