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I’ve been reading your work for a pretty long time and got pretty familiar with the “stomach dropping sadness” feeling every time an amazing mini-fic ends. So I’m already getting myself ready for the end of the HSAU haha. When I put in the high school prompt I never thought it would turn into THIS. I love all your work but I’m absolutely in love with this one. It really shows how talented you are. You’re making a lot of people smile with what you’re doing and I hope you have a great day sis xx

Good grief! As the original prompter of the juggernaut that has become ‘BHSFTAU’ (all the way back on Friday 13th October 2017 if you can believe!) it’s only fair that I dedicate this next chapter to you dude. The chapters have gone way further than I’d ever imagined they would and writing this fic has cured my fear of writing smut. Thank you 🤗

Here is the penultimate chapter of the:

(Apologies - I’ve not had the chance to grammar check it - we’ve had a power cut and my laptop isn’t connected to the WiFi 🙄)

Chapter 20 - The Fight

Beca slammed her car door shut and slung her rucksack over her shoulder. She couldn’t help the grin that was wiped over her face. Yeah she was tired. Staying awake texting Chloe until around 4am hadn’t exactly been the best idea but she certainly didn’t regret it.

As the brunette made her way between the cars in the school car park she let out a happy sigh. She couldn’t wait to see Chloe again. Not that she’d be able to see her today like they had been while they weren’t in school. No, Beca had started to get used to the idea of only seeing Chloe while passing her along the school corridor. And after yesterday’s run-in with Drake in the ‘secret bathrooms’ in the science block, Beca wasn’t sure if she and Chloe could meet in there any more..

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Thank you guys for 3.5 followers!
I can’t believe we made it this far! I’ll keep this short and sweet, thank you all for the support, and a special thanks to everyone who has participated in this panel redraw event, I didn’t even declare it to be a thing it just, happened! But I’ve been having a rough week, and seeing my favorite artists acknowledge my art and story is really something else, just thank you everyone! Here’s to a very nice 2018!

Coco is a girl

Listen. This might be like the most blanketed and obvious statement ever made but I’m gonna make it.

Coco is a girl. 

Well. Now she’s a woman. But then she was a girl. 

And I know what y’all are gonna say. “No duh, humanity,” you’ll say. “Are you actually about to make a head canon about the gender of a character? Really!?”

Well, reader. Yes. Yes I am. And I honestly believe that I can write a head canon about a characters gender and make you feel something about it. So give me just five seconds of your time and a lot of your patience, because as a history major, I am gonna jump on this shit like the Hava Nagila. 

Coco, we know, was born in the turn of the 20th century which was an incredibly patriarchal time. In Mexico, women wouldn’t get the vote until the 1940′s, couldn’t own property or their own bank accounts or get a legal divorce until 1916, and during the 1910′s had an amazing role in the Mexican revolution that sadly was both under-appreciated and discouraged. 

A lot of the reasoning behind it was the same as the reasoning all over the world. Men were on top. Women weren’t. And in Mexico (as it was in many of the countries) the idea of machismo often led fathers to be incredibly critical about what sort of child they received. 

Namely: most fathers would want a boy. 

Again, this wasn’t something that was exclusively Mexican. It was everywhere. But because Mexico was primarily a farming country (and still is in some parts) men and boys were considered more economically valuable. Nowadays the sex of the child is far less scrutinized there. But then? In the 1910′s? You bet your bottom dollar that most men were telling their wives to pray for boys. Or, they’d keep having children until said boys were produced. This could lead to (as it did in many cultures) 10, 12. 15 kids, just for the sake of seeing the male line continue. The Jefe de Familia was the father, and the rest followed. 

So, that being said, let’s go back to my former statement. 

Coco is a girl. 

And so is her mother. 

She’s probably about 3 years old when her father leaves, and she’s still an only child. Which means that Imelda didn’t care for more, and Héctor didn’t think much on it. Maybe they’d have had more, maybe they wouldn’t have. But he was content, and so was she. 

The entire movie also centers around the fact that this man loves his wife and child unconditionally. That he’d give up his dream for the both of them. 

And though a good deal of Mexico (and the world) had run on a male dominated society where a man’s decision was law, he never once thinks of imposing that role on either his wife or child. 

His wife is his equal. 

And his child is his life. 

I can imagine him, the night she’s born, telling Ernesto how perfect she is, how beautiful she is. How he’s going to teach her everything- guitar, soccer (he’d never been much good- too gangly and tall), how to dance in the kitchen with her Máma. 

Ernesto would just chuckle and hand his partner another drink and say “ella es hermosa” before shaking his head and commenting; “it’s a shame she’s not a boy though, eh? Well! Always a next one!” And he’d raise his glass for the prospective next child, blessing Héctor’s luck on a male, before ordering another round. 

Héctor says nothing, looking down into his glass. He hadn’t thought of other children. There was only Coco for now. Coco and Imelda. 

And when he gets up to go home early, telling Ernesto that he needs to be there to put Coco to bed and help his wife, Ernesto just blinks and says “but that’s her job.”

Ernesto had always played into the typical roles. He enjoyed power. He liked that he could demand. And if he had been married, there would be no doubt that those same values would have passed over onto a forcefully submissive wife and children. That the boys would have pedestals and the girls would be expected to dust them. 

I’m sure there’s more examples. I’m sure Ernesto will ask Héctor why he doesn’t just demand Imelda let him go preform. I’m sure Ernesto will ask Héctor why he doesn’t just leave his wife to go drinking all hours of the night (”because we have a child to raise” - “that’s her job, isn’t it?”) and I’m sure that Héctor leaving was a great deal influenced by the complete disregard for the importance of his family because of the roles Ernesto believed them to play. 

Ernesto is the very definition of Machismo. And his partner is the very definition of family

But for now- I’ll leave it at that. 

Coco is a girl. 

And Héctor is one hell of a man, husband, and father. 

180117 Yixing weibo:

Hello Zhang Yixing from 2012. I am Zhang Yixing from 2018. I did not forget that today is a special day to you. What i want to say is, the dream you had when you were 17 years old is not an easy one… Those dawn and late nights that are filled up with sweat, those efforts were not wasted, haha you are a lucky one.

Your panic, loss, fear, disappointment and timidness. I’ve doubted you, but now it has all seem to disappear, i can see that you’ve changed. You filled up every single day to the brim. Time passed really fast, it’s been 6 years, little rascal, you believe that good things will come to those that work hard, you believe that the harder you work, the luckier you will be. I doubted you back then, but you seem to be stronger than i imagined.

You are always alone. You believe that good people will be rewarded. You have always wanted to be a good person. You believe that sincerity can be earn you true friends and brothers. I doubted you, but now you gained more and more brothers and friends, (your) relationship with them gets deeper and deeper.

You cried and shouted saying you want to release an album. Wanting to bring your music to the world, such brave and rash words. I doubted you, but today, the results that you’ve achieved on overseas charts surprised me.

You daringly proclaim to protect everyone who like and love you, to not let any harm come to them, without knowing how high the sky is, how deep the earth is. In fact, you can’t do it at all. But now, i understand you. You want to use all your hard work to be their pillar. I want to see, 4 years from now, will i still write you another letter.

You’ve always want to talk about ambition and aspirations. You set goals after goals for yourself, but can you achieve them? I’ve once doubted you. But i hope….that you can. To that No.10 youngster of mine, maintain that sense of stubbornness in your heart, race towards your goal. I’ll look forward to the surprises that you will continuously give me.

to: Xingmi (X’Back)

Let’s continue to walk together in the future too. You asked me is there anything that i want, i said i need your companionship. Even though i said we should all look for our own happiness, you guys must must be happier (than i am) okay.

Lastly, thank you to everything, because only then there’s today’s Zhang Yixing.

2018.1.17 (From) Zhang Yixing who is filming ‘The Golden Eyes’

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L: “- You kicking me out because I wrote a book!!?”
Bo: “- No one is getting kicked out, we just asking you to lay low… move to your girlfriend for a while. We’ve already had a couple journalists sniffing around here, and we really don’t need that right now…”
l: “- This is llama shit! This is Padilla’s idea, isn’t it!? Jabari, am I right?”
Jabari: “- Dude, it’s just… with our new business and all…
L: “- I can’t believe this! Woohock you all!”

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I’m sorry this is probably really shitty but I read the thing about your disabilities and now all I can thhink is your url should be Bendy Bones and it’s really funny to me I think I have a fever I’m so sorry disabilities aren’t funny but I can’t stop my brain is on fire also does that hurt it sounds like I would really hurt god that is horrifying to think about I hope you’re okay I love you

Oh believe me, I laugh a lot, I’m a big believer in finding the funny side. Bendy Bones is hilarious, I love some alliteration.

People tell me “you’re not old, stop complaining” and I respond that my arthritis has been an issue since I was four and I will complain if I want and get the hell off my lawn.

P.s fever? You good? Lay down, have plenty to drink, try to regulate your temperature, be well ❤

can i just say that phil deserves all the love and appreciation in the world for all he does both on and off camera…. i try and tell him this but he never really believes me and it breaks my heart every time

- dan

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Your a markiplier fanblog right? I'm extremely comfused on what the fuck is happening to the fandom right now. I'm so confused and it's kinda of scary so can you kinda answer some of my questions? Ok so are Wilford and Dark really dead? Can you just kind of tell me what the fuck is happeneing please???

Yeah I’m a Mark blog! It’s okay that you’re confused lol It sort of happened really fast. And don’t worry it’s nothing to be scared about just some fun in the community! According to Mark, Wilford and Dark are dead. Do we believe Mark? I don’t know lol he’s the worst and I don’t believe a word he says. And tbh, no one knows whats happening, we are all just rolling with it lol

Have a great evening!

All right,“ said Susan. "I’m not stupid. You’re saying humans need… fantasies to make life bearable.”


“Tooth fairies? Hogfathers? Little—”


“So we can believe the big ones?”


“They’re not the same at all!”


“Yes, but people have got to believe that, or what’s the point—”


—  Terry Pratchett, Hogfather

This man right here did nothing wrong. In my eyes at least. In some’s, hey may have been disrespectful, but really, does that make death threats appropriate? Does he really deserve all the hate he’s getting atm? Because I honestly don’t believe so.

He made a cover. Of a song produced by Jonghyun. It’s Jonghyun’s work - isn’t it yet another way of saying “You did well, Jonghyun”? Something he was desperate to hear, something we were trending only a mere month ago. Jungkook, just like every young idol, respected him. Jonghyun’s death is a tragedy that affects not only Blingers, not only Shawols, but many that are interested in South Korean culture and media in some way. Sure it doesn’t affect all of us to the same degree, but why is it a bad thing to be sad, even shocked about the happenings? Why do we, regular kpop-lovers who weren’t following every move of SHINee daily, get all this hate for being sad about his depression and suicide? What should we do, smile, laugh, be happy for it? Now that would be more disgusting than what you’re all doing now.

I hate saying this, but Jonghyun would not like seeing this. Starting a fanwar because someone made a cover of ‘Breathe’? If else, as someone who started loving kpop because of Jonghyun himself 8 years ago, I’m sure he’d be honored and happy that people appreciate his works, his music that he’s practically lived for. To see he’s done not just well, but perfect, exceptional.

It is not a rant published because Jungkook stands close to my heart. If someone from a band I don’t follow was in his place, I’d be just as disappointed in our community. Do we really need to wish someone else’s death because of our idol’s suicide? If I was the one in Heaven, I’d be nothing but unhappy. Please respect Jonghyun, his memory, by not hating on others using his name.

In this situation we should stay together and support each other.

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How about "I'm not stalking you, exactly. It's just that you accidentally put my notebook in your bag and I'm waiting for a good moment to steal it back before you see the doodles/writing of you I did in it" Obiyuki AU?

Obi jerks his pen from napkin just in time to avoid gouging it through when Torou jostles him, nosing her way over his shoulder.

“Whacha doin there, buddy?”

He sighs, eyes towards the ceiling for guidance, but of course she isn’t looking. She’s snatching the doodle up and holding it towards a better spot of light.

“Oooh,” Torou gushes, looking down the bar at an elderly woman with a tight perm and thick makeup. She’s paying neither one of them mind, her attention glued to the TV monitor up on the wall. “He’s doing a really nice one for you, Josie!”

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Okay so i just noticed something from rewatching s1

I’m on eps.1.4_3xpl0its.wmv and during the scene in the car before Elliot goes into steel mountain, something caught my eye

If you look to the left corner of the window, there’s what I believe to be a tiny gay pride sticker. We know fsociety hijacked this car so its not pointing to any character besides whoever owned this car. Anyway i thought that was a pretty neat insignificant detail. But then I remembered

Wendy, the supervisor they’re going to use as an exploit to get to the data center. And her weakness is

Her pregnant wife. Which I also really appreciated as little gay snippet that didnt have to be gay to still work for the story but was gay just because. And that’s all cool and whatever until you consider what happens later in the episode

Poof! Tyrell appears unexpectedly and is his generally vague and cold-hearted s1 self and then he and Elliot

Go on a date out for lunch

And weird touching ensues in the bathroom.

Keep in mind this is the first time we’ve seen Tyrell and Elliot together for a while. And just.

Okay if this were any other show besides Mr. Robot I would so know it’s coincidental. But knowing Sam Esmail…. I mean. Come on.

tldr: s1e5 of Mr. Robot may have been embedded with subliminal gay hints including textual minor LGBT+ characters and im really overanalyzing this god damn show jfc

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I want to come out as trans to all my teachers and classmates because i really can't stand going by female terms and being called by my real name. it gets really frustrating and i want to come out but i am kind of scared and don't know how. it's even harder because my mom doesn't really believe i am trans. do you how would to come out to a school?

Lee says:

Yes, check out our Coming out page and School page!

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Hey excuse me if I offend you in anyway, I'm just really curious, do you get any shit for shipping Staig? Cuz one time, in a fanfic, I wrote the smallest hint of Cryde and goddamn the amount of hate I got was astounding and hilarious, I couldn't believe it. And I was wondering if it is like, a ship war between Cryde and Creek or just any pairing with Craig in it. That's all, love your art from the bottom of my heart <3 have a nice day~

you know, no ones really given me a hard time about it. ive gotten maybe like 2 or 3 asks in my 3 years of running this blog saying creek was better, but thats it. i mean, theres always the occasional backhanded “creeks my otp, but i love your art!” or “i dont like staig but your art is cute” compliment and im like hhh okay thanks? but nothing too severe. im sorry they gave you hate for cryde though, cryde is really good

Honest Q&A - Defiant Bride

What is your full name?

”D-defiant Bride.”

What do your friends call you?

“I’ve q-quite a few nicknames, ehe… Def, I think, i-is what m-most favor.”

What is your favorite animal?

“Umm… S-spriggans wouldn’t count, right? I t-thought so… dogs, perhaps? I r-really love all kinds of d-dogs… they’re s-so terribly cute…!”

Where were you born?

“Aah.. I um. I’m n-not quite s-sure… truthfully. It c-could be anywhere, but I like t-to think of Abalathia’s Spine as my birthplace.”

Do you have children?

“N-no… no. I… ah. I d-don’t believe s-such a thing is possible for m-me, ahaha.”

Is there a person/people you love?

”…….ah. Uh, f-forgive me, I didn’t m-mean to go silent… I. I… t-think there’s no one w-who would say ‘no’, right? I’ve m-my family, of course… my dear, beloved f-friends. More t-than that? I… d-don’t believe that’s the question, is it?”

What is your favorite color?

“Perhaps… b-blue? I t-think it flatters me q-quite a bit, ehe… I like pink q-quite a bit, as well.”

What is your full occupation?

“I t-tend to say I am primarily a goldsmith… i-it’s that work w-which provides the bulk of my salary, in the end? H-however, I put j-just as much time into my secretarial d-duties for the Collegia Arcanum and the G-glass Network, and into m-my time with the Immortal Flames… I t-tend to tell people I w-work whatever seems r-relevant to them at the moment, ehe.”

Are you good at physical fighting?

“I’d say f-fairly well… despite w-what strangers on the street might think, I hold my own j-just fine in combat.”

Which form are you best at?

“Sword and shield. I’ve been practicing w-with them since I was a child and honed my s-skills in the Immortal Flames a-and with the Sultansworn… I c-can shoot, and f-fight with my hands, but it’s more of a l-last resort.”

What about magic?

“I… I’m… s-somewhat good. I t-think I’ve improved my magic q-quite a bit since I c-came south, for a-all my failings, ehe.”

Which type are you best at?

“Well, I’m a Bride, so–oh? Ah! Y-yes, forgive me… it’s… m-more or less a form of Conjury practiced by m-my Clan in the north, with a few changes. I’ve learned t-to channel with my blade in t-the arts of a Paladin, as w-well… and I c-could use Arcanima, but hardly as well. T-t-thaumaturgy!? Uh–I. Um… please d-don’t ask about thaumaturgy…”


“Well, given m-my profession as a goldsmith, i-it’s not hard to imagine t-that I’m good w-with precious metals, ehe. Bone, j-jewels, clockwork… I d-don’t want to brag, but I think I’m quite… q-quite good! At it all! I learned h-how to smith from my f-father, too, but I was never nearly as g-good at it, and I’m hardly a seamstress or a-anything. I c-can make medicine, as well, but in the traditional methods of the Hellsguard, rather than alchemy.”

Any other skills?

“I’m um! P-pretty good at languages! T-though Xaelic is proving v-very difficult…”

Are you an only child?

“No… I’ve four siblings! My oldest sister a-and then th–two older brothers. Ahaha! No, f-forgive me, I mispoke a little~! They’re a-all hellsguard, of course.”

Where do you see yourself in five years?

“Um… my. T-thinking that f-far ahead… I hardly know w-where I’ll be at t-the end of this year, much less in the next. I t-think it’d be n-nice if I c-could… mmn… if I c-could still have m-my shop. Perhaps… if… it’d be possible t-to… settle down…”

Have you ever almost died?


Do you have a secret, not just a secret, but like a really big secret hardly anyone knows?

“………if I w-were to say, I f-feel as if that would… in itself b-be saying too much.”

Salty or sweet?

“I prefer s-sweet!”

Do you like yourself?

“…that’s… q-quite a large question, ehe. I don’t t-think the answer matters much, does it? I’m h-here, after all. That’s enough.”

Do you believe in the Twelve?

“I d-do.”

Are you religious?

“I… d-don’t think I’m TOO r-religious, but I maintain m-my duties t-to the gods, best as I c-can, and try to do right by them.”

Do you carry prejudice with you?

“I… s-sort of wish I could say no, but… I d-don’t think I’m quite that good yet.”

What do you consider entertainment?

“Music, perhaps? A-and games, and s-such… I love plays and books, too… there’s quite a lot of things that could f-fall under such a term!”

Favorite drink?

“I like Ishgardian-style tea… er, and red w-wine. Only sometimes!”

Do you have any family traditions?

“The Bride c-clan has countless traditions… our line s-stretches back hundreds of years and through generations i-in the Spine. We have magical and social t-traditions, and legends and taboos… ah? You w-want me to name one? Aaah… well t-the most obvious is the t-taking of the name ‘Bride’ t-to represent a daughter or s-son of the clan. Er, you know, Hellsguard t-translate their names. Right? Bride isn’t a-actually a part of my given name, ehe.”

Are you a good person?

“I w-want to be.”

Thank you for answering my questions.

“T-this was a bit embarrassing…”

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This anxiety, always like a fruit fly, hovering over my shaking, sobbing figure. It never really goes away, it just hides sometimes, but then comes out at the most inconvenient. How do I make it go away? It buzzes, hisses, bitter untruths into my ears and I'm foolish enough to believe all of them. I can barely take this anymore. Please make it leave if you can.

,;, stay aware,;, of the creature,;, 

keep it in sight;,;, 

doing,;, so is the only way to ,;,,;;, fend it off.;. 

,;,; battling the monsters,;, in your mind,;,;, can be exhausting,;,; 


they live under you,r,;, skin and,;, refuse to leave,;, 

,;,; but you are stronger,;, than they,;,

,;, take extra steps to t,;,take care,;, of yourse,lf..,;,

and;, working through the thinl,;gs that make,;, you scared;, can help,;, 

when,;, you fear,;, what comes;,  , is it real,;,???? ? 

don’t allow yourself,;, to focus on ,;, the things that do not exist,;, 

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In defense of...

Okay, so going into the reviews section of an episode on IMDb is probably not the right move to make in the first place but I’ll admit I was pleasantly surprised and impressed at all the Wayward positive posts there. Considering all the negative noise about the show I was expecting a bit more hatred but a lot of reviews were really positive.

The main point brought up in the negative reviews was, would you believe, an issue with Kaia specifically. There were a lot of complaints about how SJW the show has suddenly gone and that the writers should keep politics out of the show (these people clearly don’t understand gothic/horror stories or one of the main points of storytelling in the first place - spoiler alert: it’s not for entertainment but lessons)

Politics have been brought into Supernatural many times, s7 comes to mind and of course last season with President Rooney. This isn’t a new thing. All stories have ideologies portrayed in them, whether passively or not, and arguing that Supernatural has all of a sudden become political is laughable - every story you have ever consumed and every single one that you will in the years to come will be full of politics. You just may not notice them but that doesn’t mean that they are not there.

Another common complaint in the reviews was the inclusion of a racist character. I had to stop and reread that I’ll admit because really? The line in question was Kaia’s outburst of how she’s “not white. [She’s] not blonde.” Clearly bringing up legit issues that are running rampant in our media now is apparently racist. Kaia’s not wrong here. Not many people will care about her - I mean, look at how much mainstream media coverage has been given to the Dakota pipeline? She’s bringing up real issues that are seen in our world - which good storytelling should do - and now she’s being accused of being racist against whites? She never once says anything against white people, her complaint was based upon how she is portrayed in a white-dominant society. She is not given equal opportunities.

Another complaint made, linked to the previous one, was how she’s done drugs and that she’s complaining that no one likes her. The drug thing is a delicate issue but it never once was portrayed in a positive light. Kaia acknowledges that it’s not a good thing - it was her last resort to escape her trauma.

Because Kaia is traumatised, deeply, by what she is forced to go through every single night. There is no escape for her and so she tried to stay awake to avoid the thing that caused her pain.

Kaia has lost her entire family and feels cut off. She lives in a world where her voice isn’t heard and she has no one to turn to. She can’t escape her trauma forever - she has to sleep sometime - and she’s terrified of her powers. She hates her powers and what she is. And yet Kaia is still going to face what her powers have done to try and save two strangers? Yes, she may not be overly willing at first (can you really blame her? Look at what just happened when she did use her powers) but with the support of the other Wayward women Kaia returns to the ship where everything went down and clearly fights to help bring Sam and Dean home.

How could anyone hate such complex character who is far stronger than she believes she is?

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I feel like Sasuke and Sakura should've had a son instead. I don't really like Sarada all that much. I didn't like the way she treated Sasuke and Sakura.

I think that Sarada is a great character, because besides being a lovely girl, she’s the right person to deserve to be the daughter of the SS, for her qualities as a kunoichi (sharingan + superhuman strength). I believe that you should give an opportunity to know her, because I think that Uchiha clan should have a female reference as Sarada.

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And guess who else seems to be in the UK with all the snow?? JG. Just saying.

Are you saying that Jimmy Graham is in the UK anon? How do you even know that?

Whatever. I don’t mean to be rude anon but I don’t really care. I’m not following this Seahawks soap opera. My question for you however is why do you care? It won’t make Sam be with Cait if MacKenzie is with Jimmy because Cait is still with Tony. 

If you believe that MacKenzie isn’t with Sam anymore then maybe you should just leave her alone and not scrutinize what she and anyone who is  or seems close to her does? 

It’s snow. MacKenzie was joking. Maybe the reference was to Sam. Maybe it was to Jimmy. Maybe it was to relatives on the East Coast. Who knows? Who cares? Honestly, I don’t. I reblogged the post about the snow because I thought it was funny. That’s it. Let’s all stop reading into it shall we?