all hail the brew

Reading Bungou Stray Dogs Chapter 47:

Chapter 47 was so short, but so intense… and while I’m more leaning toward the Armed Detective Company on this war… I’m so happy Chuuya showed up looking damn fine and lethal. XDD
I hope Chuuya gets some screen time in Dark Era, but since he never really appeared in the light novel…

If you don’t mind my rambling about Chapter 47 (inevitably related to chapter 46)—I have to get out these thoughts so I can focus on real life—read on. :D

(image from @dazaiscans)

Warning: Me talking to myself and my feels. May be enough to send me to a mental institution. The following passages may or may not have been thought thoroughly.

EDIT: 10/14/16 Added a couple more speculation in the list.

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