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Imagine this; Jung Daehyun and Moon Jongup officially saving 2017 with their Project album, releasing new songs as well as prior studio versions of their solos. B.A.P finally getting the recognition and appreciation they deserve, thus souring in the charts and continuing to make an impact on social justice as well as mental health issues. Me casually slidin’ Bang Yongguk a crisp™ ten pound note for a comeback of Bang&Zelo including a live version of Pray. All is right in the world.


I fell asleep on my futon for one hour and it feels like my brain did a hard reset and that I’ve been asleep for days. Currently trying to wrap my head around the fact that it’s only Thursday at 9:30.

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This might be cheesy,

But I would really love to hear about Even’s dreams and plans for the future. Like at the very last episode, when he is finally done with his 3rd year, I want someone to ask him what his plans are now. I want to hear him talk about what passion and dreams he wants to follow. What’s next in line for him. Will he go to uni? Art school? Film school? Start his own thing? Take a year off?

I would really love to hear that. Because knowing everything he has been through, how he at some point didn’t even want a future. How sometimes even the next day seems like too much to think about. How getting through high school has not been fucking easy. It would just make me so happy to hear him gush about his dreams. To hear him be positive and excited about life and what’s to come.

And while he tells us all this, I want Isak to just look at him with so much pride and admiration. And I will cry.


@godshideouscreation’s Etsy might have to shut down if someone doesn’t buy something. She’s got some cool art stuff and cute dream catchers and lovely flower crowns. Do me a favor and go check it out. She does commissions too I think. She should have a link to it in her bio. Omg I’m still in love with the dream catcher I got from her💕 just DO IT. Cuz her stuff is cute asf

me: hey i should draw some creepy bill fanart or just something super villainous and evil with him 

also me: *draws him being adorable and being a fucking goofball and constantly tries to redeem him* …fuck


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Jealousy thy name is clearly Lance McClain????


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