all his scenes are my favourite scenes


Benedict touching/using his lips appreciation gif set <3

Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent Van Gogh in “Van Gogh: Painted with words”


Favourite Voltron Scenes [1/?] Lance’s Plan… 

Then, when he pops out the other side all like “oh why doesn’t my ship work?” Voltron kicks his butt! Pew pew pew! Whom whom whom! Huh! Hi-yah! “I’ll form the head.” That’s what you say, Shiro. Yeah? Yeah? Yeah! We won for all time!

Reylo Thoughts - Post TLJ

So, I’ve seen The Last Jedi twice now (with the possibility of a third viewing) and I’ve been torn about what it could mean for Reylo going forward. I think there were some great moments of foreshadowing in the film and parallels if one was watching carefully. I will attempt to write about some of them in this post.

One of the things that struck me immediately was Ren’s demeanor in the Force Visions. In ‘real life’ he has a volatile disposition, quick to lose his temper, but in the Force Visions, he’s eerily calm. In fact, it’s Rey who is the more turbulent of the two. She even fires at him in their first encounter while he’s just sitting there. And even after that, Rey runs out, clearly still intent on attacking him while he runs out and skids to a stop. There’s no aggression in his body language. This is echoed throughout their Force Bond exchanges. It changes when Rey goes into the Dark pit and comes back shaken. She talks about how she felt so alone and Ren replies that she isn’t. His facial expression is very important here. It didn’t strike me during the first watch, but when I saw it again, his eyes were wet, like there were unshed tears. This was not a warrior of the dark side. We saw him open up to Rey long before she opened up to him. He never retaliated against her verbal assault, even going so far as to agree with her when she calls him a monster.

We know from the TFA that he felt even more conflicted after killing Han. And that conflict is worsened with his interactions with Rey. I think it’s safe to say that it’s not Kylo Ren she’s talking to but Ben Solo. Another key scene is when he goes after the Resistance after destroying his helmet. He knows Leia is on the bridge and there is a very specific cutaway to his thumbs on the trigger, he starts to press it but then chooses not to. And is shocked when his back-up fires anyway. See that scene carefully, his reaction is one of shock. Even in the build-up of the scene, there are tears in his eyes and he can clearly sense his mother. If the point of TLJ was to establish Ren as a villain, they did a very shoddy job of it.

Another thing that struck me was that Ren never lied to Rey. When Luke told Rey of how Ben turned on him, he wasn’t being completely honest. It is Kylo who offers more insight into the situation. Of course, his version is also incomplete and muddled because of what Snoke must have told him following that incident. I think it’s also important to understand, that Kylo thought his own uncle and mentor tried to kill him in his sleep, that has got to hurt. Even outside of that, he never tries to manipulate Rey. 

Then there’s the scene of a shirtless Kylo Ren. This is a very typical trope, we’ve seen in so many romantic films/tv shows. It always involves people who are meant to be a couple. I’ve read the ‘official reason’ as to why that scene is there in the film and I call BS. That’s a flimsy excuse if I ever heard one. At no point did he have to be shirtless. And Rey’s reaction is to be flustered, she’s not unaffected here. There is no way this scene plays out as platonic. And when Rey says to him, right at the beginning of that scene something like she’d rather not do this now, his tone is telling. It’s dry with just a hint of humour. But she’s still mad at him.

I think the other thing that the Force Bond served to do was bring them closer. It made Rey see him as more than someone she hates. She finally sees him a human being, as someone who was let down by people he needed. Someone who’s as lost as she is. She sees someone who understands her pain, her loneliness, the isolation she’s felt all her life. In a lot of ways, they parallel each other. They’re the only two people who can truly understand what the other is going through.

The throne room scene is a very important one in the film for a number of reasons. First, I think that when Snoke reveals that he bridged their minds, that was a lie. If that was the case, that link would have ceased to exist with his death, but that clearly did not happen. I think they bonded when Kylo tried to read her mind in TFA and she read his mind instead. I think they inexplicably bonded without realising it and Snoke noticed that and tried to use it to his advantage. But he made a fatal mistake. Right before Kylo kills Han, Han tells him that Snoke is only using him for his powers and Snoke proves him right. Till then, Kylo thought that Snoke saw him and his potential and respected that. But that was not the case at all, Snoke was using him, exploiting his ‘weakness’.

The fight scene is also very interesting. The one thing that jumped out at me was the part where Rey seems to grab Kylo’s thigh/hip while leaning on his back and he literally lifts her with his butt, giving her the leverage to fight off one of the Praetorian guards. I mean, what was the point of that particular move? These fight scenes are meticulously choreographed and they’re very precise and it’s interesting that they chose to with that move. Can you imagine, during rehearsals and training, while they were coming up with ideas for the fight, someone brought up this idea and it was okayed by Rian Johnson, assuming it wasn’t his idea to begin with.

They also fight like they’ve been training together their entire lives. They’re so in sync with each other. They know where the other is at all times and are aware when they’re in danger. When Kylo sees that Rey is having a hard time, there is an urgency to his moves, like he wants to get to her faster. Similarly with Rey, when she notices that Ren is in danger, she doesn’t hesitate and throws him the lightsaber. That scene is also drives home the point that they had to work together. On their own, neither would have made it out, but together, they defeated the guards.

One of my favourite scenes was right after the fight when Rey asks him to call off the attack. When she realises that he won’t, there is such heartbreak on her face. But let’s look at it from Kylo’s point of view. His master and mentor had tried to kill him (Luke), he had killed his own father and then realised that Snoke had been using him all along. He was never going to with Rey, This was a man who’s entire world had just tipped over. Everything he believed about himself and his new teacher was a lie. When he says that he wants to destroy the old, he’s talking about all the things that held them back. Told them what was possible and what wasn’t. He was done with the First Order, with the Republic, with the Jedi and the Sith. He essentially chose no side. But more importantly, there is such desperation when he asks Rey to stay by his side. He is desperate, he’s finally found someone who didn’t lie to him. Who was his equal in power and truly saw him, not as a weapon to use but as person. She saw him. And you can see it in her face, she’s torn, there is a part of her that wants to take his hand, not to rule the galaxy, that’s not her ambition, but to simply stay with someone who truly understands her as well. But it’s the ‘please’ that gets me every time, the way his voice breaks when he says it. That’s what I mean that he’s desperate and hurting.

Also, can we talk about the fact that Rey woke up before Kylo and did not kill him. She even gave him back his lightsaber. If she truly thought he was evil, that was the perfect moment to get rid of him. He was unconscious. But she doesn’t kill him. I think it’s because she can still sense light in him, that there is a chance that he’ll come back to the light.

In episode 9, Rey will be back with the Resistance and I think she will still be plagued by her feelings of loneliness and isolation. There are no Jedi in the resistance, not even people who are force sensitive. And add to that, she and Kylo are still linked by the Force Bond and that will definitely play a roll in episode 9. I don’t think TLJ set up Kylo as a villain, if it wanted to make him irredeemable, they really messed up because the Kylo Ren we see at the end, is a broken man. He’s on his knees. When he and Rey look at each other, again, there is no rage on his part when only moments before he had been lashing out. He stays on his knees, his posture doesn’t change. And Rey also pauses, she doesn’t immediately shut the door on his face. She doesn’t lash out at him. She looks at him for a moment and then shuts the door. We then see him again, still on the floor, a tight close up of his eyes, tormented and torn, looking down at Han’s dice that Luke gave to Leia. When they fade, his hand curls around them. I think the big take away is that ultimately Kylo has to save himself. He started that process when he killed Snoke and ended the film even more conflicted than before.

Star Wars is big on foreshadowing and these films are so carefully crafted that you can’t discount anything as an accident. There aren’t any, everything you see in the film was intended to be there. The Skywalker line has been at the center of the first two trilogies and we know that Kylo and Rey are the central figures of this trilogy. There is no way that Kylo stays a villain or that he dies in episode 9. We already saw Anakin fall to the dark side, I don’t see Kylo falling for the same trap. The original trilogy ended with Vader’s redemption and death. I think episode 9 will end with Ben coming back to Rey. She is the light to his dark.

Just before leaving Ach-To, she asks Luke to come back with her one last time when he’s trying to convince her that going to Kylo is a bad idea. When he refuses yet again, Rey says that with him not participating, Kylo is their only hope. That’s not a random statement. Luke effectively ascended and therefore can no longer help the Resistance, that brings us back to Kylo. Rey is a badass and a prodigy, I’m not undermining her abilities, but she can’t fight the First Order alone, she needs Ben by her side, fighting the way they fought against the Praetorian guards.

I think Kylo Ren as the big bad is a misdirect. He is going to find his way back to the light. I think the character that will emerge as the big bad is General Hux. I don’t know how many people noticed this but he looked positively sick in the film. More pasty than in TFA, he had dark circles and he looked gaunt. I think there is a slim chance that Snoke survived being skewered by being linked to Hux. Even if that’s not the case, he’s still very much a threat to Kylo. He hates his guts and would have happily killed him had Kylo not woken up when he did.

As far as love interests go, TLJ paired Rose and Finn and Kylo/Ben and Rey. I am worried that episode 9 may try to force a Poe and Rey romance but that would be bad writing, for one, they had their first encounter in TLJ. Setting up a relationship in episode 9 is simply too late. There are no stakes for the audience and no emotional investment, the way we are invested in Rose and Finn and Kylo and Rey.  Besides, i think Poe’s journey is different, that of becoming a leader.

But tell me what you think? This meta is nowhere as organised as I wanted it to be. But I am looking forward to reading what you guys think.

Finished watching TLJ. 


  • REYLO IS REAL ALL OF YOU. SO BEAUTIFUL SO EMOTIONAL. i i tried really hard not to cry.
  • all of the force bond moments were filled with sexual/romantic tension, the low breaths the intense staring. i love of them. the shirtless scene was the scene that made bluntly obvious the mutual feeling. rey’s sexual  frustration seeing shirtless was delicious. why anyone would put a scene like this if this is not the intention.
  • the elevator scene? this scene sent me to heaven. so intimate with so much sexual tension, both of them gazing first at the same time to each others’ lips and then eyes. declaring more or less that they want both each other to their side.
  • the whole red throne scene so many feeeels. the whole moment moment before he kills snoke he didn’t stop gazing at rey’s eyes; same for her while whispering his name full of emotion.
  • THE MOMENT HE PROPOSED OFFERED TO HER TO JOIN HIM AND RULE TOGETHER ALA DARCY WHILE LITERALLY BEGGING HER, ‘PLEASE’; SO MUCH  EMOTIONS IN ONE SINGLE WORD. I COULDN’T STOP SOBBING. this seriously gave me massive anidala parallels. it was so obvious that was intended and where they’re going with it (reverse anakin everyone)
  • their last scene left me so heartbroken with kylo on his knees gazing at her with such sad eyes while rey determined close the force bond (for now) rejecting him; the moment she closes the ‘door’ his eyes are so sad and he swallows so hard. this moment left me paralysed. so bittersweet but also so hopeful.
  • basically all of their scene were fantastic, emotional, charged with so much sexual energy.
  • adam driver was FANTASTIC. HE’S SUCH A TALENTED INTENSE ACTOR. all of his scenes were my favourite, along with rey who was brilliant and luke who made me cry.
  • leia much more mature and broken than ever ;_;
  • finnrose was quite cute but still kind of one sided for now. i want to see more.
  • finn and rey was so sweeet.
  • rey and poe was nice introduction to each other
  • missed the finn/poe dynamic.
  • dj as much as i love benicio del toro left uninterested about him. he could be used much better.
  • holdo was a nice addition and her dynamic with poe was pretty interesting
  • hux was pathetic as always but i really laughed in his scenes. the classic one dimensional villain, but is needed.

In conclusion I most loved this film with kylo and rey’s chemistry being off the charts, taking my breath away, following luke and rey moments and the kylo/luke dynamic, which made me so so sad. :’(


Banna Appreciation Week 2017

“Thank God.”

“Yes, thank God. And you.”

anonymous asked:

I'm sad that Ryan won't win anything for his performance during SSW. Robert opening up about his bisexuality was one of the most important scenes I have seen. It still makes me emotional when I rewatch it now. Lets make him our own award

im literally supposed to be working right now


Favourite Scenes - Hannibal Season 3

“The Great Red Dragon is freedom to him, shedding his skin, the sound of his voice, his own reflection. The building of a new body and the othering of himself, the splitting of his personality, all seem active and deliberate. He craves change. He wants to change you, too. Don’t you crave change, Will?”

so I saw Call Me By your Name last night and it was amazing. I’m putting some thoughts/observations behind the cut. there will be spoilers, so proceed with caution. (also I went to a session with a Q&A with Luca Guadagnino and he jokingly mentioned wanting to do a sequel !!!)

  • The look/aesthetics of the film are so beautiful. I hate summer but all I wanted to do when I got home was find a house to stay in for two months this summer so I could spend my days reading and swimming and eating fruit.
  • Armie and Timothee are so wonderful in their rolls. Armie probably does look a touch older than he should but he’s so great you end up not caring.
  • I don’t recall the characters ages are ever being explicitly stated. There is obviously an age gap but how much is never said. The relationship is in no way predatory, everything is consensual.

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We all got along very well. It was a very small crew, so we always hang out together. We had a lot of ‘get to know each other’ things, like go out and eat something. Especially me and Tarjei, we did a lot together just to get to know each other because we were going into some scenes that were really hard to be comfortable with each other. So, I must say, I connected best with all the boys, 'the boy squad’ and everything. We hang out almost every day for a week. That was probably my best memory. Being at Nissen, the school that we play this, and just be the whole crew, doing different scenes, running around from classroom to classroom. It was very nice.
—  Henrik holm about his favourite Skam memory.
infinite elijah scenes

We deserve to live. We are better than they are. // Are we?



I knew it!

Commission for @soartfullydone, partially of a scene in Outbound Flight where Thrawn meets up with his brother Thrass in a gloriously awkward yet happy reunion, and partially of a BETTER scene that Mel came up with in all its happily-ever-after, everything-is-beautiful-and-nobody-dies AU glory.

Thank you for commissioning me! <3 Always a pleasure to get to draw some of my favourite Chiss.

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what is/are your favorite ss moments?

There are way too many! But, well… it’s probably the same for every SS shipper, but to be more precise, I really loved these panels throughout the manga.

I love especially blushing Sasuke! (It may not be quite a SS moment, ‘cause he could be blushing more about the fact for asking for help (than finding out what Sakura told Naruto, so…) 

… but THIS ONE was so cute because Sakura doubted herself throughout the Chuunin exams arc and he cheered her up, gave her the strength again to believe in herself and her abilities and it was really cute and considerate of him to do so.

ANYWAYS, these moments definitely are very memorable for me.

And especially the Forest of the Death scene…. 

I liked the fact that Sakura compared the Sasuke she fell in love withwith him being so enraged and “fallen into the darkness” because of the curse mark’s effect on him… and then she just ran towards him, hugged him and he calmed down immediately. This scene in particular had such a big impact on me, I love everything about this… the change in Sasuke, but also Sakura’s driven impulse from saving him from the darkness *poetic cinema if u ask me lol*

Also, how  uncomfortable or maybe it’s not the right word, but shocked at least and stunned.he was…(I JUST LOVE HIS EXPRESSION HERE) when he saw her crying tears for him, pleading, just caring for him.

Later on, of course, the scene where Sakura saved Sasuke with her very own life and body and his speech about protecting those who are dear to him nearly made me cry, i just

This scene below is one  of my all time favourites in the series?? Because it’s such a private moment between Sasuke and Sakura and even Naruto felt a bit out of place here poor baby :( … but it’s so emotional and I just love every panel here. It’s a silent message.

No words needed here, it’s a silent moment, but full of feels. 

And then, of course…
Sakura’s confession and Sasuke thanking her for loving him, for caring.

I remember this scene like yesterday, I was so thrilled. Their first meeting after years. I love the fact that during each Team 7 reunion, Sasuke and Sakura would always be the first to acknowledge each other.

I also loved this particular panel. The iwagakure nin and his love letter… it was kinda bitter sweet because Sakura always thought about Sasuke, still in love with him, after everything that happened.

And a few other moments like these… always eager to protect each other.


I love this AU, by the way, I was fangirling so much when I saw it released

And, well… the best things at last… like, what did you expect? Of course, this moment is so memorable and unforgettable. THE EYESMEX.

get a room you two… forget it, you can do it here, i don’t mind

Oh, I really loved her second confession two. Because I never doubted her love for Sasuke and I wasn’t worried in the slightest that Sasuke reacted like that. Because he CARED. He cared even though he made sure that no one knew, he wanted the hate, he didn’t want her love because he thought that he didn’t deserve it anyway. I knew he’d “reject” her here, but he was actually very effected by her confession/words.


I love Kakashi here, too. I mean, he totally saw through Sasuke’s facade.

AND HERE WE COME…  THE APOLOGY makes me so emotional… every single time. Sasuke insists on apologising and his expressions… I will never get over this.

I love the apology even more than the forehead poke, to be honest. The emotions and panels… it’s bitter sweet.

And I’ll end this here because… well Naruto Gaiden is full of SS moments and this post is already way too long. Also, I  make gifsets of my fave moments between them, so it won’t go unnoticed on my blog.

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Asking you about STONY! What are your favorite Stony moments in each of the universes?

1) Avengers Assemble: asking for a favourite Stony moment in AA is LIFE’S GREATEST CHALLENGE because AA stony is the definition of PURE with all the bridal carrying and extra saving but of course we have the legendary smol Tony ep because it shows that Steve loves Tony for his heart and his courage and Tony looks up to Steve for being compassionate and believing in him


And of course this scene + all the protective Steve are just… lmao

Originally posted by stonystonysto

 2) EMH: Extra Large Steve is having to casually “exercise” aka show off his huge ass biceps to Tony while he’s having breakfast lmao I SEE THROUGH U CAP

3) 616: 

This scene from Young Avengers #1 was the first time my eyes witnessed the gay SuperHusbands and SuperDads so it always holds a special place in my heart

But I have to say, the romantic and dramatic art of Tony giving life to Steve with a kiss from Red Zone is also an all-time favourite.

4) MCU:

It’s currently all over my twitter but Steve holding the small of Tony’s back after an argument LMAO

and this is the most happy genuine smile Chris Evans has given in the MCU in the future honestly

5) Avengers Academy: SOOO MANY but the latest one where Steve is speechless and staring at Tony’s bod omg WHERE ARE YOUR EYES STEVE

5) 1872′s “Not tonight, Stark!” and protective Sheriff Steve; Natasha Stark marrying Steve singlehandedly preventing Civil War; 

6) Ults: America’s Hottest President: Captain Handsome

I’m sure I missed a LOT MORE moments which other Stony experts know very well, but these are the ones I can think of so far!

Ask Me Anything Stony!

My Favourite Human - Joe Sugg

Request: Joe Sugg imagine where you’re both youtubers and you do a drunk girlfriend or boyfriend tag

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it :)


“Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. For today’s video, I thought I would do a boyfriend tag with Joe…my boyfriend.” You stated, laughing at your own stupidity.

You and Joe have only been dating a couple of months after meeting through Oli. He had introduced you to the crew after filming together and you and Joe instantly hit it off. You were constantly texting, calling, hanging out and even collaborating together so it was only a matter of time before things escalated between you two.

“But there’s a catch,” Joe said, jumping in on your introduction. “We’re drunk!” You laughed as Joe held up a half empty bottle of Grey Goose before taking a shot of it.

“Joe!” You said, snatching the bottle away from him. “That’s our forfeit! If we get the answer wrong, we have to take a shot, which should be really interesting.”

Although you liked to drink, you preferred to keep your partying life off your channel (other than in your vlogs) but Joe was constantly bugging you to do this video and you had to admit, the videos you saw from other Youtubers made it look like so much fun so you eventually caved.

“Now guys, please don’t drink unless you’re legal, there’s really nothing special about it so it can definitely wait.”

“Oh shush, let’s start.” Joe said, getting impatient.

“Alright, when did we first meet?” You asked him. 

“We met in January when Oli introduced us and I instantly fell for your gorgeous (y/e/c) eyes.” He explained, leaning towards your lips.

“Joe!” You said, placing your hand on his chest to stop him. “You can’t kiss me after every answer.”

“But I can’t help it, I want to kiss you all the time; drunk, sober…in my dreams.”

“I knew we should have done this when we were sober; you’re always so flirtatious when you’re drunk.”

“But you love it.” He said, placing kisses on your cheek. “Alright, which sport do I really like?”

“Rugby or Football.” You answered.

As you two shuffled through the questions, shots were taken and kisses were placed and all throughout the video, Joe kept his hand around your waist. He was always placing his hand on you as a way of saying “I’m here” and “You’re mine”. You were never too fussed about it though, you liked the thought of Joe wanting to show you off.

“Alright,” You said when it came time to end the video. “Now that we’re a little more drunk than we were before, I think we should end it here. Thanks so much for watching, make sure to like, comment and subscribe if you haven’t already. While you’re at it, make sure to subscribe to this gorgeous man,” You said, squeezing Joe’s cheeks. “and I’ll see you all next week with another video. Bye!”

“God, I love you.” Joe said, pulling you towards him, causing you two to fall backwards onto the bed. “You are my favourite human.”

You looked over at him with a smile on your face and couldn’t help but place a kiss on his lips. “You’re my favourite human too.”


►gif meme: Black SailsFavorite FlintThomas Scene

it wasn’t the man I had come to know at all, but one who existed beforehand, w a k i n g   f r o m   a   l o n g   a n d   t e r r i b l e   n i g h t m a r e . Reorienting to the   d a y l i g h t   and the world as it existed before he first closed his eyes, letting the memory of the nightmare   f a d e   a w a y 

Requested by @char7

as long as i live i will never get over the aaron/robert goodbye scene before aaron is sent down. like they are absolutely desperate to be as close to each other as possible and robert saying i love you with his eyes closed because he can’t bear the thought of losing aaron, and aaron just staring at robert trying to memorise every inch of his face because he doesn’t know when he’ll see him again and oh my god don’t get me started on roberts face when they kiss??? it’s like he’s trying not to cry and trying to memorise exactly how it feels to kiss aaron all at once?

they’re just clinging to each other in that scene because they know they’re about to lose each other for god knows how long and it’s heartbreaking how in love they are in that very moment

it’s definitely in my top five favourite robron scenes ever i actually live for it

Thoughts on Episode 3: Body Double

I think Cheryl knows more than she’s letting on. Maybe not the whole story, but I’m sure she does know something. At the begininng of the episode, I thought Jason might have left to run away with Polly. However, I’m not sure after the events of the episode. 

Let’s talk about Veronica’s date. When she mentioned having a date, I got so freaking happy because I thought Beronica was going to be canon…but unfortunately not. Anyway, Veronica seemed to be having fun on the date and Chuck seemed like an okay guy. I was looking forward to a not-fucked-up relationship on the show. As you might now, that didn’t end up happening. 


Veronica Lodge is a badass and so is Betty Cooper and so is Ethel and so is every other girl who came forward to talk about what happened to them. Veronica marching into the boys’ locker room, physically pushing everyone in her path to the side was the best damn thing, okay? 

I am so incredibly glad that Riverdale spoke about the slut-shaming issue. I love Betty speaking for all of us, when she says that in the eyes of men, we are still objects and how we need to change that. 

Veronica Lodge+Betty Cooper+Cheryl Blossom=Squad goals.

“Where did you get those thigh-high boots? They’re amazing!” Kevin Keller sort of redeems himself, after all the biphobia (lmao not really) 

Cheryl seemed genuinely surprised that Jason wrote about Polly but idk, that seemed pretty obvious to me. Poor Cheryl tho. There’s so much she didn’t know about him and yet she loves him so.

JOSIE IS MY LITERAL QUEEN okay? I love Riverdale for bringing out the issues in today’s society. I do want to speak out more about Josie but I literally can’t find the right words and I also don’t really want white people to send me hate messages and death threats. 

Josie and The Pussycats are my favourite band of 2017. 

I think Betty might be suffering from Mutlitple Personality Disorder. I don’t know too much about it and how it works, only what I’ve seen from movies but I think, Betty’s life is harder than what we see. There’s the constant pressure her mother puts on her, the issue of her sister and everything that’s been going on at Riverdale. I think there are too many sides to Betty and she’s struggling to cope and I think we’ll see more of this as the show progresses. 

Ms. Grundy can go die in a hole. Please kill her off. She is compltely disgusting. And she keeps talking down to Archie like bitch, you’re a fucking pedophile. If he tells, you’re gonna lose everything. Keep your god damn mouth shut. 

Jughead is seen eating this episode! Yay! They aren’t burgers but he’s still eating! I feel like there wasn’t enough Jughead in this episode but then again, I always need more Jughead so,

Jughead and Betty are my current favourite Brotp. 

Chuck and his dick-gang got suspended YES!!! Also, that scene where the girls are all standing together, so beautiful and powerful!! Amazing!!! 

I loved the Betty and Cheryl scene at the end. 


I want to see Jughead, Betty and Veronica being detective buddies next episode. 

This is my favourite episode so far. It was so good and I can’t wait for the next one!