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“PJ, you were a real trooper, a real hero this whole time.  I gotta say you’re beautiful.

Mark, you supported everyone.  You were the tank.  The tank of the team.

Emma, you got a lot of flack, but we love you and that’s all that matters.

Jack, you’re a fucking pussy.  I hate you.  Go back to Ireland.  You’re a piece of shit.”

— PewDiePie

I don’t get these trumpgrets people.  He is doing everything he said he was going to do, and now you’re mad?  Really?

He said he was going to get rid of medicare/medicaid/ACA and you all said whooo hooo! Let’s vote.  Now that he’s keeping that promise, you’re mad? 

He said he was going to build a wall and you all chanted “build that wall”  Now he’s building that wall and you say “wooah wait a minute, I gotta pay for that.uhhh”  

He said Climate Change was a hoax, and you all cheered.  Now that he’s actively doing the most to destroy the land, air and water; you are all of a sudden environmentalists?

So all you assholes who voted for the Orange Menace and are now “but but but that hurts me”  I feel no sympathy for you.  You had no problem being okay with his policies hurting non cis white straight people, you gotta live in the truth that it will hurt all of us.  You all were so busy chanting all lives matter, that you gave power to someone who believes that only his life matters.  So fuck you all.

Tango Headcanons

Ok so it’s probably safe to say that Tango is from NJ because the only people who are Devil fans are people from NJ. So here are some things to consider about Tango (written by a girl from NJ)

  • First thing you gotta know though is that there is a fine line between North, South, and Mid Jersey
    • people from the north hate people from the south and people from the south hate people from the north and people from the north and south don’t believe that mid Jersey exists
      • it does you can all fight me
    • I’m headcanoning him as a mid Jersey kid b/c thats where I’m from
  • He spent most of his summers growing up at the shore
    • and no matter where he’s from in NJ you say “going down the shore” not “going to the beach”
    • If he’s from mid Jersey he probably went to Belmare or Asbury Park (maybe LBI if it was a weekend thing or if his family had a shore house)
      • had a season pass for whichever beach tho lbr
  • Learned to hate out-of-state drivers because they are too slow and are always are causing traffic on the Parkway in the summer
  • went on field trips to the Liberty Science Center no less than 3 times
  • would go to Six Flags with his friends a bunch
  • Lives for a Pork Roll Egg & Cheese (aka the greatest breakfast sandwich you will ever eat)
    • actually cried when he realised he couldn’t get it at anywhere outside of Jersey
  • This bring us to Food
    • A bagel and Pizza snob
      • refuses to eat pizza at college because it’s just disgusting outside of the NJ/NY area
        • Didn’t talk to Whiskey for a week after he offered him a slice of Domino’s pizza
          • “Hey Tango want a slice?” “Never speak to me or my children again”
      • same goes for bagels
  • Simultaneously hates and loves his home state
    • Like he can say how much it sucks but once anyone from outside NJ does he will fight them to the death
      • *In the locker room at one point probably*
        • Tango: Haha yeah Im from dirty jersey
        • Nursey or Hoslter (both being from NY): Lol yeah NJ is the fuckin worst
        • Tango: *Kill bill sirens*
    • NJ/NY rivalry is serious you have no idea
    • Tango and Nursey definitely have an argument at every opportunity over their respective home state
  • Calls NYC ‘the city’
  • This
    • “Hey tango where are you from in NJ?”
    • *gives his town’s parkway/turnpike exit number*
    • “????”
  • And lastly if his family are Devil fans it mean that they all hate the Rangers with a burning passion

okay yeah i could go on for longer but you get the idea 

So here it goes for me about 2.10 and Sanvers : we’ve all established that there was not much about Sanvers BUT what we’ve seen was pretty great nonetheless. Their little bets are absolutely everything I want to see about their relationship : inside (AND MULTIPLE) jokes, intimacy, laughs, companionship, beautiful complicity. The fact that they are able to work alongside each other on the field and maintain a coupl-y kind of relationship without saying too much or be near one another physically shows me how much they understand each other on that matter. Like “Ok babe we’re working now but can I just say by making jokes how much I love you this ?” Not to mention the fact that their bet is about where they’re gonna spend the night. They’re at that place now : I wanna spend as much nights with you as we can because I can’t get enough of you. Plus the way they are SO competitive with each other gotta be the most canon thing of all, I mean of course they are gonna place bets on everything, even the smallest of things on a daily basis. It’s not the first time they did that, it shows how much they’re alike and I loved this, I abso-bloody-lutely loved this kind of intimacy. It was just a glance of how they behave around each other, teasing, banter and all, but boy even if it was ridiculously a short amount of time screen it was perfect and fun. Which leads me to their second and last scene : ARE THEY ALREADY MARRIED OR WHAT ? God I loved every second of it. The fact that Maggie is at the DEO (do they let her in and out that easily now ? Why was she there in the first place if not to flirt with her gf ? I MEAN THERE IS NO OTHER EXPLANATION RATHER THAN BEING WITH ALEX) and waits for them to be alone to tease Alex about yet another bet. Now that we know Maggie is soon going to be introduced to the gang (2.12) I think Alex is not completely out at the DEO yet and that explains this adorable shoulder bumps (AND THE LEGS SYNC HOW GAY THAT SHIT WAS?), with that Alex is simply saying “I’m not ignoring you at my work place, I love having you around here, let me put my body against yours discretely so that I can show you just that, just how much I can’t wait to lose anymore bets”. I just love how their relationship is now established and we get to see this on tv every week now. And now I’m only waiting for Winn to glance at Alex like “OH-kay so you were into that Maggie person !” with a huge smile on his face because he’s so happy for his big sister. 

so, this might be an unpopular opinion. but – unless a face claim has a literal criminal record, why are we out there trying to decide who others play ? it’s understandable with gross celebs like michael fassbender, lena dunham, johnny depp etc. who are known to have been abusive in one way or another. but when y’all going around saying we shouldn’t play people like… i don’t fricking know, holland roden –– what’s the point ? personally, i hate her guts, but i wouldn’t try & dictate who plays her and who doesn’t. problematic is such a broad term these days and it leaves NO ROOM for growth & it diminishes actual problematic behaviour. you can’t put someone who said all lives matter next to someone who beat their significant other, that’s literally ridiculous. i’m not saying we should blindly stan people who are fucking assholes, but we gotta learn that playing someone problematic doesn’t inherently make you or your character problematic. it’s different with those mentioned above because their acts are genuinely harmful and seeing them on your dash can be triggering. some people are gross, they are. but at the end of the day, you’re using someone’s face – not condoning some problematic tweet. does that make sense ? 

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Hey, would you mind explaining the whole Dale Pike thing to me? I know he wrote suspicious fanfiction and a lot of people suspect he might actually Mark Gatiss. But I don't know what the fic is actually called or what its significance is. Basically any details you could fill in for me would help lol

So someone asked me the same question last night so I’m just gonna 

Ok so there was a video that circulated on Jan 29th that was basically “A Final Fuck You To BBC: Gays Matter”, except that just now we are finding out that the ‘creator’ of that video also writes 'fanfiction’ on AO3, except except that a lot of people (like TJLC higherups) are noticing that these fics read a lot like some of the stuff Mark Gatiss has written.

I’ve made it through like one or two, and I gotta say it’s all very well-written, but it is not good fanfiction. Like it uses a lot of epithets and switches POVs weirdly and the style is certainly creative but not conducive to typical Johnlock fanfiction At All. So it feels like whoever wrote it is trying to hide who they really are but is kinda bad at it? Aaaand their pseud is “Dale Pike”, which is probably based on the ACD character Langdale Pike but I haven’t read a lot of the original stories so I can’t say much more than that about it but supposedly it has some significance?

It’s all a bit sketchy imo, but supposedly some of the fics were written as “predictions” and “inside spoilers” for season 4. I haven’t read those yet, but it’s obvious that a lot of it was based off of the meta we were coming up with (such as Mycroft dying, the baby being a plot device etc.) I’d start with Within the Narrative and One Word Test.

Okay kids here we go. You really gotta stop sexualizing underage idols. I saw a post about Dino from Seventeen talk in about kinks he would have and what he would be like in bed. Um… he is 17? I know he is turning 18 I’m literally a month but it doesn’t matter. He is underage and shouldn’t be sexualized. Don’t defend these things by saying that you are underage too. It doesn’t matter. Underage idols shouldn’t be sexualized, no matter what age the person sexualizing them is. This goes for all people though. There are adults saying “I can’t wait until Mark (nct) turns 18” and “I’m a pedo noona” it is unexeptable and disgusting. Please stop sexualizing idols who are minors.

Just Like Fire - P!nk
  • “I know that I’m running out of time”
  • “I want it all”
  • “I’m wishing they’d stop tryna turn me off”
  • “Feels like I’m surrounded by clowns and liars”
  • “We came here to run it”
  • “No one can be just like me any way”
  • “Just like magic, I’ll be flying free”
  • “I’mma disappear when they come for me”
  • “I kick that ceiling, what you gonna say?”
  • “People like to laugh at you ‘cause they are all the same”
  • “See, I would rather we just go a different way than play the game”
  • “No matter the weather, we can do it better”
  • “We don’t have to worry ‘bout a thing”
  • “So, look, I came here to run it just ‘cause nobody’s done it”
  • “Y’all don’t think I can run it but look, I’ve been here, I’ve done it”
  • “Impossible? Please. Watch, I do it with ease”
  • “You just gotta believe”
  • “Come on with me”
  • “What’s a [girl] to do?”
a trend i’ve noticed

One thing that annoys me about boy positivity blogs, is their constant need to guilt trip the community they adhere to. And I’m not saying all of them do it, but a lot of them. And what I mean by that is the mods constant “Hey, we can have our positivity, but girls matter more” or “We can have our positivity, but we’ve gotta make sure boys positivity isn’t overrunning girls positivity” or “boy positivity is nice, but make sure your respect girls all the time”…

And I’m not saying that respecting girls is wrong, or respecting girls positivity for that matter is wrong either. But here’s the thing. I rarely, if ever see disrespect for girls in boys positivity communities, or in mlm communities. It’s all about “yeah boys need their positivity, but don’t speak over women” and like, I just don’t see where people are getting that from.

If anything, it’s the other way around. I can’t count how many times people have redirected our posts and tried to veer them toward women’s positivity and wlw positivity, and while I have nothing against wlw and girls positivity, our posts are not meant for that. Furthermore, I feel that there is some type of internalized hatred or misandry for men, even in their so called “positive spaces”. I repeat again, I have yet to see blatant and popula rdisrespect in the boys positive/mlm community toward women.  Because if that was the case, I wouldn’t be co-running a boys-positive blog given that I am a woman (same with the other mod) and I wouldn’t put myself in a community where I felt misogynistic attitudes toward me.  And in the boys positive community I don’t.

And again, I feel that the boys positive/mlm community is really missing the point. Here some blogs are, trying to make commotion of an issue that is simply not happening, but ignoring all the hatred that is coming to your supposed safe spaces by almost all of tumblr and not only do you let it happen, but you support it.

Furthermore, it’s just guilt tripping and internalized hatred toward males that is very prominent through the boy positive/mlm community. If you are posting male positivity, but every seconds trying to put your made audience in their place by telling them stuff like ‘women can do no wrong’ or ‘let’s not outshine girl positivity’, while indirectly reinforcing the idea that men, no matter if they are suffering , don’t deserve positivity nearly as much as women do, then that isn’t really positivity nor is it uplifting your target audience.

It’s literally turning on them, and guilt tripping them for just wanting to be happy and wanting positivity. And I hate that. I’ve had to go to so many positivity tags and see them turn on their male audience in favor of the tumblr attitudes toward males and it’s just upsetting and I think extremely misleading if you’re claiming to be male positive.

Again, there are problems the male positive community faces. One huge problem is the fact that many of our posts are hijacked in favor of girl positive posts, but instead of talking about that, many of these blogs actually cater to that behavior, and guilt trip their target audience for being upset. And again, another issue is this misandry and male hatred very prevalent through male positive (and especially mlm) blogs and I think that needs to stop.

Female positivity  is good. WLW positivity is awesome.

But so is male and mlm positive, and like women/ wlm positivity is for women, male positivity and mlm positive is for men, and men shouldn’t be guilt tripped to think otherwise or feel bad about themselves bcs these mods can’t keep their hatred for men out of their positivity post.

Just gotta say that it sort of bothers me how everyone talks about and writes about and draws about Paul as the more submissive person in his relationship with john just because paul has more feminine physical features and presence. Like let’s not push heteronormativity on them okay? I’m so tired of it. Logically, john would be the more submissive one because he had a fear of abandonment, was very much depressed throughout the span of the beatles and was an extremely unstable person (which is all telltale signs of bpd but that’s another story for another time). Paul has always been more of an optimist, and is way more stable. John would be more dependent on paul to balance out his mental and emotional shortcomings that way. Plus paul is known to have an issue with always needing to be in control. And based on john’s relationship with yoko, he thrived when he was under someone else’s control. So paul would’ve played the role of the provider, and the “rescuer” in their relationship, while john would’ve played the role of the receiver and the “rescued”. Their relationship dynamic (and anybody’s really) has less to do with (the traditional, patriarchal view of) feminine vs (the traditional, patriarchal view of) masculine and more to do with personality.


 I love this scene so much. Especially the line of Clarke saying “what if it was too dangerous and I sent him in there anyway?” People think Clarke realized Bellamy was in fact not worth the risk in 3x02 but she was feeling this way so much sooner. They could have written L to say literally anything but instead they have her say “You care about him.” This was very deliberate. We know L had romantic feelings for Clarke by then, and this comment she’s curiosity. You could even call it jealousy. 

Look at the way Clarke responds. It takes her a moment to formulate the response. There’s nothing automatic about it, she’s gotta think first. She turns to face L when she says “I care about all of them” as if to say ‘see I’m looking you in the eye as I say this, it’s true, believe me’  

L does the same as she turns to face Clarke, looks her in the eye, and says matter of factly “Yet you worry about him more.” It’s not a question. It’s a flat out statement. 

And Clarke doesn’t deny it. She gets angered actually. She tries to cover it up by saying “We need him” but soon after her guilt becomes apparent. That if something happens to him, she’ll have no one to blame but herself for telling him he was worth the risk. And she’s flat out pissed. She sent Bellamy in there because if love was weakness then she couldn’t let herself feel it. Not again, not after hearing Finn’s last breath in her ear. She’s pissed because it was L’s “Love is Weakness” motto that encouraged a still grieving and heartbroken Clarke to suddenly change her mind and tell Bellamy to go. 

L tries telling her this is what it means to be a leader, “we must look into the eyes of out warriors and tell them go die for me” and Clarke responds with “if only it were that easy.” Because Bellamy’s not her warrior. He’s not her “knight”. That’s the last thing she wants him to be. 

He became much more then that. And that’s proven just 4 episodes later in the 3x02 scene where we see her beg for his life. He did what he was suppose to do right? He fought for her like a good warrior would, he tried to protect her and save her like a good knight would. But when it came down to it, she’d give herself up before feeling that kind of worry again. 

And suddenly the finale scene, Clarke’s face upon hearing “Start with Bellamy Blake” makes even more sense. All this time she tried so hard not to let herself be weak, she tried so hard to push down, and bury, and build a wall around these feelings so that she’d never have to worry or see something happen to him because of her. And now ALIE knows her #1 weakness is him and she doesn’t even have the words to express the fear we saw in her eyes.

Another thing

Many people are speculating that in the next episode we will find that Malec didn’t have sex and that Alec is angry at Magnus for saying no.

To me, Alec would be more hurt than anything. We’ve all witnessed that Alec prefers to hide his hurt behind an angry facade no matter who he has to be an asshole to, to hide it. He’d much rather do that than admit that his feelings are hurt because his boyfriend refused to “do the do” with him.

I don’t think Alec would ever truly be mad at Magnus just because he wants to take things slower. He’ll be hurt because he’s already so insecure regarding his inexperience and he’s ready to change that but Magnus isn’t willing to just jump straight into sex after maybe a week of being as together as they are now because he doesn’t want to risk going too fast and losing him.

I think it might actually add a whole lot more depth to their relationship if that’s how it goes because it’ll force Alec to speak to Magnus more about his insecurity over his lack of experience, and that would only add a whole new level of communication in their relationship.

This isn’t the end of the world Malec shippers. The writers, the actors and the show in general really truly care for this relationship and I doubt they would handle it so dubiously. Things will be okay in the end.

Dia's been upgraded
  • Dia's been upgraded
  • Mari & Kanan

“Before it was speaker mode and now it’s silent mode? You’re too polarized, Dia. You’ve gotta loosen up.”
“Wait, wait, wait! What are you doing, Mari?”
“Don’t ‘what’ me. That’s not Dia!”
“No Dia?”
“‘No’, it’s ‘No’. Take a better look.”
“Gasp, Dia’s all black!”
“She is black, but I think we’ve got a bigger problem than color here.”
“Dia’s black?! Black Dia… coal?!”
“I don’t get what you’re trying to say and that’s not Dia, it’s not even a human!”
“Dia isn’t a human? She’s a sub-human?!”
“Like I said!”
“What’s gotten into you, Kanan? Dia is Dia. It doesn’t matter if she turned blacker and smaller, grown a beak, turned her hands into flippers or grown webbed feet-”
“It’s a penguin!!”
“Oh! Penguin!”
“Don’t just go, ‘Oh! Penguin!’!”
“Dia’s been upgraded to a penguin?!”
“No, that’s not it- Wait, is that an upgrade?”
“Well, she’s cuter and less obnoxious like this.”
“That penguin is a penguin, not Dia.”
“Then, the real Dia was… eaten by a penguin?”
“Dia wouldn’t get eaten by a penguin!”
“Then, who ate her?”
“Nobody did!!”

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First of all: German EXO-L here, unite! Second: Which are your favorite ships / EXO OTPs?

hello my fellow german peep!! 

my fave ships/otps gotta be the ships of old, baekyeol and kaisoo, they will never die but i legit ship a lot, if it’s well written i’ll read it, no matter what the pairing is tbh but i have read so many great baekyeol and kaisoo stories that for those two i have to say:

BTS Reaction #61

BTS’ reaction after finding out you’re a virgin.


“Oh okay, but you’ve seen things before, right?”

“You mean… videos or…?”


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“Am I supposed to be angry or something? Cause if you think this is gonna change us, it’s not. You being a virgin or not doesn’t matter to me.”

“Awww Yoongi, you’re so sw–”

“–gotTA SAY THOUGH, YOU THIRSTY AF FOR ME” *throws water at you before running for his life*

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“Oh don’t worry, you can take all the time you need to prepare yourself~” *gallops off into the sun like the sweetheart he is* *but somehow he looks 1000x hotter than usual???*

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“Oh. I mean I can stick to watching videos if you’re not ready!!! That’s as far as I’ll go, I swear I won’t go running off to another girl. You can trust me” *catches 102938028 more viruses on his laptop*

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*smirks and jokes around* “OOH you want me to change that for you???? Because I’m ready whenever you are, princess” 

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“Are you trying to tell me something….? Or are you just playing with me?” *wink wonk* “No but for real, why are you telling me this right now? In bed? At night???”

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*blankly stares at you before laughing nervously* “… what else did you want to tell me? Besides… you know, that?” *avoids eye contact*

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They’re talking directly to tjlc with the contact_JM account. 

In number two Moftiss are encouraging us to “talk back” the way fans did after the original Final Problem a la dymm. Which we already knew they wanted. all i gotta say is that dymm tweets far too often to be unpaid. 

Number five might be telling the assholes to stop sending fake mole asks and making false clues. (like the sherlockthelostspecial tumblr account?)

“You will not question my authority” is telling us to have trust in them, as if we didn’t already. 

And numbers one, eight, and ten are to encourage us to keep playing along with the game, no matter how burnt out we get. They hear our complaints. 

“I will send my men to track every. little. thing. you. do.”= confirmation of moles. 

And aside from all of that, the entire tweet is another bible reference. But I guess they are a bit like God, right?

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I just wanted to reach out and say that one of the snaps that you recently did said to use anger and depression as a motivation struck a cord for me that I just was not seeing on my own. I'm over weight and depressed with the loss of my mother. I'm a firm believer that sometimes simple things we say can have a positive impact on others and today you impacted me. Thank you.

Hey Archi!

I’m here for you maybe not physically but your words struck a chord in me. We all go through many many things– good and bad. We just gotta take the bad and make it what we want with it and focus on the good. I’m sorry about your loss and you know mothers are special and will always be there no matter what even if they aren’t there physically. Being over weight I’m sure you have your struggles but with the right motivation and determination you can change all that. It’s always the simple things. :) use that positive impact brother