all i can think of is skye and ward because brett has his ward!face on

AOS 4x16: AKA Role Reversal...Role Reversal Everywhere & NOOOOOO!!!! AIDA HOW DARE YOU!!!

How we doing guys?  Good?  Do you all hate me?   I know that was a lot but now I can really properly meta things out without spoiling and I am on a computer again and not pecking out on my phone.  

I really enjoyed it, I did.  Do I like the Fitz/AIDA stuff, HADES no.  BUT I get where they are going with it and will have more under the cut.  

Please do read this before sending in an ask to see if I address it here.

This time we are under the thing due to length!

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Agents of Shield Season 4 Episode 17

The Framework episodes are turning out to be a real roller-coaster ride. The character changes they’ve incorporated are nothing short of troubling. With each episode the stakes get higher.

Last week Daisy met Coulson and he finally recognized her. Although, that doesn’t mean he remembers his old life. He only remembers fragments and even those are disjointed. Then there was the bit about the Hydra soap which was just priceless.

Also, Daisy’s reaction was amazing. I loved the part where it took her a moment to realize what he had said.

In other news, Ward is still helping out Daisy and Jemma and clearly doesn’t have all the information about them. It is also abundantly clear that he cares about Daisy. I have a love-hate reaction to this bit. I love that Ward is back and he’s a nice guy but hate that it’s not actually happening. In the real world, he’s very much dead. Feel like I’m being cheated. Anyway, he warns Daisy that HYDRA is coming for Coulson and thanks to that intel, Daisy and Jemma are able to escape with him.

While Daisy and Jemma get all of Coulson’s stuff so they can leave, they realize that Holden Radcliff is also in the Framework and he is the one person who can get them out. They just need to find out where he is and with that objective, Daisy goes back into the belly of the beast.

Next, we meet Mack and Hope and you can tell that it’s going to be very hard on him when he has to leave the Framework and lose his daughter all over again. I like their dynamic, Mack is the definition of the cool dad and I love that he calls her ‘Spark Plug’.

The whole AIDA and Fitz relationship is just vomit-inducing. It is murky as hell plus raises issues of consent which make it even more troubling. I think it is clear that AIDA has made some drastic changes to Fitz’s personality. Unlike the others, for whom she fixed a regret. I think she did way more fix a regret for Fitz. While, his cold demeanor can be attributed to cruel father, add to that, the absence of Simmons, that’s not all. I’ve already mentioned that i think he’s been programmed and this week, I feel that even more strongly because she’s told him about the other side. Of course, it could be that she’s selling that reality as a virtual one, or that it takes place in another dimension or what have you. But he clearly knows about and considers it a threat to AIDA and therefore something to be eliminated.

AIDA shows him Jemma’s photograph waiting to see his reaction and there isn’t any hint of recognition on his face.

Daisy finally gets her hands on Radcliff’s location and just as she and Ward are about to leave HYDRA, they are stopped by May. She convinces Ward to go on without her and give the information to Jemma. For a moment, it looks like May is about to arrest Daisy but instead leads her to a conference where Fitz is giving a briefing about hunting down Jemma. I loved that Ward was immediately willing to fight May and the HYRDA goons. Not for one second did he consider leaving Daisy behind.

We finally meet the leader of the resistance, Mace, the leader of Shield. I love his new suit, it looks like it’s taken its fair share of hits. Also love the stars on his gauntlets, they remind me of Captain America’s shield for some reason. Also, I enjoyed the dynamic shift between him and Coulson, where Mace is the experienced agent and Coulson is sort of the new kid on the block.

Instead of sending Daisy and May after Jemma, they are sent to arrest Mack and Hope. You can tell that when May is questioning Mack and he says that he’ll do anything to save Hope, that things are about to get screwed.

Ward and Jemma share a tense moment on the quinjet, on their way to Radcliff. I can understand her anger at the real Ward, but this Ward is not the same guy and her constant belittling of him is starting to get on my nerves. This guy put his life on the line to protect them and is continuing to do so and Jemma is so passive aggressive, constantly implying that he’s the one who’s not trustworthy. She needs to understand that while these people might be just code, they think they’re real and her constant unwillingness to see that is just mean and cruel to them.

We get a moment between Daisy and Hope and you can immediately tell how important Hope is to Mack. See, Daisy knows that she’s just code as well, but her way of handling is way more humane and kind. Also, when Daisy promised her that she would protect her father, I knew things were about to go horribly wrong.

Daisy goes to speak to Mack and he calls her Daisy and says that he remembers but falters when she mentions Yo-Yo. This was one of the best moments in the entire episode and Chloe Bennet was awesome. Her relief that he recognizes her and then horror when she sees that he actually tricked her into revealing her identity was so well acted.

We finally meet Radcliff, on an island and he seems to be living a quiet life, away from Shield and HYDRA. He still insists that he had the best intentions and that he only wanted to help people but that his ideas were twisted into something ugly.  Jemma is finally starting to get through to him when they are interrupted by Madam HYDRA and Fitz, the only thing missing in their entry was Darth Vader’s theme from Star Wars.

Mack and Hope’s happy reunion is marred by the HYDRA goons dragging a visibly beaten and nearly-unconscious Daisy. When May thanks Mack for his services, you can see that Hope is troubled and confused because Daisy was nice and kind to her.

The exchange between Radcliff and Fitz was fraught with tension and kudos to Iain De Caestecker for how brilliantly he played this cold and cruel Fitz (more on him later) He kills Agnes for no reason other than to prove Radcliff wrong. Jemma, Coulson and Ward were meanwhile watching all this happen and when Ward is about to take out Fitz, Jemma stops him by telling him that he’s been brainwashed and that she loves him and would lose him forever if Ward killed him now. And you can see that Ward really connects to the part where she talks about how much she loves Fitz, because he feels the same for Skye. Fitz sees Jemma once more here and while he does pause, there is still no glimmer of recognition on his face, he calmly leaves, leaving the Shield team to return empty handed.

Mack finds his way to the Shield base and informs those present that Skye has been taken by HYDRA is not in the best condition. And the horror and helplessness on Ward’s face says it all.

When Fitz comes to see Daisy, she looks even worse than before. She tries to reach out to Fitz but can’t. He calmly informs her that he had her blood tested again and knows that she’s an Inhuman. He plans on torturing her and when she tells him that ‘he doesn’t want to do this’ his smile is especially diabolical when he tells her that she doesn’t know him at all.

Special shout out to Mallory Jensen who was amazing AIDA. She was manipulative and yet so believable. She was great in this episode.

The promo for next week shows us only one shot of Daisy with Fitz and I think it’s from before the torture because she looks more of less the same. We also learn that HYDRA has their own super-soldier serum which May takes to fight Mace. We don’t yet know whether it’s permanent or temporary like the one Mace used to take in the real world.

I’m really not looking forward to watching Daisy go through more pain and unless Ward manages to rescue her or she can reach May, it doesn’t look like she’ll be rescuing herself.

As for how May called her Daisy Johnson, I think AIDA finally realized who could have helped Jemma within HYDRA. She knows that the only two people who hadn’t been scanned were Daisy and Jemma so logically, if Jemma logged into the Framework, then so did Daisy. Also, if you recall, AIDA specifically asks for her to join the op. It was a set-up since the beginning since AIDA knew that she would have soft-spot for Mack considering that they were partners.

Now, as to why Fitz killed Agnes, even when AIDA didn’t really want him to… I think that it’s going to be hardest for Fitz to recall his real life because of the level of changes that AIDA has made for him. The more people try to tell him that he’s not like this, that he’s better, the more strongly he’ll cling to the Framework version of himself. Pretty much everything about this Fitz is disturbing but nothing compares to his casual cruelty. He shoots Agnes and just moves on and then his encounter with Daisy, where again, he’s unaffected. He could be talking about the weather for all that it mattered to him. The only time, he has a strong reaction is when he’s with AIDA, she’s the only one who can get some kind of a reaction from him.

Also, is it possible that AIDA is stuck in the Framework like the rest of the people? Is that what she has Fitz working on? She mentions that when he completes him project, then she can go to other world and destroy it once and for all. It could be that she blocked her own exit so that no one else can escape either and this project, once complete, would allow access to her alone.

As for Skyeward, I don’t really see it go anywhere because while Ward loves her, Daisy doesn’t love him. She barely trusts him and her priority is getting her friends out of the Framework. I think Ward will assist in that endeavour but that’s about it. I would love to see more between them but it doesn’t seem too likely, especially now, that she’s in HYDRA’s clutches. It depends on how long before she either escapes or is rescued. I hope I’m wrong about this, I hope that Ward is finally given the narrative arc he should have had.

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/post/114744708809 you love the lip bite in the last gif you say, i say the 2nd gif is better. brett's practically sucking her whole mouth (or was that a tongue? guess we'll never know) god i need a cold shower

Dear Nonnie,


We’re going to go chronologically, because that is logical, AND THIS IS SCIENCE.


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Agents of Shield Season 4 Episode 19 Theories

AOS 4×19 – All The Madame’s Men
Daisy finds herself teamed up with an unlikely partner. Meanwhile, Aida prepares to put her ultimate end game into effect. 

Guest starring are Brett Dalton as Grant Ward, Mallory Jansen as Madame Hydra/Aida, Jordan Rivera as Hope Mackenzie, David Weiss as serious man, Patrick Cavanaugh as Burrows, Zach McGowan as The Superior, David O’Hara as Alistair, Ben Cain as Hydra agent, Andy Comeau as Hydra doctor and Kavita Patil as Mrs. Lee.

We had the synopsis and now we have the teaser, let the speculation begin!

First up Ward:

How can anyone think that he doesn’t care about Daisy/Skye. Look at the anguish on his face! His helplessness and the pain! I know this Skyeward is going nowhere but let me have my scraps, please. I loved Skyeward in season 1 and this is a taste of what it could been. A shade of what it could have been rather because Daisy is not in love with him but he clearly is. He is not the real world Ward, who hid his feelings. He loves Daisy and makes no bones about it. UGH!! This is more pain than I bargained for!

A Mama May and Daughter Daisy team-up! Finally! HYDRA has no idea what they’re about to be hit by. May and Daisy on their own are formidable but as a team, they can lay waste to pretty much anyone and anything dumb enough to stand in their way. I can’t wait to see to lay waste to HYDRA on their way out. 

I’m concerned that while Daisy does turn into an Inhuman, she doesn’t gain her usual power. Which might explain why both May and Daisy are using guns when she could have just ‘qauked’ their way out of the compound. I think half the episode will deal with their breakout while the other half will see them reunite with the rest of Shield.

And can you imagine Daisy’s reaction to seeing Trip!? They were partners and he was there when she went through the change, in the chamber. He died trying to protect her. Also May and Coulson will finally be on the same team. I’m curious to see how much Coulson remembers when it comes to May. In episode 18, he told her snap out of it and called her May when clearly they hadn’t met before. But I don’t think it really registered with him. On the other hand, there was a sense of familiarity when he was addressing her even when he didn’t know her. 

The only thing better than a May-Daisy and a Coulson-May team-up is a May-Coulson-Daisy team up! So many things to look forward to with this episode…

I think Ophelia gets hurt somehow when Daisy and May escape which would explain why Fitz is out for blood. His father, Alistair is just an all-around turd and he just really needs his ass kicked. I wonder what new game Ophelia is playing and can she die in the Framework or does it work differently with her.. Not sure, these are all questions we need answered.

Episode 20 doesn’t list Brett Dalton or BJ Britt as guest stars which is disappointing. But we do know that Alistair Fitz is in the episode. So I’m a little confused. I think the first part of the episode takes place at wherever the backdoor is which is why only the core team is listed. I’m guessing that Trip and Ward get them there and then work to distract HYDRA from their tails.

The synopsis mentions that not one everyone may want to leave the Framework and the usual suspect is Mack for obvious reasons. But what if, it’s not him but Fitz? What if his programming is so deeply ingrained that he doesn’t want to leave? Or he is so wracked with guilt that he doesn’t think that he deserves to wake up? It’s just that it’s too obvious for it to be Mack and I don’t trust things when they are so obvious when it comes to AoS, the writers love tearing out the audiences’ hearts and this would be the perfect way to do it.

I just want the writers to give us one moment between Daisy and Ward that isn’t marred by the past and the real-world Ward. Just a moment that brings full circle what they could have had and what it could have been, I am hoping the writers don’t turn him into a triple agent, that would suck and just be a rehash of season 1 and honestly, I think it would hurt the show and that’s the last thing they want.

There is also a possibility that either Daisy or Jemma go back to the real world to get some back-up maybe and the other person stays behind. It would make sense for Daisy to stay behind since she has powers now.

There is literally no information about episode 21 and 22. We don’t know the guest stars nor the synopsis. For all we know, they only make it out of the Framework in episode 21. I wish ABC released all the episodes at once so I could binge and put myself out of my misery.

I cannot wait to watch the remaining episodes!!!! Please renew this show already.. It is so good and deserves better.

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is there any hope for skyeward anymore? :(( if there is, id love the hear it

I’m sorry it took me so long to answer your question, I was very busy and only got around to sorting through everything that was in my inbox now.

I know it’s looking very hopeless right now. The twist they pulled with Ward at the end of Season 2 felt like a hit to the stomach and I know that several people are not watching the show right now and I know that lots of those who do don’t have much hope for Skyeward anymore. And there’s also been as good as nothing from the actors or writers that indicated that Skyeward is still on the table, except for Brett being Skyeward AF of course. This is not even surprising, however, considering that they are going to pull through the mess that is Skye/Daisy and Lincoln regardless of how fans are reacting, so they are going to promote it, and the actors have to promote what they are given on the show. Still, there are little things they say that still give me hope, like Brett saying that Ward is still devoted to Skye or Chloe saying that she thinks that deep down, she hasn’t written Ward off yet, although she would never let that show. They’re definitely not ship baiting us, but that’s actually something I think I’m rather glad about. Ship baiting is never a good sign.

I just hope that these writers know what they are doing. I don’t think that Ward being on this dark and dangerous path right now is his endgame–I think that this is only the beginning or rather middle part of his story. I don’t think that this is it yet, and there are several factors that prove to me that Ward is absolutely not beyond redemption yet.

I don’t think that they’ve just thrown away something that has been built up since 1x01. Chloe has been cast in part because of her chemistry with Brett, they had a chemistry test, and their story seemed to have been “ending” when it was just about to start. During Season 2, Skye had guarded her feelings quite a lot, not letting it show how hurt she was and rather focused on hating, being angry with Ward. But I don’t think that these feelings have just vanished. You can only hate someone as much as you love them. I think that deep down, these feelings are still there, and I think that she won’t be able to push them away for much longer. The day will come when these feelings break back through the surface, the question is just how and when will it happen. I hope that I will happen sometime this season because I don’t think that the writers can allow themselves to taunt and drag us along any longer. Trying to drag shippers along this way usually never works on the long run, they will have to learn that lesson.

There were still moments when just a hint of Skye’s feelings for Ward came through. When she asked him if he’d been brainwashed–you could see the flicker of hope in her eyes that this might be the truth for the fraction of a second–and there definitely was a moment between them during Raina’s “It’s love” speech. When they were looking at each other in 2x18, they were also sharing a moment. Brett said at a con how Chloe and him almost didn’t need much directing when shooting this scene because they were perfectly working together, which only stresses the fact how special their chemistry is. And in 2x19, when Ward told them how the things he regrets the most is destroying the team, Skye looked at him, having tears in her eyes, before pulling up her walls yet again and becoming defensive by saying how she didn’t regret shooting him. This is Skye making sure she won’t trust him again, making sure he won’t be able to break her heart again.

Then the scene when she showed off her powers in front of him, course. This wasn’t hatred anymore, even when she was telling him that he’s lucky that she didn’t try to kill him again. She was making bedroom eyes at him. And Ward had a real Quake boner during that scene, just saying.

Even when Mack told her about Hunter going after Ward in 3x02, there was that small shadow on her face for just the fracture of a second, so full of insecurity and conflict. On one hand, she doesn’t want Hunter to get hurt, and I’m sure she is mad at Ward for what he’s done to Bobbi as well, but I think that part of her doesn’t want Hunter to kill Ward, even though she would never admit that out loud–or to herself. Daisy also referenced to herself as a “monster”–I’m sure I wasn’t the only one thinking about “monsters together”. They even wear coordinated clothing. All the parallels! Do I need to say more?

The epic ones are always the hard ones. And while I feel like they are wasting SO MUCH potential when it comes to Skyeward, I still hope that it’s not the end and that their feelings will resurface soon. So, yes, I definitely still have a lot of hope for them. I just can’t help myself anyway.

Let’s get something straight right here and now - Ward is not a good person. He was never actually a good person, we just didn’t know it until too late. Just like the rest of them. They didn’t give us those glimpses outside the team, we were being played right along with them. So just because you shipped him with Skye for two seconds before we found this out, or Brett is attractive, no one has to forgive him. He doesn’t deserve it. He isn’t even sorry for what he did to all of them after they all put their trust in him, and made him part of the family. He could have gone a different way, made a different choice, but he didn’t.

Then, after that was over, he killed his entire family. I don’t even care that they were abusive. You call the cops, you press charges, or you move on. Murder is not the answer, and that seems to be something the fandom forgets he did, too.

Ward is just heinous. The team not forgiving him is not only completely understandable, I am completely on board with it. Again, he does not deserve it. It might be slightly, and I mean slightly, different if he showed any remorse at all, but he doesn’t. He never will.

So if Jemma had disintegrated the bastard last week, it probably would have affected her. I can’t say the same for me. And you can say by even planning it, she’s no better than Ward, but she is. Ward destroyed her world. He dropped her, and the most important person in the world to her, in a steel box to the bottom of the ocean. He tried to kill her, and he didn’t. But he robbed her of her best friend. He broke him, almost irreparably. She has seen her world, everything she’s worked for, all the people that matter to her, nearly dissolve before her eyes, and she’s just now maybe getting that back. But can they really get anything back to even halfway functioning if the psycho murderer who tried to end ALL of them keeps coming back to taunt them? Not so much. So who will dole out justice for that? No one has tried. They let him get away. Jemma tried out of desperation, and she failed. If he goes down, I don’t think it will be she who does it now. I’m just not going to sit here and judge her for trying, because Ward wasn’t just some abuser, though I’m not excusing that. He tried to kill her family. That’s just not acceptable, so I am with her.

You break our Fitz, we break your face. End of story.