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Helloween by dkphotographs

D.Gray-man: Childhoold
For D.Gray-man countdown, not any specific promt. Just wanted to draw all these fantastic kids who suffered and survived against all odds.


DGM Hallow Countdown: Day 2 - Beliefs

↳ “This right hand is for the sake of protecting people. I will not surrender, I will not become ‘the 14th’. If I keep going until the day this conflict ends, perhaps in time my path will become an inspiration to someone else. I will move forward, and even if I lose myself… that is better than losing this vow.”

♫ “I slept long only to wake and watch the same land tessellate. I dusted for forgotten fingerprints of grace in every hidden place along the shore. Waiting and wasting, more than I’ve the power to restore. Hopeless, unsated, one more thief abandoned by the law.” ♪

All Hallows

Even now this landscape is assembling.
The hills darken. The oxen
sleep in their blue yoke,
the fields having been
picked clean, the sheaves
bound evenly and piled at the roadside
among cinquefoil, as the toothed moon rises:

This is the barrenness
of harvest or pestilence.
And the wife leaning out the window
with her hand extended, as in payment,
and the seeds
distinct, gold, calling
Come here
Come here, little one

And the soul creeps out of the tree.

By Louise Glück.

(Note: fk. and itk. indicate grammatical gender; fk.=common and itk.=neuter)

Allehelgensaften – Halloween (lit. All Hallows’ Evening)
Udklædning, fk. / Kostume, itk. – Costume
Maske, fk. – Mask
At rasle – Trick-or-treating
Slik eller ballede! – Trick or treat!
Slik (uncountable) – Sweets / Candy
Vampyr, fk. – Vampire
Flagermus, fk. – Bat
Heks, fk. – Witch
Varulv, fk. – Werewolf
Mumie, fk. – Mummy
Skelet, itk. – Skeleton
Spøgelse, itk. / Genfærd, itk. (uncommon) – Ghost
Død – Dead
Bøh! – Boo!
Ånd, fk. – Spirit
Hjemsøgt – Haunted
Uhyggelig – Scary
Kirkegård, fk. – Graveyard
Grav, fk. – Grave/Tomb
Gravsten, fk. – Tombstone
Gyserfilm, fk. – Horror movie
Dekoration, fk. – Decoration
Græskar, itk. – Pumpkin
Græskarlygte, fk. – Jack-o’-lantern

leavannyn-oskar  asked:

Oskar: Hallowe'en! All hallow's evening. It's a day to celebrate your lost ones and give them a day of thought~ although, nowadays people celebrate it by dressing up in a scary way and eating candy.,. Which I guess also is fine.

Vincent - meh! I can  buy my own candy and we honor our dead many times here, we lived for thousands of years without it so why bother. 

Cuddles and cuties

Pairing: Matthew Gray Gubler X Reader 

Request: Yes

Prompt:  Can I request a MGG X Reader where in public the reader trips or something and she’s embarrassed, mgg sees her and trips (or something) as well to make her feel better and not as embarrassed. They end up going on a date and he takes her to the renaissance festival, she tells him she was sexually assaulted as a teen and she has a four year old daughter. Mgg wants to meet her so they go to her house. And lotssssss of fluff. I apologize it’s so long


The late October air ripped at your exposed skin through your thin cardigan, you’d just dropped Lily, your four year old off at pre-school (kindergarten) before rushing to get your usual mocha and running to your job. You can admit most mornings were pretty hectic, since your company specialised in decor and Halloween was right round the corner your days had been even more busy. 

Just as you left the coffee shop, you felt your phone buzz in your pocket, it was your boss Sammy. 

Text from: Sammy 

Hey (y/n)! Since you’re running kinda late could you possibly grab the decorations from the warehouse we visited last week,it’s only one box! Thanks. Sammy. 

Shoving your phone into your pocket you made a quick turn, tripped on your feet and landed right on your face in the busy street, coffee spilling onto the floor beside you. Blushing you managed to stand up, noticing a tall man staring at you from the coffee shop you’d visited before. He must have seen your embarrassment so he walked towards you, and threw himself onto the ground face first. 

Quickly you ran over to him, his laughter filled your ears as you got closer. 

“Oh my goodness, are you okay?” You asked, offering him a hand up. 

“I’m perfectly fine, as long as you’re okay. I figured if I could stop you from feeling embarrassed it would be worth a fall.” He smiled. His hazel eyes formed crinkles when he smiled, making him look even more cheerful. He pulled a hand through his shoulder length brown hair and rose the other and to you. 

“Matthew.” He smiled again, his cheerfulness almost made you forget that you had just fallen. 

“(Y/N), and it was lovely meeting you Matthew but I have to go collect boxes.” You said, shaking his hand before brushing down your fairly dirty grey t-shirt, Jack Skellington was plastered on the front. 

“Let me help, I’m in no rush anywhere.” He offered, you really didn’t want to waste his time but he did offer and you didn’t wanna pass up help on carrying heavy boxes to work, so you nodded and you were both on your way to the warehouse. 

The short walk there was filled with small talk, but Matthew was hilarious and he was so kind, he complimented you a lot and it made you smile. Just as you predicted, Sammy’s “one” box was 4 boxes, so you mentally thanked yourself for accepting Matthew’s help. 

“So, real talk how fun is it working when all you do is set up store windows and get to play with the decorations?” Matthew asked, you smiled at his childlike attitude to life. 

“Well..yeah it’s pretty fun.” You laughed leaving out the stress of Christmas and Halloween demands, not to put a downer on the answer. 

“Well, thank you for helping me.” You smiled, he nodded as you approached the small store you work at. 

“No problem (Y/N)! I was actually wondering, if maybe, you’d like to, y’know, go out sometime?” He asked, you couldn’t help but smile even harder. 

“Yes, yes I’d really like that!” You answered, dropping the boxes in the doorway. 

“Here’s my number.” Matthew said, pulling out a notepad and scribbling onto a page before messily tearing it out. 

“I’ll be sure to text you, see you soon.” You said, folding the paper and waving as he walked away. 

“Oh! Matthew, here’s (£/$)5, go buy yourself another coffee since you spilled yours to save my dignity.” He laughed and shook his head. 

“Keep it, your smile afterwards was rewarding enough.” He smiled, before he waved one more time and left. 

2 days later 

You and Matthew had been texting non stop and decided to go on a date tonight to the renaissance festival and since it was so close to Halloween you’d decided on the All Hallows Eve evening (I hope this is right I honestly tried to research this). You bundled up in a warm jacket, with a cream jumper and black skinny jeans, pulling on your white converse. Your (y/c) hair was pulled back into a ponytail and you had your normal makeup on. 

“Mummy is going out tonight. You need to be good, you’re having a babysitter and she’s mummy’s friend Lucy. You know Lucy?” Lily nodded and you smiled before turning to Lucy. 

“Okay, she’ll probably fall asleep and call me if you have any problems. I’ll be back later, bye bye.” You said, giving Lily a hug and turning to the door. 

Matthew walked to your door as you shut it, you smiled at him. 

“Hey!” He smiled back, linking your arm with his as you began the short 15 minute walk to the festival. Matthew looked even more attractive in a checked shirt, knitted sweater and black jeans. You smiled to yourself at the sight of him in glasses, making him look even more adorable. 

You walked through the crowded streets before arriving, Matthew making you smile and laugh the whole walk, before offering to buy you a hot chocolate from a stand nearby. You accepted his offer greatly, with the cold air attacking your exposed hands. 

As Matthew handed you the warm cup your hands melted into the warmth of the cup. 

“Thank you so much.” You smiled to the stand worker, he nodded and offered you a smile before handing Matthew his cup. 

“Thanks, dude.” Matthew smiled. You couldn’t help but think of how amazing Matthew and Lily would get along, with his childlike behaviour and kind heart. 

“Well, how would you like to spend the night?” You honestly missed Lily, it was the first time you’d been away from her on an evening since she was two. 

“Well. I um.” You started before a guy wolf whistled you. Suddenly you became uncomfortable, and Matthew noticed. 

“Hey, he’s an asshole.” He said, attempting to put a comforting hand on your back but you flinched away. Giving Matthew an apologetic look straight after. 

“(Y/N)…what’s wrong?” He asked, slowly coming closer. You dropped onto a bench near the area you were stood, and patted next to you. Matthew sheepishly sat down. 

“Okay, so this is going to be a lot to take in on a first date and this is why a lot of people leave so I just want you to know before I start it’s okay if you want to leave after I tell you this.” You stared, he nodded looking confused and upset. 

“I was sexually assaulted in my previous relationship, and I took it all but when I became pregnant with Lily I couldn’t take it anymore so I left. But since then things like wolf whistling and touching really make me uncomfortable, because it’s what his friends used to do to me when he had them around. It’s all a bit much and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before that I have a daughter, I didn’t want you to think less of me.” You breathed, Matthew held his hand out, and slowly you accepted the contact between you. He smiled lightly. 

“I’m not leaving.” He spoke sternly, and it made you feel so safe. You nodded and smiled, looking into his eyes again. 

“I’d like you to meet Lily, if you’d like?” You asked him, his eyes lit up and his smile grew wider. 

“Right now? Yes! Of course I’d love to meet her!” He giggled, and in that moment you realised how genuinely perfect Matthew was for you. Quickly you left the festival and walked to your house, you explained to Matthew that Lily doesn’t take well to new people so to give her time and she’ll soon be his best friend and he paid attention to every detail you had to say. 

Once you arrived, you entered to find Lucy and Lily playing with Lily’s tea set. “Mummy is home early Lily, and she’s with a friend.” Lucy spoke, shooting you a questioning look. You just rolled your eyes. 

“Thanks for taking care of her Lucy, Matthew wanted to meet her and I figured why not.” You smiled, handing her her money for the babysitting fee. She nodded and smiled at Matthew, before thanking you and saying bye to Lily. 

Once Lucy had left you picked Lily up in your arms and planted little kisses all over her face while she giggled, setting her down she grabbed your hand and sat you down on the floor in front of her tea set. 

“We’re having a tea party.” She spoke, you nodded at her and she waked over to the couch where Matthew sat. Grabbing his hand she lead him over and sat him next to you. 

“I’m Lily, this is my mummy. Who are you?” She asked Matthew, making you giggle. 

“I’m Matthew, nice to meet you Lily.” He smiled, she nodded and hugged him. “Matthew is a nice name.” She said before sitting down opposite you both. 

“Mummy, does Matthew like tea?” She asked you. 

“Why don’t you ask him?” You said, urging her to talk to Matthew. 

“Do you like tea?” She said, handing Matthew a plastic tea cup and saucer. 

“I do Lily.” He smiled, allowing her to pour orange juice from her tea pot into his cup. He sipped it and gave her a wide smile. 

“This is the best tea ever!” He said, making Lily smile. 

You spent the night having a tea party with Lily, and ended it with Lily sat on Matthew’s lap as you all watched Finding Nemo, one of Lily’s favourite movies. 

“Matthew, are you going to be my new daddy?” She asked him, making you turn bright red. 

“Oh Lily, you can’t ask that!” You said, turning more red in the face. 

“It depends on if mummy want’s to keep seeing me, do you think she should go out with me next week Lily?” He asked her. 

“Yes, go out and get married.” Lily nodded, Matthew laughed. 

“Maybe I can take you and mummy to lunch, sound good?” Matthew asked, Lily nodded again. 

“Lunch sounds good.” She confirmed. Looks like you have another date next week. 

All Hallows Eve - Part One

TITLE OF STORY: All Hallows Eve
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
FIC SUMMARY: A village girl is late returning home on the most ghoulish night of the year and is chased through the dark forest only to be saved by something - someone - just as strange and monstrous.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES/FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: This was inspired by a prompt provided by @contains-cinnamon - thank you. All other prompts have been noted and filed, and even worked on, but the muses are being generous with this one. There’s more to come, and could probably have been posted as a long one shot, but I wanted to post this now as proof that I actually did something today. That also means it’s unbeta’d, but I’m sure @ladyaudiophile likes a surprise every now and then. :P Thanks for reading xoxox

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Arendelle doesn’t celebrate Halloween. We don’t even have a holiday to compare it to. But when Anna learned about All-Hallows-Even, during one of our diplomatic meetings, she wanted to try to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

She learned that you’re supposed to celebrate by dressing up in costume, telling ghost stories, bobbing for apples, and carving squash. Since it’s not considered a holiday in our kingdom, I unfortunately had to work. But Anna still had fun with Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf.

She also learned that sometimes naughty children would pretend to be spirits, and go to houses and beg for treats.

The rest of the kingdom wasn’t very taken with the idea of celebrating some unusual holiday.

Anna and Olaf’s Trick-or-Treating didn’t start off well with the lack of participants.

But Kai and Gerda happily played along.

I had some fun, myself.

Maybe in the future we can make it an official holiday. But for now, I’m just happy Anna shared her chocolate with me.


Here is a little in progress digital painting run down on my Black Cat Magic base card illustration. I start practically everything I do in the traditional draw it by hand with a pencil and paper method. So the lines you see on the finished piece are the same lines I painstakingly inked by hand. Would digital be faster? Probably. But I feel as though I have more control with an actual pen in my hand. Don’t ask me why. There is no ctrl+z for screw-ups and random hand spasms with traditional media. This is just my method of madness. 
The very first thing I did after scanning my line art was to make a color study. I didn’t get all the details, and oof, it is a flat piece of poo compared to the final, but it was enough for me to get the wheels turning so I could visualize the color palette and tones I wanted to hit. I highly suggest studies, especially when you haven’t the faintest idea what you’re doing. (Or wait to the last second before the project is due and hurl paint at it while hoping for the best…pretty sure we’re all guilty of that one…)
I used the selection tool, soft brushes with faint opacities, and lots of dodging and burning to get the rest of my gradients. The kitty was the most difficult to render as she required a little texture, and those dainty highlights and shine. (Also the most fun ^_^ )

Algy’s adventure for the PWS Halloween special. This is what Algy found when he explored that special forest referred to in the posts of certain PWS members recently :) So he decided to look the other way!

Have a happy, spooky, magical Halloween everybody xoxo

Thank you for this super-spooky (but nevertheless fluffy) Halloween GIF. Did you know that the word “Halloween” means “hallowed evening” or “holy evening” and comes from a Scottish term for All Hallows’ Eve (the evening before All Hallows’ Day)? What a coincidence… Or is it really?

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