all hail to robot wars

my friend: So you’re into Transformers, right?

me: Yeah

my friend: So does that mean that you assume every car is a Transformer?

me: *laughs*

me: *stops laughing and looks them straight in the eye* No, no, no, you have it all wrong

my friend: Oh, okay-

me: I assume every piece of technology could be a Transformers. Are they a phone, your computer, YOUR TOASTER!?!?!?! METROPLEX IS A WHOLE CITY FOR CYBERTRONIANS, PRIMUS IS A WHOLE PLANET, AND IN TRANSFORMERS PRIME UNICRON WAS EARTH!!! OUR OWN FRICKING PLANET!!!!

my friend:

my friend: *backs away slowly*

me: *nods* Wise choice


Robot Mosh Wars.