all he does is lin

the fact that 20-year-old lin-manuel miranda once broke down crying in a back specialist’s office due to stress is honestly one of the most inspiring things i’ve ever heard

that, and the fact that  he wrote his upenn commencement speech the night before

Sleep Awakening


Requested by: @spacealien221b (she also helped me come up with the title)

Word Count: 234 (rly short this time, sorry, but it’s like self indulgent and fluff)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader

Universe: Present Day

Warnings: none unless kissing counts

a/n: (Y/F/S)=your favorite song

“Hey,” you speak softly. You shake Lin’s arm but all he does is swat you away and roll over. You roll your eyes. It was six in the morning and you both had places to be at seven. “Lin,” you speak louder. He pulls his pillow over his ears. You kiss his arm, kissing up to his neck. He lets go of the pillow and you continue to kiss up to his lips, keeping it to short pecks. 

His lips chase yours as you pull away until he’s completely sat up, eyes wide. He nearly falls backwards again, but you grab his hand. “No, you’re not falling back asleep. You’ve got somewhere to be,” you reprimand him. He pouts at you and you pull him out of bed. You grab your phone and blast (Y/F/S). “Dance with me,” you demand. He gives you a look that says, “Are you kidding me?”

You grab his arms and pull him around the room, piling clothes in his arms as you go. When the song is finished, Lin has all his clothes in his arms and you push him into the bathroom. You give him a shy smile before pecking his lips, “I love you.”

He drops his clothes and pulls you flush to his body. He captures you in a kiss and you melt into it. He pulls back, breathless, “I love you too.”


“All he does is Lin” - DJ Porter Remix


You heard it hear first.

“All He Does Is Lin” - DJ Steve Porter’s Jeremy Lin Remix

Watch and listen to the world premier of DJ Steve Porter’s Jeremy Lin remix, “All He Does Is Lin.”


“All He Does Is Lin” DJ Steve Porter Remix.



Watch and listen to DJ Steve Porter’s Jeremy Lin remix, “All He Does Is Lin.”


All He Does Is Lin
This remix is pretty impressing OAO