all i need to make me laugh is this program

Poem Inspired by a Prince

I was inspired to write a poem after somebody said Prince Roman wasn’t necessary for Thomas to function. I’d argue he is. It’s free-verse because I have no patience. Pretty sure this isn’t what my tag list signed up for but I’m putting them here anyways.

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Do you feel that




It riles up in my chest and
Burns with the brightness of
A thousand shattered romances

And then it’s cold.

You say it’s unnecessary.
You say I can survive without
It’s sweet unforgiving embrace.

But I need it.

I need to feel and run and chase
And break.

I need it more than I’d ever say.

Where would I be without it?

Would I be a man?
Would I be a person?
Would I be a human without it?

Just a shell.

A survivor.

An animal.

A program

That’s not living.
That’s not human.

I need to be more.
I need to be hurt.
I need that burning cold fire
That you bring
That claws at my chest and
Reaches for the stars.

To create and dream
To love my own eyes, my own mind
And long for the embrace of another.
To reach for the unknown
And laugh in the face of death
To dream so high I’m broken into
A million shiny pieces.

You did that all to me.

My hope
My longing
My originality
My creative streak.

You make me more.
You make me complete.
You make me human.

And I need that so much.

To be
To know I am
To dream of more.

Isn’t that what you’re all about?

Not Just a Number in a Book

Zayn distracts Liam, Liam makes an arse of himself, and Zayn can’t speak Spanish. (Chapter Two of So Take Me to the Paradise in Your Eyes, a Fetus Uni AU) (one[read it on ao3]

(Thank you @starboyhaz for helping me with what to put in this chapter when I was needing a bit of inspiration)

“Sooooo,” Zayn starts, a half smile forming on his lips as he sits on one side of the picnic table. “Liam, it’s nice to meet you. Officially, I guess.”

Liam jerks his hand out awkwardly, all too aware as Zayn’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise at the motion. Still, he shakes his hand, gripping tightly for a moment. “Same to you,” Liam responds, still feeling too formal, not acting like he should be. He closes his eyes for half a second to mentally set himself up to try again. “Not just a number in a book anymore.” Or a wrong picture in a book, either.

They both nod at each other for a moment, a heavy silence between the two of them. Zayn stares at Liam, obviously trying to size him up while Liam does the same to Zayn. He must be alright with what he sees, because, well, he doesn’t run away screaming. In fact, after a moment,  Zayn even laughs before he says, “No, I’m a real person in the flesh.” He grins at Liam, waiting to make sure that Liam will grin back before he adds, “That is, unless I’m just a hologram here from the future.” Zayn raises one eyebrow mysteriously, and Liam can’t help it: he leans down, moving his arm forward to attempt to swipe at him.

And, yeah, that’s one way to break the ice. It’s like Liam only has two modes: thinking too much, or not thinking at all. He’s apparently switched from the first to the second before he can even blink. Thanks, Zayn.

“Hey!” Zayn wriggles away from Liam, looking shocked but laughing nonetheless.

“I don’t know,” Liam chuckles, looking amused. “You seem pretty solid to me.”

Zayn crosses his arms. “Fine,” he faux pouts. “But I can still help you. I just won’t have Google programmed into me or anything.” He watches Liam’s reaction, making sure he laughs before asking, “So, you’re only one day in and you’re already needing help?”

Before Liam can respond, he’s continuing quickly, eyebrows furrowing in worry as if just realizing what he’s doing. “Also, is it alright to sit outside? Or do you want me to try to find a spot inside the building? Sorry, I should’ve asked before I just sat somewhere and–” Zayn forces himself to trail off.

In response, Liam nods quietly, already moving his hand to the back of his neck to rub at it. He sits down on the opposite side quickly so that he can avoid eye contact with the other boy. “This is fine.” He forces a smile. “Good, I mean.” He breathes out, knowing he should also respond to the first part of Zayn’s question, but all the same not wanting to. “And, I–err–umm…” He gulps, trying not to say the truth: that his roommate thought he should text him, because he was–well, he thought–was someone else. “I’ve always been really bad at geography.”

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I am pretty sure I am breathless. This episode was so good for so many reasons:
- Directed by the wonderful Salli, which is an amazing woman and I admire her so much.
- The case was interesting (honestly? More than last week’s episode)
- We got to know something about Maggie’s backstory, and I’m happy they didn’t forget she was a CIA assassin before the NSA. 
- FISHER AND MAGGIE? Guys, I want everyone to be happy so if they want each other, why not? Though Fishy should really work on his relationships, tbh. 
- Ivy. I wanna believe Ivy is trying to help the Stitchers program even though the last scene was ambiguous. I hope she hacked into Linus’ account to help them, not to give Stinger all the info he needs.
- Aww, Camanda scene was so cute. I knew they were gonna make up anyway but seeing it on screen is always worth it. 
- “Talk dirty to me” “I’ve got an oxytocin filter”
GUYYYS THEY MADE IT, THEY GOT TO THAT POINT. Remember when we all wondered when it was gonna happen? The scene was super sweet, I like that they showed her little laugh too because I think that’s the purest form of love and sdfidsvsuhvfsdhubs do I have words? NAH. But I’m gonna rewatch it just to memorize every single frame. 

Rant’s over. AHHHH.

yong is the best leader in the history of group leaders y'all can fight me over that she takes care of her three grown up kids so well and makes sure that they are okay and endures all the bullying but if needed she kicks their asses so they get with the program and I just :/// shes so kind and warmhearted and i literally just want her to be happy always and that we will never stop hearing her pretty laugh

Can I give you some advice?

Hi, I’m Gabby from the Free Roaming Feline Program in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and I know all about problems. I was saved from hoarders when I was a kitten! So you know I’ll be able to help you figure out all your human challenges - if, that is, you adopt me!

I’m 18 months old, obviously an awesome conversationalist, and very good at sympathetic looks (see photo) and making reassuring chirping sounds.

I also know just when to play with my toys and do my acrobatics and let you tickle my tummy when you need to laugh. I’m VERY smart about people!

I not only am great with humans of all ages, but also with dogs and other cats.

To talk to my foster mom about me, email

To get a Gabby Gold Star, reblog me!



Keep On

Keep On- Junior Doctor

Lately I’ve had a hard time trying to fall asleep and I’ve tried everything from medications all the way to counting sheep. I paced about my room in a desperate attempt to tire myself out physically, hoping that I’d be tired mentally soon as well. After the twentieth time or so walking around my room, I made my way to Phil’s room where I knew he would be fast asleep. I lay next to him and stare at the ceiling.

“Having trouble sleeping again?” Phil mumbled.

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Alright, so this is not a Part 2 to the ‘Pretty Steamy’ one, but it’s also wedding related and this will definitely have a second part (just because it’d be too long otherwise)

I hope you like it as much as the other one ; )

Your hand was shaking slightly as you offered the food, so you tried steadying the tray with your other hand.

When you had found out whose wedding the catering company you worked for was working today, you had needed a moment. But after giving Niall his first beer of the day and having him joke about how you two were probably gonna see a lot of each other tonight, it had been easier.

After an hour or so of bar duty, you and a colleague had swapped places and you had taken over food tray duty.

Now you were standing in front of Harry and Liam and tried your best not to show how nervous you were.

“Thanks, love, that looks delicious.”, said Liam, eyeing the tray, while his mom took a few appetizers off it. Harry’s eyes were hidden behind his sunglasses, but you were sure they were on you, as he asked: “You look familiar. Have we met before?”

You blushed profoundly and smiled awkwardly.

“I don’t think so.”, you squeaked, then turned away to offer food to the other guests. Sadly Harry didn’t let it go. Ten minutes later he came up to you and took the last few pieces off your tray.

“I’m sorry, but I could swear I have seen you before.”

“Well, maybe I just have a face like that, you know, one that always looks familiar.”

He took his shades off and his green eyes sparkled in the sun.

“Oh, trust me, it’s not. Your face is one in a million. You’re really pretty.”

You laughed and shook your head.

“Well, thanks. Excuse me, but I gotta go refill this.” And you left him standing there…again. Gosh, what was wrong with you. You used the need to refill, to swap with your colleague again and went back to working the bar. You only saw Harry again when the program inside the tent was about to start.

The groom greeted everyone and so did the bride, Louis’ mother, and thanked them all for coming. She looked gorgeous and was totally glowing. They both looked very happy. You smiled.

“They make a great couple, don’t they?”, said a familiar voice from beside you. You turned to find Harry leaning against the bar, grinning.

“Um, yeah, they do. What can I do for you?”, you asked, embarrassed.

“I take one martini with olives, please, and another champagne. Oh, and you could finally tell me how we know each other.”

“We don’t, I swear.”, you explained, while making the drinks.

“Why don’t I believe you?”, he grinned cheekily and that freaking dimple made your knees weak.

“I don’t know, maybe you’re just a very distrusting guy.”, you answered, putting the drinks in front of him.

“Nope, usually not.” You shrugged.

“Then maybe it’s just something about me that you find, um, fishy.”

He laughed and you smiled. Damn, were you actually flirting with Harry Styles? Crazy. Someone called his name and he took the drinks, but before turning away he said: “Trust me, before the night is over I will have found out how I know you.”

“Challenge accepted.”, you called after him and he laughed again.

In fifteen minute intervals he kept coming back to the bar, ordering something new each time. He flirted with you more and questioned you about your whereabouts on certain days. It was hilarious and somehow you forgot that you were talking to a famous Singer.

“Honestly, I think, you’re showing a bit too much cleavage for a wedding.”, you told him, your hands gripping the bar top.

“Hey, it’s hot outside and to be fair, in church I was actually buttoned up all the way. U-huh!”

You grinned. “Oh, well then I didn’t say anything.”

His chest leaned against the bar, his arms lay crossed on the top, only inches away from your fingers.

“Harold! Your speech, mate, come on!”, Louis called, coming over.

“To be continued.”, Harry told you and you chuckled and nodded. For a moment you played with the thought to just tell him how you knew each other, next time he came over, but then you shook your head. No, you couldn’t.


Tonight was senior awards night!!

I got so many awards. I can’t even believe it. I’m going to list them because I’m so proud of myself.

  • Top 10% in my class
  • 4.0 CPA
  • Departmental Award for Chinese
  • Departmental Award for 2D Art
  • IB Diploma Candidate
  • Astronomy Club President
  • Altair Award (for service and art)

I was on and off stage so many times!!! I was really surprised that I got the Altair award, because only 15 students got that. All this makes me super happy, I can’t even form coherent sentences a;sljdfalskdf

I was also really taken aback when I went on stage to get my departmental award for art, and they called my name out again for Chinese. I just looked around all confused. I saw my IB coordinator (with me in the last picture) and he just started laughing. I seriously can’t believe how many awards I got. 

I have to say that I never could have achieved so much without the literally endless support of my parents. They were there every step to check in on me, make sure I was doing okay, and seeing if I ever needed assistance or extra tutoring/help. My parents are freaking AMAZING - I really can’t say any more. 

I also have to add a heaping thanks to my amazing IB coordinator, Mr. Krueger. He was there since day 1 in the program. He puts a mind-boggling amount of time, effort and dedication into the IB program at my high school and has helped me tremendously. He was there every step of the way in my Extended Essay, Historical Investigation, college search, etc. etc. He’s also a huge Star Trek and Buffy nerd, and I love him for that. Probably my favorite teacher this year.

Of course it was amazing to see all my friends and peers get the recognition they deserve. It was so satisfying to see all of them succeed and get recognized! 

Tonight was a good night!!!