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And  would love to tell you, what happened this year.

Swapped Nick and Judy was happened! With the help of @thedarkshadow1990

I could not believe back then, that the story would be that popular (! omg, i am really impressed) 


This guys are also happenned!!!! 

Molly Pigson’s name was created by an awesome @nekomimiranger


My dear friends. Without them, these guys were not real…

Love you, @cloudyloudy @nekomimiranger @pyrophoricitee @ihavewaytoomanyproblems @trashasaurusrex @andyourteeth @fox-comics @crewefox 

And Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really love all of you!!!! 

Hope In Faith

“Hope In Faith”

I long for hope that burns inside of me
Because there are so many things that I’ve never seen
So many places that I’ve never been
Wondering when will my life truly begin?

This hope I long for that burns inside of me
Is the cause and reason for me to believe
In all the things I’ve known and everything I have
For things can never really be that bad.

This hope I have is what pushes me foward
Slightly northward and around the corner
Its what gets me by each and every day
Because you never know what tomorrow may convey

You never really know what the future holds
Some days are bronze while others are gold
You never really know what tomorrow brings
Every darkened Winter will have a new day in Spring

You never really know what new friends you’ll meet
Or what old friends you fought with may come back and greet
The calendar repeats with all the same dates
But that doesn’t mean you can’t change your fate

We all hope for something; its what keeps us alive
Hope is the driving force that gets us to try
Hope for love, or money, or friends
Hope is what pushes us in the end

But without faith there is no hope
We put our hope in faith to help us cope
Whatever you believe in; believe in it still
Never lose faith nor sign off your will

Faith is like love; you can’t see it, but it’s there
You can’t touch it, taste it, smell it, but you know its in the air
You can only feel it deep inside your heart
You either believe or you don’t, but not always from the start

And if you believe in nothing, there’s still something to be said
At least you are living and those thoughts are in your head
If a lack of faith in something is enough to get you by
Then don’t deny there’s nothing because that nothing makes you try

I still can’t believe this. My hands was shaking when i heard the news. Everything went blank. I couldn’t process the news in my head.

My dream is to meet you guys one day and tell you guys how helpful you are to me, how you’ve helped me going through depression, how much you really mean to me.

My hope, my dreams are all crushed right now. I can’t think clearly.

I couldn’t sleep last night. Had the Linkin Park songs on repeat. Trying to figure out if your song is actually a cry for help, or it’s just a song.

The way u sang “Sorry For Now” made me cry like a freaking baby last night.

“And I’ll be sorry for now
That I couldn’t be around
Sometimes things refuse
To go the way we planned
Oh I’ll be sorry for now
That I couldn’t be around
There will be a day
That you will understand
You will understand”

I really hope that one day i will understand why u did this to us, and i want to understand.

Rest in peace my idol, you’ll always be in my special place in my heart. I will never forget you. Goodnight and rest well, my angle :)

RIP Chester Bennington

I’m going to get soppy on you.

For months, we’ve been privy to certain spoilers about the shows and even with knowing how things would end, it’s hard to believe we are actually getting a chance of endgame on TO as well. It most certainly was a win on TVD, that letter meant Caroline and Klaus would reestablish contact and we are going to get to see it unfold. I’m not saying it will be perfect, but I am saying that after all this time in Azkaban, we are really getting scenes with the IN THE SAME FUCKING PLACE.

This fandom has gone through ups and downs and I can honestly say I’m stronger for it. The level to which we’ve endured disappointment is heartbreaking, see: Caroline mention dropped in TO in S2. 

We’ve had cast and crew ridicule us for our passion. Antis have never stopped telling us to leave, but here we are. Sure, they make fun of us for however long it takes, but in the end, we are getting it.

I’m blessed to be in this fandom with such amazing writers, artists, bloggers etc who’ve KEPT US ALIVE. Where would we be without them?? You’re all wonderful for dedicating your time to this ship and this fandom! I’m so grateful to all of you for helping me find a place in this world, I might not have known what I was doing with my life(and still don’t) but I always had Klaroline and the fandom.

Please don’t mistake this post as naive and not knowing exactly what Julie is doing. She wants this season to do well and she’s out of cards to play. I’m going to take what I can get and I hope you’ll join me on this journey<3


Myan Week Day Seven: “Romance”

“Unconditional love really exists in each of us. It is part of our deep inner being. It is not so much an active emotion as a state of being. It’s not “I love you” for this or that reason, not “I love you if you love me.” It’s love for no reason, love without an object. “ -Ram Dass 

I can’t believe I actually pulled it off this week. It’s been a blast this week and I am so grateful for all of the support. Happy Myan Week! 

Incorrect Hijack Quote No. 281

Stoick: Do you want to know how I really injured my wrist?

Jack: YES

Stoick: I was Hula Hooping. Valka and I attend a class for fitness and fun.

Jack: Ohmygod

Stoick: I’ve mastered all the moves: the pizza toss, the tornado, the night fury, the oopsie doodle.

Jack: Why are you telling me this?

Stoick: Because no one will ever believe you

Jack: Oh you sick son of a bitch

  • McCree: Hun! Get over here, I need you to lift something with me!
  • Hanzo: I can't I'm uh... Sick!
  • McCree: Oh really?
  • Hanzo: Yes it's very bad.
  • McCree: Well maybe we should go to the hospital then, hm?
  • (Intense staring)
  • (Later)
  • McCree: I can't believe you.
  • Hanzo: Whatever do you mean?
  • Mercy: Well we can't find anything wrong with you. Are you sure you feel as bad as you say?
  • Hanzo: (Well, you talked yourself in. The only thing left to do is talk myself deeper)
  • Hanzo: I'm absolutely sure.
  • McCree: Oh great lord.
nct camp half blood!au [taeyong]

• son of hades, god of the underworld, riches and the dead
• probably the most emo boy you will ever meet
• tries to stay away from the camp and people because he’s like I am trouble I bring death and destruction and i can’t be near any humans ever
• because he’s convinced he’s the reason his mother died
• and he only stops believing It after he talks to his dad who explains the entire demigod thing to him and helps TY realise he is a good person
• he still thinks he’s the worst all because of the hades kid stereotype that exists
• but he’s actually really sweet and just wants to help
• and starts to realise he is not even close to a monster when he’s attending camp for a while thanks to his friends
• besides looking like the definition of an emo and thinking everything bad that’s ever happened is his fault TY is not at all like a typical hades child

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Pls tell me more about Steve and Bucky in the infinity war footage!!!

Oh God I’m gonna try my best!!! I was like screaming my head off and shutting my eyes and they only played it once so it’s like in bursts lmao

BUT OK BUCKY APPEARS FIRST. I BELIEVE HE WAS IN A ROOM. PROFILE ONLY. He’s scruffy, not completely clean faced BUT he has long hair! I’m pretty sure we don’t see him from the waist down at all, or at least i don’t remember it. They show a LOT at ONCE and really fact so it’s not ideal when you’re trying to focus on one character.


now STEVE oHHHHH my GOD he comes out of the shadows in a SLEEK BLACK SHINY ASS SUIT. his suit does NOT have a star on it anymore so i think that he MIIIIIIIGHT (spoiler) BE NOMAD. he has a beard and long hair but not long like how he has it ow but enough for him to do a flip/kick and for his hair to flip and flop on his head lmao

now who’s cap if steve is already nomad??? IDK bc i don’t remember seeing bucky from the waist down and the falcon’s suit looked the exact same from that short clip they showed of him doing the falcon kick (yeah you know which one)sn

it’s not much different than what everyone else has reported to seeing last week BUT that’s what I saw and my take on it!

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What are your top 3 Falsettos fics? Like, if you could only read three falsettos fics for the rest of your life, what would they be?

1. The End of All Our Exploring by Epigone

    Summary:  He believes that what patterns really refer to is the phenomenon where you know the end from the behavior of the beginning. And he’s never had much interest in seeing anything through to the end.
Or, Falsettos: The Lost Entr'acte.

     Literally the best fic ever??? Of all time??? I have reread this so many times, I’ve memorized it by heart. It’s just so good and the characterization is perfect and it’s one of the oldest fics in the fandoms and it is REQUIRED reading if you’re into falsettos.


2. portrait of a family by jasondean

    Summary: Snapshot. Title: Tight-Knit Family. Pictured: Seven no-longer lonely people.

    This is so well-written and I’m in love with the concept bc it’s so original and the characterization is on point and it makes me want to cry every time.


3. Of Racquets and Leather Jackets by snofugl

    Summary:  Two years have passed, but can lost time be made up for under a time limit?

   Do you want to laugh and cry for 45k words? The characterization is amazing and the writing is so good and there are parts in here that make me swoon and then others that make me really sad and it’s just wow. Good stuff.


Yeah, those are the long ones that have always really stuck out to me personally, but there are a lot of amazing fics out there in the fandom just look in the falsettos tag of ao3 and start binge-reading all of them like I did.

Stranger on the Couch- John Laurens x Reader

Requested by anon

A/N: Don’t ask me what this ending is because I don’t know.

“So, this is my place!”

The young woman looked around, smiling. “I can’t believe we’ve been dating for almost a year and I’m only now seeing your apartment.”

John shrugged. “The old place was a dump, all of us hated it. But this is roomier, five bedrooms, we really scored on it.”

She nodded, her face lighting up with excitement. “I love it here! Are your roommates home?”

“I wouldn’t bring you here if they were home,” John said softly. He wiggled his eyebrows, making her laugh. “Okay, here’s the living room. Want to watch TV?”

“If I say ‘yes’, are we going to watch whatever I want?”

John pulled her down on the couch next to him. “On second thought, I have a much better plan.”

John crashed his lips against hers, his hands quickly moving around her waist. She did the same, kissing back with as much passion as he had.

She pulled away and raised an eyebrow. “You’re that unwilling to watch my favorite show?”

“I’d rather do this anyway,” he admitted, kissing her nose affectionately before resuming their position from before.

She tangled her fingers in his curls, currently pulled back in a ponytail, and gasped as he put his tongue in her mouth. She pulled away again.

“We’re doing this in the living room?”

He shrugged and flashed her a smile. “Nobody’s home, my room’s tiny, the couch is the most comfortable thing in the world- where else would we do it?”

“You make a good point, sir,” she teased, capturing his top lip in hers. The kiss was more passionate than ever before, their tongues fought for dominance. She pulled off his shirt slowly, interrupting the kiss for a moment, before exploring his chest, pulling him closer against her.His fingers moved under her shirt and began to travel upwards until a voice interrupted them.


The girl looked up with a start and pulled away from John, wiping her mouth. She turned bright red. “John, you didn’t tell me you had company?”

Lafayette raised his eyebrows. “Company? Something you’d like to tell us, mon ami?”

John shifted on the couch, looking down, his face pink. “Um- hey, guys, you weren’t supposed to come home for a while.”

“Home?” the girl asked, still red. “These are your roommates?”

“Yep,” John replied awkwardly. “Um, these are Laf, Herc, and Alex. Guys, this is, uh, my friend-”

Herc interrupted with a smirk. “Friend?”

“Girlfriend,” she corrected, narrowing her eyes at Laurens, who nodded uncomfortably.

“Yeah, uh, this is my girlfriend, Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you,” Y/N said softly, playing with the hem of her shirt and pulling it down. “Um, I’m Y/N- well, you know that, but um- hi?”

Laf walked over and took her hand, kissing the back of it. She turned even redder. “Bonjour. I’m Lafayette.”

“Hercules Mulligan,” another said, also kissing her hand. The shortest sauntered over, a huge grin on his face.

“Alexander Hamilton.” he kissed her knuckles and turned to John. “Laurens, you never told us you had such a lovely girlfriend- I would have stolen her before you could get her!”

“You say after catching us making out,” Y/N deadpanned. John turned even redder when Alex’s eyes wandered to his bare chest, his smirk growing.

“Oh, crap, don’t look!”

Y/N smiled and squeezed his hand. “If it helps, you have a very nice chest.”

John groaned. “Not really.”

Hercules shook his head. “I swear, the movie gets canceled for unknown reasons, then we come home and John is shirtless on the couch with a stranger. This has to be the weirdest day I’ve ever had.”

“Not counting the pretzel incident,” Lafayette added. John’s face hardened and he turned to Laf with a serious expression.

“We don’t talk about the pretzel incident.” 

Request Something  Masterlist  Thank you for reading!


It is late and it is raining. Pitter-pat on the top of the tile of the café down the corner. I had gone there looking for a quiet place where to write. The house seemed oppressive these days. Too many memories enclosed in such a small space seems to fill my brain with endless static. Hard to come up with anything more than a blinking cursor in an empty computer page. Anyway I guess it was good for me to be out and about and the coffee here was pretty good even if I had been sitting here for over an hour and had not written really anything. My editor would be thrilled, I was sure! Fast approaching fifty and divorced with bills to pay I had to get my act together soon, I knew. Have you ever seen those scenes in movies where everything seems to go into slow motion? Well, I always thought it was gross exaggeration or preposterous delusion to get suckers to believe in all that romance crap they sell to starry-eyed teenagers that don’t know what love is really like except for the tiny fact that it was happening to me right now! I mean you don’t exactly know when you are gonna be pole-axed by the universe but definitely I didn’t see this one coming when I walked out the door of my townhouse this afternoon.

It was her laughter. Damn! It had always been her laughter ever since that day 30 years ago when I meet her. She was laughing like that right now. The moment I heard that throaty bubbling champagne that seemed to fill the room I lifted my head and like a heat seeking missile was locked on her face. All of the sudden time seemed to stop. She was coming through the door and the ringing bells that signal the entrance of new customers seem to also herald her entrance back into my life. Her black hair still worn long though I could see the silver strands that now graced her hair. Still the same soft looking mahogany skin and though I was sitting too far away to see if there were any wrinkles lining that face I used to know better than my own. Her deep brown eyes still glowing when she laughed. Why had I ever let her go? I hadn’t thought about her in so many years and yet one glimpse and my dumb heart forgot its serene dignity acquired with the platina of age and it started to beat like a teenagers’ again. Hoping I had remembered to take my blood pressure pills this morning I couldn’t help but stare.

Out of all the coffee houses I could’ve walked to drink this coffee and I had to walk into this one. Marissa hadn’t wanted to get her hair wet. Claimed that hairstylist god Roberto would have her hide if she got her hair wet after her perm so she dragged me by the hand into this coffee house she claimed served the best coffee west of Manhattan. Marissa was telling me about the latest antics of Sara, her grandchild of two, who thought it was a good idea to stick up marbles up her sleeping brother’s nose when  there he was, sitting in the corner booth, his blond hair falling in disarray on that forehead of his. Glasses now graced those blue eyes of his; funny I didn’t remember his eyes being so blue. He was a famous author now, Alex Cross. I confess I had read his books. He was talented, so talented. I knew it back then and now everyone knew it. I know he had recently gotten divorced. I had read something in the paper, a brief one paragraph article in the entertainment section of the Sunday paper. At the time I thought it was so sad that a whole 20 years of life can be summed up and buried in one paragraph! I mourned for him because more than anything I had always wanted him to be happy, even if it was not with me! I had made my life too, after him. Although at the time I swear I thought the pain would never end but it did in a certain way. It kind of subsided from a sharp stabbing pain to a permanent kind of ache, the kind that hits you when you have broken a bone and it is cold. You don’t know when it will hit but you know it will, sooner or later.

I was a grandma now! Yes, I had been married to a wonderful man that had made me happy, given me a home, and three wonderful children who had their own children now. He was gone now.  Michael´s life cut short by an aggressive form of brain cancer. Three months after diagnosis he was gone. I am glad he didn´t suffer much. He had been a wonderful husband and a doting father, yet can you truly forget your first love? I always felt guilty that I still thought about Alex from time to time. We meet when we were so young. Two snotty-nosed kids fresh out of high school with dreams of changing the world. He was dirt-poor and attending college on a scholarship. I was from a wealthy family but we couldn´t care less; we were so in love. He had always been so focused, driven one might even say. Had even known he had wanted to become a writer back then while I had no clue as to what I wanted to be. I still remember the first time I saw him. He was standing in his jeans and T-shirt with a glass of beer in his hand and he was staring at me. I had been laughing at my roommate Jill’s jokes and had the grace to blush when I saw him staring at me. Jill introduced us and it was, and I know this will sound corny, but it was kind of like of magic; an instant connection, like we had known each other all of our lives. We talked all night and by morning we knew we were in love. I can still remember our whirlwind romance. It seem we couldn’t get enough of each other. That feeling of first love when you feel like anything and everything is possible!

   Adriana, Adriana, why did I ever let you go? I was so poor and so insecure back then. When your father came to see me late that night to convince me to let you go why didn’t I just shut the door in his face and tell him to go to hell? I remember the feeling of utter defeat and loss that came over me as he left. You had been awarded a prestigious internship in England with one of the most famous biochemist in the world but you refused to go because you didn’t want to leave me. You hadn’t even told me about it. You didn’t want me to feel bad, your father explained, because you had turned it down!

“Please”, he pleaded,” you need to let her go so she can have a shot of becoming everything she can be in life. You know how brilliant she is. Are you willing to let her give that up for you? What can you offer her that can substitute that?  She will only resent you later. You know she won’t go if you guys stay together. You know how stubborn she can be! She won’t listen to me! “

Yes, I knew I had to let you go. I couldn’t offer you anything back then. I knew someday I would be able to but that time was not now. I knew that the only way to let you go was to break your heart. So the next day, when you saw me kissing Jane, it was not that you had caught me infraganti. It had been planned. That day I broke both of our hearts though you never knew.

When your eyes caught mine I automatically stood up. You waved and smiled and came to stand in front of the table. I could see now that not even thirty years of time could mar your incredible beauty.


She blushes. Oh my God, how I loved it when she blushed. I still do.

“Hi!” Damn what was wrong with me? Only a miserable hi after waiting for this moment for thirty years?

“It’s been a long time, Alex”

I swear no one could say my name like her. The sound of it on her lips pure adrenaline that always accelerated my heartbeat

“Yes, it has Adriana. It has been too long”

I grabbed the hand she offered and turned it around and brought it to my lips and kissed her delicately on her wrist. She had always loved that. I could feel the subtle smell of her perfume in my nostrils mixed with the wonderful scent of her skin. It brought back the memories of all of those nights we spent naked, wrapped in each other’s arms. Her skin so delicate I could feel her jittery pulse under my lips. She quickly pulled her hand back as if stunned. Yes, it hadn’t only been me who felt the electricity. Maybe this time around things would be different and life would give us a fighting chance. The people who we were back then and who we were now may be different but I knew without a doubt that this time around I would not let her go, not without one hell of a fight!


Chapter 9: Love Buzz (Part II)

V took a moment to digest that gruesome piece of literature. She had, of course, read the story of Lycaon, but she never suspected there was any truth in it. Gods? Curses? Wolves? Shaking her head she repeated her scepticism to Riley, ‘That’s bullshit. Are you telling me there are angels and Greek gods as well? Doesn’t that kinda oppose each other?’

Riley chuckled. He was steering his car toward the back of the hospital, trying to find a good parking spot. ‘Does it? How do Greek deities oppose angels?’

‘Uhm… One is pagan, the other Christian? Duh.’

‘Oh, my. Are you operating under the impression that only one faith is valid?’ He looked at her in mock horror. ‘No! You can’t be a orthodox! I liked you!’

‘I’m not anything. But how can you really believe all the gods are true. If they are, Yahweh can’t be the one true God, which would basically mean his existence is futile and based on a lie.’

‘It’s not futile for more than 2 billion people,’ he pointed out. ‘And aren’t we all based on some kind of a lie? I was told a big crow descended upon my mother one late evening and dropped me into her hands.’

‘So… you think you’re a god.’

Riley snorted, pulling it up to the curb at last and turning to face her with a challenging smile. ‘Few millennia ago, a guy with great power, capable of turning himself into a wolf? Sure. I would be a hit! I mean, Mammon was, and that bloke isn’t half as handsome as me!’ She glared at him and he sighed. ‘Look, you’re pretty much idolising these guys. Maybe it’s the connotations of this word we keep using for them: gods. In fact, they are exactly like me. Daemons who were so powerful back in their days they inspired the mortals to create legends and songs about them. Now they stay famous depending on how much they exploited their worshippers.’

‘Are you saying gods are just mortals that became infected with some demon disease?’

‘Not at all. We have druids, fairies, various kind of supernatural folk. Take Apollo. That sucker used to be an angel! Then he Fell to earth and used his looks to find a place among the Olympians. It was pretty smart of him. As a fallen angel he would never be this adored.’

‘I feel sick,’ she said out of the blue.

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Ashley just called his 13 year old sister a horrible person and acts like everything's cool? Shit like that why it's hard to buy into. Every single one of those Tommos is really loyal, supportive and protective. If this were real, they would have cussed her out in private to the point where she never commented on their shit again. Or they would have full on blocked. I just can't believe a scenario where they all collectively shrug this girl off for the sake of appearances.

Oh yeah, if you think they wouldn’t have them all blocked by now… 


Axl is strolling through the crowds, trying to find some cosplayers to take some selfies with, when a lady walking past in a Twi’Lek costume catches his eye. He hears himself gasp in awe and tries not to fanboy out loud too much. He takes a deep breath and tries to coolly approach her.

Axl: “Excuse me? Uhmmm…hi?”

The girl turns around and looks at him curiously. Oh my goodness it’s her, it’s really, really her!

Amiyah: “Hi there! Can I help you?”

Axl: “You…you’re Amiyah Calhoun! It really is you! I follow all of your cosplay photos on Simstagram and I really love your stuff! I can’t believe it’s you in person! Oh Sim Gods! I -”

Amiyah starts to giggle as Axl’s eyes widen in horror at how much he has spoken. He fanboyed too hard!

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Okay this is embarassing but I really love your art so much. It inspires me and wants me to improve my art style too. I don't know how you do it but you always manage to make them look so natural and realistic. It all has such a sensual feel to it. I really admire your skills. Like I cant even begin to explain how much. Your art makes me experience feelings like happiness just by looking at it and that's so astonishing. So thank you for making me smile and for sharing your art with the world.

i’m really glad if i can inspire you, as many have inspired me! afjk i can’t believe my art can make you feel that,, but i really do put a lot of love into them. thank you so much for liking my art !

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au where x6 gets away from the grasp of the institute and begins developing his identity separate from them. what do you think his fav places to visit would be? fav hobbies?

That is not an AU that is an absolute canon, I can’t believe we canonically save all the coursers from the Institute’s grasp and all the good Institute scientists wow! Fallout 4 Good Ending.

I like to take from @mundanesalad​‘s really cute and Blessed fic that he likes Nordhagen beach and generally coast and fishing towns even though he is afraid of water. In my personal story he hangs out in Sanctuary with everyone else however and he loves going around with my Sole to explore old Pre-War places, especially if there is pre-war technology involved. He loves science and engineering and probably in the Institute broke few rules to look through terminals and into microscopes, so he would love looking through pre-war logs and machinery and why they were made, how backwards or advanced they are compared to the Institute’s and also if they can be fixed and reused for better things.

Also I am sure he likes repairing broken things like the projector at the Starlight Drive in which he wants to use for some advanced holographic projections but ends up watching heartwarming movies once he gets it to work. Probably helps synth!Shaun build weapons too or pretends to be the “beta” tester for Shaun’s laser guns. 

He also likes slightly ominous and creepy places because he likes the adrenaline from exploring them and most of the time he is not scared of the supernatural. MOST of the time.  

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Do you or your followers have any center peice ideas for a 5.5 gallon betta tank? I was thinking a glass sculpture or large crystal. But I would like some input or ideas. And any pictures would be amazing. I am having a horrible time trying to be creative. I'm planning to get black sand and some live plants. I would like something that would look nice against that. I just need some creative help. Thanks in advance. My fish has a black head that fades to blue on his body and fins if that helps.

tank decorating is always so much fun! *3* People use glasses and jars as hides and tank decor so i think doing glass scultptures for decor would be really cool! This post might help you in the crystal department tho :)

- I believe that quartz is aquarium safe so that’d be cool as a centerpiece :) (please double check tho, because not all types of quartz formations may be safe)
- you could do a color-themed tank :p i can’t find the pics (sorry <33) but there was a lady on one of the betta FB groups that had glass centerpieces in her tank, and the rest of the tank matched her figurine :) (e.g. yellow + blue glass angelfish: black substrate, blue and yellow silk plants, dark blue hides, etc.) maybe you could find some glass nature-related stuff since you’re doing a planted tank? like some trees or a lil house or glass mountains or something?
- if you wanna do something a bit more out there maybe use this glass head but attach moss and give him some hair? lay him sideways for a cool big hide? then do plants all around him? kind of like a fallen statue or something ^-^
- you could use glass figurines to create a scene too :p you could get some glass horses or unicorn in an ‘enchanted forest’ type dealio :3 (some deer for your enchanted forest … there’s probably castle decor you could add too! i think petco has a line of small-dragon decor, but it’d be cool to find a large dragon as your centerpiece!)
- you could take this octopus or this octopus and do something ocean themed! like with glass sea shells + glass fish + those glass jellyfish things or add in some sunken ship decor in the middle or find some fake reef decor or something?
- a big sea shell would make a cool centerpiece too~
- this starfish is rly cute, it belongs on the list
- i always like to see tea set tanks! i found some glass tea cups at goodwill and cleaned them up…i think a glass teapot would probably be 10-15$ so i wanna do that at some point :3 and have plants growing out of the pot and cups n stuff~ (these teeny tiny lil glass teapots are so cute!)
- you could do a garden-themed tank :3 with glass bugs + your plants in terra cotta pots :) you could do real aquatic plants + fake flowers (silk flowers, but glass flowers are also neato af) and maybe use one of the pots like a hide? :3
- i’m not sure if ceramic is aquarium-safe (or if certain glazes are / are not) but there are some awesome planters / ceramic decor that could be cool too :p
- there are so many cool glass figurines…i’ve gone down a rabbit hole ._. i’m just gonna make a list now….
- this shark, this shark , this shark-ray creature
- this orca
- this flying pig
- cool cat
- an otter
- a giant glass banana

if y’all have any ideas, please share!!

stravinskvs  asked:

i've done nothing all day except eat lemon ice cream and watch the hollywood reporter actor round table videos on youtube and then CRY because i want 2 be an experienced actor too but anyway what im trying to say is happy birthday !! ily and thank u for !! existing !! im so happy 2 have u as a Presence in my life like tysm

a) youre such a genuinely memorable person to me, a stranger who is rarely actually even logged into this hellsite, that like??? i Believe in you okay you’re going to Do Things

b) i mean that really sincerely

c) i ate a lemon shortbread cookie like ten minutes ago i feel like…..this would matter to you as much as it did to me