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For NTs: Manic Impulse Explained

It’s not what it looks like. It’s not wilful self destruction. It’s not a cry for help.

Imagine the most important moment of your life, the pivotal decision, the fork in the road that changes everything 

- accelerated.

So I want to instantly (this very hour) do a thing… this very, VERY important thing.

This is the thing that I have only realised RIGHT NOW is so incredibly imperative. I know it’s impulsive but it’s utterly, utterly brilliant. This is what I need to do. It’s such a great idea. Besides I’m young, this is supposed to be my time, I am allowed to be spontaneous! I can’t believe I’ve only just realised how much I really, really need to do This thing. This is absolutely what I was supposed to be doing all along!! I’m going to do it right now, no point waiting, I’m more sure of This than any decision I’ve ever made before! I have absolute freedom, I am without restriction, I will accelerate to euphoria and success.

Possibilities for ‘This’:

◻️ Drop out of college to pursue something I’ve never even heard of before.

◼️ Resign from a good job I actually enjoy.

◻️ Classic ‘Sex, Drugs and Psychosis’ brand of mania.

◼️ Viciously abandon every friend I have because ‘they’re holding me back’.

◻️ Literally run away to live with someone I’ve only just met.

◼️ Buy business supplies in bulk, for an idea I’m bound to have later.

◻️ Dump my boyfriend/girlfriend on a complete and utter whim, to revel in the turmoil.

◼️ Abandon life, buy a one way ticket to a country I have nothing to do with, have nowhere to stay, no way to get back and no money or safety when I get there.

◻️ Tattoo of something so profound I can’t even articulate why I want it.

◼️ Drink all the spirits in the house alone for literary ‘inspiration’.

◻️ Play with knives to feel the power of taunting mortality.

◼️ Seduce this romantically committed person, chronic boredom likes challenges.

◻️ Buy 14 pairs of these same shoes: it’s an investment.

◼️ Stop taking my meds because they’re stealing my potential. Manic me is the true me, they’ll take her away . After all, what if the Doctor’s are wrong? Maybe I function in a higher plane, all great innovators do, and there must be a misunderstanding.

◻️ Open water swimming, alone, at night, in a very angry sea.

◼️ Start collecting reptiles… I think I’ll start with five… I’ll be going to the shop now.

At the time these decisions don’t appear reckless, ridiculous, risky or wrong. They seem like the most sensible and obvious thing in the world. We are not attention seeking. We don’t have a death wish. Our ability to judge risk is just monumentally impaired and the urgency of these actions becomes overpowering. This is why unintentional death is so notably high in rapid cycling bipolars.

We are brave and inspired and running on double time to the people around us. We are the glorious and the invincible… and sometimes we are running into traffic for the joy of the adrenaline hit.

We’re hitting the ground running… hard… and usually in the face.

If you’re able to help us, please do, but know what you’re looking it. Stare the ugliness of mania in the face but know, with doubtless certainty, that for us, it is most beauteous thing, the most precious place we’ll ever be.

And it’s going to be heartbreaking to leave.

Headcanon of what type of teenager the Seven would be in a high school setting:

-Percy would be the guy that no matter what he does, is labeled a trouble-maker and even when he tries his hardest not to, he always seems to be getting involved in something. He is pretty well-known, however he has a smaller group of friends that he would literally do anything for. I can see him being on the swim team as skateboarding on the side.

-Annabeth is, well she’s intense. She’s pretty all over the place in regards to what she does. One minute she’s in her AP classes, and then ferociously schooling someone while debating, and the next she is dominating in some sport. People are always so surprised to find out that she’s dating Percy since the two of them seem like polar opposites. 

-Jason is definitely the stereotypical “popular guy”. He’s captain of the football team, pretty athletic, smart, and good looking. I will say, though, he is always the type of person that doesn’t care if something isn’t popular or not and often does things that wouldn’t normally be deemed “cool” just because he wants to prove a point that everything and everyone is “cool” in their own way.

-Piper would be the type of girl that people notice instantly, since she’s really pretty and just has that sort of presence. This leads to her becoming pretty popular, but she’s literally friendly with everyone and always sticks up for people that are being picked on. I can imagine her being a huge long-boarder or surfer. Literally no one is surprised that her and Jason are dating.

-Leo is totally one of those guys that everyone knows to go to when you need him to screw with someone. He’s one of the major pranksters of the school and has an image that reflects that. No one really knows that much about him, except that he is always joking but is actually really good with his hands and can make anything.

-Hazel is like Piper where she is also everyone’s friend. She doesn’t have just one friend group but talks to different people on different days. She is often underestimated. She also never follows the status quo and is into a lot of older generation stuff such as the Beatles. She also was moved up a grade, and is one of the youngest in her class.

-Frank is that guy that no one really noticed until he had a major glo-up and then everyone’s on him. He’s always been a kid with a “bigger kid’s body” but not necessarily a “bigger kid’s brain”. He is pretty intimating at first glance but that soon changes, however, once you see just how much of a klutz he is sometimes. Along with Jason and Piper, literally no one is very surprised that sweet lil’ Hazel and him got together.


I would like to point something out that I’m not sure anyone is talking about.

The obstacle course Ian is using while Mickey is shooting at random targets above him? That obstacle course wasn’t just THERE, guys. You know what that means? That means that Ian and Mickey found this place (probably Mickey knew about it first or they discovered it together. I’m assuming this because we never saw Ian here before and Mickey made himself at home here after what happens in 3x666) and MADE it into a shared space where they can each just hang out and do whatever they want. Mickey can shoot his gun to let off some steam and Ian can train for ROTC with an obstacle course they probably built together. They’d have a place to hang out without worrying about getting caught (you know, since the Kash and Grab CLEARLY wasn’t going to work anymore because each time they got caught up to that point, it was at the store). BUT it’s super important that we take notice that they are not just either fucking or working together. They spend platonic time together just hanging out. They are taking interest in each others interests and I really just CAN’T stress that enough to people who argue Mickey is toxic for Ian or that the relationship was bad in general. They were not just fuck buddies. They were friends, best friends.

So in the first scene Mickey is in, we see Ian proposing Mickey help him rob Ned’s house. 

Mickey seems disinterested in the conversation, but that’s likely due to Ned being mentioned and I imagine Mickey doesn’t really want to hear about him. I know I certainly wouldn’t. 

Something that may have concerned some people was when Mickey shot beside Ian while he was on the ground, but I’d like to point out something. We’ve seen this kid handling guns basically since we met him. He knows what he’s doing and I assume is an excellent shot. We see him shooting at targets all of the time. His family is swimming in guns. Plus if I want to be cold (and possibly get some hate) Ian is wanting to go into the army… May as well get used to bullets getting pretty damn close.

There wasn’t any malice behind it, though it is a shocking move to say the VERY least.

I love also how Ian is totally cool with the Milkoviches. He’s best friends with Mandy, in love with Mickey, and accepts basically everyone in Mickey’s circle.

Notice how he’s trying to make this a throw-away comment. Trying to act like he isn’t emotionally invested in why Ian likes Ned or hangs out with Ned. He’s trying (and failing) to hide his mounting jealousy.

I think Mickey shoots at these reasons for a couple of reasons. 1. It’s bullshit. Though I’m sure Ian does like being treated to stuff, Mickey also knows that this isn’t why Ian likes him or is pretending to like him. Those shots are his way of calling bullshit but in a way that won’t reveal how irritating this actually is. And 2. Because no matter the circumstances, Mickey will never be able to give Ian (materialistically) what Ned can and I think deep down that bothers him.

You can see that vulnerability in his eyes even when he’s trying to hard to act unbothered and casual, he can’t completely hide that Ian’s initial answer bugs him. He’s poor and even in season 4 when he has moments of wealth from the Rub N Tug, they are fleeting and not to the level he probably wishes he had. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

^THIS is the root of Ian’s problem with where he and Mickey are at and Mickey recognizes that as the truth.

And while he understands Ian’s impatience, he’s also really really scared to get emotionally attached. Nothing good in his life lasts forever, each time he and Ian find some semblance of happiness together, it gets fucked up so I can understand why Mickey would be afraid of building a connection (internalized homophobia aside!) But then there’s also a determination, and I’ve talked about it before. Almost like he’s wrestling with himself a bit. Like, okay I’ll still not admit I’m gay… But I’m losing him to this old guy and while I can’t buy him shit, I can maybe give him this? It’s at least worth a try, right?

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Bucky the Jerk, part 5

Hey peeps! Chapter 5 is here :)

As always, your comments give me life - I eat them and it gives me the strength to write more.

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky is being a dick to you, and you can’t understand why is he the only one from Avengers who doesn’t like you.

Chapter summary and warnings: ANGST and confusion and a REVELATION. Well not really, but some I guess. I suck at summaries.

You woke up late, with a monster headache and completely disoriented.

You never got hangovers, and you didn’t even drink that much, but your head was still pumping blood with loud thuds and you felt like clawing out your eyes and scratching your brain.

You washed up in a haze, and half-way through your shower, the dull “thump-thump-thump” in your veins suddenly turned into “Barnes-Barnes-Barnes” and you remembered it all. Remembered so vividly, that your eyes flew open and you became hotter than the water of the shower.

You scrambled out of the bathroom, wrapped in a gigantic fuzzy towel and stopped in the middle of your room.

What now?

No, not like that…


You wanted to scream and run up the wall, you felt like your heart was going to explode any second. You wanted to kiss him again. You wanted to go into his room right now and jump on him from the threshold, wrap your legs around his waist and kiss those warm, cracked lips.

Why was this happening? Why did he kiss you in the hallway in the middle of the night - and in such a desperate, needy way? Did the little stupid kiss during the game really ignite him that much?

You knew you had to talk to him, but you were so scared. It was going to be so awkward and… No, no, you’re a grown ass woman, you can do this. So you kissed, so what, right? Lots of people kiss. Not a big deal. You were going to put on some clothes, march into that kitchen and talk to Bucky Barnes.

It started to rain in the early hours of the morning, and when you finally talked yourself into joining the rest in the kitchen or lounge, the pitter-patter of rain and the distant thunder created the coziest atmosphere anyone could wish for.

Naturally, you couldn’t swim in the rain, but you all decided to stay in the beach house for the day anyway and leave in the morning.

You didn’t bring any socks, so you padded barefoot downstairs and heard laughter coming from the kitchen. As you came in, you saw that everyone was having breakfast - beautiful fresh croissants, various fruit and last night’s leftover sushi.

“Heeeey, sleeping beauty! I was gonna come up and wake you any minute now!” Sam said cheerily when he saw you.

“Hey Sammy,” you kissed him on the cheek and perched yourself on the kitchen island next to Wanda, “You’re all up early.”

“It’s almost 1 p.m., Y/N,” Wanda said and handed you a croissant.

“Oh… well, then I’m a sleepyhead.” You smiled and ripped open the warm pastry, “But I refuse to feel bad about it, we were all hammered and went to bed way after midnight.”

“That’s true.” Steve said, “Are you ok though? You look kind of…”

“What? Terrible?”

He smiled shyly and you laughed.

“I have a headache and I barely slept.”

“Me too.” Said a gruff voice from somewhere behind Steve.

You looked over and immediately looked back down to your croissant.

“Hey, Barnes.”


He didn’t say anything else and for a few seconds, silence hung in the air, until Tony clapped his hands.

“Well, all right! Who’s up for some hangover twister?”

Natasha groaned, surprisingly not as enthusiastic as always, but obeyed nonetheless. Everyone started filing into the lounge, where Tony was unfolding an enormous twister sheet, making up some additional juvenile rules on the go.

You kept looking at your torn croissant, trying to find it in yourself to eat at least one bite. You were sure you were the only one left in the kitchen, so when a low coughing sounded from the counter, you jumped and dropped your breakfast.

“Damn, I’m sorry, Y/N, I keep startling you,” Barnes said and picked up your croissant, “Let me get you another one.”

“That’s ok,” You said, “I’m not hungry anyway.”

“Oh.” He put the pieces in the trash, “Are you… ok?”

You looked at him for the first time and saw the same pained look in his eyes that you caught that morning in the mirror. He looked so delicious, hair still sticking out in all directions after bed. You wanted to take his hand and you also wanted to slap yourself for developing these stupid, unreasonable feelings for the man who made your life miserable - just because of two little kisses.

“Why did you kiss me?” You blurted out before your brain could catch up and stop you. You felt your cheeks flaring up when he looked at you from under his lashes.

He looked around the kitchen as if trying to find something to change the subject to, but you kept staring him down.

“Barnes, just…”

“Why do you keep calling me Barnes? I have a name.” He said suddenly, cutting you off.

“Yeah, and isn’t it Barnes?” You lifted your eyebrows at him.

“You know what I mean. From the first days - it’s Barnes. You never call Steve by his last name, or Sam, or anyone. Just me.”

“I… I don’t really know. We never got close enough for me to be comfortable to call you B-Bucky. Or James.”

You heard him inhale sharply.

“I always call you Y/N.”

“Yeah, and it’s usually followed by something insulting. Wanna talk about that too?”

He huffed and looked away, crossing his arms. He was huffing at you?

You sighed.

“If I start calling you Bucky, will you tell me why you’ve been such an ass to me and why you kissed me?”

He smiled a tiny smile.

“You can’t have both for one.”

“What?” You asked.

“If you want me to answer both of your questions, you’ll have to give me something else along with calling me Bucky.”

“Fine, whatever,” You sighed, “This is all very stupid, just so you know. What do you want?”

“Another kiss.”

You stared at him and narrowed your eyes.

“I don’t understand, it this a bet you made with someone or what? You’re acting even weirder than when you hated me.”

“I never hated you!” He said, angry, and started to pace before you. “Are you in or not?”

“Fine,” You huffed. “Answer first.”

He kept pacing.

“No.” He said, the word falling heavy between you.

You were just about to protest, when he strode over to you and grabbed your face in his hands, planting an even more desperate kiss to your lips. He smashed himself into you and you didn’t even get a chance to be surprised.

He pressed his whole body firmly to yours, and you could feel every muscle, every vein flush against your heating self. You hated, absolutely despised the effect he had on you. He broke the kiss and pecked your lips twice, tenderly and sweetly, before licking your bottom lip and gingerly asking for permission to deepen the kiss. You granted, sighing into him and with a grunt he moved his left hand to your waist, holding onto you like his life depended on it. He stroked your side and back, while his right hand got tangled in your hair and caressed your neck. Just when he slid his lips from your bruised, red mouth to your chin, your jaw, your neck and you let out an involuntary breathy moan, he finally pulled away.

You inhaled sharply at the loss, hating yourself, and looked up at him with glassy eyes.

He kept holding you, his breath hitched, his chest rising and falling heavily.

“You have to tell me to stop.” He said, his voice husky and almost unrecognisable with lust.

“Why?” You said before you could even think about it.

His face took on a pained expression and he leaned his forehead against yours.

“Because I won’t be able to stop myself.”

He tried to steady his breath, and you were afraid to move, relishing in the feeling of him holding you so close, even if you had no idea what was happening.

He wore thin sweatpants and a t-shirt, and you drowned in the feeling of his hot skin against yours. You felt his hard length pressed towards your abdomen, the almost non-existent fabrics between you two letting you feel every curve of his cock.

“B-Bucky,” You finally said and his eyes snapped up to you at once, hungry and incredibly blue, “I need my answers now.”

He sighed and nodded.

“I never hated you, Y/N. I swear. I… tried to…  tried to flirt.” Your eyebrows flew up but he kept talking, “From the moment I saw you, weak and half-alive in that mental facility I wanted to protect you, to make you better and make sure nothing bad ever happened to you again.”

He took a deep breath and you didn’t dare interrupt him.

“And from the moment you first smiled at me and held my hand two days after that, I knew I was gone. I wanted you so much… I tried and tried but I got so scared that I ended up hurting you myself.”

He fell silent, still holding you, maybe even tighter, like he was afraid you’d go away.

“You are really bad at flirting, my friend.” You said and he looked at you, sad and astonished, with a dash of hope.

“Barn… Bucky. I don’t know what to say.”

“I guess this also answers your second question, yeah?”

“Yeah.” You breathed out.

You were torn. One half of you wanted to launch yourself at him again, wrap your legs around his waist and make him take you to the enormous round bed and have his way with you until the next morning. The other half of you wanted to cry and to be away from him.

“Y/N… Please, say something?”

“Bucky… I need some time to process all of this.”

He frowned.

“I ‘m sorry, but I really don’t know what to think. I was sure you hated me and such a drastic change in your behavior… And, most of all, brought on by that silly swimming competition…. I just need time. Can you give me some time?”

“Of course, anything you need. Just please think about it. Think about if maybe you’d like me to kiss you again. It seemed to me like you enjoyed it.” He said, his voice husky again.

You looked him in the eyes and knew that you had to flee, lest you tear off his clothes regardless of everything.

“I’ll think about it. And then we can talk.”

You wriggled out of his embrace, reluctantly, and went back to your room.

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A Breach of Trust: Chapter 21

(Act 1: Chapter 1-9 )

(Act 2: Chapter 10-18 )

(Act 3: Chapter 19,  Chapter 20)

Reigen was soaked to the bone.

He squinted through the rain and spit water from his mouth as he hauled bag after bag of trash to the dumpster around the side of the apartment. He’d had a flimsy red umbrella for the first garbage run. On autopilot, Reigen had accidentally thrown it out along with the garbage bag. Reigen had told Mob the wind carried it off.

When Reigen returned from the final dumpster trip, he shed his shoes and his socks and his suit jacket, which he hung wet and dripping on a coat rack nail by the door. Reigen collapsed into a kitchen chair he pulled out, huffing out a laugh and running his fingers through his soaking wet hair. Water ran down his face and dripped into the corners of his mouth, salty.

“Are you okay, Reigen?” Mob asked.

Reigen looked up. Mob sat on the other side of the table, fingers gripped visibly tight to the wood. Ash still stained his shirt, and his eyes were visibly shaken. Reigen knew it was due to the “barrier”—whatever that meant in Mob’s mind—reappearing in the stretches of time it took Reigen to toss the garbage bags. Reigen told himself, and Mob, that this counted toward Mob’s training.

“I’m fine, Mob.” Reigen grabbed his right pantleg and wrung it, twisting it tight at his ankle. Streams of water ran down his foot to the tile below. “This is a lot like swimming actually, except fully clothed and it’s terrible.”

Mob met his eyes, concentration furrowing his brow. “You’re being funny, right Reigen?”

“I’m funny all the time.”

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Anime that surprised me despite their outward appearance/synopsis (not in any particular order)

Anime that I have misjudged…

1.) Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji) 

aka the show about farming

My thought going into this show: 

Why the fuck would anyone watch an anime about farming?”

“I’m only watching this because the author of FMA created this… but I doubt it’s going to be any good.”

My thoughts after watching: 

“Fucking hilarious. I laughed so hard in this show more than anything I’ve seen in a while.”

“You don’t even need to like agriculture- or know a single thing about it to enjoy this show.”

“The character development and all the characters in general are fantastic”

2.) Welcome to the NHK

aka the 24 episode anime about a NEET-stalker-hikikomori, his otaku kouhai, and a depressed teenage girl

My thought going into this show:

"I’ll watch it later- seems boring”

My thoughts after watching:

“This show has some of the best dark humor- seriously- a masterpiece. ”

“T an adventure that seems like an epic journey to those who seem to live in a small world, removed from society. ”

“Conspiracy. Conspiracy. Conspiracy.”


3.) Ping Pong: The Animation

aka… the show… about pingpong with the weird art

My thought going into this show:

“Why ping pong out of all the sports- ping pong is like the least interesting sport”

"Strange art. I can’t get used to watching this”

(I pushed this show off for like about a year now)

My thoughts after watching: 

“If you haven’t watched this you’re missing out- this show barley has anything to do with ping pong. Just watch this amv and you’ll see >

"The visuals are fantastic. I like how this studio took the risk to stand out like this. They made a good choice in making the art this way- it seems a bit more realistic and ‘closer to home’”

4.) Free! 

aka the gay swimming anime/ fan-service crap

My thought going into this show:

"As a girl… I like this kind of stuff but I’m not sure if this is worth the time.”

“Is there even a plot?”

My thoughts after watching:

“It’s more than just a gay swimming anime. It has fanservice- and it does live up to it’s nickname as the ‘gay swimming anime’ -but that’s just the humor in this show-

"Sure this show got more hype than it probably deserved- however- this show is also not all about swimming”

"Good message- deeper plot than first glance”

5.) Nobunaga Concerto

aka one knows this show, that one historic show with the weird art that no one watches

My thought going into this show:

"I’m bored out of my mind- but this will make me even more bored.”

“not interested in Japanese history

My thoughts after watching: 

"It’s not your traditional ‘realistic Japanese history drama’

“I found this show in a corner, the bottom of the stack beneath all of the great shows out this season- and it turned out to be the most interesting/ unique.”

"This is one of the best WRITTEN shows of all time- even in eng subs I can tell that the dialogue was thought out carefully ( but not tooo carefully )”

"It’s funny! The main character is quirky and clumsy.” “The Op/Ed is great- I have it on my ipod”


These five anime are one of the most unique and best shows I’ve ever seen in my whole life.
If there is a lesson gained from this- It’s to never be afraid to try something new

Because you never know… you might just come across a gem and you wouldn’t even know it.

“will this one live, mother?”

“hush, galladon.  you don’t wish ti bring evil spirits into the room.”

“you said my other sisters died.  will this one?”

“she is strong,” was all his mother said.  galladon chewed his lip.

brienne didn’t look strong.  she looked small, just like the alysanne had.  (he could not remember arianne, but he suspected she looked small too.)  her face was red and crinkled and she had no hair at all.  i thought babies were supposed to be cute, he thought, but he didn’t say that allowed.  he was named for ser galladon of morne, the perfect knight, and perfect knights didn’t say that their baby sisters were ugly.  in fact, they should not ask if they wondered if they would live at all.

“i’m sorry, mother,” he said.  “she will live, i’m sure of it.”

lady briony rested a hand on his head, petting his hair.  “yes,” she said, “i think so too.  but she will be small for quite some time, my love, so you must promise to protect her.”

“i will,” galladon said firmly.  that seemed like a proper task for the perfect knight.  “we’ll gather seashells together, and i’ll teach her to swim.  do you think she’ll like that?”

“in a few years, when her arms and legs are strong enough, she should,” lady briony replied.  “if she’s anything like you and me, she will never wish to be away from the water.”

galladon nodded importantly and looked back at his tiny sister.  she was so small.  his mother had been so big by the end–it hardly seemed a fair exchange.  brienne hadn’t seemed to have needed all that space inside her.  

“when will she be grown?” galladon asked her.  “and how big will she get?”

his mother chuckled.  “she’ll grow as fast as you do, and be as large as she’ll be.”

“will she be tall like father?”


“will she be taller than me?”

lady briony smiled.  “mayhaps.  you’d best not stop growing, just to be sure.”

“i don’t want brienne to be taller than me.”

“then be sure to eat your beets and broccoli.  they’ll make you strong.”

“but they taste icky.”

“then don’t come crying to me when your sister is taller than you are.  i’m sure brienne will eat her beets and broccoli.”

galladon looked up at his mother in horrror, then back at his sister.  “you’d best not be bigger than me,” he told his sister.  “i’m father’s son and heir.  i’m going to be the perfect knight one day.  i’ll keep you safe.  so you don’t need to be bigger than me.”

in response, brienne only burbled.  but galladon thought that maybe she was agreeing.

To Conjure a Familiar Spirit

I regularly get quite a few asks in regards to recommended books – asking if I have a list, etc. – and I always have to go into an explanation about, while learning from books is perfectly fine and fitting for some (I dare say even many) the true body of my practice comes not from books, but from teaching spirits. Yes, I can’t deny, I’ve read plenty of books, but they never stick with me like the lessons learned through spirit. Of course, I’m also the person who is always saying: Just do it.

Witchcraft is a continuous learning experience and sometimes you have to just trust yourself to get things done. There always seems to be a lot of fear-mongering in the community: words of warning, deterring and mysterious statements – all of which I’ve never bought in to. I’m all for pushing you into the pool – sink or swim – and if all else fails, I’ll throw you a line and drag you back out (with an wink). Fear is the Witch’s worst enemy: fear of the Unseen, fear of the Unknown, fear one’s true nature, and it is in the deep and dark recesses that one might find truth. Do not give into the fear – overcome it – for when the mind is poisoned by fright, the frightful things come knocking.

I digress. Familiar spirits: the wise and knowing (occasionally mischievous) dead – be they devils, discarnate witches, Ancestors, it matters not! For the Witch and the Familiar are a dynamic pair!


In the night, collecting your items which you will take with you to the cemetery: Chalk/Pemba, a black/white/red candle and a few offerings that echo who you are. These offerings – paired with later spoken words – will attract like-entities who jive with who you are and what it is that you seek. You may bring a vessel with which to house the spirit, or – as I recommend – you may wait and create a vessel befitting the spirit, with touches of personal flare. These offerings need not be extravagant. Things like: beads, coins, spirits (as in the alcohol kind), food, fabrics, and anything that you think sums up who you are.

Once you arrive, locate a place such as a mausoleum, a brick gate-column, anywhere with a wall on which you might draw a door. It’s best to choose a place where no one person is interred, but a variety or none at all. This is so that you don’t get stuck kicking it with whoever happens to be buried there and disturbing their “peaceful rest” or what have you. In regards to the door, don’t be afraid to personalize it as well! I’ve always been favorable to the pointed-arch, but do what you feel fits.

Arrange your offerings before its mouth and place the candle at its center. Take a moment to collect yourself and focus on the kind of person you wish to bring through. Don’t dwell on minor details, just construct a general energy or set of principles. Alternately, you can ask for someone who will give you what you need and not what you want. This is for those who wish to grow and grow quickly, accepting the obstacles that come along with growth. When you’re fully prepared, light you candle and place your palm on the door.

Make a plea. Ask (aloud is best) for a spirit to come – one willing to teach, one glad to teach (and perhaps one that is patient, if you happen to need that!). Again, don’t get bogged down in the details. Be specific enough, but receptive to what Spirits come. Knock three times – Beetlejuice, anyone? – and wait. It may take a few moments (I like to blame in on the traffic) but you will know when they have come. Having the Sight helps, but so long as you are attune, their presence will be clear. Introduce yourself – if fitting your abilities, allow them to introduce themselves, as well. Sometimes names are a little tricky to make out – for me, anyway – so it may take a while before you get their name down completely. If you cannot hear them, you may give them a name: you’ll know whether or not they like it, don’t worry! If they don’t, keep spit-balling until you get one that sticks.

Spend a few days getting to know them – it may work out, it may not. Be amicable, you can always repeat the process if you don’t jive quite right. If you get on nicely, however, you should construct a Spirit Vessel! It offers them a physical attachment to our plane and thereby allows their energy greater access to this world. After that – I can’t say, as all relationships are different and all have different lessons to teach and values to instill. It can be a very personal experience and you may find that keeping a journal of their teachings valuable, and it’s always fun to look back on the how far you’ve come.

For more useful information on a similar subject, I recommend checking out my post: La Muñeca de Tutela!

In retrospect, I suppose this doesn’t have to be done at a cemetery – that’s just where I’ve always done it and is most probably a reflection of who I am! So, by all means, mix up the locale! Go to your witchy place – even if that happens to be a bedroom (chalk comes off of most walls just fine – trust me, I know).

photo: Witch of Endor, Mikolaj Ge

10 Ways to Get Smarter By Keeping an Art Journal

These journal prompts are designed to help you employ common memory devices to learn new things and keep track of information. Most of these techniques are taken from the books “Moonwalking With Einstein” by Joshua Foer, and “How to Develop, Train, and Use Memory” by William Walter Atkinson. These prompts emphasize the value of making connections, visualizing information, and decontextualizing key details to improve memory recall. 

1. Plan your learning:  Brainstorm a list of topics you want to learn about. When you feel left out of a conversation because you don’t know anything about the topic, take a note and add it to the list. 

2. Take Non-School Related Notes : Pick one of your listed topics and search for a simplified explanation of it on Youtube. Dedicate a page in your journal to take notes on that video. Define key terms, write in point form, and connect what you learn to things you already know by circling the point and writing in what it reminds you of. 

3. Learn About Current Events: Cut an interesting article out of a newspaper or magazine and paste it in your journal. Highlight key passages and take notes on the implications of the part you’ve highlighted. Beside the article, write your thoughts, opinions, and concerns regarding the article. 

4. Mix School with Your Personal Life: Dedicate at least a two page spread to taking notes on something related to school. If you’re not in school, take notes on something you remember learning but have forgotten all about. Use lines to connect your point form notes with elements from your personal life that are relevant to the topic. Example: If you’re learning about water pollution, you might connect a bit of information to your own experiences swimming in polluted water. Connecting school to your personal life helps makes studying seem like something you want to do, not something you have to do. 

5. Recall Insignificant Details: Cut the title page out of the book you are currently reading (optional, as I know a lot of people have a visceral objection to cutting books). Give a point form summary of everything that has happened in the book so far, without going back to remind yourself. Forcing yourself to recall small details will strengthen your ability to remember details in the future. 

6. Answer Your Own Questions: Draw a line down the page to divide it into two columns. In one column, brainstorm questions that you don’t know the whole answer to. Example: how does photosynthesis work? What is nuclear fusion? What trees grow in my area? Google each question and write the answers in the second column. If you find an answer that is particularly interesting, take detailed notes on the opposite page. 

7. Learn to Use Mnemonic Devices: If you are studying difficult vocabulary or something else that requires wrote-memorization, keep an ongoing list in your journal of terms and concepts you need to remember. For each one, break the word down into syllables and assign a picture or word that the syllable reminds you of. Then, put those words/pictures together in a way that is relevant to the word’s definition.  Example: the word “Zooxanthellae” (a kind of algae) can be broken into ‘zoo’ ‘zan’ ‘tell’ ‘eh’. You could think of an algae hiding in a zoo, telling a woman named Suzan about Canada, eh. Describe this situation in your journal. This is a highly effective memorization tool called a ‘mnemonic’. 

8. Kill Boredom With Memory Recall: Brainstorm lists of the books you’ve read in the past year, the things you bought at the grocery store last, the things you’ve eaten in the past two days, the characters in your old favourite tv shows, and anything else that requires detailed, accurate memory recall. Fill a page in your journal with these lists. 

9. Record Your Life: Write at least a small point-form journal entry every day describing what you did, who you saw, what you bought, and what you ate. Recalling these details strengthens your memory of them, and recording them creates memory-bridges that can be used to retrieve your memories of each day, even after you’ve completely forgotten them. In a few years, re-read your journal entries: you’ll likely be able to recall something from almost every day you took the time to record. 

10. Record and Perfect Your Thoughts, Opinions, and Ideas: Write a list of topics that you either spend a lot of time thinking about or that you have strong opinions on. When you feel like writing for a while, review this list and dedicate a page to recording your thoughts about each item. I like to title these pages “Thought practice”. Recording your thoughts will help you sort out inconsistencies and develop thought-out ideas that you can express more clearly in conversation (since you’ve already written out what to say :P) Make sure to ask questions and point out flaws in your own writing. Keep track of areas where you might be missing information.

Bonus: There are many more useful memory tips and tricks that I haven’t written about in these prompts. I’ve included a few below, but be sure to check out the books I referenced at the top if you’re interested in learning more. Both books can be found as audiobooks on Youtube.   

-Sorting information using different coloured pens or different fonts/ writing styles forces your brain to concentrate just a little bit harder, making memory bridges just a little bit stronger.

-Connect new information to something emotional, funny, or sexual to make it stand out in your mind. 

-Practice creating mnemonic devices in your head when you have some time to kill (at the bus stop, in line at the store, etc.)

-Study the same information in many different places, especially standing or moving around. 

-Teach others about what you have learnt whenever possible. Teaching reinforces memories and will also help you express your knowledge in a logical, linear way. 

anonymous asked:

I absolutely loved season 4 of RTTE! The graphics were great and I enjoyed so many of the episodes. Especially touching was the scene with Toothless and Hiccup in Dire Straits. It left me in tears and was so well put together! I would love to hear your thoughts on that episode! Would you be willing to analyze it?

I think this moment in Race to the Edge Season 4 was one of the highlights of the season. It was an extraordinary moment between Hiccup and Toothless. The facial expressions and body language demonstrate the love and closeness these two share, while Toothless’ gutsy actions show how much he was willing to risk to try to save his best friend. Even in an impossible scenario like this one, Toothless does not give up. To my last anon friend who feels that Toothless did not try hard, I hope my description of the situation explains why I believe that Toothless does everything in his emotional power and physical might to try to save his best friend. This dragon did not do nothing. On the contrary, he does a whole lot in an attempt to save the human he loves! It’s an incredible moment and displays their friendship oh-so-powerfully.

Now. One wonderfully written element about Dire Straits is that, from the very beginning, the story sets up the concept of Hiccup going deep underwater, and Toothless fretting about the venture. Toothless commonly becomes leery of Hiccup’s experiments, be it gliding through the sky or submerging deep below the ocean surface. In fact, every single time we see Hiccup prepare to descend in his latest invention, we also see Toothless cringing, moaning, and worrying. Toothless is fearful something might go wrong.

As we know, having seen the whole episode, Toothless’ worries end up being founded. Something does go wrong and Hiccup almost dies. And we see an early, powerful moment foreshadowing the climax of Dire Straits. The first time Hiccup tests out his invention, Toothless stares worriedly at him from the other side of the amber, with a similar camera angle to the horrific scene that happens at the end of the episode.

And at the same time we see Toothless worrying throughout the episode, we watch Hiccup preparing. During this time, we learn much about the construction of Hiccup’s underwater cauldron. It is constructed from Gobber’s old metal smelting cauldron and reinforced with Gronckle iron, an alloy that is stronger than iron. The death song amber window is thick and triple reinforced to ensure it does not break. The cauldron is built of an incredibly thick metal base, easily several inches thick, and due to its heavy weight, it must be raised and lowered with thick chains through a pulley system. The thick metal dome is held up by three heavy metal supports, presumably constructed from Gronckle iron, too, given as they appear to be the same material as the other reinforcements.

This robust construction is actually an important aspect of the episode’s climactic underwater accident. The point is that this is a very, very firm invention, something Fishlegs even describes as “dragon-proof.” Dragons cannot simply break open this device. It’s not that easy. It’s reinforced with Gronckle iron. And… it is so heavy that it requires a very robust pulley system… the average-sized dragon isn’t going to be able to carry this thing. The story makes it seem like this solid construction would be an asset, as it would prevent breakage or damage while Hiccup was underwater. He needed this to stay together or else he would die. However, what ends up happening is that this solid construction is so solid that… Toothless cannot get Hiccup out of it.

So everything building up to the climax leads to it: the strong construction of the cauldron and Toothless’ continued worrying all lead to the moment Hiccup is trapped underwater.

Part of what makes that scene so emotional and effective is the extent to which Toothless tries to save Hiccup. Toothless’ heroics start small but then spiral into increasingly dangerous, gutsy, futile actions. 

When the dragon riders first realize Hiccup is in danger, Toothless is already unnerved and tense, constantly staring down at the water. When Fishlegs says that they cannot bring Hiccup up because it’s too early, Toothless growls. Toothless wants Fishlegs to pull Hiccup out of the water; he would rather have his dragon rider companion alive than the Submaripper rescued.

And then the pulley system breaks. Here comes Toothless’ first enormously bold move. He instantly charges and grabs the cauldron’s pulley chain to try to pull Hiccup up. Even though an enormous, heavy metal dome is hurtling down ocean waters, and there’s no possible way a single Night Fury could carry such a weight, Toothless grabs the chain anyway. It’s a desperate, frantic, emotional, instinctive action. It’s not the most logical choice to grab on this chain… but what we see is that Toothless’ first instinct is to save Hiccup’s life. 

As expected, Toothless grabbing and pulling on the chain with all his physical power does squat. He is pulled down to the bottom of the ocean with Hiccup.

Already, we have one desperate, emotional, frantic action coming out from Toothless. And this is just the start of the dragon’s attempts to save his friend.

Now Hiccup is trapped on the bottom of the ocean surface. Toothless wastes no time trying to free Hiccup. Toothless swims around the cauldron, yanking on chains (which is a completely useless and emotional task, if you think about it… if he can’t pick up the cauldron the first time, he can’t pick it up the second or third or fourth times). Toothless also, as you point out, fires several plasma blasts underwater at the cauldron.

But there’s only so much Toothless can do in these conditions. The plasma blasts hit their mark, going straight to the base of the cauldron, but they’re not going to be as effective as they are above water. This is because Toothless fires acetylene charges that react to oxygen. When acetylene and oxygen interact, they create a plasma blast. Here’s the problem: Toothless is underwater. The acetylene cannot come in contact with oxygen. It’s the same reason why fire doesn’t burn underwater; water prevents the fire’s fuel from coming in contact with needed oxygen. So even if Toothless gave his largest, most aggressive plasma blasts underwater… they’re… not going to do much. Not in these conditions where we don’t have much free oxygen gas floating around.

Granted, even if Toothless had access to his full firepower, it’d probably be wise if Toothless didn’t shoot his strongest blasts. Plasma blasts are extremely explosive, and we don’t want Toothless killing Hiccup with his own shots. But that’s still all a hypothetical. We don’t know if Toothless was giving his full firepower or not underwater here… but we do know that Toothless was giving his best attempt to free Hiccup. We do know that, chemically, Toothless’ plasma blasts are rather weakened. His shots, which he uses for so many useful, quick-save tricks above water, are useless down here.

Another strength of Toothless’ that is suddenly depleted underwater… is his speed. Sure, Toothless is a fast swimmer from what we see, but it’s going to be nowhere close to the hundred mile speeds he gets in the sky. This is another thing to consider when we watch Toothless swimming around seeking to save Hiccup. Maybe it looks like Toothless’ attempts are “weak” and “halfhearted” because he seems to be moving slowly and without much force. But he’s underwater. Have you ever tried running even just waist-deep in water? You can’t. You’re extraordinarily slowed down. There is no way for Toothless to move quickly; I bet he’s moving about as fast as he can.

Here we see Toothless using all the tricks he usually employs to save others… and these tricks fail. Plasma blasts, strength, speed: none of them are going to do anything in this submarine situation. Even if he had thought to do things like ram against the death song amber… that had been reinforced to be dragon-proof, and he wouldn’t have been able to break it. HTTYD 2 has some amazing, near-impossible saves, yes, but it also shows us that sometimes reality doesn’t go as we want it to. Stoick had to die to protect Hiccup. There wasn’t a perfect, beat-the-impossible solution to save Hiccup there. And it looks like there isn’t a perfect, beat-the-impossible solution to save Hiccup here.

Now some people might note that Toothless doesn’t seem as frantic as some other people might be watching their best friend drown. This all comes to various personalities having different psychological reactions. For some people, in frightening circumstances, it might not fully click what’s happening until after the event. Many people terrifying events seemingly rather numbly or “calmly”, functioning just fine, until their minds can process what has occured. Then they get hysterical. Other people are very emotionally distraught during a situation but still manage to function halfway well on the outside. Just because Toothless isn’t in hysterics doesn’t mean he isn’t emotionally affected by what’s going on. We see that he’s extremely distressed. It’s just that he’s not frantic-frantic panicking.

It’s also to note that Hiccup and Toothless are seasoned to danger. Toothless is going to be extraordinarily distressed about Hiccup, but he’s been in enough dangerous situations to know not to panic. He’s conditioned to be able to operate efficiently even under enormous, terrible pressure. It’s going to emotionally kill Toothless to go through this situation… and we can see, with his worried eyes, that this is a horrible reality for Toothless to experience. But Toothless isn’t going to get hysterical like some lesser-experienced individuals might so do.

The dragon might be operating more efficiently than some people in tight spots, but we can tell he’s not operating as logically as he would in calmer situations. His distress is emotionally compromising him. Toothless is wasting his strength doing things that obviously won’t free Hiccup. Remember: this dragon yanked on a chain to pull up an object impossibly heavier than he could bear. It’s entirely possible Toothless can’t think of other solutions to this problem with his mind in his compromised, scared state. What we see is a dragon who is doing his best to help Hiccup, is able not to panic, but is still extremely distressed and emotionally compromised. We can see it all through his emotions and his choices.

It’s a very realistic and simultaneously poignant reaction from Toothless here. Once he goes through all the methods he can think of to free Hiccup, he comes to the conclusion that Hiccup might die down here. We start to see Toothless slow down. Toothless is starting to run out of ideas, and he’s starting to realize that his best efforts might be futile. That’s really disheartening, so his emotions cause him to break his rescue attempts, look at Hiccup face-to-face, and mourn. Toothless slows down and stops trying to save Hiccup… because the depression of the situation is weighing him down. It’s the point where Toothless’ thoughts of “I might save Hiccup” change into “I can’t save Hiccup” which lead to the horrible realization… “Hiccup is going to die.”

Boom. Ow.

Now, in addition to Toothless doing so much to try to save his friend, the reason this scene is so powerful is because of the complex emotional reactions that occur when Hiccup and Toothless communicate. What we see in this interaction is that their primary concern is for each other. Hiccup whacks against the death song amber, insisting worriedly, “Go! Save yourself!” He loves Toothless and he wants Toothless alive. But Toothless is worried about Hiccup, not himself.

So when Hiccup tells Toothless to save himself, Toothless doesn’t swim to the surface. Toothless continues to stare at Hiccup, and Hiccup says, in response, “I know, bud. I wouldn’t leave you either.” 

What this means is that Hiccup and Toothless both know… the dragon isn’t leaving. They know that their love for each other is too strong for that to be an option.

Toothless would rather die helping Hiccup to the very end than save himself.

Hiccup realizes Toothless’ intent. And then we see his facial reaction change… from one of fear for his best friend’s life… to sad comfort. He’s touched, albeit emotionally pained, that Toothless loves him so much he’s going to stay at his side.

It is at this point that Hiccup calms. He accepts he won’t make it out alive. Toothless, on the other side, cannot accept this. Depressed and worried, the dragon is going to make the ultimate sacrifice of staying by Hiccup’s side to the very end… even if this means the end to both of them.

The end of the “conversation” occurs when Toothless closes his eyes, reaches out, and nuzzles the amber window. Note that he’s reaching for Hiccup’s hand. Hiccup’s hand is outstretched toward Toothless, and Toothless tries to touch Hiccup’s hand. Recognize the gesture? It’s only sort of similar to this friendship-building moment from long ago…


Toothless can’t save Hiccup. He can’t even touch Hiccup. But he demonstrates the trust and love of their friendship as best he can: with the gesture of “touching” nose to palm. It’s the demonstration of ultimate love and trust, the motion Toothless and Hiccup make when they are at their most tender and caring.

My feels.

It’s such an emotional moment. It’s the concept of so-close-and-yet-so-far. We see this done in movies. A New Hope with Obi-Wan’s death. The Force Awakens with Han Solo. Characters are close enough they can watch someone die, but simultaneously too far away (or barricaded) such that they can’t do anything. Hiccup and Toothless are so close. They’re face-to-face. They can read one another’s eyes, communicate, see how the other is emotionally handling this nightmare. But Toothless is separated from Hiccup, unable to touch him and unable to save him. The best Toothless can do is nuzzle the glass in front of Hiccup. In a way, this nuzzle is a way of expressing his loyalty, his love… and his good-byes.

It’s possible that Toothless might have gotten some physical rest at this moment. Then he might have tried some more futile attempts of freeing Hiccup. But we don’t know because it is at this instant the Submaripper appears. 

So. You know what I said about Toothless doing ridiculously, increasingly gutsy things to protect his best friend? This is what we have going here. Toothless is probably running out of air. He has exerted a lot of physical energy trying to budge a cauldron that is too heavy for him. He has shot several plasma blasts and seen they have almost no destructive effect underwater.

And yet when the enormous Submaripper swims toward the cauldron…

…Toothless goes into attack mode. It doesn’t matter Toothless is out of his element. It doesn’t matter Toothless is probably running out of physical strength. It doesn’t matter his plasma blasts mean squat here. It doesn’t matter that he’s so much smaller than the other dragon. When Toothless sees the Submaripper advancing toward Hiccup, his automatic response… is… to… fight.

There’s no logic to this. Hiccup is going to die anyway. Toothless is going to die anyway. Toothless is completely, utterly outmatched.

Doesn’t stop him from trying to defend his best friend.

Toothless fires two plasma blasts immediately, trying to fight off the enormous dragon and keep Hiccup - at least for a few seconds more - safe. This dragon is willing to die underwater with Hiccup. This dragon is even willing to die fighting a seadragon to prevent Hiccup’s soon-to-be-dead body from being touched by a hostile individual.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief (wordplay on breathing intentional) that the Submaripper’s motives were misread by Toothless. Toothless tends to be suspicious first, friendly second… and to be fair, the Submaripper had been aggressive toward the humans up to this point. But instead of attacking Toothless, we see the Submaripper pay debts. Hiccup saved the dragon… so the dragon will now save Hiccup.

Thus Hiccup is rescued.

So yes. I absolutely love this moment, and I consider it one of the standout moments of Race to the Edge. This is a moment that expresses the deep bonds between Hiccup and Toothless in a horrifying, emotional near-death situation. Everything is done so perfectly… the foreshadowing camera angle compared to the climax… the nose-to-palm “touch”… even the music, which is a variation on the theme that happens whenever Toothless is in grave danger (heard, for instance, at the end of the Kill Ring). What we see here is a friend desperate to save a friend… a friend willing to die next to his friend… a friend willing to sacrifice himself for a friend…

It’s the very essence of the loving bond between dragon and rider.

I Need You (Jim Kirk x Reader)

Pairing: Jim Kirk x reader

Summary: Kirk is rocked with feelings of self-doubt and takes comfort in the reader who just wants to see him smile again.

Warnings: making out, self doubt, angst

A/n: quite a lot of angst in this one so look forward to some fluff soon.

Words: 1,241

Jim stared at his reflection in the glass of a monitor hanging on the medbay wall. His hair was stuck up in every direction, and he was covered in dirt and tiny scratches from the tiny claws of the lizard like species he had tried to negotiate with. He had busted his hand punching a wall to try and free it from one who had it in their tiny clutches. The inspection of his reflection moved further down to his chest, where his yellow command shirt was practically in tatters from the altercation.

“Why does nobody else’s shirts rip as much as mine?” Jim complained, his hand held up in the air as it was bandaged.

“Not sure” McCoy replied focusing on his work. “Maybe it’s ‘cause the aliens take one look at you and wanna hit you… I know I do”

“I guess they just can’t keep their hand off me” Jim joked back, attempting to insight something other than sarcasm from his friend.

“Sure” McCoy replied, entertaining his joke with a suppressed smile. “We’re done here. Meet at the bar for a drink later? Around 8?”

“Sure” Jim sighed, hopping off the bed, “it’s a date.”

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Hi. I’m not sure if you write SuperCat, but I sure need Cat Grant to get herself back to National City, or at least be involved from afar. Could you please write something where it’s Cat who comforts Kara after Homecoming? Many thanks.

^^ prompt above from @statuepuppie. Refers to this fic:

Maggie called Cat Grant when Livewire was on the loose, because her girlfriend’s kid sister needed her then. And she’s calling Cat Grant again now, because Kara needs her now.

She hadn’t expected the Queen of All Media to save her number, but Cat picks up on the first ring and addresses Maggie by name.

“Detective Sawyer, tell me she’s fine and that you’re simply wasting my very precious time for the sake of a social call.”

Her voice is clipped and just on this side of professional, but Maggie easily detects the concern underneath it.

“She’s fine, Ms. Grant, she’s fine.”

She hears Cat sigh and she bites her lip. “Then what, pray tell, are you calling me for?”

“She’s fine, Ms. Grant, but she… she needs you.”

She doesn’t specify who: Kara or Supergirl. She knows she doesn’t need to.

There’s a long pause, and Maggie is about to ask if she’s still there.

“What happened?” Cat asks before she can, and her voice is thick.

“Best for her to tell you details, but the short of it, Alex’s father came back from the dead only to sort of… well, betray everyone. And she’s in this new relationship that she thinks is going to make her feel at least something, and – “

“I’m getting the next flight out. Thank you, Detective Sawyer.”

Maggie expects that to be it, but Cat’s still on the line. A brief pause. Then:

“Alex. Kara’s sister. Your girlfriend, correct? Is she alright? She… from my experiences with her, she’s a brave woman. And Kara idolizes her. You’re taking good care of her, too, I trust?”

Maggie smiles softly. “I’m doing my best with both Danvers girls, ma’am, but I think Kara could use a more familiar face than mine.”

“Well, as I said, I’ll arrange for a sitter for Carter and be on the next flight out. Thank you, Detective. For taking care of those girls. Don’t forget to be good to yourself, too.”

This time, the line does disconnect before Maggie can say any more.

But she smiles, because Cat Grant is on her way to Kara.

She makes sure Alex knows to keep Mon-El away from Kara’s apartment that night. J’onn invents work for him, gladly.

They don’t need a body to be dropped in Kara’s apartment by one Cat Grant.

The paperwork alone would be more trouble than it’d be worth.

The sharp rap on the door makes Kara think of Maggie, so she doesn’t bother checking with her x-ray vision, doesn’t even bother untangling from her blankets or putting down her pint of mint chocolate chip.

“It’s open,” she calls heartlessly, wondering if Maggie is looking for Alex or if she’s looking for another round of speed stacking to take Kara’s mind off things.

“Well, Keira, I have to say, I expected your apartment to be an explosion of millennial mess and absurd color, but I have to admit, it has a certain charm to it.”

The ice cream scatters and Kara falls ungracefully off the couch in a tangled mess of blankets with a series of loud shrieks.

If Cat is at all surprised, she hides it well, but the sparkle in her eyes and the smile tugging at her lips give her away the moment before she springs into action.

“Are you alright?” she rushes forward, just in time for Kara to unravel herself from the blanket and spring to her feet.

She has to remind herself strongly of earth physics as, pretenses and professionalism be damned, she wraps Cat it a full-bodied hug.

“Ms. Grant,” she breathes over her shoulder, and Cat freezes for only a moment before fully returning the embrace, fingers grasping for dear life onto the back of Kara’s shirt.

Cat is the first to pull back, and she wonders if her own tears are reflected in Kara’s blue eyes. She wonders how she ever forgot quite how crystalline they are.

“I hear you’re having a rough time, Kiera, and if the pint of – is that mint chocolate chip? – is any indication, my source is quite correct – “

“Snapper’s been calling you about me? But he’s been liking my work, he – “

Cat is tsking, now, and moving around the living room, collecting the ice cream and spoon and blanket, rearranging everything into its former semi-order.

“Not Snapper, dear. Your sister’s girlfriend. Seems to think you would benefit from my presence.”

Kara stiffens and her eyes widen and Cat remembers how much she’s missed watching Kara adjust her glasses like this. “Ms. Grant, you didn’t need to come all this way, I – “

“Oh nonsense, Keira. What have I told you? You need to learn, competent and efficient and brilliant as you are, when to ask for help. You’re entitled to do so, you know. And you’re entitled to receive it.”

Tears swim in Kara’s steady eyes, and she’s forgotten how to form words.

Ms. Grant, back in National City. Ms. Grant, in her apartment. Ms. Grant, seeing her be a complete and utter wreck.

“Ms. Grant, really, I – “ She tries to object, just once more, but she can’t even get that far. Because her voice cracks and her knees give out and she collapses back onto the couch, hugging herself because she’s completely lost sense of what is real.

“Oh, Kara,” Cat breathes, and the sound of her name on Cat’s lips works its way into her skin, through her muscles, into her bones, into her bloodstream. Into her heart.

“I’m here, Kara. I’m here.”

“Thank you,” Kara chokes, and Cat just nods, sitting softly and putting a hesitant hand on Kara’s knee. Kara takes it immediately, and a soft smile flits over Cat’s face.

They don’t talk about Jeremiah, and they don’t talk about Mon-El.

They talk about CatCo and they talk about Carter and Cat’s mother and Alex and Maggie and Kara cries without words and Cat comforts without words and Kara sits up straighter and cries less and less throughout the night.

Cat even shares a spoonful of her ice cream, and it’s this, more than anything, that makes Kara smile. That makes Kara feel so, so loved.

To make Kara remember what it was like when her life was like this.

To make her realize what she has to do to get back to that.

She makes a note to thank Maggie in the morning, but for now, sitting on her couch with Cat Grant and laughing about Snapper, she doesn’t want the morning to come. Not just yet.

BTS reaction to their S/O being covered in Tattoos

Anon Request


I feel like Yoongi would love his s/o covered in tattoos like he’s already such a badass guy and walking around with a badass chick by his side looking hot af covered in tattoos would just boost his ego as well as turn him on.  

“Jagiya, have you looked at us in the mirror lately?”

“What are you on about Yoongi?”

“We look so tough together. No one can mess with us. We can take over the world.”


J-hope (to me) is the kind of guy who can be supportive but at the same time, if he doesn’t understand the concept of people’s opinions or choices, I feel he has a hard time accepting. But with his s/o, I feel he would try very hard to accept and eventually get used too and definitely love the tattoos. 

“So, Jagiya, What does this one mean? …. Wow, This one’s really pretty too it’s definitely my favourite.”  


Jin seems like a very accepting guy of many things and his s/o being covered in tattoos wouldn’t bother him personally. He would look at them as more of reason. He wouldn’t hesitate into thinking that each and everyone has their own personal meaning and he honestly couldn’t wait to study your body as he points at each one demanding an explanation. 

“Jagi… Tell me now, why do you have a bunch of fish swimming in a circle on your hip?”


Ah Joonie and his kinks, I can see it, we can all see it and I feel like tattoos would be one of them. If not it would just be something he’d be into. He’s the most accepting out of the 7 members so he wouldn’t even second guess how he felt about them. His s/o would receive compliments and encouragement all the time from him about their tattoos or new ideas for some.

“You know what tattoo you should get next baby?”

“What are you thinking?”

“Ryan the bear. To signify my love is the same for you as it is him.”  


Deep down, Kookie would think his s/o having tattoos is so hot. On the outside I think he’d find it hard to show it at first, but once he got used to it (and expressing his true feelings properly) he would be cocky about how beautiful he thought they were, pulling off all those tattoos.

“What are you staring at Kookie?”

“My baby looks so hot showing off her tattoos today.” 


Jimin would just be an excited mess and the compliments would never stop coming from his mouth towards his s/o. A hell of a lot of body appreciation and reassuring touches, looks and whispers would come from him if he saw someone was whispering or eyeing his s/o in a way he didn’t like. He’s the very cute, protective type of his baby. 

*Making sure he’s loud enough in the public area*

“Ah my baby, you’re so beautiful. Oppa loves you so much!”


Tae has such a strong passion for art and the many versions it comes in, so he would definitely be the one to study his s/o’s tattoos until he knew which one was what, and meant this, and just everything there was to know about them he would try and learn. Although he does come off as more traditional, he has mentioned that he’s wanted a tattoo before so I feel like tattoo dates would be cute if he chose to get one with his s/o.

“Jagiya, I think I want a tattoo as well.”

“Oh my god yay! We can go together! I’ve been meaning to get another one!” 


Coalescence {nessian AU}

Coalescence is defined as the process of joining to form something or to bond, or the union of two things in one completely new and unique in which the original parts are still recognizable. It’s also the term used to describe the union of two galaxies.

Tags: Nessian College AU. A lot of feels.  A lot of bickering.  A lot of teasing. Song based. Sisters bonding. Attempted Sexual Assault. Rated mature due violence and sexual content. 

Read on AO3.

Special thanks to @rowaelinislife​ for correcting my terrible english mistakes. I’d like to thank @bloodshednesta​ and @banafsaji​ as well for reading it before and tell me their opinions.

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Part ONE

He said he need a bad bitch with an alibi


The chair felt too cold, even with the balmy weather of spring. Her ears followed the sounds of many voices, unconsciously gathering the new informations about the case. Audiences from the Disciplinary Committee weren’t exactly a popular activity, but, apparently, everyone and anyone who cared about the College’s position in the national ranking of football decided to show up and take a good look by themselves.

Feyre sifted in her own chair for the millionth time, dragging her eyes from the spot Nesta has been staring since she entered the room. It was a neutral spot, right in front of the table the ‘judges’ would be reunited, the line between the dark carpet and the wooden floor, a safe spot that would help her to focus her attention in her hearing instead of her vision. If she was supposed to care, of course.

“Can you stop it?” Nesta spoke without looking at Feyre again, she could hear the sound of her sister chewing her nails.

“How are you not nervous? He can be expelled!” Her sister’s voice was colored with worry and it made her give her a small eyeroll.

“Why would I be?” The nonchalant tone was real enough that Feyre’s eyes shimmered with disbelief. She opened her mouth to reply, but the head of the Disciplinary Committee decided to approach her seat, bringing with her the football coach and two professors that Nesta didn’t know.

She felt him, even if her eyes were now checking the woman who held his fate in her bony hands. She had a dark, ebony hair, pulled tight in a bun, her clothes were black, from the blazer to her shoes and she seemed to be confident of her function. Good, Nesta admired strong women.

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jigglejaggle  asked:

(this is someone else's prompt, i don't remember who made it though but it's a bit different than the original..) could you write something where lance is stuck cleaning the decontamination chamber and he accidentally turns on with him inside so there's water filling up the room rapidly and he's running out of time but someone finally comes by and hears him screaming and freaking out trying to get him out. You can choose if lance dies or not (I'd prefer that he almost does but is revived by CPR)

I hope you like it; I haven’t slept in 30 hours so I’m just chugging along here…

A few aspects of living in a flying castle really bugged Lance.

How is anyone in their right mind supposed to clean the thing, especially while trying to fight a war at the same time?

How is someone supposed to stay out of the frankly ridiculous amount of traps and strange places scattered haphazardly around?

And, most importantly, how is someone supposed to get out of said traps when there are only six other people on the ship with a once again absurd square footage?

More under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Why does prince Sidon have the small small legs???? I've not played this game but all the art of him, is like a lifeguard but they've stuck on such small legs? Is there a reason for this in the game because I am very confused by it

Sidon does indeed have short leggies canonically.

and it’s not just him, it seems to be standard Zora anatomy to have longer torsos and short legs.

my guess is that it has to do with swimming performance. good ol’ Michael Phelps, the guy who has 28 Olympic medals in swimming and has set several records for speed, is an excellent irl example of how having a longer torso, shorter legs, and arms disproportionately long to actual body height is pretty effective at aiding in speedy swimming. of course, his proportions aren’t nearly as exaggerated as they are in Zora. and again, that’s my own personal guess as to why they have ridiculous teeny legs. 

I also do not play the game or have the resources to do so, I’m just garbage for the jumbo fish

Cherry Lips (Negan x Kimi)

Word Count: 2,762
Genre: Smut
Fandoms: Negan, The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Pairings: Negan x Kimi (Original Female Character)
Rating: Explicit
AO3 Link:
Warnings: Language. Confrontation. Firearms. Shooting guns. Near car accident. Inappropriate erections. Writing on skin. Oral sex. Blowjob with teeth. Vaginal Sex.

Summary: Written for Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge. Negan picks up a haul from Alexandria and is then held at gunpoint by a rival group. He meets his match in their bold red-lipsticked leader, Kimi, who demands a private meeting to negotiate a naughty trade.

Negan and his men were headed back to the Sanctuary from Alexandria after a very successful pickup. Negan didn’t need to be there but he went along to indulge in his favorite pastime of antagonizing Rick. Driving along the wooded path, his truck first in the line of vehicles, he smirked to himself and tapped the steering wheel to the beat of a song that only he could hear.

“You’re in a good mood today,” Simon said, side-eying the boss man a bit. Of course, while there was respect between the two men, Simon didn’t think of Negan as his boss, but more of an equal. For the most part, Negan felt the same, and that was why their relationship went on so smoothly compared to the way things were with the other Saviors.

Negan whistled and slapped the steering wheel. “You’re damn fucking right I’m in a good mood, buddy boy! There is nothing I love more than getting under Rick the Prick’s skin.” He laughed, picturing what the scene back at Alexandria must be like after he left Rick emasculated once again. “Did you see him squirming back there? Fucking priceless.”

“That I did, boss. That I did. I think we got ourselves the ideal whipping boy.” Simon nodded his head with satisfaction and took a swig from the can of orange soda that he had pilfered from their haul, wiping the neon liquid from his thick mustache. “Goddamn, life is good.”

Just as Negan was about to agree with him, the front tire of the truck was shot out. The truck skidded and came close to wrapping itself around a tree before Negan could get the brakes to do their job. “What the shit? Lucille, give me strength!”

In front of them, partially concealed by the dense growth of the woods, was a band of survivors outfitted with a respectable arsenal. Negan’s men were already out of their trucks and aiming their weapons at this new group when Negan stepped out and commanded them to hold their fire.

“Weapons down,” he said assuredly, directing his words to both his men and theirs, approaching these newcomers without apprehension. “If you wanted us dead, you would have shot us by now. I’m a man who likes to negotiate. What is it that you’re after?”

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Three times and one (Part II)

Being an ordinary human girl among a group of extraordinary people with peculiar abilities on an entirely different planet can be much of a challenge, more so that you have taken quite a liking into a certain God of Mischief, with whom you oddly seem to get along with very well. Sounds like trouble? Well, you kind of asked for it.

Read it on AO3!

Part I

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Mute - four

Originally posted by hobiga

Paring: hoseokXreader

Word Count: 3.8k

Summary: You’re mute and it’s been that way since you were ten years old and a series of traumatic events happened. Your only real friend is Yoongi, the one person who understands you without you speaking - that is until Hoseok comes along and opens up your sheltered world.

Notes: Future mature themes, talk of abuse, and more.

One | Two | Three | Four

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