all i know is she was right

Beauty and the Beast | Jaime and Brienne

Now I know she’ll never leave me
Even as she fades from view
She will still inpire me, be a part of
Everything I do

Wasting in my lonely tower
Waiting by an open door
I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in
And as the long, long nights begin
I’ll think of all that might have been
Waiting here for evermore

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Oh man hearing all these stories of how people discovered themselves through trans marco is honestly so uplifting and good I love it

I know right.

And like, it’s just hitting to me the sheer scale of how important it would be to have Marco actually come out in canon. It just never sunk in how that this would be something that would effect even hundreds of people - let alone before she’s even fully confirmed.

We’re honest to god taking about an entire generation of trans people if they actually go through with this. Fucking pull the lever disney.

  • [Fat Amy approaches as they almost get to their room]
  • Fat Amy: Hey, what's going on?
  • Beca: Chloe is a little drunk.
  • Fat Amy: Yay! I love drunk Chloe!
  • Chloe: Awwwww! *giggles*
  • Beca: [To Chloe] Go change!
  • Beca: [To Amy] She doesn't want Aubrey to know she's drunk.
  • Fat Amy: Ohh! All right! All right. Here's what we'll do, I'll get twice as drunk as Chloe and then no one will even notice her.

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I don't know if you're still taking requests or not but I have an idea for a tfln. Gemma or a mutual friend is out with a 6-7month pregnant missus while harry and the boys are in an interview with nick or sm and H gets a texts saying they took the missus to the hospital halfway through shopping cause she fell unconscious, she's alright but they wanna keep her in for a day or two bc of dehydration, but he's still on his way to her xx

Harry. Adie.

I know you have an interview with Grimmy right now and I’m not saying anything is really bad that you need to leave mid-interview.

And I know you have interviews all day today with the radios.

But, (YN) collapsed during our ladies breakfast this morning. Gemma’s taken her to A and E to get looked over by a medic and we’re following behind Gemma in the car.

We gave her lots of water. Informed them that she was just freshly turning 6 months pregnant and we were allowed to nip back to the kitchen where we kept her cool. But, she fell against Gemma when we went to leave and we packed up and left. I’m with Eleanor at the moment.

I promise to keep you updated though.



Why didn’t you call me?

Adie, this is something you call me over!


She said she wasn’t feeling well today.

She woke up feeling rough and I insisted she stayed home but she wanted to go out with everyone and have a girly day. 

Harry, she’s fine. I promise.

You still call me!


Are they both okay? The baby?

They’re both perfectly fine. Heartbeat on the little is as strong as ever. She was a little too dehydrated and she hasn’t been eating much. They just want to keep her in for a few more days to make sure she gets back to her health.

Especially since she’s pregnant.

Let her know I’m on my way to her?

I had my manager call up the radios and reschedule some interviews for after (YN) has come home from the hospital. I’d be the shittest husband if I wasn’t there with her.

She’s been asking for you.

They want to do an ultrasound to see how the baby is settled in her but she won’t go head with it until you’re here. She said “it doesn’t feel right without Harry. He needs to be here to see this” so, they’re waiting for you.

She knew I’d come.

You’re the sweetest guy she’s had, H. I’m glad she married you, you know? I’d come and kick your balls up your throat if you didn’t come and see her right now.

Give me 10 minutes. 

I’ll be there a soon as possible.

Just, sit with her and make sure she’s okay and reassure her that I’ll be right there with her.

I will.

Hurry up though. Because the doctors are getting stressed that she won’t have the ultrasound.

Tell her to have it. Please. Beg her to have it. I don’t mind missing this one. She needs it so they can see the baby.


I’ll get her to have it. 

Just get here soon. She wants you here. Said “the closest thing to Harry she has is Gemma”. x

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Larries acting like they arent pressed about the return of Elounor. So why so obsessed? Having to know every detail, nitpicking a 2 sec video- yeah so not pressed🙄

Larries: When I see or hear about Eleanor these days I feel nothing –

*Update all their websites designed specifically around hating Eleanor*

I mean it’s SO convenient she was seen right now because Babygate Is Ending again but –

*Rush to their emergency chat rooms and DMs to reconvene and regroup*

It’s like I can’t even feel anything anymore –

*Twenty empty posts with nothing but Eleanor hate tags posted one after the other in 5 minute bursts lasting over an hour*

I am SO numb to all this –

*Re-circulate Reasons Why It’s Actually Feminism To Obsessively Hate Eleanor in Public posts*

They could get married and I would just laugh –

*Sets up their webcam for their 40 minute daily Eleanor rant*

I just think it’s funny how she comes along again right now because it’s a day ending in Y and that’s like such a coincidence it’s like 1DHQ planned it to the minute–

*Elounor is fake posts circulating at the speed of light among teenage bedrooms*

And even though we’ve been on her tits every single day for weeks on end it’s funny how we ranted about her just like an hour and she shows up again, can you believe they stalk our blogs like this –

*Harass the people who saw her into deleting their comments and going private*

And btw not to distract everyone from how Eleanor isn’t ruining our lives but Briana is such a slut and Freddie is so clearly fake –

*Refuse to spell his name like he’s a demon who can’t be summoned, asterix out their mantra END IT because they’re afraid to voice their plea*

Yeah so I only wail into a moonless sky 5 times a day now when new Eleanor photos come up so it’s amazing how much this doesn’t even bother me.

There’s a girl at my school who’s trying to get the schoolboard to agree with genderneutral stalls, an idea she just came up with on her own after noticing we didn’t have any. They replied to her request with ‘we can make the disabled bathroom a genderneutral one, it technically is anyway, and it’s completely separate from all the others so nobody will mind’ Instead of just replying to that she asked me what I thought of it, and I told her it was pretty off and exclusionary and I, at least, would definitely not be more comfortable with it. That the whole point was not to feel so 'other’ and to be included, and other reasons ofcourse. She replied she had thought so too but hadn’t wanted to reply that to them yet because she didn’t know if that was right and didn’t want to speak over me or the other trans people in school. Some facts about this girl; -We kind of know eachother but we’re not really friends -She doesn’t know any trans people other than me -She’s 100% cishet She chose to do this because it’s the right thing to do, not because she 'knows someone’ or whatever, and she’s being completely considerate about it. Even though my school is pretty chill, when I asked about this stuff it was 'too much hassle’ and it 'wouldn’t help that many people anyway’. She’s making them try. I guess this is just a note to my trans* followers that there’s decent people willing to help out and be considerate for no other reason than that it’s the right thing to do :)

This is a great example of someone using their cishet privilege to help the lgbt+. This is great!!


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i cant believe even santi's mom calls him santi lmaooo. like isn't that weird since *all* of their last names are santiago in the family? would be interesting to know when she started calling him that :p

noooo omg his last name is navarro hahaha. his full name is rodrigo santiago navarro, “santiago” was the last name of his dad’s best friend/santi’s godfather who died shortly before santi was born. so they’ve pretty much always called him santi kind of in memoriam of that.

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can we just imagine Lena who doesn't know who kara is yet. Gets her wisdom teeth out and is super high and calls super girl to come pick her up and save her from the mean dentist who took her teeth.

“supergirl!!! suuuuupppeeeerrrrrgiiiiirrrll!!! supergirl help!!!” kara like speeds over fast even for her “ms. luthor what’s wrong??” “the mean dentist took my teeth!” kara sighs, picking up the pill bottle on the counter, “lena, did you get your wisdom teeth out” “the mean doctor TOOK them” “uh huh, okay. i thought you were hurt ms. luthor” “i AM THE DENTIST STOLE MY TEETH” kara kinda laughing to herself “all right, well lets get you into bed and when you wake up, you’ll understand more.” “I cannot go to bed with you supergirl my heart belongs to another gal” ”is that so?” “yes ma’am. she might not know it yet but i’m going to make kara danvers swoon” “okay, well you can do that first thing tomorrow, but for now, please let me help you to you bed. i’ll go right after you’re safe, no funny business.” “hmpf that sounds okay.” “okay c’mon”

You know, when I look back on the age of dragonslayer OCs and all the female fire dragon counterparts to Natsu that popped up, I think:

That’s Flare Corona.

Because really, that literally is Flare Corona. Dragonslaying magic is just magic taught to a human by a dragon, or dragon magic implanted into someone, right? That’s essentially what Flare’s hair is. A blessing/gift/magic from an actual fire dragon. She’s got the better backstory too, what with being raised by giants and all. And clearly, she cherishes the fuck out of it. That’s honestly way more interesting to me than breathing fire, too.

And yet, she hasn’t had a really impressive fight to her name yet.

So let’s start this off right.
Date night as a matter of fact. You come pick me up from the house and you come knocking at my door. You were expecting me in jeans boots and maybe a nice shirt. However, what you got was woman dressed in a fit right dress; one you have not seen before with some of your favorite pair of high heels. All dolled up with makeup which later on you’ll hate. You’re face reaction is priceless and I wished I would’ve been recording you at the time. You say hello to my mother letting her know she might not come home tonight with a laugh and smile. After that, you escort me to your truck. As I was helping myself in you suddenly smack my ass and say “get that fine ass up in there”. You drive to our location. Help me outta the truck and walk next to me showing me off as your woman. And you’re proud of it. You gladly guide me to my side of the booth then decide “fuck that I can’t sit across from you” you slide on in next to me. Our waiter asks us what we’d like to drink however you’re distracted. You can’t seem to keep your eyes off of me. So i answer for you. You’re giving me the look of a lifetime and all I can do it blush and smile. You gently lay your hand on my thigh and kiss my cheek making sure that I’m okay and comfortable. More of a reassurance type. Little did you know, I wasn’t wearing any panties and was anticipating you’d raise your hand up higher to notice it. I bite my lip anxiously waiting for your next move. But of course we got interrupted. The waiter took our order and went right along. I look back at you and catch you looking somewhere unexpectedly. That would be down my dress do to the slight v neck it has. I respond to it “uhhh what are you doing” and your response was “want me to be honest” me: “of course” you: “ I can’t keep my eyes off you and I’m only imagining what I’d do to that fine ass of yours” I start to smile and then say “well I don’t believe you” before you start your sentence. I brush my hand gently over the outside of your pants and notice you’re a bit hard. I raise and eyebrow and say “oh really” you smile anxiously waiting for my next move. I start to rub on it a bit then you move your hand up towards my clit and realize I’m not wearing panties. You then look up at me and ask “why don’t we skip desert” I of course agree. You paid for dinner and then escorted me back to the truck. Before hoping in you took a look around and noticed nobody was around. So you decided to grip my bare ass catching me at a slight moan. Then whispered in my ear saying “I can’t wait to have you for dessert” you then teasingly slid a finger in noticing how wet I had became throughout dinner" you knew I wanted you just as well as I wanted you oh so dearly much. You helped me in and then we drove off…. the rest is to be continued and you can wait for that later 😉💋
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
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I like Jaal’s mom. She seems to know that her son cares about Sara very much, and she is not against their relationship as long as Jaal is happy. I think he spoke about Sara a lot with his mom. And he looked so embarrassed when she praised him before Sara! It was just magical and awesome and cute.
In general, I like the attitude towards women in Jaal’s race. No all human stereotypes, women have equal rights with men there, judging by the fact that they occupy the same high positions and no one is oppressed.
And yet, I wonder how humen can be attractive for his race. Anyway, this scene with his mother was just divine) I understand why women like him so much, he is almost perfect, but so alive!

Trying to find the right side in all of this.

The lawyer/advocate that was recommended to the Student Support Coordinator at the school is the same guy that helped my mom with getting my sister the educational help she needed 10+ years ago.

So, at least I know we’ll be in good hands. Right? Right.

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trust me when i say, i fully believe Home is very personal to louis and about his acceptance of himself being not straight, however, the change in the pronoun wouldn't be any different even if he was talking about two different girls. one is about the girl in the past and the "your" is because well, he's talking /to/ the new person. there's no gendered form of "your" that he could have used.

He could still have used her anyways, he changed to give the right meaning to the song 

People here have just reached the far down level. People are coming to me because they were triggered. They shipped something, posted about it and got some extreme messages. I’m talking about abuse survives, rape survives, real people.
And I’ve maid a promise that I wouldn’t have that and I won’t.
Do you guys notice we’re talking about real people right? Flash and blood. A girl just said that someone told her that if she was really abused she would know how it feelt like when she actually been through that.
How dare you people? How can you claim is abusive, toxic or the hell with it and actually say something like that?
How dare you say this level of bullshit. You are all so high on your horses that you can’t even take the time to actually listen to people.
How can you say that someone who went though this situation doesn’t know what it feels like.
All of you call out for the shipp toxicity bur oh my how are you toxic. Take a look at your own posts. Your own ideas.
And in the other side we have a excuse of human being talking shit about Supercorp.
Can you guys see what this has become? Can you please see that this are real people with feelings.
Everyone so proud about being on that list but you know what it means? It means you lost likely hurt someone you don’t now over misconceptions. You hurt someone. A person that might as well have the same experiences you did. Should we be proud that hate is winning? Should we be proud that we had to create this stuff?
Just please, please think about it

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Do you ever wonder how Lisa Lisa must have been feeling in BT? Like, finally being reunited with her son but unable to tell him who she really is, seeing how much he's grown since he was a baby, probably seeing George II in some of his features and maybe personality. Like, I want to know more about what she must have been feeling and thinking through all of that

Lisa Lisa’s a really strong woman like she straight up went for and took out her husband’s killer right after it happened. So I think she’d have coped being apart from Joseph for so long since she knew he was going to be raised in good hands and realistically that there was nothing more she could do in the situation since she’d been the one caught committing a crime.
Somewhere she’d have probably resided herself to either never knowing Joseph, or never telling him that she was his mother since Erina had planned to raise him having no knowledge of hamon- given that she’d lost both her husband and her son through their interaction with it. 

I can’t imagine she’d have been too surprised about Joseph’s appearance or his height given what George looked like and what she remembers Joseph being but would definitely be able to see aspects of herself in him. I kind of get the feeling that she’d have been able to spot him a mile away in the centre of a crowd. Personally, I still don’t think she planned to tell Joseph who she was right up until the very end or at all because if he was to actually die at the end of Battle Tendency then she probably wouldn’t have wanted the chance to get more attached to him that she already was. 

I don’t know buddy, I’m unsure too 

i got to the point in the radio drama where Vader tortures Leia and now I’m sufficiently creeped the fuck out. especially by the whole part where he tells her that her father is ordering her to tell him what she did with the death star plans and is like “don’t you want to make your father proud” and “if you don’t want to disobey your father you’ll tell me where the plans are now” and I know he’s talking about Bail and trying to trick her but the sheer fuck tons of dramatic irony make this possibly the most disturbing thing in all of Star Wars. J.J was right, forget about the accidental incest kiss, this is the creepiest part of Leia being the secret Skywalker.

that didn’t stop me from having a hearty laugh the next scene where Tarkin is basically, “Why are you wasting your time with hallucinatory drugs, just stab her in the face,” and Vader’s like “That wold probably kill her,” and Tarkin is all, “That’s not my problem.”

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So are you going to tell me who in the U.K. has been arrested for free speech?

Oh so you play stupid games? Here is one for you, your parliament was just attacked by a radical muslim, sheila. Go on Facebook and announce how he and all the rest of the muslims should be kicked out of the U.K. for their acts of savagery and brutal assaults on the British people. Do this on Facebook, instagram, and twitter, then we will know who gets arrested next for your so called free speech. I mean you claim free speech in the U.K. Right? So that means you can say whatever it is you want without any fear of the police coming to arrest you for hate speech. @low-key-lyesmith am I correct in say that since she claims to have free speech in the U.K.?

Not myself

My mother is in a cell. Locked up and in a cell with Maggie. I have someone working on a bomb to blow a hole in the ship she came in. There was an almost spy I am still not sure I dealt with the right way and now…on top of all of this Moni flew into a rage last night because I tried a little bit of opium.

I don’t even know how or what to start with. My papers are a mess across my vanity. In a few moments I will give the order to have Maggie pulled form the cell. Alright so I do know where to start. They know Maggie in there is a ruse to get my mother to talk, but they will have to be rough with her to keep up the front. This makes me feel ill that anything under my roof would hurt her in any way. Even if it was her idea to play it out like this.

I saw mother in the cell. For a moment I locked eyes with her. What did I expect? Maybe I thought I would feel something or that she would be different then what I had been told what little I could remember of her. It was just anger in my chest, the feeling of the wolf beating inside my ribcage begging to be let out so I could…what? Attack her? Scare her? Runaway faster?

It has confirmed something that Cook told me once. One of the few times I had asked about her. He had said that I looked a great deal like my mother. That is true and it make me want to retch. Maybe that is why I can’t even stomach the thought of tea. Or maybe it has to do with the idea of Maggie in a cell even if it was her idea.

In fact the more I think about it more frustrated it makes me. Looking up I catch the smallest of glimpse in the mirror. It’s to much and taking my hand, all my worg strength behind it I smash the glass in to a million pieces. It cracks and splitters sliding down on to the vanity and my paper work. This is followed by drops of my own blood. Picking up a scarf I wrap it around the worst of the cuts. No time to have it looked at and besides I am in no mood to talk to anyone. To much still to work out.

The ship and the message I want to send I can push that from my mind. Let Larkin deal with that. Let her prove I can trust her. I don’t want to hurt her. Giving her a task seeing what she dose with it is better. Good fine that’s sorted at lest.

As for Moni. This is not the day to deal with that. I can only hope she stays away. Right now I am not myself and I have no idea what might happen.

@maggie-thornecliff @monishadangelo @larkin-sloane and @blaireducroix cause your all wrapped up in this)

A’s mom to the rescue! She is not in fact away (I’m ashamed to say my vacation info source was insta stalking his sis- she’s at their beach house, mom is not.) A called me yesterday, I told him about my stressful week and he said I should at least ask his mom, that he didn’t know if she was away too or not. She said yes right away, none of the back and forth drama my mom gives me. I told my friends whose kids are in dance w/ M that I know they’ve heard my side of the story but to be nice to his mom, she’s smart and cool and stylish and they’ll like her. (They said they would’ve taken M, but one has a newborn and the other a busy career and I don’t like always relying on them.)

I try to dislike his parents but I just can’t. For all the times they disappoint me there’s a time they really come through for me when I need it most. The heart of the issue is it hurts me that they don’t treat M like their other grandkids and don’t include her in their family, it makes me feel like they think she’s less than. The other heart of the issue is I used to be like a daughter to them, they were like my other parents, and I’m hurt that they blame me for what happened.

For tomorrow, now my mom says maybe, but my brother told me she’s too emotionally unhinged about the storage unit. We had dinner w/ him and dad last night and he said “Dad, of course she’s upset, you threw her life away.” I feel bad for her because her pain is real even if the painful situations are caused by her own delusions. I’m going to ask boss if I can skype into the meeting tomorrow from home.

The sun faded behind the mountains and soon it was late. Snowy the Snowman sat in all her glory, a stoney grin on her face with her crooked carrot nose. Madison - pink cheeked and shivering - stood carefully and turned away from the snowman, knees weak and cold. “She looks great, Scout.”

I know! I love her, she’s gunna be around all winter, right Mada?

“Yes, honey. Let’s go inside, I’m cold.” Scout nodded at her mom, looking back once at Snowy before following her mother.