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She’s so beautiful, and the fact that she’s still shy around Stiles makes this look even more precious. They’re so in love. Lydia finally has that “can’t breathe until your with him” boyfriend, and I’m so happy for her. She deserves so much, and she deserves a love like Stiles gives her. Stiles deserves Lydia as well. They’re so perfect for each other, and im so happy we got to see their story play out to this moment. This look from Lydia is perfect, and Holland is so unbelievably gorgeous.


appreciation post!

The SOC fandom has many lovely and creative people, but these individuals have stuck close to me ever since I made this blog and inspired me to provide my own stories here. 

So here goes!

All hail @savagekaz, Queen of the Words, Empress of Fanfics, Goddess of SOC Headcanons. Nina is such a proficient writer when it comes to anything SOC-based, whether it be headcanons about Wesper, meta about Colm Fahey, or aus about Ninej. It was because of her that I actually got the courage to write here; her work encouraged me to do my own writing. Truth be told, I was actually very intimidated by her initially because hello? She provides amazing stories? Why would someone like her stoop so low to me? But I soon got over that once we interacted; she’s now one of my closest friends on here and my fellow writer of SOC fics. As a matter of fact, I’ve been thinking about collabing with her lately! You should absolutely follow her if you want to have outstandingly well composed SOC works on your dash. 

@noahcznerys, my fellow fic-maker on messaging! Winona and I initially met because she posted an angsty headcanon pre-CK about Kanej, and then we just started screaming at each other and making fics through improv. REALLY good fics, I might add - the Kanej Pride and Prejudice AU, for one. (I’m not posting all of them because I haven’t gotten her consent yet to tell you guys; she has a right to them too, since she contributed!) In addition, she’s also working on a big project of her own right now called The Disappearing Act, so you should check that out as well!

@queenofdemocracy is my quickest follower on here. Elena likes all of my posts so fast it makes my head spin, and I’m always going to grateful for how much attention she gives my blog. 

@necroschmancy (I don’t know why this isn’t tagging you I hate Tumblr sometimes) aka Madden the sweetest follower I have with a wicked sense of humor (see here for her Can Brekker proposal). They’re exceptionally kind and heap tons of praise and they’re basically such a wonderful human being. Plus they once said that me and @savagekaz are almost on the same level of Leigh Bardugo, which holy SHIT THANK YOU SO MUCH have I told you how much I love you?

@inej-thewraith-ghafa reblogs all of my works and once said I’m an inspiration to her, which is so??? Amazing??? I barely even thought I’d get anyone’s attention with my stuff and here she is saying that I’m her writing inspiration; it’s so heartwarming and lovely and basically she’s everything that’s pure and good in this world.

You all should thank @bookworm-addict for inspiring the Kanej fic where Kaz runs his fingers through Inej’s hair. She’s asked me for advice for writing a story (like I’m an expert; I was so honored when I got her mention!) which I still haven’t gotten to yet, but I’ll answer soon! She’s also a writer herself and she’s currently in the throes of NaNoWrimo like I am, so go on her blog and cheer her on, because I don’t ever want her feel like her writing is abysmal or flimsy. Her story’s going to be amazing, I can feel it. 

@clearlynotclaire posts great SOC fanart and I’ve officially named her artist of my aus and headcanons, which I’m still reeling over. I thought I’d only get reblogs and likes from my writing, but to have someone draw illustrations inspired by my work? She’s kind and such a supportive follower and I can’t wait for her draw more SOC stuff so I can reblog and spread the word about her! 

Others that I don’t quite know so personally, but appreciate and love all the same: @queen-ghafa, @dirtyhandsnet, @jesperinej, @breker, @heart-brekker, @youreallhorrible, @kazrompecorazones (nice URL by the way!), @runningoverroses, @twogrishas, and @infernalandmortal!

Of course, the biggest thank you goes toward @lbardugo, mastermind of the Grisha verse and conductor of this beautiful duology. I can never be able to thank you enough for providing this wonderful story to me and making me write my own things. 

Thank you so much for inspiring me to write to my heart’s content about the Dregs; I love you all so much.

“I’m not saying he is guilty, I’m just saying we should keep an eye on him.”

Jean sighed, hands digging into his pockets. “So you’re asking Madame? Because he’s not guilty?”

“He’s not guilty yet.” Rebecca waved a finger, spinning around to face him as she walked. “Who better to dig up some dirt for us?”

“Well, I suppose you’re right.”

“Of course I’m right. Come on.”

She slipped down the back alley past the bar, Jean padding along behind her, before hammering on a well-hidden door tucked behind the building, a pattern evident to her knocking. A gruff welcome sounded from behind it, and she burst inside, Jean following with a soft sigh and a smile.

“Hey, Chris.”

“Evening, Madame.”

The older woman glanced over from the stove, raising an eyebrow, before chuckling, the usual assortment of bracelets clinking on her wrist, dressed in a deep velour housecoat, glamorous as ever. “Well, well. To what do I owe the pleasure at this hour? Troubling business?”

“Something like that…” Rebecca sighed, slipping off her own jacket, rolling her shoulders. “Something to be discussed in the dark, anyway. Sorry for bothering you.” 

“It’s not a bother. These things do crop up from time to time.” Jean peered over her shoulder, sniffing lightly at the pan she was stirring, before being batted away with a scowl. “Hot chocolate.”

“Didn’t strike me as a fan, Madame. Is there spare? That smells good.”

“It’s not for me.” She tutted lightly, ignoring the whine from Jean, before stepping back to look at Rebecca. “So, your business?”

“Yes.” She pulled a pile of papers from her pocket, dropping them on the wooden table. “We need a special number on this guy. He’s been skulking around, sniffing for details about the State Alchemist programme. Just something strikes me as strange. Think we could do with knowing more about him, don’t you?”

“Well, you aren’t wrong.” Chris reached over, lifting one of the photos, eyes narrowing as she stared, before nodding, and placing it back on the table. “I’ll do what I can for you. Do you have a name?”

“Yes.” Rebecca started, another piece of paper adding to the pile. “He-”

“Grandma, is it ready yet?!” A small voice echoed as little feet bounced down the stairs, and a little boy stopped at the door, catching the door frame, before staring. “Oh.” He waited, scanning the room, before slinking over to Chris, wrapping his arms around her leg, peeking around at the two guests with a giggle. 

“Aren’t you going to say hello?” Chris chided softly, hand reaching down to gently muss the boy’s hair as he stepped out from behind her, grinning shyly.

“Hi Aunt Rebecca. Hi Uncle Havoc.”

Jean offered him a gentle wave and smile. “Hi, little Chief.”

Maes!” Rebecca knelt down as Chris stepped back to the stove, gently squishing a cheek as she kissed him, the little boy beaming as she did. “I didn’t know you were here!” She brushed the dark hair from his eyes with a fond pat on the head. “Are you having a sleepover with Grandma?”

“Yes! Mama and Papa have a han-quet tonight,” he announced proudly, chest puffing as he pushed up the sleeves of his pyjamas, Rebecca cooing softly at the soft lisp as she stood back up.

“Banquet,” the older woman corrected, Maes huffing slightly before looking up at her, bottom lip protruding as he pouted, pointing a finger.

“You said you’d read me a story almost ten minutes ago!” Chris raised an eyebrow as she glanced down at him, a determined, stubborn little face scowling back at her, before rolling her eyes.

“You are so like your father. Go, wash your face and pick a book, and I will be up.” The little boy squealed with delight, disappearing back up the stairs, almost tripping over his own feet. “Properly!” She hollered after him, shaking her head as she gave the pan a last stir, before taking it off the heat.

“He’s such a sweet little thing,” Rebecca sighed, smiling as she watched after him, before grinning smugly at the older woman. “I didn’t know you offered bedtime story reading.”

“Only to special customers.” Chris chuckled lowly, decanting the pan into two mugs. “Roy-boy and little Elizabeth are at a state gala dinner, so I said I would have him.” She glanced at Jean’s hopeful gaze on the pan, before sliding the second mug across to him, and he beamed in delight as he picked it up.

“I hope you get good rates, nanny to the Fuhrer’s son and all.” 

“Better rates than I get playing nanny his subordinates, anyway.”

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Oop. I like Kayla's CC finds blog better. It's more organized, and I can find things better. I think it is better than Lana's, but yours is better than Lana's as well. Except for poses, Lana is the queen of poses forever oh my. I'm rambling now, just All Hail Queen Kayla.