all he wanted was to kick doors in

Okay but let me present to you: AU where Yuuri and Yuri are actually friends

Yuri Plisetsky is 15 and is the Junior Grand Prix gold medalist. He’s the rinkmate of Russia’s national treasure, Victor Nikiforov, and everyone expects him to be perfect, to live up to Victor’s reputation.

And sometimes, it’s hard to deal with all that pressure. Especially when you’re 15 and angsty and don’t want anyone to know just how scared and overwhelmed you are.

So when Yuri finds Yuuri crying in a bathroom stall after the GPF, he kicks the door down, and thrusts a handkerchief into the older skater’s face, telling him to “Wipe yourself off. You look disgraceful.”

Yuuri is perplexed, but he also finds the little punk kinda endearing.

Later, at the banquet, Yuri stomps angrily up to Yuuri to ask him gruffly if he’s feeling any better, and Yuuri laughs and ruffles his hair, reassuring him that he’s alright now.

Yuri hisses and bats his hand away, saying that he’s not a child, but he doesn’t walk away. He and Yuuri talk all night, and Yuuri doesn’t end up drunkenly seducing his idol.

Yuuri and Yuri start texting back and forth pretty often, and Yuuri ends up doing not too badly for the rest of the season, because Yuri is there to call him before competitions and yell at him to stop being a wimp, and threaten to actually fly out to Detroit to personally kick his ass if he doesn’t do well enough.

And Yuri, who’s seen Yuuri at his weakest, doesn’t feel too bad at letting Yuri see his vulnerable side. Sometimes Yuri will call Yuuri and not say anything, and Yuuri will know exactly what to do. He’ll reassure him that he’s amazing and he’ll do well and that, even if he doesn’t, no one’s going to bite his head off. At the very least, Yuuri will always respect him, and that’s enough for Yuri.

When, at the end of the figure skating season, Yuuri’s come out with a Gold in Four Continents and a silver at Worlds, Yuri excitedly suggests that he come to Russia to train under Yakov.

Yuuri hems and haws for a few weeks, but eventually, he agrees.

Yakov doesn’t have to be convinced to accept him.

Yuuri is in St Petersburg for exactly one (1) hour before Victor falls hopelessly head over heels for him.

Yuri is maybe a little possessive of his friend though, and he and Victor often finds themselves fighting for Yuuri’s attention.

Yuuri is stuck in the middle of it all, utterly oblivious.

But when he starts to maybe fall for Victor, Yuri grudgingly agrees to be his wingman.

He still doesn’t think that stupid, arrogant, flighty Victor deserves his best friend, but if it’ll make Yuuri happy, Yuri will accept him.

(But not without first giving Victor a frankly terrifying talk about what exactly he’ll do to him if he ever makes Yuuri cry.)

You’re Safe Here

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: “ For the prompts I’d like 34,18, and 28 with tom hollands Peter Parker please!!”

18: “I’m scared.” 28: “Relax, you’re safe.”  34: “I can’t see.”

Warnings: Some angst. This is just all fluff.

A/N: I figured we’d all need some Peter cuddles considering what’s been going on. I just want to say that we can make it through this. My inbox is always open.

You didn’t know what to do. You were afraid of what was going to happen. To Peter, to the rest of the Avengers, to yourself.  Shaking, you went over to Peter’s apartment. He answered the door when you knocked, worry crossing his face when he saw how afraid you looked.

“Peter,” you choked out.

“What’s wrong?”

You just stepped forward, wrapping your arms around Peter and burying your head in his chest. He kicked the door closed, pulling you close to him.

“Are you okay?” He asked quietly, running a comforting hand up and down your back.

“I don’t know. I can’t see what’s going to happen,” you pushed your head deeper into his shoulder. “I’m scared.”

Peter nodded. “I know. I am too. But we’ll be okay. We’ll get through this.”

You took a shuddering breath. “Are you sure?”

Peter walked you slowly over to the couch, keeping you in a tight hug the whole time.

Relax, you’re safe,” he murmured. “You’re safe here. Don’t worry.”

Part 2: Tokyo Ghoul :Re Ch. 102 (Raw Text Translation)

[Back at Kaneki’s hideout]

Naki is running with an angry expression. Behind him, Miza, Hooguro and Shousei are running after him.

Miza: Naki!

Hooguro: Aniki…!

Naki kicks down a door, and inside the room is Tsukiyama with rows of suits he has prepared.

Tsukiyama: Wow

Naki: Tsuchiyama! (TN: this means “dirt mountain”)

Tsukiyama: It’s Tsukiyama

Naki: What do you bastards intend to do with all those white suits??

Tsukiyama: Weren’t you going to back us up? It’s a secret!

Naki: Those suits are our pride and joy. I don’t know what you’re planning but… there’s no way I’m going to shut up and let you do what you like!

Tsukiyama: I just prepared these suits. If you want to know why, you should ask him directly.

Kaneki comes into the room.

Kaneki: We’re going to use the suits as a part of our strategy. I said I wanted you to cooperate with us. I told Miza, didn’t she relay the outline of the plan to you?

Miza: No, he ran out half-way through my explanation…. I’m sorry.

Kaneki: I’ll explain.

Naki: There’s no need for that! There’s no fucking way I’ll cooperate with you! There’s no way I’d join hands with the bastard that killed Aniki! That’s just not our STYLE!

Kaneki: Your style… huh. “Us ghouls are made to struggle” is what Yamori said. It’s true that I pushed Yamori towards death. However that was so that I could live. I just fought in “Yamori’s Style” and won. Naki-san, I need the power of your White Suits. In your “Style” what can I do to gain this?

Naki: … the way of the 13th ward is simple. The strongest wins.

Hooguro takes off Naki’s jacket. Naki cracks his fingers.

Kaneki: I see, then come on. You wanna kill me right?

Kaneki cracks his fingers too.


Miza calls out out Naki but Shousei holds her back.

Shousei: That was an insult to Aniki (Yamori), Miza.

Miza Sorry. (He’s facing off against Kaneki Ken…)

Naki attacks Kaneki. “Oraa!”

Kaneki dodges his attack and kicks Naki in the stomach. Naki hits back but Kaneki dodges.

Kaneki: Is that all the leader of the White Suits has got? You wouldn’t even reach Yamori’s feet with that.

Naki: Tch!

Tsukiyama: (That’s good)

Naki: Of course, koraaaa!

Naki tries to hit Kaneki with a big strike but Kaneki jumps to avoid it.

Naki: I won’t let you escape!

He grabs Kaneki’s foot like Yamori did.

Naki: I got you!

Kaneki twists his leg around at the ankle, snapping the bone to be able to escape, like he did during his fight with Yamori.

Naki: Gah! Doesn’t that hurt?

Kaneki smiles. “Yes” He kicks Naki into the wall.

Naki: Gah! Urgh… cough…

Kaneki releases kagune from his back.

Naki: (.. Ah, that’s Aniki’s kagune…)

Naki starts to cry.

Kaneki: … can you still fight.

Naki has lost the will to fight.

Naki: … as I promised, from today you are the new leader of the White Suits…

Kaneki: No… I didn’t fight you for that *sweat*

Naki: Is Aniki (Yamori) living inside of you?…

Kaneki: I ate his kakuhou, but I think this is just an impression of him. To me, Yamori represents the symbol of  “Power”.

Naki: …

Kaneki: Naki-san, if all of the White Suits are to fall and die by the roadside, wouldn’t you rather they at least died in front of me? I am also fighting for your sake.

He extends a hand to Naki.

Naki: Keeping promises is also the style of the 13th ward. Tell me what you are going to use the suits for.

Naki takes Kaneki’s offered hand.

Just a Bad Day


Pair: Hoseok x Reader

Word count: 1065

Summary: In which Hoseok had a bad day and needs cuddles

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Work had been hell. Eight hellish hours of standing, listening, and dealing with hellish customers in a hellish bookstore. It was supposed to be an enlightened environment with enlightened people but it all had the same basic sentiment of any other retail chain. People wanting what they wanted and feeling personally offended if you couldn’t give it to them.

I threw open the door to my apartment, exhaustedly dropping everything on the floor and kicking off my shoes. They landed with a hard slap on the wood floor of an illuminated hallway; my eyes catching on the amber light reflecting on their shiny surface. I hadn’t left any lights on when I had left for work. Confused, I checked my watch and made sure it was, in fact, barely 10 pm.

He shouldn’t have been home. He should have still been at the dance studio, exhaustedly working his body until it screamed for rest and then working a few hours more. Was he sick? Had he come home earlier, perhaps to grab a change of clothes, and then forgot to turn the light off? I sighed heavily through my nose and walked towards our shared bedroom, curious and concerned for what I’d see.

At the doorway I peered in and found Hobi lying on his side, his body tightly wound in on itself with his back facing me. It was an alarming sight. He was my sunshine, the light shining through every dark corner and he looked distressed. His heavy breaths told me he wasn’t sleeping and, in fact, may have been trying to hold back tears.

I stepped into the room, discarding my cardigan onto the floor and slowly unbuttoned my stiff blouse leaving me in my camisole. Hobi had yet to turn around even though it was apparent through his stifled breathing that he knew I was there. When he got into moods like this I tried my best to comfort him but honestly I had no idea how. He was my everything; if he hurt, I hurt too. I had no idea how to mend him when the sight of his pain broke me, too.

Crawling into the bed, I lay on my side facing him. Slowly, I extended my hand and lightly brushed my fingertips along the hard ridge of his shoulder blades feeling the tension gathered in the sinewy muscle. He didn’t move but there was an audible release of breath through his mouth. I bit my lip, keeping a calm pace as my fingers brushed from left to right gently.

My mind was spinning. What had happened to him today that had him so worked up. I knew it was strange that he had come home early, arriving even before I did. He hadn’t called, hadn’t so much as sent a text saying he was done for the night. I wondered how long he had been on the bed curled up in his own suffering, in his own mind. I had half a mind to message Namjoon or Jin or any of the boys and ask what happened. Before I could, he slowly uncurled, his soft movements turning him to face me.

A stuttering heart was the least of my worries.

Tears had dried themselves on his gorgeous skin, the beautiful radiance of his brown eyes a dim glow. I ran my index finger through the residue of spent tears deliberately trying to wipe them from his face. He was biting his lip, probably trying to hold his emotions in. I wanted desperately to tell him to just let it out but I knew it was futile.

I breathed in his scent, still musky from dance practice. I resisted the urge to close my eyes.

“Are you ok?” my voice was hoarse.

He didn’t say anything. Instead, he wrapped his strong arms around my body and pulled me to him hugging me as close as he could. A warm breeze wouldn’t be able to pass between us without becoming a part of our shared breaths; our bodies so close to becoming one but not enough. His legs became entangled in mine, every inch of my form somehow touching his one way or another. I hugged him to my chest, the wisps of his breath blowing gently against my collarbone.

I asked again: “Are you ok?”

Arms wound tighter against my back pressing me infinitely closer to Hobi. If we could get any closer it would be to fuse our two existences into one and, at that point, there would be no going back. There would be no separation of Hobi and I, we would simply be.

“I just want to hold you.”

I caressed the back of his head running my long fingernails through his soft hair. “This is as close as we get, Hobi.”

But he wouldn’t have it.

He moved his head below me and gently kissed up my collar bones, my neck, my jaw, until he reached my lips and hesitantly kissed them. I denied him nothing, allowing him to comfort himself as he saw fit and gently kissed him back. This wasn’t the sort of kiss that lead to anything more than a bit of tranquility for his tired soul. This was the kind of kiss he used to prove, to himself at least, that he could still feel. That he was still here. That he still could.

Languidly, he pulled away, a deep sigh escaping from the confines of his chest that allowed him to close his eyes. Mine stayed open, too focused on his wrinkled brow and the unhappiness that I found in the strict set of his jaw. But, I could also see a slow relaxation claiming his features, a soft transformation that was slowly taking root. He rested his head against my collar bone again and loosened his tense shoulders. I began rubbing his back, massaging the little kinks I found there.

“Today was just a bad day,” he murmured.

I pressed my lips to the top of his head. “Do you wanna talk about it?”


That was fair. So I let him relax in my arms, his heartbeat in time with mine, and allowed myself just a few minutes of peace. Hobi hadn’t told me what was wrong, but with time he would. For now, I gave him the peace he sought and hoped that tomorrow would be better.  


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Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Words: 1056

Warnings: Fluff, mentions of blood, sweetness, Dean being funny

Summary: Sam walks in on the reader and later says something on his mind

      It had been a long day, a long hunt, and she was ready to collapse into bed. She unlocked the motel room door, followed by Sam and Dean. She was covered in mud and grime as well as blood (thankfully it wasn’t hers) and all she wanted was to take a shower and go to bed.

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Drunk (Part One)

Word Count: 617

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

Universe: Present Day

Warnings: drunk Laurens

You throw your bag to the ground and kick off your shoes. Work was killing you, slowly but surely. You need a long nap or just to sleep through the night.

Repetitive knocks at the door wake you from your sleep. You groan and check the time and it’s two in the morning, all you want to do is go back to sleep after the week you had. “(Y/N), you’ve got to let me in,” you hear someone slur from the other side. You’re willing to bet that it’s John as he’s been doing this more often. Usually earlier in the day. 

“I swear, Laurens,” you mutter as you open the door. He’s against the wall, tracing imaginary shapes into it. “Did you know that I love you, (Y/N)?” he asks when he throws himself off the wall and against you. John’s touchy drunk, you found out. Alexander was the stupid drunk, Hercules the happy drunk, and Lafayette the sober drunk.

You drag John into the apartment and deposit him on your couch, he tries to cling to your arm when you try to push him off. “John, let go,” you say, irritated. You really need sleep. “Stay here,” you grumble and stalk off to find clothes that he or the other boys might’ve left here. You find a shirt of Hercules’ and a pair of John’s sweatpants.

You throw them at him when you walk back into your living room. He pushes them off him lazily and sits up. “Tea?” you ask and he makes a noise of confirmation. You turn around and see John pulling on the pants. This has got to stop, you would tell him in the morning. You pour the tea into a mug and carry it over to him. He takes it and takes cautious sips, it’s still early in the morning so you find yourself drifting off. 

You’re shaken from your stupor when John pulls your arm, tugging you closer to him. He starts rambling, “(Y/N) did you know that melons grow in places where you can see them. I like melons. Almost as much as I like turtles but not really. Melons are so under appreciated they need to feel loved.”

You sigh and let him continue his rambling. His voice was soothing and it was lulling you to sleep. “(Y/N), did you know that I love you?” You hum in acknowledgment, not really processing the words that came from his mouth. He shakes your arm and you look up at his panicked face, “You do know that I love you, right? Because I’m not just saying that because you’re my best friend because you are but I love you and I don’t want anyone to take you away from me.”

You push him off you can move to leave to your room. John was already dozing off and he wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying. “I’ve been going to drink because I wanted to tell you that I love you but I always chickened out.” He sat up abruptly and you watch him, wanting him to be asleep before you left. A drunk and hurt John wouldn’t help anyone. “(Y/N)! You can’t tell (Y/N) that I love her, okay? It’s a secret,” he professes. “Alright, John. I won’t tell (Y/N) if you go to sleep, alright?” he nods and drifts off into a peaceful sleep. You gently kiss his forehead and lay a blanket on top of him.

“Goodnight, John. I love you too,” you flick off the lights and make your way to your own bed. Neither of you were aware of what had actually happened that night.

Agape - Summer Skeletons

Summer Skeletons - Radical Face

PART ONE of Summer Camp/childhood friends AU. This is the first summer Yuuri meets Victor. This is the first summer he wants to hold onto. This is hopefully the first summer of many with Victor.

Yuuri didn’t cling to his mother’s leg when they gave him a cheerful goodbye. He didn’t get all watery-eyed, though his body really wanted him to. No, as his parents’ van drove away, kicking up a cloud of dust and leaving nothing but tire tracks in its wake, he reminded himself that camp would be fun. He had wanted to go, so he was there, surrounded by unknown faces that promised this would be the best summer of his life.

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AU where Jango came back and demanded custody over ALL the clones and became Ultimate Father Fett

Boba could literally be the biggest little shit as a child, someone calls him out on it and hes like, ‘YOU BETTER TAKE THAT BACK OR MY BROTHER’S WILL KICK YOUR ASS!’ and its not till the entire clone army shows up at the persons door like, ‘The fuck did you say about our brother?’ that they find out how big of a mistake they made

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2 part Drabble: 24 and 8 with McGee pls also love ur work

24 - after a long time of not seeing each other
8 - “I love you. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anybody.” 

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The voices and gunshots outside your cell prompted you to lift your head, but you didn’t have the strength to stand, much less pound on the door and let them know where you were. Despite wanting to get up and do something, all you could do was sit up and stare at the door.

Soon enough, the door was kicked down, revealing McGee with a gun pointed up. After a quick sweep of the room, he ran forward, eager to get to your side. “Y/N, are you alright?” He asked, a hand coming up and pressing against your cheek while his eyes scanned your body.

You gave a smirk; not because you were amused, but you were just so happy to see Tim. Honestly, you’ve lost track of time between now and being captured. But all that didn’t seem to matter now, because he was here. “I’m alive.” You answered in a weak voice.

McGee’s eyes rose to meet yours before he pulled you into a hug. It was a bit uncomfortable on account of his bullet-proof vest and your sore body, but it was probably the best hug you’ve ever had. “I love you. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anybody.” He mumbled out, voice thick with emotion. “Let’s take you home.”

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the signs as questionable things fallout 4 companions would do

aries: cait going on radio stations saying “come to sanctuary in 15 minutes if you want an ass kicking” 

taurus: preston kicking a sleeping, curled up bloatfly thinking it’s a kickball over to a group of small children

gemini: piper trying to kick down a door and breaking her leg and then finding out all she had to do was pull, not push the door

cancer: codsworth accidentally high fiving sole with his saw appendage

leo: maccready actually rubbing dirt into a wound after sole sarcastically tells him to 

virgo: curie accidentally injecting tinker tom’s battery acid instead of a stimpak into maccready’s bloodstream

libra: hancock on a roof of a building, so stoned he tries to catch the clouds for sole and ends up falling off the building

scorpio: x6-88 being convinced to get matching butt tattoos with the sole, INST on the left cheek, the crack is the I, and TUTE on the right cheek 

sagittarius: nick unknowingly snuffing a cigarette onto the ground in an oil track next to an agitated car and it blowing up

aquarius: danse, out of his power armor, walking around in his tight uniform, not realizing he has a wedgie AND moose knuckles 

capricorn: deacon, telling danse to pluck his fucking wedgie out and that he needs to reunite his nuts. his pants are like the berlin wall of nutsacks. tear down the wall! tear down the wall! tear down the wall!

pisces: strong doing a touch down with the sole survivor  

Relatable Norma Bates aesthetics:
  • has a mental breakdown at least once a day 
  • complete and blatant disregard for any kind of social norm, including following the law 
  • dressed in 1950’s housewife attire 24/7 (that includes summers) 
  • 0 to 100 real quick 
  • finds solace in the bottom of a strong drink 
  • masks all emotional turmoil behind a dreamy smile 
  • hell bent on making those she loves eat properly and do their laundry 
  • wants happiness but @ life has other plans 
  • live in constant turmoil, yet has time to make that dresser’s appointment to touch up those roots & bleached blonde hair 
  • will use physical force if necessary 
  • kicks a lot of doors out of frustration 
  • *Norma Louise Bates voice* NORMAAAAANNNNN!!! aka screams into the void 24/7 
  • loves a man with a uniform, hard exterior but soft interior, bedroom eyes with eyelashes so thick he looks like he wears eyeliner on the reg, and willing to kill for her
  • makes all the wrong decisions
  • denial, denial, denial 
  • ready to fight anyone at the slightest provocation

Imagine Jim and Bones are out and about, having a good time and relaxing, and all of a sudden things start to look like it could go south. Jim starts exchanging comments with some idiot and Bones just wants to finish his drink without incident. Then the guy just says something that makes Jim reach his tipping point and he gets up to go at the guy, but Bones is like ‘NOPE’ and stands up after him and before Jim can get very far he wraps his arms around his waist from behind, picks him up, and just starts to carry him out the door no problem as Jim is kicking and smacking Bones’ arms and yelling 'BONES WHAT ARE YOU DOING BONES BONES PUT ME DOWN I AM NOT DONE WITH HIM’

I live for physically-affectionate!keith

Especially wants-to-be-physically-affectionate-but-doesn’t-know-how-to-ask-for-it-so-awkwardly-demands-it!Keith.

• Shiro is well and truly used to this but the others have to be slowly introduced.
• After a long day Keith just kicks at Shiro until he makes enough room on the seat for Keith to squidge in with him/lay across his lap.
• When Keith can’t sleep he will stand outside Shiro’s door and just knockknockknockknock till Shiro answers and lets him curl up in bed with him.
• When Keith feels he’s done something good he will just STARE at Shiro until Shiro ruffles his hair or something for a reward.
• Keith will fiddle with the collar of his jacket until Shiro comes over to fix it for him.

• Pidge is next bc they and Keith get on ridiculously well ridiculously fast.
• Some alien starts putting the moves on Pidge and they shoot HELPME looks to the others so Keith slides his arm around them and stares the alien down. After this, physical affection is fair game and goes both ways.
• They puppy pile together at every opportunity.
• Keith will just edge closer and closer when they’re sitting next to each other until Pidge leans into him.
• Pidge makes fun of him for this all the time but never refuses the contact.

• Hunk and Keith knew each other in the academy and worked well together and Hunk is really physically affectionate himself.
• Hunk actually starts it, hugs Keith and slings an arm over his shoulders randomly and Keith tenses but doesn’t move away.
• Keith gets hurt and is laying on a med bed with Hunk sitting next to him and Keith like, pushes himself to the side till his head is pressed up against Hunk’s thigh.
• Later Keith apologises for this and Hunk hugs him so hard and tells him he can have contact whenever he wants it.
• Keith leans on him a lot in meetings and they hold pinkies.

• Keith actually has no problem touching Lance for whatever reason even before they’re friends but once they’re boyfriends, yikes. Dam is broken, affection floods the halls and Lance loves every second of it.
• Keith will take Lances hand and physically pull Lances arm over his own shoulder.
• When Lance tries to leave the room without making contact with Keith before doing so, Keith will with grab on to his sleeve and not let go or stand in his way until he gets the hint and gives him a kiss.
• Keith will literally rearrange seats to sit close enough to Lance that he can curl his feet around Lance’s under the table.
• Keith changes how he likes to sleep all the time and Lance just lets him move him into whatever position he wants that night. Big spoon!Keith is smaller than Lance so his face is pressed into Lance’s shoulders. Little spoon!Keith curls up tight into a ball so Lances can completely surround him. He entwines their legs, holds hands and always gives lots of goodnight kisses.
• When he wants cuddles and make outs he will just kinda push into Lances space and wait for him to catch on.

• It takes ages for Allura and Coran to be part of this.
• Eventually Shiro has to break down the signs for them.
• Keith stands behind Allura when he wants to play with her hair and will legit just sit in front of her to get her to play with his.
• Coran has no sense of personal space so this works out well for the both of them - Keith will stand in front of Coran and smile when he gets all excited and touchy with everyone.
• Not a physical one but Keith gives them so many nicknames jfc.

• Keith is always tactile with Red and pats her/cleans her/ says goodnight etc.

• whenever Keith draws away from the others it’s super noticeable bc he stops all these ‘subtle’ things . The best way to pull him out is to have a huge puppy pile.

destiel meet cute, like 800 words, college!au, whoop!

part two | part three

Dean rummaged through his backpack for his set of keys, groaning as little bugs brushed across his face, attracted by the orange light above him. It had been a long fucking day and all he wanted was to kick back in his boxers and binge-watch Netflix all night. His feet ached from walking all the way to his classes, to the garage, and home again, but he was damned if he was gonna take the bus again, especially this late at night. He’d had one too many creepy experiences on there.

Finally locating his keys—at the bottom of the bag, of course—he unlocked the outside door to his shitty apartment complex and trudged down the hall towards the stairs.

As he rounded the corner, he jumped in surprise. Sitting on the steps was a young man, probably another student, as he looked about Dean’s age, with dark curled hair and those black square glasses that hipster-types wore. He was wearing jeans and a loose blue t-shirt, elbows on his knees and chin in his hands. He was sitting right in Dean’s way.

“Uhh…” Dean started, not really knowing what to say.

The guy looked up, startled. Like he hadn’t even noticed Dean was right in front of him. “Oh, hello,” he said. His eyes were deep blue, kinda captivating actually.

“Hi—” Dean started.

“Sorry, I’ll move,” the guys cut him off, scooting to the side.

“It’s fine—oh, yeah okay.” Dean just stopped talking, annoyed he was coming off so awkward. The guy’s voice was ridiculously deep, almost growly, and it made his imagination run wild for a second. “Thanks,” he muttered as he stepped by, though he didn’t really know why he did—the guy was in his way, after all.

“Mmm,” the guy responded, slumping back down again.

Dean stopped at the first landing and sighed. He looked so forlorn. Dean wasn’t really a “people-person” and he was tired as fuck, but couldn’t leave this guy alone without at least checking on him.

It also doesn’t hurt that the guy’s a babe, he thought, but quickly shut that line of thinking down.

He turned around slowly. “Hey, uh. Are you….you know, okay?”

The guy twisted to look at him, eyes squinted in confusion.

“Are you waiting for someone or..?” Dean continued, and the guy’s eyes lit up in understanding.

“Oh, yes. Well, I was, but. My brother lives here and he said I could come over when I wanted to get away from my dorm, but he’s having a party, and he said I could stay but…” he trailed off.

“You’re not really a party person?” Dean guessed.

“No, I’m really not,” he chuckled.

“Well, why don’t you just go back to your dorm?” Dean realized a second later he probably could’ve said that more politely, but his filter had sort of stopped working from the fatigue.

The guy didn’t seem offended, though. “My roommate doesn’t…approve of me.” He scoffed and said, more angrily. “Well, actually he’s a homophobic asshole. It’s exhausting to live with him.”

Dean’s eyebrows raised. “Damn, I’m sorry. Can you switch rooms or something?”

He just shrugged in response.

Dean re-adjusted his backpack, weighing heavily on his shoulders. He really, really wanted to lie down. “Well, do you wanna hang at my place?” he finally said. “You know, until your bro’s party is over or whatever?

The guy looked at him like he just spoke Klingon.

“I’m gonna binge-watch Friends,” Dean added.

The guy looked mildly more interested. Hah, everybody likes Friends.

“I don’t know,” the guy finally said, turning away.

“I swear I’m not a murderer or a creep or anything. Plus, your brother’s in the building so I have no reason to try anything. Not that I would, I just—” Dean wiped his hands down his face. “I’m tired, and I’m just trying to be nice, but I totally get it if you don’t feel safe or whatever. Sorry.” Dean started up the stairs again, cursing himself.

“Wait!” The guy jumped up and climbed the stairs quickly. He caught up to Dean who had turned back around to face him. His eyes were much bluer up close, deep as the ocean, and his cheekbones looked like they could cut glass. He was smiling this adorable, gummy smile, and oh yeah, Dean was in trouble. “I love Friends,” he said brightly. 

“Who doesn’t?” Dean gave him a tired, but genuine smile in return. “Alright, let’s go. I gotta get this backpack off me before my shoulders detach from my torso.”

They climbed the three flights up to Dean’s room in silence. Before Dean could open his door, however, the guy put his hand on Dean’s arm. “Thank you,” he said seriously, staring right in his eyes.

Dean stared back for a moment, sort of getting lost. He finally remembered himself and cleared his throat. “Uh, you’re welcome,” he said gruffly.

“My name is Castiel,” he guy said, sticking out a hand. “I figured we should probably at least know each other’s names before I come in so we’re not complete strangers.”

Dean chuckled and took his hand. “I’m Dean, nice to meet you Castiel.”

“Nice to meet you, Dean.”


Requested by: anon
Request: hayo! you’ve got quite a talent for writing I thoroughly enjoy your stories. anywho I was wondering if you could write some Spencer x reader fluff? like maybe Spencer gives the reader a massage and they’re just super cute and he’s super sweet and gentlemanly :) thank you so much if you can

Reid x reader

You huffed as you kicked your shoes off at the door. Today had been awful. You worked as a nurse at your local hospital and there’d been an insane number of car accidents that night, along with a few gun shots and such. You were killed – your back and neck was hurting so bad. All you wanted to do was pop it and lay down, but for some reason it wouldn’t work. Your feet were also sore and pretty swollen.
You slowly made your way upstairs, trying to be quiet when you saw Spencer was asleep. Today must’ve been hard on him too because he hardly ever got to sleep before midnight, and it was only ten. You took a long, hot shower and let the heat of the water distract you from the ache in your body. You only got out because the water started getting cold.
You carefully got dressed, trying to prevent hurting your back even worse, and quietly made your way towards the bed. You gently pulled the covers back and crawled in beside Spencer, somehow managing to do exactly what you’d been careful not to – hurt your back again. Before you could stop yourself, you blurted out, “Shit, ouch!” which had caused Spencer to jump awake. Damn it.
You sighed and laid down, wincing a bit as you did so and sending Reid an apologetic look. “Sorry, babe. I didn’t mean to wake you up. Go back to sleep.” You tried, but you knew he wouldn’t have it. Instead of going back to sleep, he carefully sat up, trying not to move around too much. “What hurts?” He asked, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear and looking over your facial features. He could tell you’d had a tough day by the bags under your eyes – they were worse than usual, and slightly darker.
“My back, neck, and feet are killing me.” You admitted, closing your eyes and letting out a tired sigh. “I only got a ten minute lunch today because some people are really shitty at driving. I didn’t get any other breaks until I finally got to clock out.” You ranted, rolling your eyes and shaking your head slightly. “How was your day?” You asked, trying to find a more comfortable position.
“I got to do everyone’s paperwork while they sat around and drank all the coffee.” He said, letting out a tired laugh and running his hand over his face. “Can you roll over? I’ll rub your back.” You laughed a bit and shook your head, opening your eyes to look at him. “Babe, you don’t have to do that. I’ll be okay.” But he wouldn’t stop until you rolled over.
As soon as his fingers touched your neck, you felt like you were being touched by an angel or something. He was really good at this. He massaged your neck, then your back, and then he even rubbed your legs and feet. You sighed contently and rolled back over, smiling at your boyfriend of almost three years. “Spencer Reid, sometimes I swear you’re an angel.” You said softly, earning a smile and a chuckle from him. “Thank you. I feel a lot better.” You whispered before pressing your lips to his.
He pulled you closer and ran his fingers through your hair, massaging your scalp and pressing his lips to your forehead every now and then until both of you were nearly asleep. Before you fell asleep, you whispered, “I love you, Spence.” And heard him reply with, “I love you too, angel.”

psa: by using the word “angel” I am not trying to shove any type of belief onto anyone. I think it’s cute when people use it as a nickname. (believe it or not someone has literally yelled at me for calling someone an angel so that’s why I included this)

Reasons Kaminari has been kicked out of the bkk flat #2

  • making a door sign with “bakugou, kirishima and kaminari live here!” when they first moved in together
    • bakugou got pissed and threw him outside
    • (literally)
    • he kept the sign though
      • 1. bc kiri fucking made him
      • 2. bc kami was so cute and excited and bakugou only felt a little bad when he took the sign down
  • always doing headstands for some reason?? nobody knows why, kami just likes doing headstands
    • (even when he gets kicked out he’s still doing headstands outside the door)
  • crying because bakugou won’t let him buy marshmallows
  • blowing up bakugou’s phone 
    • not on purpose! the first time kami tried to charge a phone using his quirk was bakugou’s, bc he and kiri were curious and baku was in the shower
  • bringing home stray cats off the side of the road
    • “i’m just doing my duty! being a hero and all that!”
    • kiri wants to keep the cats ):
      • bakugou kicks them both out but then he realises that he’s lonely and cold so he lets them in 5 minutes after he kicks them out
  • eating kiri and baku’s pre-prepared food while they were at the gym (one of the few times kiri willingly kicked kami out)
  • attempting to braid baku’s hair
    • kiri was watching and felt bad for him so he went outside with kami and let him braid his hair
    • but because it’s so spiky kami had to use lots of hair gel and hair clips
    • its ok tho bc kiri looked so fucking cute at the end GOD BLESS
    • once he wasn’t paying attention and he cartwheeled straight into bakugou
  • Leaving little piles of crap he’s hoarded in every fucking corner.
    • he kept leaving a huge pile of candy wrappers on Bakugou’s side of the bed under the covers
    • he dabbed after he made an explosive one as well
  • Waking up at 4am, realising their positions in bed have changed and waking the other two up by crawling over them or prizing them apart bc he has to be in the middle. He. Has. To.

[Part 1] [Part 3]

It’s only me. (Erejean)

Eren has a bad day. Jean has bad timing. Fluff ensues.

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So the lovely @gray-x-natsus-matching-hip-scars messaged me over a year ago to squeal over this post and how it fit erejean. She already posted it with roles reversed a long time ago, this one  which is really cute (love all her erejean works btw). But yeah, thanks for the encouragement all that time ago, and I hope people enjoy :).

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You know, I think one of the best things the Kids Next Door (the organization, not necessarily the show) created is the Birthday Wish clause; you get whatever you want as a gift for your birthday. Numbuh 3 got to lead a mission. Numbuh 1 got the crud kicked out of him after Numbuh 5 went all that way to get the candy he wanted only for it to be the wrong flavor. So on and so forth.

‘Cause, like.

This is a day they must dread. Operatives must hate the thought of their birthday. Senior ones especially.

But the higher-ups decided no, this isn’t gonna fly. We don’t want to make the process any harder than it has to be. Let’s implement something that will help them feel better.

Pink Marshmallows Only

A/N: This is a quick filler fic before I post my bigger fic tomorrow. Basically, I felt bad that I wasn’t posting my bigger fic today andso I wrote this fluffy piece of feelings. You might love this just a bit.

Title: Pink Marshmallows Only

Genre: Pure fluff

Description: Because when you’ve had a bad day,sometimes all you want is a blanket, a cuddle, and a hot chocolate with the person you love the most.

Word Count: 1200


The front door flings open and the sound of teeth-chattering travels up the stairs. It’s 11pm and Phil can’t believe he’s only just gotten home.

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