all hell breaks loose sydney

so here’s my photo with osric and the tablet :DDDD
when i went up to him and showed him the tablet his face was like “OHH!”
i asked him to hold it up ‘lion king style’ and he was like “yeah yeah sure!”
so we took the photo and i hugged him to say thank you
and i must say this again but OSRIC GIVES THE BEST HUGS!!
they were so nice and warm and friendly and GAHHHH never forget!
he was such a nice and genuine person and… just… OSRIC!!
i wish i could have talked to him more about cosplay during my autograph session with him T^T 
oh wells… theres always next year!! xDD


Another amazing story from the platinum meet and greet was that we informed Misha about a contract the lemon cartel made in April that if he or certain other supernatural cast were to tweet the lemon cartel directly then we would have to get lemony tattoos for GISHWHES.

The instant he heard that he got his phone out said “you’re all fucked” and started tweeting, I was next to him and correcting his spelling on the lemon cartel and tattoo. He also decided where we were to get it done, Amanda on her wrist, Tiana on her shoulder and me on my back/shoulder blade. I already have tattoos though so he had to check, by having my shirt pulled down, that there was “real estate” where he chose.(his words)

After karaoke that night we called tattoo places until we found an open one. The tattooist we went to was called The Illustrated Man and was run by “The Cohen Brothers”. It took less than half an hour for our tattoos to be done.

At AHBL the next day the first panel was Misha’s VIP panel and the very first thing he asked about was the Lemons and if we were there and if we got tattoos.

We were front row so when we said yes he came over to have a look.

In his panel later he was asking if anyone kept falling asleep at the con (me, all day. 4am sleep up at 6am) so when people called out that it was one of the lemons he asked if it was the blonde one specifically. Then brought up the tattoos again and told the story of how we had a bet with him. And tried to say we got tattoos of vaginas before he admitted it was of lemons.

Earlier in the day we had special permission to get the 3 lemon cartel members in the one Misha photo (his max people was 2) and made sure to pose to show the tattoos. Although one person had not gotten hers because she was too drunk to come with us. He was pressed right up behind me and holding my shoulder to show the tattoo and holding Amanda’s arm to show hers. Apparently I blinked in the first photo so it needed to be retaken and I joked that it was because I wanted to keep Misha pressed against me longer, he laughed right in my ear and held me tighter. Then after the photo I got another hug and he joked about the tattoos some more.