all he wants to do is eat your brain

Light (Jughead x Reader Imagine)

Request by @ateliefloresdaprimavera

Jughead had been typing away on his laptop for hours now. What had started as a quiet night in watching Netflix and eating popcorn had turned into you watching Netflix and eating popcorn alone whilst Jughead’s long fingers tapped away at the keys because, as he so eloquently put it, ‘when inspiration hits, you feed it’.

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You For Breakfast (Grayson)


You awoke to a warm hand rubbing gently across your stomach. The sun was just beginning to rise and it couldn’t have been any later than 7 A.M. You smiled to yourself as your head peaked over your shoulder at your boyfriend who’s face was pressed against your back where he left gentle, feather light kisses. This was one of your favourite things to wake up to, he knew this. You stirred gently against him, signaling you were awake, and felt him shift closer to you, wrapping his arm tighter around your body.

“Hmmm. Already?” You mumbled, laughter laced through your voice as you felt his erection press against your bum.

“I can’t help it.” Grayson grumbled. His voice was low, thick with sleep. Nothing turned you on more than his morning voice, you weren’t ashamed to admit it. He played with the lace detailing on your shorts, a pair he had bought you from Victoria’s Secret just a few months ago. “You in these little shorts does things to me.”

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The train of thoughts

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Kiseok held onto her as tightly as he could without disrupting her comfort in his arms. He looked at her, with the slight gap in between her lips and that piece of strand falling at the side of her face, loose from the bun you had tied your hair onto later this evening. He couldn’t help but smile at seeing you, completely at ease except for of course that permanent scowl on your eyebrows. He always teased you on how you always have the burden of a prime minister on your shoulder with how narrowed your eyebrows are everytime you slept and you always scowled at the joke.

It made him fell even harder for you.

He noticed the few people staring at you and him. He didn’t mind. It didn’t matter if they thought he was showing off his affection in public. He honestly didn’t. He was in love with the girl in his arm and wants to show it. He wants people to see how in love he is with you because despite your constant whines and complaints you were still there in his arms, because despite your constant threat to leave him to handle himself everytime he messed up, you were still there the next morning taking care of him- because despite how angry you get everytime he gets drunk, you’re still there with food the next day for lunch.

Yes he was in love.

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the signs as sz quotes
  • Aries: What the dick is that?
  • Taurus: Danny forgets to eat sometimes so I gotta feed his brain.
  • Gemini: Why do you have a murderous can of goop in your office just-- sitting there?
  • Cancer: Something's fucky.
  • Leo: *in a tone of dismay* I'm a fucking furry.
  • Virgo: Chicken delivery hardly merits death, Madina!
  • Libra: Sorry, I can't hear you without my glasses.
  • Scorpio: Hopefully he's not banned from another IHOP. 2 is excessive enough as it is.
  • Sagittarius: I mean, sure, Elliot died, but it turned out all right.
  • Capricorn: The fuck is this Illuminati bullshit?
  • Aquarius: Do you want a sip of my latte? You sound thirsty.
  • Pisces: The chicken, I uh. Brought it. It's for you. The chicken.
  • made by a collaboration with @sharperzero
Common Language

Paring: Youngjae X reader
Genre: Fluff
Word count: 1,320
Summary: When Got7 come into the restaurant you work at it turns your world upside down, especially hearing some confessions in Korean. When will you tell them you know?


Hey all here’s some fluff with the sunshiny boy Youngjae! As someone who worked in food I wish something like this would happen lol. Hope you enjoy!
~Mod Phoenix


Another day, another boring shift at the restaurant. You were a waitress at a small restaurant and it was never exciting, easily seen in the empty dining room now. You knew that there was a Got7 concert going on the next day, you envied those able to go to their world tour. Due to the concert you thought it might be a busy shift, but you were mistaken. You sighed as you played with the strings on your apron. After what felt like an hour, which was really only ten minutes, the bells hanging from the door rang happily to announce customers.

When you looked up you were stunned to see none other than Got7. You quickly shook your head to try and clear it and said, “Hello, table for seven?” You automatically grabbed menus as the eldest responded, “Yes please!”

“Right this way,” you said with a smile and lead the way to a large party table. You set out the menus and let the boys get seated,“ I’ll be back to get your drink orders!”

You weren’t going to let them know you were an ahgase, rather you wanted to treat them like other customers. Jackson looked up at you and joked, “It seems like your the only one here!”

You laughed, “Well basically, there’s just me, the two cooks, and a manager.” The others started to speak in Korean, which they had no idea you also knew Korean. You had been studying it since high school and continued with taking classes in college. You almost felt odd listening in as you made your way back to the hostess stand where you could see all the boys interacting.

They talk started normal enough, just asking what some of the items on the menu were. But then you heard Youngjae’s voice stand out, “She’s really cute!”

This was followed with Jaebum asking, “Then why don’t you try talking to her?”

“I can’t speak English!” He exclaimed loudly.

Your breath was caught in your throat, he thought you were cute! You let out a long breath before heading over with your small notebook and pen in hand. You smiled, trying to look like you hadn’t understood the small exchange, “Can I get your drinks?”

You quickly jotted down their orders and smiled, “I’ll get those out right away!”

Before you walked away you heard Youngjae ask in Korean, “Wait what’s her name, what’s her name?”

“Ummm…” Jackson thought, “I didn’t see her name tag…” Mark responded that he hadn’t either and BamBam hadn’t payed attention.

As you went and fixed their drinks you couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of this situation. You balanced a tray full of drinks and handed them out. Once everyone had their order you asked, “Are you guys ready to order or do you need a few minutes?”

“Uhhh…” Jackson responded looking at the others repeating the question in Korean. “I think we need a few more minutes.” He was obviously looking for your name tag, which you had tagged to the pocket of your white apron. You couldn’t help but laugh and question, “Are you looking for something?”

“Oh! Sorry, I was looking for your name tag.” He responded, slightly embarrassed.

You pulled the pocket up and tapped the tag pinned there, “I guess it is out of sight.”

“Ahh, Y/N!” He grinned and said, “Thanks for waiting on us.”

“No problem, it is my job after all!” You replied happily as you went back to the stand.

“Her name is Y/N,” Jackson stated in Korean, turning to Youngjae.

The sunshiny boy grinned, “Y/N… A cute name to match a cute face!”

Yugyeom groaned, causing BamBam to imitate being sick. Jinyoung smacked the table to get their attention, “We need to have our orders ready, so figure out what you’re getting, then you can talk as much as you want.”

They quickly became quiet to look at the menu, only asking what things were. As you glanced up you caught Youngjae staring at you and when you locked eyes he quickly looked down. You could feel the heat rising in your face as he groaned, “She caught me looking at her!”

BamBam couldn’t help but laugh, “Smooth dude, smooth.” This caught him a quick slap on the arm. He then went on a tangent about how cute he found you, especially your smile.

You came back over and asked about ordering and Jackson ordered as well as BamBam. Mark listed off off his, JB’s, Jinyoung’s, and Yugyeom’s orders. You looked at Youngjae with a grin, “And for you?”

“Wait, what’s happening? Mark, I told you what I wanted!” Youngjae asked in confusion.

Mark simply smirked, “You can talk to her now, tell her your order.”

His eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of his head and it took everything you had to look confused at them speaking Korean. “Umm.. I want.. Uhh… Personal pepperoni pizza?” He stammered with an obvious accent, which made him even more adorable.

You nodded with a grin, “Got it, I’ll go put these in and hopefully they’ll be up soon!”

“What was that for?“Youngjae immediately demanded.

“It got you to talk to her didn’t it?”

“Well yeah, but you didn’t have to put me on the spot! It doesn’t help she’s cute let alone I can’t speak English!” He put his face in his hand, “I wish I could talk to her!” He sighed as he leaned back, “If only she knew Korean…”

You chuckled to yourself, ‘Oh man if only you knew, this is too much fun! I’ll let him know when they’re about to pay.’ You nodded as you made your decision, making your way to the food window to wait for their orders.

You brought back their food and so they were back to loud conversations. Youngjae later started talking to the others, “Guys, how do I talk to her? Should I ask her out? If I do though there’ll still be the language barrier… She’s just so cute,” He sighed wistfully. “I just want to know her…”

“If you ask her out, I could go as a translator,” Jackson offered, nudging the younger boy playfully.

“Wouldn’t that be awkward though?” He countered.

“I guess…”

All of the guys wracked their brains on how Youngjae could ask you out with the language barrier. They were very concentrated, debating ways until they had finished eating. You had to hide your face from time to time due to unstoppable laughter, this really was too fun. They didn’t know you were a fan of theirs or that you knew Korean, you couldn’t wait to see the surprise on their face as you printed the check and made your way over.

You smiled and stated in perfect Korean, “Here’s your check, not sure who to give it to so I’ll set it here. Did you guys enjoy your meals?”

“YOU CAN SPEAK KOREAN?” They all yelled in astonishment. “Wait, so you could.. understand us this entire time?” Yugyeom asked, specifically looking towards Youngjae, who looked absolutely stunned.

“Yeah, Yugyeom, every word! I’ve been learning Korean for probably five years?”

“Wait you know us too?” JB questioned, obviously shocked.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been an ahgase since you guys debuted!” You chirped.

Youngjae finally spoke up, “So you heard everything I said… about you?”

You smiled, “Yeah, you’re very flattering!”

“Well since it’s out there, even though I feel totally embarrassed, Y/N, do you maybe want to grab coffee tomorrow morning?” Youngjae asked, rubbing his neck nervously as he looked up at you with shining eyes.

“I’d love to!” You exclaimed happily. You took out your notebook and scribbled down your number, handing it to him. “Here’s my number, call or text me so we can plan.” He took it happily and nodded, who knew you’re boring day would end like this?

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Hairway to heaven

A/N: (LOOK AT THIS PUN!) This takes place after 12x09, no spoilers though! I hope you all enjoy this little love story :) My tags lists are opened! Send me an ask if you want to be added!

Dean x Reader

Story: Y/N is Sam and Dean’s barber in Lebanon, Kansas. (That’s all you need to know)

Warnings: language and smut

Originally posted by kissing-pleasure

You sighed, looking at the clock above the mirrored wall of your salon, knowing the end of the day had arrived too soon. Again.

“You can go home Nadine” you signed to your employee, the brunette giving you a gentle smile as she walked at the back of the shop and grabbed her belongings.

“Thanks Y/N, I’ll see you tomorrow”

You nodded and waved quickly before you started again your closing tasks, pretty sure no more customers would walk in at that time of the day. Not that you would refuse to get a quick haircut done since you were in no hurry to go home. No hurry simply because your apartment was just above your salon.

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Jerome X Reader Lost.

Jerome sat quietly his eyes following around your graceful body as you swayed dancing on the two pieces of ribbon that hung from the ceiling. When you danced the feeling of being under a circus tent disappeared. Everything felt more glamorous and beautiful. Your unnaturally pale body was enclosed by pure white lights and sparkles entrancing  everyone in the audience, especially Jerome. His breathing deepened when he watched you, everyone noticed it describing his focus on you as if you were the only thing that mattered in his world, the most precious jewel to ever be found. When told this you normally brushed it off. You had know of Jerome, or course having traveled all around the country with him but the two of you never remained close.He was a shy boy sticking closely to his mother whom he glared t with such discontent he would look to be a whole different person, it was scary until his face melted back into it’s normal withdrawn look. Sometimes you could feel green eyes gazing at you but you tried not to notice it, you were deemed the princess, after your mother who was named queen but murdered by your father in a drunken fit, of the circus for your long blonde hair and intensely good looks so people often stared.

After your performance you twirled down the long ribbons, bowing graciously letting off a big smile. The crowd cheered their voices echoing as you skipped lightly to the back. Jerome seeing you leave scrambled to his feet to meet you there. In his mind he had decided tonight was the night. He was going to tell you of the feeling he had harbored inside of him for years- it didn’t matter if you excepted it or not to he had to get it out there. Back stage you were drinking some sparkling water confronted by the normal praises and pats on the back. “You looked beautiful out there” and “How stunning” Politely you smiled thanking them like their comment meant the world to you but no the inside you had heard it all before dreading their storm of approval only wanting to creep into your trailer only to come out for your next performance. Making your way through the crowd of admirers you got to the last one the lizard man or Bret who said you looked just like your mother and how proud she would be if she could see you tonight. 

A pang of heavy sadness echoed through you. Everything became dark- the usual sounds and smells of the circus faded away only leaving you with the stench of alcohol as well as her screams.. her dreaded screams. You pushed past Bret bolting to your trailer without putting on your usual happy go luck act. The man sat dumbfounded repeating his words to himself trying to figure out if he had errored in his ways shrugging when mentally convincing it as you just being on your period. Jerome followed close behind seeing you run away grew angry glaring at Bret. He stormed up to him shoving on his back with violent force. Bret turned around a scowl on his scaled face. “Bitch?” he said turning to Jerome who came back with a deadly glare. “What did you say to her?” Bret scoffed turning his back to Jerome and walking away. Remembering his place as the shy reserved kid of the village bicycle he gave in walking slowly out to your trailer. 


I held the picture of my mom closely to my chest trying to stop the hot tears from continuing to stream down my face. Closing my eyes my chest heaved in and out in an attempt to practice the deep breathing technique my old therapist had taught me when I was little but it all failed. They all knew not to bring up my mom or dad. Their memory remained a gash in my heart that was continuously bleeding; gushing when their names were brought up. Accepting my failure my eyes re-opened allowing myself to trail my pointer finger up and down my moms face. It was an old picture of her when she was around 19, my age, she was wearing a sparkly silver dress her cheeks flushed pink while my father stood handsomely kissing her neck, his hands wrapped around her waist. TO my self I thought if she had ever imagined that those same exact hands would stab her to death- the details of that night began to play out until there was a timid knock at my door.

 My head snapped up quickly placing the picture of my parents back in it’s usual place. “Just a minute!” I cried happily rushing to the mirror to fix my make-up which had been streaked down my face. I wiped the ghostly black streams off of my face applying new eye shadow and eyeliner as well as throwing on a simply black cotton dress. Smiling I opened the door shocked to see Jerome standing there. “Hello y/n” He was nervously looking around in the same blue sweater he always seemed to wear. “Oh Jerome what a surprise, come in” I said masking my worry. smiling he nodded stepping up the stairs and into my trailer. His eyes nervously took in the white Christmas lights I had strung up around the entire place. pictures and poster coated the walls. “Would you like a drink?” I said hoping the divert his attention away from my personal life. “uh no thanks” he said avoiding eye contact. “May we sit?” his pale hands ushered to my two dining room chairs. Hoping in my head this wasn’t the part where he reaches a crossed the table and chokes me out I nodded politely and sat down, he sat on the other chair looking at me then glancing away when I attempted to make eye contact. “What can I help you with Jerome?” I said. He smiled fidgeting with his hands. “Okay.. I” The laugh of a maniac came out of his mouth. I jumped at the sound of it. This was so out of character for him, he never laughed only smiled shyly.

 Before I knew it he was in front of me gently caressing my chin to shocked to act I looked into his pulsing eyes while he stared into my eyes with a sense of.. yearning?. “To be honest with you baby” he said trailing his fingers up and down my arms the tickling sensation sending shivers through my body. “I’ve had m eyes on you for awhile… for years!” he said sitting on the small table lowering his head so he was eye level. “You’re the only one I want” My eyes flashed thinking of all the guys I have had a crush on, who had watched the show approaching me afterwards and promising me a life as a dancer away from this dreaded circus. Jerome seemed to pick up on my thoughts. “Forget about those other guys gorgeous I’m the only one that can treat you like the princess you are.. I know you, I know how you laugh, dance, sing, talk, how you cry” he lingered on my face noticing how puffy my eyelids were. 

A sympathetic look rose on his face only to be hidden as he gently leaned forward whispering in my ear. “Best of all I can get you out of here. No more filth and sadness. No more memories that eat away at your heart” He put his pointer finger under my chin lifting my head up to his gaze. “I know they do, you don’t have to hide it silly girl. You will have the life you always wanted with me. My brain wandered excited by his promises. I would be free from this hell hole and Jerome was pretty cute… I stood up suspiciously looking at him. “How do I know this isn’t some elaborate scheme to kill me? hm?” A handsome smile spread a crossed his face as he stood up. Again his cold hands reached my face. “Your father has damaged you sweet heart. Why would I hurt the only thing that matters to me?” From that point on I was his and he was mine. We spend most of our time hiding out in my trailer planning our ‘great escape!’ as he called it-only coming out for my shows; he would watch as he always had kissing my hard on the lips afterwards;carrying my back to my trailer. 

Then he was taken away from hacking up his mother. I hadn’t found out until the next day after spending hours searching around and calling his name. Bret stopped me releasing the bad news. I cried in my tailor hating him for leaving me here to rot- mostly for breaking his promise. My cries echoed throughout the circus yard bringing forth multiple knocks from my concerned co-workers. I never answered them, I hated them all.

 The next couple months all my energy went into my dancing. I would practice with my instructor most of the day, preform then go to sleep. I had become a great dancer receiving many compliments but I blew them off- as Jerome had said many times none of them mattered. It had been a normal Saturday I was sitting in my trailer reading a book about a ballerina something I had always wished I could do. A knock sounded on my door my eyes glancing at the clock it was 9:30pm an odd hour for visitors. Cautiously I opened the door suddenly being grabbed then surrounded by darkness. Viciously I fought screaming and kicking. “You let go of you you son of a bitch!” I yelled feeling my fist connect with something warm and soft. A deep mans voice croaked “Little bitch” then pinched my arm which I thought was strange until my head became dizzy and I fell into a deep sleep. 

When I woke up I was in a room a fire place roaring, a breathing body humming besides me. My face scrunched in confusion as I got up tip-toeing away. My feet made a sticking noise that made me want to shriek in fear that the man on the bed would wake up. Unnervingly I made it to the door  with a sigh of relief. I was on my way to freedom when a strong pare of arms grabbed around my waist. “Where do you think you’re going?” a almost familiar voice said. Out of habit I jabbed my elbow back connecting it with the mans face. He made a grunting noise falling back. I started to run down the hallway paved by wooden planks when I heard “No baby don’t leave” 

My feet slid on the floor like a carton when I realized who’s voice it was. Turning around I bolted back t the room laying my eyes on Jerome who was laying on the ground his nose bleeding. “Jerome?” I said in awe. He smiled lifting himself up. “Hello doll . Did ya miss me?.” I kissed him roughly he was slow to catch up to my lips due to what I guessed was shock but soon began o explore my bod like he used to. Grunting he lifted me up and laid me down carefully on the bed. Climbing on top of me never separating our lips. My fingers gently took off his shirt throwing it onto the ground. My body tingled while touching his bare chest. He stopped bringing his lips by my ear. “I told you I would get you out of the circus.”

Thank you all for reading if you would like me to continue this please leave me a comment. More to come Same-Bat-time Same Bat-channel

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hellsbellssinclub  asked:

Quiobi, no.1 with Qui-Gon as a Sith and Obi-Wan as a Jedi?

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s world is black and white.

There is good and there is evil.

He is a Jedi and therefore he is good.

Raised as the last Padawan Learner to the venerable Grand Master of the Order, Obi-Wan has strived all his life to be the perfect Jedi, the epitome of the light. He has ruthlessly chased out fear and anger from his heart, has excised all that would tempt him down a darker path shaded in charcoal, ebony, and onyx. He knows the shades of ivory that mark the path of the truly righteous like the back of his hand.

He is an example to the Order, to those initiates who feel they will never be chosen, encouragement to those Knights who fear that perfection is out of their grasp, and a subtle reminder to masters to think twice about their preconceived notions.

If Obi-Wan Kenobi can become a paragon of light, the finest of his generation, Master Yoda’s true heir, then anything is possible.

Through the light all things are possible.

Except… that is all Obi-Wan can see.

There is no color in his world, no vibrant blues, no ruddy crimson or a delicate yellow. The world around him is as black and white as the lessons handed down to him from a grandmaster who has evolved beyond caring about the color of a flower or the particular shade of the sunset.

After 800 years of shades of grey, Yoda needs no gaudy, saturated rainbow to tell him that sunlight dappled through the leaves of a sweet oak in the Room of a Thousand Fountains is beautiful. He simply accepts the world that he sees as it is. He does not need color nor does he want it.

“A Jedi craves not these things, Obi-Wan,” Yoda tells him and Obi-Wan does his best to listen to his master’s wisdom, to tell himself that there is beauty in the shift from radiant white to ecru to charcoal and the inky wash of night time.

It works for the most part.

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warning signs // pcy // 8

Originally posted by foreverxoxoexo

→ mafia!au
→ in which two respectively fucked up people found a way to love each other despite the warning signs.
→ word count: 2k
→ song of the chapter: junk of the heart (happy) by the kooks
→ *ooo i wanna know are yall on team kjd or pcy 😪 so let me know

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Head colds and Headaches

My MCGA and ToA fics are now apparently a series. In chronological order:
| things you said over the phone | Head colds and Headaches | Annabeth Wins a Bet | Annabeth Loses Sleep

As soon as the Iris Message shimmered into existence, Percy sneezed so violently he almost ended the call. 

“Whoa.” Annabeth recoiled a little and then leaned forward, peering at her boyfriend’s red nose and watery, bloodshot eyes. “What happened to you?”

Percy glared at her over the tissue he was using to blow his nose. “Hi Annabed, it’s great to see you too.”

She bit her bottom lip to stop herself from laughing at how ridiculous he sounded. “Sorry, let me try that again. Hello dearest boyfriend, you look just as handsome as you did this morning.”

He rolled his eyes and tossed the tissue out of view. “Can you come home now?”

“Why, do you need someone to take care of you while you’re sick?” She was trying to tease him, but when Percy’s expression remained flat and serious she realised something was really wrong. Her stomach dropped. She sat up straighter and asked urgently, “What’s happened?”

“Apollo -” was all Percy managed to say before he was wracked by another violent sneeze. The oddly shaky and low quality connection faltered and flickered before coming back into focus.

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Han Solo and Sickness

Anonymous said: Could we please get a fic of Han taking care of Leia and baby Grace? Like they both have the flue or a cold? And the only thing both of them want is Han.

Hello anon! Thanks for your ask. This isn’t a fic, exactly, and it’s not all Leia and Grace, but I can’t help what my stupid brain does. So here are some headcanons about Han and sickness. Hope this works for you! It’s forty years long so no hard feelings if you got better things to do today anon

1. He doesn’t get sick, in Corell Home. Other kids do, and bad; they don’t eat enough plants. Han dreams of oranges. Always he knows his own body– what it does, can do, what it needs. When the boys are marched downtown to beg donations that never enrich their diets Han steals from the sidewalk outside the greengrocer’s– black-streaked bananas, stray celery stalks; in winter, woody carrots, tangerines so soft his thumb plunges into pulp. Wilted handfuls of beet greens. His body craves, so his body obeys: Han’s got a way of lowering, seizing bruised apples, rising smooth and quick. Never falling out of rhythm, out of line, never drawing the eye of the supervisor. Cramming his prize in his mouth, swallowing fast as he walks. 

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30 Day Writing Challenge Day 17: Forgive

It was his fault. If Otabek had been a second faster, none of this would have happened. Neither of them would have gotten hurt and they could be on the ice, having fun for the week he was in Russia.

If only he had noticed the car that ran the red light.

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IronHawk (Part Eighteen)

The boys blow off some steam, Logan and Tony talk, then Logan and Clint talk and. Tony makes a big decision.

Catch up on Chapters 1-17 HERE

Enjoy :)

“So just tonight?” Clint asked, as he walked with Logan around the Tower grounds. He was happy to give a tour, happy to be spending time with his friend again.

“Yep. I’ve got some stuff to take care of at the school. Didn’t want to ride all weekend. And you know… you did tell me to find you.”

“Hell yeah I did.” Clint agreed.

When the SHIELD transport had touched down all those weeks ago and Hawkeye had caught the news, seen his team struggling to fight those rock things, Clint had tossed Logan his bag and yelled to Coulson that he had to go.

“Wait - where?” Logan asked, not having seen the news yet, and definitely looking forward to a slow night of cigars, beer, and maybe, maybe some more time with Clint.

“The team needs me, Tony needs me, I just– I got to go. Just um… Logan?”
The mutant looked up to where Clint was already several feet off the ground. “This is a shitty way to end things so…Come find me, yeah?”

“You aren’t coming back.” Logan stated with a sinking feeling in his chest, and Clint shook his head.

“Not for a while at least. Come find me, okay? Lets at least share a beer..”

“Count on it Wing boy.”

“I’m glad you’re here.” Clint said with a smile, and a hand to Logan’s shoulder.

“So what? Pizza and beer all night? I got to leave pretty early but I’m down for something fun. Red white and Super said something about you working on training with them like we did.”

“Red white and—” Clint laughed. “I’m stealing that. New nickname for the Captain. And yeah, they’ve been pretty impressed with some of the stuff I’ve showed them.”

“So maybe we should show them how the real soldiers do it.”

“Yeah?” Clint asked, amused. “Want to do some fightin’?”

“Always.” The mutant popped his neck, the adamantium laced joints cracking so loudly that Clint shuddered. “Let’s show the boys in tights how it’s done, huh?”

“You know I’d love to see how you do against Hulk and the Captain. Maybe no claws with Captain, but you can’t really hurt Hulk.”

“Watch me try.” Logan grinned around his cigar.

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Royfriends with Benefits

I had some inspiration tonight to do this! This week I don’t have any test so expect some requests my loves. Also. This story is NSFW


The loud bag in your door signals that he’s here, a little earlier than he should have been. You march to the door with a fading enthusiasm. You know he knows that you hesitate to open. But it’s not that you’d ever leave him hanging. Ever.
   And so you open the damn door, because even if it seems irresponsible and egoistical, you want to spend your Christmas with him. And deep down you hope that’s the only thing you’ll be doing.

But Roy wants sex. Rough and Hard.

And this need of his makes you feel that your friendship is gone, taken by the momentarily pleasure you both seek. For months now, you’ve been trying to tell him that. You want your friendship back. And that if he doesn’t want your friendship to be retrieved, you want something more. But you damn hate this thing that you signed yourself up for, almost a year ago. And it burns your insides. Because you know you can never tell him how you feel. You’re his second choice and that’s what you’ll ever be.

You should have never let him be your first choice. That way, you wouldn’t be hurt.

But he’s Roy. You’d do anything for him. And the confirmation comes as you open the door and he’s found looking straight into your eyes as if he’s asking iylu whether you’re okay.

  No. No you’re not.

“Did Oliver ask you where you’re going?”


“Nobody saw you right?”

“No!” He assured you once again. He was to happy you had opened him. He needed tonight’s relief and he was so afraid that you wouldn’t open him. You had done it multiple times, but he wouldn’t let you know he was aware. He had long suspected you had feelings, and maybe he had some too, but if the words wouldn’t leave your mouth he wouldn’t ignite a fire he can never put out.
And then again, he didn’t necessarily feel that kind of love towards you. He was afraid that developing any feeling when you had both agreed you wouldn’t, would be an act of irresponsibility and inability to keep a promise.

And Roy Harper? He was a man of his word.

You close the door quietly as if someone was eager to listen to your door closing. And you didn’t want to them the favor.


Nobody knew about you and Roy and certainly nobody cared.

At least your people.

You hadn’t even realised you were pinned into the wall , already being ravished by Roy’s lips on the crook of your neck.
“Something wrong tonight princess?”

Though all Roy got in response was a growl of annoyance. You hated nicknames and it was a part of your deal that he’d never. Ever. Call you in any nickname. You weren’t his and he wasn’t yours.

And that’s all you can think as he swoops you of your feet and takes you to your bedroom, only to throw you onto the bed. You take some moments to shake your head back to normal from the swirling spyral it has turned into, but it’s impossible as he starts getting undressed. Your insides burn into the sight of his naked body, covered in red hair that you silently and secretly love watching. And oh, how you wished you could worship him. And that’s what you’ll do. Because your stubbornness won’t let you do other wise.

You crawl on all four to the edge of the bed, as he comes closer, his naked crotch so close to your face and your lips are barely touching the sensitive flesh of his shaft. A d you wanted no time in licking up his cock from the tip to the head, where precum was already oozing from his slit.
His hand comes to grip on your hair as your mouth engulfs him, pushing you closer, deeper, until you gag. And then he loses his grip on you, you cup his balls and squeeze them in you hand. Your mouth words on him, altering between kissing, sucking and nibbling at all of his spots and you wonder if anyone, ever, has spent so many time on getting to know what he likes and what he doesn’t. Because you certainly have. You thus, you know that if you squealed suck a little tighter hes going to burst like a firework. But he sure can wait for one second. You have to run your head up and down as your tongue massages him once again. Because the sounds he’s making are too inhuman and you love them.

But Roy is Roy. He always manages to finish without that final suck. And his cock always slips out of your mouth. And then he shoots his seed everywhere but your face; he hates it when your face is covered with cum. And your Christmas is whiter indeed.

But now? Who cares that you have drops of cum everywhere. You want to feel him in you. Because this pleasure is all you can get. You only care about the fact that he’s fucking you and that’s the only reality you can come to grips with. He never actually have you enough time to realise he was thrusting inside you. But it was hard and rough and all about human touch. Which you enjoyed. And it let you wonder if you were a masochist for loving the emotional pain he brought you.

But at the moment? No. At the moment you just didn’t care. Not as your eyes were rolling to the back of your skull from the feeling of your walls twitching around him and his lips sucking the soft skin of your neck.

Because kisses were forbidden too. You knew that with one kid of him the zoo you were hiding in your stomach would burst and you were afraid of the outcome.

But Roy was quick tonight. He came inside you while still rocking his hips on yours, the sound of skin slapping so audible in the silence of the room.
He only needed one round. And now?
Now he was no longer fucking you. You just
came a little after he stopped moving, your body jerking helplessly under his, your screams piercing his brain.

You eagerly awaited to see if he’d stay after he rolled over you. The fact that you’d always buy pizza after sex was a standard one. So why had he stopped ordering?

“Do you want something to eat? ”

Happily, you nodded, believing that you’d get back to normal.

“… I’ll order you some and go!” He finished, taking the sweet smile off your face.

to hell with you Roy. Get the fuck out of here!

Was all you wanted to say. But you couldn’t. You could just nod add he stood up from your bed to search for his clothes.

“I’ll go have a shower.” You announced. “I hope that you’re gone before i get out.”

Roy turns his head to look at you in awe. Never had he ever heard these words coming out of your mouth. He knows from your tone that you’re hurt. Not tired. And it’s all his fault.
It kills him yes, but he can’t love you in a romantic way. Not at the moment. Or that’s what he’s convinced himself to believe.
Nevertheless he’s gone way before you even open the faucet.

Turning the water on, you leave a loud cry as you hit the wall with your fist. Your knuckles are probably bleeding, and you’ve probably broke a finger or two, but it’s nothing as to what you feel inside your heart. You know Roy’s leaving and even the part of you that hopes he’ll stay can’t hope for any longer. Your heartbeat pulses In your ears and you slowly collapse onto the shower wall, crying. You love him. Youre just trying to convince your own self that your feelings won’t go to vain when they actually are. Because he won’t stay. You push that part of you that hopes he’s still here in a corner as you listen to his motorcycle springing to life
Maybe he’s going to get pizza. Maybe he forgot to bring you your Christmas present and he’s just going to fetch it.

But you know that, nevertheless, he’s gone.

Way before you had even opened the faucet.

tphantomhive13  asked:

Hi! So I have a character who has done heroin, smoked pot, drank a lot of booze, and is now smoking cigarettes because he lost his boyfriend in a gang war. He only used heroin and pot for about 6 months before a friend intervened. What kind of effects would that short use of drugs cause? Or is that time frame of use unrealistic?

This is in the disclaimer page, but I’ll reiterate this here: The information provided here is purely for scientific and intellectual interests and we do not condone the use of psychoactive drugs for recreational purposes. This post is also not an admission of use of illegal/controlled substances- this is purely informative.

This question doesn’t require too technical of an answer for the effect of heroine on the brain, but I’ll very briefly explain how heroin addiction works in the central nervous system- I may make a post later talking more in depth about what is happening on a molecular scale, but I don’t think it’s necessary for this more general post. 

Addiction, for our purposes, requires physical dependence on a drug, which includes craving, drug seeking behavior, and withdrawal symptoms when the drug is stopped, which is the result of the brain having come to need the drug to function “normally”. Heroin, an opioid, acts by disinhibiting the ventral tegemental area (VTA), which is part of the brain’s reward circuitry. Among other things, the VTA projects to cortical and “limbic” structures, including the prefrontal cortex, the amygdala, and the hippocampus, and releases dopamine when faced with rewards, things that predict rewards, and unexpected stimuli; in the case of addiction, the VTA mediates the feel-good and motor aspects of drug use. Heroin decreases the release of GABA (an inhibitory neurotransmitter) and makes neurons in the the VTA fire more easily than normal- this disinhibition, then, makes it so that the VTA “relaxes” when heroin reaches the brain, and that it more readily releases dopamine. This tells the brain, basically, “this is good, remember this”. The cortex, meanwhile, is taking in sensory information and associating the place you’re in, your emotions, the tools you’re using, the people you’re with, etc, and ties these to this VTA signal. Over time and with regular use, internal molecular adaptation can lead to hyperactive signalling and a further disinhibited VTA compared to before you started using drugs; while using drugs, however, this balances out and people feel more “normal”. When you stop using them, however, and you go back to a chemical state that was previously “normal”, you’re actually below the needs of your brain, which leads to withdrawal symptoms that are the opposite of the drug effect. Where heroin use makes you dull, sleep, and insensitive to many things, heroin withdrawal is often characterized as hyperactive, hypersensitive, and hyper-aroused. 

But these changes take some time and regular usage to take effect.

Thus, the physical symptoms your character would experience would depend on how often he used, I think. If he’s using less than, say, twice a week (recreational use), doesn’t experience withdrawal symptoms between uses, doesn’t use while drinking, uses clean needles (if he uses needles at all), uses decent quality heroin that isn’t cut with anything toxic, and doesn’t overdose at any point, I’d wager to say it’s unlikely there will be significant physical effects after he stops using. 

That said, I think it’s highly unlikely that he would be using heroin in a safe and responsible way if he’s doing it out of grief. I’m not a psychologist (you can ask @scriptshrink for some help on this part, possibly), but in my own experiences with grieving, it’s very easy to neglect yourself and do things of higher risks without paying attention much to the consequences. I’d find it realistic for him to not care too much about being responsible and following safer drug use guidelines to a T. In that case, if he shares needles, he can easily find himself with HIV, Hep B, or various blood borne diseases. If he’s injecting, he may also end up with scarred skin, abscesses, infection, collapsed veins, etc, depending on his technique and again, how often he used. Given regular use, after stopping heroin use, some people have permanent tremors, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, depression, “foggy” thinking, etc. as part of post-acute withdrawal syndrome. After all, it’s very difficult for your brain and body to get back to the chemical and physical state it was in before you started using, since the changes made to it were so massive. If your character has had an overdose, he will have the worst effects- during an overdose, the amount of oxygen in the blood is so low that brain damage can happen, leading to general cognitive decline (trouble thinking, etc). Finally, even if he stops using, if he became an addict, he’ll be an addict for life- a lot of recovering opiate addicts don’t use pain medications even if they need them, just so they don’t fall back into the habit. 

I would also consider perhaps having him use something other than heroin? Most people don’t jump from pot to IV heroin from one moment to the other- maybe consider having a sort of “descent” from other narcotics, like prescription meds, to harder drugs and eventually to heroin. Of course, this varies, but it’s pretty common for people to go from things like oxycodone, morphine, or hydrocodone, start smoking heroin because it’s cheaper, then eventually start needing more and more and start injecting.

As for alcohol, I’d go so far as to say that alcohol addiction is even more dangerous than heroin addiction. Alcohol is legal, thus easier to get, and withdrawal from it can actually kill you (whereas heroin withdrawal is miserable but rarely fatal). Alcohol addiction is similar to heroin addiction in that it acts on the VTA, but actually increases the amount of GABA receptors instead of reducing the amount of GABA (which effectively also disinhibits the VTA), and can lead to subtly different effects in terms of reward. Alcohol also inhibits the release of glutamate in the brain, which is an excitatory neurotransmitter, and this in combination with more GABA action leads to some of the slow, sluggish effects of alcohol. Long term alcohol abuse, of course, tends to lead to brain damage that affects attention, memory, and judgement, and physically can lead to liver problems and pancreatitis. In conjunction with heroin use (especially if he’s doing both at the same time), I would be very concerned for your character’s well-being. If he’s just drinking heavily in binges and occasionally doing heroin recreationally, I’d still be concerned, but I would guess he’s not as much of a ticking time bomb? 

Finally, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the pot. He really shouldn’t combine things (I don’t think he’d want to), and there are dangers if he’s, for example, eating a lot of edibles at once just because he might do something really dumb and/or dangerous, but in and of itself, it doesn’t seem to be all that bad in terms of the brain? There are some suggestions that there are effects on memory and learning, especially verbal memory, but nothing conclusive about “this will destroy your brain” as far as I know. It’s hard to gauge the effects with pot too, since again, it depends on how often and how much is used (there are sensitization effects!). But if he’s around or older than 24/25, he should be mostly okay- at least in terms of the effects of pot specifically. Most of the dangers come from younger people using it, since the brain is still in a very plastic state and it may interfere with the connections being made at the time.

Non-neuro, but I’ve written characters before that use drugs and I highly recommend looking through drugs and addiction forums where you can find personal experiences and answers to questions about the emotional, social, and personal aspects of addiction. These are more useful for writing a character than knowing how the drug acts on the brain specifically (though that can certainly be useful!). 

Hope this has helped, but let me know if you need more info.

–Mod Nopal 🌵

Learning the Ropes

Kim Taehyung X Reader ft.Kim Namjoon

Mild bondage smut.

A/N: I don’t know where my recent obsession with Tae came from. Anyway, here’s a little treat to hold you over, I swear the Youngjae story is coming! I’m it’s taking so long, I just want it to be as perfect as he is (AND IT NEVER WILL BE AAAAHHHH)!! 

Originally posted by bangtan-tv

Taehyung bit his lip in concentration. His eyes followed the red rope in his hands trying to correctly decipher where to place it next. Flicking his tongue over his lips he pulled the rope between a loop he’d created earlier and dragged it through cautiously. He could feel a bead of sweat slip down the back of his neck as he worked, knowing he was being watched. Being judged by his every move. He continued on. Five more minutes passed and then ten, almost a full twenty before he tied off the tail of the rope into the knots he’d created. He leaned back on his heels and looked up at his hyung.

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Taehyung Scenario: Go to You.

Request: Please make a scenario with Taehyung….Where they have a concert but he doesn’t know if you & your daughter are coming to their concert…  

Genre: Fluff / Family

Taehyung always liked to invite his two girls to dinner dates, after a long day working and rehearsing like a madman being able to enjoy a nice meal with his daughter and his wife was like a splash of water on a hot day, he felt refreshed even though he was still tired of the hectic day.

Nami loved thai food, his daughter had a refined taste for such a young girl, so almost every time you brought her to her favorite restaurant Thai Nam. The restaurant wasn’t too fancy but you didn’t like to dress too informal on dinner dates, Taehyung was looking stylish in an all-black attire, you wore high wasted black pants with a long sleeves red wine shirt and for Nami you decided to dress her with a cute violet dress.

Taehyung was currently on preparations for a few domestic concerts as a closure of the promotions of the group’s latest album. They would perform at Seoul, Daegu and Busan. The first concert was going to be at Busan next Friday.

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anonymous asked:

Part 8 pleaseee omgg

Honestly, I can’t thank you enough, I love you all xo.

So here’s part 8. I’m sorry it’s rather short, but I wanted to get something up for you tonight. Hope you enjoy.

The next week went by pretty fast, and you were fairly busy with school. But to say you hadn’t thought about Harry once would have been a lie. Of course you thought about him. He had burrowed himself into your brain, and had taken residence under your skin like an itch you couldn’t scratch.

But you were still angry. You knew you had been right when you called him out. He was a fake and a phony. And you wanted nothing more to do with him. The fact that he hadn’t called or texted since that night told you all you needed to know.

This time, you insisted to Mandy that you were not going this weekend’s party. For once she didn’t try to persuade you. She understood.

You spent the evening watching television and eating popcorn in solitude. By the time you got a text from Mandy saying she was headed home, your eyelids were heavy. You texted her back to tell her to be careful and that you were going to bed.

By the way, she texted again, he was there.

So what? you texted back.

What Harry Styles did was none of your concern. He could jump off a cliff for all you cared.

I’ll tell you about it in the morning.

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You’re My Everything

Originally posted by jung-koook


A/N: I hope this is what you were looking for anon! I hope your day becomes brighter because of this. I added some christmas themes because it’s my favourite holiday. Enjoy!

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 1,400

Genre: Fluff (Sooooo much fluff)

Description: Jungkook surprises you with a late christmas gift.

~ Masterlist ~

The air was cold on your sleeping body as you shifted in your sleep, eventually being awoken by the frigid air. You had a love hate relationship with the winter, in fact you used to hate it. He changed that, though, he changed everything. Winter no longer meant freezing your ass off and sleepless nights wrapped in copious amounts of blankets, it meant finding every excuse to be wrapped in his arms. It meant hot chocolate at 2 am when you both couldn’t sleep, wrapping each other in warmth. It meant long baths, your head tilting backwards against his shoulder to look up at his cutting jawline, tracing small kisses along it’s edge.

It meant being happy for the first time in your life.

You anticipated the winter now, you anticipated everything as long as he was involved. You rolled over, throwing an arm over where Jungkook should’ve been; it was no wonder you were cold. You sat up, rubbing the sleep from your eyes as you forced your body to move from your cocoon of blankets, wrapping your cardigan around your body and shivered at it’s coolness. You walked peaked out of the door to look for any sign of movement in the apartment - nothing. You took a few steps into the living room before a yelp escaped your lips as cold fingers grazed the inch of skin left exposed by your shirt and wide open cardigan, wrapping you in a soft embrace.

“Good morning, beautiful.”

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