all i see is muscle

After some encouragement from his members, here you’ll see Kihyun showing his abs then smiling so adorably and proudly right after.
Remember, breathe.

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so apparently someone made a survey of favourite destiel fic authors (that someone being @unforth-ninawaters​), and somehow i’m ranked as 5th favourite????!?! thaNK YOU people who put my name down????? my mother is gonna be thrilled (and then ask why i’m not #1)

on another note, i’ve spent the last two days of my life painting my room purple after literally 8 years (and i mean literally, not figuratively, or exaggeratively), trying get my health up enough that i could paint a hecking wall. it. is. done. THE WALLS ARE PURPLE


AND DEAR GOD I AM EXHAUSTED IT’S 3AM everything hurts i’m dying i need to sleep

k bye

links to all 65 of my destiel fics on ao3, because of reasons

some favourites:

and my newest fic (which i’m changing the summary for right now because nobody knows what it’s meant to be):

Hate You (Wonho)

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Chapter 3

Previously: |Chapter 1| |Chapter 2|
Paring: Wonho x Reader
Genre:  Romance, Fluff af, kinda mad af Wonho

“Wonho?” he turned towards me. “Be my one night stand.” I confidently stated while I climbed on top of him. I must have shocked him because he froze. A smirk played on my lips as I leaned forward. One hand found its way to the back of his neck while the other trailed down his chest, toying with the buttons on his shirt. My lips grazed against his before they gently made contact with his neck.

He must have finally realized what was happening because his hands instantly went to the small of my back and my hips, in an attempt to pull me closer to him. I pulled away from his neck to look at him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more serious look on him. his hands trail up my body to my neck. He pulls me into a passionate kiss, so passionate it knocks the breath out of the both of us. My hands pull on his shirt before unbuttoning it. I could feel his muscles underneath my hands.

Wonho was suddenly everywhere. He was all around me. Consuming me. Pulling me into bliss. I couldn’t think anymore. My mind clouded over. His hands were everywhere all at once. And then he wasn’t.

“Wait.” he hesitated. “You don't want to do this.” 

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No, I… I shouldn’t!!!

Second thought!!! Maybe…

You guys are lying…

I… I need a minute to think…

Benson’s insecurity

reading fics, looking at art, honestly i’m so confused by people describing/drawing young h anzo as thin or bony or i’ve even seen him described as delicate before like bruh

have u seen young h anzo?

bruh all i see is compact muscle and a thicc boi like

anonymous asked:

I'm new here and I've gotta ask, if Undyne and Alphys are swapped, then how come Undyne looks like she's in better shape than Alphys? I only ask because Alphys looks like she's fat instead of muscular.

Well, Alphys muscles aren’t sculpted like you typically see muscles on models and in movies/Tv shows, but doesn’t mean she is fat. She just isn’t “cut.” Just like just because Undyne is skinny doesn’t mean shes “fit.” 

Muscles actually used for strength don’t look like you would typically think they do. Most the things you see in movies and all that are “for show” muscles and while yes, they are strong, they aren’t nearly as strong as muscles meant for pure strength. This lovely lady here

is a woman who has built muscle purely for strength and Alphys is modeled more after someone like her. Alphys doesn’t build muscle for show, she builds them to kick butt and because of her natural body type and stature, she ends up looking more like the lady above. Alphys is thick and short, more compact. So she can come off as “chubby” sometimes when really she isn’t at all. 

Shes definitely got muscles. They just aren’t “chiseled” like you typically see, as my husband puts it. Shes also got wide hips and thick stomach muscles. I need to draw them one day just because swol women make me happy. 

Even if she truly had more body fat, she could still be fit and strong af, making her a powerful Guard Captain. Like a sumo. Those guys can be scary.

And trust me, Undyne in RB isn’t fit. She’s just lucky enough to be one of those people whose always skinny. She’s strong enough to lift some machinery, but ends up using other machines or calling DPB or Alphys to come help her lift the heavy things. She doesn’t have much muscle really. Though sometimes she wishes she had the proper motivation to build up some.  

Sorry this was so long. You know when you see a long post from this blog, it’s 99% of the time from me or I had a big hand in it. I can’t keep things short to save my life. 

~ Sol

Infatuation (pt5)

Originally posted by qt-taehyungssi

“A quiet rustling woke me up, my eyes peeled themselves open and I search the room with a foggy mind, trying greatly to understand my surroundings. Gentle puffs of air were hitting my cheek every few seconds. Turning my head ever so slightly to get a better look, I come face-to-face with Kim Taehyung.”

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 3929

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Morning, Darlin' (Steve x Reader) Part 1

Summary: Y/N and Steve have history, but they don’t get along. Now they’re stuck in a house in the middle of nowhere with the other Avengers, and end up having to share a bed. With Bucky torn between them, the situation seems to become increasingly unclear as Y/N and Steve are forced to spend more time with each other than either of them wants.

Chapter List


Part One

You burst through the front door, slammed it shut behind you, and dropped your bag onto the floor. You threw your fists up in triumph, and started dancing a dance of victory while out of breath. Seconds later, Bucky flung the door open and clutched his chest.

“You!” he said, heaving for breath, while pointing at you with a cheeky grin on his face. “Cheater!” he stated, looking at you with a sparkle in his eyes, before shaking his head, trying to catch his breath. You chuckled and laid down on the ground, groaning. Bucky laid down beside you on the floor, and laughed.

“I won fair and square, Buck. Face it, I’m faster than you.” you replied, turning your head to see his face. He responded by slapping you on the stomach. The rest of the team walked in and sighed. Clint shook his head and chuckled.

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anonymous asked:

I love your blog! Thank you for writing all these wonderful posts <3 The Varia is attending a black tie event with their S/O. How would they react when they see their S/O dressed up fancily for the first time ever? (i.e. they've always only seen them in casual/business clothing, never in a gown)

((I wasn’t sure if you wanted female pronouns since you said gown, but I went with female. You can always ask again for a new version! ♥))


My, how the dress fit your curves. The presumptuous cling of the fabric his hands grazed made you glow. The ravaging breaths against your neck burning you alive in the slow turn of your hips just itching for that reason to fight him off.

“You wear dresses like that and never told me?” Xanxus seemed to growl under that masculine tension. He stared at what he never before saw- the attire leaving a memory behind on his brain he would dwell on for an eternity. About the same amount of time this plague of a ceremony would last while he stared only at you.

“I do a lot of things you don’t know about, dear.” Your fingers were stretched out to take his hand, the one that softly held your knuckles like a prize when he led you toward the large doors. 

His gift to the ballroom- the elegant beauty latched on his arm that, though he would never share, he could pretend to. A show off act that made Xanxus smirk at his own devices while you proudly leaned to his strong, muscled, form. 

“I want to see all the dresses you own later,” Xanxus murmured thickly as he smirked beneath that somehow innocent gaze. 

You hummed. “Maybe I’ll try them on if you behave.”

Superbi Squalo:

What he saw was a spectacle. Not a movie scene; no spiral staircase to reveal the lace and the soft fabric spinning out from under yours slowly rested at your sides nervously when your lover saw you for the first time so adorned in makeup. So woven into layers of delicate patterns and grace that even walking felt different.

“I’m sorry,” Squalo sighed, standing back from you as he seemed to stand flustered. The expression he made so deeply enthralled with every detail that it brought only the most beautiful smile to your face.”I don’t think I have ever seen you so…dolled up.”

“No- No, I-” You started to laugh loosely, tugging at the hem of your bodice as he watched faintly. “I prefer my sweatpants and t-shirts, that’s for sure.”

“I love them too,” He added, your smile lasting so long that it felt good to just press it into his lips generous. The press of your hands in his hair worth the redness tinting his cheeks discretely.

“I’ll love you in anything you wear.” 


“Oh my god,” the words of a man so stunned that he was on his knees. The lack of breathing, the focus escaping his vision that narrowed in on elegant skirt and winged liner jetting out from powerful eyes.

A queen dolled up in ribbons and glamour- a gift to his soul and throbbing heart that sent Levi to another world where you were his leader. He’d do anything for you.

He melted just hearing your voice over the scene that caused his arms to reach for your hips clad in nothing but smooth fabric and the touch of muscle he felt under his grasp to stand once again by your side.

“You look like you just saw a ghost,” You taunted when he lost his mind over you. A fool in love whose only defense was to nod and blush when being led away to the main hall.

“You’re gorgeous,” He finally said, his feet stopping all at once as you faced him sweetly. “I just needed you to hear that.”


Clapping feverishly, all eyes were on your steps moving carefully down the steps. The swerving hold on your gown swishing loudly, the gasps heard all around as your fingers twisted into sequins and adorned ruffles. 

But Lussuria stood amazed by your beauty; the thrill of seeking what lie underneath all that curly mess of locks and baggy clothing. The same thrill of lip gloss and gleaming liner so matte that your gaze snapped at them all so heatedly. 

Painted on lust that shone brighter than the moonlight casting out on the silver of your dress tickling the floor by Lussuria’s legs as they moved so near to yours when he whisked you away form the expecting crowd.

“You clean up so nice,” They praised kindly, twirling their date about in a thrilled hum as you beamed back nervously. 

“I’ve never worn heels before,” You explained on the teetering walk, baby steps, toward the car awaiting your arrival at last. “Be gentle with me!”


He thought it odd that he could love you in ripped jeans and baggy tank tops; the lazy thrill of your body provoking him even within attire so fanciful and brilliant. The raven-esque cloth billowing out from your shoulders as you stepped out from the vanity.

The dark lips so kissable, his arm draped down the back of your chair even before you could stand up to his lingering form so near to your chest already that the embrace was expected.

The kiss so wondrously placed against your lips that it stirred your chest to pound- your cheeks dusting in rose as Bel breathed slowly into the tangle of your lips, smirking hard into them.

“I don’t feel like leaving now,” Belphegor seemed to suggest when he leaned into your shape, pressing your back into the wall when he begged you to stay with that needy groan. “I just found something too pretty to let go.”

Your lipstick stained his mouth gently, fingers tracing his jaw loosely when he chewed the bland taste of makeup on his tongue. 

“We can play later,”


What you didn’t foresee of your dressing up was the look on your partner’s face as you swept in through the door. That little glimmer of praise they gave, nodding through the veil of shy darkness given way for your appearance.

You were a seductress clothed in angelic garb- the innocent ruffles and timid plunge aiming to make them all stare like no other night would. 

Temptation settling in, it was a game to you. They would all see who you could be- who you could look like when you weren’t so ailed by lackluster wardrobes and unstyled hair that only made you look so lethargic and plain. 

“How do I look?” You asked so knowingly, to Mammon’s surprise. But they took it all in happily, hand taking yours gently as an escort when they wanted no one else to see how easily you became the most stunning of anyone they had ever seen.

“You look breathtaking,”


“You know, you don’t have to dress up just because it’s formal,” Fran explained poorly as you placed the makeup brush down on its palette and laughed. “I know you don’t like wearing all that mess.”

True; it made you feel suffocated under all the pore-clogging dirt and muck caked against your cheeks where Fran touched sweetly. The smudges dusted over by your eyes only reflecting all the mistakes- the poor trials of how terrible you really were at this kind of thing.

It was all fabricated anyway. There was no fancy you- no formal version of yourself that made this ridiculous dress feel any cuter. No amazing set of eyes to make gleam out behind eyeliner and shadows that Fran pushed away with his illusions just for one last comparison that made you sigh.

“Sadly, If I show up dressed like me they will think I’m a bum.”

Fran snorted. “They let Bel-senpai in.”

Claws and Lace

Princess Peach finds that love between different species sometimes creates problems… in bed.

This is 100% pure smutfic about a bitchy princess and her monster boyfriend. Please don’t expect to find any plot in this trashy garbage story.

Oneshot ☆ 5,200 words ☆ NSFWAlso on AO3

* * * * *

“Oh no, I have been kidnapped! Whatever will I do?” Peach cried out into the deserted hallway as Bowser carried her to his bedroom.

“Do you want me to put you down so I can open the door, or would you prefer a manly display of strength?” he asked her.

“Manly display, please,” she answered, smiling.

“All right then, hold on tight,” he responded before raising his leg and kicking in the door, which burst open with a crash.

“You should roar when you do that.”

Bowser rolled his eyes. “Roar,” he said, carrying her over the threshold.

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We made it past another milestone recently, kids! I’ll set up another giveaway sometime in July if things go well!!

I don’t post consistently or hang around as much as I like now but I’m trying ;__; I have a few little projects I wanna try to get out by the end of the month (including a DAI thing I had rotting for a while that I’m actually finishing? wtf).

nessiethelakemonster  asked:

for 1000 followers special: can i ask 21 with Shiro finding out Allura owns one of those: mizbyhavior(.)tumblr(.)com/post/156834916322/ivoryflames-moodboard-of-all-the-lingerie-i (*coughshirowouldtotallyrockonewinkwink*) ooooor 22 with Keith and Hunk? :D (hope im doing it right)

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

“I’m surprised you don’t wear more of your outfits.”

The question made Allura pause, and she poked her head back out of her closet.  “Excuse me?”  Shiro had spoken suddenly, and she wasn’t quite sure what he was getting at.

Shrugging, Shiro pulled a pillow over to rest on as he peered into the closet after her.  “I just don’t recall seeing you in most of those.  It’s almost always the one dress or your battle suit.”

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You looked at me the way I looked at you four years ago: with utter oblivious and blind adornment. I wanted to say that I had moved on and that this could not happen, but then you started moving towards me and that rush, that all too familiar and sickening rush, welcomed my skin back into its arms by sending chills all over my body. I was completely speechless and frozen in place, simply stuck in the path of your eyes.

You took a step forward and continued towards me in a torturously slow manner, making every nerve cell stand on edge, watching and waiting to see what you’d do next. You stopped when a foot stood between us, 12 inches filled with tension and potential so thick you could see it.

“You know,” your words shattered the silence and hitched my breath, “when we were apart for all of those years, I found myself searching for you in every woman I loved, or thought I did. You were my friend; you were my home.”

You moved your hand and trailed your fingers up my arm until they met my cheek, wet from the tear I’d accidentally let fall. By now I should have left you, let you endure an inkling of what I had for the last years of my life, but I was paralyzed by your voice, one that I’d forgotten until now, and undone by your sudden truth, something I never imagined hearing. I was in awe of your touch and how my skin missed it that much.

“Please, say something,” You pleaded in a whisper that sounded so sweet.

I looked down at your lips and remembered all of the times when mine were right there, wrapping around yours and tingling for more, all the while knowing that this could never work, but also feeling that it didn’t matter because if I had you, I had everything.

“We can’t do this again,” I barely spoke. My own voice startled me, alerting me to look back up to your eyes, which were watching my lips, probably going through the same sequence my mind just went through.

“I know,” you said while running your thumb over my bottom lip, “it was so nice seeing you after all this time, I guess muscle memory kicked in and I found myself here, in front of you, feeling every moment under my thumb.”

“I guess bad habits die hard,” I breath out, subtly biting at your thumb, leading your eyes back to mine.

“You were never a habit,” your eyes looked to the side and a smirk appeared in the corner of your mouth, and then, all at once, your eyes met mine, “you’ve only ever been my addiction.”

My inhibitions left me and before I knew it, my arms were around your neck and your hands were holding my hips and I had gotten lost in you once again, not knowing if this would be the last time or just another one for the books.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write // For you, for when we meet again, for when I forget to breath.

April 12
Forgive me for this weird ass pose, I see people with actual arm muscles doing it all the time and idk I think my butt looks cute. So. There ya go.

I think we may have found a winner for half marathon shirt; it’s big, a nice color, not cotton, doesn’t chafe, and doesn’t show my sweat. A good contender for the moment. Of course I have like literally 5 months to figure it out lololol.

Yesterday was chest / back / triceps and a short 2.25 miles. For some reason, even though I started pretty early, I felt very rushed to get through the last couple sets because I wanted to finish in time to catch the train that gets me downtown before RTM closes at 6. Literally having your fresh grocery place closing at such an early hour SUUUUUX so much. I barely had enough time to get back and stretch after my run, even though I ran faster than I was expecting the day after Afterburn.

I’m starting to get frustrated because of the lack of weight loss I’ve been experiencing these last few weeks, despite the rigor and variety of my workouts. I’m eating well, sleeping well, taking vitamins every morning, changing up my routine all the time… I legit don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I feel better about my runs I guess, but it’s still annoying to be working so hard and doing everything you’re allegedly “supposed” to do, and still not seeing any results. If anything, I’ve gained weight. Wtf. Over the summer when I was doing T25 ONLY, I was slimming down so fast. I know it takes time, but I’m spending so much time on this and I’m very committed, so it’s just very discouraging to see not even a damn pound off.

I think it may have something to do with how quickly I can eat after my workout. I know I used to hear all the time if you don’t eat pretty much immediately after your workout, you might as well not have done it. Part of the annoying thing about working out at work is having to commute home afterwards, which is not a small amount of time. I also usually have to rush out of there in order to catch the damn train so I’m not home at like 7:30 and have no time to make dinner. So it’s not like I can hang out and like have a smoothie or a meal or something. Idk.

Do we know how much time you actually have after a workout to eat before you risk not fueling right? I’ve heard anything from half an hour to 2 hours, and that’s a big difference… Does anyone else experience a plateau because of improperly fueling? Any advice on protein bars I can buy, or something quick I can prepare as part of my late lunch that won’t be a bitch to do in the morning? I just bought Luna Protein bars yesterday to hold me over until I can find a good solution, but I’m not a big fan of how much sugar is in them. Bleh.

Chest / Back / Triceps
3x each

15 reps lat pulldowns w/ machine, 60# resistance
15 reps chest fly w/ elevated legs, 10#
15 reps lawnmower pulls, alt. sides, 10#
15 reps bent over wide rows, 10#
15 reps bench press machine, 30# resistance
20 reps cobra late pulldowns
15 reps dumbbell pullovers, 10#
15 reps bent over back fly, 6#
15 reps chest fly machine, 30# resistance

2.25 mi
9'33" min / mi

Listening to: “Power” by Little Mix