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Being Bucky’s Valentine Would Include...


[warnings] mentions of smut.

[a/n] happy valentine’s day. and to those that don’t like the holiday because it makes them feel lonely, just remember that there’s more than romantic love and i could always be ur valentine if you want. ily.

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Being Bucky’s Valentine Would Include…

  • He would go all out, trust me on this.
  • Homeboy would be up on Pinterest and everything.
  • He would make you pancakes to surprise you in bed when you woke up and he would learn how to carve the strawberries into roses.
  • When you got back from training or whatever he would have the whole shabang put together.
  • One of those giant teddy bears that’s bigger than you, like 100 roses, and a lot of chocolate.
  • And you’re not a terrible girlfriend, so you would give him your gift.
  • You would probably take a lot of pictures and post them everywhere.
  • It would be really cheesy because the lights would be dim and there would be candles and there would be a tablecloth on the coffee table and a box of pizza and wings waiting in front of the TV, where you would watch a rom-com.
  • But, Bucky you hate 13 Going on 30.
  • I know, but I know that you love it.
  • He would totally buy you tons from Victoria’s Secret, insisting that you model them for him ;).
  • There’d be a card attached to the gifts and it would literally be the smoothest thing ever written and it would take up the entire space on the card.
  • Y’all would just chill all night eating pizza and wings and all 30 of the giant boxes of chocolate boxes he got you.
  • He’d be super proud that he planned the whole evening without any help.
  • You would probably start crying because he’s just so great, and he would panic because he did not expect that.
  • Wow, I thought that you’d be happier about all this, he’d joke.
  • It would ultimately be the cheesiest but best night ever.

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Opps. Sorry. So it was 1,3,7, 12 and 13 from the “RIGHT TO THE GOOD PARTS” prompts lists and the characters Jason, Damien and Tim for whichever of the five prompts. Please and thank you. You’re writing is awesome, by the way.

Part 1.

13. This wasn’t meant to be a date, but we’ve had such a good time and now it’s 2 a.m. and I should really go home… + Damian

It had started out as a study date: you’d asked Damian to help you study for your Government final. The two of you sat in the Cameron Kane library until the librarian came and kicked the two of you out. You’d started heading towards the nearest subway stop when Damian called out to you, asking if you’d wanted to get something to eat.

You’d accepted and Damian took you to the smallest pizza joint you’d ever seen. The two of you squished into a booth and spilt a medium four cheese and at midnight you’d dragged out onto the street in an attempt to find an all-night ice cream spot.

You stir the last bit of your mint chocolate chip milkshake as the two of you stop outside of your apartment building.

“It’s late, I should be heading home,” Damian says, fingers playing with the straps of his messenger bag.

“Come on Damian, it’s two in the morning I can’t let you stay on the streets this late. It’s dangerous.”

Damian lets out on short laugh, his nose wrinkling when he does. You roll your eyes and nod back towards your apartment building.

“I know it’s no Wayne Manor but you can spend the night with me. My roommate won’t be home until the morning if you want to stay the night.”

You have to bite the inside of you check as Damian looks your building up and down. He nods, pushing his hair out of his face as answers you.

“Alright. Are you going to make me sleep on the floor?”

You laugh, fighting with the lock on the front door.

“Oh no, the couch is comfortable enough.”

7. I’ve never seen anything like the way you handled that. I’m just so moved.

You watch in awe as Red Robin flips one of your would be muggers into a metal trash can. The second mugger tries to grab Red Robin by the cape and you almost yell out but you don’t have to.

The fight is over almost before it starts and you’re left standing there in studded silence as Red Robin turns towards you, his hair falling into his eyes.

“Are you alright?” He asks and you have to snap yourself out of a trance as he walks closer to you.

“Yeah, I’m great. What about you, none of them hurt you did they?” You ask, vaugly recalling one of the two guys pulling a knife.

Red Robin laughs and shakes his head. Bending down he grabs something off of the ground; straightening up you realize he’s holding your phone out to you.

“What are you doing out this late anyway? It’s dangerous to walking around alone like that.”

You roll your eyes at the admonishment and shrug.

“I was studying and I felt like walking since the weather is so nice. Hey, anyway, you wanna go on a date sometime?”

Red Robin splutters, his face as red as his uniform. You ignore his embarrassment and soldier on.

“It’s just, I’ve never seen anyone handle anything that crazy that well and I want to take you out. You can wear the uniform if you want.”

Red Robin rubs the bridge of his nose and sighs as you fish out a pen and a piece of scrap paper form your back. Scribbling your number into you, you shove it into his hands.

“I’m free this weekend. Call me.”

You leave Red Robin standing in the ally; but you don’t miss the way he tucks your number into his pocket.

here are some answered questions i get really often:

1. how old are you? - i’m turning 18 in a month (june the 21)

2. for how long you’ve been vegan? - for two years now

3. why did you decided to become vegan? and what are the reasons? - i met my boyfriend like two years ago and he was already living a vegan lifestlye. i ate meat and diary products and someday he said i could watch earthlings. 3 days later i started to cut out animal products and about 2 weeks later i completely stopped eating them. i’ve done a lot of researches and watched films and videos about factory farming etc and i was really shocked and cried and just don’t wanted to eat animal products anymore. i also learned a lot about the health benefits and this was like a nice sideeffect which is really important to me!

4. did you lost weight? - no, i was really underweight before turning vegan, so i gained, but it tooks me a longer time than it would be with animal products i think. but i know, if i had turned vegan 4 years ago when i was a bit heavier and some sizes bigger i had lost weight because i was only eating fast food and unhealthy things and too much at all (really).

5. do you eat unhealthy things sometimes? - YES I DO! i have a dessert everyday which isn’t healthy at all. i need it because i absolutely have a sweet thooth and i’m the biggest fan of chocolate ever. i often eat vegan cakes or chocolatebars or icecream for dessert :) i’m also eating outside like once a week, which means i’m eating what i’m craving (a pizza, or vegan schnitzel with potaoes or asian food etc)

6. i want to turn vegan, but don’t know what to eat/cook/care for, do you have any tips? - start cooking on your own. make grocery shopping lists and plan what to eat. look for vegan restaurants around you and eat there with friends or family. cook with friends or family, look for recipes online or buy a vegan cookbook of your choice. DON’T just eat veggies and fruit if you’re not living the 80/10/10 lifestyle. you need nutritions. try out tofu, seitan, vegan cheese, beans, grains, dairyfree milk etc. be sure to get enough vitamin b12. it’s really important and one of the only vitamins you REALLY have to care for in a vegan lifestyle. i had a lack of it after a half year of being vegan and experienced a lot of symptoms like being all day exhausted, sleeping more than 12 hours a night, depression, headache, numb arms/feet/legs. some people don’t have problems with b12, but i always would make blood tests to check it.

7. i eat a lot of fruit, is it bad or i eat a lot of nutbutters and nuts, is it bad? - to be honest, i don’t know. everyone says too much of everything isn’t healthy but i’m eating a lot of both of them everyday! beside my breakfast i ALWAYS have half a litre fresh smoothies (only fruit) and i’m eating for lunch or dinner (depends) something with fruit again. like oatmeal with fruit and nutbutters. which means i have nutbutters also 2 times a day, and i always use around 1 or 2 tablespoon for every single meal.

soooo i hope i could help with these answered questions! :) have a nice day everyone, i’m always open for new questions.

Kai (yes my name is really Kai, and yes i’m a girl anyway haha(

Chocolate Strawberries

Hi guys! I know Valentine’s Day is long behind us but I think this was still too cute to not post. Enjoy some Valentine’s Day Michael fluff. :)
Valentine’s Day. The most loving time of year for couples… And the most tedious if you actually had a boyfriend like myself. I spent all morning, since Michael left to the studio, dipping strawberries in chocolate and stabbing cute sticks in them to make a chocolate fruit bouquet. Honeydew, strawberries, raspberries and apples on sticks were dipped in chocolate and caramel. I was texting him back and forth, making sure he wasn’t coming back early to the rented town house we were renting out in Hollywood while they recorded for their next album. 

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Food is fuel, and it is delicious:) this was my mug-omelet with cheese and some avocado/tomato/onion salad, my post workout snack before lunch! I was feeling down this week, eating a lot of yummy foods, then feeling guilty. But today I understood than men, I’m just 15! I need to enjoy life! Yes, I’m into fitness; I love working out, eating salads and lean meats and oatmeal, but I also loove ice cream, pizza and french fries! I really need to find my balance and path to happiness, I’m done with calories and stupid web calculators telling me what/how much to eat, I’m done with Thinspo and I AM DONE WITH DISORDERED THOUGHTS AND BEHAVIORS. I don’t give a shit if my stomach isn’t flat anymore, don’t you know it’s full of love? It’s full of my mom’s breakfast, my grandma’s desserts and my dad’s BBQs. I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK ANYMORE. And if my classmates whisper shit when they see me again, I don’t care. They don’t know how much I’ve struggled this year, and they have no right to judge my body even if I don’t look tiny anymore. I’m stronger now, because I battle everyday with my worst enemy: myself. And I’m gonna be the winner. And I love you, body. Thank you for lifting the weights, running 10k, and doing 25 burpees without a single pause. Thank you for digesting the yummy food and keeping me alive even when I was starving myself. I’m sorry if I lost your trust and made you thought I wasn’t going to eat again… I never meant to end my life either, thanks for curing the skin I cut. I promise that won’t happen again EVER. Because now, our relationship is LOVE. I’ll keep working out because we feel hot af even if are sweaty, don’t we? And we are getting stronger. I’ll keep eating healthy and rich foods because I want you to be healthy, having all the nutrients you need (and let’s be real here, oatmeal if so damn FINE). And I’ll keep having nachos, ice cream, donas, pizza, and chocolates because I LOVE YOU! AND I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY! So yeah ED, go fuck yourself. I’m the boss in here;) And a big shoutout to my Tumblr inspirations! izzybilotta oatsnjen aubernutter pearlbruh willlift4pancakes breathebeingfit and many more! You guys share such an amazing positivity that pushes me to be better every day. I don’t even know you but I LOVE YOU. THANKS.

You Don't Really Wanna Know

(Last week I was writhing in agony so yeah, here)

You stared at the tube sock as it spun slowly on the rotating dish in the microwave. One of your hands took to rubbing your stomach, trying to soothe its distress. Sam came by, and caught a glimpse of the object in the microwave.

“What…what are you doing?” Sam asked frowning in confusion.
“Microwaving a rice filled tube sock,” you answered.


“You really don’t want to know,” you answered simply, pulling your impromptu heating pack out of the microwave. Sam watched you, confused by your short given answer.

You resumed your position in bed, pressing the home made heat pack to your stomach. It soothed the gripping ache a bit, but not enough to allow sleep. You had offically ran out of pain meds and you physically couldn’t make it to the store. It was times like these that you missed your dad. He’d stop by some store and get you everything you needed. Of course you hadn’t asked one of the boys, but you didn’t really think they’d be up to it. You closed your eyes and tried to meditate the pain away.

“Hey where’s Y/N?” Dean asked his brother.

“She went to her room with a microwaved tube sock.” Sam informed with a slight smirk, mostly formed by the randomness of your actions and Dean’s resulting confusion.


“Yeah I don’t know what its for either,” Sam shrugged, “but you can ask her when you talk to her.”

Dean turned slowly, going to your room to ask you what you wanted for dinner. You were usually easy to find in your position not too far from Dean, but you’d been more than a little distant lately. Dean pretended not to notice, promising himself he wasn’t really all that into you. Sure he knew he loved you. He just refused to acknowledge the extent of that love. When he noticed he missed you he first thought to ignore it, then he quickly decided he needed to go to the grocery store, and it was customary to ask everyone if they wanted anything. Therefore he didn’t miss you, he was only asking about dinner.

“Hey, Y/N, you need something from the store,” he asked coming into your personal room. Neither of you felt like moving your stuff to his room so you didn’t. You bit your lip. Yeah, you needed something. Tampons. Dean caught on to the look on your face.

“Tampons or pads?” He asked with a sigh. Your eyes widened a bit, “What?”

“Nothing…you’ll go get some for me.”



“Baby, by this point in my life I just don’t care.”

“Well I’ll make your job easy,” you promised, getting up from your bed and grabbing your phone. You opened up the top drawer of your dresser and snapped a picture of the box you usually got then sent it to Dean.

“Smart. I feel like pizza for dinner. I’m gonna try my hand at a homemade one.” He informed.

“That sounds great. I’ll school you in the art,” you smiled walking forward to wrap your arms around Dean’s waist.

“You? School me? That’ll be a sight to see.”

“Yeah you’re all big talk now but wait.” You promised, looking up at him studying his face for a bit before giving him a quick peck on the lips, “you really are perfect aren’t you.”

“On occassion.”

Once Dean left out you settled in bed. Though the longer you sat stagnant, the quicker the intense anguish tore at your uterus. In a moment of desperation you searched you tube for yoga positions to help your pain. Some poses helped but after a few minutes the pain would come back and you’d change position.

“Y/N,” Dean called as he came in to your room, after coming back from the store. He was in the midst of checking the bag he was giving you. When he looked up you we’re in child’s pose with your butt facing him, “Well hello there,” he smiled.

You only groaned, concentrating on fully relaxing the muscles in your lower stomach and back. It was a harder task than one would have thought. Dean crossed the room and set the bag he had for you down before pulling a bottle of pills out of his pocket.

“Take half of one,"he advised, giving you the bottle.

"What are they?” You asked sitting up.


You glared at him for a while then a pain shot through your abdomen. Fine. At least if you died you wouldn’t have to deal with this kind of pain ever again. You did as he said then wrapped your arms around him.

“Thanks for your illicit drugs,” you smiled.

“Shut up,” he rolled his eyes then looked to the bag, “I picked you up some chocolate, all kinds,” he pulled three bags of assorted, chocolate halloween candy, “some peppermint and ginger tea because google said it’d help, "and all the eighties classic movies you could want.”

“Oh you’re the best,” you kissed him all over his face.

“Yeah yeah, now are you going to school me in pizza making or not?”

“You bet your sweet ass I am.”