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For our first major post, I am EXTREMELY excited to announce our spring musical, “Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars: The Piano Has Been Thinkin’”! It’s a musical comedy sci-fi western based on the podcast The Thrilling Adventure Hour! This is going to be Mauger’s first all new musical (as far as I know), so we’re all pretty stoked! Do young people still say stoked? Well, I’m stoked, and they’re whatever teenagers are these days.

The writers of the original script (script by Ben Acker & Ben Blacker, songs by Acker & Blacker and Andy Paley) have been extraordinarily gracious, open, and helpful in allowing me to start this crazy adaptation, and I can’t wait to bring Sparks, Croach, the Red Plains Rider, Cactoid Jim, The Barkeep, Felton, Techs, and all these other great characters to life with the help of my amazing students.

I’ll be posting some concept art and script previews here over the summer, and we have an equally amazing fall show which I’m holding off on announcing until we get the license officially squared away, so watch this space! And if any Adventurekateers out there have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.

See you on Mars!

Or, as the natives designate it, G'loot Praktaw.