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Part of Lana's Interview from TVLINE (aka the parts I cared about)

TVLINE | There is a new promo that shows Emma and Regina in the street unleashing some magic at a Chernobog. Have they been honing their “team-up” skills, as far as working in tandem together?
Yeah. I think what they’ve realized is that they are stronger together — like the yin and yang, the light and dark, they go hand in hand, so working together they’re much more powerful than they are working alone.

TVLINE | In that clip, they kind of like give each other a nod like, “OK — let’s do this,” and then they let things fly.Once_Season4B_SwanQueenW Would you say they are still frenemies, or are they full-on allies at this point?
I wouldn’t say they’re full-on allies at this point, but I think that they are still discovering what their relationship is. Obviously they’re both Henry’s mom, and they’re kind of forced to be in each other’s lives because of that, but I think what’s going to surprise them is actually how much they really do care for one another. And over time, what you’re going to really see is how close they’ve become, more so as family. Which is also how I see the Charmings at this stage, with Regina and Henry — they’re all a family of some sort. So, I think Regina and Emma are quite surprised by how close they have gotten over the year. And one thing I love is they ultimately have each other’s backs.

TVLINE | [Series creators] Adam and Eddy told me that what Rumpelstiltskin is up to with the Queens of Darkness will put them on a “collision course” with Regina and Operation Mongoose. Is that kind of the crux of the drama for the second half of the season?
Exactly. “Team Evil,” which is what we like to call them, bands together and they make their way into Storybrooke, so Emma and Regina are going to have to deal with this evil trio.

TVLINE | Regina herself is “opportunistically evil” these days. What anymore brings out her biggest, baddest self? Is it threats to family…?
I think that when someone is being wronged, when something is unfair, when justice is needed in a specific moment, she’s learning to embrace her darkness. She’s learning how to use her powers differently than she did before. Before it was just to hurt, to manipulate, to terrorize, and now it’s to protect. And that’s the difference between Regina and some of the other heroes. They don’t want to kill, they don’t want to hurt anyone, but Regina is not afraid to kill or hurt someone if it’s for the right reason. If she can protect the greater good, and if that means ripping someone’s heart out, then she’ll do so.

TVLINE | Lastly, there’s another promo that suggests Emma might take a walk on the “dark side” at some point this season. Is that a case where Regina would swing into action and use her evil for good to prevent that?
I think Regina has learned a lot from her mistakes, and she doesn’t want to see Emma make the same mistakes, so she’s going to stand by her side and protect her as much as she possibly can to make sure she doesn’t cross over to the darkness.

me: why is there so much death around me today?? I’m not trained for this. just death. i was having such a good day. i can’t handle this it’s too much i’m dying

me: *sigh* *pouring myself coffee* *thinking about the thing i just said there* 

i’m such an idiot 

So my school has “cafeteria jams” on Fridays, and today, instead of blasting music we actually enjoy, they forced us all to pay $50 in order for them to stop playing “It’s a Small World” on a loop for the entire period.

It only looped twice.

one question: is athos alright?

Hello everyone!! Just an update to tell everyone I’m not dead! School has been really exhausting and stressful lately…I haven’t even had enough time to play my Majora’s Mask or Bravely Default…;;

Anyways! I’ve had a few people tell me there’s been people getting some hate on here…? What the hell guys? We’re a family, remember that. Even if some of us are on hiatus. Pls remember to get along with each other and love each other. Or else someone’s getting a stern talking to from Papa Toudou. We’re all friends here, yis?

But yis, I just wanted to make an update to say I’m still here, just on an official hiatus - u- . Hopefully I will be a lot more active in the next couple of days/weeks. I’ll also try to remember to turn skype on if anyone wants my name on there that doesn’t already <3 

Until then, get along everyone!!! No hate anons! That’s low. No arguments! Just hugs and biking hell <3

The Problem with Trying to Talk About Women's Issues
  • Woman:This is a problem for women.
  • Man:No it isn't.
  • Woman:...Well, it isn't for most men, but many women face this issue.
  • Man:No they don't. If it were a real problem you'd tell someone about it.
  • Woman:We're literally telling you right now.
  • Man:But this isn't even an issue. I've never experienced this problem in my entire life.
  • Woman:That's because you are a man, and this is an issue that primarily affects women.
  • Man:That's sexist.

There’s celebrities you admire and then there’s that one. That little shit. That life ruiner that could strap ravenous tigers to their feet and use my spine as a catwalk and I’d still probably get down on my knees and thank them profusely for the opportunity.

I can’t watch Phantom of the Opera without remembering the one time in high school when we had a spirit week and our final day was called “Music of the Night” because that was the theme of our homecoming dance. I was literally the only person at school who dressed up as Christine and everyone else was the Phantom. By lunch I had about 20 Phantoms serenading me and chasing me down the hallways.


youtuber direction: niall’s channel

do you think Bilbo ever looks at Frodo and thinks to himself that he finally understands how Thorin must have felt about Fíli and Kíli