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The Twilight Saga Meme: [2/3] Couples- Alice & Jasper

“She was there- expecting me, naturally.” He chuckled once. “She hopped down from the high stool at the counter as soon as I walked in and came directly toward me.”

“It shocked me.  I was not sure if she meant to attack. That’s the only interpretation of her behavior my past had to offer. But she was smiling. And the emotions that were emanating from her were like nothing I’d ever felt before.”

“’You’ve kept me waiting a long time,’ she said.”

I didn’t realize Alice had come to stand behind me again.

“And you ducked your head, like a good Southern gentleman, and said, ‘I’m sorry, ma’am.’” Alice laughed at the memory.

Jasper smiled down at her. “You held out your hand, and I took it without stopping to make sense of what I was doing. For the first time in almost a century, I felt hope.”

A super quick midlink i did yesterday since I had a super stressful morning and I needed something to help decompress and since I couldn’t stop thinking about them all morning thanks to pixiv recommending me pictures of Midna I decided to use them (m*´∀`)m I MISS THEM SO MUCH every time I’m reminded of them I cry a little. 

I might neaten this up at some point but I also like it messy WE’LL SEE. It was fun either way tho ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

“You fascinate me.”

I glared at him, sure he was teasing now.

i feel like no one ever comments on just how badly zelda fucks everyone over at the end of oot

like oh, you think you’re sending link back in time to live a normal childhood? nah just to dread and despair and existential crises and did i mention he becomes a freaking stalfos and dies full of regrets

all you got out of it was the loz timeline and the lamest hyrulian pool party you could imagine 

the different types of twilight zone episodes

1. o shit its the cold war

2. if this happened would it be fucked up or what

3. gee the human race sure is something else amiright? 

4. actually this is a starbucks and you’ve been dead the whole time

Dear Higher Being, 

Please convince Stephanie Meyer that rewriting all the Twilight books is vitally important. I need to see her try to write her way out of the pregnancy or, even better, try to write mpreg. Tell her that she is not allowed to retcon the fact that female vampires can’t get pregnant. I need to see her take the weird vampire pregnancy thing to the next level. I never ask for much, so please grant me this one desire. I need to see this trainwreck. 



“I know the consequences of the choice you’re making. I’ve lived through it, and to let you suffer that… You believe I have a soul, and I don’t… But to risk yours, just for the sake of never having to lose you… That’s the most selfish thing I’ll ever do.”



I’ve been working on expressions for the rest of the mane six for the past few days. I’ve gotten a lot of them done, and I wanted to show off a few examples.

Twilight's Kingdom Review (spoilers...duh)


This has got to be the best season finale from all the season finales.

I think everypony agreed when Twilight needed to do something more than just smile, wave, and dropped banners. I mean come on Celestia!

When Tirek appeared yeah I got chills, that guy was a real creep, I’m I right? I belive this villain might be more dangerous than all the villains including Discord, but only when he steals magic. When Discord put the chains on him, yeah he had the upper hand but what surprised me the most was when Tirek actually “tempted” Discord.

Freedom instead of Friendship?

Yeah I was pissed when he switches sides but I could see why he even agree. When he was reformed, he could not do what he wanted to do before with his powers but still…he had a framed portrait of him and Fluttershy, he even had the lamp! But….in the end, he did the wrong thing.

1.The Plot.

Yeah this was intense, I was on the edge of my seat. When Princess Celestia mention that Cerberus wasn’t there to guard the once escaped Tirek I was like

“What?!” that was in season 2! You did ‘it mention this before?! You would have gotten him back you know!”

I felt sad for Twilight when even though they told her about Tirek they still went with Discord instead of her. Which made sense because he is stronger than the alicorns as they mentioned when Tirek was coming for them next. With Discord by his side they are unstoppable but when he betrayed Discord taking his chaotic magic was the scariest thing I have ever seen and yet he was still after Twilight’s alicorn Magic but in the end the “rainbow power” of the chest and in their friendship was strong and they defeated him sending him back to his prison.

2. Discord

Yeah, Discord. I loved the Fluttercordness, the Twicordness and yes even the Dislestia-cordness. The writers did a great job of using the top three of when it comes to shipping Discord, when Discord helped Twilight into discovering the keys when he bookmarked their journel, the way he and Fluttershy had tea parties and even when he gave Celestia the boquet of flowers. We were all reminded just how good he can really be again.

But, I admit when he betrayed Fluttershy, my eyes watered. Because I knew what it meant.

I thought that Fluttershy meant EVERYTHING to him, his first friend, they send letters to eachother, they even have tea parties together and he even had a picture of her but…when he forgot her for something more like freedom to do chaos.

I was disappointed in him but I understand the reason. A long time ago I did something too, a mistake, which I thought at the time would’ent hurt anybody, It was me, I was free to do whatever I wanted and yeah I knew it was wrong deep down but I still continued to do it until I realized my mistake.

Just like Discord.

He was betrayed, and I betrayed myself and everyone around me.

I was touched when he admits that when Fluttershy told Twilight that they weren’t worth giving up her magic.

“Oh but you are Fluttershy….you taught me that Friendship is magic, I had magic and friendship and now I don’t have either”

The shame, the guilt and regret. It how I was when I realized what I did was wrong.

So yeah I forgave Discord too. Just like Fluttershy and everypony else.

When he gave Twilight the medallion saying that Friendship is more important than his personal gain, I did cried, I did’it bawl my eyes out but I did shed tears for him and I’m glad he is part of the group again and I hope to see him in the Season 5 premier to see how he is doing.

 *fanart from Ayasha* its very beautiful.

3. Rainbow Power.

Not so happy about the design, I mean big hair and big tails with streaks of color. Kinda cheesy but hey it’s a kids show. But the magic was awesome! The power was awesome! That castle was awesome! So much Awesome!

And I loved the Knights of the round table refrence, much more fulfilling that the mane 6 are all together even if Twilight is a princess, her friends are equally important.

4. Flash sentry.

Hey Flash is back! Eh….foreshadowing I guess.

5. Cameo

I liked how they remembered who were the ponies responsible who gave them the keys even Discord, that little cutie.

6. Hey the songs!

The first one was really good, the last one…eh…I’m so so on it but that doesn’t stop me from hearing it over and over again.

Yeah I’m giving it a …..*drumroll*

10/10! Best Episode EVER!