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Supergirl Season 1 Appreciation Week ♥
Day 5: Best episode or scene(s) ⇢ “Myriad” balcony scene

I know you’re scared. I am too. But so is Max. And so is Non, for that matter. All of you are letting your fear guide you, but somebody has to find the courage to stand up even though they’re afraid. You know, the worst decisions that I’ve ever made in my life were based on fear. But you showed me that there was another way to be strong, by having faith in people. By believing that goodness would prevail. And because of you, I started letting people in. I even opened up myself up to my assistant, Keira, who helped me have a relationship with my son again.

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mark hasn't had any contact with the grumps in a long time and it's pretty worrying, do you ever get the feeling that matt and ryan went to work for the them so that they could keep them away from him? it's sad because mark really looked up to the grumps...

Mark did say once in the apology post to Matt/Ryan that he did feel they went to work for the Grumps to get way from him and he felt alienated from all of them. The post is [here] if you want to read it!

But Mark has tried to rekindle a friendship between Matt/Ryan and hopefully has been successful, but I imagine that’s being dealt with offline away from more potential drama.

As for the grumps, I don’t know where Mark stands with them but I find it hard to believe they’ll just ditch Mark without any conversation or discussion about it. Or they could still be friends but just don’t post about each other idk haha!

But I think as a fanbase, we’re best leaving that alone and letting it be because if they do need to sort something out then they’re adult enough to do so ^^

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Jug finally revealing how he feels about himself to Betty and Betty showing him her scars and what she does to herself was beyond emotional, Juggie completely bare without his crown and it really made for an intimate moment. It's obviously shown they're growing together as a couple and if it's not too much maybe you could write about them having their first time that night of his birthday, the both of them keeping each other's insecurities in mind.

@bugheadisperfection I was wondering if after Jughead kisses her hands and Betty kisses him and she pulls away he kisses her again, but a little more roughly and passionately and later on they go back to her house and snuggle and fall asleep in each other’s arms? Neck kisses too please!

I combined quite a few prompts for this one! I also saw @lostinafictionaluniverse and @jandjsalmon tag me in something to do with Juggie acknowledging Betty’s crown sweater and realising what that means so I’ve included that in here too. I hope you enjoy, sorry it’s been a while since my last fic!

Warning: starts off a bit angsty and then all the smut at the end.

Betty sucked in a sharp breath as she watched Jughead press his cool lips against her trembling hands. The simple gesture was everything. It was him, despite his every worry and every fear, telling her that her imperfections were alright. It was him telling her that he accepted her for what she was, still felt the same way about her as he did before, despite her flaws. All the oxygen left her lungs as the realisation hit her full force. She looked at his soft features, illuminated by the bright neon light of Pop’s sign, heart clenching at the deepening bruise around his eye and the dark gash on his cheekbone. He was still here, he’d heard it all and he was still here. His eyes glanced up, meeting hers with a gentle uncertainty, down-turned at the corners as he tried to absorb as much of her pain through his touch as he could.

It felt like a magnetic pull, bringing her towards him. It had felt like a subtle shift in her centre of gravity at first, tilting her slightly off balance as she tried to find her bearings once more. An almost nonexistent buzzing just under the surface of her skin, so calming that she hadn’t even realise it was there, that he was the cause. And then he’d kissed her and everything exploded. The buzzing turned into full fledged vibrations, taking over her entire frame until she couldn’t think straight. Then the dust settled and everything was better. Everything was brighter, more focused, in a way she had never imagined before. What she’d felt for Archie, she realised, hadn’t even scratched the surface.

But the brightness had only made the darkness more noticeable in comparison. Not more frequent, not more intense, just an ever-present clouding around her peripherals, threatening to engulf her as it always did - now with far worse consequences, she had thought. She’d almost experienced, first hand, what it would be like to have everything taken away and never wanted that feeling, that suffocating void, to flood her again. Her eyes flicked to his lips, set in a frown and slightly chapped as he let out a deflating sigh. She drifted forward, unable to resist placing a hard, bruising kiss against his mouth, trying to tell him everything she was sorry for, everything she was grateful for - she needed him to know that he could have all of her, as much as he wanted for as long as he would have her. She settled against his shoulder, revelling in the feeling of being encircled in his warm embrace as she played sleepily with the fingers holding hers.

Betty knew they needed to say more - that she needed to say more. She cursed her mother in that moment for every doubt she placed into her head. She knew she trusted Jughead with everything she had, always would. He was a part of her, mind and body. Oh… The realisation sent a jolt though her tired frame, simmering beneath the skin like a thousand tiny flames, lighting her up with an unfamiliar heat that she’d never experienced before. She was ready to giver her all to this boy, she was so sure that it hurt. She took a deep breath, trying to release some of the tightness in her chest, slow her pounding heart, as she lay, stone still, in his embrace.

“Juggie, I’m sorry. I didn’t say it before but I truly am,” she whispered, feeling his head turn to gaze down at her but not moving to meet his eyes, unsure that she’d be able to stomach the open sincerity she knew she’d find there. “You were right… what you said about me trying to prove something. But… it wasn’t for Archie or for anyone,” she swallowed, choking out the words as she closed her eyes against the image of Jughead’s face as he’d spat the accusations at her, fingers closing a little tighter around his hands as they barred her fingernails from piercing the delicate flesh of her palms. A shaky breath flew from her lips as she tried to fight past her every insecurity, give herself up to him completely. “It was for myself, I didn’t believe in me. I… I didn’t believe that I could be anything less that perfect, that I wasn’t allowed. Here I was, finally happy with the way some parts of my life were turning out. I had you,” her voice trembled, pitch rising, thick with tears. She felt his heart thudding erratically beneath her ear. She used every last inch of her power to will him to stay. “And we w-were us, it was supposed to be perfect.” She breathed the word, cringing at her own use of the curse. But that’s what she’d realised - she spent so long resisting the label of perfect that in order to make herself something else it was exactly what she had tried to become. The perfect back alley investigator, the perfect sleuthing journalist, the perfect girlfriend to the boy she felt rebellious for dating. “It was so unexpected, so out of the blue - Betty and Jughead. It felt like everything that wasn’t supposed to happen but I needed it. I was proving to myself that I was good at being everything I wasn’t meant to be. And I used you to do it. But…” This was it, it was coming out and she couldn’t stop it. “I love you, Jughead,” she breathed, tension snapping in her chest like an elastic band. Her whole body felt like it was free falling and it was the most exhilarating sensation, she didn’t want it to end. “And I don’t want us to be together for any other reason than we make each other happy,” she finished, voice hard with the firmest conviction she could muster.

Jughead was tense beneath her. She held her breath as she waited, for what felt like an eternity, for his reply. He slipped his hands from hers, moving them to her shoulders to pull her back and force her eyes, swimming with unshed tears, to his. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, cheeks flaming, as she waited for his inevitable rejection. But at least she’d said it now, she wouldn’t regret it. He took a breath, closing his eyes for the briefest of moments. When he opened them again their blue was so deep she felt like she was drowning.

“Betty… Betts, I didn’t mean what I said to you, those things in Archie’s garage. I-I know I told you I was scared of getting hurt, for being who I am. I didn’t tell you that I was scared of who I am. I was trying to pass a shitty hand off as a full house and I thought I was getting away with it. I kissed you and you smiled. We were investigating Jason’s murder and writing for The Blue and Gold and it was enough to silence every tiny voice in the back of my head telling me that it was all one big shitty joke, that I couldn’t have this. Everyone gets left behind, everyone leaves. I was scared that I would be the one to leave you, it’s practically in my genetics,” he scoffed, rolling his eyes. “You don’t need the burden that I could place on your shoulders, so if I could make you leave me it wouldn’t be as bad.” He rolled his bottom lip between his teeth, force leaving stark white lines on his already pallid skin, disappearing as fast as they appeared.

Betty didn’t know when the tears had begun to fall. She reached up with shaking hand, thumbs skimming his cheeks, to card her fingers through his dark waves, finally free from behind his armour. His eyes slid shut once more, sighing in foreign contentment as she eased the ache building up in his skull. He startled as he felt soft lips press against one eyelid and then the other, corners of his lips tilting up in mild amusement. Her voice brought him back to the present.

“You said it yourself, Jug. We are not our parents,” she whispered, the soft spoken words glinting with a sharper edge. “You should believe in yourself as much as I believe in you,” she said, smile creeping into her voice as she thought of all the times he pulled her back from the edge. She pressed a hand against his chest, as if she was checking he was really there. He huffed out a laugh through his nose, eyes settling on her fingertips, following the line of her arm. His eyes came to rest on the bright yellow crown emblazoned on her chest. His smile widened as he reached out a tentative finger to run across the fabric.

“I never told you how much I liked this,” he mumbled, looking at her sweater with mirth in his eyes. He like this side of Betty, her playful side. It was all too frequently hidden away. He looked at his signature, prominently displayed across her front, the realisation knocking him back. She’d put it there, it was her choice. His head spun with its every connotation, he couldn’t help but feel the swell in his chest at the idea of other people looking at it and just knowing.

“I’m yours, Juggie,” she murmured, looking up at him bashfully from beneath thick eyelashes, crystal tear drops still clinging to a stray few. Her thudding heart suddenly made him aware of the positioning of his palm, pressed against her breasts, covering the crown with slightly curled fingers. A scarlet blush bloomed across his cheeks, mouth going dry as he attempted to pull his hand away. She was quicker, placing her own palm over the back of his hand, pushing firmly, keeping him against her. The green of her eyes deepened as she leaned forwards once more, capturing his lips, chests pressed close together, joint hands wedged in between.

Betty gasped against his lips as one kiss turned into two, three, four, Jughead lifting his free hand to the back of her neck, fingers slipping slightly into the tight hair of her ponytail to scratch against her scalp. Her open lips allowed him to swipe his tongue along the inside of her lower lips, eliciting delicate whimpers that he swallowed down like the sweet milkshake abandoned on the table before them. Her hand grasped at his denim-clad bicep, willing him ever closer to her every inch, their proximity never enough to quench the flames of desire that burned in the pit of her stomach. He groaned, the sound erupting from the depths of his chest, as she sucked gently on the tip of his tongue inside her mouth, tasting the remnants of the chocolate ice cream that still lingered there. He pulled away, mind dizzy, to rest his forehead against hers, breath coming in heaving gasps. The sound of the bell above Pop’s door alerted him to their surroundings, the diner all but a faded memory until then, fresh heat coming up to join his already flushed cheeks.

“We should probably…” he breathed, unsure of what he was suggesting to her. He felt Betty nod instantly against him, breath just as ragged as his own.

“We should,” she replied, not knowing what she was agreeing to but agreeing none the less. It didn’t matter, she just knew that she wanted to. She took his hand, pulling him from the booth and not letting go as they began the walk home.

He stood before the Cooper residence, unsure of what was going to happen next but still entirely unwilling to drop her hand. He could feel the tiny, rough edges of her fresh crescent scars rubbing against the smooth skin of his palm, spurring him to grip all the more tightly. They stood before each other, easy silence settling over them, their faces a reflection of timid smiles. Neither made to move, to break the trance that had seemingly swept them up on the sidewalk.

“Do you…” Betty began, pressing her lips shut as he raised an eyebrow at her in question, waiting for her to find the words to continue. “Would you come inside?” she asked eventually, words laden with hints of promise. A fine sweat broke out over Jughead’s entire body, cooling quickly in the frosty night air and making him shiver. Anticipation and nerves fought for dominance as she stared at him with wide, probing eyes. He swallowed, focusing on the way her hand felt in his.

“I want to,” he began, nodding his head in the barest of movements. “I do want to. Betty…” She silenced his concerns with a teasing kiss, lacing it with every intention she had, that she hoped to give him. He pulled back with a chuckle. As much as he’d like to just lose himself in Betty Cooper he’d made a promise with himself to talk, to use his words with her from now until forever. “I want everything with you, Betty. I just need to know that you’re sure, that it’s not just because of everything that happened tonight. Because we’re both scared…” he trailed off, brow furrowed. His fingers twitched by his side, aching to touch every inch of her, to know every part of her inside and out. She smiled easily, caressing his cheek with the lightest of touches.

“It is because of everything that happened tonight. But only because that has made me realise that this? This is everything I’m ever going to want. That we know each other completely. I want to feel it, Jughead. I’ve never been more sure.” He studied her eyes, nothing but clear, and nodded, firmer this time.

“Me too.”

An entirely new feeling coiled like a spring low in Jughead’s stomach as she led him up the stairs, walking him into her room with her bottom lip tucked between her teeth, half hiding her pretty smile. He cupped her face, coaxing the plump flesh back out so he could capture it with his own in a series of light, tender kisses. Betty left out a soft moan as his hands travelled down the slope of her neck, tilting her head to give him more access as his mouth followed, planting butterfly kisses along the almost translucent skin, breathing in deeply as he became drunk on the warm scent of strawberries that rose from her being. Her fingers clutched at his hips, spurring him to seal his mouth over her pulse point and suck gently. He smiled against her neck as he felt her pulse flutter, breath leaving her lips in a shaky gasp.

Betty walked them backwards, pushing his jacket off his shoulders and letting it fall discarded in a heap to the floor, until her legs hit the edge of the mattress. She broke away from him to crawl to the centre of her bed, sitting back on her knees and beckoning him towards her with soft eyes. He slipped off his boots and slid next to her, not sure of his next move, whether he wanted to do everything or nothing at all. His fingers flexed around empty air, catching her eye as she moved to a stroke a soothing hand through his hair once more. They were both damaged, both fractured, building up so many layers of protection around their hearts that is seemed impossible to break through. But here, in this moment, Jughead could feel the constant glow that poured from ever fibre of Betty’s being melt away the cold, hard wax of his facade. She pushed him back with steady hands until his head was resting against her pillow, her sheets wrapping him in the comforting scent he had grown to love. She draped herself along his side, following his descent until she could rest her lips over his, drawing out long, languid kisses as a more confident hand came up to push her hips harder against his own. A low growl that surprised even himself left his lips as her thigh brushed intoxicatingly against the slowly forming bulge in his pants.

Betty sat back, now straddling one of his thighs, chest heaving deliciously in front of Jughead’s face for just a moment as his tongue came out to wet his lips subconsciously. She ran the pads of her fingers down his clothed chest, eliciting a shiver that ran straight down his slightly bowed spine. She regarded the layers covering the boy below her. She knew how heavily he relied on swathing himself in a thick fabric of armour, never letting anyone get close to his surface without pulling away, shutting down. She needed him to know that it was okay to bare themselves completely before one another, happy to take the first step if it would tip them over the threshold. Steeling her nerves, teetering on the edge of excitement, she dropped her hands to the hem of her shirt, ready to pull it and the sweater off in one fluid movement. His firm gaze on her every movement incited a confidence in her, flinging the bundle of fabric in her hands onto the floor to join his jacket. High on exhilaration her hands went to the clasp at the middle of her back.

Jughead leaned up, hands gripping her wrists as he halted her actions. Her chest deflated, eyes looking everywhere but into his as she crossed her arms protectively over her front. His eyes widened at her distress, peppering kisses over her cheeks, neck, shoulders, anywhere his mouth could reach as he tried to reassure her.

“I just wanted to say, before anything else happens, I need you to know that what you said earlier… I do too. I lo-” She cut him off with a hard kiss.

“I don’t need you to say it right now, Jug. If you feel like you have to because…” she trailed off, gesturing between them. His expression remained determined as he placed both of his hands on her shoulders.

“I love you, Betty Cooper. Every inch, every flaw. Whether we’re in a booth at Pop’s or… in your bed,” he laughed, innocent embarrassment colouring his cheeks as she giggled prettily from her place in his lap, utterly dishevelled and the picture of everything but innocence. “I know, for sure, that I love you,” he finished as happy tears trembled along her waterline, fingers caressing his cheeks. He turned his head, picking up her wrist and placing a feather-light kiss against the veins near the surface. He continued his actions, pressing further kisses to each and every one of the scars that had found home on her palms, promising her, and himself, through his lips that he would do everything in his power to get her through this. His hands slipped down her arms, coming to rest at the opening of her bra. His eyes met hers, shy but sure. She nodded, taking a breath as she felt his fingers fumbling with the foreign object a few times until eventually the elastic slackened, straps falling down her arms and bringing the lace cups tumbling to their laps.

Jughead held her gaze for a while longer as new parts of Betty’s body were revealed in his peripheries. Dropping his eyes he finally took in her bare chest, at a loss for a moment as to what to do with the perfection that was presented before him. He’d never understood the fascination his male classmates seemed to have with female breasts, but watching Betty’s shift slightly with each anticipatory breath she took, bare from the waist up, sitting in his lap… he wished he could capture the image forever. His hand moved up, skimming the smooth skin of her waist with backs of his fingers, to pull the band out of her hair, letting it fall in loose waves over her shoulders. It framed her face, shining silver in the dim moonlight that crept through her curtains, transforming her into the picture of ethereal. Jughead smoothed down some of the silken strands, smiling as she leaned her head into his touch slightly. This was his Betty, without the intruding barrier of perfection, free from the cloying restraint of expectation. She was simply here, looking like something altogether new, yet intensely familiar. She was home. His hand drifted lower, cupping the firm mound of her breast, delighting in the sounds of her pleasurable moans that filled his ears while he squeezed softly, testing the new waters. He did it again, wanting nothing more than to keep those sounds a permanent fixture in his head, hips jerking upwards as a well-positioned swipe of his thumb across her hardened nipple had her body circling against his lap.

Jughead took a steadying breath, trying to calm the overstimulating sensitivity of his skin at her every movement, knowing that he wanted this experience to last for as long as he was capable. He leaned towards her, focusing all of his attention on Betty in an attempt to steady himself, leaving a trail of wet, open-mouthed kisses along her sternum as she cupped the back of her head, forcing him closer towards her until he was gasping for air. He wanted to reach more, to uncovered everything. With a firm hand on her back he twisted them, both giggling at the uncoordinated fumblings of inexperience while limbs tangled ungracefully, until she was laid out before him, golden halo splayed around her on the white sheets. Trembling fingers trailed down her stomach, muscles clenching as he made his way closer to the waistband of her jeans. Betty licked her lips, glossing them with moisture, highlighting their already swollen appearance, as she raised her hips in silent permission. Every motion was slow, popping the button, pulling down the zipper, the first glance of the periwinkle blue of her underwear… Jughead shook his head, trying not to get lost in the thoughts of what hid beneath. Sensing his hesitation Betty took control, pulling the denim over her hips, shimming them down her legs until she could kick them off her ankles. The room felt overwhelmingly hot as Jughead took in the sight before him, a sight that only he was allowed to see. Miles of smooth, tanned skin. Sheer panties settled neatly against her hips. Her legs fell open slightly under his gaze, inviting him to move closer.

He couldn’t bring himself to cover up the view with his own body to kiss her lips, choosing instead to drop sweet kisses over her neck, her breasts, her stomach. The bottom edge of his lower lip caught on the waistband of her panties as he dipped even lower, pressing one last kiss above her heated flesh. Her thighs rubbed together beneath him, fingers grasping at the sheets as she waited for his next move. He was aware that she was almost fully naked beneath his clothed body, needing to make this moment about her more than himself, needing to feel her come undone. Betty knew, out of the two of them, he was feeling more vulnerable in this position than her, in this moment. He sat back, hands resting either side of her waist. She picked one up, fingers cool against his feverish skin, bringing it to rest against her core tentatively. His fingers twitched as they met damp fabric, Betty’s thighs widening slightly at the sensation, breathy whine leaving her throat. Jughead’s head snapped up at the noise, focusing intently on the way her eyelids fluttered closed and she repeated the sinful sound once more as he pressed his fingers more firmly against her centre. Her entire frame shook as he circled his fingers over the bundle of nerves at her core, another rush of wetness against his hand sending sparks throughout his body, making him even more aware of the desperately growing pressure straining against his zipper. Something snapped inside of him, surging up to press his lips against hers, deep groan rising from his chest as he sent every emotion inside of him into her, tongue delving into her mouth as his fingertips left bruising impressions in her skin, clinging to her body for dear life.

The dam was broken, there was no turning back. His hips thrust into hers wildly, gasping into her mouth, stealing air from her lungs to breath, as he tried to ground himself on this crashing tide. He tugged at his shirt, getting it stuck over his head as they struggled to get the offending item off between their closely connected bodies. His jeans followed, moving back from her embrace for what felt like too long to kick the garment away before falling back into her welcoming arms, now just the thin fabric of her panties and his boxers separating them. Jughead stilled, hot breath fanning over her chest as he brought himself back from the edge. Her hands were against his back, drawing small circles over the flushed skin as she waited for him to come back to her, patient and understanding. She’d made him completely forget himself, made him throw his vulnerabilities to the wind as the only thought he could discern was the need to be connected to her, as close as he could get, before his heart gave out. It was primal, an instinct he’d never known before, to protect her and be protected in return. There was nothing that had ever come close to this feeling - he didn’t think it ever would. He could feel her heat against the front of his underwear, drawing him closer.

“Are you alright, love?” she whispered against the shell of his ear, voice soothing and controlled. His huffed out a laugh, brushing his nose against the dip in her collarbone, following it with a lingering kiss. It was incredible, she was incredible. She could make him forget and find himself all in one moment, emerging a new, better version of himself, deep blue cracks filling up with her golden glow. He moved to rest his forehead against hers.

“Yeah… yes,” he whispered, dropping his lips over hers once more. She fiddled with the elastic at his hips, leg hitching higher to wrap around his thigh, eliciting a shaky exhale from the boy above her. “I love you,” he told her again, just because he could, because the world needed to hear it. She grinned, bright smile illuminating the darkened room for him.

“Good,” she replied, cheeky smirk slipping onto her face as he laughed at her antics. She would always know what he needed. Her eyes lost their teasing as he hooked his fingers around her panties, dragging them slowly down her body. He could finally take her all in now, spread out before him, sneaking a glance at her most sensitive areas before his mind could short-circuit at the overwhelming vision that was Betty Cooper’s naked body. His hands moved to his own underwear, removing them while still high on the view she presented. They were equals now, he felt it. All barriers torn down, all secrets uttered. He finally felt at one with another person, ready to meet her at every step of the way. Her eyes crept over his exposed body - that’s what he was now, fully exposed, and he wasn’t afraid. Her hand rest on his hip, fingers drifting over the clenching muscles of his abdomen as they moved to trail down the dark hair below his navel. He captured both her hands in his, unsure if he could stand any more of her delicate touches, bringing them to his lips to place an all too familiar kiss against her knuckles before locking their fingers together above her head. Their bodies aligned perfectly, each curve fitting like pieces of a long lost puzzle. Jughead suddenly started, cheeks darkening.

“I, uh… I don’t have protection,” he stuttered out, still an inexperienced teenage boy despite his newfound freedom. She hushed his worries, wrapping her legs around his hips.

“It’s okay. Mom put me on birth control the second she found out about us, after Polly…” she trailed off, squirming as she remembered the conversation. Jughead’s blush travelled to the tips of his ears as he thought about Alice Cooper discussing their, until now non-existent, sex life. He went to protest further but she cut him off with a roll of her hips. “And I’ll go to the pharmacy in the morning, don’t worry. I don’t want this to stop,” she added, pupils blown wide with desire, conscious of every sensation that was coursing through her body. Jughead searched the sincerity in her eyes, blinking up at him with nothing but trust, and he nodded.

“Okay,” he whispered, lining himself up against her entrance, biting his lip at the feeling of her wetness nudging up against his tip. He took a deep breath, calming himself down before tilting his hips forwards just an inch. Her body tensed beneath him and he stilled, eyes glued to her features, taking in her pinched brow and pursed lips. “Do you need me to stop?” he managed to get out, every muscle in his body tight. She shook her head instantly, angling her hips up to find a more comfortable position.

“No, just go slow,” she reassured, pulling him in to kiss her in distraction as her walls stretched around him. His hips finally pressed flush with hers, nothing but the sound of heavy breathing surrounding them as he waited for her direction. “You can move now,” she murmured a while later, shifting her hips experimentally.

He knew nothing would compare to the feeling of being inside her as he pulled his hips back before pushing in again, starting off slowly before he couldn’t take it any longer, skin slapping against skin in a newfound frenzy. She was gasping and trembling beneath him, fingernails digging into his biceps as he picked up his pace, still messy and uneven. He knew he wasn’t going to last long, trying with everything he could muster to stave off the inevitable as she clenched deliciously around him. A fine sheen of sweat was coating the both of them and Jughead dipped his head to lick a few rogue drops from between the valley of her breasts, eliciting even more despicable sounds from the beauty that had taken him into her body, her heart.

He didn’t want to reach the end without her, slowing his thrusts as best he could so he could bring her to the edge, trailing a hand between them to rub small quick circles over her clit with his thumb. It was slippery and he was uncoordinated, hands shaking with the effort to hold himself back, but he needed to give her everything she deserved. He found a rhythm eventually, pride blossoming in his chest as he felt her respond to his every touch, bottom lip tucked between her teeth, head thrown back, thighs quivering, soft whimpers drifting through the thick air.

His hand was cramping, his forearms weak, but he was determined to get her there before he finished. Her bruised lips dropped open and her back bowed in a perfect arch, breath stopping altogether as her pleasure crested, reaching the peak before exploding behind her closed eyelids in waves that consumed her. He couldn’t hold off any longer, planting both hands by her head as he fell over the precipice with her, keeping his eyes open, afraid to miss a single second of the expressions dancing across her features.

He collapsed on top of her, too tired to hold himself up anymore after the nights events. How far they’d come, he thought with an internal laugh, enjoying the feeling of her arms encircling his body, her heart thumping against his ear. He didn’t realise he was crying until small fingers were wiping beneath his eyes.

“Shh, it’s alright, Juggie. I’ve got you,” she soothed, pressing tiny kisses to the top of his head as he tried to catch his breath. She tucked him close once he finally found the energy to lift himself off her, resting her chin on top of his head as their legs tangled together beneath the sweat-dampened sheets.

Nothing was perfect, it was never going to be. But as she held him tightly against her warm body, humming soft melodies into his ear as they drifted into slumber, he couldn’t help but think this was pretty damn close.

Let's talk about Touken in chapter 122

Okay so in the latest chapter Touka confessed her feelings for Kaneki. Told him that she didn’t want him to disappear and was wanted to do anything to make sure he doesn’t leave her again. She asked him if he was a virgin because she knew he was and wanted to break the ice hard. She confronts him about how he looks like he’s ready to die. That he’s the only one that wants that no one else. She’s okay with him wanting to have sex, or a relationship with her when he’s ready of course. She asks why she’s always left behind. Kaneki tells her because he doesn’t want her to die. Before :re started he felt left behind from her.
He wanted the strength to mainly protect her and everyone. Touka was always will to help Kaneki because she highly cares about him. Kaneki states that it would be sad if she died. Touka tells him this time around(more like again) she’s afraid of him dying off somewhere.
She always thought of ways to not make him disappear again. She thought that maybe sex should make him stay(he is a man of course) Kaneki did ask about that. All she does is giggle. She tells him about all the times he was a Dove. That he would and go visit her by himself. Have a coffee and “read a book”.
She realized that him as Haise looked at her like he way he looked at Rize. With a sense of compassion, lust, sexual attraction.
She was flattered, she enjoyed it, she loved it. Kaneki realizes that he really did and probably still does thinks of her as someone very beautiful. That he acted like an idiot whenever he visited :re just to see her. He felt embarrassed about her being that up. She said that she probably feels like a bigger idiot for enjoying that feeling of wanting to be in love or have sexual relations with someone.
Before getting interrupted bye Shuu there’s a long pause. I believe during that pause Kaneki is realizing his feelings towards her.
After he plans for GOAT to scatter the bases. Everyone is moving leaving :re. The panel of Touka looking at the place before everyone leaves. From what it looks like it’s Kaneki saying,“I really liked it you know. This shop. Touka.” “Will you come with me?” Of course she accepts but, from what it looks like Kaneki has changed around her. He was always kind to her and all but now it’s different. After hearing her attentions, her feelings, her POV, compared to his POV. Realizing as Haise and even now that he does have feelings towards her. Which is why he asked her to join him. I have a feeling they will have a talk again about them and everything.

Johnny: We really don’t curse… *talking about NCT members*
Jaehyun: That’s right! *pause* *long giggles* Then…Is that ok? (to mention it) *more giggles*
Johnny: No, but we really don’t curse, that’s why it’s fine (to say this)… 
Jaehyun: *more suspicious giggles*
Johnny: Ah…it’s funny! (audio source

>>>meanwhile, Taeyong some months ago<<<

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my mom won't let me get therapy cause I rly need help and I've just been real fucked up lately and i can't deal

Ok listen hun, I’m not a professional, and I’m so sorry that you’re unable to get therapy. But you should know that there’s help out there that you can get without therapy! Sure, it may not be what you’re looking for or what you really need, but it can appease for the wait when you can finally get help. Because believe me, if you stay strong and hold on help will come! and if not, look for it, because it’s out there. There are forums and apps and all kinds of people you can talk to, assuming you’re a student it’s likely it can be within your school too. I’m mentally ill and therapy for me has always been rocky, because things don’t usually work out in my life and I can’t seem to be able to really find the help I’m looking for. But I learned from my years of being independent and helpless that it’s in my hands and that I can reach out for what I need easily. It might not be as life changing as I’d want it to be, happy pills don’t exist but strength sure does. Hold on, keep your head up high. It’s ok to break, but remember that you’re better than whatever struggles you go through. I’m sorry if this isn’t the advice you’re looking for, but please stay safe and know that I care about you, and I’m sure others do too! <3

Today’s society is so caught up in sensationalism and exaggeration and the more I look the more I realize how much it pertains to EVERYTHING. News articles, TV, movies, books, it’s all about shock value and seeing what’s the most “eye-catching.” Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel and the History Channel are all glorified reality TV shows instead of educational science channels like they used to be. Media outlets are full of clickbait and ‘fake news’ (really that just means “what I don’t WANT to believe in”), TVs and entertainment are all obsessed with the big plot twist you didn’t see coming instead of just telling good stories that have staying power.

I’m sorry if I sound like an old coot complaining about “kids these days” but man, it’s no wonder we’re all exhausted today. Everything is trying to surprise us and it takes up so much energy just to pretend to be surprised (because if you’re not shocked at everything you don’t care enough). I can’t wait for calming down and putting thought into things (research, storytelling, etc) to make a comeback.

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Oml I can't believe that I didn't think of telling you this sooner but two of my closest friends and I are HEAVY Zutara shippers. Hell, our group chat is called #Zutaralives. ANYWAY, all of us really like music and singing together and one of my friends is even really good at songwriting. So I had a thought: WE SHOULD WRITE A SONG ABOUT ZUTARA! Well, technically more like my friend. She did and it's actually kinda awesome and we called it #Zutara Anthem lol. It's random but I wanted to tell you!

Sounds like a good idea…

Who has a beat or track to write to?!?!


After they had both calmed down, Luna decided to ask what had really happened. She didn’t remember anything, and Stella could only tell her so much. But the more she heard, the less she believed it.

“I just don’t understand. I mean… I get it if he tried to get rid of
you, but… why me?”

“I’m gonna take a wild guess and say it was because you knew too much. It sounds cliché, I know. But for all he knew, I had already told you everything.”

“… so he tried to kill me. I just… I’m sorry, but everything just sounds too weird to be true. I mean, I let him stay for eight years, and he never once seemed
off, you know..?”

“Well, it’s up to you if you want to believe me. But I’m telling the truth.”

“I know, I know. Shit, what if he comes back..?”

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CLAIRE!!! I NEED A SCENARIO WHERE KASAMATSU GETS MARRIED TO HIS FEM! S/O. PLEASE make it funny and fluffy! (With some Kaijou fun here and there!) please and thank you?!


I had so many ideas for this! ♡^▽^♡

Thank you for requesting! 💋

“Kise, what the hell?” Kobori snorted, the three senpais watching as the blonde entered the room, looking a bit too attention-catching.

“What?” he asked, pocketing his hands and flashing them a smile, then he turned to Kasamatsu. “Wah! I still can’t believe it. Kasamatsu-senpai, you’re finally getting married!”

“Did you really have to dress up so.. nicely?” Moriyama frowned, then dramatically placed a hand on his forehead. “Ah.. all the girls would be chasing you.. not me!”

“You look like the one getting married with what you look like.” Kasamatsu scoffed, then turned his head to see his reflection in the mirror.

“Say..” Moriyama smirked, placing both of his hands on the groom’s shoulders. “Are you really ready for your wedding?”

Kasamatsu gulped, a drop of sweat trickling down the side of his temple but forced a determined smile. “Of course I am! (Name).. I’m sure she’s the one.”

“Wow! How sweet.” Kise teased, lightly nudging his high-school captain, only to receive a rather painful elbow hit from him.

“Ittai..” the blonde replied, holding his ribs. “You know what? I won’t complain. And I’ll get you your coffee, Kasamatsu-senpai.”

Moriyama and Kobori watched as the blonde painfully made his way outside of the room.

“Nothing much changed..” Kobori said, admiring him and his friends in the mirror. “Right?”

The three of them got taller. Moriyama’s hair got a bit longer, his eyes a bit sharper. Kobori had shorter hair, and Kasamatsu had fiercer eyes and his hair has grown longer as well.

As for Kise, well.. he’s become a bit too attractive for his own good.

Speaking of the blonde- he bursted inside the room, a cup of coffee in his hands. He made his way towards the three and handed the coffee to the groom.

“Here you go, Kasamatsu-senpai. Just like your favourite!” he smiled widely. Clumsily, he tripped over his own foot, the coffee he was holding pouring unto Kasamatsu’s suit.

“Hey! Be careful with that!” Kobori warned, but it was too late. Though his suit was black, the stain was visible.

“Oh god.” Kasamatsu panicked, standing up from his chair and observing the stain. “Is it that bad?”

Moriyama clicked his tongue. “My, my. We gotta do something. Fast.” he said, a finger on his chin, trying to think of something.

“Sumimasen, Kasamatsu-senpai!” Kise apologised loudly, bowing down as low as Sakurai could. “It was an accident! I’m so sorry!”

“Shut up and think of something.” Kobori said, massaging his temple and placing a hand on Kasamatsu’s shoulder, who was panicking like crazy.

“Ah!” Moriyama raised his index finger. “Kise.. will you do anything.. and I mean anything to make this wedding a success?”

Kise nodded and bowed down again, blinded by embarrassment. “Yes! Yes!”

“Well then..” he said, placing a hand on his shoulder and with his free hand, grabbed Kasamatsu’s wrist, leading them to the wardrobe.

“We’re gonna have to do a little makeover.”

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I believe everyone is going too far with this all. The writers don't want all the characters to be gay/ace/bi. Yeah it would be great to have representation but to the point where some people can't even let others enjoy the show because jughead isn't ace is horrible. Maybe the writers have this huge storyline planned to reveal he's ace. Did you ever think of that?

Did you just really try to allosplain to me why I shouldn’t be upset about the erasure of Jughead’s aroace identity?

I would fucking love it if Riverdale Jughead actually turned out to be aroace!! It’d add years to my life!! I’d quit my job, travel across the world and show up at the doorstep of every aphobe just to tell them to their faces “haha!”

But the writers aren’t doing that. They’ve explicitly stated multiple times they’re not doing that. Both RAS and the crew, yes including Sprouse, have talked about how much more important B*ghead representation is than aroace Jughead representation is, how there’s “so much rich canon history” that needs to be brought to the screen, how Jughead was “ace one time in one comic book”.

And even if he does end up being aroace? They have already done deep, irremediable damage.

There’s also a bunch of other nuanced stuff going on right now, with a-specs and the community that has a heavy, heavy influence with all this #jugcourse shit as well. In fact, I dare say it’s the reason there’s even #jugcourse to begin with.

I also don’t like you insinuating that a-specs are harassing everyone else in the community and making people unsafe. We’re a fucking minority. 1% of the population! And it’s not even aces that are (wholly) being erased here!! It’s aroaces! Not only are we being told by allos that Jughead’s not ace, but aroaces are being told by aces that Jughead can’t be aroace, because aces experience romantic attraction.

We are not the ones forcing Shannon Purser out as bi on twitter. We are not the ones sending death threats and harassing actors + writers on twitter. We are not the ones telling people to go drink bleach, to kill themselves, to quit being ‘homophobic’ here on tumblr. We are not the ones going through tags and making them unsafe for people.

We are the ones being attacked. By people within our community and by Straight people, for being a-spec. And the Straights who have no idea what’s going on lump us with the others, the angry beronica stans (who are the same teens involved in Discourse, no doubt).

Don’t you ever come back into my inbox and ever try to trivialize my struggles like that again.

This isn’t about “ship wars”. It’s about the violence the a-spec community is currently facing, that “just so happens” to have manifested itself into Riverdale.

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What's that comic where Jason has a gun to his head?? And why did he have a gun to his head??

You mean this one? This is actually Tim, though I totally thought it was Jason the first time I saw it too. 😂 It was a Teen Titans comic, #51 I believe, and in it the Titans’ future selves came to screw stuff up. They were all evil, and Tim was a murderous psychopath version of Batman who really enjoyed shooting people. So to stop himself from becoming that, Tim decided the best solution was to kill himself, (which, if you ask me, supports the headcanon that he’s super depressed and suicidal. If you want to read some rants about that, here is one you can check out.) And I’d totally recommend reading the comic if you want, ‘cause it’s really good. Hope this helped! 


Jamison can hear the sympathy in Teresa’s voice.  He figures that she knows all about his break-up with Anitra.

Jamison:  I’m good!  I’m really good.  

Teresa:  I just, I couldn’t believe it when Anitra told me what happened…and how it happened.  

Jamison: Anitra actually did me a favor. I mean, the way it happened was rough…but afterward, I went home and stood up to my parents.  I stopped working for my dad’s company, found a roommate and moved out here to the city. Things couldn’t be better.

Teresa:  Good for you!  I’m glad to hear that. 

Jamison:  How is Anitra?

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If you don't mind can you pleaseee do -> "Listen… You’re his/her best friend… and I completely fucked up– it’s over between us, but… please, punch me, or punish me, or do something to me because he/she just… cried. He/she wasn’t even angry, they were just so sad– Please, be angry at me, please. Give me what I deserve.” For Jumin pleaseee. Your writing is my favorite but I'm too scared to come off anon. 😩❤️❤️

awwh thank you!! don’t worry i don’t bite, but talk to me the way you feel most comfortable - anon or not!

i’m using female pronouns purely because (despite the does jumin han is gay memes) it is believed that jumin is straight (i’m not a jumin x zen or jumin x v shipper sorry to disappoint. i’m just a yooran shipper really)

Jumin knew who would want to yell at him more for all of his mistakes, and so he ordered Driver Kim to drive him over to Zen’s apartment at 2am - knowing that he would be up rehearsing his lines.

When he arrived, he shoved his way through to Zen’s sofa and sat down; Zen sort of stuttered upon his arrival.

“Right,” Zen poured himself a herbal tea and lay back on his sofa next to the director, “why are you here?”

Jumin tried to speak, but he kept restarting several times, and decided to just fully confront the actor.

“Listen… You’re her best friend. And…” Jumin sighed, “I completely fucked up. It’s over between us.”

“You and MC?” Zen asked, “What the fuck did you do?”

“Please, just punch me,or punish me, or do something to me because she just… cried. She wasn’t even that angry, she was just… sad. Please just… Be angry at me.” Jumin stood up, preparing himself for what was likely to be a punch in the face or a kick to the nuts. However, Zen only stood up alongside him and placed his hand on Jumin’s shoulder.

“You cheated, didn’t you?” Zen hissed, “I can read you like a fucking book, Jumin, and you had an affair, didn’t you?”

Jumin shut his eyes, psyching himself up for a hit, but Zen walked away.

“I can also tell that you would be better off if I did punch you. So, you know what?” Zen opened his front door, “For her, for the woman you hurt, I’m not going to. I just want you to get the fuck out of my apartment.”

Jumin tried to stay, but Zen walked over and starting shoving him towards the door.

Zen even took the time to spit on his expensive suit when he left, and he sent MC a text saying that his door was open to her any time she wanted to come over.

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I don't think that it was meant to show or reinforce that "strong" female characters always are built by and will revert in their 'weakness' to an abused state, but I understand where you're coming from and why you could assume such. Either way I respect your opinion on the matter.

First of all, thank you ever so much for your respectful response. I actually agree with you in that I don’t believe it was added for the explicit intention of making that point. I really think that the decision to add it was more along the lines of “Hey, you know what would make this death EVEN MORE GRUESOME?!” “OMG YES DO IT!”. Ok maybe the conversation was a touch more in depth but I do not think they purposely were trying to bring down the strong female. I think the choice was an ignorant one and used for shock value.

I’m actually going to respond to a couple of rebuttals in this same post. Both @aotopmha and @sapewloth gave me good, respectful disagreements here and here. My response to you both is the same as above:

I do not think the authors purposely were trying to bring down the strong female character.

My intention for bringing my viewpoint to light was, like I mentioned here, to bring to light why the use of these types of storytelling tropes can be damaging. No, the sexism I see was not necessarily intentional. But that’s what makes it damaging. The latent embedded messages in the use of these cheap storytelling tactics normalize messages in our society and we don’t need perpetuated.

Both @lindowyn and @drinkyourfuckingmilk made some of the best comments about the use of this storytelling device. I’ll summarize what I took away from their writings here but I do encourage everyone to go read both posts here and here. The use of shoehorning in abuse is an insult to the strength of her character because by giving her final moments to her abuser it negates her personal accomplishments and life’s work to be defined by her own terms. (Seriously, go read @lindowyn‘s write up on this point. She really explains it so much more poignantly.) As I go through the discourse on the topic, it really seems to me that many people who do not have an experience with abuse are unable to understand the many varied viewpoints of those who do.

Again, I’m not implying that the studio is PURPOSEFULLY making all these swipes at women and the abused. The point I am trying to impress on people is that by continuing to add in these types of last minute storytelling devices, they are latently perpetuating harmful messages in our media that are, in my view, completely unnecessary.

Novak: “I will always remember April 2012 as the month when I lost my beloved grandfather Vlada, who meant a lot to me. He was a really important part of my life and I can still feel his presence every day, no matter where I am. Those were some really tough days for me… but then, this amazing new family was born! All of you acted as one, sending me your kind and positive messages, as if you knew exactly how I felt and gave me comfort when I needed it the most. In that moment I lost part of my family, but I also gained a whole new one… That’s when we became Nole Family and when our #NoleFam saw light of day.

Throughout the years I fought hard, always believing in myself, and you were always there to have my back, no matter what. It seems that we have never been just a fan group… From day one #NoleFam was connected by a special team energy, as #TeamDjokovic, which was and remains my valuable source of energy on- and off-court. You were always beside me, standing strong and always ready to give advice, comfort and praise in every given situation.

You have never allowed that any important date passes by unnoticed, not a single holiday, nor achievement… You were there every step of the way, no matter how hard it was. I really don’t know whether all fan groups function that way, but I know for sure that this feels a lot like being part of one big family.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you! I am blessed to have you by my side and happy as ever for having such an amazing people and extraordinary friends around me.

You know me so well and remember even the things I tend to forget about myself… and then you remind me and make me laugh, just like that. And I know also so many things about you… I know about your challenges, your small and big fights, your exams, your employment, your disappointments… I know where you are from and how much you support not only me, but also each other. And I want that the whole world get to know you, my dear #NoleFam! I want to introduce you to everybody, one by one, and show who and how amazing you are… so others can gain confidence to step up together and support one another in sport and life.

Because of all this, today we are starting with the #MeetNoleFam project.”


“Caged Hearts” ch.5

Hey people, guess what? I am not dead! Sorry for the LONG wait, school intership and tests killed me without any mercy… but ehy, I’m back now and stronger than before (I guess?). In the next days I will post the third chapter of “The Forbidden Fruit”, don’t worry about it. Enjoy this chapter!

This AU belong to @king-branch, credits to them.

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happy birthday kia!! i hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with all the pizzas you can ask for. 

here’s tewi with some cake (it’s safe i promise… this is a prank-free zone for today)


these past few days have really gotten to me… is it bad that I believe what the anons said about me were true… at this point I feel like you all do hate me and I am a disgrace to the community.. I really am a nobody here…everything I say or do is terrible… i think they’re right, maybe it’s best just to go once and for all….

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A question about God... if He is all-loving and all-knowing, then why is there suffering in the world? In the past five years alone I've been diagnosed with a cancer that rendered me infertile, lost a close friend to suicide, and was raped by someone that I trusted... I really wish I could believe in God and follow His teachings but I struggle to understand how He wold let all these things happen. Heavy question I know but I'm curious to hear your thoughts... all best xxx

Hello dear soul,

I wanted to start by saying that I really appreciate your question, you sharing your story, and your honesty! There is nothing I can say that could make the pain you feel disappear. However, there is a real explanation for why there is suffering in the world. It is because we are living in a world that is under the dominion of sin. Ever since Adam and Eve sinned, by disobeying God and eating the forbidden fruit, things were not how God intended. Of course, God is all knowing and all powerful, so He knew this choice would be made. However, God gave Adam and Eve (and us as well) the ability to have free will, and make our own choices (i.e. choose to sin or choose faith in Him). Because Adam and Eve chose sin, every human after them was/is born into sin. We have a natural tendency towards sinfulness and things not of God. Sin has infiltrated every aspect of our human experience on earth (aka why there is sickness, death, natural disasters, etc). In following God, we are able to give up our natural sinfulness and take on the righteousness of Christ as our own. Christians living in the world are never immune to sin or its consequences (no matter who’s fault it is), until they go on to be with the Lord. Ultimately, we can’t know exactly why God allows specific things to happen. I imagine that maybe we will know when we get to heaven. In my mind, it is too cliche to say “everything happens for a reason” or “God knows what he is doing”, and that just doesn’t seem all too helpful. However, we can know that God is in the process of restoring humanity and He will come again to make all things right. In Revelation, we are told that “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away”. I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that. Please message me again any time and let me know if you have any questions.