all i can do is scream and sob at sight of this kid anymore

Just a Dream

Summary: This can’t be your Castiel. It just can’t be. Your Castiel loves you. He’d never hurt you. This isn’t real, right?

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Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Non-con (rape), Torture, Language…I think that’s it

Word Count: 2k

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You screamed in pain as the whip Castiel was holding snapped across your bare stomach, nearly knocking the wind out of you.

P-p-please.” you begged him with every ounce of energy you had as your body trembled from the amount of pain you were in.

You’d been hit, whipped, sliced, and beaten for hours; with your wrists bound above your head. This wasn’t your Castiel, this wasn’t your angel. You thought that he loved you, yet here you were, being tortured.

“Please, what?” he growled, “Please, stop? Please, more? Oh..I’ll give you more.”

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Wait For Me

     AU where Jughead gets arrested for Jason’s murder instead of FP and takes the fall to save Betty and his father.

    “You’re gonna plead guilty or your father and that blonde Cooper girl will face the same fate as my son.” Clifford spat out over the table, slamming him hands on the white metal surface. A glint of evil ignited in his eyes, a sickening grin cutting along his face. Jughead’s heart started to race, no one could save him now. 

     “Stay away from them.” Jughead cried uselessly, his voice soaked with pain. He tried escaping the locked cuffs around his wrists but it was no use. His whole life he’d never felt wanted. Always used and discarded like a piece of trash. His mother hated him, his friends didn’t trust him, no one did. Except Betty.

      Betty was the only good thing in Jughead’s life. The only thing that made him think that maybe his life was worth living. She made him open up to her, she warmed the coldness of his heart. He could’ve spent hours just listening to her rambling on about new theories or her mother’s ridiculous behaviour. He could watch her sleep soundly for hours, seeming more angelic than even possible. Betty was the first thing he can remember loving. 

       With a waste of space father and a mother who abandoned him, clearly loving was no easy task. But with Betty it was like the feeling was always there and it was never pushed away. She was the only one who listened to him and stuck around to fix him. When he found it hard and thought she deserved better, she pushed back with just as much force until he landed in her arms. She was his entire world. And in no universe would he ever let her walk into any harm. How could he protect her?

        “Goodbye Mr.Jones.” Clifford stood up and went to the door. He cracked it open slightly before turning around and saying “I hope you accept my offer. Too many innocent souls have been taken.” and with that he walked away. Deep down, Jughead knew what he had to do. Even if it meant never seeing her again, he wanted to to be safe. He’d rather have her alive and hating him than dead and loving him. He’d confess.

         Sheriff Keller pressed stop on the video camera, clearing his throat and sitting down. He had a disappointed look on his face when he met the gaze of the criminal sat before him. Who would’ve thought a kid like this would kill? The answer was everyone, no one trusted the outcast.

         “Jughead, you do realise this is set in stone now? There’s no going back. Not now, not ever. Did you kill the kid?” Keller begged, a small strand of him knowing this wasn’t the truth. Jughead looked distraught and in inner conflict. That’s not the face of a murderer. 

         His beanie-less black hair was tousled in all directions, heavy bags outlined his eyes making it clear he had no sleep. He wore the same clothes as the night before, a black suit with an untied baby blue tie that matched Betty Cooper’s dress. He must’ve been uncomfortable.

         “Does it really matter? You’re gonna arrest me anyways. Why not plead guilty and make the sentence shorter.” Jughead nonchalantly stated, playing with his fingers to find any distraction that’ll take him away from this reality. All that played in his mind was the face Betty made when he was being crammed into the back of a cop car. It was as if she lost all hope.

         “I’m sorry, Jughead. We’ll hold you in a cell until the court decide what to do. But it’s not looking good.” The Sheriff sighed before leading himself and Jughead out of the room, through the lobby and into a cell. Although, on the way, they both noticed some commotion in the hallway.

          “What do you mean he confessed? I stole the files! I have them right here!” Shouted the voice of a man familiar to both Jughead and the Sheriff. They continued walking hastily, eager to find out what was going on. Approaching the scene, Jughead stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her.

           “Please, just let me see him. I need to see him. He’s innocent!” Betty screamed, lunging for the officer but being held back by her father, Hal. Jughead noticed her hair wasn’t in her usual neat ponytail, instead it was scattered messily across her head, showing no signs of being sorted out since last night. Tears cascaded violently across her face, her eyes bloodshot and weighed down from lack of sleep. Instead of wearing the dress from the night before, she had changed into black jeans and one of Jughead’s many “S” shirts that Betty had “borrowed”. Before he could look anymore, he was being tugged past her and into a cell. 

           “I’m sorry Betts.” Was all he could get out before Keller dragged him away. Started to sob more and reach for him but it was too late. He was gone. No one was letting her see him, she had nothing to do.She felt nothing. Numbly, she got to her feet and stormed out of the station. Adamant to prove her boyfriend was innocent. She would never stop.

           “You have a visitor, Jones.” announce the cop stationed by Jughead’s cell. Jughead never bothered to learn their names, he had no care for anything anymore. He usually just sat and cried in his cell, waiting for the time to go around. The weeks passed and the time went around but it still wasn’t right. He was still alone. The court dates keep getting pushed which only extends his time away from Betty.

          “Juggie?” A soft voice broke through the silence. His heart skipped almost a thousand beats, shaking him from his deep thought. He raced to the bars of his cell, seeing the golden goddess before him. He pictured her face everyday, waiting for this moment to come. She looked a lot better than he last saw her, but still not the same. She noticed how frail and weak he looked, as if he’d not been eating. And he hadn’t. Heartbreak often does that to a boy.

         “Betts. What’re you doing here.” He masked his happiness with a face of worry and disappointment. She was going to get hurt if she came too close. He couldn’t have that. “I told you not to wait for me.” A tear slid down his face, this was more painful than before because she just kept coming back. 

        The day after he’d been put in the god forsaken cell, Betty had come. She begged for the truth and promised to get him out, his heart breaking more and more at the sight. He told her not to come back, not the wait for him. He told her the murder board was all lies to hide the truth. That he, Jughead Jones, killed Jason Blossom. She knew he was lying. She could always tell. So she masked hurt and left, swearing to never step a foot near him again.

        What he didn’t know was that she could hear his raspy voice breathe a small “wait for me” as she left the room. His voice was thick with emotion and cracked slightly. She knew he was crying. Which made her more sure he was innocent. So she carried on trying to prove that. And when she found the tape of Clifford shooting Jason. She went straight to Keller with a smile on her face. 

        “Clifford Blossom killed himself. He wrote a note, admitting to threatening you, setting you up and admitting to killing his son.” Betty stepped closer to the bars, setting her hand on one. She silently hoped to touch Jughead just once, she had missed everything about him. Though, right now, he was frozen in shock. Was he really free? 

        “Nancy Drew strikes again.” Kevin emerged from the hallway with a grin. Sheriff Keller following behind with a key to Jughead’s cell. He was still frozen in shock,  but all he could focus on was Betty. She saved him. She never gave up on him. 

       When the cell opened, both teens flew at each other, craving even the smallest touch. They were wrapped up in each others arms and Betty swore as soon as his arms wrapped around her she found her home. There were consequences to come with Jughead’s actions, but at the moment nothing felt safer.

        “I will always wait for you Jug. Always.” Betty breathed into the crook of his neck, inhaling the scent she had missed for all of this time. Jughead let the flood gates open, sobbing violently into his girlfriend’s shoulders. He knew now that this was all life had been preparing him for. Truly appreciating that someone out there could believe in him.

       “I love you.” He choked between sobs into the fabric of Betty’s shirt. Without any hesitation, she embraced the sides of his face, wiping away the tears before joining their lips. The kiss didn’t last long but it was full of raw emotion. Emotion they’d been having to lock up for weeks. 

       “I love you too.” She whispered against his lips, quickly pecking them once more before leading him into the lobby. His father waited there, looking cleaned up and sober? Jughead couldn’t believe the world he had walked out to. 

      “Dad!” He breathed, running to his father and hugging him tighter than ever. Had Betty just single-handedly saved the entire town? In this moment, Jughead made a promise to himself. He would do everything he could, for the rest of his life, to make Betty Cooper happy. He would marry her one day. That’s what he was sure of. And he did.

I hope you enjoyed that little prompt I was given! My asks are open if anyone wants to send in some ideas or feedback! Also if anyone just wants some advice or wants to talk! :) much love x

Some KakaSaku Fluffy Smut.

Because you CAN have both.
Squirming slightly, she resisted a shiver as his fingertips trailed up her sides, pausing at her chest, but only to briefly brush his thumb over her hardened nipples before repeating the motion.

“You’re so beautiful,” his voice is breathy, raspy, and it melts through all the way to her bones.

Teeth sinking in her lip, she tries to hold back a moan as his lips press over her hipbone and start leaving open mouthed kisses, kisses that felt like fire against her already heated skin.

Something wet moves dangerously close to her inner thigh and she has half a mind to remember to open her eyes and look at him.

Sakura wished she didn’t. The burning intensity of his charcoal eyes could’ve reduced her to ashes as she watched his tongue edge closer and closer to the dampness between her legs.

And then his mouth was on her and she was arching up and gasping as an electric shock slashed through her body. “K-kakashi!”

The Pinkette barely registers her own voice calling his name again and again, too lost in the feeling building up within her, coiling tighter and tighter until it felt like she might explode, and when it finally happened, she cried out with abandon.

The next thing she knows his lips are on hers, swallowing up her sobs, and she can taste herself on his mouth, on his tongue that pushed past her lips and tangled with hers in a messy heated kiss.

She can feel his arousal pressing against her thigh, and the heat building up beneath his skin, and she wants it all, the tension she can feel building up in his muscles, the little shiver in his biceps and the small trembling of his fingers and she thinks she’s drunk, because her head feels light and her stomach is somersaulting with anticipation.

It takes a few tries before her mind registers he’s talking to her, “W-what?”

He stops kissing her neck and bring his face back up to hers. Their noses brush and she’s yet again completely captivated by his dark gaze. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

She hears the strain in his voice, the struggle to hold back, and as sweet as it is of him to take it slow, she doesn’t want him to hold back anymore. She wants him to completely lose all his inhibitions and devour her.

“Absolutely,” she tells him, with confidence that surprises even her, “take me.”

His lips are on hers again and its a hungry kiss, desperate and needy and too much and too little all at once. But then he’s inside her, and her nails are digging into his flesh and she’s arching up against him and the whole world feels like its miles away.

Kakashi makes a sound at the back of his throat, like a broken cry and buries his face in her neck. She’s breathing hard, like she just ran a marathon, and she feels her medical chakra already easing the sting of his penetration without a thought.

Tilting her face to the side, she presses small kisses to the side of his face, “baby?”

He pulls back to look at her and gives her a shaky smile, one that makes her insides melt. “Are you okay?”

Sakura smiled and nodded, pulling him into another kiss as his hips started rocking against hers in a slow controlled motion and she feels another fire starting to burn brightly within her.

She grips at his shoulders, her hips pushing back against his and she’s in awe at how well they fit together, and breathless at the feeling of him thick and deep inside her.

To be so closely connected to him, she’s marvelling over how much she adores this man and how good it feels to be with him like this.

Her arms circle his waist and she grips his behind and pushes him closer to her, deeper, urging him to go faster.

Kakashi complies and soon he’s pounding into her and she feels like she might explode again any second, this time more so than the first. Like she could shatter to a million pieces but she doesn’t stop him, how could she? The intensity of his eyes and the strength of his hold on her took her to other worlds.

She hears his harsh breathing in her ear and feels his back growing slick beneath her fingertips and she’s absolutely dizzy as his fingertips trail across her arms and his fingers lace with hers and press their hands to the mattress.

A small, forgotten, sane part of her wonders if she’s gripping him too hard, if she’s hurting him, if somehow she’s expelling chakra in her vivid state of mind. But if she was he gave no sign of it when he pressed his forehead against hers and let their breaths mix together.

The coil in her belly is so tight by then she thinks she can’t handle it anymore and she knows she’s whispering to him, telling him, “I can’t a-anymore, K-kakashi please, I…”

The words die on her tongue when he frees one of her hands and pushes his between their bodies, pressing over her clitoris and circling furiously, trying to push her off the edge.

Sakura screams, all of her coming apart beneath his touch and her hand grips his neck and holds onto him like her life depends on it.

Kakashi grunts, growling low in her ear and she feels him come apart inside her, filling her up.

Her body trembles and she clings onto him until it’s over and she can catch her breath once more.

It takes a few minutes before either of them can speak, and she lets out a breathy laugh, “that was…”

“Amazing?” He replies and she feels his smile against her shoulder.

“I was thinking more like, intense, but yeah, amazing.”

He pulls back a little to look at her and he’s shaking his head and grinning tiredly at her, and the sight of him smiling so carelessly brings her happiness she can’t explain. “What am I going to do with you, Haruno?”

“Kiss me,” she tells him and she’s grinning too when he presses a gentle kiss to her mouth. “And maybe run us a bath.”

He breaks the kiss with a silly whine, “can that wait until tomorrow please?

“How do I know you won’t run away?” Her question is playful but his expression sobers up immediately and he looks at her with seriousness that makes her freeze.

“I would never dream of running away from you, Sakura.”

She blinks, slightly dazed from his confession, or maybe it was his eyes, they always were a little fervent.

“Idiot, I was kidding,” she whispers and he grins.

“I know. I’m not though. I’m gonna sleep now because honest to god I’m about to pass out.” He rolls off her and buries his face in his pillow.

She giggles and scoots closer to him, pressing her face into his bicep. “Alright sleepy head. I love you.”

“L'uf yo’ tooh.”

Look what we got here

Hi I just found your account and I love it !!!! Can I request something daryl Dixon , where you are pregnant with his child - you two are married . And you are chosen for Negan’s line up so daryl gets super shouty etc - you can choose the ending xx

I may have gone a little over board with with one… my bad yall. Oh well enjoy, requests are open 

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

The cold dirt was undeath my knees. My husband was right next to me, I knew that he had to be in shock like the rest of us. I felt my heart beating so fast that it was almost in my throat and my brain pulsing from the anticipation. Not only am I worried for my life that could possibly end because of the Saviors or even because of Negan himself. As we are on our knees waiting for our destiny I could feel our child start to move inside of me. I was almost seven months into the pregnancy, it was obvious that I was pregnant. I knew that if I got chosen it wouldn’t just be life ending, it would be our child’s life as well. Which I know would destroy Daryl, he really didn’t have anyone else to show his true self to. And losing me and our baby would destroy him.

As we all were knelt in front of the camper I tried to think that maybe I would be spared from being slain. However I knew that I most likely wasn’t going to be, it doesn’t matter who you are or what your condition was. No one cares anymore, it’s a one for all out in this world.

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ghost tae

Originally posted by bwiseoks

  • i have so much hw i hope y'all realize how much i love you
  • i’m giving up my grades for this
  • jk apes is hard to handle i can’t focus i have the worst attention span in the world
  • anyway i’ve said it like twenty times but tae is gonna be a ghost in this au!!
  • mostly bcuz in scooby doo and the ghoul school,,, the ghost in there is so !! cute and bubbly and screams tae and i needed to pay homage to my queen
  • i really like that i can do backstories in this au so let’s get going!
  • the year is long ago in korea
  • things are about to get sad
  • things are hard for taehyung
  • korea is experiencing an industrial revolution which means people are getting off the farms and into the factories
  • taehyung has his own farm, which he inherited from his parents before they passed on
  • but a terrible drought has totally destroyed his crop and winter was harsh and he hardly had enough food to survive
  • he had to take three weeks of fasting to find himself tbh because he was that low on food
  • so when he hears about jobs in the city, he doesn’t really need to think twice about packing up and leaving
  • he knows that how he’s currently living won’t be enough to keep him alive, and so he decides he’s gonna take his chances with the factories
  • the government has really cracked up the factories to be something amazing too, like a really positive environment where people get paid well and treated fairly and everyone is chipper and happy and wonderful!
  • so taehyung packs up his things and he starts off down the long road to the city
  • country taetae has never been to the city before and he’s absolutely amazed at how big everything is!
  • there are so many people like they seriously like ram into him and nearly knock him to his bum but he doesn’t care at all because he’s so overwhelmed by all of them!
  • and the sights and smells too! like there’s food he’s never tasted and he wants to try it all because it smells so good and it makes his mouth water
  • tbh he ends up stealing some off a food cart because he’s so hungry and it smells so good
  • but he’s a little ! because there’s so much smog and garbage and it’s really a suffocating environment
  • tae is still pretty young for factory standards which means that damn a lot of factories want him
  • he’s tall, agile, sharp minded
  • he learns fast and it’s made obvious because he adapts to city life in a matter of days, picking up the slang, and the mannerisms of city goers
  • he knows how to act to and that’s how he lands himself a job actually
  • he shows up to a textile factory one day and it’s a lot of women but he doesn’t care, he needs a job and he needs a job fast
  • and so he goes into the interview and he draws his holey jacket close to his shoulders and he adjusts the cap on his head and he starts the dramatics up pretty quickly
  • he sits down in the chair and sighs loudly and the head of the factory is like why should we hire you
  • taehyung sniffles and takes the cap off his head “sir, you see, it’s my wife back in the countryside. she’s fallen extremely ill sir and i needed the money so we can get her to a doctor-”
  • he chokes on a sob and he sees the the interviewer dab at his eyes with a handkerchief and taehyung knows that he’s got the job
  • except the day he starts to work he really wishes that he didn’t
  • factories are god awful taehyung realizes
  • the second day he’s there, somebody gets their fingers caught in the machinery and it causes a mass panic
  • he works over twelve hours a day, in the dark, in the cold, in the dirt
  • his job specifically is working with the sewing machines because he’s nimble, long fingers, and he has a keen eye for detail
  • he works with a lot of older ladies and they all absolutely adore him they basically have adopted him as their own child
  • but things aren’t good for taehyung
  • he’s used to the fresh country air and light and the factory is bad bad bad bad
  • like his vision starts to go in and out and sometimes he gets serious migraines whenever he steps into the sunlight
  • and whenever he goes to the dingy apartment he shares with like ten other people he immediately collapses on the floor because he has no energy to do anything but sleep anymore
  • he thought that he would at least be better off food wise but he’s lost so much weight that he can see his bones whenever he looks in the mirror
  • things get worse when one day he’s working on a blouse and he starts to cough up blood everywhere
  • the aunties try to cover it up but the overseer comes and gives him a long talking to and a nasty bruise on the cheek
  • but taehyung is making money and even if it’s not a lot of money he’s still making it and he hopes that he will be able to maybe one day he can start a family and have his own house and-
  • but then it happens
  • the factory that taehyung works at does not follow any sort of safety precautions
  • they leave unused scraps of cloth lying in the corner of the room
  • and that’s where the trouble starts
  • the overseer?
  • yah he likes to smoke
  • and one day he disposed his cigarette on the floor, because what’s the harm right?
  • wrong
  • he doesn’t fully extinguish the flame and it catches on those unused scrap piles
  • taehyung is sitting on lunch break when he smells the smoke
  • he races to the back room and half it is eaten away by flames
  • he gags and sputters and he runs back into the main room and screams “fire!”
  • everyone goes into a mass panic because there’s so much cloth and so much wood and dust that the fire spreads faster than anything taehyung has ever seen
  • but he can’t save himself, not when there’s women and children around
  • he starts with the younger kids who shouldn’t even be in there in the first place and he ushers them all outside
  • when he goes back in to get some of the older ladies out, the smoke is so thick he can’t see anything at all
  • he hears them calling out though and he manages to push through the pain in his lungs and the tears streaming down his face to get them outside
  • third trip he doesn’t know who’s still left but he goes back in
  • everything is black
  • the fire is so close it scorches his face and causes him to sob
  • he can’t breathe the smoke is so thick
  • he calls out for anyone but all he can hear is the crackling of wood as beams fall around him
  • he collapses to the ground, eyes shutting slowly
  • the next day, the report is issued across the news
  • taehyung wakes god only knows how much later, feeling a light headed
  • scratch that
  • he feels light entirely
  • and that’s when he realizes, my dear readers, that he is no longer living
  • he wriggles his fingers
  • wriggles his toes
  • blinks a few times
  • he’s unnaturally blue and unnaturally see through
  • oh, and is he floating?
  • taehyung, as a spirit, is connected to the factory by spirit laws but since that places burn down he’s free to wander until he finds a place where he connects to
  • and that’s where you come in
  • taehyung woke up much after the accident and since his body was never found he immediately became a ghost
  • but the poor thing needs a place to stay and by accident, he stumbled across your house
  • he was tired of wandering aimlessly and you had a puppy in your house and that first peaked tae’s interest
  • you were playing music he liked and the whole place smelled like cookies
  • it’s a warm apartment, cozy, just you inside
  • you’re always at school so tae decides that it won’t be that big of an issue if he just stays for like, ever
  • you don’t notice him for a while
  • your slippers can never be found in the morning, but hey, maybe the puppy took them!
  • and the water runs sometimes, but you assume that you probably just left it on, right?
  • and so what if the tv is on when you get home, maybe you left it on and just forgot about it!!
  • well my friends, you are wrong
  • okay you are very wrong
  • it’s taehyung
  • he doesn’t think you mind because you never seem to comment on it but soon he gets kinda attached to you
  • whenever you try to skip breakfast, he opens the fridge door to give you a friendly reminder
  • and whenever you’re sleeping past your alarm, he’ll yank the covers off of you
  • he can go completely invisible, and that’s what he’s been doing for the most part but he wonder if he should reveal himself to you sooner or later
  • he does by mistake one day
  • you have a little keyboard in your house, you know the electronic ones that beginning piano students use?
  • you got it for sale really cheap at a garage sale and although you aren’t the most talented you still like to play it from time to time
  • so does taehyung yikes
  • whenever you aren’t home he’ll sit down and play whatever comes to mind, and he isn’t half bad either
  • your dog likes to sit there and listen to him play and bark along
  • one day your classes end early and you come home to hear piano music playing
  • you slowly open the door and see the keys moving up and down, same with the fake foot pedal you had to plug into the keyboard, but there is nobody in sight
  • you do what any normal person would do in that situation and you scream bloody murder
  • the piano playing comes to an abrupt halt
  • taehyung slowly comes into view and you can tell that it’s a young man but you can also tell that man probably isn’t the best word
  • he stares at you and then starts to stammer and as soon as he appeared, he vanishes
  • you can tell he’s moving though because he knocks down the coffee table in the process, can’t blame those long limbs
  • you run to try and follow after him
  • “hey wait a second i don’t wanna hurt you!”
  • slowly, he appears, and he’s standing in front of the kitchen sink, wincing
  • “it’s okay!” you smile slightly “I guess you’re the one who’s been moving everything around yah?”
  • he gives a quick nod and at first you guess he can’t speak but then he says “god im sorry, really, i wont do it again”
  • and you’re shook because he has such a puppy face but his voice is so deep and masculine and wowow that’s nice
  • “no it’s okay, i’ve been meaning to renovate for a while. say, what’s your name?”
  • and so he tells you his story, about the farm, the factory, they way his fate ended up playing out
  • of course you feel bad for him, how could you not? the poor baby is all alone in the world!!
  • so ofc you’re like yah you can stay with me for as long as you need but can you maybe stay in kinda human form??
  • so he does
  • at first it takes some getting used to because he’s there but he also isn’t there like one time you made this god awful pun and he laughed so hard that he threw his head back and it just kinda went through the wall
  • funny thing is though, whenever you go to reach out for him, it’s like you make actual contact with him like you don’t go through him like you can actually hold his hand when you two are watching scary movies
  • your dog absolutely loves him and that’s how you know he’s a good spirit, because your dog will not leave his side
  • tae feels bad for imposing so he tries to help around the house but when he tries to hold the pot of spaghetti it goes through his hands
  • or when he tries to mop he presses to hard down on the floor yah to try and remove the dust that he ends up falling through the floor
  • he still tries though and more than anything he becomes your personal companion!
  • like he stays up with you when you have lots of homework to do
  • he makes sure that you go to bed on time
  • he tells you scary stories when you’re bored too
  • he loves playing the piano for you too!
  • he says these are the greatest hits in the graveyard and then plays stuff like spooky scary skeletons he’s a hot mess
  • but something starts to go wrong
  • you wake up one morning and tae is not hovering over your bed like he usually does, he’s laying there, like actually laying
  • you scream and then he screams and bolts up and successfully manages to fall through the floor
  • when he floats back up he’s staring at you with the most wth look on his face
  • “tae you were actually laying there!?”
  • he laughs “yah so?”
  • and then he thinks about it and his eyes go wide and he holds his arms up and they aren’t as blue as they used to be
  • you guys need an intervention
  • you guys need seokjin
  • you two rush over to the witch’s house and you’re like hello emergency
  • seokjin spins to face you two and he rolls his eyes and tsks “i have customers you know”
  • “BUT I HAVE COLOR AGAIN” tae wails
  • “so?” seojin turns on his heel to grab a tea “it happens sometimes. the love of a human is enough to bring a spirit back to the mortal world”
  • seokjin glances at you accusingly
  • you go bright red and shake your head and start to stammer
  • meanwhile taehyung is staring at you with the most innocent of smiles and he is beaming like actual beaming
  • “wait you LOVE me”
  • “w-well i wouldn't’ say th-that”
  • seokjin rolls his eyes again “okay we get it, you two wanna make out or whatever, get out of my shop, you’re scaring the customers”
  • things are a bit different back home after this
  • tae is always winking at you for everything
  • and also somehow manages to fall through the walls at the most inconvenient of times???
  • “oh wait you’re about to change sorry didn’t realize”
  • “whoa there’s a bubble bath, no fair, i wanna come in!!”
  • and he physically starts to change
  • like one day you cut your finger while trying to cook dinner and you start to tear up and tae rushes over and thumbs the tear from your eyes
  • and you pause and take his hand in your and murmur “tae you have heat now”
  • but some things aren’t so cute
  • like the day his legs don’t wanna go ghost anymore and he gets stuck in the wall and you have to call over seokjin and yoongi to try and break him out
  • that day was filled with tears and curses and lots of laughs too
  • seokjin and yoongi were gagging the entire time
  • but one day you wake up and he’s not in bed beside you
  • like sure sometimes he’ll be hovering around or kinda drifting but he’s never not there? that’s not part of his usual routine?
  • you immediately panic and you race out of bed, your hair a mess, drool all over your face, your pajamas wrinkled
  • you get caught up in your blanket and trip but you push yourself up because where is he?!
  • what if something bad happened to him like god was finally like enough time to get off of earth you’ve had your time?
  • what if he was suddenly, somehow disconnected from your house, from you?!
  • you call out his name and search around the house but he isn’t anywhere to be found, not in the bathroom, or the kitchen, or the spare bedroom either
  • you don’t know what to do so you slump down on the floor and hug your knees to your chest because you can’t imagine your life without him no matter how strange and unusual it was
  • it’s like a part of your soul has been taken away and you don’t know what to do about that and so you lay there and you sob and you curse the world for being so cruel because just when everything seemed to be going alright, it all goes downhill
  • “i do love you!” you sob “i was lying when i told seokjin i didn’t!I love you kim taehyung and now it’s too late and i’ve lost you!!”
  • and you’re so busy crying that you don’t realize that taehyung has slipped in, through the front door, your dog trotting in front of him happily
  • he gives you a really confused look and leans down beside you and shakes your shoulders and when you keep crying he sighs and picks you up like you’re a small child or something
  • “did you stub your toe or something again?”
  • you stop crying and blink, and then look up, because standing there is taehyung, in the living flesh, amused smile on his lips
  • “i… i thought you were gone!” you cry, but you start to laugh, because he’s here, and he’s human, and what could be more perfect and-
  • “well our baby had to go to the bathroom so i thought i would take him out so you could sleep in a little bit more?” he tries
  • but he’s distracted because you’re so close and he’s so real and things are so perfect
  • and so he leans down and kisses your lips and he’s so soft and gentle, and maybe even a little scared but that’s okay because you are too
  • he pulls away and he’s so red and it’s so beautiful compared to that somber blue he used to be
  • “i uh…” he puts his hand on the back of his neck “I kinda wanted to do that for a while now…”
  • and you nod and lean up and kiss him again
  • and against his lips you mumble “yah, me too”
  • the end
Us Against the World

A/N: This is a direct sequel to Me Against You!! This takes place during Spiderman Homecoming, and much of the story is based solely on my knowledge of the trailer! When Spiderman Homecoming comes out, I might consider redoing this series so that it fits in with movie canon ( *whispers* If I get begged enough I’ll definitely consider redoing this based on the movie!! ). 


Tagging: @tomsleftbrow 

You walk into a hall that’s plastered with Knights Rule posters and majorly congested, kids rushing in every direction, a ( red and blue ) beach ball being tossed around, laughter echoing. You must be walking too slowly, because several people try to mow you down.

In an act of self-preservation, you press into a wall of lockers. Soon the crowd will thin, and you can navigate your way without incident. As you wait, you try not to think about your old school three blocks over, and the fact, that after your last class, you wouldn’t be walking back with …

No way are you going there.


Your gaze shoots up from the floor to a rotund giant of a boy. “Ned!” You blurt out, eyes going glassy with horror.

Normally you would be happy to see one of your dearest friends, but not when you’ve just broken out of Wakanda to head back to Queens. It’s been close to a year since your fight with Peter; you’d hoped that your friends from your old neighborhood would forget about you, but it appears that Ned hasn’t. 

King T’Challa had sent papers to Midtown High’s principal, stating that you’d moved to Greenland to be with your ailing Grandmother. Everyone was under the impression that you were in Greenland, playing the dutiful granddaughter. No one knew you were hiding out back home – which makes you wonder how Ned had managed to track you down.

“Oh, God. Oh, God. Please, no.” You chant desperately under your breath, grabbing Ned’s hand and dragging him into the first empty classroom you can find. “What the hell are you doing here? More importantly, how did you find me?”

He, at least, has the good grace to look ashamed. “I saw you heading into McDonald’s with some other kids. I asked around, found out a new student had transferred here. Figured it was you.”

“Did you tell Peter?” Your anxiety swells to a fever pitch. “Please tell me you didn’t tell Peter.”

“I . . . Didn’t want to say anything until I knew for sure that it was you. But that’s why I’m here, actually.” Ned’s face is unusually serious. “Peter’s in trouble.”

You snort to yourself, moving over to sit on the teacher’s desk. “Please. Parker can handle himself.”

Ned stares at you. Initially, you grab your hands to steady them against his intense scrutiny. You’re not scared, no – but uncomfortable, definitely. Wordlessly, he hands you his phone. There’s a live feed on YouTube, already playing on the screen. There, in living colour, is Spiderman – no, Peter – arms and legs outstretched, straining with the effort of holding two halves of a metal ship together.

“Oh, crap,” You breathe. Peter, what have you done?

You quickly flick through Ned’s phone, only to find more videos and articles all talking about how the masked vigilante Spiderman was struggling to keep the Staten Island ferry from collapsing off the coast of New York. There are over two hundred people on that boat. People with lives of their own, families waiting … You feel an overwhelming urge to flee the room. You look to Ned, but he doesn’t say a word. His brow is furrowed. Instead, you hand Ned back his phone, swallowing back the instinct to rush over to Peter, quashing back the hopeful voice whispering that this is your chance to make up with him.

You cross your arms over your chest, fighting to keep your expression affected and superior, though objectively it’s neither affected nor superior. “No, no and no. There is no way that I’m going out to bat for Parker.”

You’ve managed to keep your low profile for two weeks. If you do this, there’s a chance your face could end up splashed all over the tabloids, the very thing that you’ve been trying so hard to avoid. You could be thrown back into – You shudder, fighting to keep your breathing from slipping into hyperventilation. No. No way.

“He needs help!” Ned protests. “He told me about Germany, and Peter said you were amazing –”

Now you want to slap Peter for being a snitch. Nobody likes a snitch. “Newsflash: I don’t do that anymore. I’m never using my powers again!”

And it was true. You’d kept to your word, locking your powers up where they belonged, where you could never use them again. Captain America had been firmly supportive, enveloping you in a warm and tight hug that nearly set you off crying again. Clint, Scott and Sam had all offered you words of encouragement, along with more warm hugs that had soothed you infinitely. Wanda Maximoff had given you odd, furtive looks when you’d announced your decision. You’d gotten the sense that she was sympathetic, that she knew all too well the fear of having powers that you couldn’t control and feared.

“You have to!”

“You can’t make me do anything!”

Shock flits across Ned’s face at your outburst; then, his face hardens and he turns to leave, but not before he tosses out over his shoulder, “He’s never stopped talking about you. Even after the two of you fought. He moped around for weeks after you left, you know. He liked you, he wanted to ask you to the prom. Now you’re just going to abandon him? I can’t believe you!”

“He liked me? Like, just as a friend, right?”

Ned doesn’t reply. But you’ve known him long enough to know his face when he’s screaming internally with panic. It’s obvious that he’s gone and revealed something he wasn’t supposed to. You watch Ned practically sprint out of the room with a twinge of guilt in your intestinal region.

You should be glad Ned’s gone. There’s no one around to bother you anymore.

But your mind is glued firmly on Peter, in over his head, struggling to save everyone.

“You’ve got class,” You remind yourself weakly. “Creative writing.”

But you’re already slinging your Anello pack over your shoulder and running out the door.

You’ve got a ship to catch.

You’ve blown sixty bucks on cab fare, but the cabbie had gotten you to Battery Park in less than half an hour, speeding like a bat out of hell the whole way there.

You’ve never been to the park before; if you were here for leisure, you would take in the sky that seems much bluer down here, the noise of the ferries, the seagulls wheeling overhead. But you’re not here for a relaxing picnic today. Your feet fall into step, heels barely touching the ground, toes pointed forward. You dash down cobblestone paths, pushing past stunned people, some of whom are running and screaming in panic, some of whom stand rooted to the spot, utterly transfixed by the sight of the famous Spiderman holding a crumbling ferry together with a mixture of sheer willpower and his spider webs. Someone elbows you in the back, and you tumble to the ground, scrambling off the ground after a minute of lying there, stunned. There are scrapes on your hands and knees, but it could be worse.

A frantic scream rips its way out of your throat. “PETER!”

He might be hundreds of miles away, but you swear his head turns in the direction of your scream, as though he’s managed to pick it out from a crowd of thousands. His face remains tilted towards the spot where you stand, and you can’t help but wonder if he knows you’re here. Your ribs convulse and your lungs hold tightly to every millimeter of air so that you don’t sob in fear, which hasn’t happened since you were a kid. You’ll let your face turn blue before you let strangers see you cry.

“Peter,” You say again, your voice cracking like an adolescent boy’s, betraying the messy wad of emotions within you. “Peter.”

There’s no way he’ll be able to hold that together on his own.

Fear. It coats your mind like a sticky spider’s web. If word gets out, Thaddeus Ross could very well have you thrown back into that hell-hole of a prison. You could lose your freedom in one fell swoop. It would be so easy to run; to pretend that you never saw anything.

But you can’t. Peter needs you. And you know that if the situation were reversed, he wouldn’t even hesitate to help you. The two of you might have parted on bad terms, but however much you hate him for being Tony Stark’s lapdog, you know that you’ll hate yourself even more if you stand by and let him die.

Okay. Okay. I can do this. Focus.

The power burns beneath your skin, begging to be released. After a year of being locked up in the deepest recesses of your mind it snarls like a wild animal in a cage. You scream and thrust both hands outwards, forcing the powers that sleep deep inside to the surface.

Slowly, but surely, with the screaming of metal, the two halves of the ship start moving towards each other. You’ve taken some of the burden off Peter, but now it feels like you’re pushing and shoving against a brick wall that refuses to budge.

A sharp pain slices through your head, agonizing enough to make you whimper. You wipe at the thick, warm blood that gushes from your nose, wondering if this is the punishment that comes from a year of pretending that you were normal, that you weren’t a freak who should be locked up far, far away, where you couldn’t hurt anyone.

Your hands tremble. The ship groans, threatening to collapse, and more frantic screams split the air. You wonder if Peter’s one of them, screaming with the effort of holding three tons of metal together. Gritting your teeth against the pain, you shove the two halves back into place once again, sweat dribbling down your neck and into your collar. There is only one thought looping through your mind: Don’t let go. If you do, it’ll be the Titanic all over again. People will die. Peter will die.

And you know that if he does, you won’t ever recover.

You and Peter are still holding the boat together when Tony Stark comes swooping in.

Never in your life have you been so happy to see him.


A one-shot sequel to We Intertwined

An Ignis Scientia Story
Word Count: 2,550

A/N: Here it is! One of my one-shot sequels to my Ignis x Raine story. I have another one coming soon that starts where this one leaves off. Lots of angst under the cut.

“How far along are you?”

Raine shrugged. She was leaned against the wall beside Dave’s shop near the marketplace in Lestallum, subconsciously rubbing the base of her stomach. “Doctor says around six or seven weeks.”

Dave whistled low. “Has be really been gone for that long?”

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Jealousy (Dan Howell x reader)

Originally posted by moriorlnvictus

(not my gif again lol oops)

here’s more Dan stuff wish me like on the finals I’m not studying for rn 

also I WILL make a second part to this one that is smut I’m just super tired but felt like I should post so here you go


 Jealousy. I hated to admit it but the was to overall feeling that rushed over me when Dan did collabs with girls or hung out with other girls. Watching him relate with all of this gorgeous girls who had the EXACT same job as him just made my blood boil. But little did Dan know these feelings…

  I struggled travelling up through the lobby of Dan and Phil’s apartment complex, hands full with bags of chinese food. Dan had just gotten back from his TATINOF tour so being the loving girlfriend I am I decided to surprise him. As I made my way to door of his apartment, my excitement suddenly fizzled out as the sounds of girlish giggles filled my ears. I quickly unlocked the door, fumbling with the keys slightly as I bursted in the door and rushed up the stairs. I rushed into the longue to find Cat and Dan happily sitting on the couch watching a movie. Her head laid on his shoulder as Dan’s attention turned to me. He suddenly hopped up and walked over to me.

 “Y/n! What are you doing here?” He questioned but my eyes still burned into Cat as I gritted my teeth.

 “I could ask her the same thing.” My eyes turned to Dan’s as anger suddenly took over me.

 “Y/n what are you…”

 “So instead of responding to your GIRLFRIEND’S text and not even TRYING to make plans with me you decide to invite her over?!” I slightly yelled causing Cat to jumped and Dan’s eyes to widen.

 “Don’t start this right now. She was in town and I thought since Phil was still in Florida, I would invite her over.” Dan spoke harshly at me as I turned my attention back to Cat who was staring at us, unsure of what to do.

 “You can leave now.” I spat at her causing her to nod and quickly exit the room and eventually the sound of the front door closing ringed through the room.

 “Are you fucking kidding me right now?!” Dan shrieked at me causing me to chuckle.

 “Am I kidding you? Hm last time I checked I didn’t choose another girl to hang out with OVER MY GIRLFRIEND.” I yelled as Dan’s breathing began to increase, his face becoming red with anger. 

 “Y/n sorry I don’t want to hang with you ALL THE TIME. Sorry I actually have another friends that I liked to hang out with. Sorry my whole life doesn’t revolve around YOU. I’M SORRY I’M NOT A CLINGY BITCH LIKE YOU.” He screamed in my face as I felt everything around me disappear. Tears whelmed up in my eyes as I stared at the boy who I loved with all of me. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I saw Dan’s face soften, realizing the harsh comment he had just stated. “Baby I…”

 “A clingy bitch huh? Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore. I won’t bother you ever again.” I whispered as I dropped the chinese food on the table. “Here’s your fucking dinner.” I brushed past him walking towards the front door as I felt somebody grab my wrist and pull me back.

 “Baby no. No no no no. I’m sorry you know I didn’t mean it. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.” He whispered, tears now rolling down his face as I kept my eyes on the floor tears now dripping on the hardwood floor. I felt a hand under my chin and lift my head up gently. My eyes soon met a pair of teary, caramel eyes as I let a quiet sob escape my quivering lips. Dan’s face created a concerned facial expression. I shook my head slightly mumbling.

 “Please… just leave me alone right now…” The expression the Dan showed next broke my heart even more. His lips were slightly parted as he nodded his head in understandment.

 “Okay angel, but please stay here with me. You can go into my room I promise I won’t bother you until you’re ready.” I agreed with a slight nod as Dan placed a soft kiss on my forehead. I pulled away turning my back to him as I walked into his room quietly closing the door and locking it behind me before crashing on his bed and completely breaking down.

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Mother Instincts (Hayley Marshall)

@joeynihil: I want to request an Hayley x Fem werewolf!reader, taking place when they had to give Hope away to protect her and that leaves Hayley having the urge to protect someone else, which happen to be the reader. You can decide by your own if their relationship should be romantic or not, thank you! 😚

N/A: The relationship between Hayley and the reader in this imagine will be in a motherly way instead of a romantic one. But you can request a romantic relationship between Hayley and the reader in the future ❤

It’s been a week since Hope left and Hayley didn’t left her room at all, and the only person she would come in was you, you had been there for each other when everyone left.

She was like a mother to you, and you were a daughter for her. No one could possibly understand the kind of affection you had for each other, not even the Mikaelson’s.

You had grown extremely close when you had your first shifting. Your whole pack thought you were useless so they threw you out, neither your parents or your older brother tried to stop it, they didn’t even looked you in the eye as you were leaving.

After your first transformation you laid alone, naked and freezing cold as you sat on the dirt shaking, as you brought your knees to your chest trying to cover your naked form as you exhaled sharply.

You didn’t cried, you just sat there your expression was blank and your lips pulling into a thin line as you shook slightly watching your breaths come out of your nose as if it was smoke because of your slightly heavy breathing.

And then she found you.

She approached you slowly, fearing your reaction, but the only thing you did was follow her moves with your sight, looking blankly into her dirty green eyes that glimmered slightly as she kneeled down in front of you “First shift?” she asked you, her tone was caring yet teasing.

The corners of your mouth lifted slightly, so much that if it wasn’t because of how close she was to you she wouldn’t have noticed, she smiled back.

The rest was history.

You opened the door, making the less noise possible, as you closed the door Hayley’s puffy red eyes found yours, she sniffed loudly as you sat beside her in the bed, her hands held sweetly a stuffed bunny as she looked into the toy’s eyes with sadness, you frowned looking helplessly at your friend.

You’ve never seen Hayley this heartbroken, you didn’t knew what to do to comfort her but you followed your instincts and placed your hand on top of hers, she looked at you and cracked a smile “You know Klaus is turning this all on him” she said as she sniffed her nose ones more

“I mean, everybody is saying ‘oh poor Klaus, his suffering let’s confort him’ and I get it, he lost his daughter. But I’m also her mother! I lost a daughter too! But everyone seems to care more about Klaus” you squeezed her hand.

“Well I only care about you” you reassured her sweetly, not resting the urge to give her the hug she desperately needed.


“No” Hayley stated authoritarian crossing her arms over her chest, Elijah sighed
“Hayley…” he insisted persuasive
“No, Elijah” she spoke louder “There is NO WAY I’m letting you take Y/N to look for my daughter’s psychotic grandma” she sassed

“We need all the help we can get, you and I both know what Y/N is capable of” he tried to reason with her and you decided to back Elijah up
“Hayley I know you worry about me” you said “But there more help we get, the more chances we have for Hope to come back” you beamed and she looked at you, her gaze softened before sighing in the defeat, she looked at Elijah threateningly

“If anything happens to her you go down” she hissed before leaving, Elijah looking at her intrigued as she left the room

“I will never understand how you do it” he said taking a few seconds before turning back to you

“Nobody does” you said walking towards the door


“No ones in the mood for talking?” You asked as several vampires cornered you and Elijah, your backs leaned against each other due to the lack of space “Okay, I guess will do it the hard way” you said throwing yourself to the closest vampire biting his neck, you pulled away roughly, the blood spilling all over the place, and dripping down your mouth as you tasted it.

You turned around kicking another one to the ground with your foot, the strength of your kick sending his head across the room, another vampire tried to caught you off guard but you buried your hand his chest, holding his hard and taking it out, his lifeless body falling to the ground as you let go of his chest.

The next one you encounter is faster, he swiftly and gracefully avoids your attacks without putting to much energy onto it, one of your fists go past by his ear, he grasps your arm with an incredible force and bites you roughly, you weaken as his fangs go deeper into your flesh, you pursed your lips trying your best not to scream as you manage to free your hand to crack his neck to then taking out his heart.

You hide your wound as Elijah turns back to you “Let’s go, we have to meet with the others” he says and you nod as you ran back to the car with Elijah by your side

The way back home was a torture for you, but you somehow managed to conceal your symptoms and your wound from Elijah, when you arrived to the house you went to the living room where everyone was expecting the both of you.

When Hayley spotted you she ran towards you pulling you into a bear hug, you barely had the strength to hug her back, when she pulled apart she frowned as you felt your sight getting fuzzy and blurry “Y/N? Are you okay?” You barely heard her say even though she was right in front of you, suddenly you felt everyone’s attention caught on you, but when you tried to reply everything went black as you heard Hayley calling your name.

“Hey sleepyhead” Hayley said as she nuzzled your hair
“Did I passed out?” You asked and she nodded
“You should’ve told Elijah” she stated and you sighed interrupting her

“Hayley, I’m not the girl you found alone and naked on the woods anymore” you said and she looked at the ground embarrassed as she started to play with her fingers
“I know” she murmured under her breath
“I know you miss Hope, but I stopped being a little kid a long time ago” you explained and she looked at you, her eyes filled with tears as she jumped right into your arms searching for comfort
“I miss baby” she sobbed loudly and you hugged her tighter as you nuzzled her back
“I know” you whispered calmly.

Hidden Stars Pt.4 (M)

Pt. |


| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |  -   [Drabbles]

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut/Angst

Word Count: 5,500

Description: It started out simple, but when your feelings start to grow for the idol who isn’t allowed to date, things get complicated.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

“Jungkook just tell me.”

Yuna was staring at him, a look of concern flooding her eyes as she took in the nervous state that he had descended into. He was pacing around the room, his stomach was in knots as he tried to think of way he could possibly explain this to her. What was he supposed to say, when he knew the second he spoke the words he would shatter her heart, and turn this beautiful loving girl into a hurricane of mistrust for everyone after him.

“Yuna it’s just—god I don’t know how to fucking say this.”

His breathing was shallow, and a feeling of nausea overtook him the more he thought about actually telling her that for the past six months of their relationship, when she thought they were trying to fix all of their problems, he was sleeping around and even falling for someone else.

“Just tell me, you can tell me anything. You know that.”

She closed the distance between them, and took his hand in her own in an attempt to make him feel comfortable, but it only made the knife in Jungkook’s heart twist further. He instantly pulled his hand away, causing Yuna’s face to distort into a hurt expression.

“Yuna it’s just that when I tell you this…” he paused as he ran his fingers through his hair, as he felt the sting in his eyes rising “I know it’s going to be over between us.”

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queenohair187  asked:

So my prompt for Caryl and Sophia is Sophia giving Daryl adoption papers that she has made up. Because I love Daryl and Carol but also love Daryl and Sophia <3

Wow, this one had me … wiping my eyes several times, I have to admit. Thank you so much! ❤️

I’m taking some liberties with timing in this one. The farm was overrun by the herd two days later than in canon, giving Daryl time to go out one last time before that and find Sophia. She has made it to the prison with the rest of Team Family. Everything else is the same.


He was resting on his cot, fiddling with one of the bolts he had just cleaned, pondering whether or not to sit up and fluff up his pillow again, which felt as hard as a board against his back. The bruises from the beating he’d taken in the jail cell and the arena at Woodbury two days before were still making him uncomfortable, and the one splashed across half his back and his left side was acting up. That, he remembered, had been the kick from Merle while he’d been down.

His discomfort won out over his wish to just keep resting for a little longer, and he pushed himself up just as a small shadow darkened the open door to his cell.


The bout of bad conscience that hit him was instant and overwhelming. He’d seen Carol’s face when he’d come up to the prison’s entrance, walking between Merle and Rick, and expressive as it was, it had told him much more than he’d ever wanted to know. He’d seen the pain in it of him leaving without saying good bye, and the relief of seeing him come back again, safe and mostly sound. He’d been back for a day, but they hadn’t spoken yet, and he wasn’t quite sure if she even wanted to talk to him anymore - and if he would have the guts to try.

But what had she told Sophia, the day he hadn’t come back?

Not sure what was coming, he ineffectively kept fluffing his unfluffable pillow far longer than he otherwise would have before picking up his bolt again so he wouldn’t lie on it and finally turning around to face the girl.


She was thirteen now, lanky, tall, thin arms, long brown legs like those of a doe. For now, she was taller than Carl, but he was pretty sure the sheriff’s kid would outgrow her, and soon. As usual, the moment he looked at her he remembered seeing her small, dirty foot, peeking out from behind a few crates in an abandoned farm house for just a moment before she pulled it out of sight in fear; whispering her name; something  shifting behind the crates, and then her tear-streaked face peering up at him. The light weight of her in his arms as he had made his way back to Hershel’s place, panting, muscles cramping, lungs screaming for air, the bolt hole in his side burning.

The look on Carol’s face when she had seen him limping up with her, that look of sheer bliss and overwhelming gratitude, the tears running down her careworn face, her voice as Hershel had taken care first of Sophia and then of him, making sure the wounds in his side hadn’t opened up again and ordering him to stay in bed for the rest of the day.

His face burned with shame as he looked up at the girl.


He wanted to kick himself. He had left her and her mother without a single word, and now he wasn’t even able to answer properly.

She remained standing at his cell door, her right hand curling around the bars, her left behind her back. Her cheeks were flaming. Maybe Carol had forbidden her to come. He knew he wouldn’t have blamed her.

“Is it okay to come in?”

Her voice sounded so small and timid. Was she afraid of him? His heart clenched at the thought. He knew that he hadn’t always been on his best behavior with the girl, but the thought of her being afraid of him … This was not the kind of man he wanted to be. She’d had a man in her life that she’d been afraid of, and he never wanted to replace Ed in that respect.

“Course it is.”

He patted the thin mattress of his cot, and she took a careful step, as if crossing not just a physical but mostly a metaphorical threshold as she came into his cell. She kept her left hand behind her back and he got curious.

“What you got there?”

She brought it out. It was a folded piece of paper, torn from the front or back of a book from the looks of it. His mind automatically supplied the information that they never went for stationery on their runs, and added that they might do that some day so Carol and Lori would have teaching material for Sophia and Carl. He shrugged the thought off.

“What is it? You scoldin’ me for takin’ off with Merle? You can do that right now, I deserve it. Shouldn’ta done that.”

“No, I wasn’t mad at you, that’s not …”

She blushed furiously, tucking a thick strand of blond curls behind her ear with her free hand. Her eyes were fastened to the bit of paper as if they’d been glued to it.

“Merle is … I mean, Merle was gone for a whole year, and he’s your brother, so I understand why you wanted to stay with him, and if he didn’t want to come back here … No, I wasn’t angry, I was … sad.”

Now she looked up, and tears spilled out of her huge blue eyes and down her cheeks, rushing past her trembling lips and dripping off her round chin.

Daryl’s stomach dropped. Unable to react adequately, he stared at the crying child next to his cot, at the piece of paper she was clutching, and listened to her sobbing. Helplessly, he sat up to reach out for her, but she ignored his hand.

“I had thought -”

Her breath hitched, and she wiped her face with her free hand. Her skin had been dusty, and her wiping left her face smeared with dark streaks. Her hand sank down again to bunch the fabric of her skirt as she continued.

“I’ve seen you and Mommy talking, and I had thought that you liked her, and she liked you, and that the two of you would …”

His heart skipped a beat.

“And that if you got together, you would be my daddy, that I would have a good daddy at last, a daddy who loves me, a daddy who doesn’t yell at me, one who doesn’t hurt Mom.”

Daryl drew in a lungful of air against the weight crushing his chest. What answer could he give her? Why had he ruined it all by leaving? Carol was never going to forgive him for this, for hurting her baby like this.

“Mommy told me that you have a code, that you couldn’t leave your brother out there alone since he’s only got one hand now, and that’s why you couldn’t come back, and I understand that.”

For a moment, Daryl thought he hadn’t heard right. A code? Couldn’t leave Merle alone? Did she know that they had made him choose? He had to force himself to listen to Sophia again, but he’d have to ask Carol about this later.

“So now that you’re back, and with Mommy so happy that you’re here again -”

Surely he had misheard this one, Daryl thought. She had to be mad as hell at him, not happy that he had come back.

“Wait - she’s happy?”

Sophia nodded, blushing.

“She cried, in our cell. And she told Lori how happy she is that you’re back.”

Stunned, Daryl sat back up.

“I’d thought she’d be mad,” he mused.

Sophia rushed on, determined to finish.

“And now that everything is okay again, I had hoped that you … that when you get together you would be …”

Faltering, she handed the folded piece of paper to him, and he accepted and unfolded it. It felt warm from her touch.

“Certificate of Adoption,” he read.

Funny. The letters were beginning to blur, and suddenly there was a lump in his throat.

He coughed and wiped one hand across his eyes. There, better.

“Certificate of Adoption,” he repeated, and then went on, voice slightly wobbly. “I, Daryl Dixon, born on insert date here, hereby declare that Sophia Peletier, daughter of Carol Peletier, born on May 5, 1998, is my adopted daughter from this day forward and that I will raise her as my child. Witnessed by Rick Grimes, Lori Grimes, and Hershel Greene. Signature, date, prison stamp.”

Lowering the “Certificate”, he looked up at her. She looked both eager and afraid, and she was still sniffling. The streaks of tears and dust were drying on her face.

He found he had to clear his throat once more before he was able to speak.

“Sophia, any man would be proud to be your dad, and if your mom is okay with it -”

With a squeal of delight she flung herself into his arms, and he could feel her trembling as she sobbed against his chest.

Stroking her head, he held her, marveling at the emotions filling him. In a way, it very much felt as if he had been adopted into the family by her and her mom, a fact that his mind seemed unable to grasp because it was so huge. They wanted to be his family. She wanted to be his daughter. Something tight in his chest seemed to loosen up.

His home. His family.

This time, he didn’t wipe his eyes.


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You Don’t Love Me || Joe Sugg Imagine

It’s been three days. Three days since Joe has kissed me. Three days of him being on edge around me, jumping every time I walk into our joint room. I don’t know what is happening between us, I’ve tried to come onto him but he doesn’t have any of it. I can’t help but think that he doesn’t love me anymore.

“Babe?” I hear the voice that normally gives my butterflies call out to me, as I’m sat on our bed reading one of my favorite books. Not in the mood to talk to him, I stay silent and continue to read my book.

“Y/N? Where are you gorgeous?” He calls out again shorty after, a slight panic in his voice. Hearing his footsteps coming to our bedroom, I look up towards the doorway and watch as he appears.

“Y/N? why didn’t you answer me?” I look up at him and see concern flash through his eyes. I cast my eyes downward to my book. I hear him sigh.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” he moves over to sit down next to me. I sigh and stand up and move to go to the bathroom when Joe stands in front of me preventing me from proceeding.

“What?” I spat. I watch as a whirlwind of emotions passes through his eyes until they finally land on anger.

“What? You’re asking me what? I’ve just got home from a long day ready to cuddle with my girlfriend on the couch and watch bad movies, only for her to not be fucking talking to me! And you’re fucking asking me what?” I shrink back slightly at the volume and tone of his voice, but I stand my ground.

“You’re not the only one that’s had a rough day Joseph!” I shout back, “I just don’t want to talk to you right now okay?”

“Why? I love you, Why don’t you want to talk to me?” he asks. I think about it and instead, on answering him I say “You don’t love me, why would you lie?”

“What are you on about?” he growls, “Of course I fucking love you!”

“Oh yeah? Then why haven’t you fucking kissed me or hugged me in the last three days then? hey?” I scream at him. I watch him as realization washes over his face, only for it to revert to anger.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” he scoffs, I feel myself begin to tear up, he takes one look at my face and he can see how badly that it has affected me.

I watch as the anger washes away from his face, and regret replaces it, but I don’t want his pity, So I do the only logical thing I could possibly do I turn away from him and storm out of our house and walk any direction.

Once I’m sure he’s not following me. I pull out my phone and call the only person I could, Conor.

“Hey babes, what’s up?” he says through the phone.

“I’ve fucked up Con,” I sigh, “I just need my best friend right now, can you pick me up?”

“Of course, where are you?” after telling him where I am I sit down on the concrete and place my head in my hands. I know Joe loves me, but I just can’t handle everything at the moment. I hear a car pull up in front of my a few minutes later that’s when I break down. I feel a warm body pull my freezing one into them and I can’t help but sob. I know it’s Conor after years of crying on his shoulder I’ve learned what he feels like.

“Hey, Hey, Hey, you’re alright Y/N, it’s okay.” he runs his fingers through my hair in an attempt to calm me down. He cradles me in his arms on the concrete until I’m calm enough to get into his car.

“What happened?” Conor hesitantly asks. I take a deep breath and begin to tell him what happened, but before we get back to his house I fall asleep.

“Conor, please let me see her mate?” I vaguely hear someone ask. I remain quite, I open my eyes slightly confused as to where I am when it all hits me, I’m in Conor’s room. I slowly sit up and listen to the conversation that’s happening in the other room.

“Joe, you know I can’t do that, she’s my best friend, I just can’t force her to see you.” I hear Conor sigh, probably running his hands through his hair.

I stand up and make my way to the door, the only thing separating me and him. I slowly open the door, contemplating just going back to bed before deciding against it. I step out and make my way to the room where the voices are coming from and walk in to see Joes back to me, Conor smiles softly and walks past me and Joe and into his room.

Joe slowly turns around, eyes rimmed red, and hair a mess. “Y/N?” his voice cracks, showing that he’s been crying. All of my defenses crumbling at the sight of how distraught my boyfriend looks.

Joe takes a large step, wrapping his arms around my small frame, and it’s not long before I’m engulfed in his scent.

“I’m so sorry Gorgeous,” He whispers into my ear, “I’m so so sorry.”

“I love you, Joseph, can we go home now?” I whisper back to him. He chuckles and grabs his keys.

“Bye Con, Love you, Thank you!” I shout out. “Love you!” he shouts back.

I grab Joe’s hand and bring it up to my face and kiss it softly. He pulls me into his side and protects me from the rest of the world. Just like he normally does.

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Can u do one where josh is at a interview but passes out and they take him 2 the hospital and do blood tests and finds out he has like like stage 4 cancer and has slim chance of living but does but affects him forever. Plz ❤❤❤

Josh Dun Imagine

“It’s just the lights,” Josh insists as you wipe a layer of sweat off from his temples.  

You were angry at him for saying yes to this interview.  Today was supposed to be an off-day. The first one in so long, too.  You had plans for sight-seeing and dinner, but those were put on hold the minute his phone rang on the bedside dresser.  

You questioned his excuse.  He looks shaky and paler than usual.  You briefly wonder if he’s coming down with a cold or something.  It wouldn’t surprise you.  The boy literally never stopped.  But you kept your mouth shut, not wanting to argue any further.  

Back at the hotel you’d put up a huge stink about him canceling your plans.  In all honesty, you should be used to it by now.  But the minute he gave you that look, your heart sank and a wave of disappointment washed over you.  

You’d gotten over the anger by now, but as you backed away from the shot and watched Josh, Tyler and the interviewer take a seat, you couldn’t ignore the heavy weight of annoyance that still lingered inside of you.  You made a point to cross your arms in the corner of the room and lean against the wall.  It was like your signature pose whenever you wanted Josh to know you were still mad at him from afar.

He catches glimpse of you despite the bright lights casting down on him and he gives you a look as if to say, “Really?”  He tilts his head to the side and sticks out his best pouty lip, but you don’t budge.  As much as you want to melt right into his sad face, you stay strong.  He was the one who cancelled  dinner plans, the least he could do is feel guilty about it.  

He stays relatively quiet throughout the interview.  It’s a little more than usual, but nothing to ring any alarms in your head.  Tyler was always the dominant talker, and if Josh could have it his way, he’d sit silently through every interview the two of them did.  

So no, the quiet isn’t what rings the alarms in your head.  But the sudden swaying does.  No one but you seems to notice, but Josh looks like he’s having a hard time holding himself up on the stool.  His eyes open and shut numerous times, like he’s trying his best to focus.  The minute you take an anxious step forward, he collapses.  Just like that.  His whole body leans too far to the right and he’s crashing down to the ground.

There’s a sudden outburst of gasps and “oh my gods” exchanged throughout the room, but you’re speechless as you rush over to his side.

Tyler’s already kneeling beside him, shaking his shoulder and calling his name.

“What’s— what’s wrong… what’s wrong with him?” you stutter in disbelief.  You’re staring at Josh’s still, pale body and you can’t seem to form a rational thought in your head.  

Just then, Josh starts to shake.  Every inch of his body starts convulsing violently and you do all you can not to scream when he starts foaming from the mouth.  It’s terrifying, and you have absolutely no idea what to do.  

Tyler does his best to push the stools and other objects out of the way, but other than that, there’s nothing you can do but wait it out.  It’s the scariest minute of your life.  

When he finally does still, he’s sweating and still unconscious.  

“He’s not waking up—“ you start saying in complete shock.  “Tyler, he’s not waking up—“ your voice cracks on the last words as you feel tears starting to fill your eyes.

“It’s gonna be okay,” Tyler says matter-of-factly.  You wonder how he’s managing to stay so calm right now.  

Josh then stirs.  His eyes squeeze tightly shut before opening.  

You hear the people huddled around let out a collective sigh of relief.  

“Thank God,” you breathe out before gripping his clammy hand.

“What happened?” he slurs, trying to sit up.

“Just relax, relax—“ Tyler says, helping him ease back down.

“The ambulance is here,” someone yells.

You squeeze Josh’s hand tightly, bringing it to your lips and giving his knuckles a soft kiss.

“It’s okay, you’re okay,” you say to him, you’re not entirely sure who you’re trying to convince at this point, though.  

The paramedics come through with a stretcher.  By the time they’re hoisting Josh’s body up on the gurney, he’s a little more cognizant of his surroundings.  You never let go of his hand though, all the way to the hospital, you stroke the soft skin of his hand and squeeze his fingers nervously.  Even as you’re rushing to keep up with the paramedics rushing Josh through the double doors of the E.R., you’re gripping his hand.  Until he starts seizing again.  

His hand goes limp in yours as Josh starts to once again, convulse.  You do all you can not to scream out loud and instead stop dead in your tracks, covering your mouth and watching as the stretcher gets carried past the double doors of the emergency room.

Tyler had followed in his own car, but comes rushing through just as Josh is whisked out of sight.  You feel the touch of his hand on your shoulder as he tries to comfort you, but by now you’re shaking so violently, there’s probably nothing strong enough to calm you down.  

When Josh is finally deemed stable, you’re allowed to see him in his newly assigned room.  You walk in with Tyler by your side, because you’re not sure that you can handle all of this on your own anymore.  

Josh is sitting up in bed, a look of exhaustion on his face.  But the moment he sees you enter the room, he tries to smile.  Typical Josh, always just trying to make sure you’re okay.

You don’t hold back.  You rush over to his bedside and wrap your arms around his neck, hugging him close.

“I was so scared-“ you breathe into his neck.  You can feel yourself on the verge of tears again.  

You feel his hands resting on your back as he hugs you in return.  

“I’m okay,” he tells you, “Shhh,” he coos once you sniffle into his shoulder, “Everything’s okay.”

That was the biggest lie Josh had ever told you.  

That night, after he’d been admitted overnight and the hospital room had swelled with friends and family members, you went home to grab the toothbrushes and pajamas.

By the time you got back at the hospital, Josh’s mother was on the phone with someone in the hallway, whispering with wet eyes, and you got this dreadful feeling in your stomach.  You knew.  You knew his seizure wasn’t going to be a fluke, Josh wouldn’t be going home the next day, we wouldn’t be joking about this anytime soon.

In his room, Josh’s friends are gathered around his bed, proving that he would always be infinitely more popular than you.  Mark met your eyes with soft, baleful look, and Tyler gets up from the spot on the bed he was taking up. Josh just smiled sweetly at you from his spot on the bed.

“I have cancer” he says, gently tapping his fingers on the fabric of the sheets.  There’s a hint of ease in his tone, like he’s already accepted this fact.  Like he was telling you he had the flu rather than a potentially terminal illness.  You suddenly become blind to the rest of the world.  Everything fades to white while you instinctually climb onto his lap, disturbing cords and wires and blankets until your face was next to his, your hands around his head and your mind wishing it was all a dream.

You hug him tightly and cry into his chest, ignoring the sympathetic stares from Josh’s friends that you must certainly be getting.  You sob and cry and hiccup into his chest, surely soaking through the fabric by the time you drift off to sleep.

In the next two weeks, Josh is pumped full of poison that is supposedly going to make him better.  He had to sit three times a week for four hours at a time and get treated with chemotherapy. Except, all it seems to do is make him deathly ill.  It starts with the vomiting.  The first night Josh spends leaning over in his bed with a bucket in his lap.  You were never good with vomit, but it didn’t seem to matter now.  You emptied the bucket countless times and brushed the hair off from Josh’s sweaty forehead.  You cuddled him and whispered soothing words.  Anything to make his pain even a fraction of a bit less. The doctor says that some people react worse than others, Josh seems to be one of the worst.  

He doesn’t keep anything down.  And at first you don’t notice him getting so skinny, but one night, you go to curl up next to him, and it’s like cuddling with a skeleton.  It scares you, like Josh is withering away.  Like pretty soon, there would be nothing left.

You’re there when his hair starts falling out.  It’s one huge clump on his pillow as he sits up after a nap.  Your eyes widen at the sight and when Josh picks up on your stare, he realizes it too.

He’s quiet as he reaches his hand to the back of his head and feels the spot.  He then continues to rub his fingers through his hair, pulling out another clump.  Then another.  And another.  Josh is practically ripping at his hair, yanking and pulling in frustration.

“Josh—“ you say, rushing over and grabbing his hands in your own.  “Baby, stop,” you plead.  

He’s breathing heavily, like his small outburst took up all his energy.  You press your forehead to his, breathing in deeply and just savoring the moment.  You stroke his hair softly, feeling it so thinned out.  

“It’s only hair,” you tell him, “I love you.”

He just nods beneath your touch.

“I bet you’ll look really hot bald,” you say finally.

Josh pulls back and looks offended.  “What are you kidding?” he gasps.

“You will!”

“You’re dreaming,” he says, chuckling.  He then sighs deeply, “But let’s find out.”

You borrow a haircut kit from Tyler.  He sits in the nearby chair and chats to Josh while you shave the remainder of his head.  Josh cringes in the mirror once he sees his bald head, making your heart sink.  But when he turns around, he pretends to be happy.

“I do look hot,” he says smiling.  

You nod and walk over to him, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing his chapped lips.  “Handsome as ever,” you whisper.

You make note to grab an assortment of Josh’s beanies when you go home next, to which he wears around constantly, even when it’s just you and him.  

“You don’t have to wear that around me,” you insist one night.  You’re cuddled up to Josh’s chest tracing patterns between his pecs.

He just grunts then pretends to be asleep.  But you know he’s embarrassed.  And it kills you.

You lay awake that night, your hands traveling all around Josh’s body long after he’s in a deep sleep, and you’re left with your racing thoughts.  You’d been pushing the bad thoughts from your mind in the recent weeks.  You hadn’t let yourself think about the unthinkable, but tonight, you entertain your demons.  You think about what your life would be like without Josh.  What it would be like to have to bury the love of your life.  Before you know it, you’re eyes are filled with tears and you’re clinging to Josh’s t-shirt with a death grip.

He wakes up to see you like that, sobbing into the fabric of his cotton shirt.

“Baby?” he asks, groggy and confused.

“I don’t—“ your voice is thick, “I don’t…” you can’t seem to form a coherent sentence.

Josh sits up a bit so that he can look at you.  You take a deep breathe and try again, “You can’t die,” is what you manage to croak out.

Josh’s face fills with sympathy and he wraps his frail arms around you, “Hey, hey, hey,” he soothes, patting down your hair and placing your head into his chest.  You curl into him, sitting on his lap and wrapping your arms around his middle.  “I’m gonna try like hell not to,” he whispers.

“You promise?” you say behind a choked sob.

“I promise,” he says with sincerity.  

Josh miraculously starts to get better in the days to follow.  He starts eating more, and vomits a lot less.  

“If you keep this up, you’ll be able to go home soon,” the doctors promise.  

And he does.  Despite your wildest doubts, Josh stays strong and keeps his food down.  He walks around, smiles more.  He’s actually getting better, you think.  He’s actually going to beat this.

You lead him, your arm looped through his, into the house.  He’s so relieved to sleep in his own bed for the first time in almost a month.  

Things almost go back to normal.  Besides the weekly visit to the hospital for Josh’s chemo treatment and the constant flood of company in your house, your routine is almost like it was before Josh got sick.  

Tyler’s always over.  You keep joking to him, saying he should just move in.  He’s worried.  You know that.  But Josh was on the mend, so you wished everyone would just stop being so concerned.  Why couldn’t they see what you see?  

It’s the middle of November and Josh insists on throwing a party for your birthday.  He buys cake and balloons and invites so many people over.  

It’s too much really, especially with everything going on.  But Josh is glowing the entire time, marveling at it all.

“Why are you so dead set on having a party?” you had asked.  “I’m fine with it just being you and me.”

He frowns, like he’s pondering your question, “I guess I just wanted to help spread some happiness instead of sickness for once.”

“You’re really gonna play the cancer card?” you ask, shaking your head.

He nods, a smirk spreading across his face.  “So is that a yes?”

“Well it has to be doesn’t it?  How could I say no to that?”

He laughs before leaning in to kiss you.  “I’m gonna milk this cancer thing so bad, just you wait,” he says.

The party is crowded and obnoxious, just as Josh promised.  There’s music and balloons and more food than you could even imagine. You wonder how on Earth he managed to pull it all together.  

You sit in the living room with both Josh and Tyler’s moms and talk. It’s nice because they’ve both been around the last few weeks, so they know enough to keep the conversation away from the topic of cancer.  

After awhile of socializing, you decide you’d like to seek out Josh and thank him for all this nonsense.  You hunt around the house.  He’s not with Tyler, who’s entertaining the younger cousins in the living room.  He’s not with the dad’s who are drinking beers out back.  You grow worried slightly, as you start peaking in each room, finding them all empty.  Where the hell was he?  

You finally open the door to your own bedroom and sigh in relief when you see his figure slouched over the bed.  He’s sitting with his back to the door.


He doesn’t turn around.

“Josh?” you say again, walking over.

He looks up at you only when you’re right next to him.  His eyes look heavy and he gives you a weak smile.

“I got tired,” he says, sounding so defeated.  He starts swaying back and forth lightly and you sit beside him to steady his body.  

“Are you okay?” you ask seriously.

Josh lifts his head and and looks you in the eyes, he slowly shakes his head as he starts wavering even more.  

Your chest tightens.  Josh never admits to not being okay.  

“Tyler!” you call, hoping he can hear you.  “Ty!” you yell again.  Josh goes limp beside you and you feel his dead weight pressing against your side.  “Tyler!” you yell harder.  Josh has gone unconscious and you immediately begin to panic.

You hear footsteps.  But it’s not Tyler entering, it’s your mom.

“What’s wrong?” she says.  

“He passed out again— said he wasn’t okay just before..” you can already hear your voice growing thick with tears.

Your mom calls an ambulance and for the second time, Josh is whisked away to the emergency room.  

It turns out Josh’s sudden improvement was a hoax.  Because he had taken a turn for the worse.  He got a Catscan back at the hospital.  They put some kind of dye in his blood, and it lit up like a Christmas tree with cancer cells.

The doctor tells you what this means and you close your eyes in disbelief.  You have to just focus on your breathing for a bit for fear that you might be the one passing out at this news.  

You cried into his chest again that night, and Josh held you, kissing your hair and whispering that everything would be fine.  

“It’s not fine!” you yell finally, standing up from the bed.  

Josh sighs heavily and refuses to meet your eye.

“Don’t you see that Josh? It’s not fine, so stop pretending.  Please stop pretending.”

“Babe— I know you’re scared but it’s all gonna be—“

“Don’t you dare fucking say it’s all going to be fine…” you snap.

“What do you want me to say?” he barks back.  “Don’t you think I know I’m dying?  I know that.  I can feel it!  I am the one with cancer if you remember.  I’m the one dealing with this, not you! Is it so wrong of me to not want to cry and talk about it every goddamn second?”

You squeeze your eyes shut and back away towards the door.  His words hit you hard.  And when Josh doesn’t stop you, or protest, you rush out, flinging yourself down the hall and trying not to collapse on the ground.

You go home for the night.  It feels so wrong, sleeping in your bed while Josh is at the hospital.  But you couldn’t really stand to look at him right now.  You barely sleep, which leaves you all night to cry and curse out whatever holy being made your boyfriend get cancer.  

By the time the sun rises, your chest aches and your eyes are weighed down by all the crying you’ve done.  You realize that Josh was probably right.  You weren’t the one with cancer.  You didn’t know what he was going through, all you knew was what you were going through.  And if you were in this much pain, you could only imagine how much pain Josh was in.    

If forgetting was what Josh wanted, then you’d forget with him.  You tell him this after piling in his room at the crack of dawn.  He was barely awake, but you couldn’t stand the idea of you two fighting any longer.  

He hugs you back, squeezing gently and saying it was okay… that you didn’t have to be sorry.  

The treatment for Josh’s worsening condition was more chemo.  It’s a higher dosage than before and so he starts getting sick again.  It kills you, watching him retch his guts out time after time.  

“Y/N—,” he pleads in between heaves, “It hurts.” By now there’s nothing left inside of him. He’s vomiting nothing but pure bile.  

His voice is broken and weak.  It cuts into you like a sharp knife.  You close your eyes and take a deep breath, trying to stay as strong for him as he has been for you.

“I know baby,” you say finally.  “I know.  Want me to call the nurse?  Give you more medicine?”

He nods before falling back against his pillow.

He’s drugged up on sleeping pills and a medication to fight the nausea for the night.  He sleeps soundly, which gives you a small sense of relief, but you do nothing but pace.  Your eyes feel heavy by morning.  It was the second night in a row that you had gone without sleep.  

It continues like this for days until Josh notices.

“If I die,” he says once morning, “you have to promise me that you’ll take care of yourself.”

“What are you taking about?” you say, shrugging off his comment, “I take care of myself—“

“No you don’t,” he argues. “Look at you, you don’t eat, you don’t sleep.  I’m the one with the cancer, I’m the one withering away.  You shouldn’t have to suffer too.  Promise me?”

“I’ll tell you what,” you say, not liking the way Josh was just assuming he was going to die, “I promise that I’ll take better care of myself if you promise you’ll keep trying like hell not to die.”

He smiles, remembering his prior words, “I promise.”

And so the fight continues.  You’re not sure if it’s improvement or Josh just growing accustomed to the poison flooding through his body, but the chemotherapy stops making him so sick after a week or so.  

He eats more and starts having the energy to spend time with you during the day again.  You start taking routine walks through the oncology department.  Josh has to use a walker at first to help himself balance, but after a few days, his strength really seems to be coming back.

You’re not as hopeful this time around.  You remember what happened the last time Josh appeared to be getting better, but you keep this to yourself.  

“I miss my drums,” he tells you one morning in the cafeteria.  He was in the midst of shoveling down a pile of pancakes when the thought just blurted out of his mouth.

You sigh, “I know you do.”

“I think I’m probably too weak to play now,” he says, a look of defeat suddenly on his face.  “I’d probably be out of breathe after one verse.”

“You’re getting stronger everyday-” you challenge.

“Yeah, I guess,” he says before taking another bite.  He gives up on the conversation, but you get an idea.

You talk to his doctor first, out in the hallway so he can’t hear.  You know Josh would protest if he heard.  

“Could he play, theoretically?”

The doctor is skeptical at first, not sure if Josh’s condition is well enough to be playing yet.

“It’s not technically drums-” you say, “It’s called a cajon, it’s like a small box, just an acoustic thing.  I just really think it’ll help lift his spirits.”

The doctor finally nods, “I mean, I guess. Clinically, it’s not going to make his condition any worse.  He just might get tired, is all.  But no harm done.”

“And they can do that right here? In the hospital?” you ask.

“Sure,” he says smiling.  “If you really think this will help, then I say yes.”

Tyler’s on board of course.  He’s just excited to play again.  And Mark of course suggests filming the set, putting it online as a sort of tribute, to show everyone that Josh was still fighting. That he would always be fighting.

You keep it all a secret from Josh until the day the three of you pile through the door carrying all sorts of equipment.

Josh stares puzzled from his bed, shocked.

“What is going on?” he asks.

“Acoustic set,” Tyler says nonchalantly while setting up his amp.

Mark starts setting up the camera before getting lightings adjusted in the room.

Josh starts to stand from his bed, he’s still gawking at the whole scene in disbelief.

“Y/N,” he says as he walks over to you, you gently set his cajon on the floor and stand up to face him. “What is all this?”

“Like Tyler said, you guys are gonna do an acoustic set.”

A smile crosses his lips before it fades to disappointment.

“I don’t know if I’m strong enough-”he says softly.

You stand up on your tip-toes and kiss his lips. “It’s okay if your not.  It’s just for fun.  Just do a few songs, and if you’re feeling bad, you can stop.”

His face softens and he nods slowly, sitting on his cajon and tapping it a few times.  

“Did you set this up?” he asks you.

You shrug your shoulders innocently before going to sit in the corner.

He shakes his head and smirks at you from across the room.

You watch as they play a couple of songs together.  They sound good.  Genuinely good, and the more Josh plays, the more he warms up.  You watch him the entire time, looking for signs of exhaustion, but there’s none.  He stays focused and steady and his face fills with color for the first time since he got his diagnosis.

They play through six songs before calling it quits.  Your chest is bursting with pride as Josh stands up and is smiling so happily.  Him and Tyler hug and then Mark joins in.  The three of them watch over the video, until finally deeming it solid enough to go on their Youtube channel.  You stay watching from the corner, thinking about how this was the first time Josh looked happy to be alive in a long time.

His spirits are high in the days to follow.  He continues eating healthy amounts of food and taking his medication and you can’t help but notice how determined he is to get better.  

You up your walks to two times a day and the rest of the week is spent by the two of you anxiously awaiting Josh’s next Catscan, to see how much of the cancer has been killed by the chemo.  

They do the same process as before.  They inject the dye into Josh’s body and wait for it to spread throughout his blood.  He holds your hand and you notice he’s shaking slightly.  

It was nerve-wracking.  The two of you stared at the screen, waiting. But nothing happens.  Josh’s image just stays dark. You’re sure it must be waiting for the dye, but then you watch at your doctor’s face breaks out into a huge smile.

“Well there you have it,” he says.

You look back and forth from the screen to his face again and again, trying to understand.

“Does he need more dye?” you ask.

“No, no, we gave him plenty of dye.  It’s just, it has nothing to attach to,” he explains, “Because the cancer cells are gone.”

You’re absolutely sure that you’re hearing him wrong, because just weeks ago, Josh’s whole body was full of them.  How could there just suddenly be none?

“Gone?” you repeat.  “Like gone, gone?”

“Gone, gone,” he says nodding.  “We can do some more tests, but it looks like he’s in remission.”

“It’s gone,” you say, half laughing, half crying.  You turn to Josh who looks just as shocked as you are, his eyes fill with tears as he opens his arms for you to rush into them.  You hug him tightly and cling to him.  It’s different then the hugs you’d been giving him before though.  This one is less desperate, and more hopeful.  

“I told you-” he says into your neck.

“What’d you tell me?” you ask, pulling back and sniffling.

He chuckles softly as he wipes the tears falling down your cheeks, “I told you I’d try like hell.”

The Boxer 4 (final) - (A Yixing Series)

You watched Yixing’s retreating back for a second before your legs were carrying you and you followed around the corner he disappeared beyond. You saw that the door to Baozhi’s room was open and the light inside was bright and you could hear pained strangled cries coming from inside the room. Cries that set your mind on edge and made your skin crawl. You could hear a voice the closer you came to the room with the open door. It sounded like a higher, younger version of Baozhi.

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Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Pairing: None yet
Word count: 2,025
Request: Anonymous. Hey! So I have a tall order. Could you write something, maybe a short series on the reader being thrown into season 11 and she’s seen every episode except the last one. So casifer captures her because he thinks she’s a seer because that’s the lie she told Sam and dean so they didn’t panic but luci ends up caring for her and just play around with what happens. Sam and dean care for her as a little sister but something like French mistake happened. Lol! Her and chuck talking would be funny!
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Episode 1 of Season 11

The last thing you remembered was going out with your friends. It had been the last night of con, and you wanted one last night of fun before going back to work. You and your friends were chatting over getting pictures with the cast of Supernatural, getting autographs, and all the awesome cos playing you saw.

How the hell did you wake up in the back of… Baby…? Your eyes came in to focus as you looked around. Sitting up, you nearly screamed when you saw Jared sitting there. That couldn’t be right, though. Season eleven had finished. They were filming season twelve. “This is the weirdest dream ever.” You muttered.

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Close Call

A/N: An anon request for a Derek x Reader where the reader is a teacher and a student brings a gun to school. Morgan naturally freaks out when the BAU is called in. The team doesn’t know Morgan is dating anyone, but they’ve been together for a while. @coveofmemories


“Everyone be ready in 10 minutes,” Hotch said, as he passed their desks. “A student at Woodrow Wilson High School has a classroom hostage with two guns. He’s already shot 20 people. Six are dead. Now he’s demanding to speak with someone.”

“Do we know what classroom he has hostage? Is the unsub part of that class?” Derek asked, trying to mask the terror in his voice. Y/N taught at that school; they’d been dating for nearly a year, but nobody knew.

“The teacher in the classroom is Y/F/N Y/L/N,” he said matter of factly. From what the authorities on site can understand, she has kept him from shooting anyone else, but he won’t let them leave the classroom. As for being in her class, he’s not, but he is in the same grade. His homeroom teacher is one of the six already dead,” Hotch said, looking around at the rest of the team. Derek was jumping out of his skin. He couldn’t lose her.


“What’s the unsub’s backstory?” Spencer asked, already making a judgement as to what drove the unsub to a mass shooting. “Do we know what drove him to this?”

JJ was looking over the files in the front seat of the SUV. “Exactly what you’d expect Spence,” she said sadly, “Jaxson Lindsey is the son of a single father. His mother died of lymphoma when he was just four years old. The father is notoriously strict and although Jaxson has never said as much, hospital records indicate that he’s been abused since he was a child.”

Spencer knew the story all too well. “And his school life?” he asked, looking for confirmation.

“The school has his name attached to numerous bullying incidents, however all of them ended in the other students somehow getting off the hook. Two of the six victims, Rhett Way and Sean Travers, are also mentioned in these reports.”

Derek hadn’t said a word in the back of the car. What if this kid went off again? He’s already shot 20 people. He had an assault rifle. Derek was in love with Y/N; he could lose her. He hadn’t realized his facial expressions were giving him away until Spencer turned to him. “Are you okay, Morgan?” he asked quietly.

“I’m fine kid. I just want to get this kid out without anyone else getting hurt,” Derek responded.

Derek prided himself on keeping things to himself, but he’d never been so worried in all his life.

“The teacher…” Spencer said quietly. He turned further into Derek, wanting to keep his assumptions between them, “I’ve suspected you were dating someone for a while now. It’s the teacher in the classroom, isn’t it?”

Derek just shook his head in agreement, quickly turning his head back to stare out the window.


“What can you tell us?” Hotch asked the officer as they walked into the school.

The officer replied, “Nothing else has happened. The 14 other people he shot are in the hospital. All are going to make it, but he still won’t let anyone out of the classroom. The teacher has been keeping him as calm as possible.”

Derek knew for a fact that Y/N wouldn’t let anything happen to the kids if there was something she could do about it. He wanted to start negotiations yesterday.

“Hotch,” he said, turning to his boss, mentor and friend, “Let me have a crack at this kid, I think I can get through to him.”

“I think Spencer should go in,” he said, turning toward the younger agent. He looked back at Derek, “Your build is similar to his father’s and the kids that have bullied him his entire life, I think having you in there would set him off.”

Derek desperately wanted to be the one in there. If anything happened, he might be able to get Y/N out safely. Hotch continued, “Spencer is built like him. He won’t be threatening to him.”

Derek started to open his mouth, trying to make his case, but Hotch had made his decision. He looked desperate as Hotch walked away to confer with the other officers on the scene. 

“Morgan,” Spencer said, placing his hand on his friend’s shoulder, “Trust me. I’ll get her out of there.”

It was out of his hands. If there was anyone he trusted besides Y/N, it was Spencer. “Please get her out, kid.”


“Jaxson,” Spencer said from outside the door. “My name is Spencer Reid, I’m with the FBI. Can I please come in? It’s only me. No gun.” He pulled his gun from his belt and handed it to Hotch, who reluctantly took it from him. He didn’t like it, but he knew it was the right thing to do.

Slowly, the door to the classroom opened and Spencer walked in, the gun nearly pushed into his chest. Derek stood outside of the door, trying as best he could to hear what was going on. “Jaxson, I know what’s happened to you here. I know what your life is like at home,” he started, taking note of the number of students in the classroom and the condition of Morgan’s girlfriend. She looked shaken, but she was successfully masking her fear.

“You know nothing about me?” he screamed, pointing the gun at Spencer, who had learned to barely flinch at the sight of a gun.

“I do, Jaxson,” he continued. “Your mother died when you were four. Your father has been abusing you pretty much ever since and anytime you were bullied and beaten up here, the principal or your teachers just wanted you to shake hands and let it go. When it comes to your school life, I’ve been you.” Spencer had recounted his days at school to so many at this point in his career, it was almost like reading a script. However, he always did his best to sound genuine.

Jaxson started shaking in anger, walking backward so that he was dangerously close to Y/N. Most people would be crying or screaming in terror, but she turned to him. “Jaxson, I’m here to listen to you. I’ll stay here,” she started. Derek’s heart dropped into his throat. He knew she’d do that. She was selfless beyond measure. “But let some of the students go, as a sign of good faith. The longer we are the only ones in here, the longer we’ll be here to listen to you.”

He shook his head, staring at the 12 students that had been standing behind Spencer. “They can go,” he said, pointing the gun at Y/N’s back. “The rest of them stay and so do you and you,” he continued, pointing at Spencer and Y/N. Quickly, the 12 students rushed out of the classroom. In their hurried state, the door had swung open enough for Derek to catch a glimpse of the love of his life - standing, tall, proud and calm with a gun against her back.

“Please, kid,” he said out loud before he realized what he’d said.

“Please what?” JJ asked. She looked quickly between him and the door, making the connection. “Morgan, why didn’t you say anything?”

“We were going to,” he said to JJ, Rossi and Hotch. “We’ve been dating for a year. We just didn’t want to say anything yet. Didn’t really expect this.”

Seconds later, they heard Spencer start to speak again on the other side of the wall. “Jaxson, I promise you, if you give me the gun, I will walk out with you. You can use me as a shield. Your father will never lay a hand on you again for as long as you live and I will personally tell the authorities that you cooperated.” He spoke as calmly as he could, watching as the boy’s tense stance loosen just a bit. “There has been so much sadness and death around you already. Don’t let this be the last thing you do. You’re worth more than that.”

Jaxson began to cry, allowing the gun to fall limply in his hand. Spencer motioned for Y/N to remain still as he slowly approached the boy, resting his hand on the gun. Once he had it, he motioned for the kids behind him to get out of the classroom. 

“Jaxson,” Y/N said, placing her hand on his arm. “Agent Reid and I are both going to walk out with you, okay? He’ll be in front and I’ll be behind you.” He continued to cry as Spencer placed the handcuffs around his wrists. 

“You did the right thing, Jaxson,” he soothed. “No one will be able to hurt you again.”

As they walked out of the door, Spencer handed the gun to the authorities - the officer in charge taking Jaxson into custody. Y/N looked around in the chaos, finally catching Derek’s eye. Not caring who saw anymore, she ran into his arms sobbing.

“Thank god,” he said, closing his eyes. When he opened them, he saw Spencer staring back at him. “Thank you,” he mouthed, gripping his girlfriend tighter than ever. He owed Spencer his life.

“You’re welcome,” he mouthed back.


“Well, that was enough excitement for one day,” Y/N said, hugging Derek after they’d walked into the apartment.

Derek tilted your chin upward to met his mouth, which gentle brushed up against yours. “I was so worried about you,” he said, running his hands through your hair. “I was dying on the other side of the door praying you’d be okay.”

“Well, Spencer did an amazing job - and now we’ve finally met,” Y/N laughed, burying her head in his chest.

Not the way I wanted that to happen,” he exclaimed, a smile coming to his face. If she managed to keep a happy outlook despite what had happened, he would do the same. He looked down at her once more, bringing her lips to his for a tentative yet passionate kiss. “So are you up for a little more excitement?” he asked, a mischievous look in his eye.

She jumped up into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. “That kind of excitement I’m definitely into.”

k-noelle  asked:

Kasamatsu, Hanamiya, Kiyoshi, Hayama, and Himuro overhearing their S/O telling their best friend how much they love them.

Thanks for the request! Enjoy~!



‘..and I think I love him. I really do. I have never thought I would say that, but yeah. He is amazing. I want to spend the rest of my life with him.’ You said looking at your friend straight in the eyes, before grinning so widely it hurt. It was great to finally say how you felt. 

‘Maybe you should tell him?’ Your friend proposed kindly. She was honestly glad that you found someone worth fighting for. 

‘WHAT? No! At least not now! I’m not ready!’ And it was true too. You were dating for like a year now, but you still were not sure how to handle the whole romance thing. 

‘Kasamatsu-senpai? Why are you hiding here?’ You head turned to owner of the voice. It was Kise, who was apparently, violated by your very aggressive boyfriend. 

‘KASAMATSU? WERE YOU LISTENING?’ You screamed, not quite angry, but rather shocked at the new revelation. 

‘Yhm…yeah?’ He said, nodding carefully. ‘B-but yeah, I love y-you, too? I d-d-do. So yeah.’ Your bright red boyfriend hurriedly left classroom. 

 You only smiled to yourself feeling more than blessed, because your feeling was requited. 


Today was probably one of the worst days you’ve ever had. Not only did you realise your strong feelings towards Makoto, but also he decided to openly avoid you without any reason you could comprehend. And you weren’t okay with that. Not at all.

Your last lesson was slowly coming to an long-awaited end, but no matter how much you wanted, you weren’t able to be happy about it. Fear about Makoto’s future actions was eating you alive.

Let’s be honest, it would honestly suck if he dumb you the same day you understood you love him, right? Your very disturbing thoughts were interrupted by loud ringing of the school bell. Sighing heavily, you stood up focusing your whole attention on gathering books and cleaning all your mess.

You tried to leave school as invisible as possible and when it worked, you almost did your victory dance. However, when you were skipping happily someone, or you could say the person you wished you wouldn’t met punched you with his bag which ended with you losing balance.

The groan which left your mouth seconds later sounded more like awakening of hungry dinosaurs, but you could care less about that. Looking up, you saw your own and oh so precious boyfriend glaring down at you like there’s no tomorrow. You would lie if you say that it did not make you mentally piss yourself.

He quickly kneeled next to you, his expression confused you to no end. He looked somehow flustered? He took his bag from your lap, looking at you so intensively that it hurt.

‘Um, Mako? Is some—’

And then he showed his bag into your face, holding tightly.


‘DON’T SPEAK! AND DON’T LOOK AT ME, STUPID!’ He shouted, but not in the rude way. It was more like he wanted to really say something important. ’I heard how you feel about me.’ You gasped. ‘Yeah, yeah. I eavesdropped or same shit, I love you too. We can leave now.’




Hyuuga had enough. And when Hyuuga have enough then…situation is completely normal, but it didn’t matter at that moment. His friends, Kiyoshi, was crying loudly for five hours now and it didn’t seem that he would end soon. 

What love does with people. 

‘Teppei, can you stop please?’ Hyuuga patted his own head, which was empty after so many now working ideas how to help his friend. ‘Tell me, what exactly did she say?’ It made him sob even louder. ‘Okay, that’s it. I’m calling Riko, she will deal with your shit.’ 

‘NO! I will tell you.’ Kiyoshi exclaimed, shaking slightly at the thought of Riko cooking something to make him feel better. ‘Sh-she told me that she…LOVED ME. AND THAT’S SO CUTE, SO PURE. I DON’T DESERVE IT. OH GOD. SHE WAS SO ADORABLE ALL BLUSHING AND THEN SHE SAID THOSE WORDS I THOUGHT I MIGHT DIE. GOD LET ME JUST DIE.’  And he started crying again. 

‘Wait, so you are crying because she loves you?’ Well, shit. Hyuuga should have know that Kiyoshi was just a drama queen. 

‘Yeah, basically.’ 

‘Teppei, you are retarded and I’m not friends with you anymore.’ 



Hayama couldn’t control his movements anymore, he was running from class to class, shouting that you loved him and he couldn’t be luckier. At some point he started hugging people too. 

His last destination was the gym, where his teammates were practicing. Well, he should be there to, hehe. 

‘GUYS, GUYS. I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING.’ All pairs of eyes laid upon his, some were interested, some bored and some used to his stupidy. ‘S/O-CHAN SAID SHE LOVES ME! NOW WE CAN GET MARRIED, HAVE KIDS AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Don’t look so bitter Akashi-chan, someone will love you too, someday…’ That statement earned him a glare.

‘Maybe you wanna hug?’

‘Don’t touch me. Never.’

‘It such a beautiful day. I’m gon–’

‘HAYAMA, YOU STUPID CREATURE. I WILL KILL YOU!’ Hayama paled and turned his face towards door, seeing you red from anger and shaking in pure rage.

‘Well, I don’t think she loves you anymore, Hayama-chan.’ Whispered Akashi, smiling evilly as he watched you beating his friend to pulp.


‘You know what? I’m planning to tell Tatsuya how I feel.’ Your friend looked at your face after your very serious statement, clearly looking at any sight of fear.

‘Today? You have a date, right?’ She asked, feeling genuinely happy for you.

‘Yes. I will tell him I love him, but I’m kinda stressed that he will laugh at me. He is a great gut, like my one and only. I’m scared that he won’t feel the same way about me.’ You said truthfully, biting you lip.

‘Don’t worry, I see how he behaves sometimes. He is as wasted as you.’ She chuckled, making you relaxed.

‘I hope you are right.’ 

‘I always am.’

Little did you know that dark-haired man whose name was Himuro Tatsuya, closely listened to your conversation blushing like crazy even though it was unlike him.

‘Eh, Muro-chin? Why is your face so red?’ His younger teammate stated, watching him. 

‘I need to prepare myself for a special confession today, Atsushi.’

‘I don’t understand.’

‘No one can understand love.’



Reader can control the elements (fire, water, air, and earth) and she’s so far living a normal life until she accidentally uses her powers in public; Steve wants to recruit her but she refuses and runs off.

Earth: Part 1

Water: Part 2

Fire: Part 3

Air: Part 4

Honeyworts:  Part 5

Alive: Part 6

Finale: Part 7 

Rising flame 

Superpower!Reader escapes from The Avengers while they’re taking down an Hydra facility. What she doesn’t know is that they’re there to rescue her.

Fallen: Part 1, Part 2 

Caught:  Part 3, Part 4

Storm: Part 5, Part 6

Someone from the pastPart 7, Part 8, Part 9

Revelations: Part 10

Home: Part 11, Part 12

Finale: Part 13

Odd Frienships 

Odd Friendship is a gripping tale in which the main character (the reader) struggles through life with only her friend, the Winter Soldier, by her side. The reader’s life takes a turn towards the interesting when she is contacted by her friend, the Black Widow, on behalf of Another. She wants the reader to help to locate Bucky Barnes; of course the reader knows where he is but, due to her protective feelings for him, doesn’t tell Anyone until she is sure that the Avengers have no ill intent towards Bucky. During this, Bucky and the reader are pursued by Hydra and Bucky’s thin grasp on his memories is challenged time and again. The reader must work quickly to save her friend from Hydra’s grasp, all while trying to untangle her true feelings for Bucky and her newly developing interest in Steve. 

Will the story have a happy ending? Only time will tell.

(Summary credits to The Introverted Photographer)

Living together: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

Getting startedPart 6Part 7 , Part 8Part 9

Wounded: Part 10Part 11Part 12

Traitor: Part 13

In the woodsPart 14Part 15

Reunited: Part 16Part 17Part 18

Detaching: Part 19Part 20 , Part 21

Goodbye, (Y/N): Part 22Part 23

Finale: Part 24

One shots

 *  Steve Rogers x Reader

Playing House“Steve, darling! You’re home” You exclaim genuinely happy, standing up to greet him with a hug, standing on your tiptoes to kiss his cheek before murmuring on his ear. “Please, help me, I’ll owe you forever”.

Privacy: Steve is already used to the way you tease him. He knows you like to kiss him goodbye in front of everyone everytime you take him back to the Tower in your car. But now he is the one that surprises you…

Maybe next time:  There are risks that Steve tries to avoid. Things that he doesn’t need in his already risky life. But then of course, he had to cross paths with her.

Christmassy“When did Santa started his diet?” You joked poking the man in the ribs, but when you saw the blue eyes and the slight blush under the white beard you tried not to laugh.

Children’s play Nathaniel cries were louder and louder, harsh screams mixed with sobs and coughs “Goddammit, Steve, bring your ass right here and give me the goddamn bottle!”

Moving on: You turned your head just in time to see the man placing the box on the ground, his broad shoulders and back muscles moving under the light jacket he was wearing … if he was your neighbor , you weren’t going to complain.

Good for the job:  It was in the moment you left when Steve realized he do wanted to settle down and have a normal life. But now he screwed everything up.

On my way (Steve/Bucky x Reader, actually):  His mind was not in the fight, unfortunately, his body was, but he didn’t care anymore, the pain in his body was nothing compared to the one he felt on his chest everytime he remembered that you wouldn’t be waiting for him.

Soup for the sick (I wrote this as a reply for a lovely person that wasn’t feeling good. It’s kind of a fluffy drabble. :)“Ooow, babe” Steve said when he saw you were lying on the couch, your body covered with used tissues. “How did you got sick?” 


* Bucky Barnes x Reader

Carry on: She is everything she isn’t supposed to be.In a world full of neon lights and bright colours that look unnatural, she’s a welcoming exception. A sight that Bucky embraces gladly when he lands eyes on her.

Freezing cold: Bucky holds your hand tighter. And yet, he feels how you and the life that he thought he’ll have, slowly slip away from him.  

Undercover:  As hard as it is to admit, the change is refreshing and he’s loving it. Of course he was reluctant at first, but now that he got used to it, he finally feels that he can go back to the old self he only knew in photographs.

Slow:  Things with Bucky were slow, painfully slow.  It took him four weeks to talk with you for the first time; it took him another four to decide he was comfortable alone with you. Almost five months passed before he allowed you to kiss him.

At nights:  Bucky looks at your attempt of smile, one of the corners of your mouth quivering, your eyes looking watery. “You don’t have to be that tough all the time, you know?”.

Attention: Bucky turns around ready to shoot at the voice, but his hand drops immediately when he sees a man holding you in front of him, blood protruding from your left side of your head.

Science project: “Sure, boss”. You nod and hurry to sit in your usual place in the lab. “How shall I store it?”.Tony grins and opens his mouth, your fingers freezing in the keyboard when you hear him speak. “What about, ‘Fuck me, Barnes’?”.

Yours: His stare feels heavy on you, his eyes wandering through your body. Your back is facing him when you start to remove one shoe, leaning to untie the ties around your ankle.“No”. His rough voice makes you stop. “Start with the dress”.

Powerful:  Bucky smirks and closes the space between the both of you, crossing his arms in front of his body nonchalantly because part of him is telling him that he will enjoy this mission. “Yes, boss”.

Helium:  Steve’s birthday wasn’t such a big deal before. They would only spend their afternoons walking around the city, watching the 4th of July fireworks from the roof and occasionally, when they could afford it, sharing a slice of cake Bucky bought in the pastry that morning.    

Faking it:  Opening the food storage, you push Bucky inside and close the door behind you, sinking in the darkness. After a few seconds of silence, Bucky is about to ask what are you doing inside the place when suddenly you break the silence. He wasn’t prepared at all for that.

Cold hands:  Your body arched from the bed as you felt his cold metal fingers tracing his way downwards through your stomach, his hair tickling your skin at the same time he was leaving wet kisses as he moved, awakening all your senses.

Before the storm:  The sudden feeling of his arm over you was strange, it was protective, soothing, his chest pressed against your back covering you from the wind. Your body immediately tensed under his touch, earning a soft giggle from him, a human sound you didn’t know he could make.

Christmas gift:  Bucky couldn’t remember when was the last time he celebrated something, it must have been back in the day when everything seemed to be easy and he was just a kid without worries, when his parents took care to put the presents under the tree for he and his sister to find the next day. When he was Steve’s Bucky.

Warming up:  Leaning down to pick you up, Bucky threw you effortlessly over his shoulder and started to walk towards the Tower pretending he couldn’t hear your protests that soon turned into laughs.

I’m here: It was oddly satisfying to return all the pain and suffering… Bucky also knew that the presence of those people meant that something was wrong. Someone, to be more precise.

Cliche Fail: Bucky would execute his plan later that afternoon during the dinner. It seemed to be a good idea…until he put it in practice.

The Painting:  Bucky was leaning on a wall, his hair pulled back and a suit that fit him perfectly, his metal hand was inside his pocket.  “You are my date?” he asked with a frown.

Old habits(Part 2 of The Painting):  The only times she and Bucky had the chance to be alone they were too tired or with too much stamina in their bodies that needed to be released… somehow.

Hiding: Truth to be told, working for Tony had its perks. You get to meet the Avengers, you’re job implied things like improving the Iron Man’s  systems, having a nice floor in the Tower…And you had the chance to spend your days around him.

*  Chris Evans x Reader

Fights like this:  It wasn’t easy, but of course you didn’t expected it to be. Being compromised with one of the emerging stars of Hollywood wasn’t an easy job and it meant that a lot of sacrifices had to be done, but yet, it was worth every minute

 *   Others:

Comic Panel: Random panels from random comics aka Me, trying to explain stuff.

Civil War 101: A guide through the Civil War comics, Bucky Barnes, the MCU parallels and basically me rambling about the whole thing. Includes a Quick reading guide.

The good, the bad and the ugly: Civil War: My review of Civil War. From the good things to the things I hated.

Jessica Jones x Bucky Barnes (drabble):  Jessica couldn’t avoid staring. It was an habit acquired as part of her daily routine, but right now, she was genuinely interested…

Drabble game:  “Are you meeting someone here? Because.. I think I’m that person.” /   “I’m not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren’t even hot.” /   “I saw that. You just checked me out.” / “can I touch your boob?” /   “You can’t die. Please don’t die.” /   “You’re beautiful, you know that?” /   “You’re jealous, aren’t you?” /   “If you don’t get turned on by having your neck kissed somethings wrong with you”.

Ephemeral: It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.It wasn’t supposed to happen so quick.There were many things that weren’t supposed to be this way.And yet, here you were, holding to the last hope of getting your life back.Or at least, holding to the hope that you could make it to the next month.

Low:  Can you do an imagine where the reader is at stark tower and is cleaning while “Low” by Flo rida is playing and the avengers walk in on her dancing to it.

Neighbors (Bucky x Reader x Steve): This was enough. Standing up so fast that you knocked down the chair, you stormed out of your apartment, slamming the door behind you and giving firm steps towards the next door, opening it without thinking it twice.

Steve x Reader x Bucky (smut drabble):  Hands. Warm and cold hands all over your body. Your vision going blank, the overwhelming sensations of two bodies encaging yours being almost too much for your mind to take. 

Disney drabble: Steve and Bucky having a Disney marathon to catch up on 70 years of classic references.

Party hard:  Bucky and Steve are always the designated drivers whenever the Avengers have a party.