all i do is doodles lately


are you trying to tell me 
something with your eyes?
if you’re gonna do it, you better do it right
or my heart won’t stop swelling [x]

here, have my one contribution to the marichat may collab – day 13: sin :’D 

[if you have seen my older stuff, i tried to kinda throwback to my heartstrings doodles with this lol]

i drew these kinda chaotically across one page, but there is an order :’D if you can’t figure out the intended order, check below the cut~

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i wanted to put happy things in here but apparently the only things i doodled in my last absence were tired and sad kids… oops

(( the quickest doodle to have ever doodled 
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More of these doodles. Now with cute clothes and stuff.

i doodled a bit so a concept: serizawa katsuya has two loving parents 

his mother went through some hard times with him during his time being all hikikomori’d up and miscalculated when she had been at her wits end, and his father couldn’t be there much due to his job and didn’t know how to connect with katsuya’s problems the rare times he was…. but after the biggest weights were lifted from their shoulders, they quickly snapped back into a close, happy family. 

here they’re all super stoked about having bought katsuya a proper suit for the first time ever, and of their son getting a job that’s not a fucking cult bent on world domination. not pictured is their dog currently chewing katsuya’s shoes. 

their names are aiko and ishi and y ea i did this mainly to think through stuff for the next chapter of shit-all. spoiler: they’re so good people they adopt reigen immediately. 


ok but his bed hair must be impossible to fix

I thought I’d finish at least one thing in between studying ;w; 

someone please burn down my uni 


..though her hair isn’t any better


the thoughts of an artist //just my thoughts right now


̗̀ free printable  ̖́-

so i wanted to do something for you since i’ve been receiving a HUGE support lately! this is my first printable, you can use it as a doodle inspo, as stickers or anything you want. hope u all like it and send me pics if you use it! 

download: pdf & png // follow me on instagram: @carlostudies

Made some more quick doodles for @fishwrites‘s watercast!

I love this fic so much and I know Fishie has been going through some tough times lately, but I want her to know that we’re all here for you and are willing to offer whatever support we can to keep you safe <3

Just a lil doodles of Mai senapis uwu)

1. @trashy-artzy-me
I was so lucky that u notice me from Mai old drawing- u even want to RP as mai duckie dada ;w;) aim happy and I hope your problem on from this cruel world can end and you can happy with yo live o w o)

2. @blogthegreatrouge
Hnghnggb I copied on how u draw eyes sorry- I love all your artwork and I heard you’ve been sick lately, I hope you can feel better soon! I luv your humor too! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

3. @pinkybakah
YOU AND YOUR ART STYLE IS JUST SO MMmmMMMMmmMMMm– ; w ;) i just found you lately and I already fall in luv with ur blog I hope you alright and keep doing yo best oka! owo)



Say The Word by AlyxRae

Song: Process of Illumination by Dan Franklin

“The story Coran had dreamed up went a little something like this:

A young man is standing at a cross road in his life. He’s struggling with what the world thinks he should be. 

His parents want his to go to college, 

the girl in his class wants him to be straight, 

his friends want him to be cool. 

The young man is torn between wanting to please everyone and being himself. There’s a lot of angsty shots of Keith in the bedroom; staring that the trophies and photos that are supposed to mean something to him. Lots of him looking into the camera and trying to convey something to the audience.

Line’s from the song kept popping out at him.

Scribbling self-portraits on the mirror in the dark.

Funny when you don’t know who you are.

Coran kept giving him emotions to act out. Sorrow, fear, desperation, uncertainty. All things that were pretty ease to express, having been an angsty teen himself. Thank god he grew out of that phase.”

I was planning to do one last gif, but it’s really late over here and I should really sleep :’D I might add it later on tomorrow

Please go read this fanfiction! It’s really great!