all hell breaks loose when they are together

Don't you just love...

When Delirious and Vanoss encourage each other like in the recent For Honor vids. If Del died, he’d say “Come on Vanoss, I believe in you!” And Evan would be like “Delirious you got this!” I just love how supportive they were of each other, even when Evan was still new to the game. And this applies to any other game they play together :)


Previously on America’s Next Top Shadowhunter
It’s makeover time at the ANTS house. When the judges suggest a drastic cut to Magnus hair, all hell breaks loose. Izzy tries to put magnus misery into some perspective.

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Wow I just got off from twitter and the actress who plays tina is getting chewed out already I feel bad for her because it's not her fault it's marc and wendy fault they enjoys torturing us about laurel and then when ratings falls both their tunes changes but if they pair tina and oliver together all hell is going to break loose for the writers because #1. You have the olicity fans that what to see them together and #2. You have some laurel lance fans that wants her back as black canary.

Yeah, it’s a shame to see the actors get hate thrown their way. Whenever you see it, just let the person know that it’s not okay. I’m in a Laurel group chat on twitter and we always call people out for it if we see it. It’s not okay to tag the cast in anything that can be perceived as hate, especially if it’s directed at them.