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- All Pokemon Gym Leaders

sylveons-ribbons  asked:

If the 104th and vets were all Pokemon gym leaders, what type would they all specialize in?

Mikasa: Dark
Reiner: Rock
Bertholdt: Normal
Annie: Ice
Eren: Fight
Jean: Fire
Marco: Grass
Sasha: Flying
Connie: Electric
Historia: Psychic
Armin: Water
Ymir: Bug
Levi: Dragon
Hanji: Ghost
Erwin: Normal
Nanaba: Fairy
Mike: Steel
Moblit: Ground

Gardenia and her roserade!  This one is actually one of my personal favorites I’ve done so far. uwu I don’t really understand her hair, like, ??? pokemon hair can be so weird, but whatever!


You are challenged by gym leader Zen!

@thecatsmeo and I talked about a Mysme Pokemon AU she instantly pointed out that Milotic is the perfect Pokemon for Zen. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head after that, so here we are… <3

I was thinking about creating a pokémon Teacher AU and…

Lance: a maths teacher who’s fully aware that all of his students hate maths, so instead of teaching them about maths he just teaches them about his culture and heritage as a Dragon Master.

Steven: an enthusiastic, well-travelled and popular geography teacher whoes classroom is full of interesting things he’s brought back from holiday, like bottles full of volcanic ash, amethyst geodes the size of his head and a collection of various quartzes. His students like to prompt him to talk about his travels in the hopes he’ll forget to set homework.

Wallace: a modern languages teacher and head of the language department. Teaches French and Spanish usually, but also started clubs for students keen on learning Latin, Ancient Greek and of course, Modern Greek.

Cynthia: a history teacher who really doesn’t want to teach what she’s being forced to teach (“Kanto politics? Really? NAH IMMA TEACH YOU ABOUT SINNOH HISTORY SIT YO ASS DOWN”) tends to ramble a lot about stuff not relevant to the course.

Alder: teaches religious studies but nobody cares about that shlock, he’s the captain of the school football team and all the students know him on a first-name basis.

Diantha: a charming and friendly drama teacher who uses charm and the allure of cakes and videos to hide the fact that she can’t teach for shit.

I have a few more headcanons involving gym leaders, E4 and Rangers, but what do you guys think so far?


My first set of pokemon gym leaders is finally finished!  I’ve just been randomly choosing characters every day and Johto is he first to be cleared! YAY!

All these designs are available as stickers in my redbubble store! <3

Reason to Love Unova
  • entirely new experience
  • lots of new pokemon
  • seriously everything is different. no returning pokemon. making it like Kanto in that way which is TO COOL
  • gave us awesome pokemon like dragon of death hydreigon and seasonal deer and adorable otters
  • the gym leaders all have their little plots. you see them more than once and they DO IMPORTANT THINGS
  • i caught my first shiny there
  • black city and white forest were BOMB
  • no matter what the beginning is hard because they force the first gym to be strong against you like whhaaat
  • let’s look at Elesa and her epicness. Model and supporter of young women everywhere
  • that plot was so real. love it. and N
  • truth v ideals is such an interesting concept and i love it
  • whimsicott is love
  • first region outside of japan
  • sewers and cars and its so fun

that’s it im done now

✨CONTEST✨ Hello there trainer! My name is Samantha, the Psychic-type gym leader and it’s time for a gym battle! My friends and I have all drawn ourselves as gym leaders and we want you to draw what you and your team will look like when you face us! Post a pic and hashtag #fightourteam One random post will be picked and will win prints by all 8 of us! The contest will end on December 31. We can’t wait to battle you guys. Train on! #art #artwork #artist #illustration #illustrator #design #designer #drawing #pokemon #psychic

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