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My Only Chance

Requested by: @kylosgenesis

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2.8K
Warnings: Angst, pregnancy, Pro-Choice OPINIONS, swearing, death

A/N: Sorry if this is kinda all over the place with timing, but it kinda needs to be so I can fit it all into a oneshot.

Not sure I like the very ending, but hey.

Y/P/N: Your Phone Number
Y/L/N: Your Last Name

Walking up the stairs, leaving the subway, you pull out your phone and text your friend, Natasha,

Just left the doctors, I’ll be there soon

Her reply was instant,

Is everything okay?

You quickly type out your answer, navigating the crowded New York streets as you made your way to the bar nearby,

Everything is fine, just a general check up
Have a drink waiting for me :)

Stuffing your phone back in your pocket, you spot the bar Natasha was waiting for you at. You cross the street, taking a deep breath before entering. You were about to meet Natasha’s work mates, aka The Avengers.

When you first met Natasha, she spilt your coffee all over your blouse. She apologised, but you had been speechless, you recognised her immediately. She insisted on buying you a new coffee and a new shirt. And the rest was history. You and her got along like two peas in a pod. You had always thought that she would be closed off and untrusting, but she wasn’t with you.

She’d insisted that after 3 months of friendship, you had to meet the rest of her team. You felt nervous, to say the least.

“Hey, Y/N! Over here!” Nat calls over the crowded bar. You smile at her and weave your way to her. As you approached, you noticed that not the entire team was there. A little disappointing, but probably for the best, this way you wouldn’t get too flustered.

“Hey, guys,” you smile at everyone at the table, and take the drink Natasha handed you,

“Everyone, this is Y/N,” everyone smiled back at you, “Y/N, this is Sam, Wanda, Tony, Steve, Clint and Bucky,”

You mumble a hello to each person as Natasha introduced them. You expected them to be intimidating and stand-offish, but they were the opposite. They were friendly and asked you questions about your life.

“What do you do, Y/N?” Wanda’s accented voice drew your attention to her,

“I’m a personal assistant for a named partner at a law firm… Not as interesting as what you all do, but it pays the bills,” you shrug.

The night was going great, you were getting along with everyone, which is more than you had expected. Except Bucky. He didn’t say one word to you, only stared at you intently. It was starting to make you uncomfortable.

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anonymous asked:

Hey I was hoping you could HCs of MC being a writer??? Kinda like the artist one you did. I read your other stuff, and you're really good btw!!!

Oh gosh, thank you so much!!! :D You made my night <3 <3

Again, I tried to vary them with different kinds of writers :)


  • So he’s been trying to get better about studying since you gave him motivation again, but it’s hard to force himself to focus without someone always on his back about it.
  • He asks around for tips at school from people he’s in class with and they all point him toward a popular blogger.
  • He doesn’t understand how that could help??? But whatever.
  • You’re really busy with your own studies so he doesn’t want to bother you with his questions; he knows that you take your time very seriously and thinks he needs to just let you be.
  • So he checks out this person’s blog, assuming it’s going to be a bust.
  • Oh boy, is he surprised when there’s a lot of very valid tips and lists of ways to help people focus that he can actually implement on his own.
  • It takes a little bit but with some practice and determination, he starts to see an improvement.
  • You’re so impressed - he’s turned so many of his habits around, so you ask where he got the ideas.
  • He excitedly flips on his computer and goes to the blog, chattering 100 miles a minute about what an absolute genius this person is and how he’d love to meet them to thank them personally.
  • Oh
  • You play along, nodding and smiling while quickly logging into your blog on your phone and making a quick blog post (to delete later, maybe?), asking him to refresh the page innocently.
  • [Hello Yoosung- you’re very welcome for all of the study tips! I’m so happy to see someone is benefiting from them other than myself. I’m proud of you, babe! 😘 ]
  • He whips around to stare at you in shock the boy is shook
  • You write this!?“
  • He throws his arms around you and starts peppering your face with kisses, repeating “thank you” over and over between them.
  • Also he’s super impressed with your writing ability and starts to brag to everyone at school that you’re his S/O


  • You take your laptop pretty much everywhere you go, and if you don’t have it, then you have a small notebook and at least a couple of pens in your bag.
  • You actually made sure to grab it when you ran from Rika’s apartment, despite the danger you were in.
  • Zen was a bit baffled by it then, but just shrugged it off as you had something important on there.
  • Well, he’s not wrong.
  • Eventually he asked about it and all you replied was “I’m a wannabe writer,” but you didn’t elaborate nor seem willing to, so he let it drop.
  • He comes home from a late rehearsal one night to find you passed out at your desk, head laying on one arm while the other arm was across the keyboard, a constant stream of letters flashing across the screen.
  • Chuckling to himself, he moves you gently to the bed, tucking you in and placing a soft kiss on your forehead.
  • He sits down at the desk then to delete the keysmash of epic proportions that you’d done after falling asleep actually kinda impressed by how many pages it was
  • When he finally gets back to what appears to be a more coherent word structure, he hovers over the save button before a sentence catches his eye.
  • Curiosity piqued, he scrolls back to the beginning of the document and starts to read the novel you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into.
  • A few paragraphs in and he’s hooked and perhaps reads through the night
  • When he finally ambles out for breakfast in the morning (you’re shocked that you woke before him), his eyes light up at the sight of you and he bounds over to give you a bear hug.
  • “Why didn’t you say you were an author!? Your book is amazing so far - I can’t wait to read more!” what
  • From then on out you have your first dedicated fan.


  • It isn’t something you talk about in the chat room, nor do you bring it up when you two start working to get the cafe ready.
  • She knows you disappear one night a week to meet up with some ‘club,’ but she never inquires what it’s about.
  • Then the day comes when you hand her a piece of paper with a simple poem written on it, professing your love for her.
  • She’s flustered by both your ability to write such beautiful poetry as well as by your confession.
  • You’re not looking at her, your face flaming in embarrassment because oh boy do you love this woman
  • And what if she doesn’t like it?
  • Or worse… what if she doesn’t like you?
  • Both fears are utter nonsense, of course, because she hangs the poem in a frame on the wall and also kisses you.
  • The feeling is mutual but she was scared to tell you.
  • Thank god you have the power of words on your side.
  • You continue to write her poems but she also wants to read your other writing.
  • Super supportive and also secretly jealous of your talent.


  • He knows you’re a writer because you tell the RFA easily when asked what you do.
  • He also knows that you do a lot of research and occasional traveling for your books but logic says that’s a necessity for any kind of writing.
  • You invite a lot of distinguished people you’ve met through your career to the parties and it doesn’t faze him in the slightest to be talking with yet another person with their doctorate who is at the head of their field.
  • But he’s a bit caught off-guard when he overhears some of his employees talking about the books you’ve written.
  • You’re actually fairly well known in your area as an author who makes everything they write relevant and easily understandable while still educating.
  • “So you write school books?” No Jumin I’m not a member of the academic community
  • You just have something you find incredibly interesting and figured you may as well turn your slight obsession into a job and it worked out rather well.
  • C&R mysteriously branches out into the field you research in and suddenly you find yourself sponsored to do pretty much whatever you want.
  • “You could ask before assuming I need help, Jumin.”
  • “I’m well aware you have no need of my assistance, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to help you be even more successful. I’m so proud of you; please let me do this for you?”
  • He may or may not shove your accomplishments in his smug father’s face.


  • Oh, he knows.
  • He knows as soon as he does your background check.
  • Your tumblr, AO3 and all reveal your deepest darkest secrets.
  • He actually ends up reading a lot of it and holy hell? You’re amazing?
  • Like, you come up with some pretty original plot lines and keep anyone you write in character and it’s just really fun to read.
  • He feels it allows him a deeper look into your mind and also maybe your desires because he stumbles across all that smut you’ve read/written.
  • You wondered at first if he found out but when you start seeing “Defender-of-Justice” likes/reblogs/left kudos etc on your stuff, you know and you want to die of embarrassment.
  • When you’re together he likes to quote your own words at you, no matter how corny or out of context they are. jfc Saeyoung quit being so embarrassing
  • He likes to watch you write, and sometimes throws in his own ideas for your consideration… which are occasionally very good and other times really terrible.
  • Don’t quit your day job sir
  • He may draw some inspiration from the dirty things he’s seen on your account too but he’ll never admit it.
You Trying to Make a Move? - Part 2

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary:  You’re injured and, as always, Dean is taking care of you. Why though? It takes a lot for him to open up.

Words: 1,322

Paring/Characters: DeanxReader, Sam

Warning: Fluffy cuteness?

Author’s Note: Well, here’s some more. I do have one more section for it… I hope the writing isn’t too terrible… And I used a gif, look at that! *Awkwardly waves and then runs away*

Part One

Originally posted by dynastyofmarystuart

A few weeks later…

The music made you hum along and tap your foot as the impala roared down some highway to some little town in the middle of nowhere. Air rushed inside, tugging at your ponytail and making Dean turn the radio up even more.

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sentence starters #47 part two

thanks for all the love guys❤️

p.s I just want you guys to know i wrote this entire thing and then tumblr deleted it so sorry if it seems rushed and short.️

part one:

characters: joker, reader, superman️

warnings: angry joker profanity guns yelling deaths, whoops clark kent, angry author bc tumblr deleted her original writing️

You couldn’t fathom the betrayal. You sped down roads of gotham trying to put as much distance between J and yourself. Your black ferrari scared pedestrians into rushing across the street.

A clap thunder boomed above sky opened up. Gods tears mixing in with your own in perfect doleful harmony. Your heart ached and your ears rang. Your migraine had multiplied and pain flooded your mind from all sides.

Your car sped across the bridge between cities, looking for some sort of safe haven. Metropolis had high pristine building and dirty streets. Not much different from Gotham in that way.

Your tears blinded your vision and your ferarri hydroplaned. In a panic, you jerked the steering wheel, only for the car to flip and crash into the pavement. The sound of metal scraping gravel rang in your ear and you could smell the blood and gasoline pooling under you.

You crawled out of the window in attempts to get away from the car that was destined to blow and cried out when your knees got cut with broken glass.

He saw you from across the street. He had just clocked out from work and was ready to head home. It all happened so fast. The crying girl with mascara running down her face and the flipping sports car. He didn’t know how to react. If he acted now, his cover may be blown.

Then he saw her crawl out of the flipped car and pull herself to her feet. No normal person could withstand that pain.️

He immediately ran to the other side of the road where you sat on the curb, watching your car go up in flames as you leaned against a mail box.

“Are you okay?” He voice broke you out of your thoughts filled with green hair and self pity and your eyes locked onto the blue irises in front of you.

You nodded and looked back to the car. Your bare feet were cut up and pruned from the mix of glass and pain puddles. But you didn’t care. The man was confused. Why were you so distraught? Who had hurt you?

“Do you need a ride to the hospital? Or home?” He asked, taking a seat on the wet curb next to you. You looked at the man beside you a shook your head, water droplets falling from your hair.

“I don’t have a home. Not anymore.” You closed your eyes and a few stray tears tracked down your face mixed with the cold rain.

“Well, you shouldn’t stay out in the rain all night.” He stood up and offered you a hand. “You can come stay at my place. I promise I’m not a psycho path.”️

You smiled at him softly before grabbing his hand and allowing him to pull you up. “Yeah I know crazy personally, and you don’t fit the bill.”

He smiled at you, and no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t force a convincing smile. “I’m Clark, by the way.”


He paced around the trashed house. His green hair was disheveled and tangled due to him running his fingers through it so many times.

Why did everything hurt? His head was pounding and all his muscles felt like they were set on fire. Picture frames were thrown across rooms and shattered against walls. Plates and glasses found themselves in pieces on the hardwood floor.

He didn’t know what to do. Why did this hurt so badly. Harley had left him many time before but it never hurt like it did when you left him. Why was that?️

With Harley, he had found her perfectly innocent and sweet. And to keep her to himself he had to drag her down. Drag her all the way down to his lever of crazy.

With you, he never had to trick you. You had liked him the way he was, crazy and all. You brought him up to your level most of the time. You kept him from the brink of explosion.

He walked passed a cracked mirror in the hallway and stopped. He took in how broken down and messy he looked. And he realized why it hurt so bad. He had fallen in love with you. Somewhere in this crazy thing called life you managed to steal his cold heart. And he was scared he may never get it back.

Hot, salty, fat tears tore down his pale face and he clenched his fingers at his sides. He was determined to get you back. Even if it meant dragging you down to his level.

You were his queen. And God forbid he rule his kingdom without his queen.


The chipped paint on his apartment door gathered in small piled and you waited patiently for him to open the door.

“Now, it’s not much, but it’s warm and I have a pull out bed-” he started nervously, worried that his abode would not be enough to please you. ️

“I’m sure it’s fine, really.” You offered a small smile and he sighed in defeat and opened the door.

The living room was small and cozy. With a nice television and a comfortable looking couch. The only problem was the hideous shade of orange on the walls. ️

Clark quickly walked down the hall into another room and you sat awkwardly, unsure of what to do. When he returned, he had a pair of sweatpants and a tank top in his hands.“Uh- here you go. You can change in the bathroom down the hall.” He pointed to the door with a golden handle and you nodded your head.

The bathroom was small and cramped. You stripped off your clothes and started at your reflection in the mirror. You looked dead. Your makeup had run down your face in a river of black and your hair was a tangled mess.

When you came out of the bathroom, you felt much better. Warm clothes and a clean face to make you feel a little relieved from the pain of the past hours events. You walked into the living room and saw Clark sitting on the couch, with two cups of tea and a blanket.

You took a seat next to him, sinking into the cushion, and accepted the mug handed to you. “I guess I should say thank you.” You sighed rubbing your hands on the warm porcelain mug.

He smiled gently and shook his head. “No it’s fine, really. It’s what any decent person would have done.“

“You know, with the shit day i’ve had, the last thing I expected was to be sharing a room with Superman.” You winked and brought the hot liquid to your lips, watching his reaction of shock.

“How- how did you?” He stumbled over his ️words. Not quiet sure how to react.

“Your eyes. Your eyes give it away.” You shrugged and looked at his tense demeanor. “Don’t worry though, your secret’s safe with me.” You looked down into the tea and sighed sadly. “I ain’t got anyone to tell anyways.”

“Why- why were you crying in the car like that?” He asked nervously, the question eating away at him.

You hesitated, a sudden pain shooting through your veins. You debated on telling him. Could you even trust him? Did he know who you really were? He saw your hesitation and immediately went to apologize before you cut him off. “I came home from work today, to see my boyfriend in bed with his ex.”

“Oh.” The words passed through his lips with a hint of anger. How could someone do that? Especially to someone as beautiful as you?

“Yep.” You sighed, and placed the empty mug on the coffee table.

“Well he’s a loser then. Anyone who would leave someone as beautiful as you has to be.”

You blushed at his words. You had only ever been called beautiful by J before. It was refreshing to have someone new say it. “That’s the thing though. He’s not a loser. He’s successful in what he does and I mean I guess I should have seen it coming. Him and his ex were practically made for each other.” The last words escaped your mouth bitterly and left a taste in your mouth. “Now, I have no idea what to do. I can’t go back. I guess I just have to start over.”

Clark sighed at your worrisome thoughts. He didn’t want so much stress on you. It wasn’t right. “Well, you can stay here as long as you’d like.”️

You smiled at him and held up your finger. “On one condition.”

He laughed lightly and rolled his eyes.“Oh so you’re making demands now?”

“You let me paint this room a different color. I mean really, its terrible.” You laughed and for the first time forgetting the ache in your heart.


Months of living in Metropolis had gone by. You had gotten yourself a job at a local law firm as a secretary. It wasn’t exactly fun, but help you pay the bills with Clark.

Clark had become your best friend. Two days after he took you in he had painted the walls a nice shade of blue, and it wasn’t perfect, but it was certainly better than the orange.

If you said you hadn’t thought about the green-haired fiend, you be lying. He ran through you thoughts all hours of the day and it pained you. You knew you would never allow yourself to go back to him. It would go against everything you stood for.

Another day had rolled by and you were headed out the law firm’s glass doors, going to meet Clark for lunch like you did everyday. The streets were more crowded than usual as you tried to push your way to the small café across the street, waving to Clark through the window with a smile.

Thats when you head the loud bangs of a machine gun. Your heart plummeted as you crouched down with all the other scared citizens. You weren’t scared. You were terrified. Terrified because you knew he had come for you.

“(Y/N), my kitten! Come out, come out, wherever you are!” J’s loud voice boomed through the streets and you clenched your fist, not wanted to show yourself. “Playing hard to get, huh? Alright.” You heard a gun go off and a loud scream from a citizen. You knew he had shot someone.️

You sprang up and walked on shaky legs to the middle of the street where he could see you. You saw the dead old woman sprawled out next to the jeep his goons drove and you took a step back out of shock. Your eyes moved to the café window to find Clark gone. You sighed in relief because you knew he was never going to let you be taken.

“Do you know how long it took me to find you? I’ve been searching far and wide, only to find out you’ve just been across the bridge!” He laughed loudly and hopped out of the jeep, smoothing out his hair and walking forward with open arms. “I’ve missed ya baby.”

You shook your head and ignored the throbbing pain in your heart and glassy eyes. You saw his eyes flicked above you before Superman landed in front of you like a protective wall. “Oh spandex, back off would ya? I’m trying to get my baby back here.” Joker growled agitated at your protector.

Clark turned around and whispered to you. “Really? That’s your ex?”

“Oops.” You smiled sheepishly and moved farther behind him.

️ ️

Superman turned to face the villain and crossed his arms. “She doesn’t want you. Go back to Gotham. This is your only warning.” ️

J loaded his pistol and waved it around. “I’m not leaving without her.” He glared at Superman and scoffed. “Why do you care so much anyways?” ️

Though you couldn’t see Clark’s face, he must of done something, because J got really mad. He began walking forward at a fast pace and pointed his gun at him. “You fucking love her.” ️

Your heart seemed to stop as you looked at the muscled back of the man protecting you. He loved you? How? Your thoughts crashed as multiple gun shots went off and hit Clark, falling into the pavement. “You’re not allowed to have her! I love her!” ️

You swear your ears must have been deceiving you. He loved you now all of a sudden? After all the shit he pulled on you. You stepped out in front of Clark and stared J down.

“You fucking dare come marching in guns blazing and try to tell me you love me? After all the shit you pulled? No, fuck you. I hate you, remember?” ️

Joker’s usual smile dropped, and so did his gun. He looked in your eyes for any sense of regret but only found anger. Maybe he really did loose you. ️

The sound of police sirens echoed through the street and J just continued to look at you in disbelief. It wasn’t until his goons shook him out of it that he crawled into the jeep. His blue eyes met yours once before he whispered “I’m sorry, Doll.” ️

part three:

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angel in disguise pt.3 // l.h.

Pairing: Luke Hemmings + Reader 

Word Count: 5k+

Summary: Luke tries to make Y/N feel better by giving her another surprise and they get even closer to each other if that’s even possible. By the end of the day, they don’t know how to describe the relationship between them.

A/N: Here’s part three! Alright I know that part two wasn’t the best, but give this a try. I promise it’s way better then the second. :) 

Made a playlist of songs that Angel In Disguise was inspired by here 


The sun was treating out from the cracks of Y/N’s curtains as the crows were chirping their lungs out. Luke yawned as he slowly opened his eyes to see that he wasn’t as his place as usual. Y/N’s arms were draped against his torso like a koala and Luke’s hands were holding hers. He took in the peaceful state that the girl in front of him was, disconnected from the world. Not wanting to wake her up yet, he slowly got out of Y/N’s grip, not wanting to wake her. 

He stretched his arms and picked up his phone from the floor where it had probably dropped last night, walking outside the apartment barefooted. Luke leaned against the door frame calling his brother Jack and telling him that he wouldn’t be able to make it to his house for lunch. 

Luke made his way to the kitchen and putting back the cooking utensils were they belonged, wanting to help Y/N out. 

“What even happened here last night?” He asked himself.

After a few minutes, he had made the kitchen look like nothing had happened the night before. Luke went to the living area and began to fix that place up as well.

“The things I do for this girl,” he muttered to himself with a small smile playing at his lips. He didn’t know why he wanted to come back to he over and over again. Maybe it was her innocent eyes or maybe her poor state.

In the other side of the flat, Y/N groggily turned on her back to be awoken with a burning sensation under her neck.

“Fuck!” She whined as the memories from the night before flooded her mind.

As she had predicted, Luke wasn’t beside her as she rested her back on the headboard of the bed.

“Of course,” Her heart dropping.What she did she expect? For him to stick around for her? She was really gullible.

Silently thanking the heavens that she didn’t have any classes today, she quietly tip toed out of her messy room noticing a pair of worn out black vans on the floor.

“What the hell?” She questioned herself as she saw her savior awkwardly crouched in her living room picking up the pieces of glass that were scattered all over the ground.

“Luke?” She curiously called as she walked towards him. His neat hair was now ruffled from last night. Startled, he almost dropped the shards of glass from his hands.

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Words: 1,990

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Phil gives little messages to persuade Dan to talk to him in different languages… sort of

A/N: A little random short thing I decided to write to keep my own sanity.

                “You want tea Phil?” Dan asks from the kitchen, lifting up the cup he was stirring, the tiny metal spoon loudly clanging with the glass of the mug.                 “I don’t know if I can trust you with my tea anymore Dan,” Phil half heartedly replies, attention still directed to the illuminated screen.

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At Musings End (3/?) - Fight With All That You Have


He kept his eyes trained on his book, even though he has been stuck on the same page for the past 5 minutes, ever since she opened the bathroom door and asked him to hand her moisturizer she conveniently left on her vanity and he was assaulted by a view of skin, acres and acres of skin ending in her plaid boxer shorts and a white tank top and all his blood rushed south.

By all intents and purposes it was not supposed to be a come hither outfit. It was what she normally wore to bed, he was used to it.

Until she did that thing girls do, wherein they unhook their bra and after some manoeuvres the damned thing comes off at the bottom of her shirt and she hands him the offending white piece of garment as he hands her the tube of her moisturizer.

“Please throw that in the hamper babe.”

He may have made a strangled groan in his throat.

But no. He was not giving up this easily. He numbly took her bra, folding it in that special way of hers to keep the shape and placing it over the underwear hamper.

He then quickly shook himself of the thought of her braless in the toilet and he can just… but no, he was standing his ground. He was not going to lose this way, besides, Mua’d Dib deserved all of his attention… and so did his girlfriend’s boo- NO. The story, read he had to keep reading, even if it killed him.

But five minutes have passed and he has not flipped a single page and now Nadine was in bed with him, on her knees to his side, leaning over him to kiss his jaw.

Keep strong James. Keep strong. Keep… oh holy fuck.

So she shaved Clarky’s hair, big deal.

The poor thing was dying in this heat with all that thick crop of hair all over him.

She once found him trying to climb inside the refrigerator after her mom penned the air-conditioning unit in the dog room. She felt so bad for him that she took him to the groomers and asked them to give him a summer cut.

He ended up looking like sheared sheep but at least Clarky was happier now, not having to deal with the great and excessive heat and he was actually moving around now instead of slumping on all fours and staring longingly at the fridge and the AC.

But James was not so happy when he saw his dog - hairless. James was very particular about his hair and to see his dog hairless was like a horror movie come true for him. He spent many a minute on the floor with Clarky bemoaning the loss of his fur.

And now he’s refusing to put out until Clarky’s hair grows back.

And he’s been torturing her ever since. He knows. He knows how much she cannot resist his glasses and the way it slips down his nose when he’s buried in his book, his hair flopping this way and that and he was of course shirtless.

She almost swallowed her tongue when she first saw him, sitting on their window porch, the afternoon sun warming his skin, reading as if he can hear nothing else, see nothing else and feel nothing else but the world inside his book.

She ripped the book from his hands and was grinding on top of him in 5 seconds flat after that small scene.

And now he’s torturing her with the glasses and the book and the shirtlessness, so she’s upping her game, using her bra and now she was nipping at his jaw, down to his neck, near his pulsepoint and she grazes her teeth very lightly over that spot and he groans.

She grins, knowing he’s about to give in when he frames her face with his hands and he’s about to kiss her, any second now… and he does. On her forehead before grinning at her.

“Are you sleeping love? I can get my book light?”

“You’re reading. Right now you’re reading.”


She couldn’t believe it! The ass!

He leans over to pick up his booklight from his night stand and shuts off the lights in their room, before turning on his book light.

But she wasn’t giving up, not without a fight. She nuzzles against him, squeezing herself under his arm and literally pressing his boob against him but he just wraps an arm around her, rests his cheek on her head and flips a page on his book.

On a huff she slaps his stomach and he grins wolfishly, all teeth and crinkled cheeks as he continued reading from his book.



“You know what.”

“Until my son’s hair grows back Nadine you are not touching a single hair on this gorgeous body.”

He said it with his joking gay voice paired up with the artful flick of his fingers that instead of being pissed he just leaned over to kiss his cheek and settled her head against the crook of his neck.

“I hate it when you go on strike. I miss you.”

He resumed leaning his cheek over her head and tightened his arm around her.

“That will teach you not to shave my son’s head off. Imagine if this was our actual son and you just shave off all that wonderful Reid hair…”

“Ang kapal mo talaga.” She laughingly hits him in the chest before resting against him, knowing there would be no arguing with James at this point. 

“I love you, my love.”

He whispers as he traces a line of kisses on her forehead and she sighs in happiness and rests against him once more.

“I’ll get you back for this.”

“Sure love.”

And he should have known karma would be a bitch and bite back his ass.

“Kuya we’re doomed.”

“EZ, shh. We are not doomed I can fix this.”

“You can’t, and Mimi will tattle on us.”

“She won’t I bribed her with Jack.”

“Jack is going to kill you.”

“He likes Mimi, it’s just a harmless crush.”

“Unlike you deleting Ate’s travel video of you and her.”


He just wanted to surprise her, help edit the travel video she really wants to publish even if they were dying from too much work left and right. 

But then technology and him hated each other, and well one click lead to another and now all her footage was gone and she was going to kill him. 

He enlisted EZ’s help since they were both at home tonight watching over Mommy but EZ took one look at the file and at James’ face before admitting that he was doomed.

“Okay, look, I can help you. Somewhere in there is a recovery file waiting for me to discover it. And then we can pretend this never happened.”

“How much time do you need?”

“Give me a day.”

He almost choked on his own saliva. 

“EZ, your sister will kill me in a day!”

EZ smirked at him and swiped the Mac from under his arm. “Beg, crawl, do whatever. Distract her, I’ll be ready with this in a day.”

“Babe have you seen my Mac?”

He could literally feel the sweat drip down his back as she hollered at him from her perch in the tent.

“No babe. I’ll try looking around.”

“I could have sworn it was just in my bag, I have to go to the studio soon, if it turns up can you get it?”

She comes up to him and absently kisses him on the lips as she bids good bye to everyone, hustling to make it to her interview.

To get her mind of the damned laptop he catches her around the waist and plunders her mouth. When he lets her come up for air her eyes are all starry and the only think she can say was “Uh?”

“Go to the interview!”

She walked comically out of the tent without a word, much to the amusement of everyone around them.

Babe have you seen my laptop yet?

He winces as his phone flashes with her name and her message and he paces inside the condo, wondering what to do.

I have your bra, no laptop though.

Damn it, and he was doing so well, not responding too. He had a system going on, if he just picture poor Clarky looking like shorn sheep his boner goes away, but now if EZ doesn’t deliver on his promise his boner would likely be gone forever.

ROBERT JAMES! Anyway I may have left it at the house, I’ll pick it up tonight, might not be there love, I won’t have taping as an excuse. Miss you already!


If she goes home and sees EZ with her Mac his ass is toast.

Suck it up James… suck it up…

You sure… because the bra is lonely here all alone. I think it misses it’s better half.

Her reply was instantaneous and he had to grin because look at the woman he loved, such a passionate and sensual woman.

Is it my boobs or my panties?

He had to bark out a laugh because there are days he swears Nadine is more of a potty mind than he is.

It’s both. Come home love, don’t let your bra be lonely anymore.

She walks inside the house whistling a tune and a smile plastered on her face. She climbs up the stairs and enters her brother’s room, where he had some form of robotic thing in his desk. He leers at her when she walks in and she pinches his cheek.

“Great job EZ, thanks for rigging the program to delete all my files.”

“No. Thank you for the Coldplay tickets.”

So she had to miss out on seeing her favorite band. It was no matter. James, the love of her life, was all the entertainment she needed.