all i could think about when i watched this part of the mv


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Favorite Pictures of Your Bias:

hoooooo boyyyy yy  there are a bunch of other pics i could include, but these are just my top10 dont ask why tho bc i’ll go emo.,

okay sO, how kimjongchen became my bias:

to start off this /story/ i first got into kpop in January of 2014 and pretty much hated exo right off the bat lmao i used to think they were overrated and i never really saw what was so likable about them…. so skip to April of 2014,, i decided to actually watch the growl mv to see why exo was so popular and lowkey liked kyungsoo when his part came up, but not enough to get me to like the whole group, so towards the end of the song *cue jongdae’s high note* i found my reason to stan exo. all i heard was jongdae’s high note and i knew he was the one, so i replay the mv a couple of more times to figure out who exactly was the one who hit the high note and i found out that it was the “red tie guy”

i did some more research on this “red tie guy” and found out his name was Chen. along with my research i found out the names to the other members and basically got into exo.. thanks red tie guy.

since then my bias hasn’t changed tho lowkey i check out that potato with thicc thighs in exo k and due to that i’m extremely bitter whenever jongdae gets barely any recognition for his talents and is overshadowed by other members. even though i havent been there since the beginning, i feel i have seen jongdae grow and improve himself in such a short amount of time. i cant express how proud of him i am with what he’s accomplished, no matter how little that accomplishment is. i’ll continue to love and support him for more years to come and can only wish and hope for him to be happy with both himself and his career path. as long as jongdae’s out there living his dreams happily without any complaints or worries, then im happy and emo :) i hope to see jongdae get more recognition for his talents in the near future and hope to see him rise not just as exo’s chen, but as singer, kim jongdae.

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