all hail cats

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I have no idea where this came from, but: what if there was a girl who was interested in the games Kenma was always playing, and wanted to be friends with him. So she approached him shyly: ''Kozume-san I know you don't really talk to girls..'' Even tho Kenma is shy and all, he got kinda annoyed and answered: ''Senpai, kouhai, gender.. those don't really matter" From that moment on many girls have approached him in hopes of getting some life inspiring words of wisdom. Kenma doesn't really get it.



So, a couple days ago ladykittylynn and I met the sweetest, friendliest cat in the whole world. So I thought that I would pull out my camera and record ;p

PS: He’s called “The Vanilla Wafer Prince” because Kitty has given all the cats around her neighborhood food-based nicknames, and we sure weren’t gonna stop with this cat. That and I like the narrative of this magical cat that hails from a land where family names are food-based, and someone as regal as this adorable cat has got to be nothing short of royalty~ ♥︎


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