all hot and bothered and jealous

I like the fics where Derek or Stiles get jealous, but what about if everyone else assumes that they’re jealous or possessive, but they really don’t give a shit because they trust each other.

“Stiles did you see Derek’s chatting with that really hot bartender?”
“I hope he’s grabbing me another beer while he’s at it.”

“Derek where’s Stiles?”
“He’s got some overnight project for his astronomy class.”
“Isn’t that the one with that guy who keeps hitting on him?”
“Don’t you care?”

“Dude, did you see that hot mom jogging with Derek?”
“I’m really impressed that she can keep up with him, I know I can’t.”
“It doesn’t bother you?”
“No why would it?”

I’m just all about Stiles and Derek trusting each other and not getting jealous when someone else flirts with them because they know at the end of the day they’re going home together. 

(Request) Keep Watch

Title: Keep Watch

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Requested by: anon

Um so I have a one shot request.. if you do them? It’s quite embarrassing but new wife reader secretly watches Negan fuck one of the others & Negan unknowing to the OC sees her & goes harder with the other wife just to impress the new wife watching and next day teases her about it and they end up fucking somewhere in the middle of the day.  if you like the idea anyway

Warnings: NSFW

Note: Extremely enjoyed writing this! Thank you, anon for this awesome and hot request! I literally had to take a short break to gain my composure back because writing this made me feel hot lmao. Hope you’d enjoy this! <3

You weren’t one to ask for sex but ever since you agreed to become Negan’s wife, your principles have slowly changed. Besides, it’s the end of the world and sex doesn’t come easy now that everyone’s been so focused on keeping themselves alive. And also, your husband was Negan and if that wasn’t enough reason for you to initiate some sexy time, then you’re probably out of your mind.

Negan wasn’t particularly the man of your dreams, hell, he’s the opposite of your dream prince charming. He was ruggedly handsome, had a foul mouth and a crude sense of humor. Not to mention, he’s killed a lot of people and felt no remorse for them. He was fucked up. Despite all these traits, you still felt a strong sense of attraction when you first arrived at the Sanctuary a couple of weeks ago. The fact that you found yourself liking Negan after knowing what’s he’d done, made you just as fucked up as him. But you couldn’t care less because this was the new world and in the new world, people don’t give a shit about anyone anymore. Negan might not be your ideal man but hell, he swept you off of your feet the first time you had talked to him.

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Reaction to You Dancing with Another Male Idol“Sexily” to Doin’ Things by Justin Guarini. . .

Anonymous said: Hi, sweetie! Great blog. I love your reactions! I had an EXO OT12 reaction request for you if you can do it. Their jealous reaction to you (an idol) dancing on stage “sexily” to the song Doin’ Things (We’re Not Supposed To) by Justin Guarini with another idol group member (Got7 - Jackson/Jaebum and SHINee Taemin/Jonghyun) - however you want to use them for each reaction. Sehun and Yixing are my fav so if you can make it more special/extra with them? Thank you if you can do it for me! *big hug*

Reaction to You Dancing with Another Male Idol “Sexily” to Doin’ Things by Justin Guarini… (Again, this is a long ass title)

A/N i gotchu Anonie, get ready for some Sehun and Yixing drama. side note – i’m not sure if i understood the role you wanted Jackson, Jaebum, Taemin and Jonghyun to take in these reactions, but i tried, so i hope i got it right, but if not lemme know babe. hope you enjoy!

For those of you who don’t know the song, here it is: >click

Kai Eonni ~


The moment he saw Jackson’s hands flutter over your hips and upper arms, Suho found it hard to keep his eyes on you. But his devotion to you and need to support you with your career was too strong for him to allow himself to look away from your truly breathtaking performance. However, the jealousy he feels pooling in his stomach reminds him that he’s not above getting jealous over a performance. After your performance is done, Suho would go back stage to congratulate you, giving you the flowers he got you. He would push his jealousy still lingering in his heart to the side for your sake and force a smile, telling you how beautiful you were. He would be civil with Jackson as well, giving him the well known man-to-man pat on the back, congratulating Jackson as well. Unlike the other members though, this jealousy wouldn’t last long and he would soon forget it and would be able to enjoy the videos of the performance much more now that it wasn’t live and he didn’t have to watch another man touching you right there in front of his eyes.

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He would not be having it. As much as he wanted to support you, this was just not his thing. He would decide that coming to your performance was enough support, so therefore, he would glare as Jaebum who was – according to Kyungsoo – getting too touchy with you. He would roll his eyes when Jaebum would send you a wink or a heart-stopping smirk. Afterwards he would ask you, in a teasing manner, if you had fun flirting with another man. He would tease you all the way home, making sure that you want him, but he wouldn’t give you anything or even let you touch him, this being your punishment for getting him jealous like that. And believe me, you’re going to bed with nothing except the feeling of being all hot and bothered. This boi knows self-restraint.

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He would hate this and would get salty with you when you meet up with him after your performance with Taemin. Chanyeol hated this who situation, you dancing to such a sexy song in the first place, plus the fact it had to be with another guy, Taemin no less who we all admit is a sexy beast, and the fact that that sexy beast’s choreography included him putting his hands where only Chanyeol believes his hands should go. Then adding the fact that Chanyeol was getting mad at you, even though it’s not your fault just makes Chanyeol extremely frustrated. He would end up pouting and becoming very clingy to you, snuggling against you on the couch and mumbling an apology to you as he averts his gaze, not able to get the courage to look you in the eyes, feeling too guilty for giving you attitude. The next day he would make you breakfast and coffee – or try to – and compliment yesterdays performance and how beautiful you truly were.

(i spy a Chanyeol fairy – but like seriously, doesn’t he look like a magical fairy??)

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The most mature out of the boys. He doesn’t like sitting here watching Jonghyun touch you and look at you like he’s actually in love you, but Xiumin is mature enough to remind himself that this is just a performance and that in the end, the only thing that matters is that you did well, looked beautiful and did something that you’re passionate about. Still though, he loves you, and so it can’t be helped when a pang of jealousy shoots through his heart when Jonghyun strokes you hip and looks into your eyes at the line “But I can’t help myself, ‘cause I’d rather be with you…” After the performance, he would be happy that it’s over, but also insanely proud of you how good you were. He would pull you into a hug and just focus on the fact that you were in his arms again. This would be all that was needed to erase that jealousy from him completely. He would quickly congratulate Jonghyun, then quickly thoughts of taking you out to dinner so he could have you all to himself would consume his thoughts.

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[dedicated to requesting Anonie, Lay’s a bae]

You had talked to Lay about the fact that you would be dancing with Jackson for this performance. You wanted to get it out there, your relationship based on mutual trust and honesty. You didn’t have much to worry about, you knew that, after all, Lay was very trusting of you and didn’t seem to get jealous much, though you didn’t have many chances to test that, his members being the only guys you hung out with in front of him. However, Lay confirmed that he was okay with you sharing the performance with Jackson, saying, “I know, it’s just a performance after all, right?” You nod, and in return he would smile. “What I’m really looking forward to is cheering my Jagi on. I’ll be right in the front row cheering you on, okay? So do your best, and I’ll do my best to cheer for you.” This would end with a promise from both sides, both of you looking forward to tomorrow. The following day, you had to leave early to get ready, but you were looking forward to trying to find your boyfriend in the audience, this being the cause as to why it was hard to concentrate with all the giddiness running through your veins. The moment the performance started and you were on stage, you were both focusing on the dance while also scanning the audience for your boyfriend. Lay was sitting there right in front, watching you, at first he was hyped as the music started and you began moving across the stage in choreography that was smooth and graceful. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from your beautiful form, feeling pride grow in his heart, spreading a smile across his face at the thought that you were his girlfriend. However, this moment didn’t last as long as Lay would have liked as Jackson slowly began moving closer to you as the song progressed, his hands getting more touchy and the looks he shot you getting more suggestive. Lay couldn’t tell if it was just him being a boyfriend and being sensitive at another guy looking at you, or if what he was seeing was correct. But the feeling that was crippling his heart was unsettling, and he found himself not enjoying the performance as much as he would have liked. When you met him behind stage with a big smile of your own, Jackson by your side, Lay gave you a big smile that you could tell was strained. You hugged him and asked what’s wrong, but Lay just gently shook his head, meaning now wasn’t the time. He congratulated both of you, giving Jackson praise. Quickly you two got out of there, and when at home, there was still some tension thickening the air around you guys. “Yixing, please tell me what’s wrong now…” “To be honest, I thought it wouldn’t bother me that much, but seeing Jackson get so close to you… It hurt, and I wish it didn’t, because I wanted to be there to support you and cheer for you, but it was like everything in my mind went blank except for the thought that another man was putting his hands on you…” This honesty would make you smile in understand, and gently you would pull him into a hug. “I get it, but, hey, you stayed through the entire thing, right? That’s all I asked for, and you did it. Thank you.” This would make Lay smile, needing you to hear that even though he got jealous, you weren’t mad at him. “Always Jagi.”

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He would get a little annoyed with how much Jaebum was touching you, but he would over all be chill about it. He has so much confidence in you and your relationship that he would just be so hyped with how sexy you were that that was all that was on his mind. After the performance is over he would squeeze you in a tight huge with a huge smile, practically squealing with how amazing you were and how lucky he was that you were his girlfriend. He would spend days bragging about how sexy you were, and even coming at the other members saying how they probably wished you were their girlfriend instead of his.

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This would annoy him to no end. He knows he’s good looking, he loves you and you love him and he trusts your relationship, but he never likes competition when it comes to his girlfriend. And Taemin is competition in his mind. He would keep a stoic expression through the whole performance, but after the show when you two are alone he would complain to you with questions like, “Did he really need to touch you that much?” or “You guys got a little friendly up there huh?” This would be his attitude for an hour or so after the concert is over and you two are home, but eventually he would feel guilty and would apologize and try to express his feelings as best he can.

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He would be come so moody. After the concert ends and you and Jonghyun walk off stage with the audience going crazy, Baekhyun would be overcome with jealousy. You would ask what he thought of your performance with Jonghyun and Baekhyun wouldn’t answer, his childish side kicking in and him going with giving you the cold shoulder. He knows it’s wrong, but he already started and his pride would get in the way of him apologizing. However, you would give the cold shoulder back, and eventually he would need your attention and confirmation that you still love him, and so he would become whiny, asking you to talk to him again, and this would push him to apologize finally. Though he would refuse to ever watch the performance, the images bringing up that feeling of jealousy all over again.

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He would be a jealous mess about this whole situation. He would immediately grow to dislike Jackson only because he was touching you and flirting with you. He actually would like Jackson any other time, but when you were involved, he disliked him. He wouldn’t complain to you though, thinking that jealousy was a sign of weakness or was somehow less manly, and therefore he would refuse to show you any insecurities he had. He would just simply compliment you about you dancing and how beautiful you were and just pretend Jackson wasn’t in the equation.

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He would become the sassy Tao we’ve all grown to love and appreciate. However he would deal with it in a different manner than the other guys, which would be to just pretend that Jaebum wasn’t even there. He would just focus all his attention on you, and when Jaebum was caressing your hip, Tao would just cheer for you louder than before. After you were done and asked Tao how he thought you and Jaebum did he would simply reply with a, “Oh, you were great Jagi.” A sweet and innocent smile plastered on his face.

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[dedicated to requesting Anonie, we share the same hubby]

He would be slightly offended and wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that he wasn’t pleased with how touchy you and Taemin were. When you got alone time with him in your dressing room he would snap at you, “Why would you let your choreographer make a dance that intimate with another guy? Then invite me to your performance?” His words would tumble out, unable to control how annoyed he was with everyone involved. Himself mainly because he knew he was letting his jealousy get the best of him and it wasn’t at all your fault. “Um, maybe because you’re my boyfriend and I thought it would be nice to have you here to support me. But clearly I thought wrong.” You reply, regretting ever inviting him if this was how he was going to react. You thought he would be mature enough to handle a simple dance, you knew he was moody and a little unpredictable with how he would react to things, but he’s never shown jealousy with other guys before, and so you thought this wouldn’t be a big deal. “Just go Sehun. I’ll call you tomorrow.” You dismiss him, knowing he would hate it, but knowing you two need your space before things are said that both of you would regret right after they were spoken. There was a silence before Sehun spoke again, this time in a calmer manner. “How are you going to get home?” He was going to be your ride home, Taemin had invited you to a dinner with him and the rest of his members, but you had earlier declined, thinking you and Sehun could have your own dinner together in celebration. You guessed that the invite from Taemin would still be open, so you answer without looking up at Sehun, shrugging as you begin to gather your things. “I guess I’ll go with Taemin. He had invited me to dinner earlier with him and his group members, so I guess I’ll take him up on that offer now.” This set Sehun off, anger growing inside as he angrily ran a hand through his hair. “You can’t be serious.” Those four words snapping something inside of you as you whip around and glare at him. “Oh I am. You made me ashamed for doing something that I’m passionate about. You made me feel horrible for doing something that makes me happy. Taemin doesn’t matter, it could have been with a girl, a dog, anything else, and I wouldn’t have cared Sehun. You know why? Because it was the dancing that made me happy, not Taemin’s hands on me. I would have been thrilled if it was you Sehun, if I was given the offer to give money to have it be you instead of Taemin, I would have paid in an instant. But that’s not the case, and I’m sorry for that. But can’t you just be happy for me that I was able to have this opportunity?” Sehun would fall silent at your honest words. It would take a while for him to swallow his pride, but it was you, and for you he, Oh Sehun, would give up his cold, uncaring and prideful appearance if that meant you would smile again. He slowly rises his gaze to meet your pleading one, and speaks in a quiet tone. “I know and I’m sorry. I knew from the beginning that I was wrong for snapping at you. I never meant to make you…” It was hard to say the words, his heart pinching at the thought that he made you feel such horrible emotions. “To make you feel ashamed or horrible. You were beautiful, and amazing up there. Really.” You smile and know that that’s going to be the closest to an apology you’ll get out of him for now. You have to be honest, he has improved from when you first started dating him, back then he never would have said something like this. Probably would have stormed out and refuse to talk until the next day. Only for the argument to be forgotten and him getting away with not apologizing. You walk over and pull Sehun into your arms. “I forgive you. Just remember it’s all about the dancing and not who I’m with. Okay?” “I’m sorry…” He mumbles again, nuzzling his face into your hair, both ashamed for his actions and embarrassed for admitting he was wrong. “God what are you doing to me…?” He groans. You pull back and laugh at him clearly not liking to apologize. “Turning you into a decent man is what I’m trying to do.” At that he responds with his signature eye roll, but not holding back the smile that spreads across his lips.

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He would would be a mix. On the one hand he would be okay with it, knowing that it was just part of your job with Jonghyun, but on the other hand… Well another man is touching you. He would try to stay positive for you, but it would be hard when Jonghyun would grab your hips and move against you in a slow sensual way with the music. Afterwards he would congratulate you and Jonghyun, though he would be more tense with Jonghyun. Later he would cuddle with you and tell you how he felt about Jonghyun touching you, but he would also not be able to stop talking about how beautiful you were and how he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

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Monsta X reaction to you getting close with a hot guy from work

A/N: This is just my humble opinion, I hope you like how I wrote them. It’s all about perceptions and sometimes I feel like people write Idols using clichés about their life like: napping, eating, cooking, etc… It bothers me because they’re humans with personalities, qualities and defaults like everybody… Enjoy, x.


Shownu would calmly ask you questions about him, not because he’s worried, but because he’s always interested in your life and wants to know who you hang out with. He might seem a little detached, but this man cares deeply about you. He’s just not the jealous type and truly enjoys independency from both sides in a relationship. I hope you were not trying to get a reaction from him, because that’s never going to happen. If that’s the case, you would end up hurt, misunderstanding his feelings towards you.


This ray of sunshine would immediately get jealous and be vocal about it. I mean, you are his world and he doesn’t want another guy to be close friend with you. Minhyuk is sensitive and intense, so his emotions would be easy to read. He would also tell you very frankly he doesn’t like you hanging out with this guy and everything about his insecurities. He deeply values honesty and trust in your relationship so he would never play mind game with you because he’s jealous. If Minhyuk met the guy, he would act coldly but you would be the only one catching on. This man can’t stay reserved or cold for long anyway. 


Let’s be clear, if you got Kihyun to be invested in a love relationship in the first place, you are an enchantress and as exciting as he is. This man is too optimistic and confident about love to care about this other guy. It’s because you both know how strong your bound is and that you are in it for the long run. He hates clingy people so he likes the fact that you have friends and a life besides him. He would find it exciting to hang out in your social circle.


Oh boy. Wonho might be giving a strong confident vibe, but seeing you hang out with a hot guy would bring out his deep insecurities faster than you can say “ramen”. He’s very afraid of losing you, because when this man is in love, he gives his everything to his partner. Wonho wouldn’t even be jealous, he blindly trusts you no matter what, but he would get touchy and sensitive every time the other guy is mentioned. If he ever met him, he would work hard to charm him and probably act overly romantic with you to show off his devotion.


If you settle down with this man, you deserve an award for your patience, but you both know it’s for the long run. He probably openly plans your future together, which can be nice, but also very demanding. He can get possessive and he wouldn’t like you spending free time with someone else. He’s confident and would not be jealous at all, but he expects a lot of you and your relationship. If your new friend isn’t part of his original plans, good luck trying to hang out with him. Hyungwon can be inflexible and uncompromising, so it’s either you’re all in or you’re out. (No pun intended)


If you bruised his ego by hanging out with this hot guy, there’s a chance Jooheon would turn a bit into an insulted child as he takes everything personal. You would have to be the one confronting him about it, because he hates fighting with you and often avoids sensitive subjects. Oh yes, he would get mad jealous. Even if he understands that the guy is just a friend and is quite the social butterfly himself, Jooheon would sulk until you reassure him enough. Even after all that, he would still openly hate the guy.


O.K. Lord help you with this one, I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes. I WOULD LOVE IT. Changkyun can be a bit of a puzzle if you date him because he’s SO hard to read. That boy would get very jealous, he’s unsure how secure your relationship is despite all your efforts and isn’t that confident about your bound. He might secretly ask Shownu, Jooheon or Wonho for advice because they’re older and great listeners. The maknae would probably act especially distant and detached towards you, which would freak you out. He still likely won’t say anything and if you can’t guess why he’s becoming involuntary cold and get hurt by it, it would be hard for your relationship. Cheer up, Jooheon would probably get annoyed by this situation and spill the truth because he hates misunderstandings so much.

- Lyly :)

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Sonia is surprised by the swimming pool, which is not at all the sewer she expected it to be, and the people using its clean and sparkling facilities seem to be equally as agreeable- nobody seems to have any terrible communicable skin diseases, at least. Damo gives her a big bear-hug but she isn’t allowed to chat to him for very long (she can’t even determine whether he is affected by drugs, but then again he is probably what Apollo’s daytime chat shows refer to as a high-functioning addict) because the front counter is quite busy: he lends she and Roy two towels which makes her dubious, what if they are from lost property and are covered in other people’s sweat and excretions and dead skin cells? but Damo notices the expression on her face and assures her that they are his own towels brought from home, and they certainly seem very clean and she is only going to be lying on it while clothed so really, there’s nothing for her to worry about.

Roy whistles loudly at her from the diving board when she appears in her new swimsuit- she clicks her tongue at him (even though she is secretly gratified) and lays Damo’s towel down on the concrete and lies on her stomach and closes her eyes, the sun’s rays spreading across her shoulder blades making her feel soft and drowsy.  She isn’t sure whether she has drifted off to sleep for a short time or has simply been narcotized by the warmth of the sun, but she is slowly made aware of someone standing in front of her. She moves her head and opens one eye. Someone with smooth, slender yet muscular brown legs. 

Sonia pulls herself up onto her feet. It is a female pool attendant. She gives Sonia a smile that makes Sonia’s face and chest feel almost as warm as her back. She introduces herself as Claudia. 

Claudia: I thought I’d come and say hello because you don’t seem like you’re a local. Have you visited our pool before?
Sonia: No, I’m from Bridgeport. My name’s Sonia.
Claudia: That’s great. It’s lovely to meet you, Sonia. How are you liking Appaloosa so far?
Sonia: Well, everyone seems very nice. And very friendly.
Claudia: Oh, we’re very friendly.

Claudia now seems to be staring at her cleavage, but it’s difficult to tell behind her sunglasses. Sonia pauses.

Sonia: We’re in town visiting my husband’s family.
Claudia: Oh, you have a husband? That’s a shame. I was hoping…never mind. I don’t want to lose my job. I’m sorry for bothering you-
Sonia: Wait! You’re not bothering me at all. Please. Stay and talk for a little while.
Claudia: If you’re sure it’s alright…is your husband here?
Sonia: Yes, he’s just over there.

She scans the large pool for Roy. She spots his head bobbing in the water and waves. He waves back. Claudia coyly dips her head.

Claudia: He’s hot. I don’t want to make him jealous, though…
Sonia: Oh no, it’s okay. He’s fine. He’s totally fine with me talking to other women. He’s actually very understanding of….of my needs.
Claudia: Needs?

Sonia takes a deep breath. She smiles bravely, her chin raised, her voice steady.

Sonia: Yes. My needs. I love my husband but…I love women too. 
Claudia: Oh my God, I knew it. My radar’s never wrong! Listen, Sonia…forgive me for being too forward, but…have you and your husband ever had a threesome?

First Sneak Peek for 'Justin gets jealous over Clay - part 3'

“Mr. Foley, could you please read us the next paragraph?” Ms. Tanner calls out to him. “Y-Yes.” Justin stutters out, holding back a moan. ‘I bet he now regrets leaving me in the boys washroom all hot and bothered.’ I think smugly.

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pairing: Dean Ambrose x Reader

request:   Can you do a Dean Ambrose imagine that involved him being kinda jealous and protective over reader and it makes her all hot and bothered seeing him angry like that.

warnings: strong language, implied smut

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anonymous asked:

Okay so I also watched the Bronze, but is it just me or is his character super hot??? Like when he says "my girl(s)"!!! I want to be one of his girls lmao


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Hi sorry if i bother but do you know more sterek as both agents or cops, new ones? and do you update it if there is an tag? ☺️ Thank you!


No bother at all :) Here are some deputy/cop sterek fics. Also the seriously outdated officer fic list is here 

we can take our time by  KouriArashi | 17.4K

Tact and social mores are completely relegated to the back of Derek’s brain, and without thinking, he blurts out, “Did you spend your heat alone?”

Stiles’ head jerks around in surprise, and then he flushes pink and looks away. His voice comes out brusque and unfriendly. “Not that it’s any of your business, but I spend every heat alone.”

The Accidental Hale Brood by  Julibean19 | 42.3K

The one in which Stiles and Derek have been BCPD partners for years when they are assigned Halloween duty and run into a couple of kids from the orphanage. One fake marriage and two real adoptions later, they somehow become a family.

begin again by  bleep0bleep | 2.5K

Ten years ago Derek turned down Stiles for prom.

Now it’s high school reunion time.

A Start by  Inell | 1.4K

Derek’s acting like a jealous boyfriend. The only issue? He and Stiles aren’t dating.

finger on the trigger and all fired up by  tryslora | 6.4K

Derek goes undercover to expose a drug trafficking ring running inside of a porn studio. What he finds is Stiles.

Hot and Bothered (but mostly just bothered) by  kitsunequeen | 2.3K

You’re the newbie in the station, and damn you’re hot, bUT DID YOU JUST ARREST MY SIBLING?“ au

No Refunds or Exchanges by  badwolfbadwolf | 18.9K

Stiles is the newest deputy in the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department, and has maybe just been a little in love with Derek Hale since Stiles had made a fool of himself in front of him at the SD summer picnic a few years ago. Being married to him—only for the sake of not getting deported—is going to suck in new and unusual ways.

487 by  Finduilas | 52.8K

Two years after graduating from the Police Academy, Stiles decides to transfer to the Beacon Hills Police Department, where his father is Chief. But when he gets assigned his new partner, Stiles isn’t so sure if the transfer was a good idea. Derek ‘Officer Grumpy Cat’ Hale isn’t exactly his first choice of partner. Then again, Stiles really isn’t Derek’s first choice either.

Plus One by   eeyore9990 | 3K

When Derek receives an invitation to what should have been his ten year class reunion, he panics a little. He’s barely got his life together and the invitation specifies a plus one. Thankfully, Stiles is there to help him out.

Say It With Me (Don’t Assume) by  KuriKuri | 11.5K

Derek knows way too much about how omega heat suppressants work now, after having been partnered with Stiles for as long as he has. They’re probably his favorite thing to bitch about whenever they’re stuck on a stakeout. Of course, omegas on the force aren’t required to take them. Derek’s never really understood why Stiles does, if he hates them so much, especially –

– especially because he’s bonded.

You’ve Got Something I Need by  paradis | 11.4K

There is a moment, right when they meet, that Stiles thinks, I could really fall in love with this man.

And he doesn’t even try to fight it.

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Can you do a drarry where Draco has a pet snake and after draco and harry get together the snake is always telling all embarrassing moments in dracos life or his secrets or the ramblings that he does out aloud when harry is not around. Draco is equal parts exasperated and annoyed but he secretly is a little amused. Plus the snake also has a habit of crawling all over harry and twining itself on harry's arm or leg and it gets draco all hot and bothered and a little jealous

Hi dude! 

Sorry for the delayed response, but I love this idea!! 

I love it so much…I already have it in a fic!  I know you’re all sick of hearing this, but there is a cute snake and quite a bit of Parseltongue in Healing Hands, my full length WIP Drarry story. I have tentatively set aside July to blitz through the end of this fic and FINALLY release it for the summer.  So, cross your fingers and your toes!!

Juliet xxx

requested by anonymous: I hope you’re having a FANTASTIC day! I seriously check your blog every day omg. Could I pls request a (jealous) Sonny x reader where they’re dating & she has to go undercover and gets all dolled up/sexy & in a tight dress and pumps and he’s all hot&bothered in surveillance??? And wicked jealous when she has to flirt w their suspect who gets handsy with her and the rest of the squad teases Sonny abt being jealous?? (bonus if u insert some jealous Sonny sexytime after in there) love you!!!!

i changed the prompt a little bit and honestly i’m shitting myself @ the title why am i like this also i lowkey feel like sonny is v ooc -e

word count: 2185

warnings: nsfw content, female reader, cursing, mentions of rape

masterlist - request

He’s so mad, sitting in the back of a dusty delivery van. The anger is pulsing through his veins. Blinding him. Deafening him. All he can think about is you.

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Help me practice series: (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT 

Summary: College!AU
The reader has never been kissed and as a guy starts to take interest in her, she asks Dean, her best friend, to help her practice. After they kiss, none of them seem to be able to keep holding back the feelings they have for each other.

“Help me practice” Masterlist

Thank you: (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT

Summary: Reader and Dean are alone at the bunker, just relaxing a little, and Dean decides to help the reader relax in a more pleasurable way.

Thank You

Yes, sir (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT

Summary: You go to a bar to have some fun and unwind a little, and the green-eyed stranger you meet is more than happy to help!

Yes, sir

Yes, sir 2

Little Fantasies (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT

Request: Reader and the Winchesters have to go undercover in a high school to solve a case and the Reader has to go as a cheerleader, which provides Dean an excuse to live out his fantasy.

Little Fantasies 

Changes series: (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT

Summary: Dean walks in on the Reader changing her clothes, and he can’t help but seeing her in a completely different way from that moment on. + Imagine being friends with Dean and one day while goofing off, he finds out you have a hair pulling kink, so he makes you moan for him.


Jealous boyfriend

He knows

Hey, babe

Back together

Make it stop, please… series: (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT

Summary: While on a case with Dean, Crowley puts a spell on the Reader, where she almost orgasms, but never really reaches that point, so she is left all hot and bothered and frustrated; and the only way to break the spell is by experiencing a real orgasm *nudge, nudge* + imagine whispering in Dean’s ear all the things you’re gonna do to him when you get back to the Bunker.

Make it stop, please

Hunting partner

Need to touch you


Make it up

Make the most of it

Always: (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT

Request: I was wondering if you’d write a deanxreader fic, please? The reader is usually a happy bubblytype of person. You’d have to really get on her last nerve to piss her off. The Winchesters have never seen this side of her. So, they’re celebrating after a tough hunt. Along with Castiel and Charlie. They go to a bar. And are pretty chill. Then these frat boys start saying some nasty things to the reader and Charlie, they ignore them. They’re just drunks, but then they get pretty nasty to the point that the boys and even Castiel are gonna jump in. But the reader beats them to it. And her temper explodes. Maybe I gave to much detail, I just want a fic along these lines and somehow incorporate a deanxreader relationship. Or starting one after the incident.


You deserved it, baby: (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT

Request: Can you do a Dean X reader where she had been studying all night and is really frustrated and Dean helps take the stress away (smut pls) and dirty talk *I have been studying all night and could use some Dean Winchester

You deserved it, baby

I’m here now, sweetheart: (Dean Winchester×Reader) LIGHT SMUT

Request: Hey! Can I request a one shot where the reader goes missing for like a week and Dean/Sam are super worried about her, and then she calls them on a payphone crying and freaking out because she doesn’t remember anything from the past week? Fluff? Thanks :)

I’m here now, sweetheart

Ready? series: (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT

Summary: Reader and Dean are best friends. One day she walks in on him watching porn and they decide to make a bet.


Your choice

I always keep my promises

Screen saver

Mine: (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT this was the first fic I’d ever written…so yeah, it kinda sucks *grin*

Summary: Dean is in love with the reader but he doesn’t tell her and she’s convinced that he hates her till one day Sam and the reader decide to prank Dean making him think that they’re dating which leads Dean to confess his feelings for the reader.



Dreams drabble: (Dean Winchester×Reader)


Heat: (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT

Summary: Dean is working on Baby and the Reader joins him to keep him company, but things get a little more heated than expected.


Apologies: (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT

Summary: Reader gets mad after Dean leaves her back at the bunker during a hunt, so he tries everything in his power to get her to forgive him.


Apologies 2

Apologies 3

Apologies 4

Belong to: (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT

Request: The Reader wears thigh highs and Dean gets turned on by the while thing.

Summary: The Reader gets jealous and a little insecure when she sees Dean eyeing another woman at a bar, and later Dean sees a man flirting with the Reader so he gets jealous too. They go back to the bunker and have an argument which ends up being solved with Dean reassuring the Reader that she’s the only girl he wants.

Belong to

Write it down for me: (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT

Summary: The Reader keeps reading the “Supernatural” books even after Dean asks her to stop, so he tells her that he wants to read about her as well.

Write it down for me

Write it down for me 2

Write it down for me 3

Make me wanna die: (Dean Winchester×Reader) LIGHT ANGST

Summary: Dean keeps doing everything in his power to push the Reader away, believing it to be the best way to keep her safe.

Request: Could you please do a song fic about to “Make me wanna die” by The Pretty Reckless.

Make me wanna die

Boredom takes over: (Dean Winchester×Reader) LIGHT SMUT(ish)

Summary: Dean confesses to the Reader that he thinks she’s the most boring person he’s ever met, and she decides to show him just how wrong that statement is.

Boredom takes over

Movie Night: (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT

Summary: Dean takes the Reader to the movies because they’re screening her favorite movie and things get heated after he gets jealous of her celebrity crush.

Movie Night

Interviews: (Dean Winchester×Reader) SMUT

Summary: Dean gets jealous when the Reader flirts with an officer to get the information they need, so he decides to confront her about it in the bathroom, ending up drawing some unexpected attention.

Request: Dean and the Reader having public sex and getting caught.


Memory Foam: (Dean Winchester×Reader) FLUFF

Summary: The Reader can’t fall asleep because of the recurring nightmares she has, so Dean helps her through them.

Request: Dean and the Reader sleeping together for the first time with no smut.

Memory Foam

Ice-cream break: (Dean Winchester×Reader) FLUFF

Request: Imagine the Reader is dyslexic, but she doesn’t tell the boys because she’s really embarrassed by it but they find out anyways because she gets frustrated and starts crying.

Ice-cream break

Rougher Than The Rest (OQ)

For OQ Rough Smut Week, day 7: Halloween. @oqcelebration
Rated M,

Tagging my lovelies @the-notsoevil-queen, @ginaandrobbie, @theonewithoutaclue, @storiesseldomtold cuz i’m nice



Well it’s Saturday night,
You’re all dressed up in blue,

I’ve been watching you awhile,
Maybe you’ve been watching me too…



He should have seen it coming.

His wife’s temper – it drives him mad – has always been one of the entrancing, fascinating details of her, but hell, he’s always been more than capable of handling it.

Tonight, though, right before they left for the party, they were yelling in the bedroom – it’s been a while since their last fight, and her wrath mounts and mounts and finally explodes, and of course it had to be precisely before of the Halloween party, of course. Words have cut and bruised, coming not only from her, but also from him – he has seen her close to tears, her carefully applied make-up melting just a bit.

Fine,” she has said at the end, and he has watched, horrified, as her well-tested, cold mask of disdain slipped into place. “As much as I’d like to keep going, we have a place to go to. If you want to keep throwing a fuss, I suggest we rain check, thief.”

He has opened his mouth, like a fool, but the door has slammed, and right after one second he has heard her, downstairs, listing recommendations to Henry and Violet – about Roland, and the baby, and something concerning pizza and a movie. She’s stormed outside; he’s gone after her, throwing a quick goodbye to the kids. Henry’s concerned frown was immediately burned into his retina.

So yes, he should have seen it coming. After all, damn it, she has spent something like forty years trying to destroy her step-daughter, he knew that some not-so-buried part of her likes revenge so much. She’s good at it.

Revenge, is Regina leaning on the counter, in the very spooky and festive Main Room of the Town Hall. Revenge, is Regina sometimes throwing looks at him – as she flirts with Jefferson, of all people.

That, and the dress she is wearing.

It doesn’t help him, for sure.

She’s refused to wear one of her dresses as the Evil Queen – those black, or  royal blue, or crimson red garments that he’s come to cherish during their escapades, during the Missing Year. Because she wanted a normal dress, Robin, for once, thank you so much, but bloody hell – the effect – the effect is equally arousing.

She looks like a lady, every bit regal and composed as always, with one of those long dresses, imperial-style, he believes… it hugs her body as if it has directly been modelled from her curves.

And Jefferson looks at her cleavage more than at her eyes.

He’s fuming, from his corner.
He’s surprised his glass hasn’t shattered yet.

He knows she isn’t drunk yet – that her game is perfectly controlled, every ounce of flirting carefully pondered, addressed at the other man, but directed towards him like one of his arrows. He wonders, for a second, if Jefferson is aware of this – but he must be. He bets she has whispered in the Hatter’s ear something like Back me up on this, will you?

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yesiamanerd  asked:

Do y'all have any fics were tons of people flirt with Stiles, but he is totally oblivious to it? Preferably ones where Derek is really jealous. Thanks so much ♡

HEY-O yesiamanerd (rockin’ URL btw)

You’re not the only one who asked this:

We got an Anon for it! And, your fanfiction wish is our fanfiction command! Enjoy the jealousy (and flirting)!

Delirious by eeyore9990

1,238 I Scent Marking
Teen and Up
When Stiles shows up to a planning session in Danny’s shirt, Derek is unhappy.

Monsters of the Green-Eyed Variety by lielabell

1,261 I Established Relationship
Derek is not jealous because Derek doesn’t do jealousy. It’s pointless. A waste of time. So, no. Not something he indulges in. He’s above all that.
Or at least that’s what he tells himself, anyway.

No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk by bleep0bleep

1,285 I Brief Deputy Parrish/Stiles
Teen and Up
Kyle catches Derek’s eye briefly, and Derek twitches and mentally tries to prepare himself for an confrontation or argument with his ex, but what happens next completely takes him by surprise.
Stiles comes out of the Baked Goods aisle next, a bright smile lighting up his face and flailing wildly, thrusting two boxes of brownie mix box at Kyle, and then throws his arms around Kyle’s shoulders.

A Jolt of Espresso by Leela, and qafmaniac

1,718 I First Kiss, First Time
Teen and Up
Unwillingly, one begrudged step at a time, Derek makes his way over to the table where Stiles is sitting with that guy.

Five Times Derek Is Jealous and One Time Stiles Is by thecheekydragon

1,990 I Cuddling and Snuggling
Teen and Up
Just like it says on the tin: Five times Derek is jealous and one time Stiles is

Deputized by WhoNatural

2,423 I Unrequited Parrish/Stiles
Teen and Up
temporarily act or speak as a deputy.
synonyms: stand in for, sit in for, fill in for, cover for, substitute for, replace
””He’s too old for you,” Derek grunts, and, shit - Stiles looks indignant.

Jealousy is a Fickle Beast by stileskolpath

3,005  I  Knotting
“The guy walked by the bar and paused. Literally stopped. in. his. tracks. He gave Stiles the up-down with his eyes, practically undressing him where he stood next to Derek. He flicked a small smile toward Stiles, a sharp, sour scent oozing from his pores and sticking to the back of Derek’s throat with want. The werewolf fought down a gag. Stiles nodded at the guy politely, and Derek let a deep, instinctive growl slip from his throat.
He was not okay with that. Any of it. At all. And the frequency with which it happened when they went out was… yeah, too much. Was Stiles like, everyone’s type, or something? Just his luck.”
a.k.a. the one time that Derek gets jealous of the guy hitting on Stiles, and immediately regrets it.

If You’re Wondering by Meeya8587

3,134 I Fluff and Crack
Teen and Up
If he didn’t know any better, he’d swear that he’s got a spell or jinx on him that warns the packs back home whenever his V-card’s in danger of being punched. Every. time. Stiles has been this close to getting it on with someone (and once, someones), someone calls him with an ‘emergency’.

It’s Not so Much Old Fashioned Traditionalism (as it is that Derek is in love with Stiles) by paradis

3,558 I Original Female Character
Teen and Up
“You don’t want kids?” Derek pounces on her question immediately.
“You do want kids?” Lauren asks Stiles, pointedly ignoring Derek.
“Wow, this escalated really quickly,” Stiles squeaks. And then, “I think I smell something burning!”

Pining With a Side Order of Courtship— Done Backwards, of Course by lielabell

4,126 I Pining, Fluff and Angst
Stiles isn’t exactly sure how much time he spends detailing the wondrous miracle that is his beautiful, magical gift of comics, but Derek doesn’t snarl or snap at him or anything. In fact, he seems oddly indulgent. And does that weird scenting shit again— this time just his neck, thank baby Jesus. Stiles is sure that having a fully human Derek rub his face against Stiles’s crotch would end in the most awkward and uncomfortable situation of all time. So, yeah, it’s a good thing that Derek just, you know, sniffs and licks at his neck. Because all that does is make Stiles squeak. And that’s pretty par for the course as far as his interactions with Derek have been going lately.

You’re The Obi-Wan For Me by lupus

4,697 I First Kiss, First Time
Based on an anon’s prompt (which I don’t have verbatim sorry!): Parrish paying attention to/flirting with Stiles at the station and Derek being really jealous but Stiles just thinks he’s being an asshole.

all you’re giving me is friction by drunktuesdays

4,707 I Original Characters, Crack (Like ridiculous as fuck)
Stiles is Alpha bait.

Tease by katrint

4,852 I Established Relationship
Stiles is used to Derek being all growly, claiming and rough when he gets jealous, but when something that usually would make Derek all the above happens, and Derek shows no interest in Stiles whatsoever, Stiles starts to worry.

An Alphas Claim by superpotterlock (fvalconbridge)

5,333 I Future Fic
Apparently, Stiles was some kind of magnet for hot, older guys. Which would all be fine and dandy (and really flattering) if they didn’t howl at the moon on a regular basis. Not that it really bothered him, because Derek’s werewolf stamina - yeah, that was freaking amazing. But now, the only guys who wanted to fuck him were psychopaths! Not that he was calling Derek a psychopath… Except he kind of was…

Hot Damn by Super_Secret_Slash_Agent

6,324 I 7/7 I Everyone Wants Stiles
Tagged: Rape/Non-Con Elements
Stiles has no idea why all the werewolves suddenly see him as the most attractive guy in the universe, on a scale of 1 to GQ he was maybe a game show host, good looking enough to put in front of a camera but with a stunning assistant to keep the audience engaged. He just wishes it would stop, it was seriously getting into the bad touch and he was seriously considering asking Derek to make them stop.
or, Stiles is suddenly hot, werewolves in heat all want a piece of that and Derek has a little green monster on his back called jealousy.

We’re Just Friends by Destroyingtocreate

6,468 I Car Sex
Danny and Stiles are lab partners and Derek always comes around when they’re together and repeatedly tells Stiles to not hang out with Danny.

Big Teeth Small Kiss by scottstiles

7,678 I 5/5 I Girl!Stiles
Stiles starts dating and Derek doesn’t handle it well.
The one where Stiles starts dating and Derek gets irrationally jealous. Then he comes up with stupid, petty reasons as to why (insert Stiles’s current fling’s name here) isn’t good enough for her and (not so subtly) sabotages her relationships.

the weird awkward family reunion of the hales by chupachups

8,032  I  Getting Together
“God,“ Stiles breathes out, his jaw hanging somewhere around his knees.
The wall of muscles, dark and tall and handsome, laughs and says: “It’s Dan, actually.”

The Summer Pact by AbandonShip

8,681  I  8/8  I  Soulmates, Packmom!Stiles
Set right after the Season Two Finale. This is based off the theory that Stiles helped Derek over the summer. Derek, Isaac and Peter seek out Stiles’ help to find Boyd and Erica:
“So uh, I get to do all the dirty work, huh?” Stiles says. “Miss out on all the action you’ll have to deal with…” Derek already has one his legs swung over the ledge.
“Trust me,” Derek slowly looks Stiles up and down. “You’ll be getting plenty of action.”
The alpha swings his other leg over the edge and jumps, leaving Stiles to wonder what the heck that even means.

Okay, I hope this pleases you and that you like the jealousy! 

Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf

Of Sailors and Moons

GASP! Is this a continuation of Of Tuxedos and Masks? Yes. Yes it is. Still with these two dorks being silly and making out.

This thing barrelled into me and I couldn’t dodge it. I thank @soundofez and @ohbuckyyouresofine for parts of the dialogue from their posts here and here. Also tagging @tiny012 @serenitydiviness @usangie-tsukino because you guys died in the last one.

Dedicated to @runningoutofink, who told me to follow the lethal plot bunnies; @gabzilla-z, who drew gorgeous and funny ML as Sailor Moon art; and @peachpurin, who drew Marinette in double buns.

Reminder: the characters are 18, here. Innocent children, please turn around and walk out the door.

Of Sailors and Moons

He still doesn’t know where he got the energy—he’d been so ready to collapse into his bed just half an hour ago, and the stubborn determination to at least hear Marinette’s voice before he’s dead to the world was the only thing that allowed him to hold onto consciousness for a little while longer.

He knows where he got the motivation. Jealousy is a powerful elixir, after all. (And, yes, Adrien is self-aware enough to admit that he’d been jealous. Of a fictional character. So sue him.) But motivation and actual, physical, sustaining energy aren’t always the same thing, and yet, there he’d gone, bounding across the Parisian skyline, his veins pumping adrenalin fuelled by possessiveness.

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Farkle Minkus’s Inner Turmoil???

I mean, I’m kinda surprised. I haven’t seen anybody comment on how bad he might be feeling.

Lemme break it down: For starters, friends typically have ‘roles’ in groups. You’ve probably heard of that, right? The Mom, The Tough One, The Smart One, etc. Farkle’s ‘role’ has been typically looked at as that one kid who’s a genius but not known to be hot or highly attractive—The Hot and Buff one is typically known as Lucas. You know, the idiot with a face?

We’ve heard Farkle say this before to Riley: “Why do you even like him? He’s just a face, that’s all he is!” and we’ve seen how bothered he gets when Smackle openly flirts with Lucas, and we’re aware that he’s seen how his two best friends like-liked his other best friend.

You can’t possibly think Farkle isn’t a little jealous, man. This jealousy could have possibly started out as confusion at first, because what reasonable human being would go after looks rather than intellect?

This isn’t a ‘head canon’ or a ‘theory’—this is honestly something I’m concerned about.

I can’t imagine how insignificant this guy must feel.

Hump Day Smut!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!

I feel I should mention this because there’s been some confusion even though I always source the fics I put on these posts- I DON’T WRITE FAN FICTION. I quite enjoy reading it, but none of this work is mine. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about these posts- if you want to see your fic here, check the link first. My ask box is always open if you have any other questions, comments, concerns, or kinks you’d like to discuss ;)

Also, thanks to the wild popularity of The Back Post, I may have missed it if you tagged me in fics the last few days. My bad. Feel free to message me if you think this is the case. And if you’re scared to share your fic with me, stop that! Send me the damn fic.

Awesome by twofriesshortofhomicide (This plus size reader x Dean fic fed my chunky little heart!)

When the tent is a rockin’ by crowlorevstiel (Sammy smut in a tent.)

Shower Sex is Complicated by leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (Dean. Title says it all.)

Blind Date Pt. II by jaredpadaleckii (Part I made it to my Fluffy Friday post, here’s the smutty sequel! After she went on a blind date and the guy called her fat, Dean comforted reader. Then they started dating, now smut.)

Let Me Help by bovaria (Dean. There are no words for this.)

Making Up Is Hard To Do by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog (More Professor Dean smut)

Against the Wall by yoursupernaturalsammygirl (Dom!Sam smut.)

You’re Mine by thinkwritexpress (Soulless!Sam gets a little jealous and stakes his claim.)

Tease by winchesterwhisper (Honestly, this one is just a lot of teasing and sexual tension between Dean and Reader. Super steamy but no penetration. It’ll get ya all hot and bothered.)

Game Night by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog (Twister turns into a Wincest-free threesome with Sam and Dean. This is pretty much what you wish you could ask Santa for for Christmas. (I know I said “for” twice but I read it out loud to myself and it made sense. I’m not a writer so get over it.))

Wake Up Call by twofriesshortofhomicide (Look, if you’re gonna wake me up in the middle of the night, it better be like this. Dean knows what’s up.)

So Wrong by anotherwinchesterfangirl (Holy…wow. Winchester priest!kink stripper sandwich. Wincest-free. I don’t know what else to say. I need to shower. Preferably with holy water.)

Win, Win by tonystarks-girl (Dean goes down. Makes me happy.)

Smut Timeout:

THIS BITCH. abaddonwithyall You owe me more than an apology. That was a shitty thing you did.

Don’t write any more smutty angst. I will read it. And I will hate you for it.

Read the emotional train wreck that is Gravity if you dare.
She also wrote some cute semi-smut this week. Dean + dry humping? Yes please. Read A Study in Tattoos Part 3. Actually, read the whole series. It’s fluffy and smutty and angst- free… what a concept!

Well, well, well. Look who else landed herself a spot in Smut Timeout. We’re going to need more chairs in the corner of shame. ilostmyshoe-79, that was rude. Dust to Dust gave me mad feels, yo. 

You have successfully dragged your other smut fic this week down to timeout with you, Kim. Which is a shame because When Dean’s Away, Sam Will Play - Part 2 , Southern Comfort and If the Impala Could Talk(fave fic she wrote this week) did not deserve to be cast into Smut Timeout. It was a perfectly lovely smut fic. But alas, you had to go and be angsty with Dust to Dust. 

God damnit, Meg. We were so close to Wednesday and you gotta get yourself thrown in the slammer. 

 The feels felt in A Summer’s Dream were not appreciated, deans-colette. It’s a shame that Not My Father’s Son Part 9 had to be ripped from the big list, because it was a nice, happy little fic. But you know the rules. Make feels= go to Smut Timeout. 

We’re gonna need more chairs in Smut Timeout. Maybe a couch. But an uncomfortable one. Springs poking your butt and such. 

Well I want all of you to go to your corner and just sit here and think about what you did!

You’re flexible (GOT7)

JB: -you just moved unnaturally as you were play wrestling with one of the boys and your arm bent so awkwardly behind your head. Everyone was sure you broke it but then you simply moved your arm back into normal position saying it happened a lot- “what kind of wizardry is this? How are you fine?”

Originally posted by jaeckbum

Mark: -you were a gymnast when you were younger and when you got older you still liked to be flexible. So when you were stretching before a run with Mark you started out normal. Then you began to split Mark was shocked and heating up at the same time- “um that was so hot”

Originally posted by choijaes

Jackson: -you did it to tease him because you knew he wasn’t as flexible. So when you did a back walkover out of boredom all the boys were shocked. Jackson was more or less jealous- *gif* 

Originally posted by asprinkleofkpop

Jr: -you were rather bored and at this point you were doing things you didn’t know you were doing. When Jinyoung looked over you were split and just looked uncomfortable so he got worried- “what is she doing? Is she alright? That looks extremely painful”

Originally posted by wenwee

Youngjae: -he loved your flexibility it often left him out and bothered and when you did it at dance practice because everyone else is stretching you decided to before you got bored and said you had to leave- “no come babe stop doing this to me. You can’t leave me here like this?”

Originally posted by markjin

BamBam: -you were a lazy person so people never really saw you do anything overly flexible. When you were laying on the floor BamBam went to help you up but you instead did a forward roll to stand up and he couldn’t believe it- “wait what happened my jagi she never does stuff like that”

Originally posted by k1ttyhun

Yugyeom: -you started doing yoga which meant he got to see the yoga clothes  that hugged your body. Being a teenage boy he was always thinking dirty things when he saw you do different poses. When you went to talk to him he was responding at all just staring until you smack him- “what sorry I was in my happy place watching you”

Originally posted by gotsolucky

anonymous asked:

May I please request more vampire!au Jungkook? Thank you so much <3

ayy, here it is. you’re welcome, lil bean ((((: tbh idk wtf i was writing lol.


Vampire!au; Jungkook.

306 words. Fluff.

“Who was he?” Jungkook asked, voice sounding as soft as silk beneath striated threads of pure, raw jealousy.

His lips, rosy and simply delectable, were pressed in a thin line, bordering a frown and a scowl. His posture was natural, leaning against the headboard. His gaze was slanted your way, accusing and dismayed.

“Colleague ─nobody.” You enunciated, stepping out of the gaping door of the bathroom in your lingerie that left none for imagination.

While there was countless pros of dating a vampire there was also the cons and being jealous over every male that talked to you was one of it.

“In all fairness, he flirts with every female worker. Its nothing.” You justified, halting in your steps when Jungkook abruptly stood tall, hovering over you with his flash steps.

He circled you like a predator would its prey, eyes scrutinizing your curvatures, getting you hot and bothered.

“Look─” Silenced by the fleeting free-falling until your back hit the mattress, you had no time to think or even breathe for that matter because Jungkook was already pinning you down by your wrists.

The face you had come to know in detail was inches away from yours and you indulge in the sight of his calculative gaze, the constellation that molded the building heat scattered over your cheekbones.

“I get so mad when I see another man going after you.” His breath fanned your neck, lips grazing anticipation into your skin, the tips of his fangs spelling out his insecurities.

His palm was hot against your hip, the other intertwining with your hand in a grip that coveted affection and assurance that you all but willingly hand over.

“I know.” Your thread through the strands of his dark hair, gently yanking him into you until his fangs marked the spot under your collarbone with blood.


Drabble game; request an au and your bias! (still taking requests)