all he knows is katara


“I’m gonna tell you something crazy. I never told anyone this before. but, honestly, I’m not sure I can remember what my mother looked like. it really seems like my whole life, Katara’s been the one looking out for me. she’s always been the one that’s… there.”


Idk why but I notice for a second there, he doesn’t look like he can even handle his own fire. This is Zuko in season 2, and we all know that this is where he betrayed Katara’s trust, and went with Azula instead. He began attacking Aang and Katara, even his own uncle (but I forgot every details and scenes in this whole episode though, haven’t watched it in a while). He really was messed up with his own thoughts and feelings, he was confused for sure.

I pay attention a lot to these small details and I really do like analyzing them. I realized the difference of his firebending between season 2 and season 3. In season 3, he is way much more composed and calm. His fire is a lot surer and strong but controlled. Also, he is not as clumsy as before (but still reckless and stubborn as hell). I think his firebending changed a lot since he joined the Gaang. So I guess it’s right when they say your firebending tells a lot about how you feel INSIDE. 

That’s why we see how Azula perfectly handles her fire (plus her fire is blue). And we all know that’s a very hard level to reach. Well yeah Azula is calm, controlled, composed, and she knew what she wanted. She knew her own goals and needs. While Zuko on the other hand… he has always been confused with choices and so on.

In the episode where Zuko and Aang meet the “firebending masters” which are dragons of course, that’s where Zuko got his power back. He even said it himself that after all this time, he firebends with the energy of anger and rage and that’s why it’s all messed up and hard to control. But since he understood the real source and meaning of firebending, he began to bend with the energy of peace and harmony. 

And so when Zuko fought Azula he could actually win, if he didn’t have to be so stubborn to challenge her to use lightning (seriously why he hella stupid boyo). Technically, Azula’s blue fire is a lot stronger and hotter than his red fire, but I’ve read it somewhere I forgot… it’s not about which one is hotter or whatsoever. It’s about the basic energy/feelings that you use to bend your fire that could make it even stronger.

  • Zuko: *takes a deep breath*
  • Zuko: i lo-
  • Zutarians : yes, you love Katara, i know, you love Katara so much, shes's the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Katara, i KNOW, you love Katara you fucking love Katara ok i know, i get it, YOU LOVE KATARA. I GET IT.