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hi, i'm the anon who asked abt drarry w draco luna friendship! amongst those you listed i've only read a piercing comfort, which is a wonderful piece! i'd definitely read the others that you reccommended. And yesss~ i'd be really happy if there are more draco luna friendship fics out there. You're awesome! thanks btw :3

Of course! I’m glad to help! And omg yes, A Piercing Comfort by talithan is so fantastic- Draco and Luna are absolutely darling in it, and I love their therapy practice and all their tattoos! A heavily tattooed Draco and Luna is my aesthetic, that’s all I could ever want or need

I really love their friendship and tend to incorporate it into my own writing, so they’ll be friends in the eighth year fic Hannah and I are writing as well :) Luna is very gentle and encouraging with Draco, and he’s so grateful for her support and unwavering belief in him that he becomes very protective of her

They’re also really close in the bdsm Drarry fic Hannah and I are writing, and Luna’s the only girl Draco’s ever slept with (it was just a one time thing), which makes Harry almost trip over his feet when he finds out, lol. I just love them a whole lot!


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