all i can see is how nice his nails look

Modern Mob AU: Pt. 2

Imagine seeing Jon after a month of being apart.

(i hope you all like it! I’m not sure if this is what you were all expecting, but I think if I continue with this series this needed to happen kind of in this way.)

(Pt. 1 pt: 3

(Word Count: 2,187)

You didn’t even stop to think on how he got your number. All you knew was that it had been a month since you had last seen him and your heart ached at the thought of going even an hour more without seeing him…being able to touch him. The hardest part of meeting him was getting past your parents, your siblings, and the security detail that walked the ground every hour of every day. Thankfully, you got the text just before it was time for security to switch out and your parents were in your Father’s office discussing something of “high importance” with your Grandfather. It was almost like the gods wanted you to meet up with Jon as much as your body and mind did.

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