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My university has a study abroad program in Seoul and I'm thinking about applying. But I've read so many stories about Seoul not being a very friendly place for minority foreigners. That's kind of made me afraid to apply.

As I am not a minority, I can’t tell you about that experience. But I had minority friends who were also studying there at the same time as I was and they all had a great time. One of them actually came back to visit me recently in Seoul because she loves it here.
My opinion is, if you want to come to Korea, then do it. I saw a few women wearing hijabs on the subway the other day and no one bothered them at all. I can’t say that Korea is the most tolerant place, but compared to America when I left, no one here is going to be brutalized by police for having a different skin tone and there haven’t been incidents of cruel people threatening minorities to get out of their country while waving Trump flags or guns. Guns are illegal here. It feels safe to me.

- Admin J

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Ok so, I have this friend who has been dating a guy for a month and has already gone all the way with him and told him that they love him, I don't want me friend to get hurt but I don't know how to tell them that maybe they should slow down...

Babe I understand where you’re coming from but honestly I don’t see how it’s your problem or that it’s a problem at all frankly, nor is it your business. If she’s happy with the guy, let her be. By saying anything, you’ll just upset her and push them closer together. The best thing you can do for her is let her make her own mistakes & be a shoulder for her to cry on if she ever needs it 

i say “i’m bisexual”
but all you see is me holding hands with my girlfriend
and you suddenly can’t hear me over “i didn’t know you were a lesbian" 

he says, “i’m bisexual”
but his coming out goes unheard
over you telling him, “it’s just a phase, you’ll pick a side eventually" 

she says, “i’m bisexual”
but you can’t hear her over 
“oh, honey, you’re just confused, you’re too young to know for sure”

we say, “i am bisexual”
but you hear
“i am greedy”
“i am indecisive”
“i am wishy-washy" 

we are bisexual
and we are so fucking tired
of your stereotypes
and your assumptions

we are bisexual
and we are valid

—  i couldn’t wait until bi visibility week to remind you that bisexuals are visible.
(cc, 2016)

ok but now all i’m thinking of is how lena, ceo of a multi billion dollar corporation, who’s probably scheduled every second, forget minute, of every day, who just told her assistant that kara is to be letup at any time. and how kara came barging in, the assistant saying that she looked away for one second and she was gone, kara coming in with the assistant telling her not to.

ad she’s asking for lena’s help. at first she thinks here we go, no one can be as sincere and as genuine as kara seems, she’s asking for a favor and she’s even going for the classic ‘asking for a friend’ scenario to make herself seem better.

except, it really is for a friend, the panic in kara’s eyes real and genuine–someone she cares about has gone missing. she’s not being selfish, she really is being as selfless as she seems.

even more noticeable, she’s not asking for lena to fix it. she’s just asking for a name, a location, and that’s it–not money or power or even lena’s involvement. she just wants to know something that lena already knows, something that lena knows–that’s the key. Lena knows about her because she went to boarding school with Roulette, and really, nothing she tells kara even costs her anything. Not even time–she knows it off the top of her head. She doesn’t have to bribe politicians, or hire investigators, or say anything that could hurt L Corp–she just wants information about a woman she already doesn’t really like, all to protect someone else.

In Lena’s experience, we’re kind of given the impression that anything she’s experienced that seems too good to be true is–except, kara’s been proving her wrong, time and time again.

She wrote a phenomenal article about L Corp, but wasn’t afraid to tell her–with a huge, genuine smile–that she disagreed with Lena’s ideas. She asks for help, but not for herself. She’s not asking this because she wants to use Lena–she just wants to keep her friend safe. Kara’s looking at Lena with such gratitude and relief shining in her eyes, and Lena wonders when was the last time she was

This small time reporter, probably from the middle of nowhere, is brazen enough to barge right into the office of one of the most powerful women on the planet, all for a friend. Really, who wouldn’t want a woman like that as a friend? Or maybe even something more? Kara may look like a mouse in disguise but forget steel, she has a diamond core.

Lena’s probably tired of the two extremes– yes-men, who just want to use her for her money and her influence, and people who hate her because of her family. Kara is someone who isn’t afraid to speak up to her, to say she thinks she’s wrong, but she doesn’t demonize Lena. She treats her like she would any other friend.

And clearly, Lena’s enjoying it. There was the whole really gay flirting  on the couch scene, and the fact that kara has free reign into her office. God, it’s been like a month and already she’s so infatuated with one of the most oblivious people in National City. Poor Lena. Kara really should come with a warning:

“Hi my name is Kara Danvers and if you are a powerful and brilliant woman who’s never really had many friends and also a rough family life there’s a 100% chance you will fall in love with me. References: Lucy Lane and Cat Grant. Possibly more to follow.”

I kiss the pretty boy in black semi-sheer thigh highs, plant my hands on his hips, pull teasingly at his garter belt and I can hear my mother shaking her head across town. I can’t tell if she is disappointed or confused.

I lie awake next to the girl who smells like sweat and lemonade. I think about shoving my face into her hair but she falls asleep talking about her boyfriend. On the day my mother corners me in the kitchen to ask if I’m a “fucking lesbian,” I say no. I wonder if it counts as a lie when I still don’t have a word for all the different kinds of porn I like to watch.

When I come out, I am eight thousand miles away from home. I am sharing the bed of a substitute teacher. He likes to tie me up at night and kiss me in the morning. When I use the B word, my mother says she’s not surprised but she doesn’t understand. All I can think about is the first time bisexuality came up with her in conversation and she laughed.


My grandmother asks where they went wrong, if it’s because my father left and “you know, the other stuff.” She says, LOOK: IF YOU FALL IN LOVE, I’LL BE HAPPY FOR YOU BUT YOU CAN’T MARRY A WOMAN BECAUSE IT PERSONALLY OFFENDS ME. She calls me a dyke and says it’s a joke. She never asks me again if I’m seeing anybody.

I have a crush on a girl who makes her living writing good lines. I swoon every time she calls me baby, but I tell her I don’t know if I want to get into things. I second guess myself into a corner. What if it is just a phase? What if I change my mind? What if my mother’s right? Do I really need to put my family through that kind of thing?

I make arrangements to meet up with a man I’ve been in love with for the last few years, but I don’t tell anyone in my family because I don’t feel like explaining that it doesn’t mean I am straight.

My coworker says to me “why do lesbians use dildos? why don’t they just fuck men?” And I want to say “have you ever met a man??” but I feel like the joke is too gay and I am always trying to convince everyone I know that my sexuality is a revolving door that never stops spinning long enough to check IDs.

Yet somehow, I am always getting carded.


When the supreme court ruling comes through, I cry; but I don’t know if I can really celebrate the way that I want to because I don’t feel gay enough to talk about the struggle, but I’m not straight. My mother finds me in the morning to ask if I’ve heard the news.


I say, “then you don’t really support me,”

and she doesn’t say anything.
—  “The B Word” Trista Mateer

I’M SORRY BUT Clarke cutting Bellamy off with “No. You will.” Is actually killing me not because she’s denying his admission, but because she’s denying him death. 

Bellamy thinks they’re going to die, he prefaces his attempted confession with “If I don’t see you again,” which, come on, at this point in the episode, in the season, in his life, we know Bellamy doesn’t think he’s going to live. He said as much to Kane in 405 in the cell, that they always end up on the brink of war, and he’s feeling that time is running short in all aspects of his life. So he wants to close this out, tell Clarke he loves her, and go on to die with whatever peace he can find.

BUT MOTHERFUCKING CLARKE GRIFFIN, sees right through that and the way she says “No,” the soft upturned face, the drawn out purse of her lips, the certainty with which she confirms Bellamy will see her again… she’s not letting him Go Gently Into That Good Night. She won’t let him take the closure of admission when I think she’s at the point of believe they have more for them in store.

In the gentlest possible way, Clarke keeps Bellamy living, keeps him from writing himself off through paying his debts. “If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.” In this case, “stay alive, and come back to me.”

“The Best Is Yet To Come”

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: How does the Hetalia universe work? Do the public know about nations? Are the nations hounded by the media? Can Canada go into his local Tim Hortons and have the barista recognise him as a nation? Do propaganda images still exist even though nations exist? Is there an Uncle Sam in the Hetalia universe? A Captain America? Or is all propaganda images just of America? Where do nations come from? Ancient Greece is Greece's mother, but who is Greece's father? Can nations tell when another nation enters their country? Can nations sense where other nations are worldwide? When England grew his hair he ran around the country to escape his government who wanted to cut it, but France found him easily. Did France know instinctively where to look or did he spend weeks roaming the English countryside until he found him? Why does America still have an alien? Why didn't Area 51 keep Tony on lock down when he crashed in Roswell, New Mexico? Who decided that the alien should rather hang with America rather then be in Area 51 having whatever is done at Area 51 done to him? Did America free him? Do nations have the power to ignore orders given to them? What happens when a country is in a civil war? Does the nation wake up in the morning and punch themselves in the face? Do they join who is the strongest? Or who has the biggest support from the population?

One of the reasons transphobes dismiss the idea of non-binary gender identities is because they see the sum of the trans identity to be suffering. So they see an afab agender person that appears to be a cis woman, and they think, “that’s it! This person can’t REALLY be trans” as if the entirety of our identity is based upon the transphobia we face.

Trans identities are not rooted in transphobia. Gay identities are not rooted in homophobia. Women’s identities are not rooted in misogyny, no matter what terfs tell you. But all of that is tied together. This is further why the parallels between “agender is not an identity” and terf rhetoric can be drawn. They come from the same ideas

I am not trans because of transphobia. That’s like saying a trans woman is not really a woman unless she’s out of the closet and harassed on the daily. Hell, I am not even trans because of my dysphoria.

I am trans not because of how I suffer, but because of who I am. I am trans not because of my gender dysphoria but because of my gender EUPHORIA. I am trans not because transphobes exist; I would be trans if they didn’t. If the whole world blew up and I was the only person left orbiting the earth in my own trans life pod, I would still be trans.

I am trans because when I was born, my doctor told my parents I was a girl, my parents raised me under this assumption, and when I grew up I said “lol nope”

All that’s needed for a trans identity is for you to not 100% identify with the gender you were assigned at birth. Acting like you must somehow experience transphobia is transphobic as fuck and sets the trans community up as some sort of oppression Olympics which is disgusting.

Because of we’re basing it on how much transphobia you face in comparison to other trans folks, then hell, don’t draw the line arbitrarily at afab agender people or amab agender people that appear to be cis. As a trans man, I don’t face nearly the transphobia that trans women face. Take away my trans card right now. Have it. Because their experiences are not something I have any concept of.

So fuck off at this cis nonsense that trans identities have to be tied into transphobia somehow. It’s disgusting. Fuck cis people

Okay, since Hiveswap is coming out soon, I’m going to tell you.

Joey can be fat or chubby.

People might try to say “She dances ballet, she can’t be chubby/fat!”

As someone who danced ballet for almost a decade, I will tell you, ballerinas can be chubby! Ballerinas can be fat! I had various classmates who were all very wonderful dancers who were of all body types.

Ballerinas can be disabled and have asthma or scoliosis as well. At least two classmates of mine had moderate/severe asthma and myself and another classmate both had different forms of scoliosis.

So.. If you or anyone tries to pull that fat shaming logic out of your ass, you are very, very wrong.

Joey can be fat.

What if one night after Kara and Lena are wrapping up another interview (that only stayed somewhat on topic because they keep getting distracted), Lena leans over her desk and tells Kara, “I’d really like to take you to dinner sometime.”  

Kara’s voice gets all high pitched and squeaky, “oh I’d like that too!” 

Lena smiles and says, “perfect. How about Friday night?”  

And Kara’s face falls as she responds, “I can’t.”  

Lena’s disappointed now too. “Oh?  Why not?”  

Kara’s arm comes up to sheepishly rub at the back of her neck as she says, “there’s a charity date gala I’m supposed to be covering for CatCo.  It’s kind of a big deal and CatCo was involved in planning and…yeah.  I’m really sorry.”  

“Oh?  A date for charity?  Anyone interesting up?”  

Kara turns kinda red and she sputters a bit and finally mumbles, “yeah.  The top billing for the night is a date with Supergirl.”

Pick up (Tom x Reader) fluffy drabble

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Request:  Hey, i love your account 💕💕💪, i was hoping if you could write about tom and a brazilian actress (😉😉) working together in the new spiderman movie and maybe she could be bestfriend with the whole cast and things like that, thank youu

Warnings: ??? fluff


“Is your name Cinderella? Cause’ I can see those clothes coming off at midnight.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at that one liner. “What was that?”

“You tell me.” Tom chuckled with you.

“I’d say it was a bad excuse for a pickup line.” you commented, a broad smile of pure enjoyment beginning to stretch on your tanned cheeks.

“Hey, that one was pretty good.” Tom fake whined.

The brit reached over your one shoulder to open your trailer door for you, but your hand beat him to it.

“I’m no princess,” you joked, swinging open the door “I can handle opening a door.”

Tom threw you a cheeky grin, stepping out after you.

He was with you in your trailer, helping you with your costume for you next scene together. Though, you hadn’t been here for long, the two of you were stuck together like white on rice.

“Guess what I’m wearing?” he asked you as the two of you walked.

“Your costume?” you replied skeptically, spinning head head to look at Tom.

“No, the smile you gave me!”

“Oh my god..” you breathed, laughing even more.

Tom laughed with you.

“Sheesh,” a voice came from behind you “that sounded lame.”

Pretty quickly you could tell that it was Robert.

“That’s cause’ it was.” you shot back. From next to, the young actor gave you a fake hurt glance.

Rob snickered briskly.

The three of you stood on the tarmac for a second, simply giggling when Zendaya came up on your left. She snaked an arm around you high waist. “(Y/n), if I was an octopus, all my three hearts would beat for you.”

You were surprised at Zendaya’s appearance and also her attempt at a pick up line. You beamed over to Tom afterwards “Looks like someone has a bit of competition.”

Tom groaned inwardly, tossing Zen a playful glare “You’re on.” he declared.

You and Rob took stance off to the side of the battle of the best pick up line. The whole ordeal was laugh inducing, and overall just silly.

Once the pair seemingly got themselves into a knot, they dramatically shook hands and called it a truce.

“Michelle to set, Iron Man to set!” came the quick call of the director.

“Oops.” Robert said, giving you a wink and set off to the main set.

You laughed and turned to give Zendaya a hug.

“Later?” she calls when she runs off.

“For sure!” you reply.

Tom and you were once again left alone.

“So you’ll see her later, but not me?” Tom joked, his puppy dog eyes raking your soft tanned features.

“No no,” you said, turning to walk back the way you came “I hope to see you much later..”

The actor was surprised and even a tad bit impressed. Shaking his head quickly, Tom jolted to chase after you.



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Picture This

Elena and Stefan are both human but are involved with Damon and Caroline. There’s an SC wedding and a DE wedding. Damon tells Elena he bought the loft above the bar like she said she wanted all those years ago and Elena smiles tightly and says “Thanks” and then she goes out to the porch not knowing Stefan is there, looking up at the sky, she joins him and looks up at the sky too.

“Doesn’t the comet come back in, like, 135 years or something?”


Elena laughs, they make small chitchat, Stefan asks her what’s wrong.

“What makes you think something’s wrong?”

“I can tell when something’s bugging you. I know you.”

Elena laughs sheepishly.  “You do. I know you do.” She sighs. “Damon set up this life in Tribeca and … I don’t want to go. I know I said I did but that was before. I just got back to this place and … this is where I was born, this is where  I grew up, this is where I died and … came back to life again, this is where I met Alaric and where Bonnie and Caroline and me, we had a life here, you know? A friendship? And then I found out she was a witch here, Caroline became a vampire here. This is where I met him and this …” She turns to him, they lock eyes. “This is where I met you.”

They stare at each other for a while, holding one of their intense gazes.

“You can tell him this,” he says. “I’m sure he’d understand.”

Elena shakes her head. “No. He’s happy. I don’t want to ruin it. And … I can be happy there too. Right?”

Stefan smiles a little sadly. “Yeah, right,” he says. “Well, there’s always room here whenever you come back in town. Caroline loves having you around, the girls love you…”

               Elena smiles and nudges him playfully. “Just Caroline and the girls?”

               “I always love having you around, Elena,” he says somewhat seriously.

               Another stare. “I’m glad you got everything you wanted Stefan,” says Elena. “Humanity, a family … It’s all I’ve ever wanted for you, to get everything you deserve.”

               Stefan doesn’t say anything for a bit and just nods. “Yeah,” he says. “You too.”

               There’s a slight dampening of the atmosphere.

               Caroline and Damon make out onto the porch. “There you guys are.” Damon wraps his arm around Elena and Caroline nestles into Stefan and they both smile tightly but then stare at each other for a brief moment before turning back to their respective partners and avoiding one another’s gaze.

Elena moves. Caroline makes her promise to call when she and Damon get settled. Elena makes do on her word but Stefan picks up the phone. He asks if she wants to talk to Caroline and Elena says no Stefan can tell her she called. They begin to talk and they talk for hours. It becomes a habit for either Elena to call Stefan or Stefan to call Elena at a certain time of night to just tell each other about their day, their lives etc. sometimes an email, sometimes a text.

Each couple visits the other on holidays and every time Stefan and Elena manage to go out for a walk, gone for hours

and if in NY sometimes they get mistaken for a couple. One of them reminds the other they have to head back saying, “Back to reality.”

One night when Elena visits, she and Stefan sit by the fire talking.

“You know I really like my life, Stefan,” says Elena. “But … our talks … those are the highlight of my day. Everyday. When I get to see you, I …”

“I know,” says Stefan. “Me too.”

“That’s a problem isn’t it?”

Stefan doesn’t say anything for a while.  “I promise we won’t make it one,” he says.

Elena nods.

“I told Rebekah once that I would take the cure if I could grow old with you,” says Stefan. “If I could be buried with you, have a life with you … it’s not the way I wanted but—”

“It’s happening,” says Elena. “We’re both human and … we’re sharing our lives together and …”

“We’ll eventually be buried…” says Stefan.

“It’s not the way we wanted,” says Elena. “But it’s something we have.”

Stefan nods. “So it won’t be a problem.”

“No,” says Elena. “It won’t be a problem.”

This time I can see the signs clearly, and their all telling me the same thing.. run. 
Loving you is a bad idea, I think it might destroy me but still, I can’t hold myself back. someone else has the space in your heart occupied and trust me when I tell you, I know how hard it is to get them out, so I say this to you with confidence because I know you could never admit it but to you I will always be second. She will always be first.
And for a little while you were second to me too, I still had the door half open waiting for him to come back, but now its different..
now you you are the only person I want to be here next to me. Your the only one I think about. So maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’ll change but damn, I’ve been in this situation one too many times and although I want to be me and you so bad, i can’t sit here waiting for you to choose me.
Its either you’re here or you’re not.
—  Your hearts not with me and we both know that so why can’t we stop seeing eachother

I once talked to this mercy main as other mercy main. We hit off so well and had fun talking. It was until i said i like to fly around a lot with pharah and that she is the safest to pocket. She went mad and sent me a long message telling me why flying with pharah is a suicide. And you know who she said was better to pocket? Genji, from all the heroes she chose genji.
From my over 150+ hours of mercy i can say i have tried to pocket so many genjis to see if its as great as people tell it is. And let me tell you it isn’t.
Every genji i have had on my team (usually a genji mainTM) have left me to die. I have been more vulnerable to damage since genji is more of a close combat hero than far away, meaning i too will be close to enemies. But there have been _few_ genji’s that have helped me and come near enough for healing. But for pocketing, genji ain’t the best hero.
But when there is a pharah on my team oooohh boy. I get almost 99% surely thanks for every heal i give, and i will most likely be picked up from spawn room (or waited till i spawn and we leave together) and they will save my ass from scary hooks with conclusion plast. I can fly to safety and usually if there is not that good of a soldier or any other hit scan on cround im most likely safe on the air. And flying gives me advantage of seeing my whole team from higher ground meaning i know better who needs healing. Also damage boosted pharah does a lot of damage and is really deadly wich means you most likely will be fine while pocketing her. Yes there can be bad pharah players and sometimes playing against hit scan ain’t a good idea but for if anyone ask me ever wich one is better and safer to pocket, i will always go for pharah.

I know Alec stans are going to come after me for saying this, but I’m sorry you can criticize your fave character when they say or do something wrong. Alec has no right to put that kind of blame on Clary. Just no way. To tell her that what Jace is enduring with Valentine is all her fault, and that she should blame herself? Not cool. The only person to blame is Valentine, not Clary. And people laughing or applauding Alec for saying that to Clary can choke. 


*Also I never said that Alec wasn’t allowed to be angry. Read please. Also, never said that Alec was a bad person or was abusive. Read please. All I’m saying that it’s not fair. 

Some backstory: 

  1. recently a classmate asked me out despite us both being in relationships. She seemed harmless enough and I wanted to try? so with my gf’s permission we went on 2 okay dates but I wasn’t feeling it so I stopped it after the new year
  2. I’ve been with said girlfriend coming up on 9 years now, my mom still hasn’t really come to terms with us dating and still calls her just “my friend”
  3. in Mandarin, all (spoken) pronouns are gender neutral

So I’m telling my mom about the classmate situation,and in the past speaking with my mom in Mandarin has always helped with my closeted situation so I thought everything would be as usual. Right? But she’s listening and I’m keeping it vague, specifically saying “this person” instead of “this girl” etc. and my mom finally speaks up to give me some wisdom, starts off immediately with “You know, women can be like this”

Wouh full stop. She just assumed (I mean she assumed right) but seemed absolutely nonchalant about it. I’m sitting there in happy shock and my mom just keeps going on about all her friends in high school and college and how I made the right decision to stop it early and I’m over here trying not to grin cause sometimes the casual acknowledgements are the most important

The ultimate test of my 5 years of customer service

***TW: racism***

Okay so first some background:
1) Besides for the one I work at, almost all of the local Way of Subs are owned by Indian families, & the families just work there instead of hiring employees.
2) There’s these things we do called platters, & they’re X amount of footlongs (depends on the size) cut into 3rds & arranged all pretty. They can come with veggies & sauces on the sides.

So this lady calls & says she would like to place a catering order for some platters. No big deal, it’s a pretty routine thing. But then she starts yelling. Not like angry yelling, but laughing yelling so loud I can’t tell what she’s even saying. Then I hear her start going “RIGHT?? RIGHT???? LOL RIGHT???!!!!” & I’m just like “haha, yeah…” obviously having no idea what she just said. But then she abruptly stops & says “See, I only come to you guys’s store because all the other ones have way too many fucking towel heads trying to blow me up.” Thank GOD this wasn’t in person cause I would NOT have been able to control my face. I mumble something about well we appreciate your business & start trying to get her order. With these platters, you can pick your bread, meats, veggies, etc. But whenever I ask her what she wants she just says “everything”. She ordered a large platter, which is 9 ft longs. We have like 15 different sandwiches–everything is not possible. So I end up getting like 5 different options she liked, & then on bread I tried to recommend our most popular but she just kept yelling “EVERYTHING!!!! I DONT WANT JUST WHITE I WANT ITALIAN” but before I could tell her that those are the exact same things she just started yelling again so she just got a mix of our breads. Then she decided that 27 4" sandwiches (what a large platter comes out to) was too much. People wouldn’t want that. She decided that 54 2" sandwiches would be better, so she needed the platters cut in 6ths instead of 3rds. I’ve legit never heard of this being done. Plus with cutting the bread that small it’s going to be hard to arrange, & our knives aren’t that sharp so they’re gonna be ugly little guys. But she wants it so we do it. Then I tell her we have mustard & lite mayo packs. She pauses & goes “LITE mayo?” & when I confirm she is like “No no no no no. I can’t eat that. My doctor said not to. Do you even know what’s in it?? It’s even worse than regular mayo!! There’s like salt, & sodium, & GOD KNOWS what the government puts in there to control us!!” I was unable to respond besides “okay ma'am I’m sure we can put some mayo in cups for you.”

I’m just glad I didn’t have to make this hellish platter. Although my least favorite, absolute bitch of a coworker did (:

TL;DR: A lady orders catering & goes on a rant about terrorists & government mind control in lite mayo

At some point in the episode we are going to have a scene where Serena walks into the office, sees Bernie and is about to walk out when she hears the lock click and sees Jason grinning from the other side of the door. She’s all “Jason, what’s going on?” and he just shrugs and says back “You aren’t talking properly out here, so the two of you can talk properly in there. Don’t worry, I’ll unlock you if there are any patients.” And he then walks off and Serena turns to see Bernie at her desk giving her wounded puppy eyes so she goes and perches on the filing cabinet and Bernie stands beside her and finally they have a heartfelt chat and kiss until Jason comes along to tell them that a trauma case is being brought in and ask if they’ve finally admitted they’re in love now.

Eiffel & Minkowski childhood friends AU is literally my favorite Wolf 359 AU ever and I’m very invested so consider: Eiffel and Minkowski going to prom together as bros

It’s their senior year, Eiffel hasn’t even met Kate yet, and Minkowski has been dating Dominik Koudelka for a while now, but he’s a year older and already at college and is too busy to come back for some dance. Minkowski pretends not to care, but Eiffel can tell that she’s secretly pretty upset so he shows up at her house one afternoon with a big box of chicken nuggets (true story: this happened to a friend of mine) with a bow on it and a poem. “Roses are red/I’m always late/I know that we’re bros/But will you be my date?” And how can Renee say no to that?

The purposefully take the most awkward and weird prom photos of all time (Their hands are completely straight, their smiles look like they’re dying, and trust me they planned this) and then a lot of fun ones (Minkowski giving Eiffel a piggyback ride, back to back finger guns, him lying facedown on the ground and her standing victoriously over him with one of her heels digging into his shoulder (That one hurt a little actually)). They go and dance to shitty music and laugh and have a great time, and afterwards they go and get Waffle House at 4am. Minkowski falls on her ass at some point and laughs it off, Eiffel parties too hard and breaks one of his shoes (another true story: happened to my friend-date). They are best friends and ignore rumors of them dating and have a great time and nothing is sad.


Scott Summers Imagine

Y/n sat at the edge of her bed, staring out the window. Trying to keep her mind off the thoughts that kept flooding in. She quickly turned around as she heard a knock on her door.
“Its opened.” She answred, waiting to see who was behind the door.
Scott crept in closing the door behind him. Y/n stared at him, wondering why he wasn’t saying anything.
“Sooo… are you going to say something or did you just come in here to look at me?” She asked him sarcastically.
Scott fumbled with his hands focusing his attention to his shoes.
“Well… I.. I um.” He stuttered.
“Well?! Say what you have to say.” Y/n ordered him.
He glanced up at her, looking back down.
“I just figured since you know, you can see the future and all… that maybe I dont know tell mine?” He whispered.
She laughed causing Scott to awkwardly laugh along.
“What am I? A fortune cookie?”
Scott shooked his head, now he felt bad for even asking.
“No no! I didnt mean it that way. Its just Jean told me thats what you did and i figured i’d ask you. I didnt mean to offend you i–” Scott rambled.
Y/n cut him off waving her hand, “I was playing with you. I’ll tell you, but you can not get angry at me for what I say.”
Scott nodded.
“You can sit right here.” Y/n patted her bed.
Scott slowly walked over to her, sitting at the edge.
Y/n scooted closer, grabbing his hand. She looked up to see his eyes, but he had his glasses on.
“Can you take those off? Or are you dangerous.” She hesitated to ask.
He sighed, “I kinda need these on. But I mean unless you like to be burned to death.” He awkwardly joked around.
Y/n giggled, nodding her head.
“Well I usually do this by looking into the person’s eyes, but i’ll try for you.” She smiled.
Y/n closed her eyes, her head was attacked by many images. She never had this many before. Y/n squeezed Scott’s hand, her head in pain. Scott began to worry, then y/n just burst her eyes open. She looked at him in shock. Her breathing rigid.
“What?! Whats wrong?” Scott asked pulling his hand away.
“Your… your eyes.” She whispered.
Scott shrugged, “Yeah what about them?”
“Your eyes, you learn how to control them.” She answered.
“What do you mean.. control?”
She looked back up at him, smilling she slowly placed her hands on his glasses. Slowly slidding them off. Scott quickly grabbed her hands.
“What are you doing?! I told you.”
“Then close your eyes.”
Scott let go, tightly closing his eyes. She slid them off placing them in her lap. Y/n then placed her fingertips against his eyelids.
“I saw that when your much older, you will be able to one day open your eyes again. No beam will come out. Just green eyes.”
Y/n grabbed his glasses placing them back onto his face. Scott opened his eyes, he never thought that would ever happen. He smirked as he got off y/n bed.
“So green eyes huh?”
Y/n rolled her eyes, “Dont flatter yourself. You’re not cute.”