all hail the batch

I don’t give a shit what my friends (the very few I have) say about Ben. They should know that he’s my hero and inspiration. Honestly, whenever I’ve had a crappy day (like tonight), I always try to watch or listen to something with him in to cheer myself up… (More than my other favourites and it’s been Cabin Pressure all day lol) There’s just something really special about that.

We already know how lovely and genuine Benny is from interviews, how much he cares about us the fans (Collective, not bitches) etc, he’s just an absolute legend and you’ve gotta adore him for that because I know damn well that I do! I just want to hug him so badly and tell him all this!! Gaaaaahhh!! <3

Anyways, I could yak on forever about Ben of course but I need sleep now. Night guys!!