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You are challenged by gym leader Zen!

@thecatsmeo and I talked about a Mysme Pokemon AU she instantly pointed out that Milotic is the perfect Pokemon for Zen. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head after that, so here we are… <3


♥ I finally managed to draw something to celebrate 20 years of Pokémon! A little tribute to the games that started it all :) and their gym leaders <3 but expect more Kanto trainers (or NPCs) soon! :D I hope so at least *cough*

✨CONTEST✨ Hello there trainer! My name is Samantha, the Psychic-type gym leader and it’s time for a gym battle! My friends and I have all drawn ourselves as gym leaders and we want you to draw what you and your team will look like when you face us! Post a pic and hashtag #fightourteam One random post will be picked and will win prints by all 8 of us! The contest will end on December 31. We can’t wait to battle you guys. Train on! #art #artwork #artist #illustration #illustrator #design #designer #drawing #pokemon #psychic

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Hello there, trainer! My name is Stephanie, the Grass - type gym leader and it’s time for a gym battle! Me and my friends have all drawn ourselves as gym leaders and we want you to draw what you and your team will look like when you face us! Post a pic and hashtag #fightourteam
One random post will be picked and will win prints by all 8 of us! The contest will end on December 31.
We can’t wait to battle you guys. Train on!


My first set of pokemon gym leaders is finally finished!  I’ve just been randomly choosing characters every day and Johto is he first to be cleared! YAY!

All these designs are available as stickers in my redbubble store! <3

so, while i haven’t played su&mo i have been watching the anime and Mallow is an A grade Gay™ which has made me come to the conclusion that all grass type gym leaders (or in this case trial captains) are gay, some examples:

Cilan: twink.

Erika: has a fucking harem.

Gardenia: butch. (and has a harem too)

and don’t get me started on the fucking grass Pokemon themselves

so in short, if you’re a grass user then you’re gay as hell

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I can get some H/C's for how Lillie's return to Alola would go down? :)

ok ok ok here we go this is such a golden ask

see her HC team here, i reference them often in this post

- Hau, who has been sending her letters for the entire time she’s been away, fuckin cries as soon as he catches sight of her. they’re all a little bit more grown up now, so she looks so different and so much more confident than she did before.
- she fucking walks off the boat like its her runway. she knows how powerful she’s become, beating all of Kanto’s gym leaders and going through the elite four.
- while she’s grown quite a bit, the one thing that won’t change is her love for pokemon protection and research! she has so many stories to tell and even helped the oak family with their research about regional variants (hc: i see her with a kantonian marowak on her main team)
- Moon, who didn’t keep in contact as much as Hau did, immediately challenges her to a battle as soon as she’s settled
- Moon gets defeated. it’s a close battle, but Lillie ends up blowing Moon’s incineroar out of the water with her dewgong
- with that, Moon decides to gift lillie back nebby….she probably cries? she cries
- once that’s over, they all go to Kukui’s house to talk about her adventures and what she’s missed while she was gone
- i love lillie so much

Gardenia and her roserade!  This one is actually one of my personal favorites I’ve done so far. uwu I don’t really understand her hair, like, ??? pokemon hair can be so weird, but whatever!


Honestly I feel like above almost any other starter Pokémon I see some of the most hatred directed at Chikorita’s line and I just have to say that my flower dinosaur child deserves better than that

XY&Z episode 41 drawings (isn’t a troll link this time)

Like some of my followers/friends know… time ago the episode 39 version of these was reposted WITHOUT CREDIT/PERMISSION in a Pokeani Facebook Fanpage (aaaand here starts my headache) i had to read comments like “we don’t care” “the guy who posted in this page is the artist” “why you don’t put a watermark” (lmao i don’t do that except if is a collab ok because the tool clone in photoshop is really easy to use for delete watermarks ya know) and more rude stuff when i tried to tell them to deleted it.

So i decided to do this last one (was 3 days work for page anyway) and not for 42-43 (except a Satoshi/Greninja scene lol)


Aries: She looks for strong trainers and doesn’t pay attention to badges or to become a pokemon master. She likes angry looking pokemon… and mareep.

Taurus: He is a very diligent trainer, who defeted all the gym leaders of kanto region. He isn’t interested in being a member of the elite four. His pokemon are heavy like him.

Gemini: The double battle trainer who is too busy making friends to take his role as pokemon trainer seriously. Best pokemon for double battles.

Cancer: He is a responsible trainer. He is the defensive type in battles. His pokemon have a strong defense. 

Leo: He is a Pokemon Coordinator. He hates battle, loves beauty. He has gorgeous pokemon who win a lot of contest. 

Virgo: The Elite Four type, she has a powerful and strong team. Steel and Dragon type make her rivals run away. 

Libra: The one who start training just for fun and end with a great team, no one knows how. She just wants beautiful badges and doesn’t care for the region or the competition. 

Scorpio: Venom trainer type. She just wants to be lethal and doesn’t being disturbed. 

Sagittarius: Backpacker type. He loves his pokemon and travels with them just for seeing the world. Doesn’t care about badges or competition.

Capricorn: Gym leader type. She mixes heavy pokemon with fast pokemon for claiming the victory. Failure is not an option.

Aquarius: The one who knows a lot of legendary pokemon but doesn’t try to catch them because they are LEGENDARY. Doesn’t care too much for the competition. 

Pisces: Fisherman. He doesn’t care  about competition at all. Just loves his magikarps and doesn’t know one day they will become to incredibles gyarados. 

Ophiuchus: Just an asshole on the way.