all he wants to do is spread happiness and be loved

Your first date with Draco would include…

-Him acting all self-confident while asking you to go on a date with him

-Although he’d actually be absolutely nervous about your answer

-Flashing you a charming smile without showing too much of his excitement as you accept

-Him deciding to take you to dinner at a nice restaurant first and arriving about half an hour early to make sure everything is perfect

-Being beyond happy when you finally arrive because you somehow managed to look even more beautiful than you do anyways

-Loving how a soft shade of pink spreads across your cheeks every time he compliments you

-Him feeling completely at ease with you and enjoying the way he could basically talk about everything with you 

-Both of you feeling some kind of connection, like you are just completed in each others presence

-Talking non-stop and not even realizing that the restaurant is about to close

-Draco offering to take you to a walk near the lake if you still want to

-You gladly accepting his offer and smiling as he helps you into your jacket while leading you outside

-His arm eventually fining it’s place around your waist 

-Sitting near the lake next to each other and although you aren’t talking much anymore, both of you know what doesn’t need to be said

-Him softly placing his hand on your cheek before bending down to engage you in a passionate kiss

-Walking back to your common room hand in hand, knowing that this was definitely not your last date

Pete once said of Bronx...

…that he didn’t want to put photos of him on the internet anymore, because he wasn’t old enough to decide for himself if he wanted to be someone’s LJ icon, yet.

I know we all adore Patrick, we all want to be his kids’ doting internet aunties and uncles, but until they give us the material, the best thing we can do to honour his wishes and treat him with the love and respect we all have, is to not post or share things that were never meant for our eyes. 

I really, really get how excited people are - even wanting to know the name is understandable, because we all care and want to share our happiness for them - but things like this in the past have already damaged Patrick’s relationship with the fans. Right now, we have an opportunity to mend that, by having that information and making the collective decision to not spread it further - showing that we care about what he thinks and his family’s privacy more than having this piece of gossip. 

Make a choice.




Screenshots from 14,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS! :D

Wow 14,000,000 subscribers that is insane! But also extremely awesome at the same time. What a great way to start the year! I know we can do so much and spread so much positivity together everyone. Congratulations everyone on 14,000,000 subscribers on the channel! :) 

For this post though I actually want to say something to Seán even if he doesn’t end up seeing this post. 

Seán, first off I want to say like I usually do for these milestones or in general whenever you say thank you. You’re welcome for everything this community has every done for you. Honestly you spread so much joy to people everyday just by doing what you love and putting all your energy into that. I’m so happy that you have youtube in your life. I’m happy that you have something that you can throw all your energy, creativity and passion into everyday. The positivity you give off everyday is contagious and it definitely rubs off on a lot of people. :) 

Speaking for myself though Seán I don’t think I’d be the person I am today if it wasn’t for you making smile and laugh everyday. It’s more then you just helping me get through a bad day or making a good day for me more positive. Everyday you give me and other people as well some sort of adventure and through those adventures you’ve taught me so much about positivity and how important it is to appreciate the good and positive things that you have in your life instead of focusing on everything that’s bad or wrong. Even on those days where I’m in so much negativity and I just have no hope at all of my life getting any better or days where I feel horrible about myself. You still help me believe in the good again. In the world, in other people, in life and in myself. You have this way of making me feel I can do anything I set my mind to and give me hope that one day I can get the happy life that I want for myself. In general I just look at life so much differently because of you. I’m not saying all of this to make you sound greater then how you actually are I’m telling you this because you have genuinely have made me feel this way. I still see you as a friend and as a person. Everyday I get to break away from the world for a little bit with someone who I consider a friend that’s passionate about video games and making people smile and laugh. A friend who I don’t ever expect to be happy and positive all the time or to be the best at what they do. All I’d ever expect you to be is a person doing what he loves and all I’d ever want to be you to be at the end of the day Seán is you. You are going to keep on doing fun and amazing things and spreading so much positivity to people just by being the nice, silly, dumb, energetic, insightful and humble green haired potato that I know you are. ;D 
I want to end this post by saying one last thing to you. 

Thank you Seán for making me smile. 
Not just today, not just yesterday and not just tomorrow. But every single day that I’m here to watch, to screenshot, to post, to interact with and to be your friend. Thank you Seán for everything. You always have and always will do me proud even when this Youtube journey that you’re on is all over. I believe in you my friend. 
Congratulations on 14,000,000 subscribers. :)


idkargentum  asked:

So I see all these people asking about Kazumas death and what not and it's making me really depressed even thinking about it haha, so do you have any happy theories of how things might play out between them in the upcoming chapters?

I have no happy theories unfortunately (too much of a pessimist), BUT I like to think that if Kazuma and Bishamon survive this next arc, there will be a breather crack chapter where there’s kazubisha-related hijinks, like Yato decides he’s going to spread his name by becoming a Shoujo Manga artist and bases it off of Kazuma and Bishamon (”Yato what the hell is this?!” “It’s about a salaryman who falls in love with his skank boss!”) and Ebisu throws his weight behind it because shoujo manga are popular and it’s a great moneymaking scheme (”We can sell merchandise, especially if we play up the protagonist’s sex appeal” –> actually referring to Kazuma and there’s an embarrassing lap pillow prototype with a shoujo-ized Kazuma with the shirt unbuttoned and Kazuma is just like kill me please.)

And of course because it’s Adachitoka the lighthearted chapter will end with some horrible cliffhanger, like Daikoku is buying groceries and walking down an alleyway, leafing through Yato’s manga and laughing to himself, when there’s a shadow that falls behind him and he looks up, and it’s Father smiling, holding Chikki across his shoulders and looking down on him menacingly. And the last panel will be Yato’s manga lying in a puddle on the ground with the words, “There are no happy endings.” lol.

I feel compelled to spread some positivity today.

Guys, remember, someone out there is thinking of you. Someone is wishing you well or sending you good vibes, despite how impossible you may think that is. Someone would probably love to spend time with you or just be there for you, and have you do the same for them. It’s easy to get in a slump and tune out or just not pay attention to what you do have available because it’s not in the package you wanted it to be wrapped in or not someone you’d think of. I’ve made this mistake so many times. She/they/he is probably right in front of you. Wishing you well, even without you knowing. Someone is there.

And I am always here for you guys. I want to encourage and be a positive force in any of your lives. xx


Hey guys! I could really use your help with something. You all may be familiar with Stone Face Tyler now but what you didn’t know is that he’s got a Master’s Degree without the right job.

He’s one of my very best friends and I want nothing more than to see him happy in the career he absolutely loves. So if you could take some time and watch this video and help spread the word that an AMAZING guy is looking for a job, it could do amazing things to change Tyler’s life.

So if you, or anyone you know, is looking for an awesome employee in the field of Sports Management (or anything else Tyler mentioned) please check out his LinkedIn profile and help connect it to the right people. Thank you so much for helping out!

I know this may seem a little selfish of me to ask to help just one person, but he is one of my oldest friends and I just want him to be happy and proud of what he does. He’s an awesome dude who’s been through a lot and he deserves the best! THANK YOU!

Good afternoon, My Sweets!

How is your day? Are you home or at work or school?  Are you out and about?

I feel like the latest gaming vid was phoned in. I didn’t feel like Phil was really feeling it.  He seemed distracted.  Don’t get me wrong…he was still ADORABLE, but especially when he came back from putting on his glasses, it seemed like he’d rather be doing something else.  Did anyone else get that sense?  Or just me?   I love all the content, but at the same time, I want to see them genuinely having fun.  So…even if the gaming vids are more spread out, I’d be happy to see them happy.  I love my boys and don’t want them to feel like they HAVE to put out a video even if they don’t enjoy it. 

In other news, I stillll haven’t heard back about the life insurance.  Not a good sign.  Ugh.  

My student is doing great and I am so lucky to have her.  My boss surprised her with a question today and she handled it well (He’s been in practice since the 80s, so he can seem intimidating even though he isn’t at all).  I’m so proud of her!

Someone read my entire fanfiction ebook on Amazon (I get a report when people do that).  I’m so excited!!!   it just feels so surreal to know someone read all my stories.  Well, all my PG stories :) 

And how are you doing?  How is your life?  Do you have insurance?  How did you feel about the last gaming video?  I love comments, so feel free to hit me up with answers to these questions or anything you want to say. I’m friendly and not scary at all:) . 

Have a good day, my sweet candy canes!!! 

eene-fangirl  asked:

What are your head canons about Ed?

My headcanon for ed is this happy-go-lucky type of character. I see him as very innocent and more childlike than the other characters (almost oblivious). He’s the most kindest and he just wants to spread love and happiness to all the other characters (When he’s not doing this, he’s in his own world).

anonymous asked:

ur blog has me WEAK omg please tell us what yuri was dreaming about 😍😍

thank you, baby!!

god, yura’s good at reciprocating and he’s always so eager to do so. but, sometimes, he wants to be the pillow princess and let his beka take over. beka is all too happy to indulge him. and yuri’s favorite fantasy?

beka, between his thighs, lavender bruises leading down to his knees and then up again. his legs spread wide, hooked around beka’s head, pulling his tongue in deeper. fingers laced in his love’s hair and knuckles white. beka looking up at him with an intensity of lust that he’s never seen before. bedroom eyes and strands of hair falling from buns. yura’s screams as he tries to get beka’s tongue to fuck into him as deep as possible.

the night beka wakes up to yuri in the throws of a wet dream, this is what they’re both dreaming of. one asleep and one awake.

Alright fellow Theorists, listen up.

Today’s GT Live was…intriguing, to say the least. Matt and Steph looked beat down and they even said that they almost didn’t stream today. If you check Matt’s Twitter, you can see that he posted a video concerning hate comments – coincidence? I think not.

About a week and a half ago my friends on Twitter started a hashtag called #MatPatDeservesLoveBecause, where we posted various reasons why Matt doesn’t deserve all the hate he’s been getting recently. I’m happy to say that it’s still going strong and it’s spawned a second hashtag, #MatPatDeservesLove (minus the ‘because’ since sometimes we just wanna spread the love without any reason :)). We’ve been trying to get Matt to see it, especially now since the hate seems to only be getting worse. However, there’s only so much we can do on Twitter alone.

Theorists of Tumblr, this is where you come in.

We want – no, we NEED – you to help spread these hashtags onto this site. Make posts about it, tell your friends, do everything you can to get this tag spreading beyond the site it originated from. If you have any other social media accounts like Reddit, post the tag on there as well. It’s very important that we let Matt know that there’s still massive amounts of love in the midst of all the hate.

Reblog this and help the community out! Positivity can win if we just try!

anonymous asked:

What are your wishes for a Teen Wolf final chapter for Scott, Malia, Stiles, Lydia?

HOly shit hOLy ShiT. 

god do i just really fuKCIN G want someone to acknowledge scott’s emotions. just really bad. like, that’s all i want in life. 

but seriously. 

I think that stiles’ story has come to an end and I’m happy with how we’ve left him.

but malia and lydia and scott have a little more to go.

i would love to see scott teaching liam and hayden everything that he had to figure out on his own, and him helping corey figure out how to heal (emotionally) after being used by the wild hunt like he was. 

i want to see lydia teaching mason and learning more with him on the way too and them helping each other grow while they figure out how they can keep their pack going with everyone spread out so far for the time being. 

i want malia and hayden having time where they can talk and realize that they’re not alone in the anger that they feel sometimes, and hayden learning from malia and lydia how to stand her ground when the boys vastly out number her. 

i want scott teaching liam how to keep going and keep people safe even when it seems hopeless, and stressing so much how important it is that even though liam is leading them in scott’s absence, he still has to remember that he doesn’t have to shoulder everything on his own he can lean on their pack members when it gets too much. he can call scott or lydia or malia and they’ll lend him an ear and whatever advice he needs. he doesn’t want liam to end up like him. scott wants better for his pack always. 

i want bits and pieces of skype calls at 2 am cause its midterms week for malia and all she wants is her pack and they’ll do the next best thing to going to her side the second she sends the ‘SOS exam week’ text.

i want to see the mccall pack sticking together, even though they aren’t right there with each other anymore, and it doesn’t even have to be said, but having there be no doubt in anyone’s mind that they’ll all find their way back to each other, because they are a pack and they are a family and it’s what they do. 

basically i don’t want a big bad for the last season, i kinda of just want the pack learning how to be far apart and scott and malia and lydia passing on everything they know to pack 2.0 and the younger ones taking the mantle and keeping beacon hills safe until they’re gone and they can pass on their wisdom to someone else. 


“Lord Buckley did a thing called ‘God’s Own Drunk’, and he was talking about love. ‘Love is like a beautiful garden. When you use it, it spreads. But when you don’t, it recedes,’ and it’s true. It’s really that in its simplest form,“ - George, 1979 interview with Jim Ladd

“I fell for her immediately. She is a very calming influence. She has been very supportive and we are blissfully happy together. I told her I didn’t want her doing all that typing. We started going with each other, and four years later we married.” - George quoted in The Mirror, 1 December 2001

“I think people change one another when they become husband and wife. He certainly seems happier than he was before. George and Olivia are very domesticated. They really vibrate on the same wavelength.- Mukunda Goswami, The Beatles After The Break-Up: In Their Own Words

“I don’t know if anyone really knows the secret of such a long marriage like ours, but we both had a bigger goal of attaining a spiritual success and I think that could be it. When you have a bigger goal in life, it makes everything else a little bit easier.” - Olivia, “I Will Miss Him Until My Dying Day”, Telegraph 24 January 2005

harry himself is a safe haven for so many people. he wants everyone to be themselves, love who they are, and most importantly do what makes them happy. he encourages all of us to spread love on a daily and is always genuine whenever it comes to anything, he’s truly such an inspiring young man

My Favourite Tags About Kim Namjoon

Because Kim Namjoon needs an appreciation post.I just really want to spread the love for this boy because people don’t even notice him within the band, and frankly I’m tired of hearing that he’s an extra in the band and hate about him.

Disclaimer : All these tags are my own.

  • do you think kim namjoon knows he’s 98% sexy and 2% human?
  • my heart is actually racing can you believe how in love with this dork i am
  • i want him to laugh and smile and feel loved and happy and i just love him so much
  • he is my yesterday tomorrow my always
  • i love him in a million lifetimes and in every reality
  • im easy for that smile
  • Kim namjoon ruining lives since 1994
  • if i lived a million lifetimes i would still choose kim namjoon in every single one of them
  • kim namjoon is my only sun and the only one in this world
  • i cannot begin to describe the oceans i feel for kim namjoon
  • Kim Namjoon is so important and deserves everything
  • my soul recognizes the love i have for you in it
  • my beautiful human being I love you so much I don’t even know the words
  • how to breathe when your bias takes your breath away
  • he looks sexy af in a choker so whose the real winner here
  • reason 1646839 i stan kim namjoon
  • there is so much love in my whole being for this one beautiful perfect human
  • oh man holy shit
  • tbh my go to tag for everything that is the perfection of kim namjoon’s existence is oh man holy shit
  • literally he looks to the floor and he’s attractive
  • i could write a 4000 word essay on the curves and perfection of kim namjoon’s lips
  • *cries in spanish*
  • oh my gosh he has the prettiest eyes and the prettiest smile and hes the prettiest boy in the whole entire world
  • how do i count all the reasons im in love with him
  • do you know my whole existence is you and you alone
  • do you know im in fucking love with your mere existence as a human being on the same planet
  • when you look at a boys smile and your heart hurts because its just that beautiful
  • i would give anything to see kim namjoon smile like that always
  • he makes my universe worth it
  • his every breath is a shift in my universe
  • this boy could smile and blow my whole world away

i only got through page 4 of my tags wtf i have a million namjoon pages to go this list is too long as it is 

I cannot believe that #DontJudgeMeChallenge. This whole thing is about not judging people for their flaws of their apparence right? So how do you explain that only good-looking people do it? These people do that stupid challenge, they use the stereotype “ugly kind of person” made by our wonderful society aka acne, glasses, eyebrows, unibrow, bad teeth,… So what? Is that all you can give us? Is it because you do have acne that you’re ugly? Then what? It’s because a girl have short hair that she’s homosexual? And probably that because that guy is a Muslim he must be a terrorist? Wow congrats society, you’re more fucked up that I thought.
Don’t judge me challenge, the challenge where handsome people want to show the world that they are beautiful. And I feel so sorry for all the people who did it. I’m so sorry for you to see that you have to do that challenge to prove the world you are pretty. You look so happy to be pretty and denied people who aren’t. But shut up. Shut the fuck up. That girl there with a big smile is a thousand times more gorgeous than you. And that guy who’s not biting his lips like “yeah gurl im gonna get that booty becaus im so cool” but who’s laughting is more attractive than you sorry.
That challenge show that you need make up and long beautiful hair and a perfect skin, perfect teeth, perfect eyebrow to be pleasing. But once again, shut up society because you’re ducking wrong. That challenge should be about loving yourself. If you want to wear make up because it makes you feel confident, do it! If you don’t use make up and love you without it, don’t use some because society tell you to! Be yourself, love yourself, don’t judge yourself. It’s the most important thing. Love yourself, you don’t need society to love you. The people who love you and who will love you and don’t give a fuck about how you look. Because they will think you’re gorgeous, because for them you will be the most beautiful creature they have met. They love you. But not because of your perfect skin. They will love you for your smile, for every time you laugh with them, you hug them, you console them, you party with them, and for every fucking moment you were with them.

“Pretty, pretty please, if you ever, ever feel
Like you’re nothing, you’re fucking perfect to me”

Love yourself. Be yourself. Save this society. Kick the labels. Love your flaws, you will not be yourself without them. Spread positivity and not these stupid videos of snob, pretentious and show-off people. (Yeah sorry to people who did it, that’s exactly how you look even if you’re not, you absolutely look like a bitch.)

#LoveYourselfChallenge should be a thing. Because it’s more important to love yourself than be good looking.

| L O V E Y O U R S E L F |

Listen to the people hating on Patrick for his weight; y'all need to sit the hell down. I’m getting sick and tired of seeing someone calling Patrick fat. He’s healthy. He’s breathing. And this is coming from someone who suffers anorexia. I don’t want Patrick near this hell of a thing. He shows us love, and tells us to not worry about this stuff. So, why are you bashing him? First thing, IT’S NONE OF Y'ALL’S BUSINESS TO KNOW ABOUT HIS WEIGHT! Repeat that, out loud. Plus, Elisa is his wife, if she knew, she would help him. But he’s fucking healthy. I don’t want Patrick to be a stick and unhappy. Patrick is happy at this moment, but if y'all keep doing this. “Bullshit of a game,” He’s going to be back down at an anorexia state. If I dare, see one more comment, stating Patrick gain weight. I will fucking hurt you. Thanks. 

Spread this Hashtag with the photo, thanks.

Frat!Luke Part Fifteen (Smut Imagine)

Hello you sexy munchkins! How are you guys doing? I hope you like this little update:) Love you all! xx-Z.

Previous parts (x).

Keep reading

>I was only 21 years old
>I loved Rand so much, I had all the merchandise
>I pray to Aqua Buddha every night before bed, thanking him for the life I’ve been given
>“Rand is love” I say; “Rand is life”
>My dad hears me and calls me a fascist
>I know he was just jealous of my devotion for Rand
>I called him a cuck
>He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep
>I’m crying now, and my face hurts
>I lay in bed and it’s really cold
>Suddenly, a warmth is moving towards me
>It’s Rand
>I am so happy
He whispers into my ear “Get a warrant you fat fuck.”
>He grabs me with his powerful libertarian hands and puts me down onto my hands and knees
>I’m ready
>I spread my ass-cheeks for Rand
>He penetrates my butt-hole
>It hurts so much but I do it for Rand
>I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water
>I push against his force
>I want to please Rand
>He roars in a mighty roar as he fills my butt with his love
>My dad walks in
>Rand looks him straight in the eyes and says “This is a fight over The Bill of Rights.”
>Rand leaves through my window
>Rand is love. Rand is life.


Happy birthday to my favorite person on here. You were one of the first people I followed and you were my fourth follower. I love you a lot. You’re kewl and all that. I thought I would write you something for your bday ;) @soldatseb 

Originally posted by sherryzizi

“Ooh! Look at this color!” You exclaimed, grabbing another tube of lipstick. You turned to Bucky with a large grin on your face. A hum of disapproval escaped you when you realized that your arms and hands were already covered in other colors. You slowly looked up at him, a shy smile spreading on your lips. “Buck,” You whispered, “can I try this color on your hand?” 

Without missing a beat he answered, “No.” 

“Oh, come on, Bucky! Please!” You whined, doing a little dance with your feet like a child. 

“I do not want that stuff anywhere near me.” He shook his head, but when he looked down at you his eyes softened. Your bottom lip was pushed out and you were glaring down at your arms. “Fuck,” He sighed, “Fine, fine. You can put that colorful shit on me.” 

You gasped, “You’re the best, thank you, Buck!” 

“Yeah, I know I’m the best.” He rolled his eyes. He watched as you swiped a streak on the top of his hand and held it up to your face. 

“Whatchya think?” You asked him. 

“I like it, now can we go?” He pleaded, gesturing toward the door. 

“One more, one more.” You waved him off, fingers brushing against the lipstick containers as you scanned for the next color you wanted.

“No more, c’mon, babe.” Bucky whined, grabbing at you like a little kid. You laughed lightly and shook your head. He huffed before wrapping his arms firmly around your waist and pulling you toward the register. 

“Buck!” You exclaimed. 

“If we go home now, I’ll let you try your lipstick on me.” He whispered in your ear. 

“Home it is!” 

anonymous asked:

For the prompt thing could you do 1 with Bucky Barnes?

#1. “I just wanted to make you happy.”


After a horrible day at work, you just needed some sort of peace. You’d called Bucky at lunch and told him all about how everything was going wrong and he decided, without telling you, to make you happy when you came home. He cleaned the whole house, set candles out, made your favourite dinner and set up the bath so that when you came home, he could run you a lovely warm one.

You dropped your bag by the couch before looking around. “Buck… What is all this?” You asked as a slow smile spread on your face. The room was decked out with candles, it was spotless, dinner was already made and sitting on the table waiting… It was perfect.

Bucky shrugged, “I just wanted to make you happy.

You rushed to him, wrapping him up in your arms tightly, “Thank you,” You whispered, “You didn’t have to do all this, you always make me happy no matter what.”

Bucky pulled back and pressed a soft kiss to your forehead, “I wanted to do it for you. I want you to see how much I love you.”

With a teary eyed smile, you kissed him, “I love you, too.”