all i know is she was right

…And it looks like they’re not stopping with just the chess set, because lo and behold, it’s a new 4-star containing all six Matsus, and it’s absolutely adorable!! Please adopt these children, they need love and care :>

Just like with the chess set, this unit is coming on Friday, June 23rd at 18:00 JST!

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P.S. Mod Todo is probably going to be pretty happy to see the chess set, and I just know Mod Jyushi’s pants are going to blow right off once she sees these guys right here. Too bad they’re both asleep right now.

“Pizza!” I screamed.

“You’re right,” he said.


“Just hold on,” he said. “The teacher will explain.”


And she did explain. The pizza man was going to teach us, step-by-step, how to make a pizza and then the entire class would get to eat it.  

“But I’ll need some help,” he said.

“I’ll help!” I screamed. I needed him to know that I was the main guy. That whatever he needed to shorten the window of time between this very moment and the moment when we were all eating pizza; I was his man.

“Okay, great!”

I hopped up and ran over to the table where the pizza man had rolled out a couple balls of dough.

“First, we have to toss the dough to expand it into the shape of the pizza,” he said. “Watch me.”

And as I watched the dough fly through the air, it dawned on me that the more dough, the larger the pizza, and the larger the pizza, the more for us to eat.

“More dough!” I screamed.

“You need to be careful, okay? Because too much dough is hard to control.”

“Give it!”

Before he could respond, I reached into the Tupperware container and grabbed another large fistful of dough, nearly doubling the amount I had in front of me.

“Okay, do you remember how I…” he started to say, but it was too late. I was already throwing the dough in the air and spinning it into a large disc.

The larger it got, the higher I threw it. Bigger and bigger until it floated above me, blocking the main light in the classroom like an ominous cloud.

“I think that’s enough!” The pizza man looked worried and his concerned face was the last thing I saw before the gigantic glob of dough landed on my head and oozed over every part of my body.

I tried to scream, but the second I opened my mouth, it filled up with dough. I waved my arms wildly like a man on fire because even though I could hear a few muffled screams through the layer of dough that covered my ears, I needed people to know that I wasn’t kidding.

Suddenly, I felt the pizza man’s hands clawing at the dough, but it wasn’t fast enough. In a blind panic, I tried to run, but immediately tripped and landed in a tray of sauce. I barely managed to get to my feet, but as soon as I did, I tripped again and rolled across a table, coating my sauce-covered body in cheese, onions, bacon, and double pepperoni.

“Mrrrawwwww!” I bellowed, staggering towards my horrified classmates. The muffled screams around me felt louder somehow and as I tried to reach them, I tripped again and bellyflopped onto the portable oven the pizza man had warned us was piping hot.

As I rolled around, I could smell the delicious pizza cooking evenly all around me until finally, in a final burst of strength I got to my feet and burst through the door towards the playground.

A week later, after a pack of stray dogs had dragged me into the forest and after I had been told by doctors that I was lucky the dogs had been smart enough to only bite at the pizza and not my body, I was greeted at home by the president of the pizza chain.

“Wow! I screamed.

“Hey there!” he chuckled. “Why, you might be the bravest guy I’ve ever met.”

“Thank you!”

“How would you like to be my official Pizza Deputy?” he asked.

“Wow, really!?”

I nearly died right there from excitement. He explained that all I had to do was sign a few legal forms and I’d be his first and only Pizza Deputy. Of course I signed it right away and when he left, I told my dad all about it.

“Are you crazy?!” My dad jumped up and punched the wall. “What did you sign? God damn it! Oh for fuck’s sakes, I need to call the lawyer.”

And what I found out later was that the lawyer confirmed it: we had no case as long as I signed the forms. But still: I was the Pizza Deputy.


“The what?” asked the cashier, months later when I was healed enough to ride my bike to the pizza place. He looked tired.

“The Pizza Deputy.”

“I don’t know what that is.”

He walked back to the manager and I listened as he explained it.

Cashier: “He keeps saying Pizza Deputy.”

Manager: “Dude, I don’t know. We’re busy.”

Cashier: “So then what should I tell him?”

Manager: “Just give him a free refill.”

I couldn’t believe my ears: it was all true. I really was the Pizza Deputy!!

SU theory

I just realized something. Well we all know how much the crewniverse loves foreshadowing. And in the episode “Lars’ Head”, when Steven is going back to Homeworld, he tells Lion how he wishes he could understand him.

Weeeeeeell… Lars has just become a creature like Lion. So what if Lars can now communicate with Lion???

Do you understand how much vital information Lion could have?? We all talk to animals, right? And Rose had a lot of secrets! She needed someone to vent to! What if Lion has all the answers Steven has been looking for and Lars is the only one who can find out???

It’s just a theory, but a totally valid one. Think about it.

#47 The Interior Designer (Harry Styles)

Word Count: 2560

Summary: A girl with a cheating boyfriend and a new client. 

“And, you know I don’t know why she was so mean, I did everything on that list. It’s just me she picks on every time. Riley, she didn’t even finish-” I was cut between my upset rant, with my tears falling down my eyes.

“Look, Victoria, do we have to this right now?” He looked at me like I had spilt coffee over all his papers.

“What? My crying?” I asked, feeling so upset with what happened at work today.

“Yeah, this complaining! Why don’t you go and talk to Noah or something?” He said, going back to his computer.  

“Noah, is not my boyfriend you are, and I want to talk to you-” I said, wiping my tears.

“Victoria!” He yelled. “I have four people on call waiting to talk to me once I finish this document. I swear I have better things to do that hear you crib here. Please go do some work and leave me alone!”

I flinched as he yelled at me, and looked away from his face. Looking everywhere but him, embarrassed and slowly going numb, I picked up the coffee mugs in front of me and walked to the kitchen. “No wonder she gets shit at work,” I heard him mutter. I frowned at his words, filling water in the cups, feeling this was not needed.

“You know, I told you to leave him! He ticks all the ‘don’t touch this human” signs on my list!” Brittany explained sucking on her straw.

“Don’t touch this human?” I asked.

“Yeah! He has no time. He wakes up and looks at his phone. His phone is always ringing. He doesn’t listen to you, talk to you, be with you. He knows the important dates of his clients than you! These are all signs of running Victoria!”

“I don’t know what to do! He wasn’t always like this! And I have been with him forever. Like forever Brit, how can I just leave him?” I explained. “It’s his job, you know. He wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t! And you were talking about dates? I was reading online that couples who live together don’t really have to go on dates to keep their relationship alive!”

“Does he? Does he live with you?” She raised her eyebrows.

“Brittany…” my phone pinged. “Oh look,” I said reading the message, “He wants to take me out tonight!” She gulped her drink and came close to read the message.

“No, he is ordering you.” She said. “There is no ‘will you?’ ‘would you” or even –”

“But, it is something. It is an effort. I knew something good will happen,” I smiled to myself, and she smiled.

I dressed in a really nice black dress that accentuated my curves. Looking in the mirror, I smiled to myself. It was a long time since we went out and I wanted to make myself look the best for him. “Are you ready, Victoria?” I heard his voice call out from downstairs. I took a deep breath and walked down the stairs, making sure to make him see my legs, but his eyes stayed glued to his phone. “Let’s go.” He didn’t look at me even once, but I still tried to keep my hopes up. A dinner date was a good attempt and, I was going to give him that. “Sit in the car.”

I saw a bouquet in the back seat and frowned. If it was for me, shouldn’t he give it? I didn’t say anything as he started driving. He switched off the music in a minute of it playing, talking loudly to his clients on his Bluetooth. I sighed and looked outside. We pulled into a huge mansion, and I knew this was not a dinner date. “You bought me to a party?” I looked at him in shock and disappointment.

“Take the bouquet out,” He ordered still typing away on his phone, “and Vic, please. On your best behaviour today? This is an important party for me,” Best behaviour? What did he mean by that? When was I not on my best behaviour? I handed him the bouquet, and he kept the phone away, before fixing it and walking away leaving me behind to follow him.

Kisses, hi’s and hello’s took place as soon as we walked in. A lot of how have you been, I hope you’re well, come enjoy as people danced on the floor to soft music, and then, held glasses of wine or champagne talking to each other in small groups. I saw as different women came and kissed his cheek and he kissed their cheek back, asking them about their work. Did he know about mine? He introduced me once, and then left me to talk to more people. Feeling abandoned like a little child and trying not to pout, I walked towards the bar.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked.

“Whisky please, a little water and ice, thank you.”

I sat there was a long time, sipping my glass with my back straight, phone on the side for it wasn’t very proper, trying to locate where my boyfriend was and failing. Sighing, I asked for another drink.

“Long night?” I heard a deep voice ask, as I looked up. I knew who he was. He was everywhere these days. His album has just released.

“It’s getting longer than how I expected it to be,” I said, taking another sip.

“Oh same, I came here with my manager and he is well managing. It’s not a lot of fun when you just have to show your face from faraway,” He said and I chuckled. “Are these parties always this boring with slow music and pretentious conversations?”

“Yes, always,” I said. He smiled and sat down next to me. “So, who are you here with?” he asked.

“That guy,” I said finally finding him.

“Mr Douchebag?” He said, and I frowned. “I didn’t see you as the type?”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I said.

“No, I mean. Why are you here with him?” He asked again.

“I am his girlfriend,” I said, trying not to take offence.

“What? Since when?” He laughed.

“Since 5 years, what do you mean by all this?” I asked, trying to figure out what was happening.

“Woah. My god. I am sorry, I am Harry,” he said, pushing his hand forward.

“Victoria,” I said, shaking his hand. “Why did you call him a douche bag?”

“Umm, that is a story for another day. What do you do Victoria?” He said, trying to change the topic.

“How do you know him?” I asked, staring into his eyes.

“Umm, he has been to many of my parties,” he said. “Your drink is over, let’s get you another?” He asked the bartender to make my drink.

“He has?” I hadn’t heard of any of these parties. I had heard nothing. I thought he only worked all the time…like me.

“Yeah, known him for quite some time.Anyway, you didn’t answer my question…Victoria? Victoria?” He pulled me out of my thoughts.

“I’m an interior designer,” I told him.

“Oh, that’s nice! That’s great. I have awful taste in furniture though, I have never designed any of my houses. I sold my old one because it felt to impersonal and shifted again, and I am literally now living in an almost empty house cause I don’t know how to just make it personal, you know?” He explained.

“Yeah, but you need to get a designer and then spend time with them, so they know how you are and then, be absolutely involved in the process of buying and installing and designing to get that personal touch and favor,” I told him since, I faced cases like these on a daily basis.
I’m going to quit my firm though, start my own designing,” I said, thinking loudly now.

“Oh then, can I be your first customer?” He asked.

“You’re very nice,” I smiled.

“No really, I am serious. Please don’t let me search for people. I hate it. Please design my house?” He looked like he really meant it.

“Okay, so here, give me your phone?” I took it, “I’m putting my number in with my name and designation. Contact me when you are absolutely sober, and we’ll talk?”


Harry and I just talked for the evening, until it was time to leave. “I’ll call you, designer.” I looked back and smiled at this goofy look on his face. The ride back home was suffocating. I was suffocating. I knew I had to break up, but we had been together forever. And, relationships aren’t made in a day. You have to work on them and keep working on them.

He left in two days for a business trip. In these two days, we had said four sentences to each other. Harry and I, on the other hand, had met two times and he kept chatting with me for some reason. I didn’t mind it. I needed a friend. This week was quite hectic as I left my job, and signed my new papers for opening my own firm. Everything was ready since I was planning it for a long time, and Brittany threw a small party with my closest friends to celebrate it as well. My boyfriend knew nothing about it. Now, I didn’t even have anything to tell him.

“Just leave him, bro!” Mike said, whining, quite drunk now. “He is like this Airbnb person living in your house.”

“It is our house, you know.”

“Yeah, but he doesn’t live in it? Does he buy veggies and those wine glasses and those cheerios? No. He does not. He paid for half the price, and that is it. Kick him out!” He said, imitating the kick with his legs.

“Mikey, calm down, here have some water,” I said, bringing it to his face.

“Brit, Oscar…tell her that I AM RIGHT!” He yelled, and everyone cheered.

I met Harry for lunch, the next day, “So, where do I sign to go into this intense procedure with you?” He asked, taking a long sip on his coffee.

“Here,” I took the page out. “Are you sure you want me to do this? You haven’t seen all my work yet?”

“I have enough. And you designed Nick’s house, and I love it so, yeah…there we go,” He said signing it. “I’m free for the next two months before I get busy again. I’d like to do this! And! And! I am your first client! So, cheers to that!” he giggled, and we almost banged our coffee cups.

The long designing procedure started the next day. It was my first project with my company name, and it was a huge one. I wanted to give my best to it. I spent time in his house, working on each floor and then talking to him. I wanted to know him properly, his tastes, his dislikes to be able to come on a nice theme for his house. I could see Harry enjoyed it. I like to know that he enjoyed everything that was new to him. My boyfriend wasn’t back yet, and the only conversation I had with him was a guy who came from his office to collect a few files. It had been three weeks now, and I was almost done with the theme. We had set a budget, even though Harry was pretty lenient with it and we went looking for things on the list.

“I like this,” He said looking at a ceiling attached sofa chair. “I’d like to put to in the balcony,” he said.

“Near the trees, the opposite side, first floor? I guess, it’ll look nice there and a perfect spot to sit as well because of the sunlight?” I asked.

“Yes, perfect!” He nodded.

We looked around more, picking up a lot of things that we liked. He wanted to go room by room so, he could individually pay attention to it so, it took a longer process, but I didn’t mind it. I was absolutely enjoying my work with no politics being played like my previous workplace. I was at his house, setting up the master bedroom when my phone rang. It was Oscar, but he cut the call. He then sent a picture. It was my boyfriend…I sat down. He was on the beach with a girl, lying on the sand with him. I read his message.

Was here off work after a meeting. Saw him and wanted to go say hi, until I saw her. I’m sorry Ria. I had a chat with the girl as well, just to confirm when he left for a while. They have been seeing each other for quite some time. Five months…I’m sorry.

My legs failing to hold my weight, had me sitting on the bed, just looking at the pictures. “Hey, do you want to have lunch from this nice Italian place, I know?” Harry walked in. “What happened?” He asked, as my tears just fell. Five years for this guy. Two years before that and this is what it led to. Harry sat on his knees in front of me and took my phone from my hands. “I’m sorry Victoria…”

“Why did you call him a douchebag?” I asked.

“What? Umm…Victoria…it doesn’t matter now.”

“Just tell me, Harry!”

He closed his eyes, “He had a reputation. And, I saw it at work. He came to each of my parties with a different woman, and then Jeff knows him. He told me how he went on these holidays and Jeff once went with him –”

“You knew?” I stood up, looking at him with accusatory eyes. “You knew he was cheating on me?” He nodded, still on his knees. “And you didn’t tell me! In these three weeks, when I told you how sad my relationship was making me, you didn’t say anything?”

“Vic, I –”

“Don’t call me that! I hate that name!”

“Ria, I didn’t know what to say! I saw you at the party, and you were so beautiful. And your eyes were so innocent and full of love, and when you told me that it was for five years, I didn’t want to see your heart crushed.”

“It had been crushing for years, Harry! I thought you were my friend! I treated you like my friend! A friend tells!”

“I didn’t know what to say, Ria!”

“Say that Victoria, Wake up! He is cheating on you! He came to my parties with different women every time!” I yelled.

“Victoria, he is cheating on you. He came to my parties with different women every time,” Harry repeated. I could see the guilt in his eyes.

“I know that now, you – you –” I couldn’t even curse. I knew he was not to blame. But, my world was crushed now. “I have to leave. I am taking a break for a few days. Please don’t contact me.”

“Ria, I’m really sorry.” He said, coming forward and holding my hand, while I just looked at him with defeated eyes.

Request for PART 2?

Please tell me if you liked it and what do you think about it! It will mean a lot. Thank you so much! 




From Enemies to Lovers Pt:5

Kim Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

[Pt:1] [Pt:2] [Pt:3] [Pt:4] [Pt:5]

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They all stared at me as if to say I’m crazy.

“Hyung what are you talking about?” Hoseok was clearly confused.

“Like I said-”

“No I heard what you said, we all did.”

“Don’t cut me off.” I say sternly.

“When did you hear this?” Namjoon asked, his eyebrows were furrowed as if he was trying his hardest to think of something.

“Right at the start of your friendship. You know that time when I thought I loved her and was always too shy to freaking talk and go near her?”

“Before she moved away?” Yoongi asked, also with his eyebrows furrowed. Was this a new look or what?

“Yes, I don’t have the time and date if you’re curious about that.” I say rolling my eyes at them.

“Hyung you got it all wrong. You messed up so bad.”  Namjoon didn’t know whether to mad or laugh. “You fucked up, you’ve hated her this whole entire time for no reason.” 

“Namjoon what are you talking about?”

“Did you by any chance hear Y/N say. ‘You think I’d be friends with those idiots? You’re joking right? I don’t even like them, I’m just using them fora bit of popularity before I make it in the industry.’“

“What the hell Namjoon you knew and you’re still friends with her?! Are you stupid? You’re all being used!” I shouted at him like a lunatic.

“Hyung I hate to burst your bubble but you’re idiot here.” Namjoon continued to speak, all the members looked just as confused as I did aside from Yoongi.

“Excuse me?” I say, obviously taken aback that he had called me an idiot.

“Hyung, do you even know what Y/N aspires to be?” Yoongi asked me.

“How the hell would I know that I’m not friends with her remember?”

“Exactly, because you never got the chance to know her properly, you never got to know that she’s training to be an actress. You never knew that she was rehearsing lines with Namjoon that evening when you walked passed and heard her say what she did. Those things you thought were about us? Those were her lines for an audition, that quite frankly you ruined for her because you made her cry so much the night before she got sick and couldn’t even go to the audition.” Yoongi said so calmly it sent shivers down my spine.

“What?” I say barely even a whisper.

“You heard me hyung.” With that every single one of them that remained in the living room, left me. Left me standing there with my jaw hanging. 

I fucked up.

Request for 6~

what actually happened during the Din tur clip

*Sana sits next to Yousef*

*Mikael, Mutta, Elias and Adam all look at each other smiling because they know™*

*Mikael and Mutta on one side, whispering to each other while pretending they’re talking about something else with the guys*

Mikael: oh my god look at them talking they’re so cute

Mutta: i know right?? i’m sure that Yousef is trying not to freak out right now because she sat next to him

*Adam and Elias on the other side, doing the same thing*

Adam: Yousef is freaking out

Elias: i know, he just keeps looking everywhere so he won’t look at her

Adam: should we help him or something?

Elias: nah, let him suffer

*They catch Yousef’s eye when he’s looking around and start mocking him, drawing hearts in the air and wiggling their eyebrows at him*

*Elias asks Yousef when he leaves, he responds Saturday*

*Meanwhile, Mikael and Mutta*

Mikael: oh god, why did Elias interrupt them??? it looked like Sana was about to tell Yousef something

Mutta: i know, and look at the look on her face right now, she seems sad, oh god why can’t these two just figure things out??

Mikael: Mutta.. are you crying?

Mutta, clearly upset, with teary eyes: …no

*Elias and Adam*

Adam: dude, is Mutta crying?

Elias: i don’t know, i’m busy spying on my sister and Yousef, i can’t look right now

Adam, looking back at Sana and Yousef: wait did he just-

Elias: yep

Adam: he threw grass at her?????? what’s wrong with this guy?

Elias: i don’t know, but it physically pains me seeing him doing this to himself

Adam: i think now would be a good time to intervene

*Mikael and Mutta, at the same time*

Mikael: um did you see that?

Mutta: i did. but i wish i hadn’t.

Mikael: he’s such a dork around her.

Mutta: he’s totally helpless. i’m embarrassed for him.

Mikael: we should get him out of there before he does any more damage

Mutta: yeah

*They all shake their heads in unison*

Mutta and Mikael: yo Yousef, it’s your turn

Adam and Elias: yeah, get up and come here, come on

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Okay but Maggie coming home to find Alex and Adrian blasting mcr (or some other band alex mightve liked during her punk rock phase) through the whole apartment

Storytime before storytime: I was scrolling through my endless prompt box for something for #SanversWeek #day5 (domestic) and I love a lot of the soft ones but I was like ‘nah nah nah not tonight nah nah nah’ and then I found this one and I was like yessssss motherfucker and just turned to my girl (we’re laying in bed together right now) and read her the prompt and said you know what this means and she immediately started singing along with Helena. That is all. And now, without further commercial interruptions, please enjoy my version of #SanversWeek #day5. So long and good night ;)

His key scrapes the lock in such a familiar pattern – such an Adrian pattern – that Alex doesn’t even reach for her gun.

Instead, she gets up and heads to the freezer, because their – hers and Maggie’s – boy is upset. She can tell from the way his key hits the lock.

She doesn’t say anything to him when he walks in, muttering an apology for interrupting her evening. She just arches her eyebrows at him and tosses him an unopened pint of vegan Ben and Jerry’s. 

He catches it with a slow grin forming on his mouth, and the spoon follows. 

“Tough day, kiddo?”

He doesn’t answer immediately, instead opting to scoop into the ice cream, moaning softly as his eyes flutter closed as peanut buttery goodness melts on his tongue.

“Misgendered in calculus again, but mostly nothing. Had an early dinner with my parents, and that was nice – it’s always good to see them – but I dunno… generally? Just… bleh.”

Alex nods and grabs her own pint – decidedly not vegan – out of the freezer and crosses over to join him on the couch.

They crash down simultaneously, and they eat in silence for a long while.

“How you holding up?” he asks after a while. “The whole… thing?”

Alex glances sideways at him. She knows he was the one Maggie spent her nights with, when Kara and the others were with her. After… after. But she doesn’t know how much she’s told him.

About how close she’d been to dead.

“Holding on,” she shrugs, and he nods, the ghosts of his queer mama’s tears in his eyes.

He holds her gaze with his deep brown eyes for a long, long moment, spoons in both of their mouths contemplatively.

“Kara says you had a punk phase.”

Alex’s lips purse as her eyebrow arches.

“You proposing something, Rodriguez?”

He grins and stands, putting his pint down on the coffee table and encouraging Alex to do the same before tugging the table away.

“We gonna rearrange Maggie’s apartment?” Alex asks, bemused, and Adrian shakes his head.

“Dance floor,” he tells her, and her heart leaps as a wicked smile grows on her face.

Neither of them have any idea how long it takes – how long they last, banging their heads and flailing their arms and jumping up and down and air guitaring, more than actually dancing – for Maggie to come home.

All they know is that they warm up with The Ghost of You, holding each other’s hands and lip syncing passionately to each other, spoons as microphones, kneeling in their desperate proclamations of need for each other during verses, head banging during the chorus.

All they know is that from there, they get into Welcome to the Black Parade, Alex and Adrian both closing their eyes to passionately, tears in both of their eyes – for so many of the same, yet for so many different, reasons – open it up: “When I was a young boy. My father. Took me into the city. To see a marching band. He said, ‘son when you grow up. Would you be. The savior of the broken? The beaten and the damned?”

Tears leak out of both of their eyes when they sing-speak about defeating their own demons, the non-believers.

Alex chokes on “someday I’ll leave you, a phantom, to lead you into summer, to join the Black Parade”, and Adrian takes her hand and they hold each other’s eyes through the instrumental, through the throaty repetition of the opening lines.

But smiles crawl across both of their faces when the drums start, when the bass starts to slam, and the jump and shout and head bang the rest of the song through.

Because they’re certainly carrying on.

All they know is that when they finally notice Maggie standing just inside the doorway, a broad grin on her face, they’re both covered in sweat, a thin layer of Alex’s hair slicked down onto her forehead, Adrian’s binder slung over the back of the couch because damn it’s hard to head bang in it, and both of them are apparently not afraid to keep on living.

All they know is that they finally notice Maggie at the exact same moment, and they both freeze. Alex grabs the remote and flicks off the blasting stereo, but Maggie shakes her head as she steps into the apartment. Her apartment.


Their apartment.

Her family’s apartment.

Alex squints for a moment through her slightly labored breathing, and then Maggie meaning hits her in a rush.

She runs to her.

She kisses her solid, hard, deep.

She knows Maggie doesn’t care how sweaty she is, because god, does Maggie kiss her back.

“Child present!” Adrian calls after a while, and their laughter finally brings their lips apart.

“Why is it that you insist you’re not a child until the moments when it’s convenient for you?” Maggie asks, grinning as she pulls Adrian into a hug.

Her waggles his eyebrows at Alex over Maggie’s shoulder.

“Perk of being a teenager,” he practically preens, and Maggie laughs as she takes the remote from Alex’s hand.

“Mmmm. Speaking of which…”

She grins as she flips on Teenagers, and the family dance party?

Continues long, long, long into the night.

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OKAY I JUST WATCHED "When Harry Met Sally" AND THAT SCENE WHERE SALLY FAKED AN ORGASM IN THE DINER TO PROVE GUYS CAN NEVER TELL WHEN GIRLS FAKE IT AND HARRY WAS JUST SO SHOOK! Can you PLZ show how the UF bros, SF bros, UT!Sans, and US!Pap would react to their fem crush doing that to them!??! Like they're SO sure they can tell when a woman fakes it but then the crush laughs and just fucking STARTS MOANING AND WHIMPERING! AND BEGGING FOR IT AND THEN SHE JUST STRAIGHT UP FAKES SO PERFECTLY HELP! XD





Oh my god, poor Red. Poor, poor Red. He’s not embarrassed about you doing this in public, but he’s so SHOOK. The skele has been SHOOKETH. He recounts all the times he has sex with a woman and oh god, his life is a lie. Maybe he’s not the one that doesn’t call, but THEY don’t want him to call afterwards. Oh no, he’s slipping into an existential crisis. Please save him. 


Oh man, Fell is just so smug. He doesn’t care about the audience, but he’s in completely denial that a woman ever faked it with him. No, he can’t tell the difference, that is true, but he’s the GREAT AND TERRIBLE PAPYRUS! No one would ever dare fake such an intimate thing with him, in fact, they should be honored that he let them touch him in the first place! 



NO STOP THAT RIGHT NOW YOU’RE EMBARRASSING HIM! While you do your fake orgam in the restaurant, Black covers his ears(?) and screams really loud to drown out your voice and save himself from having to witness this. He does not want to believe that women can fake an orgasm, otherwise he’ll start to feel really insecure about himself. You two are not allowed back into the restaurant. 


Oh my gosh, Rus is blushing so hard right now. And he’s thinking about so many dirty thoughts, particularly of him making you make those noises. His cheeks are burning and he’s just watching you in shock and oh geez, he just wants to crawl into a hole and die because the whole restaurant is looking at him strangely. There’s even a woman giving him bedroom eyes. Please stop, you’ve made your point. 



UHM. Classic is trying to keep his cool with his easy going smile and coming up with puns for this, but oh my gosh he’s freaking out and wants to be anywhere but here. When you’re done, he excuses himself to the restroom and just screams because what in the actual fuck. 



Papy is not fazed one bit. He just keeps sipping his drink while you make those super hot noises, not caring about all the other people around him. Ahhh so that’s what you sound like. When you finish, Stretch leans across the table, and grabs your chin. 

“Let’s get out of here and you’ll be making those sounds for real tonight.” 

skam is not ending

okay so it’s 22.6.17 where i live, as we all know, season 4 is the last season of skam and it’s gonna end on saturday/sunday.

but it might not.

there are a lot of hints that it’s not ending on s4, most relevant of all is that julie’s originally planned 6 seasons, one for isak and the rest for the girl squad.

we have chris and vilde left, both of which we delved more into their lives and saw their struggles,

chris not feeling good enough, as if she’s not giving vilde the emotional support she needs right now

and vilde, vilde, vilde.. the “dumb blonde” we’ve all gotten to know over the 4 seasons, julie dropped a clip and proved us all wrong, vilde’s immature behavior around her friends/boys contrasts her being VERY mature taking care of her mother, 

and i do think that they will both get their own seasons, there is absolutely NO reason we’d get these clips now, and chris’ & vilde’s aren’t simple storylines that’re going to be wrapped up in the last clip like jonas’ and eva’.

skam is at its peak right now, the attention it’s getting after season 3 finished airing is insane by all means, it’s the most viewed norwegian show, it’d be kind of stupid to just.. end it now. they’re getting views, and by selling the first season to be made into an american version (which we all know will flop), if it flops, who will get the money either way and have more budget?

that’s right, julie andem.

few things worth mentioning too, julie said that season 4 is the last season this fall, they’re all taking a break to figure themselves out and (hopefully) come back with 2 seasons in 2018 for us to see them graduate.

-siste sesong- also means latest season, not necessarily last 

let’s all hope for the best

Dramione: Veela
  • Hermione: I can't tell him yet, we're just getting comfortable with each other.
  • Blaise: Not telling him makes you in pain and whiny, the sooner the better in my opinion
  • Hermione: I don't want him to love me because of the veela in me, I want him to love me for me
  • Blaise: Don't we all Hermione, nothing's ever set in stone like that. Look at me, I'm getting thin, all because she's to worried about the nargles to even know I'm in the same room as her.
  • Hermione: I'm more frustrated than anything, lucky for him Astoria doesn't feel that way and won't marry him.
  • Blaise: You mean lucky for Astoria.
  • Hermione: I know what I said
  • Blaise: You couldn't hurt him if you tried, don't act all high and mighty. You'd rip my head off if I was to mean
  • Hermione: *hmmfpph*
  • Blaise: You're just mad that I'm right
  • Hermione: You think I'm annoying, you should hear yourself sometime.
  • Blaise: I choose to think of it as a charm that only you find annoying
  • Hermione: If we keep doing this, we're going to have to buy another kitchen table, and maybe a counter.
  • Blaise: Its not my fault we can't talk about them without losing our minds
  • Hermione: Id hate to tell him that you broke it out of anger
  • Blaise: Me!? You did it!
  • Hermione: He can't think I'm crazy!
  • Blaise: You already stare at him like you're going to vomit if he leaves! I'm surprised he hasn't noticed!
  • Hermione: I do not! We have civil conversations! At least he talks to me!
  • Blaise: Do not bring her into this! She is special and imaginative!
  • Hermione: Yeaaaah because that explains everything so clearly!
  • Blaise: She's amazing! And when I get her you'll have to stare and look because Draco is to dumb to realize that you're following him around like a lost puppy!!
  • Hermione: Blaise..
  • Blaise: It really is getting annoying! All you have to do is tell him what you are!
  • Hermione: If the shoe fits Blaise! Why don't you listen to yourself for once!
  • Blaise: Yeahh because you're all knowing Granger! At least I'm trying! Unlike you, who just pretends like being friends is ok! When it isn't!
  • Hermione: Maybe she would notice if you would take you're own advice!
  • Blaise: Like I said, at least I'm trying!
  • *draco walks in*
  • Draco: What the hell is going on here!!
  • *Both stop and look*
  • Blaise: umm.. Nothing mate, we haven't vented in a while, just needed to get it out of our system
  • Draco: Well could you at least take it somewhere where people can't hear you down the street, geez
  • Hermione: Did you.. umm.. hear anything..
  • Draco: At the moment I can't hear anything because of all the yelling, but no. Was I supposed too? *smirks*
  • Hermione: I uhh..
  • Blaise: No mate, no worries! I am going to go visit Luna at the shop and grab a snack! Would you like anything Mia?
  • Hermione: No no I'm fine, thank you
  • Blaise: I shall return shortly! *winks*
  • Draco: Everything ok?
  • Hermione: Uh yeah, I'm good..
  • ...
  • No actually, we need to talk about some things.
  • Draco: What things?
  • Hermione: I need you to be honest with me.. please
  • Draco: ok... *nervous*
  • Hermione: How do you feel about me?
  • Draco: Just going to get right into it eh.. *smirks*
  • ...
  • I like you Hermione.. I enjoy visiting you and just being around you just makes me feel better but I guess that's just the quarter veela in my blood, seems to taking a liking to you...
  • Hermione: What? You're quarter veela?..
  • Draco: umm.. yeah.. it runs in my family but since it's just a quarter it doesn't really do much, I can just tell when it likes someone, and he likes you....
  • Hermione: Does Blaise know?..
  • Draco: No! No one knows... We except you now of course..
  • Hermione: Blaise is a veela, Draco.
  • Draco: *Glares* what?
  • Hermione: He has a mate! She just doesn't know! We're strictly friends, I can't feel his veela charms.
  • Draco: What? How?
  • Hermione: Well that's what I wanted to talk to you about... the fact that you're quarter veela is weird to me.. I can't feel it..
  • Draco: Can't feel it? What do you mean?
  • Hermione: *Takes a deep Breath* I'm a veela too Draco.. I have been since eighth year..
  • Draco: *Looks away* What were you arguing about with Blaise?
  • Hermione: Our mates...
  • Draco: Wait.. You have a mate?.. Where is he?
  • Hermione: He doesn't know, that's why we were arguing..
  • Draco: Thats why he went and saw Luna! Isn't it!
  • ...
  • Oh my god, she shes his mate! Thats why he looks like he's going to vomit all the time!
  • Hermione: I like you too by the way..
  • Draco: Wait what?..
  • Hermione: it's you, it's been you for so long..
  • Draco: Your veela? Chose me?
  • Hermione: it seems so..
  • Draco: And you're ok with that?
  • Hermione: I wouldn't have it any other way honestly
  • Draco: Me either *smiles*

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Hey do you know a german song where in the music video the woman is in a phone centre kinda thing and ugh I know this is really vague but this is all I remember and I wanna listen to the song again... also I thing she sang a little bit of "da da da da" or "ba ba ba ba" and it's about men and relationships

I can’t think of anything, sorry :/ maybe one of my followers recognizes the video and can point you in the right direction!!

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RIGHT!!!! like… i Know that the brothers know that Fridging Is Bad, both wrt lgbt people and julia. like they’ve been told and they’ve acknowledged it. and i know that lup is gonna come back to life at the end of canon, it’s been implied, i get it. theyre gonna use the new body machines or whatever. unfridged.

but.. she was fridged. the fact is, she spent basically all of taz as an object, a literal tool for taako to use, with barely any agency. no voice except burning letters into a wall. (i know that it makes sense within canon but we’re doing doylist analysis here.)

and when we actually get to learn about her in canon… it’s through what amounts to an interactive obituary. she’s a dead woman walking in the stolen century. and bl*pjeans has been written in a way where we only hear about barry’s crush on her, we never heard what she thought of him (besides calling him a nerd and picking up his glasses) until WHOOPS they’re together!

i remember back when bl*pjeans started looking likely i was willing to try, i thought it could be charming, but just… it was written in a way where barry’s feelings were the focus. she was again acted on by the men around her, the men whose pain she fuels.

i don’t think it’s really great to have a character with a big trait of being dead be your one canon trans character, but yeah, bringing her back to life can subvert it. you can write this in a way where it pushes back against the too-common narrative of trans women dying to make others sad (women in general, but especially trans women - look at angel in rent and wanda in sandman). give her more agency, her own feelings and actions about her death.

i think griffin was trying to do something like that. or maybe i’m being too optimistic. but it’s being done is such an unsatisfactory way, and it gets more frustrating the more i think about ways taz could be improved. i know it’s an improv podcast, it’s bound by the medium, but like… cmon. cmon.

reality. [linstead fic.]

- hey, everyone! I’m planning on writing a few pieces to this fic and it’s been rolling around in my head all day. Thank you for sticking with me and for all of your constant encouraging words! I hope you all enjoy. (: And as always PLEASE let me know what you think. 


That night when he knew without a shadow of a doubt that she’d left, that she’d emptied the apartment he’d used to call home, that she’d taken her adorable dimples that settled in the crook of her cheek and her warm hazel hues right along with her and onto that blasted plane he drank himself into somewhat of an oblivion. He returned to his huddle of friends with their forlorn expressions and nearly empty bottles of booze, ducking his head so maybe, just maybe they wouldn’t see the tears welling at the corners of his eyes or the way his jaw was clenched in irritation because if he would’ve had just two minutes- two fucking minutes in front of her to plead his case and maybe flash the box with the diamond that had been burning a hole in his back pocket for the last few days she would still be here. She would still be here with her tiny fingers trailing patterns up and down his thigh, out of the sight of their colleagues as his heartbeat quickened in anticipation and tossing back a few pulls of his beer but he wouldn’t have minded. Because on one of those tiny little fingers there would’ve been his mother’s diamond- a promise to her that he would love and cherish every single part of what made her who she was for the rest of their lives.

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'Wynonna Earp' EP Spills Details About THAT Wayhaught Moment
Plus, she talks about Doc and Wynonna’s relationship, Dolls’ return, and Lucado’s motivation in episode 2

We see Waverly investigating her past and it is affecting her, the fact that she might not be an Earp, but it feels like if she told Wynonna, Wynonna wouldn’t care. Would that be the case?

I don’t know if that’s true. Wynonna has killed her own dad. She’s killed her older sister. All she has left is Waverly. So as much as Wynonna is open-minded, Waverly understands that their sisterhood is an incredibly important part of their lives. It’s what Wynonna’s holding on to right now. I agree with you that sisterhood is so much more than blood but I also don’t think Waverly wants to freak out Wynonna until she knows for sure one way or the other. Given all that Wynonna has gone through lately, Waverly is like, I just want to have all my ducks in a row before I bring this up.

I love that she’s trusted Nicole with this information and has her to help her with this.

It’s another level of their relationship — she knows Nicole has her back and won’t judge her. Nicole’s emphasis is to make Waverly happy and support her. It was so nice that even though they had their first fight, it only made them closer and stronger and bond. It’s starting to feel like a real relationship. They’re going from the passion and the dating, although that’s all there, and they’re really connecting. I love that.

How did you know you wanted them to have a big fight going into this season as opposed to building into it?

If you really look at it, they got together pretty quickly last season. All these crazy events happened but they haven’t really had time to just start their relationship. Ultimately it was a fight about Nicole’s career; she’s been denied a promotion that’s really important to her, which just serves, again, to make Nicole more of a three-dimensional character. I don’t want her to just be the girlfriend. Also, that’s what couples fight about. They don’t just fight about being lesbians or being gay or fighting demons. They fight about taxes and dishes and career and different wants and needs. It’s always been really important to me that they’re both three-dimensional characters who have real relationship challenges both supernatural and natural. Your first fight and your first makeup is such a rite of passage that it really deepens the relationship and it shows that, this year, they’re taking it to the next level.

Are there any milestones in the Wayhaught relationship that you’re very excited to tackle this season?

This was the first time they’ve actually consummated their relationship. Things have been so busy that this was the first time Waverly would say they’ve had sex, which was kind of important to tackle just in so far as one of the hallmarks of Nicole’s character is she’s so respectful of Waverly discovering herself. Nicole makes no apologies for her desires and her passion for Waverly but she really lets Waverly drive the sexy bus, so to speak. That was a good, important milestone. And having their first fight was good. But also, obviously, we have a Waverly who is affected by some sort of entity. We’re really going to have to see how well Nicole thinks she knows Waverly. When is it Waverly and when is it not and is Nicole going to be able to suss that out? How well do these two really know each other and can they come together now as people, not just as lovers?

whole ew interview

what if this Ed, that we’ve seen post-03x06, was a CLONE created by the court of owls? what if the Court cloned Ed and used Isabella to distract and lure in Real!Ed so that they could kidnap him? what if that’s why he missed oswald’s dinner and forgot to call him for 12 hours (that’s not like Edward “I would do anything for you” Nygma)? what if that’s why he couldn’t see that she was obviously fake/suspicious? what if that’s why he completely turned on oswald? what if they did all that to emotionally manipulate the MAYOR and KING of Gotham? what if that’s why they haven’t yet explained the purpose of Isabella? 

they did it with Bruce, and we already know Gotham loves its parallels. what if they’ve completely fooled us?

it’s 3:30 am and i’m very tired, but right now, this is TAKING OVER MY FUCKING LIFE.


I’ve missed drawing Mimzy so much TwT

Bit of an overdue thank you to @misfit-sinners for being the first person to ever reblog my stuff. Also I finally had an excuse to work Marx into a comic. More comics and scribbles on the way soon! ^w^

Angel, Marx, and Mimzy all belong to @vivziepop who YOU don’t need to worry about right now! ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IS THAT SHE’S WORKING ON MAKING HAZBIN HOTEL A REAL THING! SO PACK YOUR BAGS AND BRING SOME LUNCH MONEY ‘CUZ THIS HYPE TRAIN WON’T BE MAKING ANY STOPS! Well except maybe to pick up a voice-acting cast, animators, and writers but I’m sure she’s got that all figured out. …look I don’t stalk people! I don’t know this stuff!

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For 7x20, what kind of scene do you think we will get for Emison's HBO sex scene? Like I want to see them going down on each other but thats prob not gonna happen lmao. So do you think we'll just see more skin & prob no explicit action?

Let me say this right now: we are not getting HBO sex. All of that is the usual hype that MK loves to create because she knows how to make a buzz. They can’t even really curse on the show so how are they going to have “HBO” sex, you know? HBO sex is very….well….graphic. It kills me that she would even create hope like that for fans who don’t know better. That being said, the show must go on, right? 

I WISH that we could get some: neck/body kisses, some kind of grinding, implied fingering???, OPEN MOUTH KISS FOR ONCE, I mean a girl can dream. Realistically, we probably won’t even get a side-boob shot. We’ll get lips pressed together kisses, Emily’s fingers in Alison’s hair, them rolling around probably, and maybe - JUST MAYBE - an orgasm face. Probably not but maybe!

Moral of the story here: Do not let them play us. Keep expectations low so you won’t get hurt, my dudes. 

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OH MY GOD!!!! I am so upset right now, look at Vic's precious face in that first picture!!!! How could you let him die?????? Wahhhhhhh NOOOOOO and I am just so worried about the emotional damage this will do to Aida. I hate to be demanding but you have to post more, I need to know what happens next.

I’m sorry 😭 As much as it legit made me bawl Vic had to die for story purposes! I actually cried my way through all these scenes because I hated hurting my babies! I will say that she will be rescued soon! This is gonna impact her greatly (obviously) but she is strong af and has some good supports to help her through it! We’ll also find out wtf this is all about! Please don’t be too upset with me ❤️❤️❤️

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hello! if you don't mind, i just got started on playing stardew valley a few days ago, would you share your favorite mods on there?

as you probably know by my “HOW DO I SAVE” thing - i haven’t played stardew valley in a long time )-: but today i have been collecting all my favourite mods together today so!! you asked at the right time my friend :’’-) @faeflowr just compiled a list of their mods too - which is where i got most of mine from - so i’ll just link it here!!

my most important favourite mod!!! ~ the diverse stardew valley mod

barfy’s fancy farmhouses (unfinished; pleyita blessed us) | and when i was ……. stalking …. meg’s (@boocreek) stardew valley tag, she did a lil kitchen and fireplace recolour and i love it?? | the get dressed mod which …. saved my life??? | babies take after spouse | hairstyles recoloured | um ….. and everything on faeflowr’s list, really!! i haven’t found any mods for the bed that i actually like so …….. )-:

if u ever wanna talk about stardew valley … i’m always here bc i adore it ok!!!!  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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callout to me trusting y'all to keep the fantasy super hero club a secret from madam director. she came to my quarters last night and told me to cut the shit before i got in deep trouble. i think she disappeared in a puff of smoke, so the possibility of her being a super hero isn't off the table per say, but the club is cancelled til i can find somewhere on this moon she can't fantasy batman her way into. i'll keep y'all posted