all i do is make ya photosets


I… ok so this is kind of, basically, @luvtowritefics247official ‘s fault in a way b/c they’re working on a HA!Superman au fic (which i’m really interested/excited about btw) and I hadn’t really thought of the similarities between Clark and Arnold at all before they mentioned it but even with the very minimal knowledge that I had of Superman, I was like ‘wow ya they DO have similarities’. And THEN someone on my dash, i can’t remember who, reblogged Clois photosets from smallville, which I’ve never seen btw, and that got me even more intrigued b/c ‘wow ok they’re kind of like arnold and helga interaction wise… and the actor who plays clark makes facial expressions like how I’d imagine Arnold would make and… oh no.’ 

So then I went through a Clois blog’s posts and ended up shipping a pair I hadn’t even known much about but who hits every Thing I like about a ship and from a show specifically that I hadn’t watched!!! and basically I was a goner. and to get some of this out of my head I decided to just, sketch it. Again, I’m not super (lol) knowledgeable about the Superman universe besides what I’ve gathered from analysis posts and stuff, so I’m sure I’ve got some things wrong but there ya go.


Best of SinB in Mamamoo X GFriend Showtime


politeandnotgay, being the wonderful person they are, posted a ridiculously beautiful photoset of Tom from SDCC. Of course my first thought was “HELL YEAH NEW PHONE BACKGROUND YEEEEE”

BUT OF COURSE, Getty Images did what they do best and plastered their watermark all over them. And since I’ve yet to see any without the watermarks, I had a go at removing them!

[ If you make edits of these versions I’d appreciate if you could credit me, since I spent a while removing the watermarks (✿◠‿◠)! ]