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don't you think that alex being so calm about what maggie did was a bit weird? it felt a bit weird to me....i thought she'd be mad or freak out, or something

No, it didn’t feel weird to me. They are adults, having a mature, emotionally stable relationship. They are at a point in which Alex is so confident in what they have, in Maggie’s feelings for her, that she doesn’t see a reason to worry about Maggie making the same mistake again and hurting her like that.

Alex knows Maggie enough to know she was probably worried. Which she was. If you re-watch the scene, Maggie was frantic, terrified of losing Alex. She probably was at a point, mentally, where she regressed to that 14 year old kid that was told to pack up her things and leave her home, her family. And what she needed was reassurance that she wasn’t being kicked out again. And that’s what Alex, as a sensible adult who knows that our past mistakes don’t define who we are, gave her – she was everything Maggie needed in that moment: loving, calm, understanding.

This might be Alex’s first real relationship, but in a sense it is too for Maggie. I believe this is the most open and honest Maggie has allowed herself to be with anyone, and things will only get more honest and open from now on. Maggie has to stop self-sabotaging her happiness and learn to accept she does deserve love, and Alex is proving that to her. This relationship is giving Maggie so many healing moments… 

I might have issues with the execution and production side of things regarding Sanvers, but this is a truly beautiful, romantic story between two women who are learning to be open, and honest, and raw thanks to each other. And as someone who needs a little bit of healing from past shitty relationships, it’s something really nice to watch. 

Also, it would’ve been hypocritical of her to freak out when just last week she was defending Mon-El’s right to a fresh start.

Another black girl disappeared. The media keeps silent about this. The only thing they can say is that all of these girls have run away from home. This is one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard of! They can not escape all at once! It’s impossible! And this is not a coincidence! Some shit happens in our country and I do not like it!

I hope this girl will return home safe and sound…

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I'm sorry, but I think you should look further into those complaints regarding pearl never apologizing. From your video, I think you misunderstood what they were trying to address; it isn't necessarily about the number of times a character has apologized, but moreso that these apologies are manipulative in nature and frequently pertain Pearl shifting the focus onto HER pain rather than the party she has hurt, forcing them to disregard their own feelings to comfort her.

I was specifically addressing the complaint that she doesn’t apologize enough at all in that post, but I have seen the complaint about her apologies not being genuine enough before as well. I guess I just don’t see it because the only time she’s ever apologized then been “comforted” by someone after apologizing was with Garnet in the Sardonyx arc, and that was after she spent literally like 4 episodes tripping over herself trying to say she was sorry. Every other example in the video ended with Pearl saying “I messed up, and I hope you can forgive me.”

I’ve often been in situations and received manipulative apologies like what you are describing before, and I just felt like Garnet didn’t ever cave in the Sardonyx arc–she didn’t say “it’s okay, I’m sorry for being upset with you.” She said, “you really hurt me, and in order for me to be able to forgive you, you have to get your shit together so I can know that you won’t do this again.” In the end, it was clear that Pearl messed up and needed to change her behavior, and she was committed to doing it. And she did–she learned and grew from it, and I think you can see a marked difference in her character post-Sardonyx arc.

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I see people complaining why Harry never said anything about a solo deal etc. but him being able to make a first move on March 25 of all days and Columbia only adding him to their side today is not a coincidence. What kept Columbia from announcing it when they supposedly made the deal. Or why wasn't he in their documents? I think there was more stuff going on and it's too easy to say Harry could but didn't want to. (Niam's announcements were so different compared to this, including tweets etc.)

@lawyerlarrie and I talked about this offline last week and theorized that it might have something to do with a “non-solicit” agreement, which basically prevents related companies from poaching from each other.

All Sony companies/labels probably have a non-solicit agreement between them, so like, Epic can’t offer Adele, a Columbia artist, a better deal to move to their label since they both are under Sony. 

With Syco, they are a partner company with Sony and Columbia already had 1D on their label, so it got a little fuzzy, but we were thinking maybe Columbia couldn’t officially and formally announce the Harry signing because of that, but it wouldn’t affect Niall and Liam since they didn’t stay with a Sony label.

The theory doesn’t entirely work because the deal was obviously made last summer, even if it was only verbal, which would still be in violation of the spirit of the restriction, if not the letter of it. But at the same time, Rob Stringer - President of Columbia Records - was already tapped to lead Sony Music, so he had a lot of power over the situation and and the company.

So that’s my theory at the moment and now that it’s all “officially official” with Harry I’m hoping some other restrictions might be ending too.

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Hello! I really love your work and I was wondering what kind of brushes you use for coloring and lineart? Anyway, I hope you have a nice day!!

Hey there, thanks so much! I use Paint Tool SAI, and have a brush set downloaded and installed that gives me a lot of extra brushes that don’t come with the default program! You can download it here, if you want it, it’s got some cool stuff in it!

So the first one I use is the normal Ink pen, with the size somewhere between 4 and 20, depending on how big the drawing is! I don’t really change the brush size while inking, so all my lines are really just the same consistency (line weight isn’t something I really worry about very much in my art?? lol whoops) I also sketch with the Ink pen.

The other I use is the Nib Pen, and I use it when I want lines with a more traditional / rough texture! I draw with it between the size 4 and 9, and I usually play around with the density of the texture (Crust, in this case) until it’s the right amount of crispy for me, haha! I sketch with this too!

I mostly color/shade/render with the Ink tool, but when I want to add glowy effects or make it look slightly more painterly, I use the Wet Brush with the Tonto texture, cuz I like the square/glitch look it gives, I think it’s really cool, haha!

Coloring is my Least Favorite Part of the drawing process, so I don’t really have any fancy Tips or Tricks. These are the layouts I’ve come to use the most after experimenting a lot with the density/blending settings of the brushes!

I know it’s The Thing to poke fun at Cora mentioning that she’s a Huntress and memorized all of Sarissa’s manuals at least twice in every conversation, and I get why (like yeah, we get it, you’re a Huntress. Can you please talk about something else for once)

But on the other hand…of fucking course she’s going to fall back on the one certain, helpful thing in her life after the shit show that has been coming to Heleus.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she’s on the verge of a nervous break, if not a complete meltdown (She’s certainly entitled to one after losing Alec, her job to an untrained child, the home she expected to be there, and pretty much everything else)

And her fixation with the Asari is certainly understandable given that they’re really the only people that accepted her Biotic abilities.

So yeah, cut Cora some slack

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Lol I love how the solo harries assume we just hate harry for all of this. Harry's my fave. But I absolutely hate how the media (wherever it's coming from) acts like he's the ONLY talented member of 1D. Liam has the best voice imo, louis wrote over 30+ songs, niall actually plays an instrument, & ALL OF THEM CAN SING. There is no real reason for harry to have this much hype besides the ot3 vs harry over the years. It's annoying & frustrating. My baby is talented but so are the rest of my sons.


i want and expect harry to do well with his solo stuff and i’ve been saying that forever (those nasties can check my solo harry tag if they want it’s all there).

that doesn’t mean i’m not upset about the double standards and the giant juxtaposition between his solo career launch and louis’ current garbage situation.

If all packaging was 100% biodegradable, having no more effect on the ground than, say, a fallen leaf, would littering still be stigmatized?

I’m kind of in two minds about it. On one hand, I can see a Solarpunk society having a lot of cleanliness hangups that would make it be seen as just as bad if not worse. But I also think individual people would get kind of “meh, who cares?” about where they throw their trash, if they were told there weren’t any long-term effects.

Maybe there’d be a mix of both attitudes in play, which could be written very humorously!

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Unpopular ship opinion maybe, I ship Sherstrade and Johnstrade and even mystrade and molstrade more than johnlock, basically Greg gets it all because he is quality boyfriend material

I can get that. Lestrade is perfecto, he’s so caring without trying to be a saint. He’ll say not my division, he’ll eat donut in his office and not share it with anyone, he’ll aggressively kick a car tyre out of frustration, but once it’s about the people he cares about needing his help, he’ll drop everything and rush to help them (like the way he did for Sherlock in the beginning of tsot), he’ll rush to visit Sherlock at the hospital after Sherlock got shot in hlv, greg will stick around just to look after him to make sure he’s ok, and also whip out his phone to film Sherlock while he’s all high on anaesthesia. I mean he’s caring at the right time. He’s funny at the right time. Lestrade is a pure bean

Learning Languages and Self-Compassion

So, right now, I’ve been teaching English as a part-time job, and a student asked me; “What do I do when I’m feeling overwhelmed?”

The “normal” answer that you hear is that you should practice more. If you practiced yesterday, then maybe you would not feel overwhelmed today.This advice, while true, is not especially helpful in the moment you are feeling overwhelmed.

So here is how I learned not to be overwhelmed.

When I was in Japan, I had a friend who was much better at Japanese than me. She had passed the JLPT N1, the certification necessary to enter a Japanese-language University. We were talking about our language skills, and she said:

“I feel like I’m never going to be good at Japanese. All the time, there are things I want to say that I can’t find the words for. I say one thing and people understand something else. I even still mispronounce words sometimes. I just don’t think I’ll ever be good at it”

The thing is, I felt these things too. She might as well have been inside my head. And she was *so much better than me*.

So I began to think about it, and you know what? All of those things? They’re true of my native language too. Of course, it happens more often to me in Japanese or French than in English, but it still happens in English. Even mispronouncing words.

See, your memory can’t tell you “six months ago, you were at a loss for words once per spoken hour of Japanese, now you have to talk for three hours before you can’t find the words you need.” Your memory focuses on your mistakes, the times you were embarrassed. Your memory lies.

So yes, you should practice as much as you can. But you should also remember that we are all still learning. And that it’s kind of a miracle that language works at all. When you are overwhelmed, remember to be kind to yourself, and that learning is not a thing that ends. 


Someone once sent me a message asking me why I liked Diana so much since she was such “a stuck-up bitch” or something along those lines but like okay. Show me. Show me where she is being a stuck-up bitch. Please.

When people say she’s bound to win the relay and she’s all they can talk about, she doesn’t boast or brag about how she’s going to dominate the race. All she says is she’s going to fly as she always does. She’s not showing off or making herself the center of attention. Everyone else is.

And when they say she’s a shoe-in to be the Moonlit Witch, she thanks them, but tells them it’s still too early to tell. She doesn’t say “I know it will be me, I deserve this” or something like that. She acknowledges it very well might NOT be her. She isn’t getting ahead of herself. She isn’t being stuck-up or believing she deserves this just because of who she is.

These were small, brief conversations, but they were two major instances where Diana absolutely could have bragged and boasted about her own greatness. But she showed us an entirely different character. Not a stuck-up bitch. 

There’s a saying that “Character is what you do when no one’s watching” but a teacher of mine once said “I think character is what you do when everyone is watching.” Both can be argued, to some degree (are you going to steal when no one is around? are you going to do the right thing in front of thousands of people?) 

Diana could have shown off to the public in the interview (when everyone was watching), or shown off to Avery and her friend behind-the-scenes (when no one was watching). But she doesn’t do it either time. Both times, she shows that her character is humble, that she knows she isn’t entitled to success. 

She doesn’t want to be handed things on a silver platter. She wants to work towards and earn things just as much as anyone else does. 

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I don't understand. I've even seen Narries talking shit about Harries because of how excited we are. They're mad that there's all of this hype for Harry, but there wasn't for Niall. Louis had a lot of excitement, but, sadly, the talk was divided between him solo and his mother passing. Then if I remember correctly, there was a fuck ton of hype for Niall. Like how can you expect Harries, who have Harry as their favorite, to not be more excited for this than they were for Louis and Niall?

I don’t want to start any discourse between “fan groups” because I well and truly am fans of every one of OT4. I, obviously, have a favorite in Harry, but that does not mean that I do not fully, 100% support the solo careers of Niall, Louis, or Liam.

All’s I’m going to say is that I do not condone making fun of anyone for being excited about what their fave is doing. We have all put in a lot of time when it comes to One Direction. I, for one, have spent quite a bit of money supporting the boys. Many friendships have been made because of my love for them - I have met so many wonderful people through being a fan of Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam. That, as far as I’m concerned, means that I can be excited about what I want to be excited about without tearing others down for them being excited about what they are excited about.

We can all say one thing or another about Harry getting more press than the rest of the boys. There’s truth to that statement, and it would be moronic of me to say otherwise. But there was plenty of excitement surrounding Niall’s single; there was plenty of excitement and support surrounding Louis’s single; there will be plenty of excitement for Liam’s single. There is no shortage of excitement to go around.

However, and this is the most important part: I will not be made to feel bad for supporting Harry and his solo career, especially after dedicating parts of my life to him for the past 5+ years. We are allowed to be excited, we are allowed to be proud, we are allowed to be as extra as we want to be. We have waited a long-ass time for this to happen, and now that it’s finally here, no amount of bickering or shade could take that excitement away from me.

I’m proud to be a Harrie, but I’m also proud to be a fan of One Direction and its members. Nothing will change either of those facts - not even bitter people on the internet who have nothing better to do than to complain about Harry cashing in on his dreams and his fans being proud of him for it.

So I get so angry and frustrated with healthy (BOTH physically and mentally) people are lazy. I just can’t stand it because they’re wasting that perfectly good body to sit on their asses and do nothing. Or even have not healthy people do stuff for them.

It makes me so mad because I would kill to have a working body so I could do all the things I’m dying to do. I’d kill to be able to work out and go on adventures and travel the world…and just exist happily in no pain. I would kill for that. I think about it every day.

And then here are these certain people who could do all that and more. But they’re sitting on their asses doing nothing. Too lazy to even walk down the street for something or take the trash out or whatever. It kills me. I just want to scream at them.

I know this isn’t the nicest opinion but it’s something I feel. It’s something that makes me cry and rage. I just want a working body so badly and they’re wasting theirs.

Disneyland Band Shenanigans #4

SOMEHOW my two friends and I found a way to fit into ONE teacup from the ride at Disneyland.  This is what happened.

Ride Attendant: -says long spiel about watching kids and what not-  Now everyone I have a challenge for you.  Whomever spins the fastest AND SCREAMS the loudest can get on the ride one more time.  Got it?  We want all of Disneyland to know that this is the best ride. -smiles-

Me: BRUH. (insert Friend 1′s name) AND I GOT THIS IN THE BAGGGG…

Friend 3: okay guys just not too fast…i get sick

Friend 1 and I: hahah no promises.  ignorance is bliss.

~ride starts~


Friend 2:  O H   M  Y  G  O D D D     D D

Me: -laughing-

~ride ends~

Ride Attendant: -walks over to us- Y’all can stay.

Friend 1 and I: YES! -high fives each other-

Me: -smiling and laughing-


Me: what in tarnation. -touches lip/gum- oh yeah…hey..


Films in which Luke Evans cries

@dicrapriking asked about any films that Luke cries in. I had to think about it a bit, but it turns out there are a few!

Cowards and Monsters

A lovely, short film about infidelity that you can watch here.

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The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies (deleted scene)

A nice deleted scene about hope and an acorn. :) Watch it here.

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Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

Very weird crying. Watch here.

Dracula Untold

He sheds a few tears in one spoilery scene (not the one below), which you can watch here.

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By far the best crying scene. Just look at him!

Although he doesn’t cry in The Girl on the Train, as far as I remember, he seems to be on the verge of tears in many of his scenes.

I think that’s it! All in all, I’d say he’s a beautiful crier!

Daily McBride #19

I love how much love Melissa gets from anyone who’s ever known her. Andy raves about how amazing Melissa is, like when she and him share their first scene in season 1, and Andy goes, “Who the fuck is that?” Norman always raves about how great of an actress she is and how much he adores her. Alanna praises working with someone like Melissa, Lauren has admitted how excited she was to work with her. 

I mean the list goes on!

And it’s not even TWD either, I’ve heard former co-workers and co-stars say things about her. Frank Darabont was so moved by what she did with her scene in The Mist that not only did he bring her back for the end, he also recommended her for TWD. Without Darabont, there would be no Melissa! *gasps*

Everyone just adores her, but I can’t really blame them b/c we all do!

Hahaha hahah cool we are watching one of the news show things and they are introducing a report called “why these students are protesting about having to confront new ideas” and it’s about fucking trigger warnings in unis and the 30 second preview was just entirely disgusting ableist hate on neurodivergent and trauma survivor students and all footage of students saying “do not film me I do not want to be filmed. get out”


fuck me. Fuck. Fuck me I can’t leave I can’t get out of here we are going to have dinner when it’s on I can’t have my headphones in I can’t go to my room I have to sit and listen to some ableist neurotypical fuck talk about how disgusting people like me are for daring to ask for accommodations

Things I lost in the fire

When I was little, my mom told me a story by song. It was in Spanish, and kind of a nursery rhyme.

Memories like these tend to dissipate over time, maybe so we can make room for the more important ones, so the words escape me. But I remember her holding me in the crook of her arm and playing with the back of her arm, (there was something comforting to me about sliding my hand over it, pressing my face to it.) and I asked her why in the song the bad thing happened to little girl. Whatever the song/poem was about, it had tragedy, then spirit, then a happy ending. For some reason all I can focus on is the bad thing that happened.

My mom’s laugh hasn’t changed in decades. I remember her laughing and saying I was silly, sweet, and that sometimes we can’t help the bad things from happening, but as long as it ends happily, that’s all that matters.

I lost everything last Thursday.

A little less than an hour after falling asleep, I woke to people screaming outside my apartment. I thought there were some hard partiers or something, then could smell this horrible burnt plastic. I sat up in bed and there was some smoke. Not much, but enough to make me think I at least somehow left the oven on.

I put on my jeans, grabbed my phone and used it as a flashlight because for some reason my nightstand light wouldn’t come on. I went to the kitchen and realized nothing was on. And no lights would come on. I opened my front door and was hit with a big cloud of black smoke that dropped me. Like a sack of bricks. Then someone was drag carrying me, and before I knew it I was on the ground by the pool watching the building from the roof over engulfed in flames. I don’t know if my front door closed behind me or not. I don’t remember. I screamed that my dog was up there. A few windows had exploded and there was glass everywhere. I was barefoot with no glasses and tried to get to Lucy. I promise everyone that I tried. I can hear “It’s not your fault…” etc. from now until I’m gone, but I will never forgive myself for not grabbing her when I could.

I watched it burn. High winds, tight quarters for fire trucks, screaming people, different languages.

The Red Cross came, corralled us all to the post office nearby. I called Pat and Val. I remember crossing the street away from complex and almost being hit by a car going to the gas station. I didn’t remember much after all I know is that I went to bed at the Jerinas and woke up still smelling the smoke.

I called my renter’s insurance only to find out later on that I had only signed up for liability not coverage for myself. I went back to the rubble and, maybe stupidly started calling out for Lucy. Maybe I hoped it would be like some Disney movie of the week and she would poke her little face out of the ashes, give a little cough then jump into my arms. That didn’t happen.

“Mommy, why do bad things happen?”
*stroking my hair*
“I don’t know Mijo, but sometimes it’s okay because it ends happy.”

In the days that followed, instead of leaving me in a heap on the ground, Valerie and Rachel worked together and got me clothes, glasses, my important documents to get a license replaced, an apartment set up from the property management that owned my building, and food in me.

In the days that followed, I have seen fundraising pull together money from friends, family, friends of family, strangers, countless people, all outreached to me.

In the days that followed I realized that I am a liar in a crucial part of this post.

I did not lose everything. If you’re reading this and got this far, it’s you. I have you. And when I have you I can never lose everything.

I sat my daughter down with her mother this past weekend and told her that we lost stuff in the fire. Stuff. That’s all it was honey. We can and will always get more “stuff.”

Telling her we lost Lucy was the worst. She cried, silently at a certain point and played with the dry skin on my elbow. (I think it comforts her.)

Hopefully feeling better, we went to the mall to replace the clothes she got for her birthday at Forever 21. We got lunch and tickled each other and took in the afternoon. And something struck me after I kissed her and held her a little longer when I dropped her off.

Not once did she ask me “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

That gives me peace.

Maybe because this will end happy.

I will never forget what everyone has done. I can still remember the smell of smoke, the gripping fear of starting at square one. But memories dissipate over time to make room for better ones.

Thank you isn’t enough even for now, but thank you. All of you.