all hail cats

Supergirl 2.13


Pros :

  • That vilain was actually funny and he doesn’t like Mon-El so, bonus point.
  • Kara finally returned as the strong woman who can take care of herself and she’s awesome. (well, until the end of course)
  • Sanvers. All of it. 
  • Maggie getting a tiny bit of backstory
  • Winn, I love this plot.
  • THEY MENTIONNED MISS GRANT AGAIN (It makes me hope but uh.)

Cons :

  • We don’t see Alex in the DEO at all.
  • No James, no Snapper, no CatCo. Seriously, do people even still work in that show?
  • Not enough Hank (but kudos for the mention of M’gann I guess)
  • Mon-El
  • Mon-El
  • Mon-El
  • Mon-El
  • Mon-El

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Time for speeches!

Godric: Starr @sleepy-loopin

Cat: Ocean Cat (all hail)

Helga: Me


It was getting later and later. The party continued… People were laughing, there was cheering, plenty of food and drinks….

Everyone was entertained… Some by other things than the party…

*Cat meouws*

Godric: ‘Do you think they’ll want a job? As a school mascotte?’

Speeches were told by family and friends…

And by a very drunk Godric…

*someone in the back groans -  probably someone who knows Godric…*

Godric: ‘Anyway…’

Godric: ‘Anyway… As I was saying…’

Godric: ‘I’m really curious tough…’ 

Godric: ‘They don’t do very much’

Somebody to Helga: ‘I’m going to make him shut up…’

*everybody in the room, except for Helga, groans or sighs*

Helga: ‘Lovely speech!’

The end