all i need to do is add sims and houses


So I just spent about three hours of my life building Packanack Lodge in the Sims 4 so that my Counselors had a place to live. XD I think it came out pretty well, myself, even if I had to add in a shower room to make it actually possible for sims to live there.

Haven’t put it up for public download yet, since I need to move out my Sims first, but I might do so at some point. :3 Now if only the game devs will give us a Part 4 map so I can build the Jarvis house for Tommy…

ask for a sim

Sims Requests

I’m going to open up some sims requests! Here’s a list of the things that I’ll need from you to perfect your lovely sim:

-Their Age

-Their Gender (both gender assigned at birth and gender they identify as if that applies to them. just so I can better capture them)

-any distinctive features you would like them to have (ie. “she has two diffrent color eyes”” he never wears blue “her nose is big and long “she hates being upset “)



-and then any other information you’d like to add

oh and if you all want i might do houses but im still un sure so ask and ill see what i can do .your sim or more should be done in a day or two 


I build a Mean Girls Treehouse a few days ago and really wanted to add a house to the treehouse so that my Sim child can Always play in her Treehouse with her friends.

I furnished the ground floor, still need to do 2nd floor and all of the landscaping, but I like home the house is comming along.

I wanted the house to blend in to the neighbourhood so I went with the Tudor style beacuase I am building in Windenburg.

Watch part 1 HERE

Watch the On Wednesday We Wear Pink Teehouse build HERE


A side-by-side comparison, just for kicks. I think this is the first time I’ve tried to rebuild one of my Sims 3 houses for Sims 4. It definitely made me miss some things about TS3, like that criss-cross fencing and all of the great custom doors (I so miss two-tile doors with sidelights! Like the ones from Uni Life - those were my favorite). I also miss those lovely TS3 skies. We really need a sky mod for TS4! :)

One thing I liked better about building the TS4 version, though, was that I could add the trim between the two stories without having to fake it with wallpaper. XD I could also do that barrel roof over the front door without using CC. And I could add white trim to the roofs without needing a custom roof texture.

Thank you for the lovely comments about this build, everyone! <3 Since it seems like there’s some interest, I’ll finish it up, furnish it, and upload it, hopefully in the next couple of days. There will be some CC required, though.

EXO Reaction to you creating them with you in ‘the Sims’

Requested by @irresistiblegravity I love this game and was actually playing it the other day xD Should I buy Sims 4? I have the 3 one but idk. 

Love, Admin A~

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“Hey… I think I need more muscle… no no add some muscle! Wait why are my ears so big!? I look like Yoda…. oh..”


*Starts trying on all his clothes* “I’ll wear this and you’ll make me with the same clothes? What do you mean you can’t?! I want this hat, should have style even in The Sims!”


*Sassy even in the game* “Let’s go visit our neighbors and make better relation with them by talking to them all day! Then let’s kiss and have a child!”


“Did you really… wait… you can build our house too? The way you want? Can we go shopping?!” *Becomes an addict*


“What do you think I’m doing? My sim is drawing so I should start developing some drawing skills too!” *Starts acting weird after his Sim seems to be good with learning new things*


“Does your girl do the same Lu? I even walked naked in front of her and she didn’t seem to notice.. She’s been on that game all week.. I’m starting to think the version of me with censorship when naked is better… aish!”


“You know what… no! We need a bigger house… I’ll draw it okay.. I took drawing class in High school.. and then you make it there. It has to be perfect if we want ten kids!”


*Seems more like the Sim than the actual Sim* “I won’t go to bed until you tell me! And come with me…..”


“Omg jagi… is this your way of telling me you want to have kids? Really? I mean.. we have like six in the game… I knew you wanted kids! Let’s start tonight!” 


“What is…. why am I here? When did I got my hair purple! Woah woah I’m a secret spy… and my name is Satansoo… what is this girl doing in her free time?”  *Looks like a spy seeing everything while you are away*


“I don’t get this.. how am I there and here at the same time? Didn’t think I could multiply… I’m cute tho.. am I an unicorn there too?”


“You know.. we could play The Sims like big bosses and build our own house… in real life… Don’t worry, we have the $uho Black Card!” *That’s how $uho plays xD*

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Tanner: Brody, how did you get in here? Not that I mind… welcome!

Brody: The door was unlocked… and do you have to be so happy all the time? Ha look at all these smiling pictures. Now I know what it’s like to have a house filled with smiles. 

Tanner: I need to take a picture and add you to the wall! 

Brody: No thanks…. Hi Priscilla… can’t say hi to your younger sibling?

Priscilla: Hi… I’m… I’m going to use the restroom.