all i can draw is chibis

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I really don't know how to draw chibis do you have any advice? (╯︵╰,)

I pretty much draw everything by approximation but I tried explaining

Please keep in mind the fact that this is just my way of drawing chibis and there are many many different styles.


How I’d draw the members

There are also different ways to deform their bodies. Some people like to draw the legs and hands bigger or to draw the upper body slim and the hips and legs larger

This is all based on the way I draw them so if you ask someone else they might tell you more useful stuff like guidelines but I don’t really use them (especially for chibis) so I can’t really tell you

Hope this helps!

Someone online was translating lots of Osomatsu-san fanart for people and I asked if I could draw them something back since they’d been doing all of this for free. They asked for a bee Karamatsu and, well, that’s my specialty these days, isn’t it?



Swan Queen - Throughout the Seasons 

** Including Season 5a

all the chibis forever

First of all, Swen - I have to say you’re all amazing

These drawings have gotten so much attention that my little heart can hardly understand it. Thank you for that. Secondly, some of you may know that I’ve recently opened up a Redbubble shop, so should you want any of these designs on .. well… stuff, now you can have them. 

Again, thanks for being great. <3



SQ/Main blog:

Happy Hobi Day!!!

so im starting a mini?? idk project for myself throughout the year where everytime their birthdays are coming up i draw something for them with my chibi style and the chibi styles can vary since im always trying out new styles

and once im done with every single one of them, i’ll combine them all for new years and see how much i have improved! also you’ll see sooner or later why i colored hobi red instead of green~



I can’t belive how much you was guy like my last arts of my changeling 

it really make me smile , thank you all who give like or reblog it .

So because of that i was think i gona make something for you all and here we have a some more cute bugs also i finish the before and and add two new ones , one is drawing a gems because memy love gems so he can draw some for himself and the second one just thinking about some gem :P

hope you enjoin it :)


Joseph is best Jojo!!



I’ve been in a huge Jojo mood recently and I felt like drawing Joseph- I’m still only at the end of Part 3 but Joseph is my favorite so far- I already miss his young self lol //cries

I tried to make these pics with a BLOODY STREAM feeling since this opening is freaking colorful and all, but it didn’t end as expected…x’D oh well-

why can’t I stop drawing Jojo characters in ridiculous cartoon styles.

Sterek Request 1/ ∞

Seed Wolf Request of Seed!Derek giving Stiles a much needed scalp massage! I don’t think you guys understand how much I LOVE Seed Wolf!

Perhaps Stiles did an all-nighter and now he can barely function as a human being so Seed Wolf being the good and kind wolf that he is plops himself on Stiles head and proceeds to give him a little scalp massage. Tiny wittle hands bringing Stiles all the comfort! 

Seed Wolf is a TW Comic created by the ever talented @yijitumbles and I actually took a lot of inspiration from her work back when I first started off drawing my chibis. It feels like an honor to do a fanart request of this comic :) 

Ma sunshine boii~<3 He is calling you to say ‘happy valentine’s day’ to you~

cheritz he deserves a happy ending too

Well it’s kinda a self-indulgence because I wanted to draw him in a suit sometimes hehe It’s kinda different from my previous posts tbh I wanted to add him too in chibi series but something happened so I can’t do it but I will do it someday so it could be completed u.u that’s why this is very late to submit 

The last but not least I want to thank @mysticmessimagines for doing their best hosting this wonderful event. I also wanted to thank all people who have reblogged, put a nice tag/comment I read it all, liked my submissions and even followed me through this event. Thank you that made my day and gave me encouragement <3

Thank youuuu~ Hope you all have a wonderful day~

See all of my submissions below:

Yoosung | Saeran | Saeyoung | Zen | Jaehee | Jumin | V (sp.)

Calling for references

As I’m practicing some stuff (mainly chibis) I wanna draw some new characters so throw some pony OC’s my way if you want. :D

The only stipulation is that they can’t be your own.

Considering it’s almost Valentine’s day, let’s spread the love.  So send me a reference of someone else’s OC that you either love, look up to, etc.etc. along with a link to their blog, so I can tag them.

And then I’ll stream them all later. :DD


Why do I have to choose? -Comic I thought might be cute ^///u///^I love Yoosung and MC together too(cause it’s pretty much me xD) but I love Yoosung and Saeyoung. The conflict xD Also inspired by my indecision to choose Yoosung or Saeyoung and my all time fav T m T Why can’t I choose both? *but I kinda decided Yoosung is my all time fav. I love drawing him xD
~Enjoy ^^


All pencil: $15 Extra character $10

Digital inking: $20 Extra character $15

Ink & Color: $30 Extra character $20

Chibi: $10 each

-It can be anything. OC’s, fan art, celebrities, your friends, or whatever. And yeah even gore and porn.

- I will draw all your D&D characters. If it’s a big party we can negotiate something.

- It can be any time, I’m always accepting commissions.

-I take payments in advance, through paypal.

Send me an ask and we’ll take it from there, Thanks for all your support <3

Here are some other examples of commissions I’ve done.


Silv’s Commissions Masterpost O(≧∇≦)O

Please reblog even when you can’t ask me one, I really need this post to go around.

For a commission please contact me at and not via Tumblr, it has the bad habit to eat messages!

More infos under the cut, please read all of them before asking for a commission!

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