all his past history and friendship with her and his respect for her as a colleague

Because Reasons

@frankchurchillsaysrelax requested Emmett and Elle from Legally Blonde+enemies to friends to lovers+girl/boy next door+High School/College/Teacher AU… And this was born.

It’s not that Emmett hates his new co-chair of the history department on principle (although the position was supposed to be his and his alone this year). It’s not even that he hates her for constantly parking her car in his unofficial parking spot, or for always playing the most ridiculously upbeat pop music in her office that shares a wall with his, or even that she doesn’t believe in written exams and only uses glittery feather topped pens that write in pink ink.

No, the real problem is that her proposal for a student-run news magazine garners at least five times the student interest as his debate team proposal. And when she gets voted the head of the senior send-off committee–a position he’s held with pride for years as the de facto young staff member. And when all of his students start trying to transfer from his classes in favor of hers, and when that doesn’t work, they start attending her after school study sessions instead of his.

All of this coming together, along with her renting the house next door to his so there’s literally no getting away from her… that’s what makes it impossible to stand Elle Woods.

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Not A Piece In Your Game-Prompt 25

Not A Piece in Your Game

Prompt 25: K and P are dating but go to different schools. One of them is teased all the time about always saying no when they are asked out because no one believes they are in a relationship. The other finds out and shows up at school or some event looking hot af (or if it is K perhaps badass) and perhaps a little pda to shut everyone up. [submitted by Anonymous]

Rated PG13, no trigger warnings

Modern day college AU Everlark. In honor of the national college basketball championship Monday. I hope you like this, anon. Originally had this going in a different direction but then reread your prompts and changed it to fit what you requested. I really played on others disapproving of Everlark being together but they ignore the naysayers, not wanting to be pieces in others games.

A HUGE thank you to Angela (@hutchhitched) for brainstorming and helping me form a cohesive story for this idea.

Part Two is in the works, publishing date TBA.

Written by Ohmakemeahercules

-Part One-

The early March snow crunched beneath Peeta Mellark’s stride. He was running behind; Professor Abernathy, a surly middle aged man, singled out Peeta which led to a heated argument lasting 10 minutes past class time. Luckily the basketball arena was only across a lengthy parking lot from his classroom. However, the melting ice from this morning’s winter storm steered Peeta on the side of caution. The last thing he needed was a sprained limb caused by a fall, especially today.

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