all hail g market

theonbaejoys  asked:

L g k

l: what’s the weirdest au you’ve ever come up with?

•i think we both know my only truly unique aus were made possible by you. all hail farmers market and accidental sugar daddy jon snow

g: care to share a favorite crack fic?

•yours. seriously! not just saying it bc i’m in love with you, but the forehead kiss boner fic was inspired, a masterpiece, makes my day every time i reread

k: what’s the angstiest idea you’ve ever come up with?

•i’m lousy at angst–i’m stressed out enough as it is, i need the happily-ever-after. the best i can do is jon’s tortuous incest angst, which he ultimately works out by banging his totally platonic hot sister-cousin. (see: all my canon-era fics. all of them.)